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Hi Readers! Recently, I placed an order for some new ELF products and they finally came in the mail! I am very excited to review the new High Shine Liquid Lipsticks!

These liquid lipsticks retail for $4 USD each and is available in 4 shades. All shades can be purchased here.

Left to Right: Naked Nude, Bitten Pink, Red Apple, and Crushed Berries

The liquid lipsticks come in a standard black packaging and the side of the box shows a photo of the applicator. It is very similar if not the same to the ones used for their lip glosses.

But if you look closely, the applicator is actually different and is more of an indented doe foot. It’s very similar to Wet n Wild’s liquid lipstick applicator, but the feel of the E.L.F one is a lot better as it fits into the curve of your lips.


You do not have to wear a lip balm underneath this product but I would recommend it as it’s a little sticky and tugs on the lips when you apply it. After a few seconds, it sets to a beautiful glossy finish and actually feels a bit moisturizing and not as sticky as when you’re first applying it.


There is a light, sweet scent to this lipstick that is not overpowering. When you apply it you can still smell it slightly but it’s not bothersome.

Overall Wear:

The liquid lipstick does transfer easily similar to a lip gloss. When I removed the lipstick from my lips, it did not leave a stain or leave my lips dry.

Swatches (One Coat):

Left to Right: Naked Nude, Bitten Pink, Red Apple, and Crushed Berries

Naked Nude: A creamy and buildable nude color.

Bitten Pink: A milky pink shade.

Red Apple: A beautiful cool toned candy red color.

Crushed Berries: A vibrant berry color that’s great for fall.

Final Thoughts:

Overall I think these are more of a thick lip gloss rather than the liquid lipsticks that I’m used to.

Personally I like the darker shades because my lips are a bit darker and I find these shades to be more flattering. (Although the lighter shades were fun to try out!)

You may like this product if you’re a fan of lip glosses but if you usually wear a cream or matte lipstick then this may not be for you.

I recommend that you give this a try if you are interested in trying something new and affordable! E.L.F. is currently offering free shipping no minimum that ends tonight!

Side Note: I also purchased a blush duo, mineral pearls, and a few brow products. If you would like me to review them, leave a comment down below!

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Elf high shine liquid lipstick

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