This is an important message for women to hear, says Dr. Rashida Randeree, OB/GYN at OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center. Gynecological health isn’t always the easiest or most comfortable topic of conversation, but it’s important to be open and honest with your care team.

Keep reading below to learn more about endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome and what symptoms to watch for, and don’t be afraid to ask your OB/GYN about them.



What is it?

Endometriosis is disease where the endometrial tissue that normally lines the inside of a uterus grows on the outside. During a woman’s cycle, endometrial tissue normally thickens, breaks down and flows out of the body. With endometriosis, the tissue acts as it normally would. However, because it’s on the outside of the uterus, it causes pain.


The cause is not entirely clear. But there are some theories.

  • Genetics
  • Altered immune system
  • Endometrial cells may travel back through the fallopian tubes and into the stomach

“In some cases, patients have what is called retrograde menstruation,” Dr. Randeree said. “So, instead of blood flowing from the uterus out of your body, it flows through your fallopian tubes and into your abdominal cavity. This is the major cause of chronic pelvic pain.”


Common symptoms may include:

  • Extreme pelvic pain during a menstrual cycle
  • Excessive bleeding during or between a menstrual cycle
  • Infertility
  • Pain with urination or intercourse

How to diagnose and treat

Endometriosis can be difficult to conclusively diagnose. Large endometrial cysts can be detected through a pelvic exam or ultrasound. However, most endometrial cell growths can only be found by a surgical procedure.

There is no cure for endometriosis. But there are treatment options to manage the symptoms:

  • Hormone therapy
  • Surgery to remove endometrial tissue and/or cysts

“Surgery is the very best option to treat endometriosis when the patient has severe endometriosis or is trying to conceive,” Dr. Randeree said. “Surgery can help maintain fertility by removing visible lesions. It can also be a good option when childbearing is complete, and the uterus and ovaries can be removed. Surgery can relieve pelvic pain in over 80 percent of individuals.”


Endometriosis cannot be prevented. But there are ways to lower your risk:

  • Exercise and a healthy diet
  • Limit alcohol
  • Hormone therapy
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

What is it?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder in women, in which they produce more male hormones (androgens) than a typical woman does. Most women with PCOS have small cysts growing in their ovaries that cause the hormone imbalance.


Similar to endometriosis, it’s unknown what causes PCOS, though some factors may play a role:

  • Genetics
  • Overproduction of male hormones
  • Excessive insulin (hormone that converts sugars into energy) causing a rise in male hormones


Symptoms vary with PCOS. The most common are:

  • Acne
  • Weight gain
  • Facial and extra body hair growth
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Fertility issues

How to diagnose and treat

PCOS can be diagnosed through blood tests to measure hormone levels or ultrasound to look for cyst growth on the ovaries.

PCOS cannot be cured, but can be managed with a treatment plan.

  • If you’re overweight, losing weight can help balance hormones
  • Hormone therapy
  • Fertility treatment if you are trying to get pregnant
  • Healthy lifestyle


PCOS cannot be prevented, but there are ways to lower your risk:

  • Avoid tobacco products
  • Exercise and a healthy diet
  • Early diagnosis and treatment – lowers your risk for complications

“Usually a woman will have polycystic ovary syndrome within the first couple years of starting her cycle until menopause,” Dr. Randeree said. “Once a woman hits menopause, the symptoms usually resolve due to the decline of androgen (male hormone) levels. However, diabetes and cardiovascular risks still persist.”

15 Daisy Is Totally Rocking The School Teacher Style


We bet you’d never see Daisy rockin’ an outfit like this – well, maybe in your dreams – but she just made every Star Wars fan sweat the moment she put on this collared frock and styled her hair in a simple, yet ridiculously sexy, up-do. Our inner student is screaming at how well she’s pulling off one of the most fantasized about outfits of all time (ya know, next to Princess Leia). With the patent leather belt and bold red lips, we know deep down that Daisy is a little bit frisky, because she’s made sure to highlight a bit of her sensual side by adding a little bit of charming – and heart racing – appeal to that modest polka-dot number. In this photo, Daisy just went from Jedi-in-training to someone who’s about to teach us a lesson.

14 This Star Wars Fan Is Putting The Old Franchise To Shame


Daaaaaaang. This woman is mega hot, and those legs are certainly something to be admired. With her vintage look of shorts, New Balance retro sneaks, and her couture Dior purse, Daisy looks like she just stumbled out of her closet in a mix-match of a few of her favorite things. While most of us are thinking that she just starred in fashion shoot, she’s probably just getting ready to promote her latest film and the newest addition of the Star Wars franchise. Her coy expression and nerd chic style is making every Star Wars fan geek out. Whether it’s her beautiful ring or Daisy’s intense eyes that’s got you hooked on this image, it’s clear. This gal is on fleek.


