The Cybex Arc Trainer, Favorite of Fitness Professionals

Get a Better Workout

The Arc Trainer is a Total Body Cross-Trainer Machine. It looks like an elliptical and works similarly, but you get so much more than what a traditional elliptical can offer. Ellipticals are great for cardio and burning calories, but an Arc Trainer is an all in one cardio and strength training machine.

Because you have the added benefits of greater muscle activation, the Arc Trainer can actually build muscle and improve performance, while getting in your cardio. In a 60-minute workout, you can burn up to 16% more calories on an Arc Trainer than on a traditional elliptical.

Also, when you use the Arc Trainer, your front leg is not the plant leg, meaning that you can’t rely on your bodyweight to do the work like you can on other machines. Each leg must move independently to make the machine move, giving you a more even workout.

Built for Your Body

The Arc Trainer was designed with YOU in mind. It looks different than a traditional elliptical because it’s built to make you move in a biomechanically correct way to lower the impact on your body and keep you injury-free while giving you a full body workout.

The Arc Trainer is a great cross-training activity for runners. Many avid runners feel the symptoms of plantar fasciitis due to the constant ankle flexion of running, but the Arc Trainer actively works to reduce stress on the plantar because your feet never go behind your hips. Also, your knees never go beyond your toes, leading to 84% less knee stress than ellipticals and MUCH less than running.

Usually on an elliptical or similar machine, your arms move opposite of your legs. So as your right foot strides forward, your left arm goes forward. With the Arc Trainer, your arms and legs move together. This helps to avoid spinal torqueing you may experience on other machines.

Customize Your Workout

The Arc Trainer is infinitely adjustable and customizable so you never get bored of your workout. You can adjust the length and the height of your stride to work different muscle groups and get a different workout every time you get on the machine.

There are 21 different incline levels on the Arc Trainer. At the lower incline levels, the motion is a “glide”, like a cross-country skier. In the mid-range levels, the motion is a “stride”, like an elliptical. At the high levels, it’s the “climb” of a stepper or climber.

Usually when you plug your body weight into a cardio machine, it adjusts the calorie counter to give you a more accurate reading. But when you enter your weight on the Arc Trainer it scales its resistance according to your weight, making sure you get the best possible training.

The Arc Trainer is the perfect addition to any home gym. It saves you time, space, and gives you an unrivaled full-body workout from one single machine. If you haven’t tried the Arc Trainer yet, come into your nearest Gym Source location and meet with one of our equipment experts. They’ll show you all of the outstanding features of the Arc Trainer and set you up to give it a try!

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Better Than Treadmills and Ellipticals? Or Just Hype? Examining the Arc Trainer.

I strive to be as honest and transparent as possible. Editorial content is not paid for, but I may earn a commission on products purchased through the links in this article. Learn more here.

The Arc Trainer is a relatively new style of cardio machine that looks like an elliptical, but it uses a different motion that’s easier on your body and gives you a better workout. It’s the best of both worlds! Here is what you need to know about the Arc Trainer and where you can find one.

Indoor Training

It’s that time of year where you have to start thinking about off-season training. Which, in many cases, means indoor training. And that raises a few questions…

Do you finally plunk down the money for an indoor trainer? Or get a gym membership and take Spinning classes? Or is it best to take more time off the bike in favor of running and resistance training?

But that brings up its own set of questions, such as… Is the treadmill the most boring machine ever invented? Is an elliptical easier on my joints? Is that Arc Trainer just another elliptical machine?

Lots of questions… But you’re in luck because I’ve got answers!

First of all, if you’re a competitive racing cyclist, it’s critical to have some way to ride indoors, whether it be a stationary trainer, rollers, or a Spinning bike.

But for most endurance athletes, this is the time to get away from your regular routine. Which means, along with a hefty dose of resistance training, you should try a different type of cardio exercise.

I’ve used ellipticals and even recommended them to certain athletes. But in an ideal world, you could find something better.

The Arc Trainer might be better.

What is an Arc Trainer?

The Arc Trainer is a cardio machine similar to an elliptical, but the motion is slightly different – the foot pedals travel along an arc (hence the name).

These are made by Cybex, and they’ve actually been around since 2003, but I never really payed attention until years later.

They come in two styles – lower body and total body. The original is a lower body machine that works your legs while you simply rest your hands on the rails (or swing your arms at your sides). The total body machines give you a full body workout, sort of like XC skiing.

