Banana Boat, Neutrogena, Supergoop: The best sunscreens for 2020

Any dermatologist will tell you that using sunscreen is the secret to having great skin. Not only does sunscreen help prevent skin cancer, it also stops the sun’s rays from breaking down the collagen in your skin. Sun damage leads to premature aging of your skin, causing wrinkles and sagging.

More than ever before, companies have finally started making all types of sunscreens that you’ll actually want to use. I’m talking facial sunscreens that you can apply and blend like makeup primer, spray sunscreens you can reapply to your kids right after they jump out of the pool and lightweight lotions you’ll reach for every day.

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There are now so many brands and great options that choosing a sunscreen can be daunting. The list below scratches the surface, highlighting some of the best-selling sunscreens on Amazon, plus a few formulas that make sunscreen much more palatable to wear.

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How to choose the right sunscreen

Sunscreen is a contentious product because there’s often a lot of disagreement on which sunscreen chemicals are safe, what SPF is appropriate and whether or not sunscreen harms coral reefs.

Here’s what you should know about sunscreen in 2020:

1. Everyone should wear sunscreen, regardless of your skin color, because anyone can get skin cancer.

2. Sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVB skin damage and wrinkles.

3. Both chemical and physical sunscreens are considered effective and safe. Chemical sunscreens contain active ingredients such as oxybenzone, avobenzone, homosalate, octinoxate, octisalate and octocrylene that absorb UV radiation.

4. Physical sunscreens — with zinc oxide, titanium dioxide or both as active ingredients — are good for those with sensitive skin and acne-prone skin, and new formulas are much easier to blend than earlier, chalky versions.

5. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using broad-spectrum protection with SPF 30 sunscreen, which blocks UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays speed up the aging process of skin cells and promote wrinkles, while UVB rays damage skin cells, cause sunburns and are believed to cause skin cancer.

6. No sunscreen can block 100% of UV rays. SPF 30 sunscreens block 97% of UVB rays, and at SPFs above that, the increased protection is negligible.

7. All sunscreens, regardless of SPF, rub off or break down on your skin in the course of 2 hours — even faster if you’re swimming or sweating.

8. The state of Hawaii; Key West, Florida; and a few island nations have banned sunscreens with oxybenzone because a scientific study found that it can kill coral. Currently, none of these bans are in effect — the two in the US start in 2021. Some companies are selling “reef-safe” sunscreens that abide by the ban.

Disclosure: These products and services are independently chosen by our editors. The prices are accurate as of publishing time, but may change.

The best sunscreens for 2020

Hawaiian Tropic

Best everyday body sunscreen

Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Ultra Radiance Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

This is the sunscreen I currently have and use because it feels lightweight and rubs in easily. It’s like putting on lotion, and it moisturizes dry skin like lotion because it has shea butter. Be forewarned this has a subtle shimmer to it, so you’ll look ever-so-slightly glittery.

Hate any and all glitter? Try Banana Boat’s Sun Comfort Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 50, $7.92 for 6 oz. at Amazon) for a similar hydrating option.

Best sunscreen for kids


Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Sunscreen Spray

Kids rarely want to sit still long enough for you to apply (and reapply) sunscreen. But this sunscreen for kids formula goes on quickly and is meant to work on wet skin. The spray cuts through water to adhere to skin, so applying sunscreen is easy and your kids stay protected even as they spend all day getting in and out of the pool.


Best facial sunscreen

Supergoop Smooth and Poreless Matte Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40

If you have ever struggled to rub in the white cast left behind by mineral sunscreens, only to end up looking like a ghost, this is your new face sunscreen. In recent years, Supergoop has been cranking out new formulas for any need — like powder sunscreen you can swipe on over your makeup during the day — great for oily skin! — or a sunscreen oil that holds in moisture on your skin.

I picked up the brand’s Smooth and Poreless at Sephora on a whim, and it’s what I currently use on my face. Of any facial sunscreen I’ve used, I’ve loved this the most because it feels like a primer, blurs my pores and has a matte finish.

It’s definitely not cheap, but it’s worth the cost for me. For a cheaper facial sunscreen, check out the Asian sunscreen pick below.

Best facial sunscreen for sensitive skin

EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46


This EltaMD mineral-based sensitive skin sunscreen is well-loved because despite the fact that it uses zinc oxide, it goes on clear and blends into your skin without leaving a white cast. I’ve tried it firsthand and it glides on so well, you don’t feel like you’re wearing sunscreen.

Just be careful when shopping to make sure you buy it directly from Amazon, not a third-party seller, because there are Amazon shoppers who’ve reported receiving counterfeit products. (Shown is the SPF 40 version, but I’ve linked to the SPF 46 version.)

Best sunscreen for babies

Blue Lizard Australian Baby Sunscreen SPF 30+

Blue Lizard

Doctors recommend that you limit your baby’s sun exposure with a wide-brimmed hat, sun-protective clothing and shade and that you not use sunscreen on infants under six months. Once they reach the six-month milestone, you can use sunscreen, but stick to formulas that are free of dyes and scents and that use minerals (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) for sun protection.

This Blue Lizard formula checks all of those boxes for sunscreen for babies and the bottle turns pink in the sun, to give you a nudge to reapply.

Best sport sunscreen


Neutrogena Beach Defense (Spray, Lotion or Stick)

Sport and water-resistant sunscreen products can feel thick and greasy, but I like Neutrogena’s Beach Defense line because it’s more lightweight, it’s water-resistant for up to 80 minutes and it smells like a tropical beverage. The spray is easy to apply and comes in SPF 70.

If you want or need something without a scent, try Banana Boat’s Simply Protect Sports sunscreen, which doesn’t have any added fragrance.

