Lucky Puffy Heart Charm Crystal Purple Quartz Good Luck Protection Powers Amulet Pendant 18 Inch Necklace

Stay Unique, Stay Beautiful, Stay Lucky Lucky Puffy Heart Charm Crystal Purple Quartz Good Luck Protection Powers Amulet Pendant 18 Inch Necklace Very Special and Hand Carved Puffy Heart Lucky Charm Pendant. Ready to wear with Stainless Steel Chain Necklace. Heart is Carved from Genuine and Natural Purple Quartz Gemstone Crystal and Holds Metaphysical Powers of Evil Eye Protection, Good Luck and Healing Energies.

Heart Symbol Myth and Legend:

Heart symbol mainly represent Love all over the world. Magicians and Alchemists used the Heart symbols for incantations pertaining to matters related to love and romance. They were also used in rituals with a goal to strengthen relationships. The Heart has long been recognized across cultures as being a symbol for love, charity, joy and compassion. Ancient Egyptians called the heart symbol Ieb, believing it was the center of all consciousness, the center of life itself. Among Christians, it stands for charity, hope or forgiveness as is the case in the Sacred Heart. Generally speaking, the heart was the center of thought, emotion or the soul, the center of one’s being.

Good Luck and Protection Powers of Purple Quartz Gemstone: Purple Quartz has come to be known as a Power Crystal for Good Luck. Purple Quartz as a healing stone contains sobering and calming qualities which allow this stone to be commonly associated with Peace, leaving its Owner calm. Purple Quartz has the ability to transform lower energies into higher and acts as a healer at all levels of mind, body and spirit. Purple Quartz is used to also increase intuition and psychic development. Purple Quartz is a Crystal of Protection, because it repels more than it attracts. It has been Used as Protection from self-deception, as well as a protection against witchcraft. Purple Quartz will increase your psychic abilities and enhance you intuition.

Everyone in this world wishes to get some lucky break. After all, in modern times, life has become an unending struggle and it may seem like nothing you try works. If you have tried your hand at a certain venture and failed, you know how demoralizing this feels can be and if you move to another thing and still find no success, life becomes more frustrating. Since the earliest civilization, man has tried seeking a solution to bad luck, in nature, and one of the areas of focus has been gemstones.

For centuries, people have believed that certain natural materials have the power to generate good energy and luck. If you always feel out of luck, it is time to go back to nature and find a solution in gemstones. These gemstones not only look good but wearing them also gives you positive energy, which is a great determinant of your success in life. Read on and find out more about these good-luck gems.

1. Peridot

This is called the money stone for a good reason. The crystal stone helps clarify your mind when thinking about wealth, and powers your brain to make the right choices. This stone increases willpower, well-being, and vitality. If you are after good luck in your moneymaking activities, it is time to start wearing Peridot jewelry.

2. Pyrite

This natural gem looks like gold and it has come to symbolize money, prosperity and good luck. Its radiating looks reflect those of the sun, and it connects you to the revitalizing energies of the sun. By wearing Pyrite jewelry, you will increase the power of the third solar Chakra and vitality. When in contact with your skin, the stone gives a zest for life, which is important when making decisions.

3. Amethyst

This is one of the most popular crystals for making alternative jewelry. However, you might not know that for a long time, people in areas where the stone originates, have always associated it with good luck. This gem brings harmony and restores balance in the toughest of situations. By connecting your intuition and inner voice, the stone boosts your decision-making process and inspires you to move on with vitality.

4. Citrine

This popular gemstone is popular among those who believe in the power of natural materials. It is the stone of prosperity, wealth, protection and good luck. It is believed that citrine keeps bad things away from your life and shines light into the toughest of situations.

5. Tiger’s Eye

If you have always wondered why people wear Tiger’s Eye jewelry, it is time to make a discovery. This is among the most common luck charms and it works. The lines on the gemstone indicate the many paths you can follow to success. It opens your eyes to the many opportunities that abound in your life.

6. Blue Kyanite

This is a stone of clarity and communication. In a world where opportunities require you to make a fast move, Kyanite jewelry is what you need to express your desires. It gives you that motivation and energy to actualize your dreams. It is a constant reminder to the wearer, to become assertive in every situation.You will find yourself always celebrating the decisions you have made.

