Déjà vu Dead Sea Minerals Caribbean Mist Body Lotion Review

Even better, beeswax creates a thin protective film on skin’s surface, so that it keeps the skin moisturized but creates a barrier against environmental damage and bacteria (North Carolina Cooperative Extension). In a 2003 study published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine, a mixture containing honey, beeswax and olive oil significantly increased the condition psoriasis and atopic dermatitis for patients, with itching, redness, lesion thickness, and lesion redness being the main criteria (Complementary Therapies in Medicine).

Dead Sea Minerals Awaken the Skin

The Dea Sea is known for its special, healing properties, and this lotion makes the most of these.

True, no aquatic life can thrive in the Dead Sea, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t do wonder for your skin. The Dead Sea, which is located in Israel and Jordan, has high levels of bromide, calcium, magnesium and potassium, and (surprisingly) lower levels of sodium than are found in the world’s oceans. Magnesium salt is one of the more popular minerals to use, as it clings to molecules, strengthen the skin barrier, and encourages epidermal cell proliferation.

Proksch et al. investigated the efficacy of a magnesium chloride salt to relieve dryness and irritation in patients, and had patients submerge a limb into the Dead Sea bath for 15 minutes over the course over six weeks. Using the magnesium chloride salt significantly strengthened the skin barrier and moisturized the skin — both indicating that Dead Sea minerals may be of use in reducing transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Magnesium chloride also demonstrated itself as an anti-inflammatory by improving skin texture and reducing redness (International Journal of Dermatology). A black mud from the Dead was shown to be a great antimicrobial agent (International Journal of Dermatology).

Along with strengthening and moisturizing skin, Dead Sea minerals might work with other anti-aging products, or have anti-aging effects of their own. In a 1996 study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, a solution containing just 1% of Dead Seal Minerals along with commercial-grade anti-wrinkle active ingredients was 46% more successful in smoothing skin, than a solution containing only commercial-grade wrinkle-reducing ingredients.

Next time you purchase a bottle of sunscreen, check out the ingredients list — Dead Sea minerals may be there. Researchers measured skin damage from UV ray exposure using a lotion with Dead Sea minerals. The minerals exhibited anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and even inhibited apoptosis (cell death), highlighting Dead Sea minerals as an ideal candidate to protect against excessive UV exposure. However, there is more research needed to support this finding, and it needs to be explained how much of the product’s efficacy was due to Dead Sea minerals and how much was due to the lotion’s other ingredients (Experimental Dermatology).

Personal Use and Opinion

With a pleasing floral scent and quick absorption, this is a great body lotion.

Déjà Vu Dead Sea Minerals Caribbean Mist Body Lotion was an absolute delight to use. It has a very light, summer scent that is very pretty and delicate without being so pungent that it overpowers. The cream is very light and leaves no residue on your hands, legs, or arms after application, having dried after about two minutes after I applied it. My arms and legs felt exceptionally smooth all day long, and some of the moisture stayed intact even after bathing. The only thing which I didn’t care for was the lotion’s consistency. It was very thick, so you need to rub it in much more vigorously than you would most other body lotions. Overall, this lotion was really great, and I am excited to give some of Déjà Vu’s other Dead Sea Minerals product a try.

Bottom Line

Déjà Vu Dead Sea Minerals Caribbean Mist Body Lotion offers users a really unique but effective way to keep skin hydrated and supple all day long. The ingredient list features Dead Sea Minerals, which acts as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing agent; beeswax is great for sealing in moisture and healing wounds; and frankincense (boswellia carterii), which is renowned for its being an anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic agent. The lotion is very delicate but locks in moisture, and has a very subtle floral scent that won’t overpower your other scents.

Cosmetic Skin Treatments at Perfect Skin

Skin Peels

Facial peels are one of most popular and flexible formulations that help improve the appearance of an array of different skin complaints. Through daily life, facial skin can become dull and lackluster and skin peels are able to combat lifeless looking skin to make it healthier and brighter. I believe in a combination approach to achieve and maintain great looking skin. With all types of skin peels, our clients find the process offers spectacular results. Some of our clients need to transform their skin, and peels are a great way to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin. Each peel offers a different benefit. Where one is ideal for acne scarred skin, resulting in smoother and more vibrant looking skin, another will assist ageing skin to achieve a younger looking result.

