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Years of experience in fitness apparel manufacturing have transformed Honey Be Worldwide into the largest e-commerce fashion fitness from Brazil!

Following the trends of women’s fashion, Honey Be Worldwide produces comfortable clothes with unique prints and distinctive design, innovating in technological fabrics that allow better breathing of the skin, accurate cuts that benefit the body during training and best of all, with wholesale retail price! We want to show our customers what great products quality can and should have a fair price!

We offer our customers a wide variety of inexpensive, self-fabricated clothes to fit every style! Leggings, fitness t-shirts, bodysuits, shorts, shorts, fitness tops, fitness shoes, handbag and backpack, sock and pulley, glove and cell phone and everything else you need in fitness accessories and gym clothes, to accompany you in the most diverse activities such as crossfit, boxing, running, Jiu Jitsu, pole dance, bike, zumba, step, lambaeróbica, muay thai, spinning, bodybuilding, ballet fitness, pilates or yoga to Honey Be Worldwide has!

Men’s Fitness Apparel at Retail with Wholesale Price

As men’s fitness clothes also are not left out, our products are specially developed to ensure the best performance of your workout, ensuring total freedom and comfort to your body to perform all movements in the best way. T-shirts, shorts, pants and sneakers for use in the gym or on a day-to-day basis, all with prices for resellers!

Fashion high quality beach for resale

Besides the fitness, Honey Be Worldwide also produces beach line with bikinis e swimsuits awesome for you to dive in the sand! Accompanying trends in beachwear, our products are available in different models and sizes, to match all tastes and styles. From the most basic to cuts and prints differentiated, Honey Be Worldwide always strives to be updated in news and launches to deliver the best! We live in a tropical country, so for those seeking to have an extra income, beachwear is always a great option to resell.

Honey Be Worldwide in the Intimate Fashion Capital

From Nova Friburgo / RJ, capital of intimate fashion, to all the corners of Brazil, through the virtual store Honey Be, resellers customers can place orders easily and quickly, and receive ourgym clothes in the comfort of their homes. On the Honey Be Worldwide site, fitness clothes and fitness articles are available, as we believe that dressing well is always motivated and it is not necessary to pay dearly or give up quality. Every week several products are released, parts such asleggings pants , shorts fitness, shorts skirt, cropped, t-shirts, blouse, body, body with sleeve, body in velvet, top with bojo, top without bojo, overalls, monkeys, pants in velvet, pants fitness, men’s t-shirt, regatta masculine, men’s sweatshirt, fitness boot, not to mention the line of fitness accessories that facilitate the day to day of the modern woman and encourage the practice of physical activity, providing a healthier lifestyle!

More than just selling, we want to deliver the best to our customer, so you feel safe when buying with Honey Be Worldwide!

15 instagram accounts to follow if you love fitness fashion

Words by Annie Robertson

Instagram is absolutely bursting with sources of inspiration to get us to the gym, but sometimes that’s not all we’re looking for. We decided to explore a little further and have hand-picked our favourite 15 influencers who are just as obsessed with fitness fashion and athleisure as they are with, you know, actually exercising. Some of these girls are dance instructors, personal trainers, mama’s-to-be, but most importantly, they are all fabulous women doing it for themselves.

1) @soulsistersfitness

Soul Sisters, and actual sisters Alex and Maddy Weaver are the face of Adidas Studio LDN. Reigning queens of self care and glamorous gym wear, both girls are decked head to toe in bright, clean-cut outfits that are timeless. If you’re looking for style that’s outside of the box, they’ve got you covered.

Read our Q&A with Soul Sisters here.

Discover our Luxe Lover collection >

2) @catmeffan

We’re more than slightly obsessed with Cat Meffan’s aesthetic — if this girl doesn’t make you want to run to the nearest beach, we don’t know what will. Follow her for scenic shots of winding city streets, gorgeous gym gear and luscious parks… her cute rescue dog Simba also makes a few appearances.

Check Cat Meffan’s guide to buying activewear.

