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The Clarks Women’s Haley Stork Loafer is one super cute loafer! It comes with a rubber outsole, ortholite insole, leather uppers, plus other awesome features.

This shoe has a leisure look as well as a fun, youthful look.

It is available in several colors, including:

  1. Beige: this is not your ordinary beige; it is really nice.
  2. Black: to be honest, this one is very cute
  3. Navy blue: a color that is denim friendly. It’s very cute and adorable.
  4. Red: it’s almost brick red. Not a very bright kind of red. It’s kind of a raisin color.

A perfect alternative for any kind of shoe

One of the most interesting things about this shoe is how easily you can slip into them.

Many women love high-heels, but here is something they’ll love more: most women will love how easy it is to slip into these comfortable shoes, without having to change their outfit.

For instance, you could be wearing cuffed skinny jeans with your high heels.

But, obviously, after several hours in high-heels, you are going to need something that’s more comfortable.

Your best alternative is the Clarks Women’s Haley Stork Loafer; they will help you stay comfortable and relaxed. What’s more, you still look lovely.

Matches a good number of outfits

Most women struggle with what shoe to wear, especially during summer. If you are such a person, this closed toe shoe is here to save you.

It can match many outfits. It’s not just a casual shoe. It’s the type of shoe you can wear to any event, or on any occasion, depending on how comfortable you want to feel.

It will complement your summer sun dresses very nicely. You could also wear it with your cute shorts, capri pants, and much more.

The Clarks Women’s Haley Stork Loafer is a perfect choice when you want that cute sporty athletic style shoe, but you don’t feel like wearing a sneaker.

You get it? It’s one of the best ways of staying comfortable without having to wear a sneaker.

Lovely and comfortable footbed

As if that’s not enough, this shoe also has a built-in masseuse. When you take a look at the removable insole, you’ll see little raised bumps. They massage your foot with every single step you take.

As you walk, you’ll feel as if someone is massaging your foot, while concentrating on all the crucial points, and allowing air to circulate.

If you are a fan of foot massages, you’ll definitely fall in love with this shoe’s built-in massage.

With this shoe, you’ll probably want to walk more. And that’s a good thing right?

Walking has a lot of health benefits, and what better way to enjoy them, than to walk in these shoes. The feeling is so inviting and truly sensational.

The insole is removable, so you can easily replace it with your own custom orthotic.

This is the perfect shoe for a vacation. Bring your Clarks Women’s Haley Stork Loafer along with you. Better yet, put them on right now, and enjoy every moment of your vacation.

The Clarks Women’s Haley Stork Loafer is made with leather that’s both soft and supple. It’s very elastic, meaning it moves with you as you make every step.

Lightweight, versatile, and adorable

You can wear it with almost anything: be it trousers, leggings, shorts, etc.

You’ll love how this shoe looks on your foot. There are scallops on the side, which give the shoe a very slimming effect.

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The goring provides you with a customized fit

Clarks have really done a good thing with the elastic. As you move, the shoe expands when you need it to, both around the back of the heel as well as across the top of your foot.

Your feet will feel secure and comfortable in this shoe at all times. The shoe feels both light and easy on the foot.

The elastic is also important for two things: it makes sure nothing digs into the back of your heel; similarly, it ensures nothing digs across the top of your foot

More interesting features

  1. Padding on the heel is contoured for your comfort
  2. There are cutouts all round for extreme breathability
  3. The outsole comes up at the heel and the toe, for added support and durability.

Wear them to yoga

These shoes make life easy. You can wear them with your favorite yoga pants and go to yoga. You simply slip in, slip out, do your exercise, and you can go back home or go shopping.

How to care for these shoes

As lovely as they are, you want these shoes to last for as long as possible, so you can continue to the enjoy the comfort that comes with wearing them.

If you are going to wear them in the water, or on the beach, we recommend you treat them with a little bit of Scotchgard. A quick spray of the Scotchgard is enough.

Why Clarks?

Clarks has been making shoes since 1825. If you do the math, that’s 191 years old.

So, for all those years, you can be sure that they have perfected comfort and quality. Clarks has also gotten into fashion; most of their shoes look really attractive.

Bottom line

Clarks haley stork sandal

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