Hot Off the Press: Features the CHI Escape Cordless Curling Iron

Everybody has the one thing they love about themselves. For me, it’s my hair. I can critique every other body part until I am adequately depressed and need to call up a bestie for a glass of wine. So as I age and gain weight, along with whatever else happens that keeps going down with time, my hair is the one thing that I must maintain at all costs. It’s safe to say my obsession is pretty extreme. But to put my neurosis to work for you, here are my five essentials for keeping hair beautiful, healthy, and bouncy.

Styling Tool
CHI Escape Professional Cordless Curling Iron 1”
If you’re like me, you have various curlers, irons, rollers, dryers, and so on. There’s a time and place for all of them, but the one that I cannot live without right now is this CHI cordless rechargeable curling iron. It’s compact so you can actually throw it in your bag, but don’t let the size fool you. This thing packs a punch and gets the job done. But it’s not just great for travel. Even at home, it’s so convenient to be able to detach from your bathroom and be free to do your hair wherever. Like when you and your husband are both getting ready and he’s steaming up the bathroom while you’re trying to curl your hair! We all know humidity and curls are not friends.

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Farouk Systems Inc. transforms the art of hairstyling with the absence of cords by launching the CHI Escape Cordless Curling Iron ($109.98). As the latest innovation from the brand, this iron is battery operated and features refined CHI ceramic technology that generates elegant styles on the go.

With its cordless fixture, the CHI Escape is apt for creating salon quality styles under any circumstance without an outlet in sight. Its 1’’ ceramic barrel and ceramic heater provide optimal temperature control and even heat distribution in order to master smooth, sleek curls. The state of the art temperature control button is adept to any hair type, ranging from fine to course. The temperature control settings are color coded– Blue 340°F for Fine Hair, Green- 375°F for Medium Hair and Red- 392°F for coarse hair. The installed, lithium battery allows up to30 minutes of consistent heating in accordance to the heat setting.

The compact size will suit those who are always on the go and are looking to quickly touch-up their styles. The complimentary pouch makes it easy to store and charge the iron at your convenience, while its locking mechanism makes it even safer for travel.

Key Escape Cordless Curling Iron Features:

  • Cordless Technology: Ideal for traveling and on the go styling.
  • 1’’ CHI Ceramic Barrel: Retains moisture in order to create smooth, sleek styles.
  • CHI Ceramic Heater: For optimal temperature control and even heat distribution.

  • Temperature and Control Button: Color-coded temperature settings.
  • Lithium Battery: Up to 30 min of constant heating.
  • Travel Pouch: Protects and stores iron and chargers.
  • Compact Size: Easy to store and travel.
  • Car and Wall Charger: Options for charging on the go.
  • *2 Year warranty

The 6 Best Cordless Curling Irons You Can Take Anywhere

The best hair tools are the ones that can deliver fast results and are convenient and functional. Ordinary curling ironsfall into that category, with one exception: their cords can get all tangled up and in our way. But the best cordless curling irons are a hassle-free, wire-free alternative that gives you more styling freedom and the ability to move from place to place and take your new favorite hair accessory anywhere you roam.

Many cordless curling irons work by eliminating plugs (and sometimes even batteries) and instead rely on technological advancements, like butane gas cartridges that are approved for air travel. They reach their ideal temperature just as quickly as traditional curling irons and their manufacturers understand that, when it comes to curling wands, variety continues to be the spice of life. You can choose from different size hair barrels for tighter or looser curls and waves and if you prefer a battery-powered iron to one with a butane gas cartridge — well, there are plenty of those, too.

These six cordless curling irons vary in terms of their features and barrel sizes, but they all share one thing in common: they have been highly-rated by reviewers who love the hair styles they help them create.

1. A Curling Iron For Thick Hair With An Ultra-High Temperature


Conair MiniPRO Cordless 3/4-Inch Ceramic Curling Iron, $20, Amazon

If you have thick hair that has trouble holding a curl with most irons, this cordless curling iron should do the trick: It heats up to 415 degrees Fahrenheit and features ceramic technology for less heat damage and static. This iron runs on a Thermacell butane cartridge and is perfect for travel (no adapter necessary). It’s compact enough to pop right into your carry-on, but, unfortunately, you’ll have to purchase a separate travel case for it.

