Lemon Water 101

Lemon Water FAQ

Can I use lime instead of lemon?

Yes, you can use lime instead of lemon.

Should I drink lemon water before or after celery juice?

You can drink it either before or after celery juice. If drinking lemon water first, wait 15-30 minutes before drinking celery juice. If drinking celery juice first, wait 15-30 minutes before drinking lemon water.

What is the best time of day to drink lemon water?

Drinking it anytime is helpful, but first thing in the morning is especially effective for cleansing your liver, which works while you sleep to gather and purge toxins from your body. When you wake up, it’s ideal to hydrate and flush these toxins out with this activated living lemon water.

Can I drink it later in the day?

Yes, it is great any time of day. Try adding lemon water into your daily routine. You can do this once a day, twice a day, three times a day or more.

What is the optimal amount of lemon water to drink in a day?

It depends on what else you are drinking or eating. So many people today are chronically dehydrated. You may wish to drink two liters of lemon water every day. In addition to other hydrating drinks like celery juice and cucumber juice, along with lots of fresh fruits, leafy greens and vegetables. Each person’s needs are different when it comes to hydration. An avid exerciser or someone with chronic illness or symptoms might want to bring more lemon water into their daily routine plus eat more fresh fruit throughout the day. The Liver Rescue Mornings in Liver Rescue are a great way to set yourself up to properly hydrate.

Can I use lemon essential oil instead of fresh lemon?

Only the living water in freshly squeezed lemon holds the life-giving nutrients that will cleanse and replenish your body and keep you hydrated.

Can I make lemon water in advance?

It’s best to drink lemon water immediately after preparing it. But if you have to make it in advance, you can seal it in a mason jar with a lid and store it in the fridge. If doing so, be sure to drink it within 24 hours.

Does lemon water need to be consumed on an empty stomach?

No, it does not. It is particularly beneficial first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (followed by celery juice 15 to 30 minutes later if possible), but it is wonderful to drink any time of day, with or without food.

Should the water be cold, hot, or room temperature?

It’s best not to heat the water. Room temperature or cold are both good options.

Can I use more than half a lemon in my water?

Yes, you can! You can use as much lemon or lime as you’d like.

Can I add raw honey, ginger or other ingredients to my lemon water?

Yes, for an extra boost, you can add one teaspoon each raw honey and freshly grated ginger to the lemon water. Your liver will draw in the raw honey to restore its glucose reserves, purging deep toxins at the same time. Just be sure to buy raw versus heated honey so you get all of this medicinal food’s healing properties.

Can I drink more than 16 ounces of lemon water upon rising?

Yes, a highly effective means of detoxifying the body is to drink two 16-ounce glasses of lemon or lime water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

How long should I wait to eat after drinking lemon water?

Give your liver 15 to 30 minutes later to clean up after drinking the lemon water before eating or drinking anything else.

Is lemon water bad for my teeth?

Contrary to popular belief, lemons and lemon water are excellent for oral health including your teeth. They are highly mineralizing and loaded with calcium. Fresh lemon kills the bad bacteria in your mouth that causes tooth decay. They may taste acidic but they are highly alkalizing in your mouth and body.

Is lemon water okay for acid reflux?

Yes, lemon water is helpful for acid reflux as it destroys the unproductive bacteria that causes acid reflux.

Can I just add lemon water to my celery juice instead of having two separate drinks?

Celery juice works best on its own as just straight celery juice with nothing else. Adding any other ingredients to the juice will dilute its medicinal properties.

Can I have apple cider vinegar in water instead of lemon water?

No, apple cider vinegar is extremely acidic and it pickles the liver. The liver cells struggle to stay balanced and perform as they fight for oxygen, because vinegar steals oxygen from the bloodstream and the liver. ACV (like any vinegar) comes into the stomach extremely acidic. The liver must put a halt to it immediately and use its every reserve to try to alkalize or at least neutralize it. The ACV fights back, and its acidic nature is so strong that the stomach loses the battle many times over. Instead of alkalizing your gut, it does the opposite. It weakens hydrochloric acid and breaks down gastric juices and heads down the pike still acidic. It’s basically an assault on the stomach and intestinal tract. For more information on the effects of apple cider vinegar on the liver, see my book Liver Rescue.

Can I use frozen lemon juice?

Freshly squeezed lemon juice is best.

Can I use store bought lemon juice?