13 We’re Melting Over Her Shapely Physique


WOWZA! Now this is a side of Daisy we’ve never seen before! She’s channeling her inner Jennifer Love Hewitt and The O.C.’s Summer Roberts in this body-hugging number that highlights her shapely curves. We’ve loving everything about this black body suit, from the way it shows off her torso and perfectly outlines her tiny figure to how her deep V neck ties together at a perfect waist length! Her wavy up-do is the perfect accessory to be draped across her bare décolletage. The heels she chose are the exact accessory she needed to show us all just how much of a bombshell this Hollywood newcomer can be. In this pic, she is reminding us of all that a simple yet elegant look is the ultimate feminine #stylegoals.

12 We Could Watch Daisy Sip Through A Straw All Day Long


Wind-blown hair? Dark red lips? The sweet act of pressing a straw against that perfect pout of hers? Forgive us as we take a moment to swoon. Daisy is a level of sexy that is both obvious and understated all at once, and we’re not sure if there’s any greater combination when it comes to measuring this chick’s attraction. What we wouldn’t give to be that straw right meow. While she’s totally rocking the cherry lips, the real cherry on top of this visual sundae is her adorable freckles. Like, she didn’t even attempt to cover those beauty marks up with image blurring or Photoshop. She’s opted to rock the unique specks and give us yet another reason to be fangirling over this super real and hella confident chick.


11 Who DOESN’T Love A Hot Chick On A Tractor Tire?

Nope. Nuuuuurp. We out. This is all too much eye candy to swallow! Just look at this gal, effortlessly draped across a massive tire, meant for a field. She’s flawless in a see-through dress, dainty black heels, and long, damp hair cascading behind her beautiful face. This image will be keeping us going for a few weeks at least. She adds glamour to the dirty and notably not-glam background, making the crumbling window frame and worn-out rubber look better than ever. As she lays across the tractor appendage and basks in the sun like nobody’s business, we wonder what’s going through this chick’s mind. She’s way too cool to care about getting dirt on her dress, so we bet she’s imagining all the success that’s gonna come her way once her Star Wars contract is up.

10 Daisy’s Nickname Should Be “Legs For Days”


Check. Out. Those. Gams. The length of those legs are seriously off the charts. It doesn’t matter if Daisy was wearing that little beige leather outfit or a bikini, we’d still be only looking at one thing. Okay, make that two things: those flawlessly toned sticks of hers! They seriously don’t end. But when we do finally make it to the end of our traveling line of sight, we meet up with those bad*ss kicks! Those killer heels are masked by the dainty line of stars tatted up her foot, and just like that, we’re reminded that Daisy is not as sweet as she tends to appear at red carpet events. She’s got a wild side that closely resembles the intensity she busts out in those Star Wars action sequences. She may all business up top, but she’s totally party down below.


9 Daisy’s Playful Side Has Us Simply Charmed

The Wondrous

If you thought that sneak-peek of skin Daisy showed off in the last pic was exciting, you haven’t seen nothing yet. She is totally showing off all the goods by hiking up that colourful striped knit sweater and fully exposing her ripped AF stomach. Like, dang. Not only is her stomach flat, but it’s hella tight and sporting some serious abs. It looks like all that Jedi training is doing her body good, because if we were walking around with a mid-section like that, we’d also be casually raising our arms above our head to expose our abdomen, too! NBD. And no doubt, we’d also be wearing a satisfied smile that’s very similar to Daisy’s. With her messy top-knot, gold-dotted jeans, and multi-hued sweater, Daisy is making cute look hot.

8 When Daisy Does Glam, She Looks Hella Clutch


Move over Eva Mendes, there’s a new glam gal in town! In a relaxed position, Daisy sports a flesh-coloured gown that is both humble and provocative. While she’s not wearing a plunging neckline, she is wearing a high slit that’s aimed in the other direction. With that front cut, she adds a dose of sexy to an enchanting gown that’s fit for a princess. However, we bet that with the high slit, Kate Middleton would never be caught dead wearing a dress like this. Even so, between the nude colour of the dress and the exposed legs, we’re totally sweating at this sensual image. Whether Daisy meant to raise libidos with this image or not, it’s happening, and the red velvet bench is totally not helping us turn down the heat.


7 Those Dark & Sensual Features Make Her Toned Legs *POP*


In this picture, Daisy is totally looking like an exotic model. With a wispy dress and elegant hairstyle, she could even pass as a CEO or billionaires wife. Whatever backstory images are running through your mind, we all have one similar mental image in our heads, and they’re all featuring those long, toned legs of hers. Ooh la la, darling, how those stems stand out! Her makeup is totally on point and it showcases those dark, soulful eyes of hers just right. It also makes her look a little flushed and glowing, and when we pair that with that come-hither stare she’s giving us, it makes us wonder if Daisy is in the mood. While we can’t know for certain how she’s feeling, you can’t deny that it’s exciting to think about.