Best Asian sunscreen

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen SPF 50


Okay, if you’re a skin care nerd like I am, prepare to fall down the Asian sunscreen rabbit hole. South Korean and Japanese skin care brands have become well known for sunscreens that use different chemicals than what’s approved by the FDA in order to provide superior protection.

One of the most wildly popular Asian sunscreens is Biore’s, which is a thin, light formula with hyaluronic acid that blends in easily and doesn’t clog pores, perfect for your face. While you can’t find it in US stores — because of the FDA — it’s readily available on Amazon and other retailers, like YesStyle.

Just know that these products will ship from Asia, and have to go through customs, so they will almost certainly not arrive within the two-day Prime window.

Another great option is the COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50 PA+++ ($14.99) because it applies like a lightweight moisturizer and provides hydration too. If you have sensitive skin, give this aloe vera formula a try.

Originally published in 2019.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re big on sun protection at Allure. Aside from making sure your beach vacation stays free of painful sunburns, sunscreen also helps ward off exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays, which are not friends to skin, as they can cause skin cancer and promote the formation of fine lines.

That’s why, it’s even more important than ever to up your SPF IQ by slathering on the most effective sunscreens, and being aware of common sun myths.

Luckily, there are tons of science-backed resources to help you do this — chief among them the advocacy group at Consumer Reports, which for the seventh year running has released a formal report of the best sunscreens for 2019.

The organization looked at four types of sunscreens, including lotions, sprays, mineral, and those without the chemical oxybenzone. It evaluated each on two main measures: First, the accuracy of the SPF claim, which measures how long you’d be protected against the UVB rays that cause burns and, second, the effectiveness of the UVA blockers, which shield you from the rays that can age you. The former test is done by smearing sunscreen on a participant’s back, having them soak in water, then exposing them to six intensities of UVB light from a sun simulator. An expert then evaluates the redness. The UVA test involves globbing paper plates with sunscreen, blasting them with UVA and UVB light, and measuring how much is absorbed.

After all that testing, Consumer Reports ranked each sunscreen with a rating between 0 and 100 — formulas that scored 81 or higher and received Excellent or Very Good scores for UVA and UVB protection, got the agency’s stamp of approval. Based on those scores, here are the top sunscreens you can feel good about reaching for this summer.

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.


Like last year, lotion formulas scored the highest marks. The takeaway? Slathering is still the best way to go to stay worry-free in the sun.

This French pharmacy favorite feels like a lightweight moisturizer and blends in like a dream, leaving behind a subtle, dewy glow.

Courtesy of brand

It’s time to start thinking about sunscreen. Instead of reaching for a random bottle of lotion before rushing to the beach, like most of us do, experts from Consumer Reports suggest taking a few minutes to think about which sunscreen is safest for you and your family.

“There so many models on the market — bottles, cans — and it can get really confusing for consumers,” Consumer Reports deputy editor Patricia Calvo said.

The outlet conducted a series of tests on some of the most common sunscreen brands to determine which are best. Here are eight that passed multiple tests and made the list of best sunscreens for 2019.

Best Lotion Sunscreen

  • 1. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Melt-In Sunscreen Milk, $31, Walmart

La Roche-Posay consistently makes the cut. It was on the list last year, and this sunscreen (Dylan Dreyer’s favorite) is said to be great for sensitive skin.

  • 2. BullFrog Land Sport Quik Gel SPF 50 Sunscreen, $8, Walmart

According to Walmart reviews, this sunscreen has 4.8 stars — so basically, people love it. “Bull Frog brand will not leave you streaked and it protects unlike any I’ve ever used,” one reviewer shared. “If you don’t want to get sunburned, this is the go-to product!”

Best Spray Sunscreens

  • 1. Trader Joe’s Spray SPF 50+ Sunscreen, In-Store Purchase

Air pressure forces the sunscreen out, so you get a smooth, continuous stream of sunscreen every time you press the button on the can, according to Trader Joe’s website.

  • 2. Banana Boat SunComfort Clear UltraMist Spray SPF 50+ Sunscreen, $10, Walmart

This broad-spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreen is water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

Best Sunscreens without Oxybenzone

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According to recent reports, oxybenzone is one of the four ingredients in sunscreen that may enter the bloodstream. The health risks are unknown, but if you’d rather avoid the ingredient, Consumer Reports released two picks without it.

  • 1. Walgreens Sunscreen Moisturizing Lotion SPF 50, $3, Walgreens

Paraben-free, oil-free, oxybenzone-free and hypoallergenic, this affordable sunscreen seems like a great option for sensitive skin. It’s also water resistant and provides UVA and UVB protection.

  • 2. Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Ultra Radiance Lotion SPF 50, $10, Walmart

This sunscreen has a nice tropical scent. In addition to its broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, it also contains vitamins C and E, mango fruit extract, and a shea butter complex.

Best Mineral Sunscreens

  • 1. California Kids #Supersensitive Sunscreen SPF 30+, $19, Vitacost

Tears won’t be an issue with this kids sunscreen. It’s vegan, has no added fragrances and is great for sensitive skin.

  • 2. Badger Company Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30, $13, iHerb

This sunscreen is cruelty-free, non GMO, biodegradable and more. So it’s not just good for your skin, it’s good for the environment, too.

It’s interesting to see how much the rankings can change from one year to the next! In case you were curious, here are the brands that made the cut last year.

Best Sunscreens of 2018

  • 1. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Melt-In Sunscreen Milk, $36, Walmart

This sunscreen favorite has made the Consumer Reports best sunscreen list yet again. The lightweight cream is fragrance-free and perfect for sensitive skin.