It’s best to freshly squeeze the lemon juice yourself. Lemon juice oxidizes very quickly once you juice it and will no longer have the vital living nutrients once it’s bottled. Also, most lemon juices in bottles that you buy from a store will have preservatives added.

Learn more about the hidden healing powers of fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the #1 New York Times Bestselling book Life-Changing Foods. You can also find out more about how to incorporate lemon water into a healing routine in my Bestselling books Thyroid Healing and Liver Rescue.

  • The craziest detoxes you need to avoid

If I had a dollar for every celebrity or health blogger that drinks a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning to ‘flush toxins’ I could buy a house (or at least a lot of avocado toast).

It might make you feel smugly healthy to sip on a cup of warm water and freshly squeezed lemon juice to start the day, but the idea it’s having any kind of detoxing effect is, quite frankly, total BS.

“There is no evidence that these drinks will do anything to toxins,” Dr Ian Musgrave, molecular pharmacologist and toxicologist at the University of Adelaide, told Coach.

“But it’s certainly tastier than warm water alone.”

In fact, the idea that we have a “build-up” of toxins in our bodies that we can expel by following a diet or taking a product is pretty much a misleading marketing scam.

In 2009, researchers from independent UK organisation Sense About Science contacted 15 companies selling detox products, from herbal supplements to shampoos, requesting information on which toxins their products claimed to remove.

Not one of the manufacturers was able to say which specific toxin their product supposedly targeted.

The human body does have toxins, but it’s capable of dealing with them on its own.

“The body is exposed to a variety of xenobiotics – chemicals that are foreign to the body – mostly from natural sources,” Musgrave explains.

“Among these xenobiotics are some that are genuinely toxic, things like solanine in potatoes and heliotrine, which is in a range of weedy plants that contaminate foodstuffs and herbal medicines.

“Our medicinal drugs are also seen by the body as xenobiotics and metabolised by the same enzymes that have evolved to deal with natural toxicants.”

The majority of detox heavy-lifting in the body is done by the liver.

“ is packed full of enzymes that specifically break down xenobiotics so they are no longer toxic, and the breakdown products are readily excreted.

“The liver also breaks down materials produced by the body’s metabolism so they can be excreted – an example is the breakdown of the oxygen-carrying pigment in red blood cells into something that can be safely excreted.

“Once the liver has converted a xenobiotic to a water-soluble compound, this is excreted by the kidney or secreted into the bile.”

The idea that taking a product to flush out a build-up of toxins that have supposedly accumulated over weeks, months or years is also wrong because the body’s natural detox process is extremely quick.

“There’s a popular idea of toxins ‘building up’, but generally no, this doesn’t happen,” Musgrave says.

“For the majority of compounds the removal of these toxicants is very rapid.

“For some fat-soluble compounds, if the intake is faster than metabolism, then they will build up in the fat — but no amount of juice or sweating will remove them.”

So, a juice cleanse or glass of warm water with lemon is not going to “detox” you.

But do they have some benefit?

“The only advantage is that they will lower your calorie intake and increase vitamin C level,” Musgrave says.

“While there may be some short-term effect on overall weight due to calorie restriction, there is no evidence it can produce meaningful long-term changes.

“The unbalanced nutrient intake could also be harmful if carried out for too long.”

It’s even more pointless if you binge on food or alcohol after the “cleanse” is over.

“If you return to junk food or binge drinking afterwards there will be no benefit at all,” Musgrave concludes. “Sensible long-term changes to diet and exercise outweigh any purported benefits of ‘detoxing’.”

That’s what we’ve been saying all along.

RELATED: Why a detox is BS

Lately, there’s been increasing interest in the effects of lemon juice on the liver. Specifically, its effectiveness as a liver detox agent. While there is some truth to this claim, there’s also a growing pile of misinformation produced by people who don’t really understand how the human body operates.

Lemon juice naturally contains potent levels of citric acid. When mixed with distilled water and consumed regularly, it can benefit the body in a number of ways.

Lemon juice helps break down food in your stomach for better digestion. Partially because of its own acidic qualities, and partially because it stimulates digestive juice production in the stomach.

Does Lemon Juice Detox the Liver?

Length: 3 minutes

Pros and Cons of Using Lemon Juice to Detox the Liver?

Sum it up like this, the more efficiently your stomach breaks down food, the less work your liver has to do.