You can adjust the incline, resistance, and stride rate. This provides weight bearing, but non-impact, exercise.

Arc Trainer vs Elliptical

This is a promotional video from the manufacturer, so it’s biased (just look at all the people smiling while using the machine), but still gives you a good idea of what the machine is like.

The footplate on the arc trainer pushes down and back. Sound familiar? It should, because that’s the motion you use when walking, hiking, pedaling a bicycle, etc. The opposite footplate subsequently travels in an arc, preparing your other foot to put the power down in a totally natural way.

On an elliptical machine, you have to contort your body into moving along an ellipse. It’s only a slight difference, but slight differences can turn into large problems over time. (Think about how many rotations your legs would make in just one 30 minute workout!)

If you want to get down to the kinematic and biomechanical details, this PDF explaining the analysis could be very interesting for you.

It essentially says that the arc trainer is a better reproduction of your natural gait than an elliptical is.

Why Use the Arc Trainer?

I’ve found a few good reasons. In no particular order:

It’s a better workout.

“Better” is totally subjective, but I think it’s overall just a better workout than you’d get on an elliptical or treadmill. Treadmills are not fun, not quite the same as running, and not too friendly on your joints. And a lot of athletes complain they can’t get their heart rate high enough on an elliptical for a serious workout.

On the Arc Trainer, it’s sort of like using a stair stepper – you can actually feel your quads, hamstrings, and glutes getting worked.

It’s a real-life, functional workout.

The arc is a more functional motion than the ellipse. Not only is it similar to hill climbing (as in hiking), the motion is a lot like the idea of driving your knee to the handlebar from the bottom of the pedal stroke.

You will burn more calories.

What’s really interesting about the Arc Trainer is that you can burn more calories without realizing it. There’s a study which found that subjects burnt 16% more total calories on the Arc Trainer compared to the elliptical at the same intensity and perceived exertion (RPE).

If you are trying to lose some fat this winter, then calories burned during your workouts matter.

A 150lb male, doing a 30 minute workout, can expect to burn 300-475 calories, depending on incline, resistance, and stride rate. (I’d say that’s a realistic estimate, but it’s still an estimate and hard to gauge, so don’t get too caught up in the numbers.)

It’s a better and more effective workout.

It’s easier on your joints.

Thanks to a “balanced loading design,” the Arc Trainer is easier on your hips and knees than other machines. There is less impact than on a treadmill, and the arc motion is better for your joints than the elliptical motion. The body positioning may be better for your back, too.

This recent study suggests that “individuals with, or at risk for, lower-extremity joint pathology may benefit from exercise with modalities other than the elliptical trainer.”

As far as knee pain, if that’s an existing problem, it’s an individual thing. It seems most people do prefer the Arc Trainer motion over an elliptical, but it’s not a guarantee.

You can avoid the cold and snow.

If you’re not a fan of winter, this machine offers one benefit over XC skiing. It allows you to get that really intense full-body workout without worrying about slipping and falling, maintaining form, sliding off the trail, or getting cold. (Sort of like how riding a stationary bike doesn’t put you at risk of being run over by a distracted driver.)

How do you get one?

They’re not hard to find. But man, these things are pricey. While you can get a stationary trainer or even a half-decent indoor bicycle for $249, Arc Trainers cost many thousands of dollars!

They’re really aimed at gyms rather than individuals.

Take the new Cybex 525 AT Total Body for example. It can be found at a supplier like GymSource, which we have here on the East Coast. As the name implies, it’s mainly a source for gyms to get their equipment.

You could buy one for your home, sure… or you could buy a top of the line racing bike for the same price. Your choice!

In my humble opinion, it’s probably best to look for one in a gym and opt for a winter gym membership. Fortunately, even low-priced gyms like Planet Fitness have these machines! So it doesn’t have to be one of those $150/month gyms to find one.

(Yes, Planet Fitness has Cybex arc trainers! They’re gray and purple and say “ARC Trainer” on the sides.)

Choosing an Arc Trainer Workout Plan

Found the machine? Great, let’s get you started with a workout plan.

What’s cool is that you can select from a wide variety of pre-programmed workouts, or you can program your own workout routine into the machine thanks to the advanced interface. This video gives you a walkthrough:

You can set the incline and resistance to your liking, and to ensure a comfortable cadence (or “stride rate” as they refer to it). Interval training is no problem!