  • 2. Coppertone Sport SPF 50 Lotion Sunscreen, $8, Walmart

Look for the dark blue bottle. Coppertone Sport SPF 50 will keep you and your family protected: It’s a great sunscreen for kids.

  • 3. Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Lotion SPF 30, $7, Walmart

You may know Aveeno for its soap or body lotion. Turns out, its sunscreen can also be a bathroom staple.

  • 4. Banana Boat SunComfort Clear UltraMist Spray SPF 50+ Sunscreen, $10, Walmart

If a spray is more your style, researchers recommend this Banana Boat sunscreen spray. Just make sure you rub it in after application and use a cream for your face to avoid inhaling any chemicals, Calvo said.

  • 5. Coppertone Kids Sunscreen Stick SPF 50, $7, Walmart

Looking for a face-friendly sunscreen? This stick is a good choice, according to Consumer Reports. Not only does it protect from the sun’s rays, it won’t run as easily as a cream or even spray.

Regardless of which kind of sunscreen you choose, follow these steps to avoid getting burned:

  • Shake the bottle. This helps to distribute the ingredients throughout the bottle.
  • Apply sunscreen BEFORE you go outside. Aim for 15 to 30 minutes before.
  • Reapply every two hours. And whenever you get out of the water, no matter how much time has passed, or if an ingredient is water resistant.

Remember to apply sunscreen to often-forgotten parts of your body like your scalp, toes (in between toes, too), ears and more. Wear a hat when you can.

For more information, check out the full story on Consumer Reports. This article was originally published on May 5, 2017.

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This article was medically reviewed by Caroline Chang, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist and member of the Prevention Medical Review Board, on January 6, 2020

If there’s one thing you put on your skin today, let it be a sunscreen. Dermatologists harp on this over and over because it’s one of the best ways (if not the best!) to protect your skin.

Of course, your first priority is to prevent a sunburn, which can raise your skin cancer risk. As a major bonus, sunscreen also keeps your skin looking young. A quality SPF can protect your skin from the harmful UV rays that cause premature aging and even help reverse signs of damage by reducing dark spots, improving texture, and boosting brightness, per 2016 research in the journal Dermatologic Surgery.

The problem? It can be hard to find a sunscreen that isn’t goopy, sticky, or harshly white on top of your skin. That’s why choosing a sunscreen specifically formulated for your face can yield better results. “Many face sunscreens contain ingredients like antioxidants or skin-brightening botanicals that offer additional benefits beyond sunscreen itself,” explains Joshua Zeichner, M.D., director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

How to choose the best sunscreen for your face

Don’t skimp on quality: The label on your face sunscreen needs to say “broad spectrum” to guard against both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays, says Arisa Ortiz, M.D., assistant clinical professor in the department of dermatology at University of California, San Diego. You really have to pay attention to the wording on the bottle because “many sunscreens only protect against UVB rays,” she says. Ideally, look for SPF 30 or higher.

Know your skin type: If you have dry skin, choose a face sunscreen with hydrating ingredients, says Dr. Zeichner, like hyaluronic acid or ceramides. If you have oily skin, look for sunscreens that have a matte finish. Lighter gel formulations will also feel less heavy if you tend to get shiny throughout the day.

Layer it on last: “Generally speaking, sunscreen should be applied to freshly cleansed skin,” says Dr. Zeichner. As a rule of thumb, this should be the last step of your morning skin care before applying makeup—so it goes on after your serum or moisturizer.

Now that you have the basics down, it’s time to find a sunscreen for your face that will leave your skin looking youthful and healthy. Here are 15 dermatologist-approved picks for every skin type out there.


EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen SPF 46



This fragrance-free sunscreen is lightweight and ideal for finicky skin types. “Designed for patients with rosacea or acne, this oil-free formula provides light moisture, rubs in quickly, and contains niacinamide as an anti-inflammatory to reduce sebum (a.k.a. oil),” says dermatologist Heidi Waldorf, M.D.


La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50



“This ultra-light formula contains antioxidants and is easily absorbed into the skin,” says Dr. Zeichner, so you won’t have to worry about that sticky or greasy feeling. Plus, it’s noncomedogenic, great for sensitive skin (fragrance-free), dries down matte, and doesn’t have that SPF smell.


Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Face Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50



“This oil-free, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic sunscreen contains colloidal oatmeal, which hydrates the skin,” says Meghan Feely, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist in New Jersey and New York City and clinical instructor at Mount Sinai. While this sunscreen feels ultra-nourishing, it quickly absorbs into your skin.


Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion Sunscreen SPF 55



This budget-friendly sunscreen gets a stamp approval from Nazanin Saedi, M.D., a dermatologist with Jefferson University Hospitals in Philadelphia. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, this is a great pick, as it’s lightweight, oil-free, noncomedogenic, and non-greasy, so you won’t have to worry about clogged pores or excess shine.


Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 30



“The soy complex in this product helps brighten the skin while UV blockers provide broad spectrum protection,” says Dr. Zeichner. This face sunscreen is also oil-free, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic (so it won’t clog your pores), and non-greasy—making it an excellent pick across all skin types.


Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush-On Sunscreen SPF 30



This powder sunscreen is a great option for those with acne-prone skin, says board-certified dermatologist Debra Jaliman, M.D., author of Skin Rules. “Since it’s powder, it doesn’t clog the pores and never breaks out the skin.” Plus, it’s easy to reapply and helps mattify midday shine on your face, adds Dr. Waldorf.


Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40



“This sunscreen feels somewhere between a gel and a primer. It feels weightless on the skin and can be used across a variety of skin types,” says Dr. Zeichner. Free of oils and fragrances, it dries down matte and has a slight blurring effect on pores. It was also named one of our top SPF picks for darker skin tones, thanks to its sheer finish.


