Demi Lovato reveals the song she’ll sing at the Grammys was written just before her overdose: ‘I hear these lyrics as a cry for help’

  • Demi Lovato opened up about her comeback performance at the Grammys on Sunday in a new interview with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe.
  • She revealed the song that she’ll be performing, “Anyone,” was written and recorded “very shortly” before her accidental overdose in July 2018.
  • “I almost listen back and hear these lyrics as a cry for help,” she said. “And you kind of listen back to it and you kind of think, ‘How did nobody listen to this song and think, let’s help this girl?'”
  • Lovato said she listened to the song while she was still in the hospital and thought to herself, “If there’s ever a moment where I get to come back from this, I want to sing this song.”
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Demi Lovato revealed new details about her upcoming comeback performance at the Grammys — and began to open up about her healing process over the past year and a half.

Lovato will take the stage on Sunday for the first time since her accidental overdose in July 2018. She told Beats 1’s Zane Lowe that the song that she’ll be performing, “Anyone,” was written and recorded “very shortly before everything happened.”

“I almost listen back and hear these lyrics as a cry for help,” she said. “And you kind of listen back to it and you kind of think, ‘How did nobody listen to this song and think, let’s help this girl?'”

Spoke with @zanelowe about what’s to come… listen tomorrow at 9am PT on @applemusic @beats1official #NewMusicDaily

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“I even think that I was recording it in a state of mind where I felt like I was OK. But clearly I wasn’t,” she continued about the unreleased song. “I even listen back to it and I’m like, ‘Gosh, I wish I could go back in time and help that version of myself.'”

In fact, Lovato revealed, she recorded the vocals just four days before her overdose. She said that adds another layer to the emotional nature of the song.

“I recorded it, went through everything, and then it made sense later — ‘OK, that’s why these lyrics were so emotional when I was singing it.’ Because they were actually so far deep in my soul, of like, asking for help,” she told Lowe. “You can really feel that when you listen back to it.”

Lovato said she listened to the song while she was still in the hospital and thought to herself, “If there’s ever a moment where I get to come back from this, I want to sing this song.”

I told you the next time you’d hear from me I’d be singing 😇😝#GRAMMYs @recordingacademy @cbstv

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The 27-year-old “Confident” singer — who has historically been candid about her experiences with addiction and mental illness — avoided using the word “overdose” throughout the interview, often referring to her relapse, hospitalization, and three-month rehab stay as “everything that happened.”

For his part, Lowe referred to the day that paramedics initially found Lovato unconscious at her home simply as “July 24.”

When he asked if she’s ready to talk about “what happened and how it happened and what happened on that night,” Lovato said she’s “in the process of becoming more and more ready.”

“I think it’s taken me a long time to be able to even get this far, which is performing a song that’s so vulnerable to me, on a stage in front of all of my peers and coworkers and even people that I look up to,” she said.

Taking 25 minutes to tell her truth and set the stage, the full @ddlovato Interview is on @beats1official @applemusic YouTube. #anyoneiscoming #demilovato

A post shared by Zane Lowe (@zanelowe) on Jan 24, 2020 at 10:21am PSTJan 24, 2020 at 10:21am PST

Lovato said she would reveal more details about her overdose as time goes on, and that another song she’ll release soon will “tell more of the story.”

Watch Lovato perform at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards, which will air live from Los Angeles’ Staples Center on January 26, 2020, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Watch her full Beats 1 interview below.

If you are struggling with addiction want to seek treatment, call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s free, national, 24/7 helpline at 1-800-662-HELP.

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The 62nd annual Grammy Awards have arrived, and while some stars like Ariana Grande, Billy Porter, and Billie Eilish showed off their looks on the red carpet, others kept them under wraps until they hit the stage. One of those stars is Demi Lovato.

The singer returned to the stage tonight after a hiatus following a drug overdose in July 2018. Earlier this month, Lovato shared with her followers on Instagram that the next time we would hear from her, she would be singing. And sing she did, people.

Before Lovato hit the stage she shared with her Instagram stories as she was getting ready for her performance. The singer had the help of makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic and hairstylist Paul Norton.

Instagram: Demi Lovato

Dedivanovic created a soft, glam look — not a surprise since he is known for the neutral-tone, beautifully blended makeup on his muse, Kim Kardashian West. Lovato’s makeup included a nude, glossy lip and shimmery, blended eye shadow. Norton created side-parted, beachy waves that gave the singer a softly sweet vibe.

Getty Images

Lovato then took to the stage for an emotionally and vocally powerful performance of her latest song, “Anyone” (that had everyone crying). She told Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1 that she wrote it four days before her hospitalization, with lyrics that are so poignant: “I feel stupid when I sing. Nobody’s listening to me. Nobody’s listening. I talked to shooting stars but they always get it wrong. I feel stupid when I pray. So why am I praying anyways?”

Lovato received a standing ovation for the new single. She is scheduled to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl, in what will surely be a remarkable performance.

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A powerful song that took on new meaning even for the woman who wrote it, Demi Lovato found herself so overwhelmed in the moment that she had to stop mere seconds into “Anyone” on the Grammys stage Sunday night.

In the silence that fell over the Staples Center in those few seconds before she collected herself and began again, you could feel the weight of the moment, but no one could anticipate just how incredibly wrought and gut-wrenching the forthcoming performance would be.

There is no understating that this was pure emotion and full heart from the first gentle notes to its soaring peaks as Demi veritably screams for the universe to send her “Someone,” “Anyone!”

