Ever since I was young I have always loved the idea of dying my hair a different colour. I had always dreamed of looking just like Ariel from The Little Mermaid with her bright red hair. (see below)

Of course my mom didn’t let me dye my hair at such a young age but the idea was always in my mind. When I finally did get permission to dye my hair I first bleached and then coloured the ends of my extremely dark Asian hair. It was a horrible job and I regret it to this day. I did my ends purple, to orange (it was supposed to be cherry red), and then red. When I went to dye my whole head last July I used a drugstore brand and ended up with a barely there colour in my hair. Since my hair is so dark I didn’t think it was possible to get a nice colour, but I dove in and did some research. I wanted to get my hair a deep dark red that wasn’t too bright but also would show up.

I decided to go for L’Oreal’s Excellence HiColor Deep Auburn Red Permanent Creme Hair Color (H12) since the brand is specifically made for dark hair only I knew it would be perfect for my hair. I went to Sally Beauty Supply and bought everything that I needed there (I will put the links down below). I am obviously not a professional and I had my mom help me but this is how to do it…

Get your things together, you will need:

  • vaseline (optional)
    • for your hairline, neck, and ears
    • I highly recommend you use it because the dye stains!!
  • Loreal excellence hi color hair dye
    • depending on how much hair you have I would suggest at least 2 bottles because it’s always best to have too much then too little
  • developer
  • latex gloves
  • tint brush (also optional)
    • this is best if you want a even dye job
  • Something to mix the dye in
    • I used an old yogurt container
    • just make sure it’s not metal
  • newspaper
    • enough to cover everything where you will be dying! The stains are real!!!

Here’s how it went…

First I covered my whole bathroom with newspaper and old towels and put on an old t-shirt. Then I used vaseline on my hairline, ears, neck, etc. and put the gloves on and mixed the dye together with the developer. I don’t remember the exact measurements, but I do remember that the little bottle of red stuff can spill really easily and boy does it ever stain, so be careful and wear those gloves. Then I just sectioned off parts of my hair and saturated the ends and middle but not the roots. I got my mom to help with the back. It was pretty easy but I do have to mention the smell! It was strong and made my eyes water but hey it’s hair dye and if it’s strong enough to lift your hair lighter by three levels it’s going to be strong. After I had done everything but the roots, I let it sit for around 30 minutes. I believe the instructions said for 20 but I wanted the dye to get really into my hair. After the time was up I then proceeded to do my roots and boy oh boy did it smell. I also found it really hard not to get in on my face, so I would be careful with that.

Here is me with the dye all over my head.

I let that sit for another 20 minutes and then washed it out as best I could. Wash until the water is relatively clear, but be warned because for the next few hair washes red will keep leaving your hair, so I would suggest using a dark towel to dry your hair.

After my hair dried I was surprised by how dark the colour was, but I liked it. In the sun, however, it is quite bright.

Here it is in the sun. Like I said it was pretty bright when the sun shone directly on it, and when not shone directly on it, it was more muted.

In regular light however, it looked pretty much the same, but with a reddish undertone.

I’m really happy with the results, but would go brighter next time I do it, maybe the Intense Red shade. As an unprofessional I found the process pretty smooth going and despite the red stains I left in the bathroom (my mom was so mad) would definitely say it was worth the time and effort.

Products I used (everything is from Sally Beauty Supply)

  • Black Extra-Wide Jumbo Tint Brush
  • L’Oreal Excellence HiColor Deep Auburn Red Permanent Creme Hair Color

Deep auburn red hicolor

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