MDSolarSciences Mineral Crème SPF 50



You’ll appreciate this creamy, mineral-based sunscreen because it covers your bases with top-notch UV reflectors zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Vitamin C works to maintain radiance and keep the collagen in skin springy, while green tea extract helps safeguard against free radical damage that contributes to aging.


SkinMedica Total Defense + Repair Sunscreen SPF 34



Earning a seal of approval from the National Skin Cancer Foundation, this slightly tinted face sunscreen not only protects the skin, but also improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging, thanks to niacinamide, hydrating shea butter, and vitamins C and E, which act as antioxidants.


Cetaphil Pro Oil Absorbing Moisturizer SPF 30



If you’re worried about looking shiny by 3:oo p.m., this is the one for you. Cetaphil’s face sunscreen not only protects the skin with SPF 30, but controls oil while maintaining hydration. Fragrance-free, lightweight, and noncomedogenic, this fast-absorbing SPF leaves a matte finish for flawless wear.


CeraVe Hydrating Face Sunscreen SPF 50



“This oil-free, noncomedogenic sunscreen contains the anti-inflammatory antioxidant niacinamide, as well as cermamides, which help the skin to retain moisture,” says Dr. Feely. Lightweight and oil-free, this hydrating SPF is ideal for dry skin, as it also contains oat extract and dimethicone (a compound that reduces water loss).


Neutrogena Hydro Boost City Shield Water Gel Sunscreen SPF 25


“This ultra-light gel formula is hydrating, but not sticky. It also contains moringa seed extract to offer antioxidant benefits, protecting the skin from environmental damage,” says Dr. Zeichner. Free of oils and drying alcohol, it has a lightweight texture that feels moisturizing, since it contains hyaluronic acid (a humectant that draws water to the skin).


Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector SPF 42


This broad spectrum SPF 42 is perfect for oily skin types, since it absorbs quickly, feels lightweight, and is noncomedogenic. Water-resistant for up to 40 minutes, it also contains peony root extract to diminish the appearance of pores, helping to perfect your skin before you go out. It also earns approval from the National Skin Cancer Foundation.


Murad City Skin Age Defense SPF 50


This broad spectrum SPF 50 face sunscreen is designed to protect against UVA and UVB rays, pollution, blue light from devices, and infrared radiation. It relies on titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to help shield skin from the sun, and pumps up the formula with vitamin C to boost brightness. Plus, it has a tint to help even your skin tone on no-makeup days.


Avène Mineral Sunscreen Fluid SPF 50+


Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, this chemical-free face sunscreen offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, as well as vitamin E (an antioxidant) to fight off skin-damaging free radicals. As a bonus, it’s water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, lightweight, and sheer, so it won’t leave behind that ghostly look.


Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Hydrating Shield


Recommended by Dendy Engelman, M.D., a board-certified dermatologic surgeon in New York City, this product is gentle enough for mature, acne-prone skin, and the formula’s slight tint helps eliminate any redness or white residue after application.

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Jessica Migala Jessica Migala is a health writer specializing in general wellness, fitness, nutrition, and skincare, with work published in Women’s Health, Glamour, Health, Men’s Health, and more.

With the first hints of summer intermittently breaking through, we’re reminded we need to up our sun protection game, because if Love Island has taught us anything, it’s that the sunburnt look doesn’t get the girl.

Second to your passport and suitcase, the best sun cream is the most important item to pack for your holiday and whilst it feels like an expenditure you begrudge making, it’s the only way to make sure you come back with a healthy glow as opposed to a flaky crisp.

It’s also important to remember sun cream is a necessity all year round (yes, even during the colder seasons) the hotter months require greater diligence and protection.

Neglect will eventually reveal itself in the form of dark spots, deep wrinkles and permanent sun damage, which isn’t a big sell for anyone.

So, sun cream isn’t something you want to skimp on, particularly if you’ve got sensitive skin. You want to ensure it offers protection from both UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) rays.

  • Protect your eyes with the best sunglasses
  • Check out the best sunscreen especially for your face
  • Get summer ready with the best t-shirts for men

Lucky for you (and for us) the weather has been glorious in Britain so we’ve had the perfect opportunity to put a host of sun care products through their paces.

We’ve pinned down Eucerin’s sunscreen as the best for the summer along with a host of other sunscreens that get our approval!

Suncream 101

Unfortunately, not all sun creams are created equal, not all contain both UVA and UVB protection, which are two separate forms of damaging ultraviolet rays.

The best way to remember it is that A is for ageing (the UV rays that permanently damage your skin cells) and B is for burning (the radiation that causes sunburn and sun damage). So SPF (sun protection factor) works to protect against both.

Eucerin Medical Manager, Dylan Griffiths, explains;

“To help you understand a bit better, if you start getting sunburned after five minutes in the sun without any sunscreen, applying a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 would protect you for 30 times five minutes (or 150 minutes) before you begin to burn. A high SPF extends the amount of time you can spend in the sun while protecting your skin.”

The benchmark number when shopping for suncream is to remember that a 200ml bottle should be enough for a week in the sun, but if you’re planning to be in the water constantly, you’ll want more. If we’re going to be really sensible, we’d even suggest you top up with a stronger factor at the hottest part of the day.

Don’t think you can get away with digging out an old suncream you used on holiday over a year ago; sun cream goes off after 12 months.

How to choose the best sun cream for you

Keep your eyes peeled for the legitimacy of your sun protection. We commonly see a star rating of one to five, reflecting the level of UVA protection offered by that product.

You may also be familiar with an encircled ‘UVA’ sign, which confirms the product has a minimum of one third of the UVA SPF value in keeping with the EU law.