As she reached the first chorus the audience gave her an encouraging cheer before they were swept into her powerful vocals and the ache that poured through every tone and crept down her cheeks. This was easily one of the most authentic moments of a night usually filled with over-the-top stage productions.

That Demi chose to express herself so intimately on such a stage is a huge statement not only to the strength she carries within, but also to the importance of the message she only later discovered herself upon reflecting on the lyrics and her state as she birthed it into the world.

“This song was written and recorded actually very shortly before everything happened,” Demi told Zane Lowe’s New Music Daily on Beats 1 this past Friday in anticipation of this performance. “Everything” was Lovato’s 2018 overdose and subsequent hospitalization.

“How did nobody listen to this song and think, ‘Lets help this girl?'” Demi said. “I even think that I was recording it in a state of mind where I felt like I was okay, but clearly I wasn’t. And I even listened back to it and I’m like, ‘Gosh, I wish I could go back in time and help that version of myself.'”

“I feel like I was in denial, but then a part of me definitely knew what I was singing for,” which is a huge part of why she chose to reprise the emotional track for the Grammys.

“It was about a week after I had been in the hospital, and I was finally awake, and I just remember hearing back the songs I had just recorded and thinking, ‘If there’s ever a moment where I get to come back from this, I want to sing this song,'” she said.

Demi herself was surprised at just how much truth and rawness were in the lyrics of the song, with its repeating message that nobody is listening even as she sings out, prays out. While she’s not yet ready to tell her full story, Demi feels performing this track on this stage is a huge step forward for her.

“I think it’s taken me a long time to be able to get this far, which is performing a song that’s so vulnerable to me on a stage in front of all of my peers and coworkers and even people that I look up to,” she said. “That’s kind of nerve-racking to think about.”

As recently as a month before this interview took place, Demi started going to church. She “shied away” from it for a long time because she “didn’t feel welcome. I was also questioning my sexuality.”

She said she’s found a church in Los Angeles she feels accepts her for who she is, no matter who she loves. It was her manager, Scooter Braun, who suggested going to church. Once there, she said she “heard God clearer than I had heard him in a long time.”

Her peers and her fans heard Demi Lovato loud and clear as she shook the rafters and touched hearts throughout the Staples Center. Her next performance will reach an even bigger audience. Demi has been tapped to sing the national anthem at next Sunday’s Super Bowl.

As for her next single, Demi promises it will reveal a bit more of her story. “Anyone” tells of her personal moment of crisis “right before and right afterwards.” Music is how she processes the depths of her soul, even when she doesn’t know that’s what she’s doing.

Now, though, it looks like she knows exactly where her music is coming from and what it’s saying about her and for her to hear. That in itself is a huge step forward as Demi Lovato re-embraces her career and her life with new love, thoughts of family and so much to look forward to.

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Lovato has said that she recorded that song, “Anyone,” four days before her overdose. It’s easy to believe that someone near rock bottom created it. The lyrics are a desperate tumble, a litany of failed attempts at finding relief. “I tried to talk to my piano, I tried to talk to my guitar,” she begins. “Talked to my imagination / Confided into alcohol / I tried and tried and tried some more / Told secrets ’til my voice was sore.” She goes on, singing that she felt dumb for praying, that her wishes upon shooting stars were for naught, that even with “a hundred million stories / and a hundred million songs / I feel stupid when I sing / Nobody’s listening to me.”

I feel stupid when I sing. Who admits that? Certainly not stars like Lovato, who sell the idea of music as a self-help tool and a weapon of domination. When they show weakness, it is to grow stronger. But in “Anyone,” Lovato is saying vulnerability has gotten her nowhere. Fans and sobriety coaches and faith in God and music itself—they were no recourse in her worst moment. She is singing instead in the language of hopelessness, an emotion often intrinsic to addiction and depression.

If the words of the song themselves offer no vindication, though, her extraordinary performance did. In a white gown on a small stage in the center of the arena, backed only by a piano, she looked the part of a glamorous awards-show balladeer—but it quickly became clear something here was different. She stalled, at first, unable to get the song’s opening notes out. When she restarted, though, she radiated the magnetism of fragility—a tear streaked down her cheek—that then transformed into something blunter: a stark lament sung with power verging on strain. Structurally, the song strings together small confessions with gathering force before launching into a plea of a chorus: “Anyone, please send me anyone.” For the song’s climax, Lovato pushed herself to a perilously high note. Then she moved back down to a whimper.

“I wish I could go back in time and help that version of myself,” she said in an interview with Apple Music before the Grammys. “I almost listen back and hear these lyrics as a cry for help … And you kind of listen back to it and you kind of think, how did nobody listen to this song and think, Let’s help this girl?” This is not a conciliatory or comforting reading of the song; it is, rather, one that asks for a confrontation and reckoning. But at the same time, there are specific ways that music like this might heal: by directing attention urgently, by capturing a brutal reality, and, in the song’s mere existence, by demonstrating survival. After the tears, after the belting, at the end of the performance, Lovato smiled.

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Demi Lovato Recalls ‘Emotional But Really Beautiful’ Moment She Came Out to Her Parents: Watch

As Demi Lovato steps back into the public eye, she’s going out of her way to be as honest as possible with her fans. And in a new interview, she did just that.

On Thursday’s (Jan. 30) episode of Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM radio show “Radio Andy,” Lovato chatted with the Watch What Happens Live host about her emotional performance at the Grammys, her upcoming music and more. But at one point in the interview, Cohen asked the star about something she mentioned in a recent interview with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe, where she said she didn’t know if she would eventually end up in a relationship with a man or a woman.

