We Tried This New Hands-Free Blowdryer — & Here’s Our Unfiltered Opinion

When it comes to hot tools, I’m a creature of habit — and I rarely upgrade my arsenal. For example: I’ve long remained faithful to the rotating Sarah Potempa Beachwaver curling iron, which practically creates my effortless coils for me. And when it comes to blowdryers, I like them to be three things: lightweight (I have no arm strength), infused with ionic technology (it helps speed up the process), and equipped with a handle (because, quite frankly, that’s the only option). Needless to say, when the new CHI Dura Handshot Hair Dryer landed on my desk, I was skeptical. Of course, it’s not surprising, as the classic blowdryer has gotten more than one makeover this year. I gave it a test-drive, of course, but first let’s dive into the details. What You Need To Know
The dryer does not have a handle, which is said to help achieve better angles during drying. There’s a built-in drying stand on the opposite side of the airflow, where you can set the device down (thus: using no hands) as you switch between sections or brushes. When you’re ready to get to work, the idea is to hold the black nozzle with your hand — as opposed to the handle on regular dryers — and direct the heat that way. You can also hover above the dryer while rough drying. (Or while faking a Marilyn Monroe moment, if that’s your thing.) Related: “Wave Formation” Is The Easiest Hair Trick You’ll Learn The settings are loaded onto a touch screen, which made me feel apprehensive — wouldn’t my fingers accidentally adjust them as I blow-dried? And that nozzle — what if I burned my hand? Well, consider me enlightened. The Test-Drive
As soon as I tried it, all of my blowdryer woes (like the time suck and arm fatigue) went right out the window — while taking up less space in my crowded New York apartment. How? This puppy is loaded with 1750 watts of juice and ceramic technology, which slashed my dry time by three whole minutes — yes I timed it — an eternity when you’re sitting under a direct blast of heat.
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Despite my earlier concerns, the screen settings were on a touch sensitive control screen, meaning I could click the lock button before starting to prevent it from switching hot to cold then cold to hot. The real winning attribute, however, is the nozzle. It really did make it easier to move quickly, set it down during the blowdry and pick it up fast, and angle the heat properly, because I could glide the airflow over a completely new area with a quick flick of the wrist. (The nozzle even has molded finger grooves so it feels extra comfortable in your hand.)
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Is it truly hands-free? Not really. And yes, this device looks weird, confusing, and maybe even hard to use. But — as a long-standing advocate of lazy girl beauty — consider this my stamp of approval.


When it comes to wearing my curly hair down, I tend to go the easy route, easy peesy and as little work and effort as possible. Let’s face it, I have really long hair so my arms enjoy the freedom of allowing my hair to air dry if at all possible. The problem with air drying (especially during the Fall and Winter months) is that it can take literally ALL DAY LONG if my hair is left to dry naturally. I’m not about that life, seriously – who’s got time to wait around for your hair to dry. Since I don’t use heat on my hair most of the year – I try to keep it to a minimum during the colder months – but I also rely on products that work and that I can trust. The Dura CHI Hand Shot Hair Dryer has been my new best friend, or shall I say my Curly Hair’s new companion lately. It allows me to dry or style my hair easily without the fuss and today I’m going to share this interesting and fun product with you.

The Dura CHI Hand Shot Hair Dryer was launched this year (2016) in August. I have had this product in my possession now for a few months and have been giving it a good run for trial and error. This tool helps and aids in time constraints of hair styling by providing efficiency and comfort through its cutting-edge design, even allowing for hand-free use. Since there is no conventional dryer handle, the hand shot dryer allows for consistent control over the dryer to produce a multitude of styling techniques with ease.

The Dura CHI Hand Shot Dryer helps to cater to all hair types since the dryer also features a state of the art, touch sensitive control screen that offer numerous head and speed setting combinations to deliver optimal results.

Key Features of this unit include:

  • Hands-free drying stand enables the dryer to stand alone on a flat surface.
  • Handle free design for a more balanced and efficient drying angle that allows for the wrist to sit in a more comfortable place.
  • Touch-Sensitive Screen that regulates temperature and speed levels.
  • 1875 Watts of power that allows for consistent heat from ceramic heat technology.
  • Non-slip, soft touch grip that provides optimal control and molded finger groves for added comfort and support.

Retail: $144.99

Unit includes: The Hair Dryer, Blow Drying Attachment and Diffusing Attachment.

So – with a hefty price tag, you must be wondering what my thoughts are overall on the product. There’s the thing – I really like it. I have several diffusers and a blow dryer that literally just died on me and since my hair is soooo long, my arms and wrists get tired quickly with a traditional hair dryer or diffuser. I’m not saying that my arms didn’t get tired while using Dura CHI, let’s be real here… if you had to dry my hair (which is past my buttocks), your arms would be tired too. But as someone who suffers from Carpal Tunnel syndrome, I found that I was able to adjust how I hold the unit to accommodate for the achy pain in my wrist. You can’t do that easily with other dryers because holding anywhere other than the traditional handle will literally burn your hands.