Shop for broad spectrum protection in a product that offers both UVA and UVB protection – you’ll still be able to get that glorious tan without the risky side effects.

We’ve spritzed and sunned our way through a number of sun creams to give you this definitive list of the best on the market. No need to thank us.

1. Eucerin Dry Touch Suncream Spray for Sensitive Skin SPF 50

The best sun cream you can get, with an excellent mist applicator

Reasons to buy

+Fast drying+Not sticky+Mist nozzle+Excellent protection

Reasons to avoid


As an already well-established skincare brand, Eucerin’s factor 50 offers flawless protection with no pitfalls. Fast-drying, non-sticky and so easy to apply thanks to the fine mist nozzle, this spray is great for blemish-prone skin and suitable for all skin types.

Applying suncream need no longer be laborious thanks to this easy applicator, which works at all angles and means you can get to hard to reach areas. What’s better, you can apply on someone else’s back without having to touch them!

2. Garnier Ambre Solaire UV Water Clear Sun Cream Mist SPF30

This sun cream comes with a innovate spray applicator

+Affordable price+Great applicator+Light -None

Whilst we’re raving about sun cream with excellent applicators, this one from Garnier has upped the ante. A great spray offering high coverage with easy application and a slight cooling effect.

The fine mist makes application easier and the sun cream itself is weightless and not sticky, plus I found it didn’t become blocked from the sun cream, unlike other classic spray bottles. Formulated with Aloe Vera this fine mist hydrates without being heavy and offers both UVA and UVB protection.

3. La Roche-Posay Anthelios Dry Body Mist SPF50+

An excellent sun cream for sensitive skin

+Smells good+Dry mist application+Good for sensitive skin+Water resistant

Again, you’re in safe hands with La Roche-Posay, a skincare brand with excellent products for sensitive skin. There’s barely a trace of this SPF after application, as it’s a dry mist. A great everyday sun cream. It smells good and feels good and it’s particularly good for those who suffer from prickly heat. Again, we’re fond of the easy mist application but this one’s also water-resistant.

4. Piz Buin Ultra Light Dry Touch Sun Fluid SPF 30

This sun cream is a brilliant affordable option

+Affordable+Lightweight+Not sticky -Nozzle can get messy

This household suncream brand continues to release quality sun-care products at affordable prices. This creamy sun cream is incredibly lightweight with no sticky residue. It soaks in quickly and has little to no scent. However, the twist nozzle can get a little messy and it takes a fair amount of cream for sufficient coverage.

5. Eucerin Sensitive Protect SPF50

This sun screen is great for sensitive skin and is water resistant

+High-level protection+Water resistant+Good for sensitive skin

We find it hard to fault Eucerin’s Sensitive Protect as it is an all-round winner. A transparent spray with presence of alcohol makes it extremely quick-drying, non-greasy and non-sticky. We were impressed with how it felt and smelled, and coming from a dermatological skincare brand we trust when they say it’s ideal for sensitive skin.

6. Bioderma Photoderm Bronz SPF30

This sun cream offers maximum protect and smells great

+Smells great+Easy spray application +Non-greasy -Contains fragrance

Bioderma’s Photoderm Bronze sun protection is nothing short of fantastic. It leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated, and you have the assurance of knowing you have both UVA/UVB protection. Formulated with a multitude of filters it also helps enhance your natural tan and is ideal for sensitive skin- double whammy!

7. Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh SPF20

This spray mist makes for easy and non-greasy application

+Convenient spray/ mist application+Water resistant -Only 3 star UVA protection-Be wary of even application

We’re all about convenience and this spray mist makes for easy, non-greasy application and it’s miles better for reaching those hard-to-reach areas. A classic brand and a fail-safe option, Protect & Refresh is cooling on application, transparent and super fast absorbing. This spray bottle makes for easy application, it offers broad spectrum protection and is water resistant.

8. Hawaiian tropic Silk Hydration

The creamy texture leaves skin feeling soft and supple

+Very subtle scent+Fast absorbing -Low level water resistance

Bringing a touch of the tropical islands to you in bottle form, Hawaiian is brand developed with the hottest temperatures in mind. Just the right consistency, it’s creamy texture leaves skin feeling soft and supple for up to 12 hours (just what you need in ho, drying temperatures) whilst providing broad spectrum protection. However, we do recommend you stay vigilant and reapply after swimming/ excessive sweating.

9. Piz Buin Allergy SPF50+

This sun cream is ideal for sensitive skin

+Ideal for sun sensitive skin+Sweat and water resistance -Tacky texture-Slightly watery texture

Piz Buin is a classic and one to certainly spark nostalgia. Years of perfecting their sun care means you’ve got a credible product that offers everything from comprehensive protection, hydration and a unique anti-irritant shield called Calmanelle for sun sensitive skin. What’s more, it offers both UVA/UVB protection. Bonus!

10. Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced SPF50+

We love this non-greasy, fast adsorbing sun cream

+Good for sensitive skin+Easy application +High level protection -You need to be wary of even application

This sensitive mist sunscreen is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free with the comprehensive protection of SPF50; a dream combination for those with sensitive skin. We found it to be non-greasy and fast absorbing, though you have to be diligent with a fine mist to ensure you haven’t missed any corners.

11. This Works In transit skin defence

This sun cream is ideal for travelling with

+Lightweight +Multiple skincare benefits +High level protection for face -A face product only -Slightly tacky

A This Works creation to preserve and protect your good looks – who could say no? The SPF45 face protection will keep damaging UV rays from penetrating your skin whilst throwing in some nourishing and anti-ageing benefits for good measure.

12. Bondi Sands Sunscreen lotion SPF30

This sun cream smells great

+Broad spectrum protection+Smells great!

