Who is Vanessa Hudgens?

Vanessa Hudgens is an American actress and singer. After making her feature film debut in Thirteen (2003), Hudgens rose to prominence portraying Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical film series, which brought her significant mainstream success. She had done to her face to upgrade her excellence. As she turned into the feature subject in the greater part of individuals, Vanessa Hudgens Plastic surgery has not discharged any announcement. It appears that she needs to keep her excellence improvement mystery.

Vanessa Hudgens Plastic surgery before and after photos

Vanessa Hudgens nose job

When you see Vanessa Hudgens from every angle then you know that there are minor changes in her nose as she didn’t have any drastic changes, but the thing is that the minor changes in her nose are enough for her fans to believe that she had done something to enhance her face beauty.

Vanessa Hudgens boob job

Breast augmentation surgery in Vanessa Hudgens is not too significant , but sometimes in some dresses her breasts looks more bigger. If you compare between her before and after pictures then you know that Vanessa Hudgens breast size does have some enhanced and improved.

Actress Vanessa Hudgens’ Comments Highlight Growing Acceptance of Plastic Surgery, says Dr. Michael Jazayeri

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Dec. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ –Â A December 13th US Weekly Magazine reports that 29-year old actress, Vanessa Hudgens, costar of the new movie, “Second Act,” said that plastic surgery was not just for members of the entertainment industry, but could make people feel better about themselves. The actress also said plastic surgery can not only improve the appearance of patients and make them feel beautiful, she went on to give several examples of cultures around the world where body modification is a common practice. Orange County-based cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Michael Jazayeri commented that Ms. Hudgens’ remarks reveal a shifting attitude towards plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.

The doctor adds that it’s well known that procedures are growing in popularity and acceptance, especially among younger men and women. He also pointed out that, with evolving technology and an understanding of physical aesthetics, surgeons can help clients find just the right procedure to create a more youthful appearance. The options available range from traditional operations such as facelifts, which are still the gold standard for long-term facial rejuvenation, to a growing variety of non-surgical techniques. Dr. Jazayeri says that these options include various injectable fillers, which can increase facial, cheek and lip volume, to Botox which temporarily addresses, and may even prevent. Dr. Jazayeri points out that modern technology has created a renaissance in brief “lunch time” cosmetic procedures with little or no downtime.

Advances in cosmetic surgery have also seen spectacular growth and improvement. There are so many highly advanced surgical procedures available, Dr. Jazayeri said, adding that new clients are usually surprised at all the possibilities. Not only can facial features be enhanced, noses reshaped, jaws tightened and eyes lifted, the lines of the entire body can be substantially improved. Stubborn areas of problematic fat can be eliminated or redistributed, breasts can be augmented and lifted to create stunning results. Although these procedures require a highly qualified board certified plastic surgeon, plastic surgery is not just for the elite or show business professionals. Men and woman from all walks of life are choosing to improve their appearance.

Dr. Jazayeri, who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, added that surgery can make a huge difference in a patient’s life. Innovative procedures, like , where fat is moved from one part of the body to another, can contour and reshape the body, solving long-standing aesthetic challenges. Incredible, natural results can also be achieved in the facial area. Procedures such as eyelifts or blepharoplasty, brow, chin and neck lifts can boost confidence.

For more information about the available procedures, contact Dr. Michael Jazayeri’s office at (714) 834-0101 or visit . The plastic surgeon has offices located in both Newport Beach and Santa Ana.


SOURCE Dr. Michael A. Jazayeri

In an attempt to maintain a youthful appearance, actors and actresses have done their fair share of time in the plastic surgeon’s office. A little injection here or there they can often get away with (though they may still be ridiculed by their choice to do so), but time after time, they come out from under the knife with a face full of mistakes. From Jocelyn Wildenstein to Jennifer Grey, these celebrities—most of whom started out perfectly beautiful—top our list of the worst plastic surgery results of all time.

Tara Reid

Once best known for her role as high school sweetheart Vicky in American Pie, Reid is now better known for her bungled liposuction and breast implant procedure, which she received in 2004. Her bumpy breast scars, however, weren’t as disconcerting as her spoiled belly: “I had body contouring, but it all went wrong,” she said on The View. “My stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing.” Reid underwent reconstructive surgery in 2006, and posed for Playboy in 2009 to show off her fixed plastic surgery. Photos by Paul Smith/Featureflash (left) and FilmMagic (right).

