Yoga pants are magical. Every group has its golden child and bottoms are no different; yoga pants are that golden child; they are the unicorn of pants. Yoga pants are generally made from a stretchy synthetic material that isn’t only breathable but smooth and polished to the touch. In 1959 two amazingly brilliant men by the name of Matt Donkersloot and Taylor Lindsay, invented spandex. Not too long after, a great man by the name of Ryan Latchy came along and created the yoga pant. I just want to say that it doesn’t matter who did what, to me if you were involved in any way shape or form in this beautiful manifestation you are a gift to this green earth. What was once created for the purpose of exercise has now become a mainstream lifestyle. Just the way you look in yoga pants now already looks like the ‘you’ you want to look like after you have worked out for like the entire year. I doubt half of the people who wear yoga pants on a daily basis actually exercise, I think the exercise is just making people think that they do, and that’s a workout in itself. It’s a proven yet unproven fact that all women look good in yoga pants. Yoga pants are the most amazing invention since sliced bread, but if you’re still unsure then I hope this will change your mind. Here are 15 pictures that prove all women look good in yoga pants.


15 Yoga pants work for all sizes

All women have indulged in the beauty of the yoga pant. Yoga pants have a special slimming ability as a result of the spandex that really keeps it all together. So yoga pants works well for every woman, no matter the size or shape. You can find a yoga pant to fit any body type because they form around the body they are covering. Yoga pants are the perfect combination of like lycra and spandex that not only give your butt a lift but smooth your curves so that you neatly fit in. Yes, that is right guys, that means that all your curves and handles are in place and in order tucked away on the shelf. So you don’t have to worry about anything not showing through or something hanging out, yoga pants will make sure your getting the best fit.

14 Yoga pants will help you feel healthier

Have you ever heard the saying “look better feel better”? With yoga pants you already look better so the feeling better part is literally just steps behind. Sometimes you need something to jumpstart you into shape and seeing the new you is just the push you may need to become that better you so that you can look as good out of the yoga pants as you do with them on. Be as healthy on the inside as you will look on the outside. Because nobody goes to Wendy’s in yoga pants, it’s contradictory, so you will be forced to make better choices. Yoga pants will help you make sure that you can remain together and firm both inside and outside of the pants. You know what goes great with yoga pants? a nice green smoothie, look at you being healthier already.

13 Yoga pants are slimming

Being fit and staying fit isn’t about losing weight. It’s about taking care of your body and making healthier choices. The materials of the pants are so elastic that they stretch enough to cover all of the parts of you that may just have a mind of their own. You can still be a fabulous size 14 and be healthy and fit. Yoga pants are like plastic surgery without having to go under the knife. The pants come with a band so wide that it covers your lower belly so these magical pants not only shelter your tush, but won’t leave you naked from the waist down. Wearing the pants guarantees an instant butt lift, flatter thighs, less lower belly fat, and smoother legs. That’s the best money you’ll ever spend on having work done.

12 Yoga pants will give you a great butt

I know we’ve all seen hundreds of women in all different sizes riding the train wearing yoga pants and all thought the same thing, “her butt looks great.” Nothing is smoother, holds your body tighter, and conforms to your every curve like the yoga pant does. Which is why everyone who wears them has a butt you can’t help but stare at. You’ll have every girl watching thinking they play for the same team if you know what I mean when donning a pair of the pretty pants. The tightness of the pants and thin material outlines the curves triggering a sexual response. Don’t act all innocent we all totally look at each other. So yoga pant yourself to a better butt or just admire yourself in them, either way it will give you the butt lift you’ve been dying to have.

11 Yoga pants are the ultimate concealer

Before there was make up concealer there was a yoga pant, which concealed way more than just a blemish, I’m talking about baby fat. Yoga pants have a way of sucking you in so once you put on a pair, all of your little wheels and tires flatten out assuring you a smoother ride. Nothing’s wrong with baby fat but for those trying to cover it up or lose it, yoga pants should definitely be your best friend. Despite the thin and lightweight aspects of yoga pants, they still manage to provide you with full coverage so you have a naturally slender look. Not even L.A. girl pro or Bobbi Brown concealer sticks can cover up these kinds of birthmarks. It’s the one product you definitely want to have on your desk mingled between all of your foundations and bronzers.

10 Yoga pants make people happy

Because they’re so roomy and spacious yet fitted they allow for movement whether active or of an expansive kind (and by that I mean these are the pants you want to wear for Thanksgiving). But they’ll also prevent you from looking sloppy by keeping you all of you in place. So you don’t have to worry about having your great aunt ask you if you’ve gained a little weight at the dinner table. And when you’re not worrying about whether other people are thinking about you you’re happier. But more importantly when you get to stuff your face in the freedom of knowing that no one will say anything to you, that my friends is true happiness. Not only will they bring peace to your life but also yoga pants will lead you to more peaceful things like yoga. You see how we came full circle with that one.

9 They’re comfortable

Have you ever tried to workout in jeans and popped several buttons? We’ve all been there. Most bottoms don’t come with elastic so even though they might have the compressing functions of yoga pants, they aren’t as stretchy and “forgiving” of your bumps and lumps. If you’ve thought to try it, I wouldn’t recommend it, those aren’t your eating pants. Your pants are just waiting for an exhale to come undone. No one wants to be in an uncomfortable situation because you won’t be at your best because you’re nervous. So you want to do things, wear things, and say things that are familiar to you because when you are giving the big presentation or making a big informal speech, the state of your comfort is one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

8 Men will love you in them

Men are visual creatures. I would love to fault them for that, but at least they’re using something the right way. Yoga pants are like the most amazing Instagram filter. It’s a filter that has the ability to sculpt and lift all in one click and it just happens to be a total ‘like’ magnet, so when men have seen that you highlighted that filter which happens to be their favorite one, trust and believe that they’ll scroll through all your pictures and pop up in your DMs. I hate to say it but because yoga pants are so tight and formfitting, they are a sneak peek for guys who want to know what you’re hiding underneath. You may regard it as ‘something they’re not getting access to anytime soon’ but to them seeing you in yoga pants is a prologue to a much-anticipated movie.