Your liver is part of your body’s built-in filtration system. Lemon juice is a natural cleanser, so it helps control harmful organisms. I recommend squeezing half of an organic lemon into a small glass of distilled water and drinking it each day. Not only does this help aid your liver function, but also promotes healthier skin, and even helps soothe minor throat and respiratory concerns.

While lemon juice does have the aforementioned health promoting qualities, and then some, it does have certain shortcomings as a liver detoxification agent. The health promoting qualities of its juice can vary from lemon to lemon. While one individual fruit may be rich in beneficial components, others are less potent.

What Is the Best Way to Cleanse My Liver?

I recommend following these liver cleansing instructions. The secret that separates it from less effective cleanses is the addition of an all-natural liver/gallbladder cleanser called Livatrex®.

Livatrex contains a proprietary blend of hand-selected herbs and minerals which work together with the body’s natural chemistry to help both the liver and the gallbladder purge impurities that may have accumulated over the years. Not only will it help improve your cleansing efforts, it also works great for people who had their gallbladder removed.

When combined with a probiotic supplement, these one-of-a-kind products offer unparalleled support for your body’s natural ability to cleanse itself of dangerous toxins, as well as help maintain the natural function of your liver and gallbladder. Not only are they are much more effective than lemon juice alone when it comes to detoxing the liver, they also have fewer side-effects, and address a much wider range of related health issues.

Whether you’re looking for a full detoxification program to revitalize your liver or a maintenance supplement to help avoid future toxin build up, I strongly recommend a liver cleanse and eating plenty of foods that cleanse the liver. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose except unwanted toxins.

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References (1)

  1. Helen Nichols. 35 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Lemon Water.Well-Being Secrets

†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.


What to know about the lemon detox diet

Share on PinterestThere is no scientific evidence that a lemon detox offers significant health benefits.

There is no evidence to suggest that detox diets can remove toxins from the body or have any noticeable health benefits.

This is primarily because the concept of detoxing does not align with how the body works.

The idea of detoxing is to flush out harmful toxins. However, the human body naturally prevents this from happening and protects the body from toxins by removing them.

How the body detoxes

The body is highly efficient at breaking down and removing harmful toxins, such as alcohol, by-products of digestion, bacteria, or chemicals from pollution.

The large intestine absorbs nutrients from the food a person consumes and distributes them into the bloodstream. The body excretes the remaining nutrients as solid waste.

The liver is one of the body’s primary filtration systems. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body, cleanse the blood, and metabolize nutrients and medications.

The kidneys filter the blood to remove any excess waste and ensure the body has enough water.

The lungs remove waste carbon dioxide from the blood and exhale it out of the body.

Why the lemon diet does not help

A lemon detox diet will not enhance any of these natural body processes and may hinder them. This diet is highly restrictive and extremely low-calorie, and without a balanced diet, the body will not receive the supply of the nutrients and energy it needs to function correctly. This includes removing toxins and waste products.

A lemon detox diet does not contain any fiber. Fiber plays an essential role in digestion by supporting the large intestines and influencing metabolism. Without fiber, the large intestine cannot remove toxins and waste products from the body as effectively.

Potentially valid benefits

Although a lemon detox diet may not enhance the removal of toxins, some people report feeling refreshed and re-energized after doing one. However, people can achieve these improvements through a variety of healthful alternatives. This includes not drinking alcohol for periods, stopping smoking, sleeping well, exercising regularly, and eating a nutritious diet.

Returning to a regular diet after finishing an extremely low-calorie lemon detox diet will likely make a person feel re-energized.

It is possible that a lemon detox diet causes weight loss because it involves extreme calorie restriction. One study found that a 7-day lemon detox diet led to a reduction in body fat for Korean women who were overweight.

However, this is not a healthful way to lose weight. As with any form of extreme calorie restriction, resuming a normal diet will often lead to rapid weight gain afterward.

Some research suggests that certain extreme forms of calorie restriction and fasting could have health benefits. However, these diets promote the consumption of healthful and varied foods, including fruits, vegetables, and whole foods.

Lemon Water or Lemon Detox Water is one of the very first detox water recipes created, and it seems to be everywhere you look on the Internet these days.

Besides being really yummy with its sweet and tangy flavor, lemon juice has many health benefits associated with it.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of lemon detox water and explore how to make it. Then we’ll supply you with some yummy lemon infused water recipes to get you started.

What is Lemon Water?

Lemon detox water is simply the juice of a lemon mixed with water.

It can be served hot or cold and is generally not sweetened, it all depends on your own personal preferences.