Pro tip: If you don’t have a total body machine, try doing it without holding on for balance. Rather, swing your arms at your sides like you’re running. It’s a killer core workout!

It’s not sport-specific, and it’s not as fun as going outside, but as far as exercise machines go, I think the Arc Trainer has earned the hype. If you have one nearby, there’s no reason not to try it!

(And if you have used one, please share your experience in the comments!)

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This post was originally published on October 8, 2014. It was revised, updated, and re-published on November 24, 2018.

Levi Bloom is an experienced endurance athlete who has been training and competing for over 17 years. A former Cat 1 road and mountain bike racer (professional class on the regional circuit), he is now a cycling coach (USA Cycling Level 3 Certified) and sports nutrition coach (Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified).

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Arc Trainer Benefits (Our Top 10)

There are numerous Arc trainer benefits that will appeal to both gym operators and exercisers alike. When it launched back in 2003, the unique movement quickly proved popular and even resulted in its appearance on tv weight loss show, The Biggest Loser. Over the past 15 years, it’s been refined and redeveloped to build on its strengths and make it even more effective. Here are our top 10 Arc Trainer Benefits for gym owners and exercisers.

#1 – Low Impact

One of the key benefits of the Cybex Arc Trainer is the fact that it’s low impact. Unlike a treadmill, the movement doesn’t cause a forceful impact on the joints. This makes it ideal for people who are overweight or those with injuries. The movement of the Arc Trainer is similar to an elliptical motion, so whilst it still challenges the body, there’s minimal stress on the knee, ankle, hip, and vertebrae.

#2 – Fantastic for Weight Loss

Of all the Arc Trainer benefits we’ll go into, this is probably the one that makes it SO popular. It burns more calories than a standard elliptical machine (16% more to be precise), yet it doesn’t feel more difficult. This means you can exercise for just as long yet see greater weight loss results! There are also two dedicated weight loss programs that come built-in.

#3 – Highly Adaptable

The Arc Trainer is also a highly adaptable piece of fitness equipment. The resistance is ‘load dependent’ which means it adapts in line with the user’s weight. Everyone is different, which is why this machine is designed to self-adjust when an exerciser enters their metrics. It also allows for different types of movement and workout levels, based on the personalized needs of the user.

#4 – Effective Cardio Workout

Cardiovascular workouts are a key component of overall fitness. The CDC recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week. As a highly effective cardio machine, the Arc Trainer will test your aerobic capacity and increase your heart rate. This ensures you get the maximal health benefits from your cardio workout, whilst keeping it enjoyable too.

#5 – Improved Cognitive Capacity

One of the less well-known Arc Trainer benefits is that it can improve your cognitive capacity. Aerobic exercise has been shown to stimulate the brain, increasing blood flow and the associated oxygen supply. This results in greater neural activity, which aids problem-solving, long and short-term memory, and has even been linked to a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s.

#6 – Precision Muscle Activation

Cardio machines aren’t usually associated with strength training, but the Arc Trainer is a little different… It’s wide range of incline and resistance levels mean that a variety of muscles can be targeted. The Muscle Map™ display even shows you exactly which muscles are being recruited and how these can change based on your stride, incline, and resistance (so you can target them even more precisely).

#7 – Total Body Cross Training

Unlike other machines that target just the upper or lower body, the Arc Trainer works everything. It’s sliding foot pedals and moving arms mean your whole body is involved in the Arc movement. This delivers a more efficient workout since you’re fatiguing more muscles in less time (compared with other machines). Total body cross training is ideal if you’re short on time but still want to see results fast.

#8 – Biomechanically Correct Movements

Cybex are renowned for the biomechanically correct movements of their equipment. They invest a lot in research and development to ensure the machines they produce are ideally suited to the human body’s natural movements. The patented Arc motion aligns the foot, knee and hip, to deliver a biomechanically superior motion and reduce stress on key joints.

#9 – Greater Endurance

The low impact nature of the Arc Trainer is especially helpful for improved aerobic endurance. On other machines your legs may give out before your aerobic capacity does, meaning you don’t get a chance to really push it to fatigue. Since the Arc Trainer is low impact, your legs can go on for longer which allows you to test your aerobic capacity and endurance to a greater extent.