It smells amazing enough to transport you to a tropical island and offers SPF30 protection with 2 hours of water resistant protection. Medium consistency, hydrating with broad spectrum protection.

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Summer is coming and we shouldn’t have to tell you that the sun is dangerous. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control warns that, “Overexposure to UV radiation can lead to serious health issues, including cancer. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States.”

Their suggestions?

  • Stay in the shade, especially during midday hours (not gonna happen).
  • Wear clothes that cover your arms and legs (that’s a no).
  • Wear a wide brim hat to shade your face, head, ears, and neck (ummm…maybe if it’s a cool one).
  • Wear wraparound sunglasses (Grandpa?) Is that you?).

No, the solution we like the best is to use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher, that covers both UVA and UVB protection. The problem is, so many sunscreens have to be spackled on, leaving the wearer wandering around the beach, ballpark, or BBQ looking like a Night Walker. We want you to be protected and burn-free this summer, so we’ve assembled a group of sunscreens that are not-greasy and with a high SPF. And we didn’t discriminate on medium either – from lotions to sprays to sticks, we included them all. Save the burning for the s’mores.

The Best Non-Greasy Sunscreens for Summer

Coppertone Sport Clear Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

Coppertone is a summer classic like the Beach Boys, flip-flops, and hot dogs, but the 65-year-old brand isn’t ready for retirement just yet. This updated formula goes on, as one user described it, “like hand-sanitizer,” giving a cooling sensation when applied, while offering either 30 or 50-plus SPF, all while resisting heat, sweat, and water for up to 80 minutes.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face + Body Stick

We are so ready to try out this one for the summer. Offering the easy-to-apply convenience of a stick deodorant, this sunscreen has broad spectrum protection and an SPF of 70! Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer is oil-free, gliding on easily for hands-free, no-mess application that feels weightless while leaving a non-shiny finish. It’s water resistant for up to 80 minutes, PABA free, lightweight, and non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores.

Coconut Joe’s Zinc Oxide Exotic Coconut Sunscreen

Coconut Joe’s goes the all-natural, reef-safe route for it’s line of “chemical-free” non-greasy sunscreens. At only 12 bucks for an 8 oz. bottle, its a pretty affordable choice, too. It provides protection against both UVA & UVB rays, and features an “exotic coconut” fragrance. (Also available in SPF 15 or 50.) Follow up with Coconut Joe’s Real Aloe Vera Gel or After Sun Lotion to maintain those tanning gains.

Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen Spray Twinpack SPF 50

Banana Boat’s twin pack of sprays are doubleplusgood for summer fun in the sun. Powerful protection is packed into a lightweight, clear spray that absorbs quickly and won’t run into eyes – perfect for sports enthusiasts and other active folks. Its non-greasy formulation stays on through ocean, wind, pool, sun, sweat, heat and sand; and is water and sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes. It’s also reef safe and made without oxybenzone or octinoxate.

Bare Republic Coco Mango Mineral Spray

Bare Republic offers this non-greasy, non-nano (materials measured in nanometers, or billionths of a meter, to increase clarity and SPF) zinc oxide spray that features plant-derived ingredients. It’s also paraben free, non-GMO, and vegan. It sprays on white, but dries sheer on all skin tones and offers 80 minutes of water resistance. The natural coconut and mango scent smells pretty good … although it had us hankering for a daiquiri. With an SPF of 30, the spray provides a layer of physical protection, enhanced with antioxidant-rich skincare boosters including grape, raspberry and carrot seed oils. If you’re feeling especially festive, Bare Republic also offers several glitter effect sunscreens, as well as neon sticks for a serious 1980s vibe.

Sun Bum SPF 50 Lotion

Sun Bum describes itself as “a brand, with a little edge … a small company with a big dream of becoming the most recognized and trusted sun care brand in the world.” If its raving fans on product reviews are any indication, it’s well on its way to realizing the goal. Sun Bum’s moisturizing sunscreen formula (SPF 50) protects your skin from UVA/UVB, while enriching skin with Vitamin E to neutralize free radicals and fight the signs of aging.

Jack Black Sun Guard Very Water Resistant Sunscreen

At a rather precise SPF of 45, Jack Black Sun Guard offers an oil-free lotion with broad-spectrum protection that absorbs quickly without any greasy, heavy residue. It’s protective barrier lasts through intense physical activity without running or dripping into your eyes, which is great for your next triathlon or for sprinting across the hot sand to get those burning tootsies into the surf. It’s also enriched with Vitamin C for its antioxidant and free radical fighting properties, as well as with calendula to calm and soothe irritated skin. Bundle it as part of Jack Black’s Tattoo Care Kit or complement with a selection of protective lip balms.

Kiehl’s Activated Sun Protector Water-Light Lotion for Face & Body

Kiehl’s brings a cooling, water-like texture to its sunscreen so it feels light going on both the face and body, but don’t be confused, it’s not a lightweight product. packing “Sun-Filter Technology” broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF 30) to protect from both UVA and UVB rays, not to mention anti-oxidant protection, the sunscreen is non-comedogenic and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen Broad Spectrum

Look, if you hide inside the moment the sun comes out over Memorial Day Weekend, waiting for the summer solstice to make it all go away, maybe the 2.4 ounce tube ($19) of this non-greasy formula will work for you. But if you’re like us and are out in the sun from Memorial Day to Labor Day, stock up with this handy 18 ounce pump. The water-resistant formula is fast-absorbing and lightweight, protecting from not only UVA and UVB, but also IRA rays (that’s infrared, not something from the Sinn Féin), as well as “photo-aging” and dehydration. Natural extracts in its ingredients include citrus, basil and bois de rose, for a unique, refreshing fragrance. Added sunflower extract helps protect skin from environmental elements, while rosemary leaf extract has a calming effect on the skin and is rich in antioxidants.