2. A Rechargeable Curling Iron With Three Adjustable Temperatures


Roman Beauty Rechargeable Curling Iron, $86, Amazon

This sassy pink cordless curling iron runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, has a ceramic-plated barrel and can be heated to three adjustable temperatures: 280, 320, and 350 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a low battery indicator that warns you before you have a chance to lose one single curl or wave and can even be charged in your car.

3. An Iron With A Thermacell Butane Gas Cartridge That Heats Up Fast


ThermaCell By Conair Compact Curling Iron, $18, Amazon

The replaceable thermacell butane battery in this travel-friendly wireless curling iron lasts for months and reviewers say it heats up quickly and can curl an entire head of long hair in 10 minutes. Keep in mind that the barrel is 5/8 (which can seem small if you have thick hair).

4. A Two-In-One Curling Iron And Hair Straightener


2-in-1 Cordless Curling Iron and Hair Straightener, $37, Amazon

If this curling iron looks like a flat iron — that’s because it is. But it’s actually a two-in-one tool, which creates curls, waves, and flips just as well as it straightens. This tourmaline-ceramic iron, which has crystal floating ion plates and anti-static technology, is rechargeable via USB and has a 60 minute auto shut-off. It also comes with a storage bag and charging cable, has a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with your purchase, and is super lightweight and easy to pack.

5. A Volume & Shine Enhancing Cordless Iron With A Rechargeable Battery


SS Shiny Korea Smart Queen Cordless Wireless Hair Styler, $63, Amazon

Your styling options are unlimited with this cordless and wireless curling iron brush, which has a rechargeable battery and four silicone heating rings that help your hair hold a style for longer. Use it to create tight curls, loose waves, or bouncy straight hair with lift at the roots.

6. A Travel-Friendly Curling Iron With A Less Damaging Ceramic-Coated Barrel


Travel Smart by Conair, $21, Amazon

As the name suggests, this cordless curling iron, which runs on thermacell butane gas cartridges, is approved safe for airline travel and you should have zero problems getting through security with it. It boasts a 3/4-inch ceramic-coated barrel (hurray for less heat damage) and 360-degree Fahrenheit heat.

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Cordless Curling Irons

Want springy curls, sexy ringlets or gorgeous waves? The right curling iron can give you that perfect hairstyle for everyday beauty or for special occasions. At Walgreens, we can help you find the ideal curling iron with a wide variety of models, including options that are cordless for added convenience. Browse the selection from top brands like Conair.

Why Go Cordless?

Curling irons require power in order to become hot and work properly, and most curling irons receive that power from electricity. These traditional curling iron designs have electrical cords attached to their handles and must be plugged into a wall outlet prior to use. In cordless curling iron designs, the cord has been removed and an alternative power source is used. Without the cord tethering you to the wall, you may find it much easier to maneuver the curling iron. This ease of use can help you better style your hair for foolproof results every time. A cordless curling iron can also be used anywhere, even in places where there is no free wall outlet available.

How Do Cordless Curling Irons Work?

Cordless curling irons may have one of two types of power sources. A rechargeable or disposable battery can be used to supply the curling iron with power. More commonly, cordless curling irons run on butane, a type of fuel made from natural gas. With a ThermaCell butane cordless curling iron, you’ll insert a cartridge into the handle of the curling iron prior to use. A single cartridge can be used multiple times until the butane inside of it becomes completely depleted. At that point, you’ll need to remove the empty butane cartridge and insert a fresh one. Most cordless curling irons that run on butane come with at least one cartridge. It’s a good idea to order a package of replacement cartridges as well.

Mini vs Full Size Curling Irons

There are two types of cordless curling irons available on the market today: full size and mini. A mini cordless curling iron has a shorter barrel and handle than a full size model. The mini irons are designed for traveling, as they can fit easily into a suitcase or travel bag. You may also choose to purchase a mini cordless curling iron if you have limited storage space at home.

Travelling is my hobby. Besides a hair expert, I love traveling whenever I get a vacation. So I have a preference for those things which are handy and easily manageable during travel time as well as my regular life.

For being a woman, hair styling is a big issue for me always! I could not get myself prepared properly if my hairs are not set up nicely. For a quick and elegant hair set up, I always like to use a cordless curling iron. It gives me beautiful, smooth and wavy curls whenever I want and wherever I go!


Which things make curling iron cordless?

Cordless curling iron means a curling iron which does not need any direct electricity through a wire/cord during the curling time. Rechargeable or disposal battery and Butane curling irons are the best examples of cordless curling irons.

