Losing Weight the Zumba Way

How can Zumba fitness class at Bolly Dancing Studio help you drop those kilos?

In Zumba, as with so many exercise programs, how soon you see results depends on how much time and energy you’re willing to put in. And that’s what’s great about this dance exercise, you have so much fun doing your dance moves, you don’t realise how much energy you’re burning. Zumba never feels like a chore.

Dance Moves That Fight Flab!

If you’re going to regular classes you’ll certainly get the 60 minutes of daily exercise that experts recommend. A person weighing around 65 kilos will burn over 500 calories doing 60 minutes of Zumba. And of course, the more intense your movements, the more calories you can lose.

If you attend a one hour Zumba class five times a week, you could burn up to 2,500 calories. This means that within a only three months it is possible to lose a stone provided you are also eating healthily. To guarantee weight loss, you need to watch your calorie intake doesn’t surpass the calories needed to maintain your weight. Of course, Zumba isn’t only good for burning calories. The energetic dance style offers a great cardiovascular workout as well.

Bolly Dancing Studio promises that if you put the work in, your Zumba classes will not only be great fun but will soon see you on the road to a thinner and fitter you.

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Simone De La Rue knows how to transform bodies in the sneakiest of ways: by making them have fun. The celebrity trainer, Broadway dancer, and Revenge Body star noted that she herself isn’t a fan of traditional exercise. “I would not run for 40 minutes, I would not cycle for 40 minutes, I would not swim for 40 minutes,” she told POPSUGAR. Are you in the same boat? It’s time to get your groove on.

Her secret to successful weight loss? Dance. “I absolutely trick people so they don’t know what’s happening,” she said, describing her fitness classes at Body by Simone as “40 minutes of nonstop dance.” And that’s what’s making dance cardio the hottest workout of 2017 — it’s fun, and you don’t feel like you’re working out. “It’s a way of getting that cardio in without even realize you’re doing it,” she said.

Dance is a full-body workout that uses every muscle group while also burning calories through cardio. “It requires the full body,” said Simone. “It’s not just like you’re sitting on a bike cycling and just using your lower body. You’re using upper and lower and core as well.” She told POPSUGAR that “so many people do barre and Pilates and yoga, which is really great, but we just need to get that heart rate up.” And that’s where the calorie-burning comes into play — unsuspecting high-intensity cardio. You’d be surprised at just how many calories dance burns, too — you could burn up to 600 (or more) with one hour of dance.


Another great side effect besides weight loss? Boosted mood. It’s scientifically proven to leave you feeling happier. “That’s the beauty about dance,” said Simone. “It’s fun, it’s joyous, you’re having to use your brain for choreography (which also burns calories!) — the fact that it’s so much fun, people don’t realize how quickly the time has gone.”

You can try some of Simone’s signature dance classes here at POPSUGAR, or check out her new fitness DVD that comes out April 10 — it’s all dance cardio!

Image Source: Body by Simone

How Can Zumba Help You to Lose Weight?

“Dancers are the athletes of God.” – Albert Einstein

A lot of people worry about losing weight, improving their fitness, or building muscle. A lot of people are looking for miraculous ways to lose weight. If you want a flat and firm stomach, though, only physical exercise will work.

When it comes to sport, Zumba workouts can help increase your heart rate to lose weight while having more fun than you would on a treadmill or during high-intensity aerobic interval training. This is why more and more people in the UK are choosing to do Zumba rather than traditional cardio workouts or high-intensity interval training (HIIT workout).

Maybe you haven’t been drawing in yet. That said, Zumba is the perfect sport for toning your muscles and losing weight.

So how can you lose weight through Zumba?

In this article, we’re going to look at how you can use Zumba to lose weight and tone muscle, get personalised Zumba sessions, or do Zumba in the comfort of your own home.

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Zumba, Dancing to Lose Weight

Like any other cardio workout, Zumba is a great way to lose weight. You just need to know how. Each type of sporting activity uses different sets of muscles, different parts of our bodies, and has different effects on our fitness and endurance. Zumba won’t have the same effects as running, elliptical training, or a stationary bike, for example.

Zumba combines working out and doing cardio. (Source: PublicDomainPictures)

When it comes to decreasing your body weight, it’s all about every calorie you burn. While you can do this through jogging, rowing, or cycling, Zumba is far more fun.

