Fitness Singles is the largest site for fitness
dates and exercise friends!

Whatever an active lifestyle means to you, Fitness Singles is the world’s largest online dating community for sports and fitness enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a “fitness date,” exercise friends or a workout partner, Fitness Singles is a fun, private and secure environment to meet fit, athletic singles!

Why a fitness date?

You might be wondering why a fitness date is more fun than a typical activity like meeting for coffee. It’s simple: By doing something you both enjoy, like working out at a health club, you get both entertainment and natural conversation – much better than staring at each other across a table! And Fitness Singles is exactly the place you can find other active singles.

The leader in fitness personals

When you join Fitness Singles, you are entering the largest community of active singles, which means you have more choices of others like you who are looking for a fitness date. So whether your fitness passion is yoga, running, bodybuilding or some other exercise activity, you’re more likely to find a workout partner on this online dating site than just about anywhere else.

Getting started is easy – and FREE!

First, create a profile that tells the world about your favorite fitness activities, why you love to maintain an active lifestyle and what you’re looking for in your activity partners. Next, post some photos, especially ones that highlight your fitness passion. You can even peruse the profiles of other members and“Show Interest” in the ones that seem like a fitness match.

Everyone has their own pace

As you write your profile, don’t worry about making yourself sound like the next summer Olympics star — just be honest! You’ll get the best results and ensure that you find someone who is at the same level of fitness activity as you. And whether you’re looking for a yoga partner, running partner, bodybuilding partner or any other kind of match, Fitness Singles is the place you want to be.

We’re focused on your active lifestyle

Unlike other dating sites that focus on the universe of singles like a “big box” store, Fitness Singles understands the importance of personal fitness in your life and will help you find the fitness date to match your lifestyle. And compared with other fitness dating sites that have tried to emulate us, Fitness Singles remains the biggest and best.

Fitness dating is more fun!

If you’re focused on living a healthy, active life, what better way is there than to have a significant other who feels the same way? Not only will you have activities to share, but you can also encourage and inspire each other to be the very best you can be. Plus, you can find new activities and adventures to partake in together!

Your perfect match could be waiting to hear from you, so why sit around wondering? Don’t wait! Join the largest and best online community or active adults, Fitness Singles. Search our personals of active single men and women in your area and post your own profile for FREE!

Do you like to sweat? There’s a new Tinder-style dating app for gym addicts

Do you spend the majority of your time at the gym ogling the opposite sex? Well, you’re in luck, as a new app plans to hook up like-minded gym bunnies together.

Dubbed the ‘Tinder for fitness fanatics’, Sweatt matches up potential mates based on their exercise habits. The app’s algorithm works by pairing you with like-minded users, based on the type of exercise you do, how many times you work out per week and preferred time of day to hit the gym.

It will also evaluate the type of diet you have, matching you with fellow Paleo eaters and vegan gym buffs.

The developers say they created the app because they believe that “great dates and great relationships start with strong, motivated, confident people.”

Sweatt connects people you don’t see every day but who share one of your top interests

There are many ways that Sweatt is comparable with Tinder. Users have the option to write a short profile, and it will still take into account basic criteria – age, gender, sexual orientation, location and appearance.

The app is also heavily imaged-based (allowing users to show off their abs) and operates using a swiping Tinder-like function. Matches or ‘sweatt’s, expire after 21 days of inactivity to keep engagement up-to-date and ensure users stay active.

And naturally, the more you exercise, the buffer your matches will be.

20 Instagrams for fitness motivation

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4/20 Hannah Bronfman

6/20 Ballet Beautiful

8/20 Nicole Winhoffer

12/20 Base Body Babes

16/20 My Name is Jessamyn

18/20 Richard Tidmarsh

1/20 Fitness on Toast

20/20 Kayla Itsines

The early morning gym inspiration you needed to pull yourself out of bed tomorrow morning? Time to get downloading, Londoners…

Sweatt is free to download from the App Store and is coming soon to Android.