6 She’s A Helluva Regal Snack For The Eyes

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As Daisy makes a dainty squat to pose for a photograph, she keeps it flawless in a pearl-white mini dress. She is perfectly poised, making simple look sexy AF. While she looks confident, she also looks innocent, vulnerable, and ready for a prince on a stallion to ride up and whisk her away to a magical paradise full of unicorns and birds that help her get dressed. If there were ever a gal more fit to play a princess in a movie role, Daisy would be it. She exudes a regal quality, without having to compromise her naturally sexy nature. Because even in a boring dress, she drips beauty and grace. We’re not sure if it’s the lighting of the photographer equipment or her make-up team, but Daisy is a beam of gorgeous beauty against that plain, grey backdrop.


5 We CANNOT Stop Staring At Her From Head To Perfect Toe

Could that dress get any smaller?! Not that we mind of course, but only Daisy could pull off a dress that exposes so much of her leg and cuts off at the hip. Since she’s got one of the best sets of legs in the biz, it’s no wonder she continuously opts for showing them off as much as possible. Even while standing among an unusual prop and in front of a questionable background, this chick dominates the environment and totally commands our attention. She’s seriously rocking that dress that rewards us all by exposing all of her sun-kissed limbs. She may be feeling the breeze in this pic, but we’re feeling the heat as we look her over again and again and take in the length of her bod for the umpteenth time.

4 Those White Stockings & Cat Eyes Have Us Drooling


In most cases, Daisy radiates an elegant, charming, and sweet demeanour, but every so often her bad and scandalous self comes out to play. In this school-girl rebooted outfit, she’s wearing the short skirt and white stockings that daydreaming men crave, and she’s slicked back her mane to expose those dark, cat-lined eyes that says, “I’m gonna rock your world, or be your worst nightmare.” Either way, it’s a stare that’s surely gonna get the hearts of her Star Wars fans racing faster than a podracer with a boost function. As she lays in a compromising position that, once again, allows us to take in the entire length of her perfect bod, we’re tempted to blow this image up to poster-size and hang it on our bedroom ceilings.


3 Her Style Is Completely Wild & So Is Her Bod

We’re not exactly sure what’s going on here when it comes to Daisy’s wardrobe, but we’re kinda digging it. Even though she’s wearing a printed garbage bag for a skirt and a country-western jacket that looks like it came from Dolly Parton’s closet, she still manages to sizzle. We can’t believe that she’s managed to win us over yet again for her ever-changing style and ability to look stunning every time, but she did. There’s no better way to say this, but we’re completely hooked on this gal and her bizarre ability to go from sophisticated to playful. She’s daring, we’ll give her that. And that daring quality is red hawt.

2 She’s Playing Peek-A-Boo With Her Skin & We Love It


While not everyone can rock a strapless gown with a flapper-girl bustier, Daisy is showing us that she’s one of the hot girls who can. She also takes this bold frock up a notch by casually baring part of her torso with a massive cut from the sparkly dress. AND WE LOVE IT. She can play peek-a-boo with her outfits any time, we won’t mind. This experimental fashion risk is normalized by the likes of Daisy, but there’s nothing normal about her exceptional beauty and that sexy expression that she’s busted out just for this fancy occasion. Only Daisy can look fancy AF and seductive all at once, which is just one of the traits about this Star Wars vixen that makes us all want to line up to watch her in this year’s movie.


1 The Heat In Those Eyes Has Us Feeling Things

Twitter & Imgur

In a casual outfit made up of a white-knit tee and a pair of black skinnies, the emotions that this girl is brewing up inside of us is anything but black and white. We’re feeling a rainbow of feels that includes everything from lust and admiration to bashfulness and jealousy. That fierce gaze that she’s laying on us is the real kicker, but that pop of torso that gives us the slightest glimpse of her toned physique is also totally working for her. That expression and the way that Daisy carries herself oozes confidence, which is why we are drawn into this gal like a targeted missile. In this pic, Daisy proves that it’s not what you wear, but how you carry yourself that proves to be one of the most sexiest things about someone.

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It kind of feels like just yesterday that the world was first introduced to Daisy Ridley in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but she’s been working on the franchise and developing the character for over five years now. Rey began this trilogy of the Skywalker Saga an orphaned resident of Jakku who thought she was nothing special but everything changed when she discovered she was force sensitive and now, one can assume, she’ll continue to grow as a leader and as a beacon of hope in the new film and make an indelible impression on the franchise by the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ending.

With the highly anticipated movie hitting theaters nationwide on December 20th, I got the chance to sit down with Ridley for a brief chat. We discussed whether or not she got the opportunity to read Colin Trevorrow‘s original ending for the movie, who she would name the “unsung hero” of Rise of Skywalker, the Star Wars actor she’d most like to swap roles with and so much more. She even indulged our Baby Yoda obsession and weighed in on which “Baby Yoda’s first” she’d like to see most.