7. Agate

When talking about good luck charms in the jewelry market, Agate always comes up in the discussion. It is one of the most powerful luck stones out there with its power coming from multiple quartz minerals that make it. This stone helps balance energies and at the same time attract good luck in your life especially in your finances.

8. Labradorite

This stone has a reputation in the world of magic due to its ability to transform an individual’s life. It boosts self-confidence and creativity to guide your life in the desired direction. Labradorite protects you from bad choices in life and strengthens your willpower.

9. Sapphire

Most people donot realize that Sapphires offer more than just beauty to the owner. The stone ignites the power to attract riches and helps recover lost wealth. It is a wisdom stone that will help you make the right choices in life.

This beautiful gem can easily blend into your gemstone diamond earrings to guarantee you look good and lucky. If you have discovered all your decisions have bad outcomes, it is time to invest in sapphire jewelry and wear it throughout to make better decisions.

10. Aventurine

Gamblers have revered this good luck stone for ages. It is the stone of opportunity and if you need good luck with your decision-making, you need to buy this jewelry and transform your life. It is one of the most powerful good luck gemstones for wealth.No wonder so many people wear it today.

11. Carnelian

This is a powerhouse for success and one of the luckiest good luck charms known to humans. Not only is this gemstone beautiful but it also brings courage, energy and creativity to anyone who wears it. If you always have fear making decisions in life, it is the time to invest in Carnelian jewelry and transform your life.

Other good luck gemstones worth mentioning include Malachite stone, Aura Spirit Quartz, Celestine crystals, Garnet, Clear Quartz, Amber crystals, black tourmaline and Ruby Crystals. These stones boost positive vibes in your mind to help enhance your decision-making and make you bolder in grabbing opportunities. If you have been feeling out of luck lately, it is time to get your groove back by wearing these good luck gemstones.

Good Luck Necklace- Raw Healing Crystal Gemstones- Reiki Infused Jewelry

The Good Luck Necklace, a combination of the luckiest natural gemstones specifically chosen to manifest positivity and abundance. The gemstones are tiny 3mm raw stones with rough hand-cut facets. Your stones will be intuitively selected, then wire-wrapped to a dainty cable chain and spring ring clasp. The chain is available in sterling silver, 14K yellow gold filled or 14K rose gold filled, plus you can choose your preferred length. The perfect gift for friends, sisters, moms, girlfriends…anyone that you want to send good wishes to!
*Amazonite- financial luck
*Aventurine- general luck, considered the luckiest of all gemstones
*Rose Quartz- luck in love
*Citrine- luck in business
*Amethyst- luck in health
Your necklace will be handmade-to-order, cleansed, and charged with Reiki healing energy for the greatest good of the wearer.
The easiest way to create good luck is to release the negative in our lives and allow in the positive. Lucky crystals can help us with this transformation because they hold many different properties that support our intentions. Specifically, these crystals help us to change our perceptions and raise our confidence to release blocks, fears and doubts that are holding us back. We attune to raising our enthusiasm and in such a way we open ourselves to new opportunities, prosperity and abundance.

Want more good vibes in your life? Crystals have been used for centuries to heal, protect, bring joy, increase energy, attract love and restore overall balance and harmony. Here the 10 best crystals for positive energy to clear your space, raise your vibration and boost your happiness.

What crystal is best for positive energy?

There is no one that that is the best. Crystals are as individual as you are, so go with the one that speaks to you the most.

However if we had to chose just one to start with? Well we couldn’t, we just had to pick two – Amethyst and Rose Quartz.

These healing stones are all about love and connection. Whether you wear them on your body or put them around your home, these two are the ultimate crystal power couple.

Coming together to perfectly merge intuitive love with heart centered love.

How To Use Crystals

Crystals are highly versatile, and can be used in anything from home decor to jewelry, meditation and various other healing practices like crystal grids. What’s most important is the intentions that you hold while using your crystals.