Glycolic Peels

Unideep Peel

Tretinoin Peel

Easy TCA (Chemical) Peel

I attentively combine formulations in order to preserve the effects of muscle relaxing injections. Skin peels can also help prolong results following other non-surgical treatments. Courses of skin peels are recommend for longer lasting results, though the procedures are competitively priced. It’s important for you to know what happens during your procedure, and after it has been completed. The Perfect Skin promise assures that I will talk with you about the whole process and how it will affect your appearance, so that you can choose the right procedure in confidence.


Commonly requested by our clients, Dermaroller (or skin needling) is a non-surgical treatment used at our skin care clinics to stimulate skin to regenerate itself. Dermaroller can be used to repair skin that has been damaged by the sun, scarred by acne, or simply has been affected by the ageing process.

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can be improved upon, by using the dermaroller which has micro-needles to penetrate into the top layer of skin. An anesthetic will be applied, to improve the comfort of our clients’ whilst receiving the therapy. A course of the Dermaroller will enhance the natural beauty of the skin by making it brighter, smoother and younger looking. It will improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damaged skin and open pores.

After around six weeks of the first treatment, results will become visible with lightly scarred or damaged skin looking healthier. Compared to other types of rejuvenation treatments, the Dermaroller is ideal for clients looking to spend time improving their facial skin tone to achieve a long lasting result, and for clients that want minimal downtime. A course of 3 treatments is recommended for skin rejuvenation. This treatment can also be used to treat stretch marks and cellulite. I work hard to ensure our clients are making the best choice possible, and that we outline potential side effects or complications before any procedure goes ahead – keeping you safe and in professional hands.


Mesotherapy is a medical procedure that is largely desired by our clients who wish to improve circulation in specific areas.

Helping to counteract the contributing factors that lead to sullen sagging skin and loss of fluids; Mesotherapy is the application of a personalized cocktail of vitamins and inject them into the areas to be treated. Through use of small injections to boost circulation which effectively reduces cellulite, Mesotherapy improves lymphatic drainage and improves the appearance of ashen looking eyes. This helps brighten ashen skin and plumps up baggy areas, especially helpful around dark sagging eyes and the décolleté to help with fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure also helps clients with fluid retention and can reduce fat around particular areas of the body. Mesotherapy is just one of our rejuvenation treatments. It works by breaking up fatty tissue fibers and helping to flush out toxins by delivering antioxidants and vitamins directly to the area.

Dermal Filler

Injectable products used at Perfect Skin provide our clients with skin that feels naturally smooth and fresh. The dermal filler method is used when a client requires almost the filling of a wrinkle or line. Mostly used by our clients that want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers can also be used to improve facial features. The treatment can also be used around the neck, décolleté and hands. Dermal filler is used to enhance facial appearance and counteract the effects of reduced elasticity caused by the ageing process. Dermal fillers can truly improve features and add volume to the cheek and lip areas. They can also have a positive effect on scars by plumping and smoothing the area. By plumping up the lips, the border of the lip can be subtly enhanced. It tends to lose its smooth appearance and causes lipstick to bleed into surrounding fine lines, plumping helps improve the overall look. Restylane vital can also offer light hydration which does not volumise lips but improves the results of drying out caused by central heating and air conditioning within the home and workplace. Please take a look at our pictures for examples. It is not expensive to undergo this procedure, and treatment is safe and quick and the results are instantaneous. Results tend to last longer than alternative cosmetic skin treatments, potentially lasting between 6-18 months, depending on the product choice that is right for you. At Perfect Skin, Frances is always honest with clients. Dependent on the type of treatment requested, I will always discuss techniques. Each client will be treated as an individual and we will talk together to discuss the most suitable procedure.


The Perfect Skin care clinics are commonly used by our clients who have reached the stage at which the natural processes of skin renewal and exfoliation are beginning to slow. Microdermabrasion is a medical procedure sometimes named as micro-resurfacing, and is suitable for many skin issues, including:

  • Sun Damage
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Skin pigmentation
  • Stretch Marks
  • Acne Scarring
  • Blackheads
  • Open Pores
  • Particularly Oily or Dry Skin

This treatment is an affordable way to buff away the top layer of facial skin and take away the dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion uses micro crystals and helps the skin to regenerate, and is not as invasive as procedures such as chemical peels or laser therapy. The instantly visible results after this fast, pain free, procedure include smoothing of the skin, a better adapted skin that can absorb anti-ageing creams, and it can prevent further fine lines caused by the ageing process. Whilst I realize non-surgical procedures are very appealing, I aim to talk to you in depth to choose the best method and technique that suits you and your skin type.

