How Erin Andrews Hit the Big Time

It takes more than a pretty face to hit it big in sports journalism. Erin Andrews proves this point as she continues to slay the boundaries set for women in the past when it comes to sports with her knowledge and the ambition to follow her passion.

Early life

Erin Andrews grew up an athlete with a love for the spotlight. Her dad, a reporter in Florida, brought the life behind a microphone to light for the young girl. She is a self-proclaimed tomboy who decided to climb the ladder of sports reporting, something almost unheard of for women in television.

Early career

Andrews graduated in 2000 from the University of Florida with a degree in telecommunications. She began her sports career with Fox Sports Florida freelancing. This meant she had to work hard for each story and was never promised a paycheck. Freelancing paid off as she landed a roll with the Sunshine Network the next year. In 2002, she began covering Atlanta professional teams for the Turner South network as both a reporter and a host.


ESPN saw the spark sports needed from Andrews in 2004. She became a reporter for ESPN’s National Hockey Night as well as reporting on many different championship games. The Little League World Series and College World Series were some of the championships that thrust Andrews into a bigger spotlight. She quickly began reporting for ESPN’s College Football Primetime and college basketball games for the Big Ten.

After a year with ESPN, Andrews expanded her talents to include College Football Thursday Primetime as well as Major League Baseball. She did this until 2008 when she began reporting for both ABC and ESPN. She did live coverage of the National Spelling Bee for ABC.

Andrews became a fixture in the world of sports for anyone switching channels or watching their favorite sports team. All of her fame led to a stint on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars in 2010. She placed third with her partner, Maksim Chmerkovsky.

Fox Sports

Andrews worked with ESPN until June 2012 when she left to join Fox Sports. Fox’s college football show hired her as the first host, along with other analysts. For Fox, Andrews also is a field reporter as well as a contributor for NFL Sunday. In 2013, she helped launch Fox Sports 1 as a host of the College Football Kickoff and College Football Saturday shows.

Andrews continued to climb the sports ladder as she made headlines in July 2014. She replaced veteran reporter Pam Oliver as sideline reporter on Fox’s lead NFL broadcasts. As an entertainer, she joined ABC’s Dancing with the Stars in 2014, this time as a co-host.

Erin Andrews has said she wanted to be a reporter since she was a teenager. She admits her looks might add to her success, but overall she is successful due to her persistence and drive.

Media Schools

With passion, drive and focus you can follow in the footsteps of Erin Andrews as a sports reporter. Check out one of the Media Schools for sports journalism education near you. Go to for more information and to find the schools nearest your location.

FOX Sports veteran reporter Erin Andrews works with FOX NFL play-by-play announcer Joe Buck and analyst Troy Aikman, rules expert Mike Pereira and fellow reporter Kristina Pink for Thursday Night Football on FOX in addition to Americas Game of the Week.

A versatile broadcaster, Andrews contributes feature stories and sideline reports from FOX NFL’s top game each week during the season, called in the booth by Buck and Aikman.

One of sports television’s brightest stars, Andrews rejoined the FOX Sports family in July 2012, following eight years at ESPN. With FOX Sports, Andrews has excelled when covering the network’s biggest events, including Super Bowl XLVIII, Super Bowl LI, the NFC Championship and Divisional round games, MLB’s All-Star Game and World Series and more.

An extraordinary on-air personality, Andrews bridges sports and entertainment and co-hosts ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.” Andrews appeared on the 10th season of the hit program, partnered with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, where the pair made it to the finals and placed third in the competition.

Prior to rejoining FOX Sports, Andrews hosted the first hour of ESPN’s “College GameDay” on ESPNU and was a features reporter for the full three-hour program, a role she held since the 2010 season. Andrews also served as a sideline reporter for college football and basketball games and added Major League Baseball field reporting to her responsibilities as well as the Monday Night Baseball telecast. Prior to ESPN, Andrews worked for Turner Sports from 2002 to 2004 as a studio host and reporter. She covered college football (reporter) and the Atlanta Braves (studio host) for TBS and the Atlanta Thrashers (studio host) and Atlanta Hawks (reporter) for Turner Sports South. From 2001 to 2002, she worked for the Sunshine Network as a Tampa Bay Lightning reporter. She got her start as a sports reporter at FOX Sports Florida in 2000.