Our intention creates our reality. – Dr. Wayne Dyer

How To Work With Your Crystal To Set Your Intention

1. Take a few moments to relax, clear your mind and take in a few deep breaths.

2. Set your intention by stating what you want to come in. Whatever your intention is, speak the words in a positive, affirming way. Using only the words that reflect what you want to happen, not what you don’t want.

If you would like to attract more positive energy, your intention might be something like:

“I ask the highest vibrations of love and light to come through this crystal and bring positive energy into my heart, my mind and my life in all ways.”

Or simply:

“I’m ready to fill my heart, mind and life with positive energy and live it everyday.”

3. Then visualize and imagine. Think what this positive energy feel like? Imagine feelings of love, happiness coming though you and and that positive energy radiating from your stone. See and feel it with your heart and imagine it expanding all through every cell in your body.

The 10 Best Crystals For Positive Energy, Joy & Happiness

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is considered one of the most powerful healing crystals, and is used by master healers and meditators everywhere. For its ability to increase intuition and connection to the universe.

With natural healing properties that help relive stress and anxiety and calm the mind. Amethyst helps to purify and absorb negative energies and transmuting it in to positive energy. Shielding one from negative influences and energies.

Also known as the stone of contentment, amethyst is a natural stress reliever. Helping you to let go of things that no longer serve you, such as negative thoughts, habits and addictions.

Amethyst is also a lovely stone to meditate with. Check learn all about meditating with Amethyst in our tutorial here.

Where to Place Amethyst in the Home

Besides Amethyst’s healing properties, its also one of the most beautiful stones to look at and many people fill their home with Amethyst clusters and geodes.

From your living room to your meditation room, Amethyst is one of the best good energy crystals for the home. You can use this deep purple stone, anywhere that you want to purify and keep the energy positive and relaxed.

A wonderful choice to keep on your bedside table to encourage relaxation and peaceful nights rest.

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2. Blue Apatite

This stone inspires creativity and the passion to recognize your ambitions. It also gives you the ability to happily chase after your dreams with a new found enthusiasm. This energy boosting stone, is also used to suppress hunger and raise the bodies metabolism.

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3. Rose Quartz

For unconditional love, self-care and compassion. This stone embodies all types of love including self-love romantic love and the love of family, friends and community. An important and wonderful crystal to balance the heart chakra and restore a sense of calm and harmony.

To heal old wounds place throughout your home to bring a sense of harmony, peace and joy. Wear rose quartz jewelry to flood the body with the power of an open heart and positive energy. Also excellent for using in a meditation to open, heal and balance the heart chakra.

4. Fluorite

Fluorite clears and neutralizes harmful and negative energies within a space. It helps to bring balance and restore order to the home, people and even the crystals around it.

A powerful healer and protector it helps to promote a steady flow of positive energy. Clearing confusion, relieving stress and promoting a sense of inner peace.

5. Citrine

Known as the light maker, Citrine is a manifestation stone for growth, abundance and happiness. What’s unique about this stone is that unlike other crystals, it doesn’t store any negative energy. Instead it transmutes and radiates light. Opening the energy of the user up to a wide range of positive possibilities.

Where to place Citrine in the home? Place Citrine in a sunny window sill to fill your space with positive energy. Large geodes are a wonderful way to decorate your main living space, attract prosperity and create good energy.

Wear a positive energy crystal necklace, such as Citrine on daily basis to tap into your light and feel radiant and joyful. Bing you present, so you can more easily live in the now.

To use: set an intention to beam with positive energy and light and wear your piece to manifest greater joy into your life.

Check price on Amazon6. Lapis Lazuli

Associated with the 5th chakra (throat), this stone promotes self discovery and self mastery by helping to connect you to a higher truth. Allowing you to speak your truth with grace, ease and confidence.

This stone is ideal to gain increased awareness and insight during your meditation or yoga practice.

7. Spirit Jasper

A stone of self-love that will encourage you to commit to loving yourself through all your highs and lows. Use to connect with your strengths and quirks and completely love and accept yourself at the deepest levels of your being.

When you’re able to connect to your own deep self-love and truly accept who you are, its much easier to deal with life’s ups and downs. This stone is a reminder to enjoy yourself and take the time to chase your true ambitions and dreams.