Lovato told Cohen that when it comes to her sexuality, she’s “still figuring it out,” but that she did have a moment where she decided to tell her parents that she may end up with a woman. “I didn’t tell my parents that I saw myself possibly ending up possibly with a woman until 2017,” she said. “It was actually, like, emotional but really beautiful.”

She also revealed that her mother was the one she was worried about telling, but that her mom reacted with love. “My mom was the one that I was super nervous about, but she was just like ‘I just want you to be happy,'” she says. “That was so beautiful and amazing, and like, I said, I’m so grateful.”

As far as starting a family goes, Lovato said that she’s still not clear on where she’s headed, and she’s okay with that. “I don’t know what my future looks like — I don’t know if I’m gonna have kids this year or in 10 years. I don’t know if I’m going to do it with a partner or without. Because women, we don’t need partners to … you know? Amen!”

Check out the full clip from Lovato’s appearance on “Radio Andy” below:

I worked out like Demi Lovato for a week and loved every minute of it

  • Demi Lovato’s workout routine involves a variety of different physical activities, including boxing and jiu-jitsu.
  • I found boxing to be incredibly taxing but also rewarding.
  • Taking a jiu-jitsu class taught me important self-defense lessons.
  • I can honestly say the whole experience wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.
  • Visit for more stories.

I’m not an athlete. I’m not a gym rat. I’m just an average woman that works out at least twice a week but typically despises every minute I spend on a treadmill or elliptical. This is important context for the exercise journey I’m about to take you on.

For exactly one week, I worked out like Demi Lovato, which involved buckets of sweat and the perfectly curated pop-punk playlist. Make no mistake, Lovato’s routine is strenuous and, at times, trying. It’s impressive that the star has time to workout amid her hectic schedule and yet, her workout routine doesn’t skip a beat.

In the past, Lovato has been open about her struggles with addiction, mental health, and eating disorder and has expressed that exercising has been a vital part of her recovery.

So, what does a week training like an A-list celebrity like Lovato look like? It’s active and ever-changing. Unlike other celebrity workouts that seem rather repetitive, Lovato’s routine involves a variety of different physical activities, including boxing and jiu-jitsu. It’s important to note that Lovato typically works out six days a week, leaving Sundays open for herself.

Prior to working out like the “Solo” singer, I spoke with Rumble trainer and CPT Kendall Wood about Lovato’s martial arts-focused routine to gain a bit more insight into the week of seemingly daunting week of training I was about to face.

Read more: We tried Kendall Jenner’s favorite workout — and it felt a lot like a night at the club

“The biggest appeal of boxing-focused training is that anyone is capable, regardless of age, size, sex, or fitness IQ,” Wood told INSIDER. “Boxing-focused training conditions the cardiovascular system, while also recruiting major muscle groups from head to toe, making this a full-body workout that is both anaerobic and aerobic. In other words, 10 rounds of boxing is like a long-distance run at a sprint-interval pace.”

According to Wood, training like a boxer or participating in another martial art-focused exercise involves non-stop movement and demands power from your entire body, including your mind. There is, however, the risk of “taxing” on your joints, specifically the shoulders, knuckles, and wrists.

Day 1: I began her boxing routine

Boxing is all about confidence and practice. Marilyn La Jeunesse

I’m a relative newcomer when it comes to boxing. I’ve been to a few Rumble classes here and there in the name of journalism, but it’s not something I’m necessarily good at. My technique needs work and I’m pretty darn slow — but it’s all about confidence and practice. In my latest boxing workout, I felt quicker and more energized post-completion, but that wasn’t without the too-frequent thoughts of giving up in between rounds. At some point, I felt as if I did just one more sprawl or modified Russian twist I might pass out.

As a boxing novice, for the most part, Wood’s advice to me was approaching the routine at a slower pace and attempt to focus on my technique.

“Like any other sport or new exercise regimen, you should give yourself time to adapt to not only the physical demands of boxing but also time to learn the proper technique,” she said. She also recommends I balance out my boxing workouts with yoga or pilates to recover.

“Above all, always listen to your body; when you feel like it’s time to take a break, a rest day is probably best,” Wood said.

Thankfully, my water bottle and the ability to workout at my own pace made the class a bit more bearable.

Day 2: Walking is my preferred form of cardio

I opted to walk to and from my birthday party. Marilyn La Jeunesse

Lovato balances her workouts between cardio, strength training, and MMA. Seeing as my body was sore and exhausted from the day prior’s workout, I opted to walk to and from my birthday party and consider it my exercise for the day. My phone said I walked exactly a mile and a half — the bar is about 20 minutes walking distance from my house, so that seems about right. The only exercise my phone didn’t register was the frequent back and forth I was doing between different friend groups and the occasional dance.

All in all, I definitely got over an hour’s worth of cardio — although perhaps not in the way specifically specified in Lovato’s workout interviews.

Day 3: One hour on an elliptical is harder than it seems

I was proud of myself for not giving up. Marilyn La Jeunesse

On day three and I hit the gym with positive vibes and good intentions. Originally, I planned on jogging for an hour before lifting weights, but all the treadmills in the gym were occupied, leaving me a choice of three ellipticals to claim as my own.

Needing a bit of motivation, I turned on Spotify’s “Feeling Accomplished” playlist but after 30 minutes of on-again, off-again tempos, I switched to my personal playlist “Warped Tour”, which I felt Lovato would appreciate.