Shop Cat’s Ripped Leggings >

3) @carlyrowena

Nobody rocks the chic and durable active-fashion like PT and fitness blogger Carly Rowena, who recently teamed up with Women’s Health UK to develop the ‘Ultimate Glute Guide’. While her abs are equally as impressive, so is her big smile — the living proof that exercise can be fun!

Uncover Carly’s top 8 tips to becoming a girl boss.

4) @chinaealexander

Chinae Alexander is a New York City-based Adidas ambassador who caters to a variety of eclectic styles and constantly switches things up. Whether you prefer to muscle it out at the gym or visit the park with friends, her feed is bursting with colourful backdrops and workout outfits that might actually change your life.

Check out our full range of adidas women’s >

5) @lottiemurphy

Fitness-guru Lottie Murphy has a deliciously organic style, whether she’s sharing her homemade granola and peanut butter recipe, sharing Pilates tips or sporting luxury activewear brands. Complimented with glittering snaps of her travels across Europe, her picturesque adventures are enough to satisfy our wanderlust for a while!

6) @amandabisk

Amanda Bisk, former Australian pole vaulter and now tropical-athletic-goddess is living her best life by the ocean. Her feed is full of high-street athleisure and unreal yoga poses — a totally affordable and inspiring combo to get you off the sofa this weekend.

7) @alexia_clark

Stylish PT Alexia knows there’s nothing better than a sleek, pastel coloured gym combo to spice up the week. Turn to her insta for a sizeable collection of casual sports daywear, work-out ready yoga pants and extra tips to inspire you to get moving and achieve your fitness goals.

8) @sweatsandthecity

Best gals Elizabeth and Dale know how to sweat up a storm. Showing off their creative and razor-sharp edge (both in the dance-hall and in the wardrobe) these two ladies show us all how it’s really done.

Rock co-ords like these gals >

9) @pip_edwards1

This co-founder of cult fitness brand P.E Nation is the epitomy of effortless cool. Not only is Pip the brains behind her brand, she is also regularly seen in front of the camera as P.E Nation’s ultimate muse. Follow her enviable lifestyle of regular workouts, beach snaps and celeb parties from the sunny Australian coast.

Read all about it: Why P.E Nation is the hottest activewear brand right now.

See our full P.E Nation range >

10) @RobinNYC

Robin Arzón, corporate-lawyer-turned-ultramarathoner and fitness journalist sounds like a dream, right? We can’t stop following Robin as she smashes different workouts while wearing the coolest outfits. A self-proclaimed athlete who ‘sweats with swagger,’ she also created a fitness blog called SHUTUPANDRUN – in case you needed any more prompting.

Check out our collection of Running Clothes for womens >

11) @hannahbronfman

Fitness guru and DJ Hannah Bronfman is our ultimate workout glamour idol (topped off with a slick bomber jacket). She’s also partnered up with Adidas Women to kick-start fitness care packages for ladies across the globe — be sure not to miss her latest tips and style advice.

12) @mynameisjessamyn

Jessamyn Stanley is a total stunner. Promoting positive body image at any size, she shares her fashion flair and yoga tips for living a healthy lifestyle — in style, of course. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or fully-fledged gym pro, take a look at her feed for a variety of stretches, exercise and yoga techniques in the best outfits.

Also make sure to read our blog on body positivity: 6 steps to body confidence.

13) @foodandlycra

Food and Lycra follows three best friends on a journey of food, fitness and most importantly a big dose of fun. Never without a smile, this effortlessly cool trio aims to prove that anything is possible with the help of good friends. From tasty recipes, to workout tips, follow their journey around London and beyond as they inspire each other to go further. Now that’s true friendship.

14) @natalieuhling

Triple-threat Natalie Uhling has blown us away with her dreamy insta photos. Creator of NUFIT, a kickboxing and dance class in NYC, she also perfectly demonstrates that even mama’s-to-be can feel comfortable and look gorgeous in gym-wear. Bursting with beautiful, dusty hues, Natalie has outfit inspiration ideas for every occasion.

Shop our Ivy Park Collection >

15) @rarax3

@rarax3 aka Jamaica King is always seeking out the next adventure, living by her mantra ‘travel to run, run to explore.’ With the most infectious smile in the biz, Jamaica styles her positive vibes and active life with beautiful co-ords and off-duty athleisure. She’s your ultimate inspo for getting out there and moving in style.