If you’re heading to a tropical locale this summer and want to stay as environmentally friendly as possible, here are a few sunscreens that are guaranteed to be reef safe.

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The 7 Best Sunscreens for Oily Skin, According to Dermatologists

It should be common knowledge by now that rain or shine, we all need to be wearing sunscreen. Every. Single. Day. If applying a layer of sunblock to your skin or mixing it into your foundation seems like an unnecessary step in your morning routine, consider this: The sun causes an estimated 90% of skin aging, according to an Australian study published in Annals of Internal Medicine in 2013. And if the risk of sun spots and wrinkles isn’t getting your attention, the Skin Cancer Foundation also warns that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. Now, that is scary, and a good reason to slather it on.

However, many of us are still at a crossroads here, particularly those of us with skin that tends to be oily. Put on a thick coat of SPF and unleash holy hell on your face, or ditch it and risk looking 10 years older, or worse, increase your chances of melanoma. If, like me, you’re hesitant to administer anything potentially sticky and pore-clogging to your skin, you’ll be relieved to learn that there are actually sunscreens out there that won’t leave you feeling suffocated, shiny, or broken-out.

Whether you’re a fan of powder sunscreen or prefer a lotion that dries matte, we’ve got your oily skin covered, literally. We tapped dermatologists for their sunscreen picks for people with oily skin, and discovered an arsenal of safe, non-greasy options to protect skin without irritating it, so that you’ll never have an excuse not to lather up.

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The Best Body Lotions With SPF

SPF comes in all forms — spray-on sunscreens, solid sticks, oils… even powders for your face. But nothing beats a classic lotion formula that hydrates and moisturizes your skin while it protects it from the sun. Of course, there are tons of options to choose from, so to truly narrow down a list of the best lotions with SPF, I reviewed and compared dozens of formulas — the winners of which you’ll find ahead.

And what truly makes a lotion with SPF better than any other? The first thing to keep in mind is hydration. In my opinion, there’s no point in applying lotion all over your body if it’s not going to keep it moisturized. But you also don’t want a formula that’s going to be too thick, or too greasy — especially since you’ll likely be using this sun-protecting product in the summer, when you only need something lightweight (during winter, you’ll want to use a richer lotion, but unless you live somewhere that’s sunny all-year-round, you probably don’t need to be covered in head-to-toe SPF anyway).

Convenience is another factor — a pump bottle is the easiest, least messy way to apply body lotion of any kind. Only one product on this list doesn’t come in a pump bottle.

Of course — and this is more important in maximum sun exposure situations — the higher the SPF, the better. Unfortunately, many of the best sunscreen lotions only have an SPF of 15. If you plan on lying out at the pool or on the beach, you’ll want to reach for something with an SPF of at least 30 or add an extra layer of sunblock.

I took all of these factors into consideration, and the products ahead combine many of these key features in one pretty, as-big-as-I-could-find bottle — one pick even comes in a budget-friendly three pack! So without further ado, find the best body lotions with SPF, ahead.

1. Best: A Moisturizing Gel Formula With SPF 50 That Feels Like Nothing On Your Skin

If you’re someone who typically hates the feeling of sunscreen — or even lotion at all — you’ll love this non-greasy, non-goopy formula. Straight from Japan, it’s my personal favorite, and it has a growing cult-following for its unique water-gel texture that feels and absorbs like, well, water on your skin. With a transparent finish and barely-there scent, this lotion has a high SPF of 50 — and it’s moisturizing to boot. It’s also incredibly affordable — especially considering it comes in a big pump bottle — and unlike most other sunscreen lotions on the market, you can use this one on your face, too.

2. Runner Up: A Slightly Creamier Lotion That Ticks All The Boxes (But Is More Expensive)

Another wonderful, albeit much more expensive option, EltaMD’s sunscreen has more of a traditional, lotion-like texture. But that doesn’t mean it’s heavy or thick. It’s actually incredibly lightweight and non-greasy, and it absorbs into your skin instantly. It’s also quite moisturizing, and uses zinc oxide to protect skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Though it appears to be white, it goes on completely clear — so like the option above, it’s great for all skin tones. Whether you’ve got dry, oily, or even sensitive skin, this non-comedogenic, paraben- and chemical-free formula should work just fine. In addition to being slightly pricier than the Nivea option, it also has a lower SPF of 30 (which, according to the American Academy Of Dermatology, is adequate — but still — not as high as 50).

3. For Body Acne: A Lotion With Glycolic Acid To Exfoliate And Resurface Dead Skin

If you’ve got body acne, an all-over exfoliating lotion could be just what’s missing from your skin care regimen. This one combines glycolic acid with an SPF, which, based on my research, is nearly impossible to find. The only downside is that this lotion has an SPF 15, which is much too low if you plan on spending the day directly in the sun. If you’ll mostly be indoors or not exposed to the sun’s rays when they’re at their strongest (between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.), this should be adequate. In addition to exfoliating and resurfacing bumpy or blemish-prone skin, it also keeps it smooth, soft, and hydrated, thanks to a hearty dose of nourishing shea butter and glycerin. And though the $54 price tag may seem hefty, keep in mind this huge pump bottle contains a whopping 12 ounces of product.

4. For Extra Sensitive Skin: The Gentlest, & An All-Around Solid, SPF Lotion That Can Be Customized

Designed specifically for sensitive skin, this hypoallergenic, paraben-free sunscreen lotion is gentle, but effective. What I really love most about this product is that you can customize the level of SPF you want, and the size of the bottle, too. Choose from 3, 6, or 8 ounces and an SPF of 15, 30, 50, or 70. This formula incorporates vitamin E to keep your skin moisturized and protected against free radicals. The one flaw is that this is the only option on this list that doesn’t come in a pump bottle, which is slightly annoying. It also has a relatively strong coconut scent, which, depending on your preferences, could be a good or bad thing.