Rechargeable/Disposal Curling Iron

Cordless Curling Iron can be powered by a rechargeable or disposable battery. The demerit of a disposal battery is you can use it just for one time. But you can charge up the rechargeable battery before using the curling iron, and it will work for 30 to 40 minutes whenever you want. It holds up the charge averagely 1 to 2 weeks after fully charged up!

Butane Curling Iron

Now a day’s modern cordless curling irons are made of power cell named Butane Curling Iron. Butane Curling Irons are powered by a flammable hydrocarbon gas, Butane. Butane is used in the cartridge as a fuel for a cordless curling iron. You can use one cartridge multiple times. Whenever one cartridge is fully empty, you can replace it with a fresh one. Butane gas heats the barrel when butane curling iron is Turned ON. These curling irons are often smaller in size and are designed to be portable than traditional curling irons.

Why cordless curling iron?

Traditional curling irons are designed to receive the power from the direct electricity through a cord. The cable needs to be always plugged into a wall outlet. So it’s not useful if you are in a place where electric outlets are not available.

On the other hand, cordless curling irons do not need to be plugged in. These types of curling irons can be powered by an alternative power supply like a rechargeable battery or butane. So you can carry it wherever you want even if there is no power source or electric outlet available.

Some remarkable features of cordless curling iron

There are some beneficial features which make cordless curling irons more popular day by day. They are like as—

Heats up early

Traditional curling irons take more time to charge up, but cordless iron requires the shortest period of heat. It saves your valuable time. Before using, you must check the product label. It is usually written the heating time of the iron.

No Cable

You can buy both power cell curling iron and rechargeable curling iron. Rechargeable battery gives good support. It just needs to recharge again with plugged in if all charges are finished. On another side, Butane Curling Iron does not need any cable to recharge. Just replace the empty cartridge with a new one. You don’t need to be worry if there is no electric power supply. If your rechargeable battery is full or cartridge is full of butane, you can curl your hair anytime, anywhere.

Travel with Safety

A heatproof case is the extra beneficial item of using a cordless curling iron. Immediately used hot iron can be packed within the luggage without damaging the compartment.

Small Size, Light Weight

Cordless curling irons are always in small sizes. They are so light in weight that it can be easily fitted into your vanity bag, travel luggage or cabinet!

Proposed Cordless Curling Iron

Conair ThermaCell Compact Curling Iron

Image: ThermaCell by Conair Compact Curling Iron

One of the most attractive and comfortable cordless curling iron is the Conair Compact Curling Iron. This product is one of the sovereign portable products that would not only give you hot curly hair but also provides you with a sensational appearance in your look wherever you want to be with its cordless feature.

Most importantly, this model operates on a replaceable Thermacell butane gas cartridge that comes with it. This cartridge lasts for several months. The cartridges are available in any beauty equipment store which is very easy to replace. Especially the travel case ensures a great experience to move with safety when you travel around.

About The Product

  • No plugs or batteries
  • Fast heat-up reaches professional curling temperature quickly
  • Use a curling iron or styling brush
  • Replaceable Thermacell butane gas cartridge comes with the curling iron
  • Also included: storage/travel case
  • Different temperature option
  • Portable

Conair ThermaCell Compact Curling Iron – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Conair You Pro Cordless Curling Iron

Conair YOU Pro Cordless ThermaCell Curling Iron

Just click and heat up. This precious piece of machinery will provide you with a quick curl easily at anywhere and anytime by winding your hair. For quick and perfect performance it has the high-temperature option up to 360 degrees Fahrenheit, and it reaches its ideal temperature within 2 minutes. Ceramic Technology distributes the heat along the rod and allows you to get shiny hair with smooth completion.

  • Powered by Thermacell butane cartridge (included)
  • Ceramic technology for smooth, sleek styling and high-shine finish
  • 360 degrees F ultra-high heat performance
  • Cordless for easy traveling
  • Safe carrying case
  • Comes with a comfy handle for excellent grip

Conair You Pro Cordless Curling Iron – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Braun Independent Cordless Styler (C20)

Another familiar cordless curling iron to the user is Braun, which also works well. Braun cordless curling irons can be carried in your pouch. The ceramic barrel of Braun curling iron is 7/8 inch in size, services shinier and smooth styling with sleek hair.

