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Summer is just around the corner and this skinny summer cocktail is going to get your sunny days off to an amazing start! Vodka, Pellegrino and some fresh fruit, perfect to sip by the pool.

Find a great book, lounge chair and make a pitcher of these Skinny Summer Cocktails drink; trust me, you’ll be glad you did! One of our other favorite low-calorie cocktails is our Moscato Spritzer, it’s amazing too and don’t forget my Rainbow Sangria, not only delicious but super pretty!

One of the parts of watching my diet or losing weight that I hate is that I can’t have a drink very often without feeling like I have a ton of calories!

That’s why I decided to create a couple lower calorie or skinny summer cocktails that I didn’t have to feel quite so bad about drinking!

This is one of those recipes that can be modified to make it just the way that you want too!

If you don’t love strawberries, just leave them out! Not a vodka fan, switch it to a white wine.

There are so many different ways to make this that everyone is sure to find a flavor combination that they love!

Not everyone loves Pellegrino, you could replace this with a Diet Sprite or something similar to give it more flavor and the bubbles! I prefer to use that in my spritzers, to be honest,

I think it gives them a little bit more flavor and makes them super refreshing! But this is my hubby’s favorite way to make the summer cocktails so I wanted to share his version!

How to Make Skinny Summer Cocktails

Ingredients You Need

  • Vodka
  • Pellegrino
  • Stevia ( I used Truvia)
  • Fresh Fruit (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, lemon, etc)

Skinny Summer Cocktails

Summer is just around the corner and this skinny summer cocktail is going to get your sunny days off to an amazing start! Vodka, Pellegrino and some fresh fruit, perfect to sip by the pool.

Author: Chrissy Taylor 3.6 from 5 votes


  • 2 ounces Vodka
  • 1 Liter Pellegrino
  • 1 TBSP Stevia (( I used Truvia))
  • Fresh Fruit


  1. Mix together the vodka, Pellegrino, and stevia in a pitcher.

  2. Add the fruit and mix well.

  3. Pour over ice and enjoy!

  4. You can also use a white wine in place of the Vodka for a different flavor!

  5. This makes a small pitcher full of drinks, or enough for about four servings. You could easily double it if you wanted to make it for a party or for more people.

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Here is another lower calorie option for you. This Moscato Raspberry Lemonade is delicious. If you use Crystal Light or something like that, it cuts the calories WAY down!

If these are not your “thing” here are a bunch of other options for you!! Let me know your favorite! Summer Drinks to sip by the pool!

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Yes, an ice-cold margarita (or two) can be a refreshing treat in the heat of summer, but most cocktails are huge sugar bombs, thanks to ingredients like simple syrup, juice, and sweet liqueurs. But don’t worry; “healthy” cocktails do exist, and it is possible to take part in the occasional imbibing guilt-free.

To prove it, we’ve rounded up 20 drinks that won’t totally ruin your diet this summer—because not all cocktails are nutritional landmines. We even included some tips on how to make your go-to cocktail even healthier, so you don’t have to ditch it completely.

But before we get to the list, remember: Everything in moderation. A few glasses of brut Champagne is OK, a few bottles is not.

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The antioxidants found in red wine, such as flavonoids and a substance called resveratrol, have heart-healthy benefits, so feel free to enjoy a glass or two.

Go White If You’re Looking to Cut Calories

Red wine may have the health benefits, but white wines tend to be slightly lower in calories. Light whites, such as Riesling and Pinot Grigio, have fewer calories than those with higher alcohol content, such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Basic Bloody Mary with Fresh Tomato Juice

The problem with these—though made with healthy tomato juice—is that pre-made mixes are typically packed with salt and additives. Try ditching the pre-bottled stuff and use no sugar-added, low-sodium tomato juice instead. From there, add in your fixings, like one shot of vodka, a squeeze lemon, a teaspoon of horseradish, and a nice, big celery stalk.

Dark and Stormy (That’s More Like a Light and Stormy)

This classic cocktail is made with fresh rum and ginger beer, which is packed with artificial sweeteners. Instead, mix 1 shot of light rum with 2 shots of sugar-free ginger ale, and serve over ice.

5. White sangria without sugary extras

Sangria is wine-based, but it’s also packed with sugar, brandy and, often, ginger ale. To cut major calories, use white wine, tons of chopped fruit (we like apples, strawberries, pears, and peaches) and seltzer. You won’t miss the sweet stuff at all.