Donatella Versace

Vice president of the high-fashion brand Versace, Donatella, 54, has gone through a series of surgeries since the 1990s. Among other adjustments, her most noticeable changes have been to her nose and lips, and her trademark swollen smackers have scored her a spot on nearly every list of plastic surgery faux pas over the past few years—though there’s no real published evidence that Versace herself is unhappy with the changes. Photo by Retna Ltd.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

The still-active New York socialite married into a wealthy art-dealing family and began experimenting with plastic surgery in 1997, shortly before the demise of her 20-year marriage. Having spent a reported $4 million on various procedures, which are speculated to include cheek implants and numerous facelifts, her dramatic changes have earned her the nickname “Bride of Wildenstein,” along with “cat woman,” due to her taut, feline-like appearance. Photos by Getty Images (left) and WireImage (right).

Kelly Bensimon

The Real Housewives of New York City star was attacked by the media in 2008 for unabashedly flaunting her badly misshapen breasts. The former model and “ambassador for wool”—an achievement she mentioned in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, though the public has yet to figure out what that means—has since had a run-in with both copyright infringement and domestic violence, and doesn’t appear to have undergone reconstructive surgery. Photos by WireImage (left) and Retna Ltd. (right).

Jennifer Grey

If the romance flick–loving world hadn’t fallen so wildly in love with the face that used to belong to Jennifer Grey, then perhaps her transition would have had less of an effect on her career. Though her aesthetic appearance remains pleasing, unfortunately, the rhinoplasty that she hoped would help her during casting calls relegated her mainly to made-for-TV films. Photos by Retna Ltd.

La Toya Jackson

Michael and La Toya Jackson had an openly tumultuous relationship (she withdrew her family support during Michael’s child molestation case), but it seems they had one thing in common: a love for plastic surgery—and perhaps one particular surgeon. In-common procedures include chin and cheek implants, along with the now signature Jackson family pointy nose. Photos by Getty Images (left) and Ritschel/interTOPICS/Retna Ltd. (right).

Tori Spelling

During the second season of Beverly Hills, 90210, Spelling, who played the lovable Donna Martin, was chastised for her deformed breasts—complete with a severe chest depression. She denied having received a botched breast augmentation (for which she allegedly sued the doctor responsible), but finally confessed in 2008 to Entertainment Weekly: “I wanted to come clean that I had my boobs done in my 20s because people falsely write that I’ve had all these things done,” she said, and later added, “I’ve had the two procedures that probably every other woman in Hollywood has had done.” Photos by Retna Ltd.

Lara Flynn Boyle

Inquiring minds aren’t certain what changes have been made to the TV star’s face, who’s best known for her long run on The Practice from 1997 to 2003. But we do know, as is obvious from photos, that the beautiful 39-year-old appears as though she has to work her cheek muscles overtime to let loose a smile—or perhaps the speculated implant in her upper lip is weighing her pucker down? The changes became all-too-apparent throughout her 2008 stint on Law & Order. Photos by Retna (left) and Retna Ltd. (right).

Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson

The red-haired comedian is no stranger to “Top 10” lists of horrifying plastic surgeries. Celebrity cosmetic surgery blogger Anthony Youn, MD, told MakeMeHeal.com that it appears as though Thompson has undergone an eyebrow lift, along with Botox injections, lip plumping and laser peels, which is evident due to his sudden lack of freckles. It’s also been speculated that he uses steroids due to his suddenly muscular, veiny physique. Photos by Retna Ltd. (left) and WireImage/Getty Images (right).

Mickey Rourke

Hey Mickey, you’re not so fine…anymore. After his resurgence in the movie The Wrestler, fans were puzzled at the former boxer and screenwriter’s plastic surgery–riddled appearance. Suspected surgeries, according to Dr. Youn, include a facelift (signified by the scars in front of his ears), upper eye lift and a hair transplant (signified by his reappearing sideburns and wispy, continuously forward-moving hairline). Photos by Retna Ltd. (left) and CAMERA PRESS/Retna Ltd. (right).