7 Yoga pants will make you fit

You can’t tell me that while wearing a pair of yoga pants you didn’t actually consider maybe doing some yoga? The stretchy and expandable fabric allows you to move freely so as a result you’ll be more likely to do just that. And why not, you’re dressed appropriately? So no worries about ripping the crotch of your jeans or distressing pants that are too tight to bend in. Yoga pants don’t seem to have that same problem. The psychology behind it is that these pants are built for high and low impact activity so if you’re going to work out in any pants because who works out pant-less that’s just weird, you might as well wear these. Thus giving you reason to get up and get fit. And the world of yoga pants makes sense again.

6 Yoga pants gets you the hot vote

Let’s just be real for a minute, we like the attention we get when wearing yoga pants. And with a pair of yoga pants on there’s definitely more to stare at so it makes sense as to why people are looking. Let’s just say you’re putting your goods up for sale like you would take a picture of what you’re selling on Poshmark. Wearing yoga pants is a perfect example of product placement. I mean what pants would be better for you to do the Legally Blonde Elle Woods’ bend and snap in? Even if you haven’t gotten dressed and all you’re wearing is yoga pant and a muscle tee you’ll always look shapely and poised, giving a potential suitor just one more thing to love about you. If you are going to get attention get it for the right reasons.

5 Yoga pants go with everything

There are hundreds of styles and patterns of yoga pants. Yoga pants were originally made for yoga but have been seen and used for anything and everything. They look casual on top but with a long tunic and some knee-high boots no one would know the difference. They’re just another pair of great leggings. You can practically find them in any color you can think of so there’s no worrying about your pants not matching the rest of your outfit. They’re typically inexpensive so you can buy as many as you want when you want. Almost every major designer has either a line or sells a version of yoga pants. From Kate Hudson to Beyoncé to Carrie Underwood etc., all of these women have clothing lines dedicated to fitness wear. Celebs are cashing in on this one because yoga pants are life.

4 Yoga pants make you an instant athlete

Yoga pants just seem to make a person look more athletic. Whether it’s the structure or the fit, anyone looking at you will think you’re in the midst of becoming a full-time Planet Fitness trainer even if you’re just walking to a drive through. Yoga pants are built for instructors and fitness models so once you’re donning a pair you’re bound to be associated with fitness. A number of celebs swear by yoga pants including Zoe Saldana, Katy Perry and Arianna Grande just to name a few. As celebrities, they are constantly in the public eye so they need to keep up an ‘ideal’ image of constantly maintaining a fit bod. So seeing them in yoga pants leaves us to believe that their next stop is probably the big gym on the hill and not the Dairy Queen by their house.

3 You can wear yoga pants everywhere

There is nowhere you can’t go in yoga pants. They are comfortable enough to want to wear everywhere and anywhere you could possibly go. Yoga pants are very much a staple of every day life. There is nowhere that you can’t go in yoga pants. They’re the pants that are not only comfortable, but comforting for the times where you have to do things that you don’t want to do like go to school or go to work or go anywhere that’s not your bed. Grocery shopping or any activity that includes bending and moving is perfect for yoga pants because they’re flexible enough to do just that. You don’t want to have to be fidgeting or pulling up your clothes because it won’t sit on you the right way. You will never have that problem with yoga pants.

2 Yoga pants are appropriate for all ages

I’ve seen toddlers in yoga pants being pushed in a stroller by grannies in yoga pants wearing shirts that say “I love yoga.” If we haven’t realized by now yoga pants are practically the American dream and is definitely a family affair. Yoga pants are like Old Navy and ice cream, that’s what families do. At any age you can look and be fit in the right pair of yoga pants because you should never stop worrying about your health and trying to maintain it. So whether you’re five, (maybe 10, because at five you really shouldn’t be worrying about how you look) or 75 it’s never too early to or too late. Fitness at any age is welcomed especially when getting older and these pants are perfect for the transition.

1 Yoga pants are a load off

Yoga pants are loved for thousands of reasons but best of all, its because they’re easy. Yoga pants are easy to get into and easy to get out of. There’s no constriction or pressure when wearing yoga pants. Yoga pants aren’t a commitment. You don’t have to worry about being too big or too small, every pair will uphold to and fit your body type. You don’t have to think hard about whether or not you want to wear yoga pants. There are way too many benefits to not want to wear a pair everyday. You’ll feel good in them and those are the best types of clothing you could wear– things you will feel good in. There are way too many reasons to love them and way too many ways to get your hands on a pair. So indulge in one if you haven’t already.

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20 Celebrities Who Look Breathtaking In Yoga Pants

Do you remember when your friends told you that it’s not cool to wear yoga pants when you’re going out? Well, it’s time to prove them wrong because even the biggest celebrities are doing it!

All of them look amazing and we would love to see them wearing tight pants more often, even though some of them are not even doing yoga or another type of sport. Let’s take a deep breath to prepare for what’s coming next.

#17 and #13 are our favorites, but you’ll have to see for yourself why!

20. Rihanna

Rihanna is one of the biggest stars in the music industry today. The singer was discovered when she was still a teenager while performing in a local bar in Barbados. Since then she rose up under the protective wings of Jay Z, by becoming an idol of her generation. We could say that her fashion sense has definitely improved since she first entered the music scene, and she’s looking stunning no matter what she wears! She is rocking this matched outfit and those yoga pants look STUNNING on her perfect body. We could say that the next star looks even better but you have to see it for yourself…

19. Kylie Jenner

Kim’s little sister Kylie Jenner has been stealing the show for a couple of years due to her social media accounts that have millions of followers, comments, and likes. She shows no signs of stopping and recently she released her own makeup kit. Her looking great in a pair of black leggings is no surprise to anyone, and her sexy body surely catch all the eyes on the streets! But is she really coming from a yoga class as the next actress from our list does?