Tom Collins Sans Sugar

This lemonade-like cocktail is typically mixed with gin, sugar, lemon juice, and club soda. To lighten it up, use 1 shot of gin, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, and top with seltzer. No penalties if you don’t have a Collins glass.

Light White Russian

This creamy dessert drink is packed with fat and calories, but it’s possible to still get the taste using lighter ingredients. Instead of heavy cream or half-and-half, combine chilled coffee with skim milk. From there, add a shot of vodka and lots of ice. Yum!

Margaritas Done Light

Most margaritas are loaded with calories, as they usually include sugar-filled liqueurs and mixers, like triple sec or simple syrup. Instead, combine tequila with fresh lime juice. If that’s too strong, pour in a dash of orange liqueur, but only a dash, as that’s where the calories are.

Healthier Mimosa

Overall, orange juice and Champagne aren’t the worst ingredients, but you can still cut calories by using only fresh-squeezed OJ and replace half the bubbly with seltzer.

Guinness (Yes, Really!)

Despite its reputation, this super-thick Irish beer isn’t as caloric as you’d think. According to Men’s Fitness, a serving of the stout brew clocks in at just 126 calories, which is 19 less than a Budweiser and 24 less than a Heineken. Guinness also contains just under 10 carbs, which is less than something like Sam Adams Boston Lager (18 carbs per serving). Why? It’s partly due to Guinness’ low alcohol content.

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It might be a bit on the snoozy size, but this clean cocktail is a sure bet when it comes to low-cal imbibing. Spice it up with lots of fresh lemon, lime, or even sliced cucumber.

Mojito with Honey, Not Syrup

Mojitos are typically loaded with simple syrup, which is quite easy to replace. Muddle a sliced lime with fresh mint leaves, and add rum, club soda and a half-teaspoon of honey for a touch of sweetness sans extra calories.

Champagne—But Check the Label

All sparking wines have sugar—it’s required for fermentation—but there are measures you can take to cut calories. According to Shape, it pays to stick with Brut nature varieties of Champagne (“brut” signifies that little extra sugar has been added), cava (Spain’s sparking wine), and sparking wine from the U.S, as these regions have stricter rules about added sugar than Italy, the home of Prosecco. Shape pointed out that a five-ounce glass of brut nature bubbly has about 120 calories, compared to around 175 for a non-brut variety.

Straight Bourbon

You don’t have to sacrifice flavor for health: According to Gizmodo, Bourbon generally ranges between 97 and 110 calories per 1.5 ounces, and it’s packed with complex flavors unlike, say, vodka.

Spicy Michelada

This zesty drink features a bottle or can of light lager mixed with lots of low-cal extras like fresh lime, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, pepper, sea salt, and ice.

A Seasonal Hot Toddy

Unlike eggnog, this classic winter cocktail won’t pack on the pounds, and it’ll keep you toasty. Combine 1 to 2 ounces of scotch, whiskey, or bourbon with hot water, a little honey, lemon juice, and either cloves, a cinnamon stick or star anise.

A Classic Martini

Martini culture has been muddled with high-cal impostors like Cosmos, apple martinis, and—the biggest offender—creamy dessert martinis. Take a cue from “Mad Men” and enjoy a classic vodka or gin martini, which is mixed with dry vermouth and include no fattening additives. Those bleu cheese-stuffed olives, however, are another story.

Gin and Tonic—with Less Tonic

A refreshing gin and tonic might not seem terribly bad for you, but tonic water is made with high fructose corn syrup or sugar and clocks in at over 125 calories per can or small bottle. Instead, try mixing gin with club soda and only adding a small splash of tonic for fizzy sweetness.

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Everyone knows that piña coladas are a one-way ticket to Calorieville, thanks to the use of lots of rum and that super-thick cream of coconut. However, there are ways to still get the fruity flavor without all the guilt. One way: Replace cream of coconut with coconut milk or even coconut water. From there, add 1 shot of rum and fresh pineapple juice.

A French 75 with a Colorful Twist

This bygone cocktail usually mixes Champagne, lemon juice, cognac or gin, and sugar. Instead of the sugar, add a small splash of antioxidant-packed pomegranate juice or kidney-healthy cranberry concentrate (that’s 100 percent pure cranberry juice). Not only will it taste super-tangy, but it’ll also have a seasonal red tint.

20 Healthy Alcoholic Drinks | @stylecaster

A version of this article was originally published in December 2013.

11 Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks Registered Dietitians Love

In one of the more unfair laws of the universe, alcohol isn’t exactly a health elixir. Liberator of deep, dark secrets, yes. “You have dance moves like Beyoncé and need to share them with the world” cheerleader, sure. But whether you’re trying to lose weight or generally live a healthy life, a frequent drinking habit doesn’t usually fit in the picture.

