Latex-free bras

Cottonique Latex-Free Bras

For women who suffer from latex allergy, latex-free bras are heaven-sent and even life-savers for some. Cottonique Bras go through a purified organic cotton process and are completely latex-free. Here are some of the best ones that you can find on the website:

Drawstring Bra

With no metal hooks or coarse elastic that causes stretch marks, this single jersey bra is one of Cottonique’s finest. The adjustable cotton drawstring below the bustline and the rib fabric at the back provide flexibility while ensuring the utmost support and comfort.

Side-tie Bra

Similar to the Drawstring Bra, the Side-Tie Bra is also a single jersey bra with no metal hooks or coarse elastic. It features an overlap design with side-ties as well as an adjustable slider that you can tighten or loosen for maximum comfort and support.

Bra Liner

The Bra Liner is a great way to keep every woman’s perfect fitting bra without sacrificing comfort. Meant to wear under a regular bra, this breathable liner absorbs and prevents sweat residues. The wide soft seam shoulder straps protects the skin from possible allergens, while the nickel-free snaps secure straps from direct contact with the skin. The crop-top design, on the other hand, makes sure that the liner doesn’t ride-up, flare, or bundle.

Front Closure Support Bra

Featuring a hypo-allergenic plastic closure that opens and closes at the front, this full-bodied bra is made with Cottonique’s special material at the shoulder straps and base band that prevents itching while giving great support.

Slimfit Bras

The Slimfit Bra comes in three designs: Slimfit Bra with Adjustable Band, Slimfit Drawstring Bra, and Slimfit Pullover Bra. Like the Drawstring Bra and Side-Tie Bra, the Slimfit Bra does away with metal hooks and elastics to prevent skin irritation and stretch marks. The Slimfit Drawstring is specifically designed for A and B cup sizes, while the Pullover and Adjustable Band are made especially for B cup sizes.

Women with latex allergies are not the only ones who can benefit from latex-free bras. Since Cottonique only uses natural and 100% chemical-free combed cotton, these bras are also ideal for women with sensitive skin, contact dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and many more skin issues.

Ask the Addict: Where to Find 100% Cotton, Elastic-Free Bras?


This is an older “Ask the Addict” question from several years ago. I’ve been meaning to turn it into a blog post for ages (a few years is basically forever in internet time), but, as with so many things recently, it got away from me.

I received a question from a reader who needed a bra made from 100% cotton or wool. Because she worked with electricity, her bras could contain no metal, no spandex, no latex, no polyester, or any other synthetic material.

While that might sound easy at first (after all, lots of people wear cotton bras), the truth is almost all cotton lingerie contains at least a little bit of spandex and/or metal. Finding undergarments with no elastic in the modern era is an extremely difficult thing to do.

Though this reader needed 100% cotton undergarments due to her work, I also know there are people with allergies or skin sensitivities who may benefit from the same. And that’s why I’m turning this into a blog post! If you’re in the market for a metal-free, elastic-free, natural fiber, or hypoallergenic bra, take a look at the options below.

Remember: if skin sensitivity is an issue for you, be wary of language like “100% cotton exclusive of trims and/or decoration.” That often means there’s a synthetic fiber in areas like the band or straps.

P.S. As always, please do your own due diligence and research when it comes to buying products to address a medical concern or allergy. TLA offers this blog post as a *beginning* to the search for options, and we are unable to independently vet or verify any company’s claims.


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Wire Free

Organic Cotton Wireless Bras: Full Support Without the Wires

While sustainable bras made from organic cotton are fairly easy to find, coming across an eco-friendly wireless bra that still offers the support you need can be a little more challenging. This is especially true for voluptuous and plus-size ladies. In our women’s ethical lingerie collection of bamboo and organic cotton wireless bras, women of all shapes and sizes can enjoy the softness and comfort of a bra with no underwires while still counting on the availability of cute styles with full support or even padding. Discover diverse styles, closure techniques, and coverage options including:

• Full-Coverage and Enveloping Bras for excellent support
• Padded No Wire Bras for comfort with modesty styling
• Drawstring, Side-Tie and Front-Close Bras for allergy sufferers
• Racerback, Halter, and Sports Bras for yoga and workouts
• Bralettes, Slim-Fit and Triangle Bras for light support with ultra comfort

Latex-free and Spandex-free Bras: Ideal for Allergy Sufferers

For customers who experience irritation from conventional fabrics and dyes, we stock several sustainable bras in 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton that contain no materials, dyes or finishes currently known to cause allergies. While any material has the potential to irritate, we have found that our more sensitive customers have had a positive experience with these styles. As with any garment, wash your allergen-free bra in water (or with gentle laundry soap) before putting it on and avoid exposing your bra to strong bleaches and dry-cleaning fluids.