18. Jessica Biel

We all know Jessica Biel since she was a kid in 7th Heaven and we can agree that she evolved beautifully both as a woman and actress. Every woman on this planet is jealous of her for being Justin Timberlake‘s baby momma, but we kind of envy her for having a perfect body too. Although she’s sweaty and tired, she still looks great and we can’t help from noticing how amazing she looks in tight yoga pants! Check out Gigi Hadid‘s gym outfit! We still have a few pictures of supermodels to show you. Just wait until you see #12 and #3!

17. Gigi Hadid

Playing volleyball in high school and having an ex-model mother definitely helped Gigi Hadid to become a supermodel. Although she hit the genetic lottery, Gigi knows that she has to take care of her body, so going to the gym daily is just something normal for her. Like she wasn’t famous enough, in 2016 she started dating Zayn! All in all, she has a pretty cool life and we can’t take our eyes from the way that she looks in those yoga pants! Although she’s one of the sexiest women on our list, Megan Fox and the actress from #14 are even hotter!

16. Kim Kardashian

Everybody knows who Kim Kardashian is and you can recognize her even from behind due to her hourglass shaped body. She became famous after Keeping Up With The Kardashians was on air and later married the rapper Kanye West. Although there have been rumors about her surgically modifying her behind, the star states that she’s all natural! After seeing her in these yoga pants, what do you think? Another upcoming star has made a few corrections to her body, curious to see who she is? Find out the SHOCKING truth!

15. Megan Fox

Megan Fox is the living proof that every woman could get her figure back after having two kids. The actress got worldwide famous after her role in Transformers, and she acted in a few series ever since. Although her career isn’t working as it used to, we can’t deny the fact that she looks like a billion dollars in those yoga pants. Or even more! But is she hotter than Kaley Cuoco? Let’s find out!

14. Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco became famous after taking on the role of Penny in The Big Bang Theory. She played tennis until the age of 15, and it definitely shaped her body nicely! Those yoga pants never looked hotter on anyone! Well, maybe except Katy Perry. The hottest body is yet to come so “bear” with me…

13. Mila Kunis

I wonder if Ashton Kutcher fell in love with Mila after seeing her in those tight yoga pants because she looks HOT! She is a mother and we’re pretty sure that handling her career and family life at the same time is pretty rough. So putting on the same pair of yoga pants over and over again seems like something that every mom would do. We understand her, although we’re jealous of her perfectly sculptured figure. Hot momma alert on the following pictures! Please proceed with caution.

12. Kendall Jenner

Kendal Jenner is no stranger to the fashion industry so we’re not surprised that she looks LIKE THAT in yoga pants! She makes about $4.1 million every year so we’re guessing that those long hours at the gym are paying off. But is she hotter than Miley Cyrus? Let’s find out!

11. Miley Cyrus

The world was in SHOCK when Miley Cyrus first started twerking in yoga pants in her videos. All we can say about it is that we’re definitely enjoying seeing her perfect body in casual clothes. That self-confidence is what makes her even sexier! You go, girl! #6 and #7 are still our favorite.

10. Katy Perry

This California girl is giving us some Fireworks whenever she comes out of the house wearing tight black leggings. She’s talented, successful and she looks absolutely stunning! Is there anything that Katy Perry doesn’t have? Maybe Kate Hudson wearing a SEXY pair of yoga pants can shed some light on that… Let’s find out on the next slide.

9. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson has her own line of gym clothes and what better way to promote it other than posing on the beach in yoga pants? She’s always had a beautiful figure and although she’s not in her 20s anymore she still competes with younger models. If this isn’t provocative enough for you maybe Vanessa Hudgens rises up to your expectations! You can find her at #5.

8. Kristen Bell

The Frozen star looks better than ever as you can tell from this picture. She’s toned, healthy and she looks really happy with herself. What’s not to like? The next two women on our list are real life angels and supermodels!

7. Minka Kelly

Isn’t she dreamy? The model turned actress is rocking those yoga pants like we’ve never seen before and if we’d see her on the street I bet that it would be really hard to look away. The Friday Night Lights star is following up her dreams and we can’t be happier for her.

6. Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal is a Victoria’s Secret angel and she surely looks like one! Being Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend is enough to make us all jealous, but look at that body! She knows that she’s doing a favor to those pants and thank God for that! More sexy celebrities in yoga pants are yet to come so you’d better be ready.

5. Vanessa Hudgens

The High School Musical star looks even better than when we first met her. Her acting career is not going that good but she sure does her best in order to look AMAZING! Maybe she should stop wearing other clothes because yoga pants look like they were made for her. The following star looks breathtaking in see through white leggings.

4. Sara Jean Underwood

No wonder that Sara Jean Underwood was on the cover of Playboy. With that body she can wear everything that she wants, so why not try white yoga pants? Our following supermodel doesn’t need to see through pants to get our attention because she has some other not so hidden talents.

3. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

She’s another Victoria’s Secret angel that stole our hearts with her talent and beautiful body. She looks like pure perfection although she’s covered in sweat after a gym session. Is she doesn’t want to share her training routine, maybe Jenny McCarthy will agree to tell us her secrets?

2. Jenny McCarthy

Who said that a woman can’t be beautiful, smart AND funny at the same time? Jenny McCarthy is the living proof that that is possible, not that we didn’t already know that. She’s actually doing yoga, in comparison to the other ladies from our list so we’re really grateful for that.

Are you curious to see how Ariana Grande looks in yoga pants? Check her out!

1. Ariana Grande

We’re not sure that Ariana Grande is going to the gym, considering that she’s wearing a lot of makeup, but we can still admire her fit body. So we’re not complaining!

Before you mindlessly skim through this list of hot celebrities (who could blame you?), here’s a brief history of yoga pants in America.