Image via Disney

You can catch the full conversation in the video interview at the top of this article. We’ll also have full interviews with Naomi Ackie, Kelly Marie Tran, Keri Russell, Billy Dee Williams and so many more coming your way closer to the film’s release. But, if you want more Star Wars right now, be sure to check out this clip of Oscar Isaac talking about whether or not he’d be down to do a Poe Dameron Disney+ series and this clip of Adam Driver and director J.J. Abrams discussing the importance of Kylo Ren’s helmet in Rise of Skywalker.

Daisy Ridley:

  • If Ridley could swap roles with anyone in the Star Wars film franchise, who would she pick and why?
  • If Ridley could witness “Baby Yoda’s first something,” what would it be and how would it go down?
  • Did Ridley ever read Colin Trevorrow’s ending for Star Wars 9?
  • Who is the unsung hero of The Rise of Skywalker?
  • Having completed the process of starring in a Star Wars trilogy, what advice would Ridley give to another actor stepping into the film franchise for the first time?

“I auditioned for this agency,” she says of how she first got into acting. “I got an advertisement first, and then something else, which I got fired from. It was soul-destroying. And then the next thing I got I thought was going to be my big break, and they cut the role .”

Eventually, Ridley’s agents got her an audition for “The Force Awakens” and the actress later told Refinery 29 that she showed up an hour early for her audition, because it was “definitely the most nervous I’ve ever been for an audition.”

In fact, when the film’s director, J.J. Abrams, eventually called Ridley to tell her she had the part, Ridley still didn’t quite believe him.

The movie went on to set box office records, grossing more than $2.07 billion worldwide, while catapulting Ridley to international stardom. The 2017 follow-up, “The Last Jedi,” grossed an also impressive $1.3 billion worldwide, while the trilogy’s final installment, “The Rise of Skywalker,” is also expected to clear well over $1 billion at the box office once it hits theaters on Dec. 20.

Because Ridley was a relatively unknown actress when she was cast in the franchise, though, she reportedly only earned a salary in the low six-figures for “The Force Awakens” (between $100,000 and $300,000), according to Variety. Those numbers likely increased for subsequent franchise installments, though Disney does not release salary figures for the movies’ stars.

Meanwhile, Ridley has also gone on to star in other films, such as 2017’s “Murder on the Orient Express,” which pulled in more than $350 million worldwide.

And, despite her acting success, Ridley still remembers her bartending skills fondly. The actress showed Fallon how to pour a proper pint of beer in a “Tonight Show” segment in 2019, and she also jumped behind the bar at the 2016 wrap party for “The Last Jedi” in Ireland, where she poured drinks for her castmates.

Fallon asked Ridley if she can pour a pint of Guinness. “Oh yeah. I can do it all,” the actress replied.

Disclosure: NBC and CNBC are both owned by the same parent company, NBCUniversal.

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Daisy Ridley Reveals She Almost Quit Star Wars While Filming The Force Awakens

In 1966, two football leagues were vying for gridiron dominance: the venerable NFL and the sport’s newcomer, the AFL. On June 8, 1966, the two leagues announced their plans to merge, rather than compete over players and a split fan base. This meant a new championship game had to be conceived that would show which was the dominant league every year. Today we know it as the Super Bowl—one of the most polished, extravagant events of the entire year. But on January 15, 1967, when the first AFL-NFL World Championship Game took place, it was something bordering on a disaster, with television mishaps, a dispute over the name, and thousands of empty seats marring the very first Super Bowl Sunday. To see how the big game nearly fell apart, here are eight facts about the first Super Bowl.

1. At first the game was only casually known as the Super Bowl.

In 1966, meetings were going on about the first-ever championship game between the NFL and the upstart AFL set to be played in January of that next year. In addition to talking about location and logistics, the big question on everyone’s mind was what to call it. Though Pete Rozelle, the NFL’s commissioner at the time, suggested names like The Big One and The Pro Bowl (which was the same name as the NFL’s own all-star game), it was eventually decided that the game would be called … the AFL-NFL World Championship Game.

A name like that just doesn’t create much buzz, though, and the newly merged league needed something punchier. Then Lamar Hunt, owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, recalled a toy his children played with, a Super Ball, which led to his idea: the Super Bowl.

The name picked up support from fans and the media, but Rozelle hated it, viewing the word “Super” as too informal. By the time the game began, the tickets read “AFL-NFL World Championship Game,” but people were still offhandedly referring to it as the Super Bowl. By the fourth year, the league caved and finally printed Super Bowl on the game’s tickets. For Super Bowl V, the Roman numerals made their debut and stayed there every year except Super Bowl 50 in 2016. (The first three championship games have also been officially renamed Super Bowls retroactively.)