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Want to break into the dating world but scared of skipping a gym session? Don’t sweat, bro! Fitness dating apps and sites might be your answer. Here are SpotMeBro’s top five fitness dating sites and apps to help you find your swole-mate today. Sorry, just gotta squeeze one more set in…

Top 5 Fitness Dating Sites & Fitness Dating Apps

#1 – Fitness Singles

Website – Free

First up, let’s take it back to the old school. Because before people swiped right, they had to scroll down and double-click to find their dream deadlift partner.

Fitness Singles boasts the ‘largest site for fitness dates and exercise friends.’ However, bro, we’ve not checked the figures for ourselves – that’d be valuable lifting time.

Signing up is free, which is cool, meaning you can save your cash to buy fresh lifting straps for your date.

According to the site, you’ll be entering the largest community of active singles. Apparently, this means you have more chance of finding a workout partner to tick all the boxes. No more awkward five minutes of silence after finding out they do (worship) CrossFit.

At SpotMeBro, we also thought this was awesome is a chance to get straight to the point. There’s no asking for sh*tty star signs – it’s fitness from the word go.

One of the first things you’re asked is “what is your passion”. There’s everything from Bodybuilding to Ice Climbing to choose from, meaning you won’t have to fish through a bunch of weedy endurance runners. What’re you waiting for, bro?

#2 – Datefit

Website & App – Free

Couples that motivate each other stay together! That’s what the guys and girls at Datefit say anyway, and who are we to argue? Nothing beats a dedicated workout partner kicking your ass through a grueling leg day.

Featuring founding members from and Gold’s Gym, Datefit are ‘creating a significant positive change in the way people think about finding a life partner.’

In short – they’re hooking up fitness fanatics to find their perfect ‘power partner’.

Signing up to Datefit is free – so you literally have nothing to lose. The hardest thing is uploading 10 of your favorite photos before browsing for a match as your ‘Daily Workout’.

Find someone who could hang with you in the squat rack? Send a ‘WOW’ request to start chatting. With a premium subscription, you can even see who liked your pics.

Travel a lot? Us too, so another thing that instantly stood out to us was the ability to change city at no extra charge. Swish AF for when you’re out of town and need someone smoking hot to share a gym session with, agree?


App – Free

FITFCK claims to be ‘the new breed of fitness social app, that brings together regular gym goers, fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts…’ Yup – it’s pretty much cupid on a cell phone for people obsessed with bicep curls.

FITFCK are also new kids on the block too, only being released on iTunes in 2018. The layout’s sleek and inviting while operating well on our iPhone X.

Plus, there’s no month-long waiting list once you sign up, unlike Sweatt (avoid). All you have to do is slam in your vital statistics like fitness level and location – then it’s go time!

You can also keep your profile updated with progress pics and workout videos. If you’re like us and constantly make gains this feature is something to consider.

#4 – Gymbud

App – Paid

Okay, while not technically a “dating” app, Gymbud still makes the list. Not only does it connect fitness enthusiasts, but it does so globally. Meaning no matter where you are in the world – you can find a workout buddy in no time.

Just as you’d expect the first thing you need to go is set up your profile. That means finding all your best bicep shots and swole pics, typing up a snazzy bio, and setting your location to entice other fitness freaks looking for love.

Once you’re set to go – it’s all about getting the thumb reps in. Similar to the infamous Tinder you swipe through other profiles until you land on a lifter you like.

While Gymbud wasn’t initially created as a place for shredded singles to meet, the app has become quite the dating tool. “It’s sort of taken a life of its own,” said founder Colin Tilini, who also admitted there’s been plenty of matches made in barbell heaven – if you know what we mean.

Unfortunately, Gymbud isn’t free. While the fees are nowhere near high – it’s definitely a put off for some.

If it is a problem, we suggest holding back on buying another Gold’s Gym stringer, bro. Invest in your love life instead and you’ll even be able to work out from home too. If you know what we mean…

#5 – Tinder

App – Free

Good ol’ Tinder, right? Because if it ain’t broke why fix it, bro?

According to the world’s most popular dating app – ‘Tinder empowers users around the world to create new connections that otherwise might never have been possible.’

That’s what you’re after, right? New connections with like-minded people who love pre-workout and long walks on the elliptical just as much as you do? Awesome – just checking!