KATIE Price shocked fans when she showcased her dramatic transformation after returning from her third face lift in Turkey this week.

However, she is not the first star to cause a fright with fillers with plenty of other celebrities living to regret their surgery.

25 Katie Price shocked fans earlier this week when she returned from a face lift in TurkeyCredit: BackGrid

Whether it’s botched Botox or ridiculous rhinoplasty, these stars prove that when it comes to surgery less is more…


It’s fair to say that the former glamour girl has been on quite a journey when it comes to her plastic surgery.

Her breasts have ranged from a B cup to a GG and back again and she has had a total of three face lifts.

25 She was all natural when she began her modelling career back in 1995Credit: Rex Features

But it was her most recent procedure that really shocked fans after undergoing a series of surgeries in Turkey last week, with pictures seeing Katie struggling to open her eyes post op.

Katie admitted on Instagram that she was “very swollen” and “looked like an alien” but insisted she was happy with her new look.

25 Katie’s most recent surgery saw her get her third face liftCredit: BackGrid


The Geordie Shore star raised concerns with fans that she’s had more surgery after posting a snap from her Brazil holiday earlier this week.

The Mirror reported fans had left now-deleted comments that urged the 28-year-old to stop altering her appearance.

25 Charlotte Crosby’s appearance shocked fans during her recent Brazil holidayCredit: BackGrid 25 Charlotte is seen pre-surgery back in 2011Credit: Getty – Contributor 25 She has admitted to having a nose job, a breast enhancement and yearly lip fillersCredit: Instagram

They claim one commented: “She should have stopped with the surgery, Botox & fillers a long time ago.”

Another follower allegedly wrote: “Poor girl her face is badly swollen. Is it an allergy?”

Charlotte openly admitted she’d had a nose job back in 2016. She’s also owned up to having lip filler once a year and a boob job to correct her “uniboob” after she was body shamed by trolls.


25 Chloe Ferry’s face has previously been likened to “Michael Jackson” by cruel trollsCredit: BackGrid

Often referred to as a “surgery addict” Chloe Ferry has made it no secret that she’s been under the knife.

Last year cruel trolls have previously likened her to “Michael Jackson” after having two nose jobs, boob implants, a bum lift, and regular fillers.

25 Seen here less than five years ago, Chloe opted for a more natural lookCredit: Splash News 25 Chloe said that she wished people would “get over” her surgeryCredit: Instagram

She previously told the Sun that she regretted having her belly done. Chloe said: “I’ll tell you one thing though – going public about getting my belly done is the worst mistake ever.

“I had a line put in, it’s not even that good, so no more. But if I do, I will not be going public about it.”


25 Courtney Cox looked strikingly different from her Friends alter-ego back in 2015Credit: Getty Images – Getty 25 Courtney is seen here before she had work done back in 2002Credit: AP:Associated Press

The actress, 52, who played Monica in the much loved TV sitcom Friends first appeared looking vastly different at the premiere for original Amazon series Hand of God in 2015.

However, the actress has since confessed to having all of her dermal fillers “dissolved” admitting that she “looked fake.”

She added: “I feel better because I look like myself.”


Since rising to fame on TOWIE, Bobby’s appearance has changed dramatically but he has previously insisted to only ever having a nose job.

25 Bobby Norris is seen here in one of his earliest appearances on TOWIECredit: Rex Features 25 Bobby says he has never had more than a beard transplant and a nose job despite fans concernsCredit: Rex Features

The 32-year-old, recently underwent a £9,000 beard transplant and revealed the procedure has improved his confidence.

However, fans have been alarmed over his changing face, but Bobby insists: “I can assure you categorically all I’ve had is one septorhinoplasty on my nose.

“I’ve had no other surgeries, I’m just a little bit swollen.”


When she made her television debut in 2005, Heidi Montag, 32, was a fresh-faced 19-year-old from a small town in Colorado.

25 Heidi Montag is a far cry from the fresh faced girl she was back in 2002Credit: Rex Features

After season one wrapped in August 2006, Heidi went under the knife for the first time and had a nose job, a breast augmentation to increase her size A boobs to a 32C, and began having regular collagen lip injections.