I absolutely love the fact that this dryer has a hands-free drying stand which helps with the drying process of my hair as well. I can literally sit the dryer up on a flat surface and just let it dry on it’s own without using it. It dries my hair quickly, consistently all around and I LOVE how it feels in my hands when I’m diffusing my hair. It may not seem traditional to many – but having long hair and being able to grab the length of the blow dryer to diffuse the lengths of my hair, is much easier with this unit.

The unit itself is heavy – so if you are accustomed to a light weight blow dryer, you may not like this particular one. I find that it is not heavy for me because it allows me to control how I use the product fairly easily. It offers balance when diffusing the lengths of my hair and again – holding this while catching my entire hair hasn’t been a struggle. If you are a hair dresser and do blow outs, the ease of use of this unit may be something you’d like – because blow drying someone else’s hair for me was really comfortable and easy to control.

With a touch sensitive control dial and LED lights display to help provide you with an easily adjustable temperature and speed levels with a single touch – the Dura CHI offers you great ease of use. You can adjust the temperature settings using the right control panel and change the temperature range from Cool to Hot. There is also a screen locking feature. Lock the screen during use to prevent accidental temperature or speed changes by pressing the Lock button on the unit.

The price of this unit is a bit on the high side, but you are paying for a brand name that offers quality products, while getting all the cool features that this dryer provides – soft touch grip handle for non-slip control, ceramic heater 1875 watts of power and a touch sensitive screen. With my curly hair – I am very particular with the tools I use on my hair – mainly because it has taken me years to get my hair to the state it is and it’s a work in process consistently. So, I really wanted a product that offers awesome technology, ease of use and that would still work for my hair. the Dura CHI has offered all of those things and I’ve been enjoying it.

I’ve used my fair share of hair tools on my hair over the years and I have to say – I’m totally crushin on this one. Yes, again – it’s costly, but after years of throwing my hair around like it was some unused toy – I realized that I really needed to invest in some good things to keep it looking great. If are looking for a little help in blow drying or styling your hair and find the traditional blow dryers a little uncomfortable to hold as I did, you may really like this one from CHI – I do!

You can purchase this unit at: https://www.loxabeauty.com/chi-dura-chi-handshot-dryer or http://www.farouk.com/

What about you, do you think this hand shot dryer is worth checking out? Have you tried anything like this before and if so, what are your thoughts?

Disclaimer: The product featured in this post was sent for review consideration. All opinions are my own, 100% honest & unbiased. Affiliate links are posted through out.

I think God loves me and He listen to my prayers LOL. I think I mention this before but I do it again. I was in need of new blow dryer. Was, because now I have one. and I am obsessed. Yeah whenever I like something I always say I am obsessed and that’s true I am 🙂 Sorry I might blab a bit LOL. I was sick for a past few days.Now I feel a bit better so I am in need of talking/writting. The DURA CHI Hand shot dryer is not like your typical one. Just take a look at it 🙂

I admit first when I got it I was kinda confused on how to use it. I googled video to see how people use it, Guys it so easy. Like I knew you had to hold it that way but I was afraid I might burn my hand or something.
Now let me bring you closer and tall you more about this awesome dryer.
* Handle free design ~ promotes a more balanced and efficient drying angle and allows wrist sits in more comfortable position.
* Touch sensitive screen ~ easily controls temperature and speed level.
* Ceramic Heater ~ maintains consistent heat with ceramic technology.
* Soft touch grip ~ non slippery grip offers control during use.
* hands free drying stand ~ unique design dryer stand enabled dryer to stand alone on a flat surface for hands free drying capabilities.
I got this dryer few weeks ago and I used it few times since then. I really like it. First off it dries fast. My hair,my daughter even my dog! Let me not compare to my old very old dryer that was need of changing. I do like the modern design of this dryer. I was a bit confused a the beginning, but once you figure how to use it you get the handle of the design. Now one of the key features was the “handle” design. It supposed to allow wrist sits in more comfortable position. Well, my wrist are getting used it slowly. So far my hands sill hurts from holding it, but once I get a hang of it this wont be a problem anymore. The air come out through the grip. So on my old dryer that grip would heat up and it could burn me. This dryer grip have a some sort of protection against the heat. Since you hold it while you drying you won’t get burn. I will admit that it is comfortable and soft. I found it easier for me to dry my daughter hair then my. But well I just have to practise more right?. Another cool feature is the touch screen. It allows to control the speed and temperature. Super easy to use. Just slide your finger on the temperature and the desire heat. And to lock it in place press power button. That way when you dry your hair the temperature or heat won’t change. Once you press and hold power button it will turn on/off dryer.
Dura Chi comes with two attachments. They are easy to put on and to take off. I used only one of it. On the other one time will come. LOL.
What else I like abut this dryer is how lightweight it is. Its smaller then regular dryers coz it dont have the handle. But it also lightweight and I say travel friendly.