  • Flexible 7/8 inch barrel generates exact curls
  • Ultra-fast heat-up time
  • Convenient, quick styling
  • No electric outlet or cord
  • Butane technology
  • Its compact design fits simply in your purse

Braun Independent Cordless Styler (C20) – Check Current Prices On Amazon

Things should be considered before using a Cordless Curling Iron—

  • Retrieve batteries are costly and not rapidly available in outback areas.
  • Rechargeable charges can be finished any time. So it’s difficult to recharge the batteries if there are no electric outlets.
  • Only one Butane Cartridge is allowed for on airline flights. Extra cartridges carrying are not permitted during flight.
  • Some cordless curling irons do not get hot enough to curl properly all types of hair.

My Suggestion

Let’s check out the essential features of the above three suggested products once again & see the differences among them—

Features Conair ThermaCell Compact Curling Iron Conair You Pro Cordless Curling Iron Braun Independent Cordless Styler (C20)
Technology Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic
Barrel Diameter 5/8 Inch 3/4 Inch 7/8 Inch
Cartridge Lasts (Depends on usages) 6 to 8 weeks 3 to 6 weeks 4 to 6 weeks
Temperature 390 Degrees Fahrenheit 360 Degrees Fahrenheit Above 120 degrees Fahrenheit
Heat up time Less than 1 minute 2 minutes Maximum 2 minutes
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

From the above three models, I will suggest Conair ThermaCell Compact Curling Iron as a nice cordless curling iron for travel-loving people like me! Its Butane Cartridge lasts 6 to 8 weeks (Depend on usages level), the temperature is 390 Degrees F and it heats up in only 30 seconds! Those qualities are quite impressive than other cordless curling iron should have for hassle-free traveling as well as regular use.

As the first impression always creates the best impression, so there is no other reason to look yourself beautiful and gorgeous wherever you go whoever you meet. Curl your hair as elegant as you want with these best cordless curling irons. Compare products, give a trial and pick the best cordless curling iron for smooth, beautiful and elegant curls!

Here You can see best cordless curling iron for 2020. The world is global and everyone Is traveling either for work or for visiting new places. As far I concerned I just love traveling. Whenever I get time or my vacations stared I always try to travel to the new places. As a girl when I go out or travel the first thing in my mind to keep my makkeup and curling rod. I cant go without them seriously. i always keep my curling iron in my luggage because I love to curl my hair as this hairstyle never get old fashioned.

But curling irons are a bit heavy and at new places, there is always an issue of voltage so I always prefer handy and easily manageable stuff. Because of voltage and electricity proplems, I switch to the corless curling iron and really it makes my life much easier. Corless curling irons are rechargeable you just have to recharge them time to time and can easily use it whenever and wherever you want.

Cordless curling irons are also very safe to use as at the time of use you don’t have to connect it with the electricity and can easily use it. These are either rechargable or comes with disposable battries. There are a lot of the remarkable features of the cordless curling irons as it heats up very fast that the other curling irons. Traditional curling irons take more time to heat up than the cordless curling iron. It contains no cable. The size of the cordless curling irons are small than the normal traditional curling irons and as of its weigh is also light. It is best and apt for the traveling purpose.

Here in this article, I will give the review about the best cordless curling irons which by my reckoning are the best ones.

Best cordless curling irons 2020

Roman beauty rechargable cordless curling iron pink

The first one in my list is Roman beauty rechargeable cordless curling iron pink. It comes in beautiful pink body. It is cordless. It comes with three different setting.

  1. Ceramic coated plates
  2. Gives instant heat
  3. Comes with 3 different heat adjustable settings
  4. Heatups to 350 degrees F.

ThermaCell By Conair Compact Curling Iron

ThermaCell is Conair cordless curling iron. It is very easy and different form the other traditional Conair curling irons. It is rechargable. It is made up of the thermacell technology.

Features of ThermaCell By Conair curling iron

  1. No batteries
  2. Very fast heat up
  3. Comes with the storage or travel case
  4. Apt for travelling
  5. Replaceable Thermacell Butane gas cartridge
  6. No plugs

Plugged in stow ‘N Go Ceramic travel curling iron 1 inch

The next in the list is Plugged in stow ‘N Go Ceramic travel curling iron 1 inch. There are a lot of features which makes it best from the rest and these includes.

