I’ve had this blow dryer for over 3 years. I use both the comb attachment and diffuser in my Type 4 Hair. The attachments haven’t broken. Others have literally folded under pressure.

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If you do decide to use heat on your natural hair, you need a professional heat appliance. One that doesn’t overheat to prevent any heat damage. Chi Deep Brilliance Low EMF Hair Dryer is recommended by natural hair experts and voted one of the best blow dryers for natural hair.

I’ve been using this blow dryer for 3 years now with no issues. I haven’t experienced heat damage. The comb attachment is still intact; no bends and no signs of melting.

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It’s quality blow dryer with heat controls, high wattage, heat technology, and 3 attachments.

This Blow Dryer has two heat and air flow settings. The wattage is 1800 which means your hair will dry faster. Thus resulting, in less time your hair is exposed heat. Most professional blow dryers have a minimum of 1300 watts.

It’s important to mention that this blow dryer has ceramic parts for more even heat instead of metal or plastic.

And has an option of ionic technology or negative ions result in a faster drying time as well with more moisture, smoother results, and less frizz.

Chi Deep Brilliance Low EMF Hair Dryer is not available in stores or on Amazon. But you can buy it here: Chi Deep Brilliance Low EMF Hair Dryer here

It has 3 Attachments: Diffuser, Concentrator nozzle & Comb attachment

Chi brilliance hair dryer

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