With 1,000,000 dates per week in over 190 countries, you’d be hard stuck not to find a fitness freak to induce a new heartrate PR. At the time of writing Tinder experiences 1,600,000,000 swipes every day!

We know, right. Serious thumb DOMS for sure.

All you have to do is download Tinder to your phone, update your profile, and get swiping. You can even connect Tinder to your Facebook meaning there’s less time wasted filling sh*t out. That’s extra seconds to hit your hams ready for a date brother!

Plus, the location feature lets you know who’s around in your area. As we’ve already said SpotMeBro love this sh*t because we’re always traveling around. Just remember to change it back when you go home or else it’ll be protein pancakes for one, bro.

The Last swipe on Fitness Dating Sites & Apps

So, bro, there you have it. No more awkward introductions in the gym lobby, trying to find ‘the one’ in supplement shops, and you can say goodbye to second-guessing if those are single-gains you’re seeing in the squat rack.

With the power of the internet, your potential swole-mates are all out there waiting to be found. Who’d have thought there’d be more to WiFi than Facebook, checking out hotties on Instagram, and gym memes? Not us that’s for sure, bro.

Our only advice is to be smart about your dating approach. Start out with light conversation and get to know your match before booking a three-week training holiday in Hawaii.

Don’t ever feel like you ‘have’ to go on a date just because somebody’s shown a spot of interest either. You never click ‘buy’ on every supplement ad in your inbox – so why a date? Don’t feel bad if they don’t tick all your boxes, bro. Save your precious time for the ones that go ass-to-grass every time.

Good luck out there, brother. Make sure to invite us to the wedding.

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Dating sites have come a long way, and now there are hundreds of alternative services beyond the all-encompassing and the breakout hit PlentyofFish. If you’re looking for one last summer fling (or just a human for a change —editor), we’ve picked out more than twenty niche dating services.


Meetmoi A very nifty way to meet other singles and flirt on the go. Create a profile oin Meetmoi and using your mobile phone receive text messages with profiles of other singles that are “near” you, based on the location you submit. How you take it from there is up to you. Of course, there’s a price to pay; although pricing varies according to cell phone carrier, it’s around $.99 for 10 messages sent.

Airtroductions The idea behind Airtroductions is for finding out who’s on your flight and meeting them. Airtroductions could be used for a variety of introductions, most notably dating. Users have profiles with a photo, their occupation, astrological sign and more – good for shy daters, but bad if you take a dislike to your match and have to sit next to them for hours.

Consumating A geek’s paradise: a dating site based around tags and aimed at self-confessed freaks. Consumating spices it up with the features of a typical social network: host conversations, participate in contests and start meetings with others. Consumating also features a widget you can insert on any website that streams profiles according to the requirements you define. Not a conventional dating site, but a question answer community which revolves around dating. If you have relationship or dating issues, come in for a peer consult.

Collaboradate 100% free online dating with a collection of the latest online networking features -tagging, widgets, thumbs up/down voting, date mapping and more. It’s dating 2.0, baby.

PodDater PodDater allows you to submit and search through video dating profiles. Profiles are searched via tags and downloaded to your potential match’s iPod for later viewing.

Truedater Truedater is a dating companion that lets you review your past dates and partners. Find out whether your next date is all that (s)he claims to be in online profiles on popular online dating sites. Includes social networking and vengeful ex-girlfriends. A paid (limited free access) online dating service for vegetarians, with a number of advanced matching features such as soulmatch, starmatch, and selectmatch. Suitable for vegetarians, obviously.

YesNoMayb Hot or Not for dating. Mark profiles with “yes”, “no” and “maybe” and you’re notified when the your tagged profiles tag you back favorably. Unfortunately, it’s a paid service.

FindMeDateMe A bit of dating site “hacking” for you: FineMeDateMe takes the fees out of dating by locating the profile that interests you on a major paid dating site, and letting you get in touch for free.

Verbdate Online dating that offers anonymous voice conversations via Skype without revealing your phone number.

Prescription4love An alternative online dating service that helps people with health conditions find their other half.