Burning nearly 400 calories and “running” nearly two miles, I was proud of myself for not giving up. However, this cardio session completely exhausted me and I skipped my strength training for the day. I didn’t have it in me to lift even a two-pound weight above my head.

Day 4: I walked from Brooklyn to Manhattan

Needless to say, I got great Instagram content from this trip. Marilyn La Jeunesse

I had plans with my partner’s family most of the day, so I knew I wouldn’t have time to commit to Demi’s intense workout plan later. So, I improvised and strong-armed my significant other to walk from our apartment near Prospect Park to Lower Manhattan. It was cold, slightly rainy, and definitely not the best day to walk nearly four miles from one borough to the other. But, through much complaining and a few wrong turns, we completed the trip in about an hour and a half — 30 minutes more than Demi’s typical cardio workout.

Our trip took us over the Manhattan Bridge, which was pretty much deserted except for a few wandering tourists who mistook this metal behemoth for the Brooklyn Bridge. The walkway views were absolutely stunning and the rain had finally stopped, so there was just a romantic layer of fog sitting atop the Financial District. Needless to say, I got great Instagram content from this trip and actually enjoyed the challenge of walking outdoors with a purpose, as opposed to my typical aimless wandering.

Day 5: My lesson in self-defense

The class made me feel like I could fight back should something happen to me. Marilyn La Jeunesse

Loyal Lovato fans know how passionate the singer is about jiu-jitsu, a Japanese martial art with a heavy focus on “grappling” and priceless lessons on self-defense. So, I booked a class at the Sei Shin Dojo with Sensei Tony Ip on ClassPass.

Unlike other exercise classes I’ve attended through the years, jiu-jitsu isn’t a one-off class you can go to occasionally. There were three other students in my class, each of whom had the traditional jiu-jitsu uniforms and a different colored belt to indicate their level.

Although only an hour long, I felt like I learned valuable self-defense skills that can be used in the face of danger — presuming my attacker was untrained. The class made me feel like I had some sort of control over my life like I could fight back if something bad were to happen. In my first lesson, I had already learned a basic jiu-jitsu choke and how to escape an unwanted wrist-grab situation. It’s easy to see the allure of the classes as a near five-foot-nothing woman living in New York City.

For anyone looking to join a jiu-jitsu class as a beginner, Sensei Tony told INSIDER they should be focused, committed, and open-minded. He noted that it’s important to take things with a grain of salt, be patient and “be prepared to invest your time and effort into .”

Day 6: Boxing is worth the pain

Ultimately, I can see why Demi chooses boxing as one of her go-to workouts. Marilyn La Jeunesse

Exactly 24 hours post-jiu-jitsu class, I found myself in the locker room of Rumble, putting on my wraps and mentally preparing for the next 45 minutes of non-stop training. My stomach hurt pretty badly and I had a stressful day at work, so things weren’t off to a great start. But, halfway through the second round, I started to feel better. I channeled my stress and pent-up anger into my workout, pushing myself to do one more burpee, one more jab-cross.

The beauty of this workout is that no one can see you — at least not really. The lighting is dim, the music is loud, and everyone’s so focused on themselves that you don’t have to feel self-conscious or worried you’re doing something wrong. It’s all very much “go at your own pace” with plenty of encouragement. You might not be working out as quickly as your neighbor, but so long as you’re pushing yourself to do the most, that’s all that really matters.

Ultimately, I can see why Demi chooses boxing as one of her go-to workouts. I feel stronger and less stressed after every session. Although it doesn’t replace therapy, helping to visualize my fears, stress, and anxiety onto the numbered bag in front of me has definitely helped clear my mind.

I went into this specific workout slightly mad with a tightness in my chest and left feeling like I could breathe again with the angry thoughts all but dissipated. My revelation during this particular boxing class was that 1) being upset over something trivial isn’t worth the stress and 2) why obsess over something you can’t fix?

Day 7: It’s rest day

Even a superstar actress and singer knows taking rest days are important. Demi typically reserves Sundays for her R&R days, but I trade it in for a Wednesday night as I have a work event to attend. This also happens to be my last day of the Lovato workout plan, so it all worked out perfectly in the end.

With six days of back-to-back exercising under my belt, I can honestly say the whole experience wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. For the most part, plenty of stretching and post-exercise recovery shakes helped ease the day-to-day body aches I expected to have after a grueling workout. Well, at least to me the workouts were grueling, seeing as I’m not a professional or avid trainer.

The hardest part of Demi’s routine is making time to work out. And, while I’m fully aware that I’m not as busy as a world-famous celebrity, I do have a pretty packed schedule and had to push back my regular sleeping schedule to accommodate this week’s worth of change. It was worth it though.

Of all the celebrity workouts I’ve tried, this was the first that I was excited to do each day. It was different, dynamic, and the martial-arts-focused classes made me feel like I had some control over my life, even if it was just for an hour.

I Tried Demi Lovato’s Workout Routine And Here’s How It Went

She’s definitely a warrior.

If you’re not familiar with Demi Lovato, she got her start on Barney and then was a Disney Channel actress who stared in Camp Rock and Sonny with a Chance. She’s now solely a singer, and her music is always super soulful and always catchy AF.

Other than being an amazing actress and singer, she also has an unreal body. Although she hasn’t always been this confident, as she struggled with depression, an eating disorder, self harm and addiction issues, she’s proof that it can get better if you work on yourself and get the help you need.

via @ddlovato

Her workout routine usually consists of martial arts, as you can see on her Instagram. However, when she’s on the road she sticks to a pretty simple workouts (simple as in the amount of moves, NOT the actual workout).

