Download The Chart

The full chart can be downloaded as a PDF here: 

The Chart With Corbyn

A version without Jeremy Corbyn in it can be downloaded here, showing that even if Corbyn resigns the damage has been done. His associates are just as connected to the enemies of the UK as he is: 

The Chart Without Corbyn

To read these files you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded from here:

You will see in the files various nodes. These nodes come alive in the original GEPHI file. The plan of the Chart compilers is to transfer the GEPHI files onto a 3D network software which will allow readers of the Chart to explore the node data for themselves. In the meantime, the PDFs give readers a good idea of the connections between key Labour cadres and the country’s enemies. That alone should make traditional Labour voters think again when casting their precious vote. 

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