Firstly, let’s refresh our memory. Zumba is a type of dance that, through various quick steps, can improve your cardio, resulting in fat burning. It was created in the 1990s by Alberto Perez and quickly became popular around the world.

By making aerobic exercise fun, you can improve your fitness by dancing along to music with Zumba. Zumba works on your entire body and allows you to burn a lot of calories in a short period of time, resulting in weight loss.

In a typical Zumba session, you can burn around 500 calories. This is because you exercise in intervals. This is when you go between intensive exercise and low-intensity exercise. By doing cardiovascular exercise, you can improve your metabolism and burn fat.

You don’t necessarily need a weight goal to get started with cardio exercise, either. You can just start losing weight and toning muscle today.

Generally, a session includes around 10 different cardio exercises that will help you burn calories and tone muscles. Each routine lasts around three and four minutes, just enough time for your body to realise that it’s exercising!

Over time, you’ll start seeing the effects. In addition to burning calories, you’ll also enjoy exercising along with the music.

Toning Muscle Through Zumba

Weight loss isn’t the only benefit of doing Zumba. As a complete sport, you’ll also tone and build muscle thanks to the different routines. You’ll start to tone after just a few sessions. Of course, this isn’t necessarily strength training and if you’re looking to build muscle rather than just burn body fat, you’ll need to do more than just get your heart pumping.

Zumba is a great way to have fun and get fit. (Source: voltamax)

Just like running and elliptical training, Zumba is a cardiovascular activity that you should stretch after doing. This can help you recover more quickly.

Zumba helps improve your metabolism, burn fat, and tone muscle. Of course, you won’t turn into Rocky after a couple of sessions, but it will be nice to improve your physique without thinking too much about it, won’t it?

Your stomach, hips, and torso are used a lot in Zumba. This means that they’ll regularly get a workout and, if you eat right, start toning up.

With a typical session lasting between 45 minutes and an hour (including the warmup), you’ll get the workout you need. Furthermore, as you get better at Zumba, you can start doing more demanding moves that come with even greater benefits.

That said, to get started with Zumba, you’ll need a certain level of physical fitness as this is a sporting activity. To get yourself in shape to do Zumba, you might want to start with aerobics.

Find out how often you need to dance to lose weight.

Losing Weight with Personalised Zumba Sessions

As you’ll have understood, rather than a restrictive and frustrating regime, Zumba is effective and fun. This sport allows you to tone muscle and lose weight while dancing.

Unlike group classes, a private Zumba tutor can personalise their sessions for you. (Source: foongkwan81)

However, like all sports, you won’t see results right from the very first session. In order to get the most out of any sporting activity, especially cardio, you need to consider your goals.

In order to set the right goals, you’ll need to consider:

  • Weight
  • Sex
  • Weight
  • Physical fitness
  • Parts of the body you want to work on
  • Budget
  • Equipment

By considering these factors, you’ll be able to work out achievable goals that are specific to you. Additionally, this means that you can tailor each session to you.

By mixing in a bit of salsa, flamenco, and reggaeton, Zumba has something for everyone. You can express yourself and get yourself moving. Even though the routines can sometimes be difficult to follow, don’t get discouraged.

In order to stay motivated, keep a note of the weight you’re losing through Zumba. An American study has shown in an average Zumba session, participants burnt an average of 720 calories. That should be enough to convince you.

Lose Weight by Doing Zumba at Home

When you decide to do Zumba at a gym, it’s easier to get motivated by other people. There are dozens of different routines and everyone’s taking part in them.

Zumba is a style of dancing that you can practise almost anywhere. (Source: kaboompics)

However, we can’t always make it to the gym. That’s why you should also consider doing Zumba at home.

Dancing as a sport doesn’t require a lot of equipment and it’s a great way to improve your physical fitness.

Have you decided?

Our first advice for losing weight with Zumba is to get the right clothes. You can wear tracksuit bottoms, leggings, trainers, a comfortable top, and make sure you also get a towel and a bottle of water. You’re going to break a sweat when you do Zumba!

You can get online Zumba tutors on sites like Superprof and they can tailor the routines to you and your goals. This means that the steps will work with your fitness level and the parts of your body you want to work on. You’ll lose weight more effectively if the lessons are tailored to you.