5. Best Value: A Good, Hydrating SPF Lotion At A Great Price

For less than $30, you can get a three pack of this classic sunscreen lotion from Eucerin — with each bottle containing 17 ounces of product — making it our top pick for the best value. However, it only has an SPF of 15, which, as you know by now, isn’t ideal for situations with maximum sun exposure. If you’re looking for a no-frills formula to keep your and your loved ones’ skin protected and hydrated without breaking the bank, this is a good choice. If you plan on spending the day at the beach, just be sure to layer on some extra product with a higher SPF. It’s non-greasy and fast-absorbing, and it has zero fragrance.

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By now you should know just how important it is to protect your skin from the sun — no matter the weather. Our Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab experts recommend wearing sunscreen every single day (yes, even when it’s cloudy out). That’s because the best defense against aging and sun damage is a solid, broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

But it can be difficult to remember to apply sunscreen on the days you’re not basking by the pool or hiking a sunny trail. We have the solution: everyday moisturizer with SPF baked right in. Formulated with sun protection, these lotions offer the best of both worlds: hydration and protection. Plus, if you’re already in the habit of applying a daily moisturizer, you won’t notice a change in your routine — but you will notice a change in your skin’s health.

Before you get to shopping, let’s answer some of your top questions on how to find the right SPF moisturizer for your skin:

Will a moisturizer with SPF give me the same hydrating benefits as a one without SPF?
Not quite. “Our evaluations found that day creams with SPF typically provided lower moisturization than night creams,” explains GH Beauty Lab chemist Danusia Wnek. These daytime formulas are likely omitting some moisturizing ingredients to make space for SPF. Skin feeling extra dry? Use a night cream or an overnight mask — these offered the biggest boost of hydration in Lab tests!

Can I use sunscreen instead of my moisturizer?
In the summer, yes. “Facial sunscreen has emollients and other oils that can be effective to deliver moisturization and hydration,” explains Steven Q. Wang, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. “However, in the winter, I recommend using both sunscreen and a facial moisturizer, especially if you have very dry skin.” Or you can try one of our Beauty Lab’s two-in-one picks below.

In that case, what goes on first: sunscreen or moisturizer ?
Here’s a cardinal rule of applying skin care: always put your thinnest products on first, and layer on the rest in order of thickness for optimal absorption. If you opt for a two-step sunscreen-and-moisturizer combo instead of a moisturizer made with SPF, apply your normal moisturizer first, then layer sunscreen (with an SPF of 30 or higher) over it.

Will SPF or sunscreen dry out my skin?
Maybe. “Some sunscreens may also contain alcohol which tends to dry out skin,” explains Dr. David Lortscher, board-certified dermatologist and CEO of Curology. “Look for formulas without alcohol to avoid dryness or irritation.” Check out the ingredients label for culprits: drying ethanol can sometime be written as “SD alcohol” (specially denatured alcohol) or “alcohol denat.” But here’s a loophole: if you see cetyl, stearyl or cetearyl alcohol, don’t panic. These are actually fatty alcohols that can act like emollients, softening the skin.

What’s the best drugstore moisturizer with SPF?
Our GH pros’ Top Lab Pick is L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Bright Reveal Brightening Day Moisturizer SPF 30 (, $9.99). It earned the top spot in our anti-aging day cream test, delivering visible improvements in skin’s appearance alongside preventative sun protection in just four weeks.

An important note on safety: The FDA is currently proposing big changes to sunscreen regulations, and only physical sunscreens with the active ingredients zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are recognized as generally safe right now. “Until they reach a more robust conclusion in late 2019, we’re including a range of formulas (both mineral and chemical) that we’ve found to be effective against sunburn during our testing,” explains Birnur Aral, Director of GH’s Health, Beauty & Environmental Sciences Lab. “These picks also earned positive feedback with our consumer testers,” so you’ll love applying them every morning.

If we’ve convinced you to swap your old moisturizer, check out some winning products from our Beauty Lab, GH Seal stars and top dermatologist picks:

CeraVe Hydrating Sunscreen Body Lotion

CeraVe Hydrating Sunscreen Body Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 50 is a 100%-mineral sunscreen with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that forms a protective barrier on the skin to help reflect UVA and UVB rays without irritating sensitive skin. Ideal for daily use, it also features three essential ceramides that help restore the skin’s natural barrier and lock in moisture, and it has been awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance and the Skin Cancer Foundation Daily Use Seal of Approval.

  • 100% mineral sunscreen to reflect the sun’s rays.
  • Three essential ceramides help restore skin’s natural barrier and lock in moisture.
  • Hyaluronic acid: Helps retain skin’s natural moisture.
  • Allergy tested, oil-free, non-comedogenic and suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Fragrance-free and paraben-free to be gentle on the skin.

Application Tips:

Mineral-based UV filters form a protective barrier to help reflect UV rays away from the skin’s surface. Because the ingredients in a mineral sunscreen stay on the surface of the skin to help protect it, a white cast can sometimes remain after applying the product. Follow these tips to apply your mineral sunscreen:

    1. Dispense a small amount to one palm and rub your hands together.

    2. Apply to one area of the body at a time and thoroughly massage into the skin.

    3. The formula should spread easily without leaving a greasy residue or feel.

All sunscreens should be applied liberally for sun protection. It is essential to use any sunscreen product as directed.

Types of skin:

All skin types, suitable for sensitive skin.

Area of concern:

Sun protection

Face and body sunscreen

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