Luckily, that doesn’t mean you’ve got to give it up for good—indulging is a necessary part of maintaining a good outlook on food (and your sanity). Here, 11 registered dietitians, aka those healthy-living paragons who know how to eat well even when getting Chinese takeout and fast food, share the alcoholic drinks they choose when it’s time to unwind.

1. A vodka seltzer with lemon or lime
“There’s a common misconception that tonic water is the same as seltzer water, but it actually contains a lot of calories and sugar. I opt for seltzer, which is just water with bubbles, instead. A squeeze of either lemon or lime gives the drink a healthy (and sugar-free) boost of flavor!” —Rebecca Ditkoff, R.D., CUNY School of Public Health and member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

2. A bloody mary, extra spicy
“I especially love when they come with pickles, olives, or other fun garnishes. I prefer bloody marys to sweet drinks because the extra sugar in most cocktails gives me a terrible hangover. Also, when a drink is super spicy, it slows down my drinking and encourages me to have a sip of water between each sip of alcohol.” —Abbey Sharp, R.D., Abbey’s Kitchen

3. A glass of pinot noir or champagne
“I rarely pick a mixed drink as the added sugar and calories are just not worth it for me. I like a glass of red wine, preferably a pinot noir as it has a high concentration of antioxidants including polyphenols, flavonoids, and resveratrol. And of course, I appreciate the occasional glass of French champagne because life’s too short not to.” —Denise Julia Garbinski, M.B.A., R.D.N. of Botanical Nutrition Therapy

4. A Johnny Walker Black and Diet Coke
“I’ll get flack for this—many whiskey-lovers make fun of me for mixing the good stuff with Diet Coke, but that’s just my taste preference. I also ask the bartender to use a jigger so I know how much alcohol is mixed in.” —Toby Amidor, M.S., R.D., author of The Greek Yogurt Kitchen: 130 Delicious, Healthy Recipes For Every Meal Of The Day

5. A low-calorie version of a cosmopolitan
“It’s raspberry-infused vodka, club soda, and a splash of lime and cranberry juice. Even though fruit juices contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, they also contain a high amount of natural sugar, which can add up in a drink. Just a splash of the cranberry juice adds enough flavor, but keeps the calories in check.” —Dawn Orsaeo, R.D., L.D.N.

6. A Moscow mule with a twist
“My absolutely favorite for the summer is a Moscow mule with ginger beer, vodka, lime juice, and lots of ice, skipping the simple syrup. It’s so refreshing, and when you don’t use simple syrup, it’s only around 80 calories.” —Molly Morgan, R.D., C.D.N., C.S.S.D., owner of Creative Nutrition Solutions

7. A scotch on the rocks
“My favorite is Macallan 12-year aged scotch. I like to avoid sugary mixers like juice, and since scotch is stronger, I sip it slower and one glass can last me the whole evening.” —Rebecca Lewis, in-house R.D. at HelloFresh

8. Silver tequila on the rocks or with soda plus lime juice or an orange slice
“Silver tequila usually has less sugar in it than brown tequila or other brown liquors. I skip the sugary mixers and drink it straight up or with no-calorie club soda and a little flavor from a splash of citrus.” —Sarah Rueven, R.D., owner of Sarah Rueven Nutrition

9. An ice cold beer
“A true Wisconsin native, I’m especially a fan of a nice hoppy craft brew. Not only do I enjoy the flavor complexities a craft beer has to offer, beer gives you the most volume for about the same total of calories and alcohol as wine and spirits, meaning it takes longer to drink and therefore helps moderate total alcohol consumption.” —Emily Brown, R.D.N., L.D., wellness dietitian at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program

10. A toned-down mojito
“I love the mint and lime in a mojito, but I find many places make them too sweet, so I get a sugarless mojito with extra lime. Most of the time, the mint and extra lime are enough flavor for me. If I’m feeling like it needs a little extra sweetness, I’ll add my own sugar or stevia. I end up with a perfect drink every time.” —Dina Garcia, R.D.N., mindful eating coach and founder of Vida Nutrition

11. A glass of sauvignon blanc or a simple marg
“I don’t worry about calories or sugar. I drink my favorite wine of choice—Sauvignon Blanc—or a margarita on the rocks with salt (no mix, just straight tequila, lime, and agave). I know I can drink two beverages, enjoy the taste, and still get up for yoga the next morning!” —Laura Cipullo, R.D., C.D.N., C.D.E., C.E.D.R.D., owner of Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition

Festive summer drinks can range widely in calories — anywhere between 60 for a shot of vodka to over 500 calories for a creamy or super-sugary cocktail. (Hello, piña coladas.) And if you’re debating between a mojito or margarita, knowing what’s really going in that cocktail shaker could help you avoid tons of added calories and hangover-inducing sugar.