The great thing about Zumba is just how easy some of the steps can be. It’s more about moving than complicated steps. Your instructor will act as a guide but they’ll also just encourage you to get moving.

That said, we can assure you that if you’re doing it right, you’ll definitely be a bit sore after your first session. You’ll become quite athletic after a few sessions.

In short, Zumba is a great sport and more than just dancing. With different stretches and steps, it’s a total body workout that works like cardio training which can lead to fat loss. Isn’t it great that you can do all that while having fun?

If you’re interested, why not get in touch with a trainer or Zumba tutor?

On Superprof there are three main types of tutorials available: private tutorials, online tutorials, and group tutorials.

Private tutorials are when there’s just you and the tutor. While these are often the most expensive, they’re also the most cost-effective because your tutor is focused on you for every minute of the session. This also means that the sessions are planned with you in mind.

Online tutorials are cheaper than face-to-face private tutorials because the tutor doesn’t have to factor in travel costs. These tutorials are done remotely over webcam by using a service such as Skype. While these types of tutorials are usually better for academic subjects rather than physical ones, you can still get tutors teaching you Zumba using this method.

Finally, there are group tutorials. Group tutorials are more like your typical dance classes London. Generally, these are cheaper than private tutorials as the cost is shared amongst the students attending the class. Of course, this means that your tutor isn’t just focused on you and the lessons won’t be tailored to just you as they have other students to keep happy as well.

So are you ready to start Zumba?



  • Trainee Review

    I just want to take a moment to thank you for such a wonderful training! 30 years in the fitness industry means nothing if you don’t stay true to your primary focus, which is that of helping people. And, finding a way to do it that makes them WANT to get healthy & remain healthy. I think BollyX is a fantastic way to inspire many!!! Thank you for helping me find a new way to cue. There is ALWAYS more to learn and/or ways to do things better. One great aspect about life! Thank you for your amazing graciousness in humbly helping our small group to grow professionally. And, most of all, thanks for being such a caring person.Yvette Ford, Connecticut

  • Student Review

    I am a huge advocate for simply getting up and MOVING in ways that challenge my body in order to stay fit, and for me, BollyX definitely accomplishes that and more. I have very little dance experience and especially none in Bollywood dance but the combination of the rhythmic moves and various postures were a blast and had my muscles burning and heart pounding for the length of the class!Thomas Baade, MIT Grad Student

  • BollyX just rocks. It’s an amazing place to get a solid workout, learn some Bollywood dance moves, and meet people. I’d highly recommend it to anyone trying to get in great shape and have a blast doing it. Honestly, I’ve never done a dance fitness class before. As a former college athlete, I thought it would be too easy. Then I tried BollyX and they kicked my butt – now I’m back every week loving it!Brint Markle, Entrepreneur
  • BollyX has intensified my passion for dancing in ways I never saw coming. Working up a sweat has never felt so effortless and the enthusiasm of the instructors bring this class to a whole new level. Not only is this an effective workout that leaves my body feeling awesome, it also opened my mind to a whole new culture of music and dancing that I have a new appreciation for.Ingy Alhelawe, BU Dental Student
  • BollyX is amazing! Awesome instructors, energetic music, and tons of fun! Even an uncoordinated and lanky guy like me can do it and have a blast. And, I actually feel like I’m becoming a better dancer in the process. I was really surprised by how quickly I started picking things up.Nicholas Sze, Consultant
  • I keep coming back to BollyX because it brings passion and soul into an intense workout routine that always leaves me feeling happy and uplifted. The Bollywood flare, the cheerful beats, and above all the passionate instructors make it an experience unlike any other I have had in fitness classes!Hong Gou, Biotech Marketing Manager
  • BollyX is a great way to get in a great workout and have a ton of fun. The thoughtful mix of dances and strength calisthenics makes the class a fun substitute for my usual boring treadmill and weights routine. The instructors are fantastic, the environment is judgement-free, and the workout is awesome!Kirsten Schulte, MBA Student
  • Studio Owner Review