In 2009, the reality star hit headlines all over the world when she booked in to have 10 cosmetic procedures in less than 24 hours.

25 The reality star is completely unrecognisable from her former selfCredit: Rex Features

Heidi’s multiple surgeries – which were estimated to have cost over £23,000 – included a second nose job, a chin reduction, a mini brow lift, liposuction in her neck, waist, hips and thighs.


Tara Reid was left devastated after her boob job failed to heal properly leaving her with stretched, bumpy-looking nipples.

And things went from bad to worse for the star when she accidentally revealed one of her botched breasts to the world on the red carpet in 2007.

25 Tara Reid is best known for her role in American PieCredit: Alamy 25 20 years later and Tara looks like an entirely different personCredit: Splash News

The American Pie star had the op because she felt her breasts were uneven.

But she now says if she had the chance again she’d stay well away from the knife.


Donatella has one of the most recognisable faces in the fashion industry, and has been compared to a “waxwork” in recent years.

She has admitted to work done in the past. Speaking at the Vogue Festival, in 2013, Donatella said: “I’m not like this genetically.

25 Donatella Versace is almost unrecognisable in 1998 from the face we know nowCredit: Corbis – Getty 25 She has previously been described as resembling a “waxwork”Credit: Getty Images – Getty

“I use tonnes of cream and take care of my hair and skin.”

She’s also fessed up to wearing waist-length hair extensions, fake lashes and having Botox – “only on my face, not on my body, that’s the result of hard work”.


The reality star has been accused of “ruining” her face by cruel trolls who mocked her new nose earlier this year.

25 Georgia Kousoulou is seen here just six months agoCredit: Rex Features 25 Fans accused her of “ruining her face” following a nose job earlier this yearCredit: Getty Images – Getty

After years of being unhappy with the way she looked, the 27-year-old took the plunge and had rhinoplasty in 2017.

The Towie star revealed she thinks people need to “get over” her decision to have the procedure done and their comments sometimes make her wonder if she likes “this life”.


The late Dead or Alive singer was famed for his ever changing face, having reportedly had more than 300.

25 Pete Burns seen here in Dead or Alive back in 1991Credit: Rex Features

He underwent four nose jobs, two sets of cheekbone implants and lip augmentations, which turned out to be the “nightmare” of his life.

Desperate for a bigger pout he booked in for lip fillers with the “lip king of London”, however during a gig with the Scissor Sisters he felt a “burning sensation” in his lower lip.

25 Pete said before his death that he thinks he has since had over 300 surgeriesCredit: Channel 5

Pete’s flaming lips were filling with fluid and he had to return to the surgeon to get them drained.

Despite this Pete continued to find solace on the operating table.

He said before his death: “The number of surgeries I’ve has is probably 300. I hope when I’m 80 and I get to heaven God doesn’t recognise me.”


25 Former First Lady of France Carla Bruni made her career as a modelCredit: Getty – Contributor 25 She is thought to have since had Botox with her new appearance been likened to a “chipmunk”Credit: Rex Features

The former First Lady of France has been noted for having notably “puffier” appearance in recent years.

Carla, whose natural good looks landed her campaigns with Dior and Chanel, has reportedly turned to Botox in recent years and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

British cosmetic surgeon Dr Alex Karidis previously said of Carla “she’s had so much Botox she looks like a chipmunk.”


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Katie McGlynn weight loss – how did the Corrie actress lose weight?

Elsewhere we revealed Katie Price’s changing face from a fresh-faced 90s glamour girl to a surgery-obsessed “Bride of Wildenstein.”

And we revealed how Amanda Holden made her millions, from marrying Les Dennis to landing her £3 million gig at Heart FM.

Katie Price struggles to move her face as she hides behind sunglasses after third facelift

Plastic Surgery Addicts: Hollywood Stars Who’ve Had the Most Plastic Surgery

Nowadays, celebrities getting lip injections or face lifts is nothing new. However, some celebrities have taken their love for plastic surgery to a whole new level, getting multiple procedures done and drastically altering their appearances. Here are some of the most plastic-obsessed celebrities who have stopped at nothing to achieve a certain look.