#10 – Pure Enjoyment

Working out isn’t just about the physical effects – it should be fun too! One of the best Arc Trainer benefits is that it’s truly enjoyable to use. The varied movement options and workout programs mean no two workouts are ever the same, so there’s zero chance of boredom. So next time you see one in the gym, try it for yourself.

Other Arc Trainer Benefits

To learn more about other Cybex Arc Trainer benefits then get in touch with our knowledgeable team. They’ve got over 80 years of fitness experience between them and can advise you on the best cardio equipment for your needs. Call us at 888-502-2348.

Cardio Fast Lane: 25-Minute Arc Trainer Workout

If your cardio routine is all elliptical, all the time, throw your body a curveball with the Cybex Arc Trainer. “Moving your legs in a crescent-shaped pattern puts less pressure on your knees and works your hamstrings and glutes harder than an oval motion does,” says Angela Corcoran, director of education at the Cybex Research Institute. “That extra challenge increases your oxygen consumption and calorie burn.”

During this plan, designed by Corcoran, you’ll move at a steady pace (aim for 100 to 120 steps per minute), changing the incline and resistance throughout. Switching the grade balances the workload between your butt and thighs, while adjusting the tension offers the fat-burning benefits of interval training-minus the sprints. What are you waiting for? Rush to this machine before other gym-goers realize how amazing it is.

Click on the chart below to print this plan-and don’t forget to , with motivating songs that match the beat of these cardio intervals.

Image zoom

  • By Rachel Sturtz

Cybex Arc Trainer Comparison and Review

Compare Cybex Arc Trainers:
Which Model Fits Your Needs

















































Cybex’s complete line of cross trainers, 600A, 610A, 620A, 630A, 750A, 750AT, 525AT, 625A, 625AT, 770A, 770AT, are scientifically tested to be gentler on your joints, burn 16% more calories than an elliptical, and are stronger and more durable than the leading ellipticals.
First introduced in 2003, the Arc Trainer’s footplates move in an arcuate path of motion as opposed to the elliptical pattern seen in elliptical trainers. The arc pattern of motion is a patented technology,designed to generate force only when the user is in the load-bearing phase of the gait cycle. This generates forces in the legs which balance the loading between the hip and knee joints. The result of this balanced loading design creates less stress on the knee joint and allows higher muscle training effect with lower perceived exertion.
The Arc Trainer is a weight-bearing form of exercise that is linked to prevention of osteoporosis. It is similar to a treadmill in its ability to induce heart muscle activity, but reduces the impact associated with running.
The Arc Trainer is adjustable for incline and resistance and has a variable stride rate. There are two versions of the Arc Trainer, a lower body version and a total body version. The Total Body Arc Trainer uses a same side forward pattern of motion where the arm and leg on the same side move together. This movement pattern allows the user to transfer work to their upper body without simultaneously increasing the work rate of the legs.

Making the Most Out of Your Work Out: Circuit Training with Cybex Fitness Equipment

Circuit training is the type of work-out regimen for individuals who want an exciting full body work-out program in a shorter period of time. This type of training has efficiently brought together cardiovascular training and resistance training. Circuit training can best be done using Cybex Fitness Equipment.

A “circuit” is composed of six to ten different exercises, which are quite simple but are very effective in targeting specific body parts or muscle groups. The exercises in the circuit have to be performed one after another in a particular order for a specific number of repetitions or for an exact length of time, say 12- 20 repetitions or an exercise period of 30 seconds per exercise station, with short rest periods in between each station. Circuit training can help develop and enhance strength, fortitude, and speed. This training can benefit just about anyone, whether individuals who are new to the world of fitness or even seasoned sports players.

If you are thinking about switching to circuit training using Cybex fitness equipment, here is what you should do.