In general, your best bet is to opt for wine, beer, or spirits with as few frills as possible. The calories from alcohol can depend on the pour, but usually a 1.5-ounce shot falls in the 60-100 calorie range. It’s the mixers that can really up the count. The premade daiquiri and margarita blends can contain 160 calories in a 2-ounce serving size, but most times we’re sipping these in a 12- or 16-ounce glasses — meaning you’re likely looking at at 320 calories, and that’s not including the actual booze. These mix-ins can also pack up to 70 grams sugar per serving. That’s more than double the American Heart Association’s recommendation for grams of added sugar for an entire day.

Pro Ordering Tips for Lower-Calorie Cocktails

Cheers to clears. Always opt for “clears” like wine, champagne, beer, or hard alcohol on the rocks or with soda whenever possible.

Make it top shelf: Choose a premium spirit and sip it slowly on the rocks. You’ll savor the flavor, but since it’s too powerful (and expensive) to chug, you’re more likely to nurse your drink over the course of a party rather than throwing back sugary cocktails.

Avoid juice, mixers, energy drinks, tonic, and sugary sodas. They can dehydrate you and potentially worsen a hangover. Try adding flavored seltzer instead.

Keep it fresh. Freshly squeezed citrus (like lime juice) is great, and cocktail-friendly fruits like pomegranate seeds get in more antioxidants and flavor, making it a win all around.

Ask the bartender if a fruit or spice flavor in your drink is fresh or from a syrup. You can always ask for “less” or “a drop of” instead of going all-in on a sugary syrup, or see if you can order that drink with an alternative, like herbs or fresh ginger.

DIY your favorites. Skip piña coladas and strawberry daiquiris when you’re out. (A vodka soda plus strawberries is a delicious summery alternative.) When you’re making your own at home, it’s easier to control the sugar content. Use fresh fruit, ice, spirits, and/or wine.

Stay hydrated. Definitely have one glass of water for every drink you have, but also make sure you’re hydrating the day of your event so that you’re not going in at a deficit. For a healthier, happier pregame: Get a minimum of 10 cups and add another two if you’re losing sweat to exercise.

Here are the best low-calorie drinks to order:

4 Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drink Recipes That Won’t Ruin Your Diet

Reading Time: 7 minutes

We all know alcohol isn’t the best thing for us. But, it doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in a drink (or three) every now and then. The key is knowing which drinks are the best option in terms of fitting in with nutrition and fitness goals as well as your overall health.

Drinking too much alcohol can leave you feeling bloated, dried out, and hung over. It can also hinder your fat loss goals. However, the kind of alcoholic beverages you drink can reduce those side effects — or it could greatly increase them.

Put the Beer Bottle Down

Which alcohol is the worst choice you can make? Beer. Beer, everyone’s favorite, tops the list as the worst alcoholic beverage for you. The yeast, grains, gluten, and calories in beer make it a recipe for becoming bloated and inflamed. For each bottle you drink, you’re ingesting around 144-220 calories. Most of those calories come in the form of alcohol and carbs.

Alcohol is an “empty calorie,” which means its nutrient deficient and just a unit of energy for your body to use. The problem is when you drink beer, or sugary drinks, you’re ingesting not only the calories from alcohol, but also calories from the added carbs/sugars. Each drink is calorie-packed and nutrient-deficient – so those couple of beers could put a real stress on your waistline and your health.

Wine Isn’t So Great, Either

Wine isn’t as bad as beer – but it’s still not great. Red wine is your best option. It has more polyphenols (antioxidants) than white wine, and has been shown to have some positive effects on heart health when consumed in moderation.

The problem with wine is much the same as beer, the added calories. One five-ounce glass of wine contains around 125 calories, and in wine it comes in the form of sugars. Wine is made from grapes, grapes are fruit, and fruit contains natural sugars. Much like beer, your body now has to burn off the alcohol and carbs from the wine before it can burn off any fat you’re storing, making it tough on your waistline.

Wine is still better than beer, but it’s not the best.

