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I’m excited to review this facial moisturizer/day cream. This was purchased on a whim, I wasn’t sent this product by anyone, so it’s not a sponsored post but rather my personal, unbiased opinion. I’m all about sharing the love and giving good information when I can to those that can benefit.

I came across this cream at a Marshall’s (if you read my blog then you know discount stores are my fav – bargainista!). I was in dire need of a new daytime moisturizer. When it comes to skin care, I’m always on the lookout for new, quality products with great results and even greater ingredients. I wasn’t expecting to find anything as I was browsing, but I browsed the skincare aisle anyway, and this bright orange box caught my eye.

Danielle Laroche Collagen Day Cream is really a gem. I didn’t really have many expectations, especially since it was under $15 but I took a chance simply due to the fact that it contained great ingredients.

So here is my review – pros and cons of this facial moisturizer.


  • The cream is very moisturizing – when applied after cleansing, it leaves skin very supple, soft and smooth
  • Cream goes on smoothly – it’s thick but not sticky at all
  • Sleek packaging – the cream is in a glass jar with a mirrored lid
  • It contains many natural ingredients – so there’s not too much concern for putting synthetic chemicals on your skin
  • Collagen! As we get older, the collagen levels in our skin being to diminish so it’s never too early to add a collagen balancing product to your routine (especially if you’re no longer in the teen years)
  • Polite smell – I say polite because it doesn’t smell terrible and doesn’t overcompensate with fruit/essential oils to smell good. It has a nice and pleasant odor
  • Lays very well under makeup. Since it goes on smoothly and absorbs easily, there is no problem adding your makeup on top of this moisturizer.


  • The glass jar – this isn’t really con per se, but an inconvenience to anyone with long nails. It was a bit difficult to get to the bottom of the jar as the cream began to get low.

Overall, there isn’t anything really bad that I can say about the Danielle Laroche Collagen Day cream. I don’t know that I absolutely love it, but it is a really great cream that I would purchase again. There were no adverse reactions with it – no breakouts, blackheads etc. (always a plus with beauty products). I went looking for another one to purchase but the only place I found it was on Amazon for about $18 (which isn’t too bad since I bought mine just under $15).

The product is also made in Israel, so I don’t know that it would be readily available for purchase in all US stores – I haven’t seen it anywhere since. So Amazon is a good bet to getting your hands on this day cream. The brand also has other day and night creams, eye cream and various options so feel free to pick the one that works right for you (I’ll post some links below of the various options).

Conclusion – I would recommend this cream to you guys, it really is a gem of a moisturizer. Simple, straight to the point and works well. Let me know if you’ve tried it (or will try it) and enjoy smooth, supple skin – courtesy of Damielle Laroche.

Danielle laroche collagen face serum

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