If you guys looking for new and modern design blow dryer check Dura Chi out. I really been enjoying it and I am super happy to have it in my hair routine.
you can purchase it at Loxa Beauty and Farouk .
Price $144.99

Chi Hand Shot Blow Dryer:

At First Glance:

It’s tiny. Like, not just for having no handle – it could be a portable blow dryer no problem. It’s only a bit bigger than the folding travel dryers.

Feels decently well made. Nice finish on the plastic.

The case does not get hot.

Comes with a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser (one of my pet peeves is when you have to buy a diffuser seperately. WTF?!) and a comby…thingy… For when you want to concentrate on what you’re combing…

Little red leather hand strap is a bit annoying. Could be used as a carrier handle for weinerdog puppies though, I suppose.

It puts out ridiculously hot air.

The Deets:

Like the rest of the Chi family, it’s 1500 watts. It puts out an ok airflow (I like dryers that can push some hardcore air though), and it has no shortage of heat – in fact, it puts out really, REALLY hot air. Even on the low setting. The cool setting is more like “warm”. I don’t think it was meant to be like this, I think they insulated the exterior case of the dryer really well (so that it wouldn’t burn your hands holding it) and didn’t realize that all the extra heat it was keeping off your hands would be shot out the front of the dryer.

The heat this thing puts out is so intense that you really have to be careful when you start using it. I’m sure at least once we’ve all been chatting away, had our blowdryer on high, and accidentally gotten the client’s scalp a bit too hot. Well, with this dryer you could be paying attention, hold it still for a fraction of a second too long, and make your client jump. It’s an adjustment, is what I’m saying.

The cord seems strangely short. I compared with other dryers, and I guess it’s maybe just the added length of having a handle on the dryer – but it seems like no matter what, I’m always clotheslining my client with the cord when I use this dryer. Very annoying.

They at least made the nozzle snap in, instead of pressure-fit on, so that’s one good thing on their part. And the blowdryer is cool. I mean, it’s cute, and flashy, and just place cool.

It’s so small you could sell them as travel blow dryers – you could fit it into a duffel bag, carry-on luggage bag. They’re totally retail friendly.

Good for clients at home, scrunching curls. It’s just easy to hold in that position.

Where It Sits In My Kit:

In the bottom drawer of my trolley, along with the clippers I don’t use and the other stuff I’ve retired.

If This Blowdryer Was A Musician, Who Would It Be?

Commercial friendly.

The Bottom Line:

Would I recommend this dryer: To clients only. And I would tell them about the excessive heat on the high setting.

Would I buy this dryer again: Probably not.

Adventures in blow drying with the Dura Chi Handshot Hair Dryer

I have become pretty open-minded about beauty products. Stuff I swore had to be a bad idea – like a rotating foundation brush (Doll10 BlendSmart Rotating Foundation Brush) and a facial cleansing oil (Enchanted Apothecary Clarity Cleansing Oil) have become favorites. So I’m game to try just about anything – even a blow dryer that doesn’t have a handle. My adventures in beauty have had some happy endings, so I was optimistic about the Dura Chi Handshot Hair Dryer ($145) sent to me by loxabeauty.com.

My hair stylist always uses and recommends Chi hair dryers. She says they are some of the best in the industry and they last forever. The Dura Chi Handshot Hair Dryer is definitely a high quality hair dryer that quickly dries hair and leaves it soft and shiny. What makes it unique is the body style – there is no handle, so you grip the body of the dryer instead. Or you can set it on a flat surface for hands-free styling.

You can set this on a flat surface for hands-free styling.

  • Handle-Free Design – promotes a more balanced and efficient drying angle that allows the stylist’s wrist to sit in a more comfortable position
  • Touch Sensitive Screen – Easily controls temperature and speed levels with a single touch
  • Ceramic Heater 1875 Watts of Power – Maintains consistent heat with ceramic heat technology.
  • Soft Touch Grip and Grooves – Non-slip, soft touch grip offers control during use as well as molded finger grooves for additional comfort
  • Hands-Free Drying Stand – Uniquely designed dryer stand enables the dryer to stand alone on a flat surface for hands-free drying capabilities
  • 2 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

I really had no idea how I was going to like it…I mean, how could a blow dryer not have a handle?? This hair dryer totally surprised me and I love it. It’s actually easier to use than a regular hair dryer because it goes in all sorts of positions without a handle in the way – somehow it’s more balanced. The body has a soft touch grip that means you aren’t going to drop it and it is very light and easy to maneuver. It also has a nifty touch-sensitive control screen that makes for all sort of combinations of heat and speed.

Touch sensitive control screen

Nozzle attachment

Diffuser attachment

The Dura Chi Handshot Hair Dryer comes with nozzle and diffuser attachments – I tend to use the nozzle for my bangs, but when I want more all-over drying I go without any attachments. I am not sure how a stylist would like using a handle-free hair dryer all day, but for personal use I think this is amazing. If you are in the market for a new hair dryer, I highly recommend this. Go out of your comfort zone and take a chance. I think you will love your new adventures in hair drying! – Lisa

*sent for editorial consideration by loxabeauty.com

Chi hand shot dryer

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