I’ve always admired Demi Lovato. Believe me, anyone can tell you that I love her music and I love how open she is about her struggles in life. Not to mention, she always looks good. Demi has stated before that the gym she goes to is her safe haven, and we definitely have that in common. I wanted to see what her workout routine was and found one that she does on tour. And it’s badass.

via @ddlovato

While on tour, she keeps it simple so that she can do the workouts anywhere. But even though it’s simple, it’s hard AF. Her circuits are cardio mixed with toning, so you’re burning fat while gaining muscle. Best of both worlds.

I honestly didn’t think that this would be that difficult. Considering I’ve done a round of Kayla Itsines’ BBG workouts, and those are hard. Demi’s workouts consist of 6 moves and 3 rounds. In each move, you do 10 reps and if it’s only on one side of your body, you do 10 reps on the other side too.

All of her moves work the entire body, which is why it’s super beneficial for her to do in a short amount of time. If you do this workout 4-5 times a week, you’re bound to see results. It had me sweating so much by the end of it, and it’s the perfect combo to get in a burn and a sweat.

First move: Lunge kick combo

Holding a dumbbell (if you have one), lunge back with your right leg and bend both your knees to a 90 degree angle. Pressing through your left heel, come up and kick your right leg forward. Complete 10 reps on each leg.

Second move: Curtsy with a side kick

Lunge your right leg, crossing it behind your left leg into a lunge position while holding onto the ground. Then, stand on your left leg and kick your right leg to the side. Complete 10 reps on each leg.

Third move: Wood chop squat

If you have a resistance band, secure it to a sofa leg or anything sturdy. If not, grab a dumbbell. With your left side to the couch, grab the band or dumbbell with both hands on your left side. Squat (not too low) and as you stand bring the band or dumbbell diagonally up to your right side while turning your torso to the right. Complete 10 reps on both sides.

Fourth move: Walkout plank push-up

This is pretty self explanatory, but start in a standing position. With your hands on the ground, start to walk out until you’re in a plank position. Perform a push-up then walk your hands back to your feet. Repeat 10 times.

Fifth move: Burpee

The worst but the best. From a standing position, jump feet back into a plank and then jump feet up to your hands again. Jump up, extending your arms into the air. Repeat 10 times.

Sixth move: Crunch

Laying on your back with your knees bent and feet flat, put your hands behind your head and crunch your stomach up then down. Repeat 10 times.

Repeat this circuit two more times. After the first round, I was sweaty and a little out of breath. However, by the third round, since you’re working every part of your body, I was dying. It’s a simple workout, but adding in toning and cardio really kill you. And don’t even get me started on my hate for anything to do with a lunge.

It’s obvious that this workout is effective, since Demi’s body is to die for. She looks strong AF, and looking and feeling strong gives you so much confidence. Maybe that’s why her last album was titled Confident? If you’re looking for a short but effective workout, Demi is the girl to go to. Plus, it’s easy to do while travelling since you hardly need any equipment. Score!

If you’re confused about the moves, here is a video demonstrating the entire workout:

Demi Lovato Workout Routine

Last updated on December 12th, 2019 at 09:20 pm

BONUS: Download the FREE Demi Lovato Workout Routine PDF

First Rihanna, and now Demi Lovato?


Give the people what they want is what I’m saying!

Demi Lovato started off as a childhood actor on Barney and Friends (loved that show…), and then worked her way to becoming a Disney Channel star before eventually taking the music industry by storm.

She’s also known for her role as a judge on X-Factor, among other things, like her hit single “Cool for the Summer” hitting number 11 on the Hot 100 Charts.

But, on top of all these stats (and countless others I’m not naming here), don’t begin to tell anything about her amazing physique that people are dying to find out about.

And that’s what we’re here for today.

Demi Lovato Stats:

Height: 5’3

Weight: (approximate) 120 lbs.

Age: 25 years old

Demi Lovato stands in as one of the shorter women we’re seen at SHJ.

The average is 5’5-5’6 range, which she’s not far off from, but these are women like Jennifer Aniston, Margot Robbie, Katie Cassidy, Katheryn Winnick, and a good handful of others.

Lovato is more around the range of ladies like Scarlett Johansson, Emilia Clarke, Natalie Portman, and Olivia Munn.

Oh, and then we also have our tallest ladies on the site as well.

These are women like Gal Gadot, Zendaya, Rihanna, Sophie Turner, Jennifer Lawrence, and a few others.

But, either way, don’t worry.

This routine is good for anyone and everyone to utilize.

Demi Lovato Diet and Nutrition

I was able to find some pretty good information about Demi Lovato’s diet, and it’s pretty on point.

Here’s a quote from Pop Sugar from an interview with her:

“I don’t eat anything if it doesn’t grow or if it doesn’t walk,” she said, emphasizing her draw to natural, whole foods and a squeaky clean diet. “No processed foods, and not really any refined sugar or flour, but I sometimes treat myself!”

Which is followed up with:

The treats in question? Chocolate and cashews. “I like cashew butter — anything with cashews! Cashew milk . . . dark chocolate is really helpful when you have a sweet tooth. I don’t eat out at restaurants; I have a nutritionist chef full time so I eat at my house and on the road.”

We love all of that!

Not only do we preach clean eating because we know how nutrient dense foods treat our body, but we also promote sustainable diets and know it’s always okay to be human.