2. The first Super Bowl aired on two networks.

Since the first Super Bowl involved two completely different organizations, there was a bit of an issue televising the game. NBC had the rights to air AFL games, while CBS was the longtime rights holder for the NFL product. Neither station was going to miss out on its respective league’s championship game, so the first Super Bowl was the only one to be simulcast on two different networks. Rival networks also meant rival announcing teams: CBS used their familiar roster of play-by-play man Ray Scott in the first half, Jack Whitaker in the second half, and Frank Gifford doing color commentary for the entire game. Curt Gowdy and Paul Christman led the voices for NBC.

It turns out the competition between the two networks for ratings superiority was just as intense as the helmet-rattling game played on the field. Tensions were so high leading up to game day that a fence had to be built in between the CBS and NBC production trucks to keep everyone separate. The more familiar NFL broadcast team over on CBS won the ratings war that day, beating NBC’s feed by just a bit over 2 million viewers.

3. Super Bowl I didn’t even come close to selling out.

The cheapest price for a Super Bowl LIII ticket—which will take place on February 2, 2019—is currently hovering between $2500 and $3000, but frankly, you could probably charge people double that and the game would still be a guaranteed sellout. The first Super Bowl, however, didn’t quite have that same cachet behind it. With tickets averaging around $12, the AFL-NFL World Championship Game couldn’t manage to sell out the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in 1967. It’s still the only Super Bowl not to fill up its venue.

Despite blacking the game out on TV stations within 75 miles of the Coliseum to get fans to the stadium rather than watching at home, about a third of the stadium’s seats were empty. Some fans balked at the steep $12 ticket prices, while others were so incensed at the blackout that they stayed away out of protest. Whatever the reason, the sight of tens of thousands of empty seats for what was supposed to be the most important game in both leagues’ history was not what Rozelle had in mind when the Super Bowl was conceived.

4. Different balls and different rules were used for Super Bowl I.

Matt Sullivan, Getty Images

The overall product between the AFL and NFL weren’t that different, but there were a few hiccups when making the rules fair for both teams. The AFL’s two-point conversion rule, which it used for the entirety of its existence, was barred from the game, allowing only the traditional point-after field goal instead. When the AFL and NFL later merged, the two-point conversion was banished altogether until 1994, when it was reinstated league-wide.

The other big change for the game was the ball itself. The AFL used a ball made by Spalding, which was slightly longer, narrower, and had a tackier surface than the NFL’s ball, which was created by Wilson. To make each team feel at home, their own league’s ball would be used whenever they were on offense.

5. Super Bowl I’s second half kickoff had to be redone because the camera missed it.

When the second half of Super Bowl I began, everyone was ready for the kickoff: players, refs, and the production crew. Well, one production crew was ready, anyway. It turns out NBC missed the opening kickoff of the second half because the network was too busy airing an interview with Bob Hope. The kickoff had to be redone for the sake of nearly half the TV audience; even worse, some poor soul probably had to break the news to Packers coach Vince Lombardi.

6. The First-ever halftime show featured two dudes in jetpacks.

Forget your Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi performances; Super Bowl I’s halftime show was an affront to gravity itself as two men in what can only be described as jetpacks (though technically they were called “rocket belts”) flew around the field to give people a glimpse at what the future of slightly above-ground travel would look like. Very little video exists of the spectacle today, but this performance was later revisited at the halftime show for Super Bowl XIX, when jetpacks made their long-awaited return to gridiron absurdity.

In addition to its airborne theatrics, the inaugural show also included some marching bands and the release of hundreds of pigeons into the air—one of which dropped a present right on the typewriter of a young Brent Musburger.

7. The original Super Bowl I broadcast footage is currently in legal limbo.

Unlike today, where games are DVR’ed, saved, edited into YouTube clips, and preserved for all eternity, there is no complete copy of the broadcast edition of Super Bowl I. In 2005, a man from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, found a copy of the CBS broadcast in his attic, which had been recorded by his father on two-inch quadruplex tapes. However, the halftime show and parts of the third quarter are missing. The footage has been digitally restored and is currently locked in a vault at The Paley Center for Media in Manhattan. To this day, it hasn’t been shown to the public as Troy Haupt, the tape’s owner, is in legal limbo with the NFL over the exact worth of the footage.

8. The NFL tried—and failed—to show the game in some form in 2016.

Perhaps as a way to show Haupt that they didn’t need his tapes, the NFL Network released a version of the game cobbled together not from CBS or NBC footage, but from video edited together from its then-nascent NFL Films division. With the game’s radio call played over it, every play from the game was aired in 2016, albeit not how it was originally seen in 1967. Unfortunately, the game also featured some questionable running commentary from the NFL Network’s current analysts during the entire broadcast. The re-broadcast was such as disaster that the NFL Network had to re-re-broadcast it without the intrusive commentary from its own analysts.