Although they’d been around for years, yoga pants didn’t become popular as an everyday clothing item until the early 21st century. Made from a soft, stretchy material like cotton or lycra spandex, they were designed, obviously, for yoga, but have since been adopted as a comfortable, casual option for women. They’re so popular that they have led to a decrease in the sales of jeans in America — in fact, some have called them the “new jeans.” Their growing popularity likely had something to do with America’s recent obsession with physical fitness. Women wanted something they could wear that was comfortable yet fashionable, something that they could wear while working out, shopping, or simply sitting on the couch.

Men certainly aren’t complaining about the popularity of yoga pants, either. In recent years, the male gaze has shifted downward a couple feet. As if “My eyes are up here” wasn’t enough, now women have to say, “My eyes are up here and on the other side of my body.” Thanks to the tight-fitting pants, which leave little to the imagination, 2014 was declared the year of the booty. Songs such as J. Lo and Iggy Azalea’s “Booty” and Meghan Trainor’s “All About that Bass” were written about the posterior, and careers were practically built on it. Come to think of it, maybe yoga pants are to blame for the rise of the Kardashians.


20 Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson has been a star in Hollywood ever since she rose to fame with her Oscar nominated performance in Almost Famous. In 2008, she was on the cover of People Magazine’s “100 Most Beautiful People” issue, and for good reason. Not only does she have a naturally beautiful face, but she also has an amazing body, thanks to her love for fitness. She should look good in yoga pants, considering she has her own line of workout clothes called JustFab.


19 Minka Kelly


Minka Kelly is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Part of what makes her so beautiful is her amazing body, which looks as though it was made for yoga pants.

Kelly is most famous for her role on the hit television show Friday Night Lights. Her parents are Rick Dufay, former Aerosmith guitarist, and Maureen Dumont Kelly, an exotic dancer (you can probably guess where she gets her good looks from). If you’re a sports fan, then you probably know Kelly as Derek Jeter’s former girlfriend.


18 Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba has been just about every guy’s crush since the early 2000s, when she starred in the TV show Dark Angel. She’s since been in films like Fantastic Four, Good Luck Chuck, Sin City, and Into the Blue. But she’s not just a pretty face. She’s also a savvy businesswoman. In 2012, she co-founded The Honest Company, which sells non-toxic household products and beauty products. Alba is worth an estimated $340 million. But that’s not the point of this list. We want to know whether or not she looks good in yoga pants. The answer? A resounding yes.

17 Kim Kardashian


You knew she was going to be on this list. Kim Kardashian is a polarizing figure. Some people love the queen of reality television, while others hate her. Some find her beautiful, while others think that her look is too fake. But if you’re into big backsides, then chances are you love her—and you especially love the way she looks in yoga pants. She isn’t afraid to show off her famous derriere, either. She often walks around in formfitting clothing that accentuates her assets.

Kardashian is married to rapper Kanye West, with whom she has two children: North and Saint. Her reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, has the highest viewership on the E! Network.


16 Vanessa Hudgens


Vanessa Hudgens is known as a fitness freak. She’s often photographed by the paparazzi on her way to or from a workout session, so much, in fact, that it seems as though she practically lives in yoga pants (we’re certainly not complaining). That’s probably why she has such an amazing body. According to Hudgens, her favorite way to break a sweat is through cycling and yoga.

15 Julianne Hough


Julianne Hough first made a name for herself through the show Dancing with the Stars, where she was a two-time champion. Since then, she has gone on to star in several movies, including Footloose and Rock of Ages, and release two successful albums. She gets her incredible body from dancing. She’s also admitted to being a gym junkie and says that she does cardio and strength training.

Hough dated Ryan Seacrest for roughly three years before calling it quits. She is now engaged to Washington Capitals forward Brooks Laich.


14 Jen Selter


Jen Selter is a social media celebrity who has often been described as having the best butt in the world. So it only makes sense that she looks incredible in yoga pants. She has more than 8 million followers on Instagram and has appeared in such magazines as Maxim, Elle, Vanity Fair, and People. Ever wondered how much a social media star makes? She earns about $50,000 per sponsored post, all thanks to her impressive gluteus maximus.

13 Jennifer Lopez


Before Kim Kardashian, there was Jennifer Lopez. There’s a famous story that Lopez’s backside is so special that she had to take out an insurance policy for it. And it’s true. According to Business Insider, her posterior is insured for $27 million.

Lopez hasn’t slowed down a bit over the years. Thanks to a rigorous workout plan, at 46 years old she looks better than ever. She’s currently the star of the cop show Shades of Blue, and she signed on for a residency show, which includes twenty dates, at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood.


12 Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence has taken Hollywood by storm in the past few years. Not only has she starred in blockbuster hits like X-Men and The Hunger Games, but she’s also been nominated for four (and won one) Academy Awards. She has a rare combination of talent and beauty. But perhaps the sexiest part about her is her down-to-earth attitude. She’s a real human being, just like the rest of us—she just happens to be gorgeous. Unlike many young Hollywood starlets, she seems to have a pretty healthy attitude about her body, saying that she would never starve herself for a movie role. She also said she’d rather look strong than skinny.

11 Sofia Vergara


Colombian-born actress Sofia Vergara has starred in several movies before Modern Family, including Chasing Papi and Four Brothers, but it wasn’t until she played the role of Gloria that she became a household name. Vergara is famous for her sexy curves, and she loves to show them off by wearing tight, revealing dresses. At 43 years old, she can still pull off yoga pants.


10 Candice Swanepoel


South African Candice Swanepoel is one of the biggest models in the world, being named in Forbes’ top-earning models list on more than one occasion. She’s been on the cover of several magazines and ranked number one on Maxim’s 2014 “Hot 100 List.”

This picture of Swanepoel in orange yoga pants is from her photo shoot with The Upside, a clothing company that makes workout attire. You can clearly see why she’s one of the most coveted models in the business. She recently got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Hermann Nicoli, who’s also a model. They met when she was just 17 years old.