Aka: we find a way to work cheat meals into our diets.

Another fun quote I found from Fitness Magazine is this one:

FT: What’s your favorite meal?

DL: A turkey patty in a lettuce wrap with vegan cheese—I’m lactose intolerant—ketchup, tomato, and a side of sweet potatoes. Or I love tacos made with ground turkey and spinach on a corn tortilla topped with lettuce, vegan cheese, and hot sauce. It’s simple, but still has a ton of flavor, so I don’t feel deprived.

Who’s making one right now?

And here’s a look at what a full day might look like for Lovato’s meals, which she shared with Women’s Health Mag:

6AM: Oatmeal and egg-white pancake with applesauce and fruit
11AM: Turkey lettuce wrap with sweet potato
2PM: Chicken stir-fry with brown rice and spinach
6PM: Pork tenderloin with green beans


This is definitely right in the line of the healthy but sustainable approach we shoot for within our own Nutrition Classes (Samurais, Hunter Gatherers, Monks, Minimalists, Vikings, Spartans, SuperHumans) in The Academy.

And, surely enough information for you to take advantage of, right?

Demi Lovato Workout Routine Research

I found the same answer on multiple sources, but I’ll pull the quote I like the best, which is from PopSugar:

“I work out six days a week and I take Sundays off,” she said. “Several days I’ll do an hour of cardio, and several days a week I’ll do an hour of strength training. On top of that, some days during the week I’ll work out for two hours where I’ll do an hour of cardio and an hour of MMA, or I’ll do an hour of strength training and an hour of MMA — but I don’t do that every day!”

She told another source that it may sound like a lot, but she loves working out, and it helps her overall mood.

In the same interview with Pop Sugar she followed her training comment with this:

“My favorite workout is ju-jitsu. I love training ju-jitsu. When you’re rolling with somebody, you’re constantly thinking of defending or attacking moves, so it’s kind of meditative in a way, but it’s also a great workout when you’re training — when you’re really moving around with somebody.”

Our Coach Derek would love to hear this!

I guess I’ll tell him…

Oh, and two great questions that I thought I couldn’t continue on without telling you about from the Fitness Magazine interview were:

FM: How do you work outwhenyou’re on the road?

DL: Christina Perri is on tour with me, and we’re both huge fans of SoulCycle, so we actually brought bikes with us. Christina’s taken a ton of classes, and she tells me what to do. It’s superfun, and we usually drink a green juice or protein shake afterward and talk. It’s nice to get some quality girl time in, too.

FM: What doyoudo to motivate yourself when you don’t feel like exercising?

DL: A good playlist is crucial. Sometimes we’ll blare music at the venue where I’m performing, and I’ll run up and down the stairs or around the concourse. I also have a good team who are aware of my past health issues, so if they notice I’m having an off day, they’ll be like, “Come on—let’s go break a sweat!”

How awesome are those?

Okay, serious question now: do you think she has her own music on her playlist?

While you ponder that, we’ll make our way over to the routine now….

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Training Volume:

6 days per week


Demi says she trains 6 days per week because she loves it. She varies the training between cardio, weights, MMA, jiu-jitsu, and soul-cycle – so I will be doing the same in the programming. You can follow this in order, or even mix and matched.

Day One: Upper Body w/ Weights

Warm Up:


15 min bike ride


Dumbbell Bench Press


Lateral Pulldowns


Military Press (DB or BB)


Tricep Kickbacks


3 Round Circuit:

10 Burpees

10 Clean and Presses

10 Inch Worms

10 Sit Ups

Day Two: Soul Cycle

Lovato mentions using Soul Cycle when she’s on the road. This doesn’t mean you have to specifically do Soul Cycle, BUT this day is devoted to some cardio.

She varies her training between cardio days and weight days, so there it is.

This is your Soul Cycle day and that can be subbed for biking, or any form of cardio you can get out there and get done!

Day Three: Upper and Lower Body Split w/ Weights

Warm Up:


15 minute ellipical




Arnold Presses


Weighted Step Ups


Calf Raises


3 Round Circuit:

10 Mountain Climbers

10 Snatches

10 Push Ups

10 V-Ups

Day Four: MMA Training or Jiu-Jitsu

Lovato LOVES MMA, boxing, and jiu-jitsu.

You can jump in The Academy and work with Coach Derek and use some of the MMA styled training we have there, OR you can get out there and shadow box, hit a heavy/speed bag, OR even take a class.

Either way, get moving today!

Day Five: Lower Body Split w/ Weights

Warm Up:


15 min jog




Leg Press


Leg Pushdowns


Leg Extension


3 Round Circuit:

10 Jump Squats

10 Front Squats

10 Jumping Lunges

10 Russian Twists

Day Six: Mixed Cardio Day

Lovato says that some days she’ll do just an hour of cardio, and some days she’ll step it up a notch and do an hour of training AND an hour of MMA.

So today is you’re mixed cardio day.

You can go out there and do an hour of cardio with some treadmill, elliptical, stair-master, rower, bike…etc. etc., OR you can mix and match it with some more MMA as well.

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Demi Lovato’s Workout Routine Is Actually Doable AF, So Take Notes

Demi Lovato is basically as real as it gets when it comes to celebrity role models. I can only imagine that, when you’re constantly in the spotlight, there’s probably loads of pressure placed on physical appearance. But this pop star reminds us all what truly loving yourself means, regardless of society’s BS expectations. Not only does she love exercising whenever she has the time to make her body feel amazing from head to toe, but Demi Lovato’s workout routine is actually super doable when you break it down. So if you’re looking for new movement to add to your own routine, you better take some notes.