Andrews is a graduated from the University of Florida in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in telecommunications. She was a member of the Gators’ basketball dance team from 1997 to 2000.

Andrews is a native of Lewiston, Maine. She and her husband Jarret live in California.

How Erin Andrews Got to the Top of Her Game

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As the NFL season kicks off, there’s one name you’re bound to hear almost as often as the players themselves: Erin Andrews. In addition to displaying her impressive interview skills on Fox Sports, the 36-year-old broadcaster will show off her toned bod as co-host of the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. We caught up with Andrews, who’s a spokesperson for Florida Orange Juice, to find out how she became a household name in sports, how she stays cool on-camera, and who she’s really texting from the sidelines.

Shape: What made you decide to go into sports broadcasting?

Erin Andrews (EA): Growing up, I spent a lot of time watching football on the couch with my dad. He’d tell me stories about the players, coaches, and the games, and I loved learning about his favorite teams. He helped me become a fan of the sport, and I wanted to able share those stories on-air with viewers for a living.

Shape: Your dad is an on-air reporter too. Does he give you tips about your job?

EA: Oh, yeah. I’ll still text him while I’m on the sidelines, and he’ll give me advice, like slow down, talk louder, or ask the coach about this or this. I’m fortunate that my parents and my friends have been a huge source of support for me. They’ve helped me grow a thick skin and deal with negative feedback on social media, and taught me how to take it all with a grain of salt.

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Shape: What was the breakthrough moment of your career?

EA: I started my career with the Tampa Bay Lightning as a sideline reporter. For the three months they were in the Stanley Cup playoffs in 2004, it was kind of a three-month tryout for ESPN. After the Lightning won the Stanley Cup, ESPN offered me a three-year deal, and from there my career really took off.

Shape: What’s the number one piece of advice you have for women who want to make it in a male-dominated field, whether it’s sports, law, or finance?

EA: Prepare. You have to know what you’re talking about. Do your homework and study. I’ve never studied this much in my life-if I had in school, I would have made much better grades! And there are always going to be people testing you, but their voices don’t matter. What matters is what the people you work with think.

Shape: You’ve handled some tricky situations with a huge amount of grace-such as your interview with Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman. What tips do you have for recovering after a jarring or awkward incident on the job, whether or not you’re on air?

EA: First of all, I thought the Seattle interview with Richard Sherman was awesome. I’m a big fan of his. That didn’t put me off in a negative way at all. Everyone wants an interview when an athlete just gets so excited and shows his emotion like that. It is hard when the cameras are rolling and you’re live, and something throws you off. But Joe Buck told me something that’s really helped: It’s not brain surgery. If something happens, just take a deep breath and react like a normal person-after all, the people at home are only human as well.

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Shape: You’ve been called “America’s sexiest sportscaster,” but you’ve also dealt with some criticism about caring about your looks. Do you feel like the media places too much attention on your appearance?

EA: A lot of this stuff I just have to brush off my shoulder. People make a big deal when women in sports take pride in their appearance and look nice on camera, but I work with some of the best-dressed men in sports broadcasting-those boys get their hair and makeup done, and their clothes aren’t cheap. So I just have to laugh about that double standard.

Shape: Speaking of which, you look fantastic and fit on the cover of Health magazine this month. How do you stay in such great shape on the road?

EA: I have to work out to stay sane. Of course, there are days when I’m not able to fit in a workout, but then I’ll get in 30 minutes or an hour of exercise the next day-even it’s just a walk on the beach. I’m a big fan of Physique 57 and I really enjoy Pilates. My boyfriend is really into yoga in his off-season. It’s a little slow for me and a lot of times, I’ll just look around the room, but then I think to myself, if Gisele does yoga and has that body, I’m going to keep doing it!

  • By Locke Hughes

Jimmy G Tried To Take Married Erin Andrews Home Last Night

Jimmy G sweet talks Erin Andrews after beating the Cardinals / via Twitter

Jimmy G, the guy who notoriously went out with porn actress Kiara Mia, shot his shot last night with married 41-year-old Erin Andrews after beating the Cardinals and taking the 49ers to an 8-0 record, all but locking up a playoff spot on October 31. “8-0, how does that feel,” Erin asks. “It feels great, baby,” Jimmy G responds in his best, ‘I know you’re married, but text me and let’s meet up at my hotel’ voice.