    Thank you to the BollyX team for coming up with such a fun program that exposes participants to the beauty of Bollywood steps and music while seamlessly fusing it with mainstream dance fitness components. The iDance Boston clients loved it and are excited to have you continue to offer it at the studio. From a business owner standpoint, it has been an absolute pleasure to interact with all of your team members from planning to execution. Your energy is contagious! Keep up the amazing work!Monica Bou, iDance Boston

  • If you enjoy Bollywood and Bhangra music and dancing, take this training! I learned so many interesting facts and authentic techniques about various styles of South Asian dancing at the BollyX Certification course. If you are a fitness or dance instructor, it will take your dancing skills and knowledge of South Asian culture to another level. If you aren’t a fitness instructor but want to share your love of South Asian dancing and music, you can start your journey here. You won’t regret taking this training course.Fen Tung, Boston
  • BollyX training was a great experience! The founders of BollyX are kind, thorough and innovative. Being a busy student, BollyX allows me to kill two birds with one stone–get a great workout and still feel the ecstasy from a great dance routine. I can’t wait to teach BollyX and spread the movement.Mili Shah, Boston
  • I was so excited to be a part of the first BollyX training in Boston! The 8 hour day was filled with information on different styles of South Asian dance and how to maximize the fitness potential with every move. The music and choreographies are so much fun and very easy to follow. I definitely now have a solid base of knowledge to build from and I can’t wait to teach my first BollyX class!Anita Patel, Boston
  • I had an incredible time training for BollyX. The format, song selection, basic steps and goals behind BollyX were broken down and taught in a very easy and enjoyable manner.Harlean Ahuja, Chicago
  • Media Review

    Between the upbeat energy of the class, the motivating instructor, the unique fusion of cultures and music, it’s easy to forget you’re getting a great workout.Stephanie Cohn, Boston Magazine

  • We moved fast, we broke a serious sweat, and we had blast. I think we even each picked up a few new moves to try out on the bar dance floors…Point anyone? Tell the DJ to pump it up!Just Us Gals
  • Instructor Review

    If you are a fitness instructor looking to strengthen your teaching ability, BollyX is the training for you! Their B.O.L.D approach to teaching has allowed me to implement extremely useful techniques in various other formats. I credit all of the strong cues and SWAG I present in any class to BollyX.Nicole Derosiers, Boston

Dance for fitness


Dance styles

Not sure which dance style you’d like to try? Below is a quick guide to some popular dance styles taught in the UK.

Modern jive

Modern jive, popularly known as LeRoc and Ceroc, has evolved from jive and swing into 1 of the simplest of all partner dances.

There’s no footwork to learn, so within half an hour your local club will have you turning and spinning to the biggest chart hits of today and yesterday, with lots of different partners.

For more information, including classes near you, visit The LeRoc Modern Jive Federation or Ceroc.

Street dance

Street dance describes urban dance styles that evolved on the street and in school yards and nightclubs, including hip-hop, popping, locking, krumping and breaking.

These dances are practised competitively, as well as being an art form and a great workout.

For more information, including classes near you, visit Dance Near You.


The first ballet school, the Académie Royale de Danse, was established in France in 1661.

Today there are 3 main forms of ballet: classical, neoclassical and contemporary.

Ballet’s conventional steps, grace and fluidity of movement are a great foundation for dance in general.

For more information, including classes near you, visit the Royal Academy of Dance or the British Ballet Organisation (BBO).

Contemporary dance

Unlike dances such as ballet, contemporary dance is not associated with specific techniques.

In contemporary dance, people attempt to explore the natural energy and emotions of their bodies to produce dances that are often deeply personal.

For more information, including classes near you, contact your regional dance agency on the Dance UK website.

Line dancing

Line dances are choreographed dances performed in unison by a group of people in rows.

Anybody can do it and the steps are easy to learn.

From their first lesson, beginners can enjoy dancing to a whole range of line dance routines to all genres of music, like country, Irish, Latin and pop.

You do not need a partner, so it’s great for meeting people.

Find a line dance class using DanceWeb.

Salsa dancing

Salsa dancing is a fun and flirtatious form of partner dancing, fusing steamy Afro-Caribbean and Latin styles into simple and lively movements.

The word “salsa” is Spanish for “sauce” (usually hot and spicy), which is an appropriate description for a dance that’s energetic, passionate and sexy.

The basic steps are easy to learn and you’ll salsa your way across the dance floor before you know it.