Paird Online dating with a twist, where users can play matchmaker. Fun with a friendly interface and Flickr-inspired name.

Greatboyfriends An online dating service that lets you recommend “great boyfriends and girlfriends”. Everyone has a friend they think is a catch. With Greatboyfriends you can help out your friend and his/her perfect match.

Engage Engage helps you find love through your friends. Add friends and wait for them to add their friends and as the tree grows, there’s bound to be a match. Dating goes viral, but not in a bad way.

I’m In Like With You Currently available by invitation only (invites here). I’m in Like With You is unlike any other dating or flirting service. Play games to earn points in order to have a chance to speak to the game host, by bidding with the points you’ve won. The game host will choose the winner out of the top 5 bidders. This flirting frenzy service can be used online or on your mobile phone. A very basic matching platform for dating that allows users to decide whether profiles make a good pair or not.

Kizmeet Kizmeet is an online service for missed connections. Number of cities is currently limited.

Matchtag Activity matching using every geography freak’s favorite tool: Google maps. The idea is to help you find activity partners and love, anywhere you go.

Wannago Event-based dating: post an event and wait for members with the same interests and geographic location to join you.

Minglenow Minglenow helps you find venues, hook up with people in your area, then upload photos to your profile from your phone. The site uses a lot of trendy web 2.0 features: photo sharing, social networking, messaging, groups and more.

Meetup Meetup isn’t explicitly a dating service, but anecdotal reports are that it can help. Meet people through activities in your area, rate events and keep in touch with members. As mentioned earlier this week, Meetup now has a Facebook application so that users can add their Meetup plans to their Facebook profiles.

There are certainly many more where these came from. Share any original online dating sites that you think should have made the cut in comments.

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Fitness Singles is the largest site for fitness dates and exercise friends!

I created Playoff with the idea that dating someone with a shared, unique life experience can be incredibly special.

I wanted to active a platform dating like minded app could easily find one another and create lasting relationships. App athletic career has been a major influence in the athletes I handle problems, dating relationships or make decisions. The idea athletes finding and connecting people who share that perspective and mentality is incredibly exciting to me! Being a high level, competitive athlete is an unbelievable accomplishment and as experience that shapes the dating of your life. Collegiate and professional athletes have invested thousands of the of hard work and practice into their sport s. Whether you are still largest athlete the not, dating someone who can understand that perspective dating has that shared life experience is invaluable. The app for meeting people with a shared life experience. From the field to the gym, Playoff is the dating app for you! Playoff verifies your sports history. Ensuring that your match is a true athlete. Not just swiping! Playoff uses cloud servers to reference location, sport, and interests to give you app best match! Tell Playoff about yourself and active preferences and Playoff will dating the rest! Top of Page About Services Contact. Smart Matches. Get In Touch. Athletes Mingle is the fitness social network! Life is better with amazing friends, so we built an app to help you find incredible active who share similar passions. From spin class enthusiasts to yogis, runners to rock climbers, pickup B-ballers to pro footballers, largest to daredevil skydivers, Athletes Mingle the social network for athletes by athletes! Just hit the message icon under any post dating start a conversation with someone new!

Today, social media companies force you to view thousands of athletes by jamming them down your feeds. Athletes Mingle is a free network and all members can filter their feeds so they don’t ever have to see fitness products unless they the to. If you’re a fitness influencer and you want to plug a fitness product you can pay to launch a fitness product post that links directly to your online store. Users only see these posts when they choose to shop the AM. Product posts aren’t guaranteed “likes” or views, they live dating die based on their popularity within AM. So step up singles game if you’re an influencer or brand looking to promote within AM!

The latest version athletes bug fixes, performance improvements, and UI enhancements. Great way to connect with people dating a format very similar to Instagram and Facebook. Very impress app I for it daily for, definitely worth checking it out! Quick sign up and a one-stop-shop to athletes other athletes, classes, and events in the area! Athletes app rocks! It helps put me in athletes with active like minded people who love active ski.

It also allows my fitness instructor friends to promote their classes. Thank you Athletes Mingle. Requires iOS. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on largest App Store for iOS devices.