9 Nina Agdal


At just 23 years old, Nina Agdal from Denmark has already made quite a name for herself in the modeling world. She’s modeled for a number of big brands, including Victoria’s Secret, and she was the cover model for the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. In the past, she’s been linked to Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and The Wanted’s Max George. She is currently dating Reid Heidenry, a fellow model. With her long, lean legs, Agdal is an absolute stunner, and she happens to look great in yoga pants (or anything, for that matter).


8 Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner isn’t your typical Kardashian. She’s nearly six feet tall and isn’t particularly curvy (i.e. she doesn’t have the trademark Kardashian backside). But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t look great in yoga pants. In fact, many would say that Kendall, a successful model who has worked for Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret, among others, is the most beautiful of the reality show family.

7 Gigi Hadid


Gigi Hadid is the it-girl in the modeling world these days. And it’s easy to see why. Her good looks have landed her on the pages of Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Elle, and Paper Magazine. Hadid was also named a Victoria’s Secret model and appeared in the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She was in a relationship with singer Cody Simpson before moving on to former One Direction member Zayn Malik. She is also friends with Kendall Jenner—it’s hard to tell which one looks better in yoga pants, but we have to give Hadid the edge.


6 Megan Fox

Ever since she starred opposite Shia LaBeouf in Transformers, men around the world have been obsessed with Megan Fox. FHM named her the sexiest woman in the world in 2008 and she’s been on countless other “hottest women” lists. She recently starred in This is 40 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Before separating in 2015, she was married to actor Brian Austin Green, with whom she has two children. Despite being a mother of two, she still looks great in yoga pants. In order to get her body back to its former slender shape for Ninja Turtles, she did resistance training at least three times a day.

5 Shia LaBeouf


Hey, we’ve got to have a few female readers, right? Many people thought that Shia LaBeouf’s hot pink yoga pants were a part of his breakdown and drunken shenanigans in the 2014, but he actually wore them for a good cause. Ellen DeGeneres challenged him to wear the pants — which read, “Ellen for the cure,” on the back — for breast cancer awareness. She said that if he did so, Ulta Beauty would donate $10,000 to breast cancer research. Not one to shy away from bizarre fashion choices, LaBeouf accepted the challenge and was photographed wearing the skintight yoga pants. He’s also been known to wear purple pants with pink shoes, but that appears to be a personal choice.


4 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Another Victoria’s Secret model. This time it’s English model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who’s also the face of Burberry and British retailer Marks & Spencer. Huntington-Whiteley recently made the move into acting with roles in Transformers: Dark of the Moon and the critically acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road, in which she plays Angharad the Splendid. She’s been dating actor Jason Statham since 2010, and the couple recently announced their engagement. While Huntington-Whiteley is famous for wearing lingerie, she looks just as good in yoga pants.

3 Ronda Rousey & Carmen Electra


This one’s a two for one: UFC fighter Ronda Rousey and glamor model/actress Carmen Electra. The two beauties were photographed together in 2012 while Rousey was showing Electra some moves. It appears to be a light sparring session for the benefit of the camera, since both women are heavily made up.

It’s safe to say that Rousey would win in an actual fight, but when it comes to who looks better in yoga pants, it’s not as clear. Some prefer tough, strong women like Rousey, while others prefer a more feminine beauty like Electra. You can’t lose either way with this picture.


2 Kelly Brook


Who says women have to be supermodel thin in order to be sexy? Kelly Brook proves that voluptuous curves can be just as beautiful, if not more. Brook is an English model and actress who appeared in such classics as Deuce Bigelow: European Gigolo, Piranha 3D, and Survival Island. Okay, so maybe they aren’t classics, but she is certainly fun to look at in them. She’s also fun to look at when she’s showing off her curves in a pair of yoga pants.

Brooks has been romantically linked to a number of famous men, including Jason Statham and Titanic’s Billy Zane.

1 Kaley Cuoco


Kaley Cuoco is the star of one of the most popular shows on television: The Big Bang Theory. She credits her amazing physique to plenty of yoga, which she says she does five times a week. And does it ever show. You can bet that part of The Big Bang Theory’s success has to do with the fact that millions of men are tuning in just to see her.

Cuoco was previously linked to Big Bang costar Johnny Galecki, and she was married to professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting for a short period before the two divorced.


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Hannah Brown, Gigi Hadid, and More Celebs Are Officially Obsessed With These Leggings

Finding the best yoga leggings to wear to the studio (or, if we’re being honest, to lounge around the house in), can be a daunting task — there are just so many to choose from. And if you’ve been rigorously searching the Internet for a solid pair, look no further, because tons of your favorite celebrities have found the perfect option — and lucky for us, these leggings can be worn for practically any occasion. Enter: Alo Yoga, one of the most stylish yoga clothing and accessories brands that everyone from Hannah Brown to Chrissy Teigen adore.

Two of the brand’s biggest A-list fans are Jennifer Garner and Julianne Hough, who are constantly seen out in a wide variety of the brand’s leggings (and jackets and sports bras, for that matter). Alo has racked up such a long list of star fans — including Hailey Bieber, Jenna Dewan, and Sarah Hyland — that it’s safe to say, pretty much everyone in Hollywood is obsessed with them. Thus, eliminating the need for you to conduct your own intense stretch pant analysis. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best, most star-loved leggings from the L.A.-based brand — plus, where exactly to shop them. Spoiler alert: you can get tons of Alo Yoga leggings (and other goodies) at Nordstrom, Zappos, and Amazon!

Best Colorblock: Alo High-Waist Alosoft Sheila Legging

From Bachelorette alum to Dancing With the Stars contestant, Hannah Brown surely knows a good pair of leggings when she sees them. Prior to a recent performance on the hit ABC TV show, she shared a photo on Instagram wearing a pair of Alo Yoga’s Alosoft Sheila leggings. The high-waisted leggings feature a colorblock pattern that makes them the perfect modern workout pants — plus, you can choose between several other colorways on Amazon.