And there you have it, the first moment of significance out of Erin Andrews in years, probably since she was heartbroken over not getting an engagement ring. That was in 2015. No joke, we stopped wasting time on her years ago because (1.) she wasn’t remotely interesting anymore and (2.) her desperation for Jarret Stoll to give her a ring was getting sad.

But thanks to Jimmy G, guys are reminded that Pageviews is still around the NFL. Remember when she and Charissa Thompson were hired to sex up Fox Sports 1 back when it debuted in 2013? Feels like forever ago. Regis Philbin was on that show with Katie Nolan. Jason Gay. It was one of the worst shows in sports television history. Then Katie Nolan gets her dream ESPN job and is supposedly going to do midnights, but here we are all these years later and her shows are never consistently on TV. It’s one of the great mysteries of the last decade — how couldn’t a TV station make Katie Nolan anything more than an 8-episode employee?

Anyway, here’s Jimmy doing work:

Jimmy G lives by the motto Shooter’s Shoot 🤣💀

— MyBookie Sportsbook (@betmybookie) November 1, 2019

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‘Dancing with the Stars’ host Erin Andrews has been cancer-free for a year after getting surgery that wasn’t too invasive and now she’s ready to start a family. Get the details on her plans here.

Sportscaster and Dancing with the Stars host, Erin Andrews, 39, is putting illness behind her after being diagnosed with and beating cervical cancer over a year ago and now she wants to have a baby with her hockey player husband Jarret Stoll, 35. The blonde beauty made an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America on Mar. 13 and talked about her hopes for the future. “I definitely want it,” she said to Michael Strahan in the interview. “Even though I’m crazy on the sidelines and doing other things with ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ absolutely. I didn’t have to have a hysterectomy and so … I’m fully capable of having a baby, but that’s because I went and got tested and because we were able to treat it early, and that’s all you need to tell the women in your life.”

In addition to this recent interview, Erin opened up about having kids back when she was still battling cancer in June 2017 and talked about how she had frozen her eggs a few years before her diagnosis because it was all the rage. When she found out she had cancer in 2016, it was a shock and she said she felt fine before getting checked. “When I went to get my annual exam, and they called me back and said something’s wrong, everybody said … ‘There’s nothing’s wrong with you,” she revealed further in the GMA interview. “You’re healthy. You go work out all the time.’ There are no symptoms, and that’s what makes this something that should urge you to go to the doctor more,” she said.

Erin and Jarret married on June 24, 2017 so it’s only natural that they’d want to take the next step and start a family. Although she has a busy career with her work on DWTS and reporting gigs like her work covering the NFL for FOX Sports, it sounds like Erin is willing to fit a baby into the mix soon and we couldn’t be happier for her!

Here’s to hoping Erin and Jarret have the baby they want and live a long and healthy life together!

I’m being truthful when I say I’ve never watched a televised sporting event from start to finish—baseball is boring, football too complicated, and I tend to lose interest in the frenetic back-and-forth of basketball, soccer, and hockey. Even so, I’ve known who Erin Andrews was since the early 2000s, when she started working as a sideline reporter for ESPN, probably because there were so few women in her field that she became news-making by virtue of just existing. Since then, I’d argue that she’s risen to become one of the most well-regarded, influential sports reporters in the game, and the fact that she landed a hosting gig on Dancing With the Stars in 2014 speaks to her mass appeal with American audiences.

For her episode of What I Wore When, Andrews wanted to talk about a sweater. Specifically, the three-quarter-sleeve V-neck she chose for her first major on-air job: Game 7 of the 2004 Stanley Cup playoffs between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Calgary Flames. A monumental opportunity for any burgeoning sports reporter, and one that seemed to call for neon green.

“I’m from Tampa Bay, and it was a huge game,” Andrews tells me. “I was like, ‘I really, really need an awesome shirt to wear.'” And so begins the story of how she and her parents went to the mall to find her something perfect. “We went to Ann Taylor, and it was in the front of the store, the front table…. It was bright fluorescent green. I remember there was a yellow fluorescent one a pink one. For some reason, that green one was calling my name.”