  1. Before you exercise, make sure that you are wearing appropriate fitness clothes and shoes. Gym clothes need not be very expensive. However, the clothes should be comfortable, absorbent, and roomy enough to allow freedom of movement, mainly because you would be going from one machine to another, but not that loose that the clothes could get caught into exercise machines. Gym shoes should provide good support to the feet and the ankles so as to avoid leg injuries.
  1. Study the available exercise equipment. Take note of what body part or what muscle group each machine is intended for. Cybex fitness equipment for circuit training could be composed of several separate pieces of exercise machine or of multifunctional circuit training machines.
  1. If you are not familiar with any of the equipment, do not hesitate to ask fitness experts or the gym trainers how to use the equipment. Cybex fitness equipment are generally very safe. Nevertheless, utmost care must be taken when using the machines.
  1. Take notice of how the equipment are positioned. Circuit training exercise machines are usually placed in such a way that the users could train the body parts in this sequence: whole body, upper part of the body, lower part of the body, core & trunk, and then back to whole body and so on and so forth. Moreover, the equipment are often arranged in a circle so the individuals using them can easily move from one machine to another. However, you can always opt not to follow the pre-arranged set-up especially if you are pressed for time. You and your trainer can formulate a different exercise plan such as training the upper and lower part of the body on day A and training the core and the whole body on day B.
  1. One piece of paper, write down what exercises you will be performing and what machines you would be using. Include the number of repetitions or the duration of the work out in each station. Do not forget to include a brief rest period after every circuit and a warm up session and a cool down session in your exercise program. This will be your guide when you exercise.

You are now ready for circuit training. Hop on your first machine, move to a fast upbeat music, and enjoy!

If you want to know more about circuit training or about Cybex Fitness Equipment, visit one of our following locations:

Metairie – (504) 887-0880
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Two Arc Trainer Workouts for Effective Interval Training

The Arc Trainer offers an effective way to do both strength training and cardio at the same time and is the perfect machine for high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Using HIIT for a Heart Rate Recovery workout, exercisers work towards being able to perform more work (higher intensity), more sets (able to repeat this intensity) in less time (shorter workouts). And, incorporating standard strength training into an Arc Trainer workout provides a total-body strength endurance circuit. Try examples of both below.

Workout 1: Heart Rate Recovery

The intent of this workout is to have a heart rate recovery of 30 beats in 1 minute, measured after each working set and at the end of each resting interval.

Pre-Workout Test and Planning

Start your program with a pre-test of 1 minute on at 100-120 strides per minute, with a 1 minute rest of at least 60 steps per minute. Focus on increasing the resistance by 5 each set until you cannot recover your heart rate to 75% of projected max (220 minus your age) or cannot keep the pace (100-120 steps per minute) for the working interval.

At that point, decrease the resistance to a level at which you can complete the interval at the set pace. Each week will progress as follows in the table below, keeping the same resistance level at the set pace of 100-120 strides per minute. Starting Week 5, the workout will begin going back down the program ladder, repeating the workouts from Weeks 2-4 but with an increased pace of 120-140 strides per minute.

Heart Rate Recovery program

Week 1 1 minute on, 1 minute off 15 sets or 30 minutes – Pre-Test
Week 2 2 minutes on, 1 minute off 10 sets or 30 minutes
Week 3 3 minutes on, 1 minute off 7 sets or 28 minutes
Week 4 4 minutes on, 1 minute off 6 sets or 30 minutes
Week 5 4 minutes on, 1 minute off 6 sets or 30 minutes – Increased Pace
Week 6 3 minutes on, 1 minute off 7 sets or 28 minutes – Increased Pace
Week 7 2 minutes on, 1 minute off 10 sets or 30 minutes – Increased Pace
Week 8 1 minute on, 1 minute off 15 sets or 30 minutes – Post-Test

Record your ending heart rate after each working set as well as your recovery heart rate at the end of each rest interval. This will help you monitor your heart rate recovery improvement.

Workout 2: Total Body Strength Endurance Circuit for Workout Partners

The Total Body Strength Endurance Circuit is for two people and structured to focus on major muscle groups of the upper body and partner those with Arc Trainer sprints. This allows for a focus on both the upper and lower body, with the intervals providing an opportunity to rest each.

Endurance Circuit Program

  • 1A – Dumbbell Bench Press (30 seconds)
    • 30 seconds rest / switch with partner
  • 1B – Arc Trainer Sprint (30 seconds at 35-50 Resistance/120 Steps per Minute)
    • 30 seconds rest / switch with partner
  • 2A – Dumbbell Bent Row (30 seconds)
    • 30 seconds rest / switch with partner
  • 2B – Arc Trainer Sprint(30 seconds at 35-50 Resistance/120 Steps per Minute)
    • 30 seconds rest / switch with partner
  • 3A – Dumbbell Military Press (30 seconds)
    • 30 seconds rest / switch with partner
  • 3B – Arc Trainer Sprint (30 seconds at 35-50 Resistance/120 Steps per Minute)
    • 30 seconds rest / switch with partner
  • 4A – Physioball Crunches (30 seconds)
    • 30 seconds rest / switch with partner
  • 4B – Arc Trainer Sprint (30 seconds at 35-50 Resistance/120 Steps per Minute)
    • 30 seconds rest / switch with partner
  • Repeat 2-3 sets or 16-24 minutes