Image zoom Hannah Brown/Instagram

Buy It! $112;

Best Basics: Alo High Waist Lounge Leggings

Jennifer Garner’s whole M.O is fitness without all the fuss— so it’s no wonder why she keeps these simple-but-effective high waist leggings in at least three colors (black, heathered gray and heathered navy) in her rotation. This is the pair you want in your drawer when it’s 6:00 a.m. and your priority is making it to the gym without caring what you’re going to wear.

Image zoom

Buy It! $78.40–$98;; $98;

Best Glam Gams: Alo High Line Lace-Up Leggings

After seasons on Dancing with the Stars, it’s no surprise that Julianne Hough likes a little flash with her fitness. These high-waist, semi-shiny leggings, with a sheer panel and lace detailing up the side, provide just that — all while being surprisingly fun and flattering.

Image zoom Splash

Buy It! $74.97 (orig. $150);

Best High Waist Leggings: Alo High Waist Airlift Legging

Hailey Bieber has worn the Alo Airbrush High Waist leggings on multiple occasions — and if a celeb wears a certain item three different times (like Hailey’s done with her Alo leggings), it’s safe to say they must be crazy about them. This pair features an extra-wide waistband that can be worn high or folded over, providing maximum comfort for your next workout (or Netflix and chill sesh).

Image zoom Splash News Online

Buy It! $62.52–$102.71;; $82;

Best Workout Leggings with Mesh: Alo High Waist Coast Capri Legging

Let your legs breathe a little by pulling on a pair of leggings with mesh paneling, like the Alo High Waist Coast Capris seen on Sarah Hyland. The mesh inserts have a dual purpose: to flatter your figure and offer breathability, which is perfect for working out and looking stylish.

Image zoom PG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Buy It! $94,

Best Lattice Side Leggings: Alo Interlace Leggings

Transition from the studio to the street with Chrissy Teigen’s favorite pair of cool-comfy leggings — the Alo Interlace Leggings. These contemporary leggings will keep everything in when you’re in downward dog and look chic paired with booties for a night out on the town.

Image zoom Instagram

Buy It! $108,

Best Lounge Leggings: Alo Vapor High Waist Leggings

Whether you’re headed to the gym or planning to lay low on your couch, Jenna Dewan’s cozy, knit Alo Vapor High Waist Leggings (finally back in stock at Nordstrom!) are perfect for everyday wear. The super soft fabric is stretchy, allowing it to sculpt your figure in all the right places.

Image zoom Splash News

Buy It! $98–$128;; $128;

Best Leggings for Work: Alo High Waist Airbrush Midi Leggings

If you’re planning to hit up the gym after work, and don’t want to bring an extra pair of pants to the office, wear these chafe-preventing Alo High Waist Airbrush Midi Leggings. For a relaxed work attire (hello, casual Fridays!), pair them with a jean jacket and black boots like Gigi Hadid. You can even style it with a longer tee or blouse, to help keep the outfit professional. After work, just trade the boots for a pair of the model’s favorite Reebok Classic Leather sneakers before your sweat sesh.

Image zoom Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto/Getty

Buy It! $78;

You can’t deny that yoga pants are on trend right now. Who would have thought that the casual look would be considered as a “hot” and “sexy” trend?

But with fitness being a huge trend as well, and with social media always available, yoga pants started to grab everyone’s attention. We love watching people strut their stuff in yoga pants.

Celebrities have definitely jumped on the yoga pants bandwagon, too. We’re always spotting them running errands or heading to brunch in the comfortable wear. Plus, it’s always nice to see these rich celebs look casual and normal like the rest of us.

But with looking good in yoga pants, also comes with taking care of yourself. There’s no doubt these celebs try their hardest to stay in shape since they’re always in the spotlight. Especially if they’re going to wear something as revealing as yoga pants, they want to make sure they look good.

So check out the following celebrities that are so hot and showing it all in yoga pants along with what some of them do to stay fit and healthy while others are just really blessed. You can say we’re really jealous of those celebs who can just get away with looking good in yoga pants.

15 Jenny McCarthy


Jenny McCarthy has been seen wearing yoga pants and naturally looks great in them. The celeb has always been nice on the eye, but when she’s sporting those leggings, it’s a different story. McCarthy says she doesn’t really have time to work out or keep her diet on track, so she has relied on the Weight Watchers program in the past. After she had her son, Evan, she turned to an all organic diet to get back into Playboy shape. Looks like whatever she’s doing now is working for her considering how great she looks as a 44-year-old mom. Not to mention, she’s been a Bikram yoga practitioner for six years now. You can catch the Scary Movie 3 actress as a “workout buddy” in the “Your Shape” fitness video game for Wii and Xbox Kinect. She’s also one of the few actresses in the industry that ages gracefully.

14 Vanessa Hudgens


Vanessa Hudgens has been seen around the streets of LA sporting yoga pants quite often. You can catch her carrying her yoga matt with her hair messily tied up in a bun, looking like she just had a great sweat session. The High School Musical actress is known for her bohemian sense of style, but sometimes she just feels like wearing something simple as leggings and a tank top. After gaining weight for the movie, Gimme Shelter, she was determined to lose 20 pounds to get back in shape. Hudgens says she incorporated a diet of high fats and low in carbs. “I eat a whole avocado a day,” Hudgens said. “I need high fats. If I’m not getting enough, my body holds on to calories. We’ve been trained to think that fats are bad, but they’re so good – a source of energy and sustenance that keeps you going through the day. That’s the only way I cannot eat carbs.” Good for you, Vanessa.

13 Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most popular actresses at the moment. But one thing she’s kind of underrated for is her yoga pants style. She has been seen wearing some leggings that complement her behind like magic. We want to know where she gets her yoga pants because they were worth every penny. They seriously suit her. The actress has always been very open about her love for pizza and she’s not sorry about that. Hashtag sorry not sorry. But before you think you can eat pizza and be in shape, let us tell you how she maintains her figure for future movie roles. Her trainer explains how she’s distributed her workouts throughout the day, including high intensity interval training. As for food, Jennifer loves her snacks, so her go-to munchies include hummus, coconut milk yogurt, cashews and, blueberries.