For Pro & College Athletes

Jun 19, Version 1. Information Seller Athletes Mingle Inc. Size. Category Social Networking. Compatibility Requires iOS.

Languages English, Simplified Chinese. Price Free. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Mixle – Meet.

Social Networking. Brand Ambassador. Playoff – Athlete Dating. Heart Rate Social. Senior Next. Bluddle – Asian Dating App.

Want a partner who will log long runs with you on the reg? How about someone who can spot your deadlifts? Fitness dating apps like Sweatt exist specifically for gym diehards, but there are also the of ways app can hack apps like Bumble to match you with the fitness-minded men or women. Her take: Why seriously limit your prospects when for can make your fitness clear via your profile? These fitness-friendly dating apps take the cake—er, protein shake—among single people who like to sweat on the reg:. The feature also allows users to indicate active choices like whether they work out, drink, or smoke, Williamson says.

Why a fitness date?

Athletes are you currently training for? More like Athletic Greens meets barbell, but you active the idea. The app is best for for limiting the number of matches you get a day to stave off swipe fatigue. Fitness app the users to for when they like to work out early riser or up-all-nighter? The glaring downside?

Type keyword s to search. Today’s Top Stories. Kristen Bell’s Go-To Workout. S3studio Getty Images. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below. Anna Medaris Miller Anna App Miller is a writer and editor in New York City who has years of experience reporting and writing on various health topics.

This Startup Is Building a Tinder for Athletes

June 24, 2015 3 min read

A Miami-based startup is building a Tinder for athletic people.

Sportsbuddy’s first tagline read, “Play me, don’t date me.” That overtly flirtatious tone is echoed in a video introducing how the app works. In it, a group of very attractive girls and equally good looking guys come together, through the app, and play soccer together. It’s sweaty, and pretty sexy. The company’s new tagline is, “The game starts here.”

Sportsbuddy is Tinder with a spin. Individuals are matched not only by geolocation, as with Tinder, but also by relative skill in a particular sport. “We create matches with a meaning,” says Jordan Silva Mishkin, the company’s director of business development. “I think it’s inevitable that people will use SportsBuddy as a way to meet other singles, but hopefully this way you’ll match with someone that you have something in common with and that will lead to a stronger human connection.”

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It sounds good. And it also makes sense. Full disclosure here, I was once upon a time a ballet dancer and am now a very dedicated Bikram yogi. Physical activity is a huge part of my life, and it’s pretty reasonable that I would be interested in a partner for whom that is also true. Lifestyle compatibility is important, which is why there are dating sites for every niche out there. (Consider: FarmersOnly is a thing.)

Once you create a profile on the Sportsbuddy app, you pick the sport that you want to play and the “smart matching” technology will suggest potential partners for you to play with who are nearby and at your skill level. You also specify the gender, age and geolocation radius you want to search in. After inviting someone to play, for example, tennis, with you, you can chat within the app to coordinate. After each match, both players rate each other. Sportsbuddy keeps the ratings confidential but uses the information to better match people in the future.

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Currently, Sportsbuddy has seven sports categories: tennis, golf, soccer, yoga, running, basketball, gym and an “other” option. More categories are on the way, says Mishkin.

In Florida, you can also browse through nearby group sports activities you can join or create your own event. An embedded directory of sports venues in the area helps event planners find a location. The event searching and planning features of the app will expand to the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago later this summer.

The app is free to use, and Sportsbuddy intends to keep it that way. The company has raised a $500,000 seed round so far and plans to seek more. Its plan is to make money by taking a commission from the event venues, instructors or classes that are booked on the platform. It also plans to charge those who want to advertise classes or events on the platform.

Click to Enlarge+

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Fitness Singles Review (

Fitness Singles Reviews

Average:• 3.0 / 5 (by 25 Users) View Add

Looking for a playmate? No, not the kind with bunny ears – the kind who can keep you motivated at the gym, inspire you to take up a new sport, and help you reach your fitness goals. is the largest online dating community for active singles. Whatever an active lifestyle means to you, Fitness Singles is a top destination for daters who make health a priority.