Michael Jackson

Left: A young Michael Jackson. | The STARS via YouTube , Right: Michael Jackson’s looks changed completely. |
Breizh Inception via YouTube

It comes as no surprise that Michael Jackson has had multiple plastic surgeries. However, the reason why may be surprising. Plastic surgeons believe that he had body dysmorphic disorder. This occurs when someone hates a part of their body so much, that no amount of surgery can fix it. “Michael viewed his nose like an anorexic viewed the body,” one Beverly Hills plastic surgeon told Allure. Jackson reportedly had multiple nose jobs, cheek implants, chin implants, an eyelid surgery, and more.

Next: You can hardly recognize this rapper nowadays.

Lil’ Kim

Left: Lil’ Kim performing at a 2000 concert. | Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Right: Lil’ Kim in 2017. | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Rapper Lil’ Kim shocked fans in 2016 when she debuted a completely different skin tone. One plastic surgeon sat down with Us Weekly to talk about Lil’ Kim’s changes. It appeared she had her skin bleached, her eyes reshaped, multiple nose jobs (which started after she broke her nose in 2005), Botox in her cheeks, and a reshaped jawline.

Next: This famous singer looks awfully youthful for her age.


Left: The actress and singer in 1996. | Andre Durand/Getty Images, Right: Cher looks practically the same in 2017. | Chris Delmas/Getty Images

Cher is no spring chicken, but she does look quite young for her age. The 71-year-old singer has had a slew of plastic surgeries over the years. These include nose jobs, refined eyes, and plenty of Botox that has given her a smooth face that’s nearly wrinkle free — unheard of for a woman in her 70s.

Next: This reality star got a reality check after getting all of this plastic surgery.

Heidi Montag

Left: Heidi Montag looking natural and fresh-faced. | Mark Davis/Getty Images, Right: Heidi Montag after her surgeries. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Heidi Montag made headlines when she came clean about having 10 plastic surgeries done in one day. Montag was a reality star on the MTV show The Hills. Montag had a breast augmentation, a nose job, and fat injections in her face. She also had her ears pinned back. In 2016, she did an interview with ET Online and said that she wishes she had not done it, but she feels like it’s made her a stronger person.

Next: This reality television host could be deemed the queen of plastic surgery.

Joan Rivers

Left: Joan Rivers in 1980. | Hulton Archive/Getty Images, Right: Joan Rivers’s procedures kept her looking young well into her final years. | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Joan Rivers could have been considered the queen of plastic surgery. She went under the knife many times, and her daughter blamed it on Rivers never being happy with her appearance. Her daughter said it was a self-esteem issue. Rivers had multiple face lifts, neck lifts, eyelid surgery, and more throughout her 81 years.

Next: This woman gave her 7-year-old daughter money for plastic surgery.

Sarah Burge

Left: Sarah Burge before she started heavily altering her appearance. | HollywoodLife via YouTube, Right: Sarah Burge after undergoing several procedures. | Hollywood Life via YouTube

Sarah Burge doesn’t just like plastic surgery — she is obsessed with it. Burge, who some call a human Barbie, made headlines when she gave her daughter $7,000 worth of “plastic surgery gift certificates” for her seventh birthday. Some reports claim she’s had close to $1 million worth of surgeries. She also appeared on E!’s hit show, Botched.

Next: This man spent his whole life trying to look like his favorite animal.


Left: Eric Sprague before his transformation. | Celebsundertheknife via Pinterest, Right: The complete transformation of The Lizardman. | AOL via YouTube

Eric Sprague, known as “Lizardman,” has undergone many surgeries to look like his favorite animal. He has had his teeth filed to look like fangs. Also, his tongue was separated so it could better reflect a lizard’s tongue. He’s had ridges implanted under his skin. The Lizardman has gone the extra mile to make sure he looks as close to a lizard as humanly possible.

Next: This actor and boxer had a few botched surgeries.

Mickey Rourke

Left: Mickey Rourke as a dreamy young actor. | Celebrity Plastic Surgery via YouTube, Right: Mickey Rourke after his surgeries. | Celebrity Plastic Surgery via YouTube

Mickey Rourke underwent many plastic surgeries to try to get his face to return to normal after a pro boxing stint. Rourke has had five operations on his nose, mostly because his nose was so damaged from boxing. He also had reconstructive surgery on his cheeks. Rourke appears to have fixed up his face and regained his looks since the surgeries.