9. There’s a chance that we could all—finally—see Super Bowl I soon.

While the legal back-and-forth between Haupt and the NFL has been ongoing for years, there is a chance it could be resolved in the near future—though whether that happens could rely on a Kickstarter campaign. Earlier this month, filmmakers Tim Skousen and Jeremy Coon (a producer and editor on Napoleon Dynamite) launched a Kickstarter with the goal of raising $50,000 in funding to make a documentary about the protracted legal battle over the rights to the tape that would finally see the footage released. Haupt is collaborating with Skousen and Coon on the project, and has agreed to sell them the tape if all goes according to plan.

“It’s too easy for the NFL to put pressure on the little guy,” Skousen told The Wall Street Journal. “But thousands of little guys who are their biggest fans is a lot harder.” Though they’ve raised just under $10,000 so far, the campaign won’t conclude until February 15, 2020.

Star Wars Actress Daisy Ridley Will Not Stand for Skinny Shaming

After skyrocketing from relative anonymity to “Star Wars”-level fame, Daisy Ridley has quickly become a household name. But beyond her acting chops and killer red carpet style we now have another reason to love the 23-year-old British actress: She just epically shut down a body shamer by criticizing the notion that ‘real women’ come in any special shape or size. (Because apparently in 2016, that still needs to be done.)

It all started with a meme that featured a picture of Ridley’s “Force Awakens” character Rey next to a speech bubble that reads: “I can’t believe the unrealistic expectations I’m setting for young girls. Who cast me anyway? Don’t they know real women have curves?” (Clearly, this shaming goes both ways. Remember when Gigi Hadid was body shamed for being too curvy?)

Ridley came back with this glorious response: “‘Real women’ are all shapes and sizes, all ethnicities, all levels of brave, have families, don’t have families,” she wrote. “I am a ‘real woman’ like every other woman in this world.” While her post is now deleted (Ridley realized the username of the person who posted the meme was visible), she followed up with an open letter on her Instagram, and like the classy lady she is, asked fans not to attack the user who wrote the original post.

In the letter, Ridley calls out how inspiring her character-a strong woman capable of doing things without the help of a man-has been to her fans, and even compares herself to her character saying, “I’m a normal girl thrust into extraordinary circumstances, just like Rey.” (Check out these Women Who Prove Being Strong Is Dead Sexy.)

“I will not apologise for how I look, what I say and how I live my life ’cause what’s happening inside is much more important anyway and I am striving to be the best version of myself, even if I stumble along the way,” she writes.

“It seems apt I get tagged in this a day after I received misogynistic comments on my #IWD post . For all of you who celebrate each other, celebrate the ones you love, love yourselves, work hard, are kind, thank you for your continued support,” she goes on to say.

To finish off, Ridley reminded us of that age-old favorite of moms everywhere: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” she wrote. “Kindness isn’t going to cure the world of all its awfulness but it’s a good place to begin.” You go, Daisy!

  • By Kylie Gilbert @KylieMGilbert

What ‘Star Wars’ actress Daisy Ridley did to get in shape for ‘The Last Jedi’

  • Daisy Ridley’s workouts help her de-stress and prep for physically taxing scenes in ‘Star Wars.’
  • She squeezes in exercise whenever possible, including on set.
  • Ridley also takes time to rest, and fuels her workouts with a mostly vegan diet.

Daisy Ridley was a relatively unknown actress before snagging the role of Rey in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” And although the 25-year-old revealed “Star Wars: Episode IX” will be her last film with the current trilogy, her challenging workouts haven’t let up.

Here’s everything we know about how she stays in shape.

She trains five days a week.

Ridley’s exercise schedule includes workouts spanning five hours a day, five days a week according to Elle. This is in addition to daily stunt practice.

Though the strict routine started as a way to stay in shape for re-shoots and appearances, Ridley told Elle that working out has become part of her solace.

“Because it’s the only thing structured in my life right now,” she said. “Training is sort of a therapy session, I guess.”

She does a mix of different workouts.

Ridley previously posted tons of workout videos to her since-deleted Instagram account. E!News and Mashable, however, compiled some of Ridley’s best workout videos showing the variety in her routine, which includes kickboxing, rock climbing, and weightlifting. Some of the moves she posted include squats, bicep curls, and lunges. E!News also reports that Ridley’s deadlift is 176 pounds.

She can’t do push-ups and favors sprinting.

Ridley said in a Facebook Live video that she wasn’t into sports before filming “Star Wars,” but has since grown fond of exercise, especially sprinting.

One move that’s not so powerful is her push-up: Because of her bad wrist, she steer’s clear of the exercise.

She wields a lightsaber as part of her routine.