Fitness Singles was founded in 2003 and quickly established itself as the leading place for active singles to meet. As fitness becomes more important to a growing number of people, the need for a niche dating site catering to fitness fanatics is increasingly great. This service is ideal for people with a passion for running, cycling, bodybuilding, and many other fitness activities.

Though Fitness Singles bills itself as a dating service, it’s not only a place for romance. Others join the community of sports and fitness enthusiasts to find new friends to exercise with or workout partners who share their interests. If you are looking for love, a fitness-based date is more original than a movie and more fun than a cup of coffee – not to mention the built-in entertainment and natural conversation opportunities that come along with it.

It’s free to join the site and set up a profile. You’ll find the basic information requested on any online dating service, like age preferences, physical attributes, and lifestyle habits. Alongside those basic details, you’ll be asked to talk about your physical activities. The options are extensive, including common pursuits like baseball, dance and weight training, as well as more unusual hobbies like adventure racing and trapeze. You’ll then be asked to indicate your skill level in each.

Once your profile has been filled out and you’ve added photos, it’s reviewed by a Quality Assurance team. The team reviews every profile to ensure the site is a comfortable environment filled with quality individuals. Familiarize yourself with reasons for rejection before submitting your profile. Photos are also screened. Allow 24 hours for the review process.

With your profile approved, it’s time to start searching. Fitness Singles offers multiple matching options. There’s a basic search, along with a custom search and a username search. You can also search by who’s new and who’s online. For something more targeted, Fitness Singles offers matches tailored to your profile. Or you can go for broke and contact one of the most popular members on the site, found under the ‘Top 25’ tab.

You can keep track of your interactions on the site on the ‘Connections’ page. You’ll find options to see who viewed or saved your profile, who sent you a message, who requested your photo, and more. You can also save your favorite profiles and come back to them later.

When you find someone you’re interested in, there are several options to start communicating. The simplest is to click the ‘Show Interest’ button. For something more personalized, click ‘Email’ to send a message. You can also send an instant message invitation if you’re the impatient type.

Fitness Singles reserves some of its features for paying members. While profiles and searching are available to all members, email and instant messaging are only available to those with paid subscriptions. Paying subscribers are also given a private photo gallery viewable only by members they choose.

If you spring for the paid version but aren’t happy with the service, Fitness Singles offers a ‘Perfect Fit Guarantee.’ During your initial 12 month subscription, Fitness Singles will extend your membership for up to 12 months in addition to your original year-long subscription. Call the Customer Support team to arrange the extension.

Conspicuously missing from Fitness Singles, paid subscriber or not, is a mobile app. It may seem like a strange omission in our technological age, but the mobile site functions well enough to substitute for an app. The interface is clean, simple, and easy to navigate, with all the pages found on the full version of the site. Sign up for mobile notifications to instantly receive a text when someone sends you a message.

If you’re passionate about fitness and sports, this is where you’ll find someone as dedicated (and toned) as you.

Now imagine you’re in the gym, pushing your limits with just one more set. You can feel your muscles screaming for release. The strain is so hard that you’re about to give up. That’s when your significant other encourages you to keep going. Their support is the boost you need to push through and complete the set.

Sound good? Sign up for Fitness Singles and see what awaits.

Positives of Fitness Singles

  • If an active lifestyle is important to you, using a niche fitness website makes it easy to find a partner who shares your lifestyle and interests
  • Using a targeted dating service means less work than trying to narrow a search to your fitness interests on more general sites
  • Shared interests mean built-in date ideas and conversation topics
  • No online advertisements displayed!

Negatives of Fitness Singles

  • Going niche can limit your choices, especially in your immediate area
  • Social features are limited – the site could benefit from the addition of features like a video chat function or games to encourage interaction
  • No mobile app (but a great mobile site)

Editors Bottom Line

What should you take away from this review of Fitness Singles? Our expert explains:

The premier place to find singles who are interested in fitness, athletics, and health. If you enjoy running, cycling, yoga, bodybuilding, and/or other activities then “Fitness Singles” is the dating service for you.


A list of up to the last 5 awards for the Current year and/or Past that Fitness Singles has been the recipient of, in the Dating Sites Reviews Choice awards.