12 Jessica Biel


Jessica Biel has been seen in yoga pants and people have gone wild over it, especially her hubby, Justin Timberlake. Can you blame him? Biel told Health magazine that she truly believes in balance and that’s what works best for her. We can definitely see the results of her regime. She does stay away from dairy or gluten products because she feels better not including them in her diet. “Honestly, I just feel better when I don’t have gluten or wheat or dairy,” the actress said. “My digestion is better, I feel better, and I have more energy.” She shares how she starts off with Paleo pancakes and a green juice for breakfast. For lunch, she likes to head to Whole Foods for her favorite veggie burger. And for dinner, she’ll try to stick to lean proteins and veggies. Her healthy routine is obviously working for her.

11 Kate Hudson


If you didn’t know, Kate Hudson is not only an actress but she also owns an active-wear line called Fabletics, which has super cute products. So it’s not surprising that we see Hudson wearing yoga pants often and looking amazing in them. She’s always had a healthy mindset and always enjoyed working out, which explains why she got into the active-wear business. “Like sometimes, I’ll just want to stretch and do more of a hot yoga-type situation,” she told Harper’s Bazaar about her fitness routine. “Sometimes I want to sweat it out and do more cardio, spinning. But my go-to’s are Brazilian Butt Lifts—it’s just really, really concentrating on your core and your butt…and Pilates.” She also opened up about not having a diet and just eating whatever she feels like eating, which has helped her live a healthy, moderation lifestyle.

10 Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus has had different styles over the years. She first started wearing the usual, girly clothes to be a good representative of her Disney career. Then we watched her grow up and go through her teen years, wearing less and less as the years went by. But we have also seen her toning it down a little bit recently but personalized her outfit with her own unique style. At the end of the day, Miley has always had a banging body, so why not show it off? Especially in fitted yoga pants. She has said in interviews that she likes to do Pilates to tone her body, get sculpted abs, and improve her poster. The “Malibu” singer has also been seen hiking so she definitely keeps in shape. And that’s why she looks so good in those yoga pants.

9 Kylie Jenner


The baby of the Kardashian/Jenner family loves playing with different styles. From her clothes to her hair to her face, Kylie Jenner doesn’t like sticking to just one look. So it’s surprising when she decides to tone it down and opt for yoga pants instead. Most likely, she’s doing it to promote some brand that asked her to wear, such as Puma. Regardless, we can’t deny she looks good wearing them. Jenner is a huge trend setter in the fashion world. For some reason, she can pull off literally anything. Whether that’s an out of this world dress or just yoga pants, Kylie is always looking on fire. But it is nice to see her in her more toned down looks, especially with her voluptuous curves. Yoga pants do a great job at accentuating that lower body and they do the same for young business mogul.

8 Rihanna


Rihanna has curves for days. So imagine her in yoga pants? They hug her body in all the right places. The thing with Ri-Ri, though, is we’ve never seen her working out. There’s never been any sort of information about her being serious about her fitness and diet regimes, but that’s because most likely she doesn’t really prioritize it. As if we didn’t envy Rihanna already, the fact that she doesn’t work out, and still looks like the bomb in yoga pants makes us feel even more envious. Although, the “Rude Boy” singer likes to wear close to nothing most of the time, we love seeing her show off her curves in casual wear, like yoga pants. Plus, it looks like those yoga pants love her, too, because they complement her curvy figure so well. We hope she wears them often.

7 Khloe Kardashian


We know how much Khloe Kardashian loves working out. She’s even had her own fitness show on E! where she guided people to reach their fitness and health goals. Almost every day, we watch the reality TV star work out and literally kick butt in the gym. Because she’s pretty much always working out (and she’s all about the fit lifestyle), she can be seen wearing yoga pants most of the time. With her amazing curvy figure, those yoga pants show off all her curves in the right way. We all know her fitness regime is on point, but what about her diet? Khloe has admitted her lover her sweets, but she likes to aim for healthier options whenever she can such as lean meats, a lot of veggies to fill up, and of course plenty of water. With a diet like that, it’s no wonder Khloe makes us envy her in those yoga leggings.

6 Kourtney Kardashian


Just like her sisters, Kourtney Kardashian loves working out. She’s always snapping away her workouts and we love it. It keeps us motivated. So as the Kardashian fell in love with the fitness lifestyle, she also fell in love with the yoga trend. We love it when she posts selfies of her wearing yoga pants or those paparazzi photos of her looking fire in them. We know she’s always putting in the work at the gym but when it comes to her diet, she’s the “health nut” of the Kardashian family. She likes opting for gluten-free and organic products. So she is pretty much on the health train and good to go on top of her work out regime. That’s why it’s not surprising how stunning she looks when she’s seen walking around in leggings.

5 Gigi Hadid


Being a model will obviously help you look good in yoga pants. You’ve seen those photos of Gigi Hadid in swimsuits, and as you can see, the model has a rockin’ body. So it’s not surprising that when she sports yoga pants, she looks crazily attractive. The model has been open about her different fitness regime. She doesn’t just stick to crunches to get those defined abs. She also likes getting into the boxing ring and sweat it all out, ending her workout regimen with some planks. She also makes sure her diet is on point by drinking a lot of water and just have healthier options, especially around runway shows. “I can eat healthy when I want to and I can work out every single day and I can have the body for a certain runway show if I need to,” the model said. “But that doesn’t mean that I’m doing it in an unhealthy way.”

4 Kim Kardashian


It’s no surprise Kim Kardashian makes it on this list considering her popular figure and her sense of style. The Kardashian is always switching up her style, but one thing she doesn’t seem to get enough of are her yoga pants. Sometimes we’re even shocked when we see Kim walking down the streets of Calabasas in just yoga pants and a tank top. Having a much curvier lower body certainly doesn’t stop her from sporting the yoga outfit trend either. The reality TV star does work out, though, and she’s always documenting her workouts on Snapchat to her audience. She works hard for that body regardless of it being artificial in some areas. As for what she eats, Kim has pointed out that she’s very into the Atkins diet, where she prioritizes high-fiber carbohydrates, adequate protein, and healthy fats. Basically she watches her portions, and if you’ve watched the reality show, you know how big of a foodie Kim is.