She is dedicated to learning the right moves. Star Wars Legacy/YouTube

Although she didn’t actually enroll in the Lightsaber Academy, Ridley told Vogue that her neon martial-arts training could be markets that way that way.

“You do, like weight thwacks one way, eight the other, eight up, eight down,” she said explaining the moves.

A promotional Instagram video for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” shows Ridley practicing some of these moves for one of her many lightsaber-yielding scenes in the film.

“Physically, I never really had to push myself that hard, and stamina-wise you’re like ‘Oh my God,'” she said. “It’s like a psychological thing of knowing you can do it more and more and more.”

She squeezes in exercise whenever possible.

Chris Vincent and Jack Graves from LA-based Altus Health, have coached Ridley and other “Star Wars” cast members, including Oscar Isaac and Laura Dern.

Vincent and Graves told Healthista that Ridley and the other actors took advantage of every spare minute between filming to break a sweat — even if that meant working out at the crack of dawn.

“Whenever there is camera turn around or lunch. We will do recovery, stretching and flushing in between scenes,” Vincent said. “On other long days the cast will sometimes meet us at 5 a.m. before shooting at 7 a.m., before lunch, or the end of the day which is sometimes two, three, or four in the morning.”

She takes time for recovery.

Ridley took a break from the gym for the premiere of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

According to Vincent and Graves, Ridley and other stars have one to two rest days during the week. But their recovery doesn’t involve relaxing on the couch. Rather, they meet with chiropractors, massage therapists, and nutritionists.

“I’m a massive believer in quality over quantity, so if they have had a stressed day, I’m not going to expect them to work out because it’ll only stress the body more, and put them at risk of getting ill,” Graves told Healthista.

Another part of the recovery process is a leg sleeve that pumps 10 minutes of hot water and 10 minutes of cold water to help flush lactic acid, Healthista reports.

She considers herself a “cheating vegan.”

Ridley told Elle that she eats lots of fish, legumes, and spirulina shakes during filming. In an interview with Elle UK, she said that she considers herself a “cheating vegan” because she “cuts out a lot of things” including meat, dairy, and eggs. According to a previous INSIDER report, Ridley’s battle with endometriosis — and subsequent struggle with acne — are also reasons she steers clear of sugar and dairy since reducing them in your diet can positively affect your skin.

It’s inspiring that Ridley trains like a Jedi, and her appreciation of all types of workouts can serve as motivation to try out something new and switch up your usual routine — with or without a lightsaber.

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Daisy Ridley’s new haircut is so sharp it could cut glass

Image zoom Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Daisy Ridley, the actress who made her film debut as Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, attended the October 18th premiere for Sony’s The Eagle Huntress, a Sundance documentary on which Ridley was an executive producer. The actress showed up wearing a beautifully simple LBD (little black dress), and rocked a new sleek haircut that is so sharp, we’re in desperate need of a bandaid. Anyone have one they could spare?

Before the cut, Ridley’s hair was dark and sultry, falling just below the shoulders in tousled waves. Here she is in April accepting the 2016 Breakthrough Performance MTV Movie Award for her role as Rey:

Image zoom Getty Images / Kevin Winter

Our theory is that the star had to keep her hair long enough to fit into her iconic Rey triple bun ‘do while filming The Force Awakens and the upcoming, Star Wars: Episode VIII. But now that the Episode VII is in post-production, Ridley is ready to “cut” loose and try out a new look. Hey, there’s always hair extensions, right?

Ridley’s retro-esque look (especially paired with that red lip) is paying off big time. Look at how glamorous she is! In the words of Beyoncé, she’s “a grown woman.”

Image zoom Getty Images / Jon Kopaloff

The lightened brunette hair color makes Ridley’s green eyes pop, and the cut just below the chin highlights her face shape perfectly. Plus that wavy bang makes Ridley look like she stepped out of a scene in Mad Men.

As for The Eagle Huntress, it is a documentary about a 13-year-old Mongolian girl who strives to become the first female Eagle Hunter in male-dominated Mongolia. Ridley was eager to join co-executive producer, Morgan Spurlock, after seeing a rough cut of the film.

She is passionate about inspiring female empowerment and awareness by way of the main character, Aisholpan’s, true story.

Image zoom Getty Images / Jeffrey Mayer

Ridley herself is successfully preaching female empowerment via her new look. She looks professional and powerful in her black dress and with her straight lob (long bob). The new title of “executive producer” fits her well and we’re eager to see what other projects Ridley will become involved in.