Next: The wife of “The King” has had quite a few plastic surgeries.

Priscilla Presley

Left: Priscilla Presley before her operations. | Jo Hale/Getty Images, Right: You can notice differences in Priscilla Presley’s features. | Vivien Killilea /Getty Images

In 2017, Presley’s appearance had fans claiming she “looks like she has a scary mask on.” Presley has been open about having botched plastic surgery procedures in the past. She said she once had low-grade silicone injected into her face — the same silicone that mechanics use to grease car parts. Presley has gotten plenty of face injections over the years, which have cause her fans to complain about her appearance.

Next: This woman had so much plastic surgery, she began to look like a cat.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Left: Jocelyn Wildenstein before her heavy plastic surgery. | TheRichest via YouTube , Right: The socialite after undergoing extreme procedures. | TheRichest via YouTube

Jocelyn Wildenstein has had so many plastic surgeries that she some harsh critics truly believe she looks like a feline. Wildenstein actually became so well-known because of her plastic surgeries. Her husband, Alec Wildenstein, was a billionaire businessman and the couple was known for their lavish spending habits. However, some say that no amount of money could reverse what Wildenstein has done to her face.

Next: This man’s life goal was to actually look like a cat.


Left: A photo of Dennis Avner before undergoing procedures to become CatMan. | Macs Media via YouTube, Right: The Catman showing off his fangs and feline features. | The Wizard of Odd via YouTube

Former U.S. Navy sailor Dennis Avner had 14 surgeries in order to make himself look like a tiger. These included splitting his top lip, making his ears pointed, getting implants in his cheeks and forehead, and a lot of tattooing. Also, Avner had whiskers implanted. He frequently made television and event appearances because of his look. Sadly, Avner committed suicide in 2012.

Next: This Baywatch Bombshell is no stranger to plastic surgery.

Pamela Anderson

Left: Pamela as a young beauty. | Patrick Riviere/Getty Images, Right: Pamela Anderson looking noticeably different. | Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Pamela Anderson’s beauty made her famous. However, when she was spotted at the Cannes Film Festival in May, she looked extremely different. She appeared to have had multiple plastic surgeries done on her face and was nearly unrecognizable. Over the years, Anderson has had multiple breast augmentations, face lifts, and has reportedly had volumization procedures, too.

Next: This famous designer’s wife might have spent too much time under the knife.

Donatella Versace

Left: Donatella Versace in 1999. | Vince Bucci/Getty Images, Right: Donatella Versace at a fashion show in 2017. | Angela Weiss/Getty Images

If you look at photos of Donatella Versace over recent years, it’s easy to see that she has become obsessed with plastic surgery. Versace has altered her face drastically. She’s changed her forehead, her cheeks, her lips, and has also lowered her eyebrows. She has reportedly had face and neck lifts, too. Unfortunately, the plastic surgery has completely altered her natural look to the point where she is almost unrecognizable from what she looked like 20 years ago.

Next: This MTV star has had multiple breast augmentations, plus much more.

Farrah Abraham

Left: A natural-looking Farrah Abraham on a red carpet. | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images, Right: Farrah Abraham sporting extreme cleavage and perky cheekbones. | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Not only does Farrah Abraham like plastic surgery herself, but she also has said that she would let her daughter get plastic surgery when she is old enough. Abraham’s transformation has been drastic in recent years. She has gotten multiple breast augmentations, and also her lips, nose, and chin done, too. The Teen Mom star doesn’t seem to be slowing down, either.

Next: Similar to Sarah Burge, this woman has also been referred to as a human Barbie.

Cindy Jackson

Left: Cindy Jackson before altering her appearance. | Wendy Williams via YouTube, Right: Cindy Jackson after undergoing over a dozen surgeries. | Dan Dhunna via YouTube

Cindy Jackson is a world record breaker… In plastic surgeries, that is. She has had more than 50 plastic surgeries and spent well over $100,000 to make herself into a human Barbie. Jackson has had her eyes done, multiple face lifts, liposuction, and botox. She has also had 14 full-scale operations. Jackson said she was made fun of for her looks when she was younger and always wanted to look better.

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