Andrews’s pivotal neon green sweater, which she wore during her first big on-air game in 2004 (YouTube)

Fifteen years later, the sweater is long gone, but it still looms large: After that series was over, ESPN offered Andrews a three-year deal to become its main sideline reporter, and footage of that particular game still circulates.

“The visuals of it now are hysterical because they always replay on the NHL Network, which we have in our house because my husband’s a retired hockey player,” Andrews says. “The shot of me in—and you have to remember the shots that they take, I’m up against the white ice—so you just see fluorescent green and this badly dyed blond hair.”

And larger still: “When I go back and visit home, the Tampa Bay Lightning has a huge photo in the main entrance of their arena, and it’s a look-down on the ice when they won. You just see all these players in black jerseys, and then you see this green shirt. It’s awesome.”

During our conversation, Andrews is also remarkably candid about the unthinkable violation that made headlines in 2008—she was secretly filmed while nude in the privacy of her hotel room, and the videos were posted online a year later. In 2016 she was awarded a large sum in a lawsuit over the video, but she admitted that moving on from that wasn’t easy, and said the ordeal impacted her for years, particularly around something as seemingly innocent—though nonconsensual—as fans snapping pics of a celebrity they’re excited to see.

Up Close with Erin Andrews

It’s official! As one of the hardest working and most respected females in sports television (who also happens to be absolutely gorgeous!), Erin Andrews is ready to heat up the Fox network this season.

The former ESPN personality and Dancing With the Stars alum will host a new primetime Fox College Football Pregame Show alongside Eddie George and Joey Harrington and will also make significant contributions to the network’s NFL and MLB coverage.

We got the chance to speak with the blonde beauty up close and personal to talk about her new gig with Fox, what she loves most about football, and the fitness secrets she can’t live without.

SHAPE: Congrats on all your success! What are you most excited about to be a part of the FOX Sports family?

Erin Andrews (EA): I think I’m most excited about the new opportunities and a chance to expand my role, and just really challenge myself and get better. That’s the biggest reason why I decided to take the jump, the leap, make the move… which was really hard to do because I was very comfortable and very happy with where I was for the last eight years with ESPN. But this is a chance for me to just get better. I’m somebody that has a very big competitive edge and a chip on my shoulder. I like having a lot of energy and running around being crazy, and I think putting myself in a situation that is new to me is nice.

SHAPE: So many of our readers admire you not just for being so fit and healthy, but because you are such a successful female in a very male-dominated field. What is your advice for other women to follow their dreams like you did?

EA: Don’t listen or buy into what the naysayers are telling you. Instead, use it as bulletin board material. I think what I try to do with all the naysayers, negative comments, or even people that think you can’t do it, I’m trying very hard to use it as motivation and to add to that chip on my shoulder. Having thick skin is very important, being tough, and not giving up. It’s so important! I’m 34. I was at a place where I was very comfortable, I could have stayed…I want to start a family and be in a relationship to get married or have babies…and it would have been very easy for me to stay put and focus on that, but I think it’s also very important to be motivated and challenged and keep your brain working in your professional field. If you’re not feeling motivated there, how are you going to feel motivated in your personal life?

SHAPE: Such great advice! You’re in awesome shape. Can you give us some of your fitness secrets?

EA: I try to stay in shape just to handle things like the stress of a job or everyday life. Working with men for the past 15 years, you end up eating and drinking like a guy! So I have no choice to basically have it in my mind that I have to work out every day. That is the way I have programmed myself. And if I don’t work out one day, I’ll just say to myself, that’s just one day-that’s OK, that’s the way it worked out. But I try to do something every single day.

I just moved to New York City in January and I’m loving the variety of workout classes! I really love classes because again, I’m a competitive person, so I like to be around people that push me, and I feel like classes really do that. I’ve been doing Barre, as well as Physique 57, which I’m really enjoying. Because I’m so tall, I want to work on my legs… and obviously every woman wants to work on their rear end and their core, so I feel like those classes are perfect for me. They really target those areas! Plus, I’ve danced my whole life so I’ve got that dance background. On the days I can’t go to classes, I try to take a run or hit the treadmill. I’m not much of a runner but I do need cardio!