Top 5 Activewear Trends for Summer 2019

Lifestyle diseases! They rank best in the mission to eliminate human beings from the planet earth. The rising-rate at which diseases caused by poor choices we make right from what we eat to how we sleep is at least frightening. This begs the rhetoric question; do we make these poor choices intentionally?

Well, there are two sides to this scenario. Number one: laziness. Many choose to be careless about what they eat, and the thought of regular exercise is just too much for them.

Number two: misguided information – this is the major contributing factor to poor fitness and health. There are tons of blogs out there that advise on fitness. However, one needs to be careful since not all of them are written with the genuine goal of helping the reader.

Do you want to start your fitness blog? I’ll help you get started. Read my easy, step-by-step guide: How to start a blog. And start today!

We have to agree that to live on this planet happily, we all need someone who will keep watch on our backs. With that said, consider this article the superhero that comes to save you from the wiles of misguided information on fitness.

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Best Personal Blogs to follow in 2020

Whether you are looking to cut weight, maintain or even add, sit back, and relax. Here is a list compiled for you- a few of the big names in the fitness industry. These are currently the best fitness blogs and bloggers.

Rest assured that once you have gone through this list, then your fitness journey will be half covered.

List of top fitness blogs and bloggers

1. MyFitnessPal

It is a that is run by one of the largest fitness brands known in the market today. Getting to that global status is undoubtedly hard work and unbeatable quality blogs that are backed up with scientifically proven facts.


Read more about

MyFitnessPal has proven that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Jack of all trades since it encompasses everything regarding fitness. From the nutritious recipe ideas to the trending workouts meant to take your fitness level a notch higher. Be sure to visit this blog for countless benefits.

2. ACE

American Council of Exercise blog is considered a fitness mine. This blog is rich in health and fitness resources that will knock you off your feet.

American Council of Exercise

If you have been grappling with wrong fitness information from counterfeit blogs, consider the American Council of Exercise blog as your superhero.

American Council of Exercise blog contains reliable expert-level articles that source their content from scientifically proven data to back up their claims. Therefore, if you are tired of wasting your time trying to apply false fitness tips that are written with selfish motives, look no further than the American Council of Exercise blog.

3. Tony Gentilcore

Money can indeed buy you tons of stuff, “love” included. However, that is not the case when it comes to your wellness and fitness. Being fit takes sheer hard work and determination.

Tony Gentilcore

Hard work and determination are not the only ingredients you need to achieve your fitness goals. The right applicable fitness tips are also very essential. Therefore, Tony Gentilcore’s blog is designed to keep you positive and highly motivated in your journey to attain your wellness goals.

The blog contains inspirational quotes and motivational statements that will keep you going on the fitness journey, despite the hard demands that come along with healthy living and maintaining fitness. Consider Tony Gentilcore’s blog the full package because of the added features like fitness advice and tips.

4. Jessi Kneeland

A problem shared is half solved, Jessi Kneeland’s blog has given life to this adage.

Jessi Kneeland

The fitness journey is not always an easy one. It requires one to be persistent and optimistic.

To keep one’s head above water, a fitness buddy is a prerequisite, and that is why Jessie Kneeland decided to stand in the gap and encourage newbies as they start the journey.

Body image struggles may attract negative energy, especially to women who want to cut weight. You will automatically gain self-confidence through this blog. Mental health is equally as important as physical health.

The blog is rich in a diverse assortment of diets and mental health articles.

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10 Best Blogs for Women

10 Best Mom Blogs

Overambitious plans are the greatest enemy of fitness progress. It is always wise to start with the baby steps first. I may not be the sensei in advising on fitness, but Steve Kamb is.

Nerd Fitness

Steve Kamb is the founder of Nerd Fitness blog, a blog dedicated to making your fitness routine more efficient. It is one of the best fitness blogs out there.

Steve has made the sky the limit to his passion for fitness by going the extra mile of coding an application tagged Nerd Fitness Coaching app. This app is designed to save your time in case you are not in a position to read the blog. The app has diversified the routes to attain your fitness goals.