The Arc Trainer keeps the time, as one partner performs the Arc Trainer Sprint (30 seconds) and then coasts until the other partner relieves them. Then this partner waits until the clock hits the 1-minute mark before they start their set. As soon as the partner on the Arc Trainer starts their set, the other partner begins their set with the dumbbells. This keeps everyone on time, and makes for an organized circuit.

An Arc Trainer is a great piece of stationary workout equipment that is pretty much a treadmill, elliptical machine, and stair climber all in one. If you have never used one before, you might just change your mind after you read what we have to say. There are many Arc Trainer benefits that you should take advantage of and you should start doing so right now. This thing will make you stronger, faster, more enduring, happier, and more mentally capable too, and that is no joke!

What Is An Arc Trainer?

The Arc Trainer is a big stationary piece of exercise equipment. The Arc Trainer is actually a brand name and it was registered by Cybex International, INC. As opposed to an elliptical machine where the foot pedals move in an elliptical pattern, the pedals of the Arc Trainer move in an arcuate pattern. Interestingly enough, the Arc Trainer is only designed to generate force during the weight bearing cycle of your gait. This special design results in a high calorie burn with reduced stress on the ankle, knee, and hip joints.

Cybex Arc Trainer

Benefit #1: Great For Weight Loss

As you probably know, exercising inherently burns calories, and an aerobic exercise like Arc Training is very calorie intensive. Those calories are required by your body in order to function, especially during intense exercise. They are the fuel of your body. If you have an abundant supply of calories, or in other words, if you have eaten calorie rich foods, your body has more than enough fuel to exercise.

The problem is that if you don’t exercise, those calories will turn into body fat. Well, using an Arc Trainer for just 30 minutes can result in you burning between 300 and 475 calories. This does of course depend on how intense you train at and how heavy you are, but in all reality, you can burn anywhere from 250 to 550 calories in a 30 minute period.

Even better is that if your body is not full of food and calories, your body will turn to your fat reserves for fuel. This means that you are running on a calorie deficit. It takes a 3,500 calorie deficit to lose 1 pound. Therefore, if you Arc train for 30 minutes per day, you can lose more than a pound per week, possibly more. Also, in case you did not know, an Arc Trainer can help you burn up to 16% more calories than a treadmill or elliptical machine.

There is even more to it than that as well. This kind of exercise also helps to rev up your metabolism big time. This means that your body burns more calories in order to fuel itself, more than it would without exercise and a hyped up metabolic rate. This does also not just count for while you are exercising either. After you are done Arc training, your EPOC or exercise post oxygen consumption will remain increased, which means that you continue to burn a greater number of calories long after you stop working out.

Arc Trainer® vs. Elliptical vs. AMT® – Cybex International, Inc.

Benefit #2: Muscle Strengthening – Greater Muscle Activation

The next benefit that you get from using an Arc Trainer on a regular basis is that it helps strengthen many of your muscles. An Arc Trainer engages various muscles in your legs all at the same time. You can actually adjust an Arc Trainer to several different modes with differing stride lengths and patterns, each of which targets certain muscles and activates them in different ways.

An Arc Trainer can help engage many more muscles in your legs that various other exercise machines, especially low impact ones like this one. The overall result of this is that everything from your calves to your glutes will feel the burn of an Arc Trainer workout routine, ultimately leading to bigger finely toned muscles throughout your legs. Moreover, Arc Trainers also feature handles that have a greater variation in distance and motion than something like a stair stepper or elliptical machine.

Therefore, your arms, chest, and shoulders also get a pretty decent workout from an Arc Trainer. Also, you can even flex your abs while you sweat on the Arc Trainer, thus engaging your core muscles along with your arms and legs. When it comes to strengthening muscles and maximum muscle activation, the Arc Trainer is pretty much like a treadmill, elliptical trainer, and stair stepping machine in one.

