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How To Find Your Perfect Pair of Jeans

Jeans are pretty much a wardrobe staple. You can dress them up or down, pair them effortlessly with any pair of shoes, and wear them comfortably year round. But the key to really falling in love with your denim is to find your perfect pair. What all should you consider while searching for it? Well, there’s the style of the jeans, the rise, the wash, and the fit—to name a few. But no worries, this how-to guide outlines steps to help you discover your new favorite denim wardrobe addition—whether it’s a new pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans or a go-to pair of skinny jeans.

1. Choose Your Style

From the slouchy and relaxed boyfriend cut to the sleek and sexy skinny style, there’s a style to complement and flatter every style and body. Here are a few popular options.

Boyfriend Jeans: Boyfriend jeans have a relaxed yet stylish fit that makes an outfit look effortlessly chic. A popular way to wear this style is to roll the cuffs up for a slightly more fitted look near the ankles. This pairs well with heels, ankle booties, or fun flats like loafers or slides. These jeans can be dressed up with a button down shirt or paired with your favorite t-shirt or sweatshirt for a fashionable, comfortable day.

Skinny Jeans: Skinny jeans hug your legs with a tight, sleek fit. These jeans are easily dressed up with heels and a blazer, but also go well with oversized shirts, jackets, or fun scarves. They work well with any shoe as well, but opt for a cropped pair when choosing flats, sneakers, or ankle booties to show a bit of ankle and elongate the legs a bit.

Flair Jeans: Flared jeans are fitted through the waist and thigh, but begin to flair out near the bottom of the legs. Flair jeans can be paired with a blouse and heels for a dressier look, or paired with a floral, flowy top for a touch of boho chic style. These jeans do pair best with shoes that have a bit of heel to them.

Jeggings: Made of thin, stretchy denim and designed to fit extra tight like leggings, jeggings are both comfortable and stylish. The slim fit around the ankles works well with any footwear option—including heels, sneakers, flats, sandals, and even booties. Go with a classic denim-style to go with everything from sweatshirts to bomber jackets, or try a pair of leather jeggings for an edgy upgrade.

Straight Leg Jeans: Straight leg jeans are slightly less fitted than skinny jeans, but stay relatively close to the leg (unlike flair or boot-cut styles). Straight leg jeans that are cropped slightly above the ankle work great with flats, booties, sneakers, or heels. You can also cuff this style yourself by rolling up the bottoms slightly.

2. Choose Your Rise

The rise of a pair of jeans specifies how high the waist will sit. Some rises work best for certain outfits—high-waisted work great with cropped tops, for example—and some feel more comfortable to certain people based on personal preference.

Low Rise: Low-rise jeans will sit very low on the hips.

Mid Rise: Mid-rise jeans, a very popular option, generally sits in the middle of your waist, above your hips but below your navel.

High Waisted: High-waisted jeans often rise above your navel, covering a large portion of your abdomen.

3. Choose Your Color & Wash

The wash of your denim will determine the color and appearance. This can range from light to dark, or a combo of both. The different wash options are available for every fit and style of jeans. Here are the washes you can choose from.

Dark Wash: Dark jeans range from a dark blue color to black denim. Dark blue jeans are generally very easy to dress up for more professional settings, while black jeans offer an edgy feel that goes great with everything from flannel to graphic tees to lace tops. Always wash dark wash denim in cold water to help preserve the dye and keep it from fading.

Light Wash: Light jeans have a casual, relaxed feel that is especially great for sunny, warmer months. They are often light or pale blue in color and have a classic feel. Light jeans pair well with bold tops like floral, striped, or pattern prints, or a dark color like a classic black t-shirt.

Distressed: The term “distressed” can mean two different things when it comes to denim. It can either mean intentional rips and tears, or intentional discoloration. A distressed wash will have either spotting or fading, giving the jeans a unique look.

Colored: Colored denim adds a fun twist to your jean collection. From the classic black option that is easy to dress up or down with a chic, edgy vibe to clean white that looks like it was meant for summer strolls on the beach. You can also choose neutral colors like brown, olive green, light pink, or mauve for colors that are easy to pair, or opt for a bold color like red or bright blue for a fun pair that will elevate your look and be sure to draw all eyes.

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