Special Tip: Add some lemon to your water bottle and take with you and sip all day as a delicious, healthy, weight loss treat.

To make it easier to take on the go, I recommend a portable Fruit Infused Water Bottle. They’re worth the $10-20 investment in your health!

Benefits of Lemon Detox Water

In addition to the many benefits of drinking water, like a faster metabolism, there are also specific benefits of drinking lemon detox water, (1)

Lemons contain flavonoids, which are plant pigments that are known to have strong antioxidant properties. That means they help protect your cells from damage. (2, 3)

Lemons also contain important vitamins like Vitamin C and potassium. A diet rich in potassium can help lower your blood pressure. And studies have shown people who eat lots of potassium have up to a 27% lower risk of heart disease and strokes (4, 5, 6).

Key Point: Lemon are full of nutritious ingredients, especially vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. It also contains potassium, which helps support heart health.

Here are 5 important benefits of lemon detox water:

Many people have discovered drinking fruit infused water to be an essential part of their weight loss program.

How does water help you lose weight? Studies have shown that drinking water naturally boosts your metabolism. Drinking a glass of hot or warm lemon infused water in the morning has become a healthy daily habit for many people to assist with overall weight loss. (7)

And not only is it an effective diet water, it tastes wonderful, too.

Drink the juice of one lemon in one cup of warm water first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach) to increase your weight loss levels.

Key Point: Studies have shown that water naturally boosts your metabolism.

#2. Helps Aid Digestion

Acids in lemon detox water have been reported to slow the digestion processes. Which helps you with better absorption of the nutrients passing through your system.

The slower absorption rate helps moderate insulin spikes and improves utilization of the available nutrients in your food.

Key Point: The acids in lemon infused water helps slow digestion, which increases nutrient absorption.

#3. Helps Cleanse Your Liver

Water is the key component of any detox diet plan, and a lemon infused water cleanse is a great way to ensure you drink lots of it.

In addition to the healthy benefits of lemon cleansing water. The enzymes may help stimulate liver functions and aid in the elimination of wastes from your body.

A cleanse will also suppress your appetite so you are more successful and have fewer cravings while on your lemon detox or cleansing plan.

Key Point: The enzymes in lemon detox water help stimulate liver functions, which aids in detoxifying your system.

#4. Boosts Your Immune System

Lemon infused water is a good source of vitamin C and other nutrients, which help in improving the strength of your immune system.

Vitamin C is one of the easiest ways to boost your immune system because it helps neutralize free radicals associated with aging and disease.

One lemon contains a whopping 187% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. (8)

It also helps increase your energy levels due to the presence of other essential vitamins and minerals.

So next time you’re feeling less than great get some into your diet. Your body will feel better faster and will help shake off some of that exhaustion that comes with the common cold and flu.

Key Point: Lemon infused water contains high amounts of vitamin C, which helps support a stronger immune system.

#5. Improves Your Skin Condition

The antioxidants in lemon juice not only help to reduce blemishes, but it also helps to minimize wrinkles, too.

It can also be applied to scars and age spots to reduce their visibility, and because lemon juice is detoxifying your blood. It will maintain your skin’s radiance.

We especially love how the vitamin C from naturally firms up skin. During weight loss exercise is key to toning up skin, but when you can’t make it to the gym. Or you feel you need a little extra help with saggy skin, turn to the firming powers of lemons.

Key Point: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant found in lemons, which helps firm your skin.

How To Make Lemon Infused Water

It’s not difficult at all to make basic lemon infused water. You just need two ingredients: lemon and water.

Simply add the juice of one fresh lemon to warm or cold water.

You want fresh squeezed lemons for maximum results. Don’t get those little squeeze bottles from the store! They have no nutritional value and most of them contain harmful preservatives and chemicals.

For time saving methods simply squeeze lemons and freeze the juices in an ice cube tray. Then you can pop a cube in a glass or mug of water for a fast boost of vitamin C.

If lemon juice is too strong for you , make a more mild version, cut the lemon into thin slices and drop them in your water.

You can also try some of our lemon water recipes below, we added other yummy ingredients to keep your taste buds happy.

Watch My Infused Water Tips Video

I made this infused water instructional video for eHow.com, the largest how-to site on the internet. It contains lots of tips for making delicious fruit infused water recipes.