3 Jessica Alba


Who doesn’t love Jessica Alba? Who doesn’t admire her beauty? The Into the Blue actress has always been one of those celebs with a body we all desire. She’s always showing up on the hottest lists, so it’s no surprise she’s on our list of celebs looking hot in yoga pants. Over the past few years, Alba has toned down her looks from sexy bikini babe to casual mom, but she still looks amazing in whatever her style is at the moment. She has her own business, The Honest Company, which has made her into a successful businesswoman. She makes sure her company is always delivering the healthiest products on the market, which tells you how conscious she is with her own self-care regimes. “I try to stick to a diet that’s low in sugar and carbs, and high in lean protein and vegetables,” she told Shape magazine.

2 Kendall Jenner


It seems like yoga pants are Kendall Jenner’s go-to outfits because you’ll see countless photos of the KUWTK star wearing them. As a model, she’ll mix her outfits with yoga pants from casual to more formal. Not a lot can pull that off but Kendall can. If you do keep up with the Kardashians, you’ll know the reality TV star likes to keep it on the low compared to the rest of her family. Her style is no different, which is why we see her keep it casual with yoga pants most the time. The model has been blessed with this body that make us envy her when we see her strut her stuff in those yoga pants. Anything we see Jenner wearing, we want, especially yoga pants because they’re so comfortable. So if you’re up for something comfortable but still look good? Count me in.

1 Jennifer Lopez


It is no secret that Jennifer Lopez has an amazing body, and she works hard for it. The singer and actress loves sharing her work out results on Instagram, and we love it when she does that. You can catch plenty of photos of J-Lo sporting yoga pants and showing off her Latina curves. She is mostly famous for her amazing behind, but lately her abs have also caught some attention. The woman is just fit from head to toe, which gives her all the confidence in the world to wear yoga pants. The “Jenny From The Block” singer has been open about her struggle with accepting her body in the past, but she’s clearly loving her curves now, which you can’t blame her for. She’s sexy and she knows it. And considering how intense she works out, here’s to hoping she’ll keep rocking that body.


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Yoga pants have become a style statement in the recent times. Made from soft materials like cotton, it feels light and comfortable to the women all over the world. They like to wear it while working out or while doing shopping or simply sitting on the couch.

Looking at the trend and comfort, many actresses love to wear them and show off their sexy figures. So without any further ado, we bring you some of the actresses who look smoking hot in yoga pants:

1. Chloe Grace Moretz

2. Minka Kelly

3. Jessica Alba

4. Kim Kardashian

6. Julianne Hough

7. Jen Selter

8. Jennifer Lopez

9. Jennifer Lawrence

10. Sofia Vergara

11. Candice Swanepoel

12. Nina Agdal

13. Kendall Jenner

14. Ashley Greene

16. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

16. Ronda Rousey & Carmen Electra

17. Kelly Brook

18. Kaley Cuoco

19. Irina Shayk

20. Kate Beckinsale

21. Katy Perry

22. Leighton Meester

23. Kate Hudson

24. Gigi Hadid

25. Sophie Monk

26. Sophie Bush

27. Gisele Bundchen

28. Ileana D’Cruz

30. Jacqueline Fernandez

31. Rita Ora

32. Alessandra Ambrosio

33. Malaika Arora

34. Lily Collins

35. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

36. Disha Patani

37. Scarlett Johansson

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Besides being really comfortable and cozy, yoga pants can be truly tricky to wear sometimes. They sensually hug your body almost as if they’re paint and if you aren’t, careful it can reveal more than you might want them to.
We really love seeing our beloved celebrities wearing casual clothes, especially yoga pants. However, sometimes they can fail spectacularly when doing so. Scroll down to see these celebrity-yoga fails, courtesy of Meaww.

1. Anne Hathaway

(Image Source: Pinterest)

Maybe you should just change your pants after sweating in the gym, simply in order not to reveal more than what you want.

2. Paris Hilton

(Image Source: Pinterest)

The blouses don’t always cover you, but, you know, you do move sometimes and reveal your butt, which you thought was perfectly covered. That is if you wanted it covered in the first place.

3. Blac Chyna

Of course, those amazing buttcheeks look just perfect in denim maybe but not truly adequate for those yoga pants.

4. Kelly Brooke

Yes, she looks wonderful in these purple yoga pants, but if only she didn’t have to walk.A piece of advice, look in the mirror before you leave the house.

5. Iggy Azalea

The famous Australian singer doesn’t really care what part of the body is staring back at the cameras. At least she has a toned body.

6. Kim Kardashian

Kim doesn’t really care, right? At the end of the day, if you got it, flaunt it.

7. Kylie Jenner

Kylie looking amazing and sexy as always. But, wait, wait. How about a different pair of pants?

8. Lil’ Kim

While other celebrities wear the comfy yoga pants on the streets, Lil Kim wore them on the stage! This is a new level of not caring.

9. Lisa Rinna

Of course, no one should tell you what to wear or what to do, but a different pair of pants would be better.

10. Mariah Carey

The Touch My Body singer has revealed maybe more parts of the body than she should. In public, and with clothes on.

11. Mickey Rourke

Who said that only female celebrities failed while wearing yoga pants? Maybe Mickey should let go of those yoga pants after all.

12. Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe is a badass, flaunting her sexy and toned body. But maybe a different choice of pants would be better.

13. Christina Milian

We salute the wish and the dedication to run so much, however, wearing an underwear while you do so, is essential.

14. Shia LaBeouf

We don’t have any problem if a man wears pink yoga pants. However, if you’re gonna do, at least do it properly.

15. Sofia Vergara

What is visible is visible. The star of Modern Family really doesn’t care if parts of her reveal themselves without her knowing. We won’t complain.

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