Find Your Eco-Fashion Style at Faerie’s Dance

Just as every woman is unique, so is her contribution to our beautiful world. At Faerie’s Dance, our bamboo and organic cotton wireless bras and organic women’s clothing fashions have been carefully chosen to allow you to express your one-of-a-kind personality while contributing to a healthier and fairer planet. Learn more about eco-fashion and sustainability by reading our blog and please contact us for sizing advice as you shop our sustainable bras online.

Plus Size Bras collection

Exploring Plus Size Bras On Zivame

Who said you couldn’t get great quality and variety in plus size bras? Every woman deserves to wear bras made just for her. We all need a good quality bra that provides great coverage and support. Earlier it was quite difficult to get many options in plus size bras. Realizing this, Zivame launched its collection of TrueCurv bras. Finding a plus size bra was has now become so much easier.

We at Zivame focus on comfort and support while manufacturing lingerie for women. We want to ensure that we meet all your everyday lingerie needs, while making you feel chic along the way. Plus size lingerie no longer means wearing just dull and basic colours. Gone are the days when white and black were the only colours available in plus size bra collections. Now, along with the various colour variants available, you can experiment with different styles in bras for curvy women at Zivame. Before you check out the different types of plus size bras, let us give you an insight on plus size bra size measurement.

Measure it Rightly

There are two important measurements by which plus size bras can be fitted rightly, i.e., the full bust and plus size. These terminologies do not mean the same thing. Full bust implies to the cup size of the bra. Usually, D and E cup sizes are said to be full bust sizes. Whereas, plus size denotes the bra band size which wraps around your chest. It ranges from 38 to 40 in size.

It is necessary for women wearing a plus size bra to check their bust size and plus size to get a proper fitting bra for themselves.

Make a Style Statement with the Best Plus Size Bras

Feel beautiful inside-out with the pretty and stylish plus size bras at Zivame and pair them with matching panties to give a complete look. Update your lingerie wardrobe with these pretty bras, and you are all set for the party!

  1. Sexy Backless Bra – Add a pinch of glamour to your backless outfit with our backless plus size bras and carry yourself confidently. These fashionable backless bras are apt for attires which have sheer backs or are completely backless, in which case you do not want to showcase the odd bra band through the dress. Pair these super sexy and comfortable backless bras with your perfect party wear dress and enjoy the event in style.
  2. Alluring Strapless Bras for Plus Size Women – Strapless bras are specifically designed for women who wish to wear pretty off-shoulder dresses and tops that are much in trend but are sceptical about it because of the bra straps being visible in an odd way through the attire. With Zivame, you need not worry as here, you can find strapless bras in plus sizes easily. The strapless bras are crafted at Zivame such that they provide full support and good coverage to your bust, showcasing a beautiful bustline. The fabric used is also very soft and comfortable, making you feel the beauty of it all day long.
  3. Gorgeous Lace Bras – Looking for gorgeous plus size bras in lace? Our lace bras give a stylish and sexy appearance to your everyday attire. Check for more options in bras at Zivame, including smooth-cup bras, cotton bras, racerbacks, etc.

Look Beautiful with the Zivame Plus Size Bra Collection

Zivame is one of the best-selling lingerie and apparel brands that understands your desires and keeps your comfort on priority. Here, you can find unlimited creatively-designed bra collections for plus size women; pair them up with complementary panties, also available in various styles and prints on our site. Zivame promises to add on to your beauty while you can enjoy the look and feel of its products. So, visit Zivame now and complete your plus size bra online shopping before they are all sold out!

Cotton bra plus size

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