Features of Plugged in Stow N Go Ceramic travel curling iron

  1. Corless curling iron
  2. Dual voltage fothe r worldwide travelling purpose
  3. Toumaline ceramic barrels
  4. Very lightweight
  5. Stow N Go size

Travel Smart by Conair 1”Ceramic curling iron

Next which I recommend is the Travel Smart by Conair 1” Ceramic curling iron. It comes in the beautiful and classy black and gold body. It is very safe for the travelling purpose and also gives very beautiful curls.

Features of Travel smart by Conair 1

  • The 1-inch barrel which is ceramic coated.
  • Prevent hair from damage
  • 30 seconds heat up
  • Reduces frizz for smooth results
  • Gives long lasting beautiful curls.

It’s Time to Give Cordless Curling Irons the Praise They Deserve—and I Can’t Stop Raving About This One


Hair tools have come a long way since I first (unfortunately) started rigorously straightening my hair in the early 2000s. (But if you didn’t straighten your hair every day to get that Rachel-from-Friends inspired ‘do, did you really live through the 90s and 00s?)

If you’re a beauty junkie and love styling your hair, you’ve probably dabbled in all the trendy hair tools, like the Revlon One-Step hair dryer and the Dyson Air Wrap. And you’ve probably discovered that, while these hair gadgets dry your hair faster, they still have one big problem: Their cords get tangled and in your way.

There’s nothing worse than accidentally burning yourself while curling your hair because the cord gets stuck or knotted up, so that’s why I’m a full-blown cordless curling iron convert now. Not only do cordless curling irons remove the hassle of unwrapping and re-wrapping cords, they provide you with wire-free sanity during styling, save you time, and are easier to pack for touch ups or while traveling. Recently launched on Amazon, my new favorite must-have cordless curling iron is Unplugged Beauty’s one-inch curling wand.

The way cordless curling irons work is simple. By eliminating the need for a plug, most of them run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (yes, they are TSA-approved for travel), which is exactly like the portable battery you use to charge your phone. Surprisingly, they get just as hot as traditional curling irons, with Unplugged Beauty’s model rapidly reaching 200°F to 400°F for speedy styling.

With this cordless iron, I can easily sneak touch ups at my desk or curl my hair anywhere in my apartment without being tied to one spot. In addition to the cordless perk, the wireless iron features handy digital temperature and battery power indicators so you can choose what setting is best for your hair and see when the wand has low battery. It takes three hours to charge the iron completely, which will give you 40 minutes of battery life—that gets me through about two styling sessions.

While dealing with a cord on your curling iron may seem like just a small inconvenience, using a cordless option will make you wonder how you ever managed without one. I’ll never use another curling iron again. Below, shop Unplugged Beauty’s cordless curling wand in either black or white.

Unplugged Beauty Cordless 1-Inch Curling Wand

To buy: $100;

What are the best cordless curling irons on the market today? Depending on who you ask, you are bound to get a dozen answers, but today, we are here to identify the best cordless curling irons that are trending in the marketplace and winning positive praise from novice and expert curling iron consumers across the globe.

Best curling irons won’t necessarily work great on your hair

Because it is not for your hair

Cordless irons are fantastic for travel. You don’t have to worry about finding a plug or source for power supply while in use. Additionally, many of these irons can charge quickly, and they warm up just as quickly as your standard plug-in curling irons.

Another attractive feature of these irons is that they are lightweight, and you can easily fit them into your carry on bag or gym bag without worrying about them taking up too much room.

Here are six cordless curling irons you should know about today.

Conair Ceramic ¾ Inch Cordless Curling Iron

3/4 inch barrel create sprial, textured curls

The Conair ThermaCell Ceramic ¾ Inch Cordless Curling Iron is a fantastic curling iron to have on the road that allows you to keep those curls bouncing on the road. The ¾-inch ceramic barrel is perfect for all lengths of hair and is capable of delivering classic beach wave or curls that are sleek with vibrancy and definition. The iron heats up quickly, and the controls make it easy to handle.

Heat settings span as high as 360-degree Fahrenheit, which combined with its ceramic technology enables it to straighten hair that is medium-thick or coarse. It is approved for airline travel and has a slip safety cover that meets the FAA, SA and DOT requirements.
The good thing, you don’t have to recharge it. The heating is powered by the thermal cell, which is can be filled when they run out of liquid Butan. It is pretty cheap to replace the thermall cell, only 7 bucks for two packs.