The Best Choice You Can Make

The best form of alcohol, from a calorie perspective, are the classic spirits. We’re talking about tequila, rum, vodka, whiskey, and gin. One ounce of any of those classic spirits contains around 64 calories, most of which come from the alcohol content.

When you’re having more than one or two drinks, that calorie difference between spirits and wine or beer is huge. The problem with spirits is people tend to mix them with sugary fillers that boost the calories. Once you add juice, soda, bar mixes, and simple syrups, it makes the cocktail just as bad as beer or wine – if not worse.

But there’s no reason to start drinking your spirits on the rocks (unless you like them that way). You also don’t have to stick with boring old vodka waters. I’m going to outline a few fun recipes to open your mind to how you can drink low-cal while still enjoying yourself.

The NorCal Margarita

The NorCal Margarita is the classic paleo cocktail popularized by “Mr. Paleo” himself, Robb Wolf. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s refreshing and carries a nice kick. Unlike whiskey, bourbon, gin, or most vodka, tequila is not derived from grains. Tequila comes from agave plant, a cactus, making it technically “paleo.” While tequila may be considered paleo friendly, let’s not go overboard.


  • 1 Lime
  • Tequila
  • Soda Water or Sparkling Mineral Water
  • Ice
  • 1 Tall Glass


  1. Fill your glass with ice
  2. Add 3 ounces of tequila
  3. Juice half of your lime into the glass
  4. Top with soda water
  5. Garnish with a lemon wedge

The Primal Daiquiri

The daiquiri is another traditional cocktail – a summertime favorite that is refreshing and sweet. This new take on the daiquiri removes the unwanted sugar, and it’s technically “primal” due to rum being made from the juice of sugar cane or sugar cane derivatives like molasses. (Note: while molasses is sugar, it falls into the same category as honey when it comes to sweeteners – use it sparingly.)

You may be thinking, “This recipe looks almost identical to the NorCal Margarita.” Well, you wouldn’t be wrong. With the exception of the rum replacing tequila, and the use of stevia, the NorCal Margarita and the Primal Daiquiri are essentially the same drink. However, the change in the base spirit and the addition of stevia makes all the difference in the world. If these things didn’t make a difference, then we wouldn’t have kamikazes, margaritas, daiquiris, and gimlets – all of which are the same drink but with a different base.


  • 1 Lime
  • White Rum
  • Soda Water or Sparkling Mineral Water
  • Stevia
  • Ice
  • 1 Old Fashioned Glass (Tumbler) or Tall Glass


  1. Fill your glass with ice
  2. Add 2 ounces of rum
  3. Juice half of the lime into the glass
  4. Add 2-3 drops of stevia
  5. Top with soda water
  6. Garnish with a lime wedge

The Smokey Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned, as you may have guessed from its name, is one of the oldest cocktails. It’s loved by many for its simplistic ingredients and complex flavor. This recipe is one I use to throw a unique twist on this timeless cocktail. Unlike a traditional Old Fashioned, which uses rye whiskey, this Old Fashioned uses a chai tea-infused bourbon, delivering a warm and sophisticated flavor.


  • 1 Orange
  • 1 Cherry
  • Bourbon
  • Angostura Bitters
  • Loose-Leaf Chai Tea
  • Stevia
  • Ice
  • 1 Old Fashioned Glass (Tumbler)
  • 1 Empty Decanter or Juice Jug
  • 1 Funnel
  • 1 Fine Wire Strainer
  • Soda Water (Optional)


  1. Place 2-3 tbsp of chai tea in your decanter or juice jug
  2. Pour your bottle of bourbon into the decanter/jug
  3. Let it sit for an hour or two
  4. Once the tea has had time to infuse into your bourbon, pour it through a strainer back into its original bottle by using a funnel to avoid spilling
  5. Cut a thin, very thin, slice of orange and place it in the bottom of your glass
  6. Muddle the orange slice with the end of a spoon, or with a cock tail muddle
  7. Fill your glass with ice
  8. Add 2-3 ounces of your chai tea-infused bourbon
  9. Add 2-3 drops of stevia
  10. You may now choose to top the old fashioned with soda water, or enjoy without soda water
  11. Top with 1 cherry

The Fire Cracker

This one, to the best of my knowledge, is one I created. It’s unique, refreshing, and will definitely give you the “pick me up” you’re looking for from a cocktail. It’s a fun take on an Irish coffee, with a slight Italian edge, and did I mention it’s cold and sparkling?