25 Best Graphic Design Blogs

Best Blogs & Top Bloggers

Workout demands real commitment. You have to adhere to it to reap its benefits meticulously. This may be a problem if you are a mother. No need to freak out though, there is a blog tailored for you.

Workout mommy

Workout mommy is a blog founded by Lisa Gulley – a single mother to four children and a highly qualified personal trainer. Lisa got her training experience before she gave birth, where she was a disciplined and excellent trainer.

Her story is very relatable to women who have recently given birth, and their hormones are through the roof, causing them to grow fat at an exponential rate. In 2007, Lisa wanted to get back to shape after delivering her second born. The blog has a segment called “fit mommy.” A platform where you can comfortably share your fitness goals as well as the challenges you are experiencing in trying to achieve your goal.

This will create for you an aura free from negative criticism and enable you to achieve your goal. Lisa also has an article with a list of training equipment that you need at home so that there is no excuse to skip the workout.

7. Fit Bottomed Girls

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Best Interior Design Blogs to Follow

Dieting can be a bit strenuous. Especially when you are tight on budget or you are ever engaged at work and dieting drains out every ounce of energy you have. However, these situations should not limit you from achieving your fitness goal.

Fit Bottomed Girls

Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead founded Fit Bottomed Girls in 2008. They have impacted the world through their healthy living tips. The blog is packed with real-life transformation stories that will equip you with the necessary tips for wellness.

8. Breaking Muscle

14 Best DIY Blogs

The Best Design Blogs

As the name suggests, Breaking Muscle is a blog second to none because of its versatility. The blog publishes quality content about fitness and healthy living backed up by scientific facts. Therefore, It commands the audience of fitness consumers and professionals.

Breaking Muscle

This gives the blog the cutting edge over many others, which may not meet consumer’s satisfactory standards. The blog also offers a social platform where you can discuss with professional trainers and coaches on the personal pressing matters concerning fitness.

9. Powercakes

BE TRUE TO YOU and do what’s best for your body – this is the primary motto of the blog.


9 Best Podcast Hosting Sites

Kasey (Arena) Brown, the founder, was voted as one of the top ten inspiring Healthy living bloggers by Self magazine. Kasey did a noble thing to start the blog because of the many lives she has touched. She also champions fitness awareness programs through her blog.

The founder of Powercakes believes that the most important thing is to focus on listening to your own body, without unnecessary and destructive diets, to find a happy balance while enjoying life.

10. Summer Tomato

It is the best blog to cut weight without excessive restrictions on a diet, in which Darya Rose, a doctor of philosophy in the field of neuroscience gives the best advice on a healthy lifestyle and the best dietary choices.

Summer Tomato


In conclusion, whether you are looking to be a fitness trainer or a guru in that regard, these blogs and bloggers can further help you in your fitness journey. Also, these blogs are very resourceful in bringing out the best version of you in regards to health and fitness. Physical fitness is a reflection of mental fitness. Therefore your productivity is highly contributed by your well-organized and “fit” mind. Enjoy the fitness journey, even as you explore your physical side!

Need a bit more vegan inspiration? Whether you’re looking to spice it up in the kitchen or recommit to a healthier lifestyle, these vegan bloggers can be a great resource. However, with so many blogs out there, how to decide which ones to trust? We’ve narrowed down the list to 15 must follow bloggers for reliable information and fool-proof recipes provided through a fun, accessible, and engaging platform.

15 Vegan Food, Fashion, and Fitness Blogs to Level Up Your Life

1. Minimalist Baker

As the name suggests, this food blog is all about keeping it simple. Blogger Dana Shultz provides both savory and sweet recipes for every meal of the day (including dessert), adhering to simple ingredients and/or minimal prep time. Generally, ingredients are limited to ten items or less, and many of her meals can be made in 30 minutes. Follow Shultz for easy recipes that deliver incredible results.

Follow Dana here.