SHAPE: You’re on the road traveling a ton. What are some of your workout tips for gals on the go?

EA: If there’s a place to walk safely or get a jog in that’s good. Something that we would do on the road a lot in college town is walking up stairs or stadiums. You can also pack a jumprope and do that for 30-45 minutes to get your heart rate up. Anything around the area that you’re in, try to be creative with what you can do. Run around your hotel or wherever you’re staying!

SHAPE: Being around so many men all the time, I can imagine it has to be hard to eat healthy! Are you able to stick with a pretty regimented diet plan?

EA: Obviously as I’m getting older, I’m seeing changes in my body that I may not like… but I do love food, and I’m from the South. I’m not gonna lie, I eat fried chicken, I love macaroni and cheese, and I love grits. How could we not when we’re raised in the South? Actually the men that I work with do eat really well, but they eat a lot. You wind up having five to six different appetizers on the table and everybody wants to order their own desserts. I just try to be really smart with it. I don’t need to finish my whole meal. But I’m not someone who starves herself, either.

SHAPE: Any healthy snacks you eat while traveling or shooting you can recommend?

EA: I try to drink a lot of water and stay as hydrated as possible. It’s so great for you and your skin. And trail mix! I’ve been living off that lately. My eating habits have changed a lot over the last 10 years because I realize my body is changing. I used to be a Coca Cola kind of girl or I’d grab a handful of M&M’s and eat a Snickers (I still like to do that!), but now I’ll have a banana instead. Instant oatmeal is great to take into the hotel room, and of course any sort of fruit is very helpful. Because I realize I like to enjoy myself a little during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I try to stay as healthy as possible with the snacks.

It’s so hard when we’re at these games and they have craft services filled with cookies and chips! You can have some, but just have one cookie-and you don’t need to finish the entire bag of chips. If you need to get a sandwich, don’t eat all the bread. I have two gorgeous friends that model and act for a living-Chrissy Teigen and Brooklyn Decker-and I love bread and I love rice. When we were in Australia together, they both passed on bread and I’m like, really?! We’re not eating bread? But it’s just a sacrifice you make so you can enjoy other things. I’m just trying to be more mindful now.

SHAPE: Do you have a favorite interview over the years?

EA: It was right after the Virginia Tech shootings happened. When I was with ESPN, we did the very first college football game back for that campus-college football is such a huge part there. There was a student named Derek O’Dell, who was the one that held the door shut when the gunman went into his classroom and starting shooting. He helped save his classmates and professors. I actually interviewed him on the field, and looking at this kid I was bigger and taller and weighed more… the fact that he was such a hero and so courageous and thought quick enough to do that was so unreal. I’ll never forget that interview-it was bigger than sports and bigger than anything I’d ever done. It’s something that has always stayed with me.

SHAPE: What do you love most about covering football, and who are the teams to beat this year in the NFL?

EA: I love the passion, the excitement, the up close and personal. I am a huge sports fan! Being able to share how excited I am about the game is so much fun for me. I was raised a Green Bay Packer fan so I obviously hope they have a good season. Maybe the New England Patriots…I just can’t ever really bet against Tom Brady!

Connect with Erin Andrews on Twitter and Facebook, and don’t forget to check out her new show for Fox Sports, airing Sept. 1.

  • By Kristen Aldridge

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“Do I feel like looks open the door? 100 percent. Sure does. But let me tell you, that didn’t keep me in the door. I think it’s because I worked my a– off.”

That’s Erin Andrews speaking about how sex appeal — she was named “America’s sexiest sportscaster” by Playboy magazine in 2007 and 2008 — along with a fierce dedication to her craft have made her one of the most successful women in broadcasting,

On Sunday, Andrews will be working her third Super Bowl as a sideline reporter for Fox as the 49ers battle the Chiefs. But before that, “Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel” (10 p.m. Tuesday, HBO) delivers a compelling profile of “America’s first and only sports reporter to moonlight as a Hollywood celebrity.” In addition to her sportscasting duties for Fox, Andrews is a co-host on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” and has a huge social media following.