Lip Plumping

Many Perfect Skin clients love the idea of achieving the perfect pout, especially those not naturally blessed with fuller lips. Frances is an expert in carrying out safe treatments that help create desirable and seductive lips. By injecting the lips I make them as voluminous or subtly plump as required, which in turn improves the surrounding lines for a younger and sexier look. I can also help improve fine lines around the area and improve hydration, without plumping and making the lips bigger, something of an advantage to those with dry cracked lips.


Excessive sweating under the arms can cause genuinely low self esteem. I work hard to please every one of my clients and are committed to bringing distinguished results to clients, whatever the requirements. Our highly effective treatment can last up to six months, the muscle relaxing injections helps block nerve endings and prevent sweat glands from over producing fluid.

Tired Baggy Eyes

All of our clients come to the Perfect Skin care clinics to achieve aesthetically pleasing results from non-invasive and non-surgical treatments. Tired eyes can benefit from safe use of rejuvenation treatments. I exfoliate the eye area with care, and blast it with refreshing mesotherapy to achieve remarkable and luminous results that last. Some patients may need dermal filler which is targeted at hollow eyes, as well as improving an overall tired appearance. I will always make sure you are confident and happy about undergoing one or more of the non surgical procedures on offer. I will make sure you are comfortable before, during and after the course and will be here to contact should you wish to speak to us about your treatment.

Medical Conditions

Perfect Skin can offer treatments for relief of:

  • Acne
  • Acne Rosacea
  • Hyperhydrosis
  • Migraine

We will use skin peels and intense pulsed light treatment as well as antibiotics – all discussed at your consultation.

Having specialized in acne management at Greenwich… refer to cv.

The impact of our procedure on your confidence and life can be truly great, or very subtle. We will chat to you about the whole process and will be honest about what kind of results you can achieve.

Non-Surgical face lift

There are lots of non-surgical procedures used at our skin care clinics that boost self esteem by enhancing and improving skin tone and features. but the 8week non surgical face lift combines the best of treatments in a 1 hour 30 min session which procedures fantastic results in 8 weeks.

The non-surgical face lift involves numbing the skin 30 minutes prior to treatment. I will use filler to the required facial areas, discussed at your initial consultation, selecting the filler that is most suited to your needs.

Once the areas are filled, a prescribed cocktail of ingredients that have been designed for your skin as prescribed will be applied. This specially formulated mesotherapy is followed by a medical grade dermal roller treatment.

Please take a look at our pictures and click through to our press feature to see examples and wonderful reviews.

At our network of clinics Frances uses a range of derma fillers that are simple and safe, and a wonderful alternative to more invasive therapy.

I am able to reshape imperfections, clear skin complaints and plump areas that have lost elasticity.

Muscle Relaxing Injections

In high demand by our clients, muscle relaxing treatments can be used to relax defiant wrinkles and is a superb choice for smoothing out frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet. The injections allow the targeted muscle to relax for up to six months. By tending to the wrinkles and causing them to hibernate into place, the lines that have formed are able to take a break. This treatment also represses new lines as well as relaxing existing wrinkles, so is the one of the most popular preventative procedures. Muscle relaxing injections can also be effective to clients with Hyperhydrosis – intense underarm sweating. Compared to our other rejuvenation treatments, the injections are conducted quickly and often our clients visit us in their lunch hour. The aesthetically pleasing results of this treatment can be evident after just 48 hours of the first treatment, though visible results may take up to 14 days. I will always discuss potential courses and correct treatment of skin conditions, wrinkles and fine lines. We will usually help choose the best route to achieving smoother skin and improved features.

Laser and Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

Laser and intense pulsed light treatment is one of the cosmetic skin treatments that can really boost confidence and enhance the way you look and feel. Treating pigmentation issues all over the body, it has proven to be a truly popular way of achieving real visible results. For treatment of broken veins and reduction of hair growth, the intense pulsed light procedure can be used on the face, under arms, legs and arms and can include effective removal of hair in those areas. A very simple non-surgical practice that provides outstanding results, the laser and intense pulsed light treatment can be used once or booked as a course over a couple of weeks. I work hard to be as clear as possible, discussing with you the results that you can expect. And will talk to you about what to do if you are not happy with the results.

Deja vu facial peel

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