  • By Olivia Harvey

Daisy Ridley Shuts Down Body-Shaming Troll

Daisy Ridley was rudely acquainted with the realities of the internet in a drama that played out in the comments section of a now-deleted Instagram post. After a post celebrating International Women’s Day, Ridley was the target of a body-shaming critic who chastised her for being too thin. The Instagram user said that Ridley “set unrealistic expectations” that could damage young girls who don’t know that “real women have curves.” Ridley, who is a woman, refused to have her reality questioned. “’Real women’ are all shapes and sizes, all ethnicities, all levels of brave,” she wrote. “I am a ‘real woman’ like every other woman in this world.” That would seem to be the end of things, but Ridley’s fans apparently sent the body shamer rude messages. Ridley then deleted her post which contained both the image and her comment and put up another post calling for kindness. “People who relate to something in Rey they haven’t found in a female character before,” she wrote. “People who daughters now think they can do things without the aid of a man, but who wouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help. It is much more hurtful to continue to slate other women than BE a woman, BE a character, BE whoever you want to be.” She went on, refusing to back down or be silenced. “I will not apologise for how I look, what I say and how I live my life cause what’s happening inside is much more important anyway and I am striving to be the best version of myself, even if I stumble along the way,” she wrote. Ridley finished with a call for kindness. “Remember that expression, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Kindness isn’t going to cure the world of all its awfulness but it’s a good place to begin.”

Daisy Ridley fights back against body shaming on Instagram

Image zoom Walt Disney Pictures

Daisy Ridley became a role model for women everywhere after her performance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. After an incident on Instagram yesterday, the actress proved herself as a body positive role model off-screen, too.

Daisy, 23, responded to a meme that features a picture of her character, Rey. The meme criticized her for setting “unrealistic expectations. . . for young girls” and that “real women have curves.” Ridley initially posted a screenshot of the post with the caption “‘Real women’ are all shapes and sizes, all ethnicities, all levels of brave, have families, don’t have families. I am a ‘real woman’ like every other woman in this world.”

However, that post included the screen name of the person who posted it, and that person soon started receiving an influx of hate messages from her fans. So Daisy took her post down and then posted a lengthy editorial on Instagram that stuck to her initial points but without a potential attack on others, captioning it with a request to stop sending messages to the original poster.

“People who relate to something in Rey they haven’t found in a female character before,” she wrote in her second message. “People who’s daughters now think they can do things without the aid of a man, but who wouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help.”

Guys it was not my intention for anyone to send messages to that poor person that posted the original picture. My whole post is about being kind to each other, so please refrain!

A photo posted by @daisyridley on Mar 9, 2016 at 1:13pm PST

Daisy added that she refuses to apologize for her body or her appearance because “what’s happening inside is much more important anyway.” She continued:

“I’m a normal girl thrust into extraordinary circumstances, just like Rey . . f you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Kindness isn’t going to cure the world of all its awfulness but it’s a good place to begin.”

Thank you, Daisy Ridley, for highlighting that body shaming can happen to anyone, of any body shape or size — and for continuing to preach the incredibly important message of self-love and body positivity to girls and women everywhere.

  • By Sammy Nickalls

Daisy Ridley is fighting back against body shaming.

The 23-year-old English actress responded to on a meme posted to Instagram slamming her casting in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The post, which featured a still-frame image of her Star Wars character, Rey, criticized Ridley for setting “unrealistic expectations” for young girls due to her slender physique, adding “real women have curves.”

Ridley responded to the critic’s comments by posting a screengrab of the insult, under which she wrote, “‘Real women’ are all shapes and sizes, all ethnicities, all levels of brave, have families, don’t have families. I am a ‘real women’ like every other woman in this world.”


Ridley soon deleted the post, which contained the username of the body-shaming commenter in question, after her fans apparently sent her critic a slew of hateful messages. She soon posted a lengthy editorial to Instagram, standing by her original comments but in a way that wouldn’t lead to an attack on any other users.

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The actress wrote in the caption to the open letter, “Guys it was not my intention for anyone to send messages to that poor person that posted the original picture. My
whole post is about being kind to each other, so please refrain!”

In her brief essay, Ridley addressed her celebrated character and defended Rey’s position as a role model.

“People who relate to something in Rey they haven’t found in a female character before. People who’s daughters now think they can do things without the aid of a man, but who wouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help,” Ridley wrote.

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She also defended herself and her appearance, writing, “I’m just a normal girl thrust into extraordinary circumstances, just like Rey. I will not apologize for how I look, what I say and how I live my life cause what’s happening inside is much more important anyway and I am striving to be the best version of myself, even if I stumble along the way.”

NEWS: Carrie Fisher Advises ‘Star Wars’ Newcomer Daisy Ridley Not to Wear the Gold Bikini

“For anyone who has a problem with ANYONE in life, be them someone you know or someone you don’t, remember that expression: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” Ridley concluded. “Kindness isn’t going to cure the world of all its awfulness but it’s a good place to begin.”

Recently, Ridley opened up with ET about going back to work on the next installment in the Star Wars franchise and the film’s new director, Rian Johnson. Check out the video below to hear more.

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