2. Oh She Glows

Author Angela Liddon created Oh She Glows in 2008, sharing her healthy vegan recipes, homemade energy bars, and “green monsters,” (green smoothies). The blog has blossomed into an empire. Liddon has written two successful cookbooks based on her award-winning blog, and she continues to post regular recipes on the site. Her creations are accessible and familiar, perfect for health advocates, parents, and picky eaters alike.

Follow Angela here.

3. EcoVegan Gal

For those who became vegan for environmental reasons, EcoVegan Gal Whitney Lauritsen can help you live a greener, cruelty-free life. The blog offers practical tips and guides in a wide array of lifestyle areas, such as cooking, wellness, relationships, beauty, fashion, travel, and more. Lauritsen focuses on whole foods and basic steps to reduce one’s carbon footprint and live a healthier, happier, more sustainable life. Although she has slowed down on posts, the website is still a terrific resource for all things eco-friendly.

Follow Whitney here.

4. Black Vegans Rock

Anyone can be vegan, but sometimes the lifestyle is stereotyped as a “white thing.” Blogger Aph Ko breaks this stigma by featuring incredible individuals who are black and vegan. From fellow bloggers, radio hosts, health practitioners, and authors, Black Vegans Rock proves that the compassionate lifestyle is for everyone.

Follow Aph here.

5. Vegan Richa

Want to spice things up? Follow Richa Hingle’s blog for a plethora of authentic vegan Indian dishes, multicultural fusion foods, and amazing baked goods. From traditional Saag Aloo to not-so-traditional Ethiopian Berbere Chickpea Pizza, Hingle has mastered the art of blending adventurous recipes with comforting classics.

Follow Richa here.

6. Isa Chandra

Formerly Post-Punk Kitchen, the newly designed Isa Chandra blog is packed with craveable vegan recipes that will delight any palate. Creator Isa Chandra Moskowitz is also the author of nine plant-based cookbooks, including her most recent The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook. Moskowitz has been writing since 2005, so not only does she have the experience in the kitchen, she’s also built up an impressive library of stunning vegan dishes.

Follow Isa here.

7. Plant Positive Running

It’s not just about running and vegan food. It’s about being a complete vegan. Plant Positive Running was created to inspire people to follow their passions, and also to eat more plants. Ultramarathoners Katie and Gwen offer advice on running techniques, runner-approved recipes, nutrition, and lifestyle. Follow their blog posts and videos and be inspired to tackle a 100-miler.

Follow Katie and Gwen here.

8. Vegan Yack Attack

Blogger and cookbook author Jackie Sobon aims to please everyone by featuring fun spins on everyday classics. Think White Bean Beer Fondue, Fluffy Mocha Pancakes, and a whole lot of Mac and Cheese variations. Those transitioning to veganism will find familiar tastes and comfort in Sobon’s outstanding dishes.

Follow Jackie here.

9. Thug Kitchen

Parental advisory: this blog contains explicit language. It also contains no-frills, downright delicious vegan food that is easy to prepare. Bloggers and bestselling authors Matt Holloway and Michelle Davis serve up unpretentious plant-based recipes with big flavor and an even bigger mouth.

Follow Matt and Michelle here.

10. No Meat Athlete

Originally a running-focused blog, creator Matt Frazier has expanded his content to include recipes, nutrition suggestions, and goal-setting tips for every athlete looking to level up. From long-form blog posts to helpful guides such as The Perfect Smoothie Formula, this blog is perfect for anyone looking to improve their overall health and wellness. For more, check out the No Meat Athlete Podcast, or one of the brand’s cookbooks and racing guides.

Follow Matt here.

11. Rich Roll

Rich Roll may be known for his podcast bestselling books, but he also regularly posts on his blog. For a more in-depth look into the current life of Roll, check out his blog and be re-inspired to take your athletic performance and wellness journey to the next level.

Follow Rich here.

12. One Arab Vegan

Egyptian blogger Nada created her platform to share her veganized versions of traditional Middle Eastern dishes, as well as to comment on the complexities of being vegan within a culture that does not typically recognize this lifestyle. Find comfort in the support of a fellow vegan, as well as in her simple yet flavorful food.

Follow Nada here.