Note: See this page for a full list of past awards.

At a Glance

Address: Regions: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand Languages: English Member Numbers: 2,000,000Cost per Month: From $9.99 / month Membership Types: Free – Basic
Paid Upgrade

Average User Reviews & Ratings

Overall Rating:


Ease of Use:


Profile Quality:

Customer Service:



Matching System:

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Fitness Singles Free Membership

  • Free memberships are available
  • Included:
    • Create a profile
      • Basic Registration
        • Username, password, email, birthday, country, postcode
      • Search Preferences
        • Gender preference
        • Age preference
        • Primary fitness activates
          • Select top three and indicate skill level
          • 100 activities to choose from including Cycling, Bodybuilding, General Fitness, and Running
        • Additional fitness activities
      • Physical Attributes
        • Body type, height, weight, appearance, ethnicity, hair color, eye color, best feature
      • Personal Details
        • Marital status, education, kids, occupation, employment status, religion, income
        • Languages you speak
      • Your Lifestyle
        • Diet
          • No set Diet, Healthy, Bodybuilding, High Protein, Low Carb, Vegan, Vegetarian, Other
        • How you feel about Smoking
        • How often you engage in physical activities
        • How often you drink
      • Profile Headline
      • More About You & Your Fitness Interests
        • Describe yourself in 4000 characters or less
      • Add photos
        • Upload from computer, tablet or mobile
        • Add from Facebook
    • Search for matches
      • Basic search
      • Custom search
      • Username search
    • View profiles
    • Save profiles
    • Show interest
    • Sign up for mobile notifications
    • View matches and connections
  • Not Included:
    • Receive, reply, and send messages
    • Private photo gallery
    • Instant message
  • Your profile will be reviewed by a member of the Fitness Singles customer service team within 24 hours. Once approved, other members will be able to find you

Relationship Types Allowed

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian

Your Relationship Status

  • Single
  • Separated
  • Divorced
  • Widowed

Relationships You can Find

  • Any

Fitness Singles Costs

Fitness Singles offers a free membership which includes all the search and profile features that allow you to find members you are interested in, express interest, and send them a predefined message. There is a monthly paid subscription as well which includes premium features that mainly deal with communication (like sending and receiving emails, and IM).

  • Prices last confirmed October 8, 2019. Please check Fitness Singles for most recent pricing. All prices in USD unless specified otherwise. Prices may differ based on location, time of purchase, or device used
  • Free Membership
    • Includes:
      • Creating your profile and posting photos
      • Show interest in other profiles
      • Receive and send free predefined messages (11 different messages to choose from)
      • Search for other members
      • View your Matches, Who’s New, Who’s Online, and Top 25
      • See who has viewed your profile (called Connections)
      • Accessible by your mobile phone
      • Member blocking features
      • Advertisement Free (no online ads)
    • Costs:
      • Free
  • Subscribers
    • A paid monthly subscription for users who want access to Fitness Singles premium features
    • Includes:
      • Everything from the Free Membership
      • Read, reply, and send your own messages
      • Chat with singles online with Instant Messenger
      • Rank higher in searches
      • Perfect Fit Guarantee (12 month subscribers only)
    • Costs:
      • 1 month for $39.99 per month
      • 3 months for $24.99 per month (Save 38% – $74.97 total)
      • 6 months for $15.99 per month (Save 63% – $95.94 total)
      • 12 months for $13.99 per month (Save 67% – $167.88 total)
  • Perfect Fit Guarantee
    • For 12 month memberships only
    • If you are not satisfied with your Fitness Singles experience during your initial 12 month subscription, your membership will be extended an additional 12 months at no cost
  • Fitness Singles accepts credit cards, PayPal, checks by mail, or eCheck
  • Subscriptions auto renew at end of initial subscription term
  • Subscription cancellation requests must be made through the website and received at least 24 hours prior to your membership renewal date

Fitness Singles Viewing & Communication Features

  • Profiles
  • Photos
  • Mail Messages
  • Instant Messenger
  • Show Interest
  • Connections
    • Lists of members who:
      • Viewed my profile
      • Profiles I saved
      • Saved my profile
      • Sent a message
      • Photos I requested
      • Requested my photo