Benefit #3: A Great Cardiovascular Workout

An Arc Trainer is a great aerobic workout that provides you with tons of cardiovascular benefits. To be clear, an aerobic exercise is one that requires a large amount of oxygen to maintain, and a cardiovascular workout is one that causes your heart to beat at well above its normal rate. Well, guess what, an Arc Trainer does both of those without question.

We all know that cardiovascular exercise is important, but why exactly is that? For starters, training your heart to be more efficient at pumping blood around, which is what an Arc Trainer does, lowers your resting heart rate and your blood pressure. In essence, this means that your heart is not working as hard to do the same job, ultimately resulting in a heart that will last for many years to come due to decreased stress put on it on a daily basis.

Moreover, cardio exercise also helps to control cholesterol, it reduces the chances of heart and arterial disease, and it reduces the chances of having a stroke or heart attack as well. There is also the fact that when your heart is more efficient at delivering blood throughout your body, your muscles get more of it, plus more oxygen too, and therefore they can end up going for much longer before you feel fatigued. An Arc Trainer is a great way to prolong your lifespan without a doubt.

Benefit #4: Your VO2 MAX

As we mentioned in the point before, an Arc Trainer counts as an aerobic exercise, which means that your lungs are being taxed just as much as your heart. This is because an aerobic exercise is any type of exercise that causes your lungs to work overtime due to an increased need for oxygen. Trust us when we say that 10 minutes on an Arc Trainer will definitely get your lungs heaving like no tomorrow. Once your lungs get going like that you get winded, you are short of breath, and pretty quickly it becomes impossible to keep going.

Eventually, you would pass out from the lack of oxygen to your brain, and even before that, your muscles would start to burn and hurt thanks to oxygen depletion. This is all related to something called your VO2 Max, which is how much oxygen your lungs can absorb, process, and send throughout your body.

Well, working out on an Arc Trainer taxes your lungs pretty heavily. Just like your muscles and your heart, the more you exercise your lungs, the better they will get at their job. They grow better at what they do just like all of the other parts of your body when they are exercised regularly that is. Eventually, over periods of exercising on an Arc Trainer, your VO2 max will increase, which means that your lungs can process more oxygen. This means that you will get winded less often and that you can work out for longer thanks to a more abundant oxygen supply. It’s actually quite the neat little cycle.

Benefit #5: It Builds Your Bones

Another thing that you are going to love about the Arc Trainer is that it will help build your bones to be bigger and stronger than ever. You see, the Arc Trainer has you up on your legs the whole time, and it has you moving them back and forth, thus applying extra weight and mass to your skeletal system. This is a type of exercise which is known as a weight bearing exercise, which is pretty self-explanatory as far as we are concerned.

A weight bearing exercise, that being any exercise that puts increased weight on your bones is considered to be bone building in nature. The reason for this is because your osteoblasts, which are the cells in your bones that create new bone mass, are spurred on to lay down more bone cell whenever you engage in a weight bearing activity like Arc Training. This is more or less equivalent to strength training building muscle or aerobic training making your lungs more efficient.

The more you engage in weight bearing exercises like Arc Training, the more bone mass your osteoblasts lay down, and ultimately that means building bigger, stronger, and denser bones. This comes in really handy for preventing fractured and broken bones when you slip and fall, plus it helps prevent degenerative bone diseases such as osteoporosis in your old age.

Benefit #6: Increasing Your Endurance

Many of the previous points are actually related to this one. There are many things which help to contribute to your overall endurance, many of which benefit individually from the Arc Trainer. Together all of these other benefits lead to you have much better endurance and an increased ability to perform physical activity. First of all, with stronger muscles automatically comes increased endurance and ability. Stronger muscles help you run faster, jump higher, lift heavier loads, and do it all for much longer.

Those muscles all require increased amounts of blood and oxygen to function at such intense levels. Well, the Arc Trainer increases the efficiency of your lungs, thus processing more than enough oxygen to keep exercising for long periods of time. So, now we have the oxygen for your muscles to function, and we also have the delivery system, the heart.

We already mentioned that the Arc Trainer is a great cardiovascular exercise. That strong heart is the delivery system for that valuable oxygen to get to your strong muscles. There are many things that go into being able to perform physical activities for long periods of time, all of which benefit from the Arc Trainer. This thing really is a great all around workout machine that makes you stronger, faster, more capable, and more enduring.