In the afternoon, make yourself a fruit infusion pitcher of Cucumber Lemon Detox Water. Also try Lemon Cucumber Mint Water, Lemon Mint Water, or another lemon water detox recipe. It’s a tasty all day treat that can help suppress your appetite and keep you hydrated. All while boosting your metabolism.

In the evening, a warm glass of Warm Lemon Water with Honey will help you feel calm and relaxed, and before bed makes a really great nightly treat.

The vitamin C in will help tone up your skin while you sleep, add a glass to your nightly beauty routine.

Lemon Water Recipes

There are many ways to serve lemon detox water.

The most popular and simplest way is to just add the juice of a lemon to approximately one to two cups of water.

But when you’re looking for more interesting flavors, here’s some suggested lemon detox recipes.

Cucumber Lemon Detox Water

Cucumber Lemon Detox Water is the classic spa water recipe you can find every day in a lot of places.

The taste of cucumbers and lemon are perfect together, and the health benefits are outstanding with the addition of the cucumbers.

Cucumbers are packed with potassium, making them a natural way to help lower blood pressure.

They also help reduce bloat and puffiness. Paired with the skin firming, metabolism boosting lemon water, this zero calorie drink will make you feel and look great in no time.

Warm Lemon Infused Water with Honey

This recipe is hailed by many as the ultimate flu and cold treatment, and also is said to help prevent illnesses when drank every morning.

Directions to make Warm Lemon Infused Water with Honey. Mix juice of half a fresh lemon with a teaspoon of organic, raw unheated honey in a standard mug with freshly boiled water that has cooled a little.

Make sure the water is still hot enough to melt the lemon honey.

The health benefits of warm water with lemon in the morning will be obvious quickly when you start to feeling great every day.

Lemon and Mint Water

Just like warm water with lemon, this soothing hot lemon mint recipe is the perfect drink when you’re feeling icky.

It’s so simple to make: Mix the juice of half a fresh lemon in a mug of hot water and add a few mint sprigs.

If you need it sweeter, add a teaspoon of honey while the water is still hot.

Lemon Cucumber Mint Water

Lemon Cucumber Mint Water is one of my favorite recipes to make on a hot summer day.

Not only is it really tasty, but the healthy benefits of the lemons, mint, and cucumber combine to make a nutritious powerhouse.

Just like the cucumber, mint naturally helps reduce bloat and puffiness.

They both also help cool you down naturally, so drinking this during and after a workout, or on a hot day will help you “chill out.”

This has to be one of my favorite all time detox water recipes and as soon as you taste this combination you’ll understand why I love it so.

Lemon Cayenne Water

Lemon Cayenne Water is a recipe which has been on the weight loss scene for a number of years, starting in 1940 by Stanley Burroughs.

His 1976 book, “The Master Cleanser,” promoted the recipe as part of his weight loss plan and as a natural cure for many ailments.

Cayenne pepper is known to increase metabolism, stimulates the circulatory system, aid digestion, help regulate blood sugar, and more.

To make Lemon Cayenne Water, add a pinch of cayenne pepper to 8 ounces of warm water, along with the juice of ½ a lemon.

Lemon Mint Water

Another classic recipe that’s easy to make and tastes really good is Lemon Mint Water. It has two of the most popular infused water ingredients, lemons and mint.

Make this one in an infused water pitcher for a terrific summertime treat your family will love, and will be good for them, too!

Lemon Ginger Water

Lemon Ginger Water is one of the most unique recipes on this list, thanks to the spice from the ginger.

It also make a great detox drink, because the lemons are a natural diuretic, and both the lemons and ginger are metabolism boosting.

Sipping on this Lemon Ginger Water recipe all day makes a great way to raise your metabolism all day long.


Whether you’re looking for an easy way to make a simple and delicious infused water, or you need to detox, these recipes can do the job.

Just be sure to include it as part of a healthy diet and to not use it as a meal replacement.

Drinking it every day is a habit you’ll enjoy and will reap the health benefits of lemon detox water for a long time to come.

Check out more great fruit infused water recipes, and give your weight loss a serious kick in the butt.

Lose Weight By Eating cookbooks:

  • Detox Water: The Top 25 Recipes for Fast Weight Loss
  • Infused Water: The Ultimate Weight Loss Secret
  • Cucumber Water: The World’s Most Popular Detox Drink

Lemon Ginger Morning Detox Drink

posted by Deborah on July 23, 2019 5K Shares

This Lemon Ginger Morning Detox Drink with Turmeric is a great way to start your day. It’s rich with vitamin c, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory and detoxifying benefits that help gently cleanse and alkalize the body.