Lovato has been refreshingly open and candid about her struggles with battling an eating disorder, self-harm, addiction, and even her bipolar disorder diagnosis. In 2011, she checked herself into rehab and embarked on the lifelong process of healing herself, both mentally and physically.

Part of what’s helped Lovato so much throughout her recovery is her ability to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and moving her body in ways that make her feel powerful and strong. According to PopSugar Fitness, Lovato credits her active lifestyle for helping her feel truly confident in her own skin and embracing her body’s natural, beautiful curves. Hey, if this badass singer can squeeze in some burpee sets while she’s killin’ it on tour to become the strongest version of herself, I want a dose of those feel-good endorphins ASAP.

Try these six simple moves that Lovato swears by to make herself feel fierce, happy, and wildly confident from head to toe.

1. Crunches For Strong Stability


I won’t lie, crunches can be kind of meh for a workout, but these movements don’t just focus on strengthening your abdominal muscles; they also improve your posture, prevent lower back pain, and help with functional everyday activities that require your core to be engaged. When you think about it that way, it’s no wonder why Lovato includes crunches in her daily workout routine — straightforward, classic, and effective AF. I dig it.

2. Burpees For Explosive Energy

Bowflex on YouTube

Ah, the exercise that everyone loves to hate. Lovato regularly includes this explosive workout in her routine, and if you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically a cross between a plank and a push-up. This bad boy challenges your entire body, and you’ll probably find yourself dripping in sweat after just a few reps.

Seriously Demi, teach me your ways. I don’t think there’s ever going to come a day when I can confidently say I enjoy burpees.

3. Lunge-Kick Combo For A Challenging Twist

FITNESS Magazine on YouTube

This twist on a typical lunge will totally break you out of your casually boring workout rut and bring some playfulness into an otherwise monotonous fitness routine.

You can try these with a dumbbell if you have one, or feel the burn without any equipment at all — your call, girl.

4. Curtsy With A Side Kick For A Badass Sense Of Grace

John Garey on YouTube

TBH, I feel like some kind of graceful ballerina or a low-key royal badass when I’m pumping out a few reps of these curtsy squats. Anyone else with me on that one?

Now I guess I just need to trade in my Lulus for a tutu. It’s only right.

5. Wood-Chop Squat For Letting Out Aggression

Kai Simon on YouTube

You’ll most likely need a dumbbell for these wood-chop squats, but you can really use any weighted, sturdy, household object if you don’t have actual weights at home (overpriced college textbooks, perhaps?).

Honestly, this is my favorite workout from Demi Lovato’s whole routine because it lets me get out all of my aggression, and I feel powerful as hell while I’m doing it. I highly recommend blasting “Really Don’t Care” while you’re powering through a couple of these bad boys. Seriously, just do it, don’t question me on this one.

6. Plank Walk Push-Up For Subtle Strength

Indigo Fitness on YouTube

Finish off your Lovato-inspired workout with some plank walk push-ups. This move is pretty challenging for your arms and core, but you’ll feel so freaking powerful after you’ve completed just a few of these moves.

This workout will leave you feeling like the capable and incredibly strong goddess that you truly are, without a single apology. As Lovato says… “Sorry Not Sorry.”

A scroll through Demi Lovato’s Instagram feed brings a single word to mind: strong. The former Disney sweetheart has pivoted into seriously inspiring territory as of late, dropping the #MeToo anthem “Fall in Line” with Christina Aguilera and adding her influential voice to the body-positivity movement (all while traveling the world on tour, NBD). So what’s her secret for managing it all? Simple: balance.

Photo: Courtesy of Core Water

Lovato spoke to us about her workouts and her new campaign with Core Water that’s about Finding Balance—in an admittedly challenging, “unbalanced world.” It’s the first time the celeb’s given an up-close look at how she balances all aspects of her on-the-road, on-the-stage, and at-the-gym life. You could say Demi is sorry not sorry for trying to fit in her workouts. “Workouts are something that I like to balance,” she tells me. “Making sure I get a day off to rest, getting to the gym and putting in my work, and feeling good afterward,” are all priorities.

Wanting to know her start-to-finish, full-fledged exercise routine, I asked the singer-songwriter to walk me through a day in the life (or rather, a workout in the life) of Demi Lovato. Check it out.

1. She hops out of bed bright and early

“I’m a morning workout person,” she says (though she doesn’t specify a timeframe), adding that she prefers to check off her gym session first thing to bask in the endorphin-filled glow for the rest of the day. If waking up for a.m. sweats tend to be a bit of a challenge for you, the Tone It Up founders share six tips for making it happen.

2. Her workouts go beyond simple cardio and strength training

Lovato works with a trainer at the gym, opting for mixed martial arts (MMA) and jiu jitsu over standard exercising routines involving cardio and weight lifting. “I’m training in MMA, so getting to hit pads and do jiujitsu is really fun for me,” Lovato says. And instead of popping in headphones and zoning out while she practices her combat skills, she says she prefers to uplug. “I don’t really listen to a playlist when I work out. I just kind of go off of what’s on in the gym because I’m listening to my trainer.”

3. Lovato’s workout recovery involves delicious fuel

Post-workout, Lovato heads home for a well-deserved shower and to refuel. Her usual smoothie packs just three ingredients (score!): a banana, protein, and sometimes spinach. Noting the importance of hydration, she also makes sure to replenish with plenty of water. So much so that she became one of Core’s initial investors after discovering the brand in 2015.

