The Chart comes out blurred. Why?

You’ll need to remove your existing version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and then download the newest version (for free) here.

Why can’t I press on the nodes to find out why links are where they are?

The PDF version of the Traitors’ Chart is a photo of the Chart. We hope to install some 3D  network software in a later version of the Chart to make it easier for members of the public to navigate around the Chart.

I see a mistake in the Chart. Someone is in it who shouldn’t be there or there is another obvious error of omission. How do I get in touch with you?

Please use the Contact facility on this website to point out any errors or omissions.

Why are traditional, loyal Labour Party voters publishing a Chart which is damaging to the Labour Party?

The Labour Party has been hijacked by the enemies of the UK. It is the Labour Party in name only. The threat to Labour and our country needs excising. The Chart helps the UK public see through the lies of the current Labour leadership. The Chart compilers believe that only a disastrous showing by Corbyn’s Labour in a General Election will create the opportunity for good people to take over the Labour Party once more.

Who are the Chart compilers?

We are volunteers. We do not work for the security services, Government or the Army anymore. Our skills were honed during our past careers. We may be dismissed by the Hard Left as Blairites, Red Tories, Far Right or as Dad’s Army fantasists. Corbyn’s Labour will make up any old lies to deflect. The truth is far more mundane. We are patriots who hold a love of our country and the Labour Party as it was before it was hijacked. We are far from Far Right or Far Left. We comprise Remainers and Brexiteers. Our unity comes from pragmatism and patriotism, alongside a deep understanding of who the enemies of the United Kingdom are.

Aren’t all intelligence assessments subjective?

We have tried to be as objective as possible when compiling the Chart. However which way you look at the evidence, it represents a Traitors’ Chart. Traitors betray the trust of those who have faith in them or believe their promises. Traitor also applies to a person who betrays his country by committing treason: turning against his own government, perhaps by selling secret information. We all believe that Corbyn’s Labour Party is run by traitors who are a threat to the United Kingdom.

Who funds you?

The sad reality is that we have funded ourselves. Out of pensions, salaries and savings, we have worked as volunteers for the past year and a half, much to the annoyance of our partners and families. Why? We felt that someone had to step up and lay out the horror of the reality of Corbyn’s Labour Party, so that voters would be able to see through Labour’s lies and understand just how dangerous Corbyn’s Labour Party has become.

What are your goals?

To tell the truth. To trust the voters of the United Kingdom to act on it.

Why the anonymity?

It is the standard response of the Hard Left to “kill the messenger”. Not literally, hopefully! However, we decided we would release the Chart anonymously so that the public could focus on its contents rather than on the compilers. You will see from the Chart that it is in no way biased or fabricated. The connections and cadres can be easily researched. Corbyn and the Labour Party leadership will look to pin the Chart compilation on Blairites or Change UK or anyone to deflect the truth which shames them. Focus on the Chart. Its story is undeniable.

Was your plan to scare people?

No, the evidence does that all by itself.

What comes next?

Our team has been engaged in investigating Labour politicians and activists. There are multiple ongoing investigations which we intend to publish via the Traitors’ Chart website.

How should journalists get in touch?

Use the Contact Page

I love what you have done and feel I can help. How can I assist?

Please Read Here

How can I contribute data?

Please Read Here

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