This morning detox drink is made with fresh lemons, fresh ginger, turmeric and purified water. Adding a pinch of pepper (either black or cayenne) may help our bodies assimilate the nutrients of this lemon and ginger detox drink better and to aid in the detoxifying process.


This lemon detox drink is made with just 6 ingredients.

  • Ripe organic lemons
  • Fresh ginger root
  • Powdered turmeric (or freshly grated turmeric root)
  • Honey
  • Cayenne pepper (optional)
  • Purified water


Healthy detox drinks are easy to make. For this lemon and ginger detox drink, I’ll typically make up a batch and pour the leftovers in mason jars to put in the refrigerator. Then I’ll either reheat it or drink it chilled throughout the day. Here’s how to make it:

  1. Slice the lemons and ginger
  2. Bring the water to a boil in a pot
  3. Turn the heat off and add the lemon, ginger, turmeric and pepper
  4. Let steep for 30 minutes
  5. Strain and drink at room temperature or reheat (but don’t bring to a boil)

Making detox cleanse drinks at home is a healthy habit to form as part of a Daily Detox Diet. These cleansing drinks are typically made with water, fruit, vegetables and herbs which helps to stimulate the body’s natural detoxifying process to eliminate toxins and waste from our systems. The ingredients in this lemon ginger detox have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits which also helps to alkalize our bodies.


These are some of lemon ginger tea benefits:

  • Boosts immune system
  • Rich with vitamin C and flavonoids
  • Rich with potassium
  • Balance body pH
  • Aids digestion
  • Natural diuretic
  • Filters toxins from body

Follow THE HARVEST KITCHEN on Pinterest for more great recipes!

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  • Iced Green Tea with Apple, Lemon and Ginger
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  • Immune Boosting Ginger Tea
  • Cold Fighting Citrus Ice Cubes
  • Hydrating Lemon Cucumber Ice Cubes

Note: Originally published June 9, 2015


  • 2-1/2 cups boiling water
  • 1 organic lemon cut into slices (I like the taste of Meyer lemons best)
  • 1 inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground turmeric
  • 2 teaspoons honey (optional)


  1. Bring the water to a boil.
  2. Turm the heat off and add the lemon, ginger and turmeric.
  3. Let steep for 30 minutes.
  4. Strain and drink at room temperature or reheat (but don’t bring to a boil).

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Deeply Cleanse your body with Water and Lemon Juice

Lemon is the number 1 ally of detox diets. Lemon juice is not only a natural, easy way to cleanse your body, but it also allows you to quickly lose weight.

How to cleanse your system with lemon juice.

The lemon diet lets you lose at least 3 Kg in a week. You have to try it to believe it! It’s not by chance that the lemon diet is a favourite of high profile celebrities like Madonna, Beyoncè and Brad Pitt.
If you wish to stop feeling bloated, and cleanse your body naturally, stack up on lemon juice.

The nutritionist’s recommendations

  • If you weigh less than 56 Kg: drink 25 ml of Limmi lemon juice mixed with a glass of water once a day, upon waking up in the morning
  • If you weigh over 56 Kg: drink a total of 2 glasses of water with Limmi lemon juice every day, the first glass upon waking up in the morning – on an empty stomach – and the second glass later in the day, or even at night before going to bed.

Relieve stress, tiredness and get your fill of vitamin C with lemon. You’ll be able to face the change of seasons with lots of energy and feel better immediately.

5 real advantages of clensing our system with lemon juice

1. Deep cleansing
Barring any specific health problems, you can routinely detoxify your body with water and Limmi lemon juice every month for 7-10 days.

2. Changes of season, I fear thee not
To boldly face the changes of season, we recommend a 21-day water and lemon juice detox cycle.

3. Bye-bye stress!
When you feel stressed-out, drink warm water with lemon juice every other day.

4. Lose weight with lemon? Yes, you can.
Before starting a new diet, cleanse your body for 15 days with the beneficial combination of water+lemon.

5. Digestion
Drinking water and lemon for 2-7 days can clean and lighten up even the most indulgent stomachs.

Please note that during the detox period you may experience mild side effects: headaches, tiredness, or changes in bowel movements (which, contrary to what you might think, may become more frequent). Whatever the case may be, you should always contact and follow your primary doctor’s advice.

Detox with lemon water

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