In the segment, correspondent Soledad O’Brien goes one-on-one with Andrews, who addresses some of the challenges she’s faced throughout her career, including a brutal legal battle with a stalker who posted a nude video of her online and, more recently, a struggle with cervical cancer. As she navigated those hurdles, Andrews says she found escape and solace in her job on the sidelines, which helped her get to where she is today: happily married and professionally driven.

The segment begins with a flashback to Andrews’ high school days, when she was tall and scrawny and classmates called her “Manute” — a reference to 7-foot-7 NBA player Manute Bol.

“I didn’t enjoy high school. All I wanted to do was talk sports,” she recalls. “Friday nights, when all of my girlfriends were out at movie theaters with their boyfriends, I was at our friend’s house down the street, watching the Chicago Bulls, like, on TNT or something.”

All those nights watching sports on TV helped Andrews forge a close bond with her father, Steve, a local TV newsman. And it and it paved the way to an exciting career.

“One day Hannah Storm was interviewing Charles Barkley, and Erin was sitting next to me,” Steve Andrews says. “… And she looked at me and said, ‘Dad, that’s … that’s what I’m going to do.’”

Among the subjects addressed by Andrews in the piece are:

— Her early popularity and the nickname “Erin Page Views”: “It blew up quicker than I anticipated, with the internet just going and the blogs going. … You write about me. People were clicking on it. At the time I was just so sensitive anytime anyone ever wrote or put a photograph of me up. And that really kind of controlled my life.

— The 2009 stalking incident/viral video: “I looked at it and threw my computer across the hotel room and called my parents, screaming, crying. … The first thing I said was, ‘I’m finished. My career is over.’ … And it was like, ‘Well, this is the scandal. This is what everybody had been waiting for.”

— Why she kept her cancer diagnosis a secret from her co-workers: “I don’t wanna go around talking about my vagina. I wanna talk about, you know, how’s Dallas’s defense gonna come back? Or what’s the scenario with this Giants-Eagles game this weekend? My safe place is the football field. I wanna be with the guys. I also had just come off a very public trial and I just wanted to have a normal life.”

— Where she wants to be in 10 years: “I don’t know if anyone would wanna see my old butt walking around the sidelines. I mean, I know where I’ll always wanna be. I’ll wanna be there on that field. But I get it. It’s an industry where that may not be the case. And I know I’m not gonna have this opportunity forever. But it’s where I feel the best.”

Erin Andrews refused to let cancer stop her from doing her job

Erin Andrews may be the toughest sideline reporter in NFL history.

In a revealing post written by Emily Kaplan of the MMQB, Andrews went in-depth to discuss the torment and anxiety she deals with on an everyday basis as a result of being a victim of a stalker. Andrews later took the man to court, along with the owners of the Nashville Marriott, and was awarded $55 million in damages.

While that information isn’t new, Andrews did reveal she had been diagnosed with cervical cancer this fall and underwent surgery soon after. After finding out from her doctor that she would need to undergo a procedure, Andrews let her doctor know she didn’t intend to miss the upcoming Super Bowl – which is going to be broadcast by her FOX employer:

“I’m not watching any football games at home,” Andrews told her oncologist. “This is Super Bowl year, and I’m not missing the Super Bowl.”

Not only will Andrews work Super Bowl 51 in two weeks, but she also went right back to work three days after her surgery and worked a game five days after her procedure.

The MMQB article on the former college football reporter is a great story and well worth a full read. Check it out here.

CJC Hall of Fame

Erin Andrews is a FOX Sports reporter covering the network’s biggest events, including Super Bowl XLVIII, NFC Championship and divisional round games, Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game and World Series and more. She also contributes feature stories and sideline reports from FOX NFL’s top game each week during the season and adds to the network’s coverage of Major League Baseball and other marquee sports properties throughout the year. Prior to re-joining Fox in 2012, she spent eight years with ESPN hosting the first hour of ESPN’s “College GameDay” and served as a sideline reporter for college football and basketball games and Major League Baseball. Andrews appeared on the tenth season of “Dancing with the Stars” and made it to the finals and became co-host of the show in 2014.


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