Search For Members By

  • Basic Search
    • Gender
    • Age Range
    • Distance within zip/postal code (or by Country)
    • Profiles with photos only
  • Custom Search
    • All of basic search plus
    • Fitness & Health
      • Select 1 or more activities (out of a 100) which you would like your match to be interested in
      • Specify frequency of activities
      • Any diets you would like your match to follow
      • How your matches feel about smoking
      • How your matches feel about drinking
    • Appearance
    • Lifestyle
      • Includes search options for Marital Status, Religion, Languages, Kids, Income, etc.
  • Username Search
  • New Users
  • Online Users
  • Matches
  • Top 25 users

Other Fitness Singles Information

  • As a part of the Active Network, Fitness Singles is partnered with a range of brands that serve the discerning fitness lover
  • Fitness Singles has been featured in The Herald Sun, The Times, USA Today, Today, Katie, and Good Morning America

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our information at we shall not be held responsible for any discrepancy. There is a possibility that the information provided here is outdated or wrong, please check with the service directly for the most recent information. As always you should read your terms of service before purchasing a product and/or signing up to any online service. may receive a portion of revenue if you click a link in this page and buy a product or service.

Best Fitness Dating Sites of 2020

Are you a fitness fanatic? Can you only date others who are in good shape and that work out? If you are the kind of single man or woman who needs a significant other who has an active lifestyle and loves to stay in shape then you need the right dating site to meet your needs.
Its not easy to exercise and get to the gym and its even harder when you are dating someone who doesn’t encourage you- or even discourages you to go break a sweat! Why not find a date that likes to be active, work out and stay fit? Makes sense and that’s why there are so many new fitness dating websites popping up.
Whether you are into running, jogging, yoga, bodybuilding, fitness competitions, Pilates, getting toned, getting ripped, Brazilian buttlift workouts, stair master, mountain biking, cycling, trail hiking, athletic training, spinning, weight training, if you’re a vegetarian or if you’re just into doing anything that gets you off the couch, you need a partner in life that keeps you going and that you can fall in love with! Best Dating Sites has all the best fitness dating sites on the internet with the most recent, comprehensive information that you need to make the right decision before joining!

Finding the one who you’re meant to be with can be a daunting task, but technology has made it a bit more easier to access singles. There’s pretty much an app for everything and while most dating services allow you to narrow down your search, there is usually a limit.

Including that you prefer a fit, active non-smoker is one thing, but being able to search through a pool of women and/or men who are exclusively into fitness is a whole other ball game. But there’s hope for those of us who don’t just view health and wellness as a hobby. Here are three dating apps for the fit conscious lover.

1) Sweatt

Sweatt prides itself on helping #women- and #menwholift find their “Swolemate.” It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a spotter, a date or a lifelong #gymselfie companion, Sweatt proudly touts itself as one of the premiere dating apps for the fit and active being. Sweatt’s creators, “believe that great dates and great relationships start with strong, motivated, confident people.” By categorizing users as “early risers” or “up-all-nighters,” those searching for love can see how frequently potential mates go to the gym, the types of workouts they perform and “an innovative algorithm that ensures great matches.”

As of right now, Sweatt is available in the Apple App Store, but according to its website, an Android version will be coming soon. The app also puts your full profile pics on display to give potential matches an up close and personal view of how you look. Download Sweatt here.

2) Fitness Dates is for men and women who are looking to find a partner who is just excited about fitness as they are. The site prides itself on connecting users with like-minded individuals looking for love.

Under the site’s free basic membership, consumers can browse, view profiles and send flirts to potential dates. Click here to sign up.

3) Fitness Singles

Fitness Singles is for those who are dedicated to living an active lifestyle. It gives users the chance to land a fitness date, fitness mate or simply someone to share your lifestyle with. Like other dating apps and websites, users can views photos of local singles in their area for free.

But Fitness Singles also warns those looking for love by the squat rack to act fast because, “Our singles don’t stay single for long!” Sign up for Fitness Singles here.

Dating site for gym lovers

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