To make the most of your rest days, stock up on these nine natural recovery products and pay off your “sleep debt.”

From child star to pop star, Demi Lovato’s struggles with eating disorders and sobriety have been widely publicised. However, substance abuse and biopolar disorder are only half the story. Prior to her relapse, Lovato spent much time working on her diet and fitness routine.

If you’re wondering what the Demi Lovato diet consists of and what she eats in a week, keep reading for her tour diary that she shared with WH back in 2015.


6AM: Oatmeal and egg-white pancake with applesauce and fruit
11AM: Turkey lettuce wrap with sweet potato
2PM: Chicken stir-fry with brown rice and spinach
6PM: Pork tenderloin with green beans

‘My routine is different on the road than when at home: performing and travelling means I have to fit in a workout whenever I can find the time – late-night cardio sessions are not unheard of.’


7AM: Oatmeal and egg-white pancake with applesauce and fruit
11AM: Chicken tostada on corn tortilla with lettuce
1:30PM: Turkey chilli with Spanish brown rice and spinach
7PM: Salmon with asparagus

‘I exercise six days a week with a day of rest. It sounds like a lot, but it really helps my mood – I feel great when I work out.

‘One element of my regime is doing cardio five times a week: alternating running and brisk walks at an incline on the treadmill and spinning.’

READ: What I Eat In A Week By Katarina Johnson-Thompson


7:30AM: Oatmeal and egg-white pancake with applesauce and fruit
11:30AM: Turkey meatballs with kale salad and sweet potato
1PM: Shredded BBQ pork in a lettuce wrap with sweet potato
6:30PM: Chicken stew with spinach

‘I don’t rest on my laurels on my day off. I really look forward to active recovery like yoga or just walking. It keeps me focused on where I want to be with my body.’


7AM: Oatmeal and egg-white pancake with applesauce and fruit
11:30AM: Lettuce-wrapped turkey burger with potatoes
2PM: Chicken chilli with spinach and sweet potato
7PM: Salmon with asparagus

‘Functional training is key for my body. My shows are really energetic so I try to train my body for the dancing and physical element of my performances – it’s tougher than it looks!’

READ: How To Do Breakfast Like A Champion


6:30AM: Oatmeal and egg-white pancake with applesauce and fruit
10:30AM: Shredded pork and chilies with kale salad and brown rice
1:30PM: Chicken stir-fry with brown rice and spinach
6PM: Turkey chilli with spinach

‘For my six-weekly training sessions I focus on lengthening and toning for the bottom half of my body: lots of squats and lunge variations to keep my glutes and hips strong and toned.’


7AM: Oatmeal and egg-white pancake with applesauce and fruit
11AM: Turkey meatballs and tomato sauce with spinach and potatoes
1:30PM: Pork and pineapple lettuce wrap with sweet potato
6:30PM: Salmon with asparagus

‘I keep my core strong with planks, crunches, push-ups, lying glute push-ups and bridges to strengthen my body and prevent injury when I’m on stage.’


8AM: Oatmeal and egg-white pancake with applesauce and fruit
11:30AM: Chicken fajita on a corn tortilla with lettuce
1:30PM: Asian lettuce wrap with sweet potato
7PM: Pork tenderloin with green beans

‘I like to kick it up on higher intensity days by incorporating light dumbbells, bands, exercise balls and ankle weights into my usual routine.’

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  • Can I Get A Lean And Strong Physique On A Vegan Diet?

The on-screen character properties the accomplishment of her melodic endeavors to contemporary pop images like Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, and Christina Aguilera, who influenced her through their styles of music. During the year 2006, Demi Lovato appeared in the acclaimed TV arrangement ‘Escape’ and arranged it according to an appearance in the TV arrangement ‘Just Jordan’. 2007 was one of the earth shattering significant lots of Demi’s job since it was during this time she landed likely the meatiest position of her calling. Being a trending celebrity, Demi Lovato is surely a hit among her fans and we believe these sexiest Demi Lovato Instagram pics are also a sure-win among her admirers. Now that we’ve seen all her details and information, let’s get to it and enjoy this hand-picked collection of Demi Lovato hot pictures.


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This Demi Lovato Selfie Is Extremely HOT!

Hottie Demi Lovato Pics

Enjoy the hottest pictures of Demi Lovato pictures online. We gathered sexy images, GIFs, and wallpapers of Demi from various steamy photo shoots. Demi Lovato is one of the hottest women in music. So due to popular demand, we curated hot pics of Demi Lovato’s body from bikini and/or lingerie photo-shoots.

Demi’s rise to stardom began when she starred on the television series ‘Barney & Friends‘ as a child. From there she went on to obtain roles as Mitchie Torres in the Disney TV movie, “Camp Rock”. This role was considered a serious catalyst for Demi’s career since the movie’s soundtrack includedher first single, ‘This is me’, which rose to the top 10 list on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. From there it was off to the race as Demi released her third studio album “Unbroken” with singles that shattered sales expectations and went Platinum. Demi has also appeared on reality TV as a judge on the second and third seasons of the U.S. version of the “The X Factor”.

We know these are not Demi Lovato nude photos, but Demi guards her image very well. We searched and trust us there are no Demi Lovato naked pics anywhere on the web. But you can still enjoy this awesome image gallery containing her cutest photos and jpegs.

Demi Lovato mini bio:

This Demi Lovato Selfie Is Extremely HOT!


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