For more information, including classes near you, visit Salsa Jive UK.

Ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing has made a comeback in recent years, partly thanks to TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing.

There are many styles of ballroom dancing from around the world, such as the waltz, tango and foxtrot, and each has specific step patterns.

It’s essential for both partners, the leader as well as the follower, to know the steps so they can dance together.

For more information, including classes near you, visit the British Dance Council.


Zumba is a popular fitness programme inspired by Latin dance.

The word “Zumba” comes from a Colombian word that means to move fast and have fun.

Using upbeat Latin music together with cardiovascular exercise, Zumba is aerobic dancing that’s great fun and easy to learn.

For more information, including classes near you, visit Zumba Fitness.

Flamenco dancing

From Andalusia in Spain, this is the dance of swirling skirts, castanets and breathtakingly fast heel stomping.

Flamenco’s musical and dance traditions are centuries old, blending gypsy, Moorish and Andalusian influences.

Flamenco is a solo dance characterised by hand clapping, percussive footwork and intricate hand, arm and body movements.

For more information, including classes near you, visit Dance UK.

Tap dancing

Tap dance uses shoes with small metal plates on the soles to make the dance itself part of the music.

Tap evolved in America and has its roots in African dance, Irish dance and clog dancing.

It’s as popular today as it was in the heyday of the great Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly musicals, and companies like Tap Dogs demonstrate how contemporary it can be.

For more information, including classes near you, visit the tap section on the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) website.

Bollywood dancing

Bollywood dancing stems from the Indian film industry and is now popular throughout the world.

It’s known for being upbeat and often helping to tell a story or show emotions.

Bollywood dance blends classical Indian dance forms, with its intricate hand gestures and footwork, with modern western styles, including hip hop and jazz.

For more information, including classes near you, visit Akademi.

Modern jazz dance

Jazz dancing is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.

Jazz dance evolved alongside jazz music and was popularised in ballrooms across the US by the big bands of the swing era.

It offers a full body workout, developing dance ability, flexibility, strength and rhythm.

For more information, including classes near you, contact your regional dance agency on the Dance UK website.

Wheelchair dancing

Wheelchair dancing is open to people of all abilities, including mixed ability dance partners.

From the ballroom to the street, not forgetting ballet and group dances like Gangnam or line dancing, nothing is off limits for those wheels of steel.

For more information and to find a class near you, visit Para Dance UK.

Group Fitness Classes

Our YMCAs offer a wide variety of group fitness classes for almost every ability and interest. Each month our Association holds more than 300 group fitness classes across YMCA branches throughout the Triangle.

You’ll find low-impact and beginner classes, cardio fitness, dance, Pilates, cycle and Yoga and more advanced cycle, boot camp and kickboxing classes.

YMCA group fitness classes are for YMCA Members age 14 and older. (Members under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.) See a full list schedule here.



These classes are geared to our senior members (ages 65 and older) and include low-impact, chair Yoga and water exercise.


Cardio Fitness classes include kickboxing, outdoor boot camp and aerobics. These classes are designed to get your heart rate up and keep you moving.


Cardio Strength classes include interval training and weight classes designed with a focus on building strength and muscle with a cardio element as well.


Cycle classes use stationary bikes in a room. An instructor leads the class through a variety of different bike settings for a full workout. There are classes for all levels.


Dance classes use music and Latin-American dance moves for a full-body workout. These classes include Zumba, Hip Hop and Pop Fitness.


These classes are low key, low impact and designed to get the family moving together. Classes are for ages 6 and up and may include Yoga or Sports Conditioning.


Pliates and Yoga classes improve flexibility and core strength. These classes are for beginners to advanced and include Chair Yoga, Gentle Yoga and PiLo.


Strength training classes target specific muscle groups or provide an overall workout. These classes include Toning (Total Body Strength) and Abs.


Any group fitness class that takes place in the pool is a water exercise class. These classes include Deep Water Aerobics, Water Aerobics and Water Walking.


This is not a free group fitness class, but YMCA on-site child care certainly helps you get to the gym when you know your little ones will be well taken care of. Offered at most YMCAs.

All classes are not offered at all YMCAs. Please check the group fitness schedules for class locations and times.

Dance classes to lose weight

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