This may be a little off the wall for some people. But if you try it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Beer drinkers will love the carbonation and foamy head. Coffee lovers should enjoy this cold and sparkling take on an alcoholic Americano. Irish whiskey lovers will enjoy, well, the whiskey!


  • 1 Shot of Fresh Espresso
  • Irish Whiskey
  • Sparkling Mineral Water
  • 1 Pint Glass
  • Ice
  • Stevia (Optional)


  1. Fill your pint glass just over half full with ice
  2. Pour 2 ounces of Irish whiskey into your glass
  3. Pour your 1 shot of fresh espresso into your glass
  4. Add 2-3 drops of stevia (optional, I enjoy it without)
  5. Top off with sparkling mineral water. While pouring the mineral water into the glass, hold it on a slight angle as you would when pouring a beer. Pour slowly and allow the drink to develop a nice foamy head.

Is It Happy Hour Yet?

There you have it! There’s no need to drink boring old vodka water in order to avoid the excessive calories, bloating, weight gain, and terrible side effects of beer and sugary drinks. The next time you’re throwing a party, heading to the bar, or enjoying a drink by the pool, you’ll be armed with a few tasty options that a far healthier than the alternative.

Now, grab your favorite glasses, cut up some limes, crack open your favorite rum, and wake up without feeling so bloated – and without going totally off the rails on your diet. Cheers!

Timothy Bell is a fitness coach and writer from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Timothy has trained countless people using his unique minimalist approach to bodyweight training. Tim’s relaxed, no-nonsense, adaptable style of fitness allows his clients the ability to train anytime, anywhere, with little to no equipment needed. He prides himself on being able to deliver world-class training regardless of the location. Timothy firmly believes your training should be a part of your life, and not be your whole life.
Timothy’s goal is to help everyone he works with find a unique fitness and nutrition program that fits their lifestyle. He’s known for giving out tons of free advice, videos, and articles on his blog Timothy Bell Fitness.

Sparkling Champagne Flutes and Gifts in Front of Decorations and Lights. (Andy Dean Photography)

The season for celebrating is upon us, which means you probably have more occasions to drink than usual. If you’re trying to watch your calorie intake, every cocktail menu is full of options that can add empty calories to your daily goal. So, here are 10 tasty cocktails that are all less than 200 calories. Whether you like gin, rum, tequila, or whiskey, there’s a beverage for you below—and they’re all easy to mix up at home.

10. Gimlet: 178 calories
If gin is your liquor of choice, go with a classic gimlet at the bar. This drink combines a splash of Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice with your favorite liquor—and that’s it. To cut even more calories, skip the pre-bought juice and add simple syrup and fresh-squeezed lime instead.

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9. Martini: 176 calories
This classic martini is a mix of vermouth and gin. Asking your bartender to make it dry, means you’ll get less vermouth and more liquor. Olives, optional.

8. Mojito: 168 calories
Rum drinkers will want to avoid some of the popular cocktails like a mai tai or LIT. Instead ask for a minty mojito at the open bar. This drink is a mix of sugar, muddled mint leaves, and lime. Order this refreshing sip when you’re looking for something sweet, not syrupy.

7. Paloma: 166 calories
Tequila lovers will have to pass on the margaritas to shed calories, but a paloma is the next best thing. This drink is a blend of grapefruit juice, soda, and lime. Skip the sugar or salt around the rum for an even healthier after-five refreshment.

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6. Old Fashioned: 154 calories
If you don’t like to drink your bourbon straight, request an old fashioned at the bar. This cocktail has a splash of bitters to add flavor (without tacking on too many calories) and a bit of sugar.

5. Gin and Tonic: 148 calories
With tonic counting for only 10 calories an ounce, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a top-shelf gin (or vodka).

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4. Sazerac: 136 calories
Whiskey drinkers who know best order a sazerac at the bar. This addition of bitters, absinth, sugar, and water smoothes out the bite of the liquor, without skyrocketing the calorie number.

3. Vodka Soda: 96 calories
Ordering a vodka soda at the bar will cut down on your calories sipped for the night. Since soda water has zero calories, all you have to account for is the alcohol. Go ahead, and order another round.

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2. Rum and Diet: 96 calories
Satisfy your taste for soda with a rum and Diet Coke at happy hour. Calorie-wise all you have to count is the 1.5 ounces of rum. However beware the high levels of caffeine, which might keep you up well past your bedtime.

1. Champagne: 90 calories
Champagne and champagne-related cocktails are some of the most forgiving in the calorie department. One standard flute (about 4 oz.) rings in far less than a glass of wine or any mixed drink.

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Drinks with low calories

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