Benefit #7: Highly Adaptable & Adjustable

The next benefit that comes with using an Arc Trainer on a regular basis is that it will definitely challenge you in many different ways, plus there is the fact that it can offer different levels of challenge to people with different needs. First of all, there are 3 different main positions which you can adjust the Arc Trainer to, all of which test different muscles and work your body out in various ways. In case you did not know, it is really good to get some variation in your workout routine because your muscles get used to doing the same exercises over and over again.

Therefore adding variations into the mix will keep your muscles on their toes, so to speak, and will make them more susceptible to fast growth. The Arc Trainer’s 3 main positions include the low stride, which is like cross country skiing, there is the middle stride, which is kind of like running on a slight slant, and then there is the high stride, which is like mountain climbing or a really steeply inclined elliptical.

Keep in mind that this is just a rough approximation and comparison to other machines, but the fact of the matter remains the same and that fact is variation and versatility. Moreover, pretty much anybody can use the Arc Trainer. It is not gender exclusive, and as long as you are tall enough or physically able, you should have no problem using one. Remember, you can always start out low and slow, then work your way up the ladder. Literally anyone can use an Arc Trainer and that is definitely a big benefit.

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Benefit #8: Better Cognitive Abilities

Yet another benefit that you get from using an Arc Trainer is that it will help strengthen your overall cognitive abilities. Physical exercise of the aerobic and cardiovascular type is shown to affect your brain in a certain way, and that is because of the increased stimulation, oxygen supply, and blood flow. All of this extra juice flowing to your brain results in increased neural activity, and moreover, it results in more neurons being produced by your brain.

Your neurons are the things which send and receive signals, and they control everything from basic functions like breathing and balancing all the way to mental processes. There are several certain aspects of your brain function which are improved thanks to increased neurons and neural activity. Things like your ability to solve problems, your short and long term memory, and most of your other basic cognitive abilities are improved thanks to this. In fact, the effects of this are so great that it is even linked to preventing and controlling the symptoms of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Benefit #9: Great For Mental Wellbeing

Yet another aspect of your mental health that benefits from regular Arc Training is your level of happiness. Things like depression, anxiety, and high stress are shown to be caused by chemical imbalances in the brain as well as a lack of certain chemicals, the ones which stabilize your mood and make you feel happy.

Well, you have probably heard of something called the runner’s high, which is when runners feel really happy, joyful, elated, and very relaxed. This is because aerobic cardiovascular exercise makes your brain produce more of the chemicals which make you feel happy. Chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and various endocannabinoids are produced when you exercise vigorously.

Together they have the ability to lessen or even cure the effects of depression, relieve the feeling of anxiety, deal with stress, and they can even help reduce the amount of physical pain that you feel. The bottom line is that exercising on an Arc Trainer will provide for a happier and more mentally balanced you.

Benefit #10: It Is Low Impact

Another great benefit of using an Arc Trainer that is definitely worth mentioning is that it is a low impact exercise. This means that there is no heavy impact or shock sent throughout your feet, legs, and the rest of your body when using the Arc Trainer.

This is not like running or doing jumping jacks which are considered to be high impact exercises due to making you land on your feet after jumping or being elevated, something which of course sends a shockwave through you.

This may not necessarily be a bad thing for people that still have healthy joints and bones, but it is not so good if you already have existing bone and joint issues. Some joint issues make it unwise and sometimes nearly impossible to perform high impact exercise, which is a problem because it results in a reduced ability to exercise.

The Arc Trainer is great in this sense because your feet never leave the foot rests, and therefore there is no huge impact every time you land, mainly because you never have to land. The Arc Trainer is a great way to get your exercise in without damaging your joints any more than they already are.

Benefit #11: Diabetes Control

The final thing we want to mention is that the Arc Trainer can also help you control diabetes. Diabetes is your body’s inability to properly process glucose, something which can end up being very deadly in the long run. Exercising and using your muscles help your body to process that unused glucose much better. This is because your muscles end up using some of that glucose to perform physical activity, and therefore there is less need for your body, mainly your liver and kidneys, to deal with the excess sugars.


If you needed a little recap, the Arc Trainer makes you faster, stronger, it gives you an all in one workout, it makes you more enduring, smarter, happier, and so much more. The Arc Trainer benefits are vast and they each work in their own way to make you a healthier person!

If you have any other questions about the Arc Trainer, just feel free to ask us and we will do our best to address you in a timely manner!

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