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8. Chrysocolla

The goddess stone. works to help you, embrace divine feminine energy and power. Building communication and self-expression. Encouraging increased motivation, focus, willpower and confidence. Use to experience inspired new beginnings and a free spirit.

Chrysocolla will work to heal and calm negative thought patterns, washing away worries and negativity. Connect the stone with your heart and throat chakra to promote a balance of heart and mind, with thoughtful communication.

It is said to help replace negativity with the energy of love and growth.

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9. Amazonite

This stone encourages hope, authenticity and helps you to bring out the childlike playfulness from within. Connect to your intuition, and build understanding. Allowing you to release emotional blocks and live your inner truth.

Would you like more authenticity in life? This stone will help with honest and open communication in your relationships with others.

10. Fuchsite

Stone helps to heal the heart chakra and encourages joyfulness, relaxation and miracles. It is often called the Fairy Crystal as it leaves sparkling flex of green and gold behind just like fairy dust.

To increase connection and awareness with earth and divine source energy. A great stone to use in a crystal grid and mixed stone jewelry as it increases the energies and benefits of other crystals in its presence. Available here.

In addition to using healing crystals and stones, there are many happiness habits that you can incorporate in your life. Use the tips below to help you experience more good vibes.

10 Tips To Have More Positive Energy Everyday

1. Practice Daily Self Care

2. Meditate daily

3. Use Positive Affirmations – We have a great list of powerful affirmations for positive energy here.

4. Write down your intentions and refer to them daily

5. Practice Visualization

6. Incorporate aromatherapy in your daily routine

7. Use a Himalayan Salt Lamp –

8. Listen to inspirational music or read an inspiring book

9. Keep a Gratitude Journal

10. Get a good nights sleep

How To Cleanse and Clear Your Crystals For Positive Energy

Crystals absorb energy with each use. Its important to take the time to clear your crystals on a regular basis.

1. Purifying Sage

Using Sage is one of the most purifying practices you can implement. Use a sage wand to cleanse your space, yourself and your crystals from negative energies.

1. Light a Sage wand and place in a fire proof bowl. We love this kit from Mama Wunderbar, you can check the price on amazon here.

2. Hold your crystal over the bowl. As the smoke rises set a focused intention to clear it. If your stone is to heavy to pick up, wave the sage wand over it.

2. Sunbath

Set your stone outside to recharge in the sun for at least 4 hours. Some crystals are sun sensitive so make sure to check your stone first.

3. Purify with Salt

Place sea salt on a plate and lay crystals on top for at least 4 hours or overnight.

4. Water Bath

Run alternating cold and hot water over your stones for several minutes. Note that some stones are damaged by water so make sure to check first before immersing in water.

5. Moon Bath

Charge over night under a full moon or for at least 4 hours.

6. Sound Bath

Use a crystal healing bowl or ring 2 bells together over the crystal. The sound will transmute all previous energies stored within.

Affirmations For Positive Energy

Here are few more affirmations you can try, in combination with your crystals for positive energy,

Use them to harmonize, balance and bring more positive energy into your life:

1. “I am a magnet for positive energy.”

2 .” I am beautiful, strong and radiant.”

3. “It’s my time to shine! I’m ready to live the life of my dreams.”

4. “I am abundant and have all the happiness, love and positive energy I need to have the most amazing day.”

5. “I am so happy and grateful, now that I am a magnet for miracles and radiate abundance, love and positive energy where ever I go.”

6. “I am playful, guided and excited. All I need flows through me now.”

At the end of the day…

Your thoughts and emotions are creating every minute of your reality.

The energy we give, is the energy in which we live.

Become aware of what you putting out and be willing to practice things like presence, forgiveness, and sending out more positive energy into the world.

We hope you give these crystals for positive energy a try and see for yourself how wonderful adding crystal healing to your self care routine can be. Use your healing crystals in combination with our tips and affirmations to raise your vibration and bring more harmony and happiness into your life.

Much love to you!

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Happiness Crystals: The 10 Best Crystals for Happiness, Joy & Positivity

INSIDE: These 10 happiness crystals are powerful tools that can help us achieve more joy, happiness and positivity in our lives.