Roman Beauty RMB-Mini-26 PUR Rechargeable Cordless Curling Iron

Batteries deteriorate over time and after 2 or 3 years the curling iron may no longer hold charge

The Roman Beauty RMB-Mini-26 PUR Rechargeable Cordless Iron features ceramic coated plates that deliver instant heat with temperatures that range from 280 degrees to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The barrel is 1 to 1 ¼-inch and warms rapidly.

One of the cons of this iron is that it does not seem to be hot enough for certain hair types and thus, it is unable to deliver the degree of curl you might expect to see.

Chi Escape 1-inch Cordless Curling Iron

Often it is not available

The Chi Escape Cordless Curling Iron is yet another brand of cordless curling irons that is liberating and delivers results according to many of its faithful users. This 1-inch ceramic barrel heating tool is small enough for travel but is powerful enough to deliver results thanks to its iCHI ceramic technology.

The Lunata Cordless Convertible Curling Iron

After removing the clamp it becomes a clipless curling wand

The Lunata Cordless Convertible Curling Iron reaches temps of up to 450 degrees which makes it attractive for women with thick or coarse hair that is otherwise resistant to heat or styling efforts. This device converts into a wand due to its clip feature which is especially useful for those seeking to create versatile styles with the use of a single tool.

Whether you want a curly, wavy or straight style, this iron is adaptable to your immediate hair goals. While it is not intended to replace your everyday corded heating tools, it is capable of delivering just the same. This iron is safe for travel.

Conair TC700RM You Style ¾ Cordless Ceramic Curling Iron

The Conair 700 RM curling iron is designed for styling that is on-the-go. This iron heats rapidly reaching close to 360 degrees Fahrenheit. This iron operates using a thermacell butane cartridge and delivers ceramic heat to your hair leaving it to feel silky smooth and with a fresh appearance.

Braun Independent Cordless Styler

The Braun Independent Cordless Styler is a 7/8 inch size, a ceramic barrel curling iron that functions on butane technology. Butane curling irons get their power from the flammable gas –Butane. The Braun curling iron has a cartridge that houses the Butane, and the iron uses it as fuel. This gas helps to heat the barrel of the curling iron when it is in the on position.

These are just six cordless curling iron options for you to choose from for your collection. These irons are convenient, and most produce positive results. However, it is important to note that some brands are not without their drawbacks. Also, at some point you will have to charge them so, voltage may still pose a concern for you depending on whether or not you are traveling internationally.

If traveling, keep in mind that only certain types of cordless curling irons are allowed on flights. Additionally, if you are carrying a Butane Cartridge aboard a plane, only one cartridge is allowed.

New Arrivals in 2019

Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler is diffrent from the rest for its design and how your curl your hair on the go. It works much like a hair curler (or rotating curler) but it’s cable-free and rechargeable. You place the hair section into curl chamber, press and hold the button to draw hair into the chamber, wait for a while and pull away to release, voilà!

Pros: Wireless. It’s easy to use, once you figure out the right amount of hair should go in the chamber. Can charge your handsets and Bluetooth headsets. If you like tight curls this iron would be good.

Cons: the chamber is small, sometimes its is difficult to slide hair in. Beeping may be annoying. The heat distrubution is not even and it’s not comfortable to hold.

The automated curling iron requires 4.5 hours to get full charge, but it only works in less than one hour.

A couple of cordless flat irons’ cons

  • They don’t get hot enough
  • The charge runs out quickly
  • You have to wait for a while until it gets hot.
  • It just works nicely on a small section of hair, not recommended for thick, long hair (hair that has a hard time curling)

The cordless curling iron would have a larger built-in battery, making it possible for longer lasting battery but this on the other hand is less portable. A good thing? most of them include an adapter to fit Cigarette lighter so you can charge it on the go in your car

It should be noted that if you are charging your flat iron in your car, let’s say you leave it charged for a moment and go to buy something in a convenience store – this is not the best practice. I never leave my battery operated deviced charged in my car when I’m not there, just shut off the engine of your car before you leave.

Though all cordless curling irons have been properly tested by users and experts none of them are my favorite, I’m not a big fan of cordless experience well until recently the battery tech is pretty inovated, they can hold charge longer and boost the power, if the next gen of battery is used for hair tools, I would be more preferable to stuff them in my roller for the next trip.

Cordless curling iron in stores

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