Happiness is something we all strive for in life, but with all the stress of our modern lifestyles, it can be difficult to attain it.

With the help of certain crystals, which we call Happiness Crystals, we can create a state of mind that is conducive to the happiness we seek. Healing Stones emit unique frequencies that can work together with our personal energy fields to support and balance us.

The 10 Best Crystals for Happiness, Joy & Positivity

Here are 10 Happiness Gemstones that can help you attain more happiness, joy, and positivity in your life…


Amazonite inspires hope, playfulness, and a care-free attitude. This happiness crystal helps us access our inner truth and personal power, allowing us to step into our authenticity and empowering us to live life to the fullest. It helps us enjoy happier relationships by improving our communication skills and our understanding of others. It also allows us to let go of our limiting beliefs and emotional blocks and to tune into our intuition so that we can be guided to make healthier decisions that lead to happiness.


Amethyst is a beautiful crystal that brings us to a calm and centered state of mind, yet it uplifts us at the same time. It both settles and clarifies the mind and it brings us peace in the darkest of times. With the help of this Happiness Crystal, we can reduce stress and live a much happier life. It is also one of the best stones for developing our intuition and connecting to the Divine, allowing us to build our spirituality and access higher vibrations that promote peace and joy.


Ametrine combines the peacefulness of amethyst with the joyfulness of citrine. This harmonious blend of these two incredible crystals brings balance to our spiritual and mental selves and our feminine and masculine energies. It promotes mental clarity and optimism, thereby sparking positive change in our lives. It brings insight into the cause of issues as well as the motivation to make changes.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline protects us against negative energy and removes negative feelings, such as fear, paranoia, and panic. It provides grounding support and aligns the chakras. It builds self-confidence in difficult situations, boosts our physical energy, and gives us the mental clarity we need to live a happier life. Black Tourmaline is a great crystal for happiness because it serves as a strong foundation and a springboard for good things to come.


Citrine is a cheerful crystal that brings the radiance of the sun into our energy field, promoting carefree, courageous feelings that improve our confidence and motivation, help us go with the flow, and manifest our dreams. It brings a strong sense of vitality and attracts positive things to us. Citrine is one of the most thought of crystals when one is looking for happiness.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz promotes happiness by removing negative energy and bringing in positive light. It is known as the Master Healer, purifying our body, mind, and spirit and bringing balance to the chakras. It connects us with higher spirit, clears the mind, and helps us achieve our intentions. It is one of the best crystals for happiness because it brings high vibrational healing light into the body and raises our vibration so that we can attain the happiness we desire.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the primary crystal for love. It promotes love and compassion on every level, helping us receive more love, give out love, and love ourselves. It brings love to every emotion, thereby negating feelings of anger and regret, and putting us in a peaceful state. It lifts our mood in a gentle, loving way, clears out negativity, and releases emotional trauma, pain, and heartache. It also improves our relationships by removing judgement and helping us accept others.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is one of the best crystals for helping us let go of what is holding us back. It releases negative emotions and beliefs that aren’t serving us, and it eases emotional stress. It does this by bringing in the light, giving us hope and enriching us with fresh, new energy that is uplifting and balancing. This Happiness Crystal detoxes the heavy darkness inside of us and replaces it with lightness.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye helps us overcome so much of the internal junk that holds us back in life. It promotes inner strength, confidence, and courage. It balances the extremes in our lives and brings us harmony. With the help of this stone, we can enjoy new perspectives, creative solutions, and the ability to let things roll off of us. With its help, we have more willpower, and we feel inspired to let our intuition lead us to prosperity and happiness.

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper is similar to citrine in that it brings the radiance of the sun into our lives, making it especially great for improving the winter blues. It puts out positive vibes, helping us to stay optimistic and turning negativity into positivity. It improves our confidence and grounds us with courage and inner strength. It offers self-discipline and physical stamina and helps us to let go of worries about what others think.

Concluding Thoughts

By using these Happiness Crystals, you can set yourself up for the happy life you deserve. They serves as companions that help us to keep our energy positive and help us attract good things and happy moments into our lives.

Grab our Happiness Healing Gemstone Bag here!

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. This article may contain affiliate links. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

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