13. Wanderlust Vegans

Got a travel bug? Before you book your flight or pack your backpack, scroll through this blog for travel inspiration as well as helpful tips on traveling as a vegan. This resource guide is extensive, offering detailed information for destinations around the world. Learn how to travel on a budget and find the best vegan eats with Wanderlust Vegans.

Follow Wanderlust here.

14. The Green Plate

Mercy For Animals is best known for its farm animal advocacy. In addition to its groundbreaking undercover investigations, it also offers a program to help people transition to a vegan diet. The Green Plate offers helpful tips to guide one along during their transition. From recipes to shopping tips, to social outings, this blog is a one-stop-shop for anyone curious about trying the vegan diet.

Follow The Green Plate here.

15. Earth by Anna

For all your pressing vegan beauty and fashion questions, refer to Anna Weatherlake’s eco-friendly, fashion-forward wellness blog. From product reviews to the latest in sustainable fashion trends, Weatherlake is an expert in the field.

Follow Anna here.

10 Amazing Activewear and Yoga Brands that Give Back When You Buy

    NamasteFit Life is proud to be a Seva-based company that donates a lot of time, resources and awesome yoga wear to foundations to help raise funds and awareness. Every month NamasteFit Life shows support to a different group or charity. In the past they have supported groups such as Empowerhouse to help domestic violence victims, HAND to support those suffering from neonatal death and the TEAL Recover Project in Tampa who supports women fighting cervical cancer.

    7. GIVIDA Activewear

    GIVIDA Activewear began early in 2015 when co-founder, Kelly Olson wanted to shift her generation’s focus from taking selfies to giving back.

    GIVIDA Activewear uses the women’s activewear brand as a platform dedicated to ending world hunger by providing life-saving supplement meals to severely malnourished children in Uganda. They have partnered with Action Against Hunger and donate 10% of the purchase price from their line to help children in need.

    8. Wolven Threads

    Wolven Threads creates beautifully patterned yoga, SUPyoga, and swimwear that is inspired by sacred geometry and nature. They are dedicated to using sustainable fabrics and create their pieces from recycled plastic that is free of harmful and toxic chemicals.

    In addition to being a sustainable company, Wolven Threads also donates 5% of their proceeds to bringing yoga to at-risk and incarcerated youth – what an awesome cause.

    9. Beyond Yoga

    Created in Los Angeles, Beyond Yoga is a body-positive brand designed for all shapes and sizes to make women feel amazing in their own bodies. Beyond Yoga offers many styles in comfortable fabrics with basic prints to wear on and off the mat. Beyond Yoga offers leggings, activewear tops, dresses, maternity wear and more.
    Beyond Yoga created a wonderful campaign called Moms for Moms to help support underprivileged mothers and mothers-to-be. Beyond Yoga is also passionate about Midwives for Haiti that provides support to help reduce infant and maternal mortality rates in Haiti.

    10. LVR

    LVR is a family-owned company with a passion for creating high-quality athletic clothing that is also environmentally friendly by using sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly dyes.
    LVR doesn’t stop their service with protecting our planet. In their effort to benefit both local and global communities, LVR donates a portion of revenues quarterly to aid in the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of wild animals through ARCAS in Guatemala.

    11. The Elephant Pants

    The Elephant Pants creates comfortable, trendy and ready to wear harem and lounge pants that you won’t want to take off. This awesome brand has an impressive variety of versatile pants and also tops, scarves, jewelry and backpacks.
    Elephant Pants has a mission to provide a safe and sustainable future for elephants. They have partnered with the International Elephant Foundation and donate a portion of every sale to help elephants thrive. They focus on anti-poaching, habitat protection and ways to prevent human and elephant conflict.

    12. SoloSol Movement

    Created by sisters in 2014, SoloSol Movement creates activewear that blends fashion, functionality and fitness. Their collection reflects their desire to wear clothing that fits the body well and expresses each individual’s free spirit. Each design is conceptualized from their adventures together to create unique and beautiful activewear for women, men and kids.
    SoloSol Movement knew the importance of giving back to the community from the beginning. After a trip to Bali and the eye opening realization that many dogs are suffering, Solo Sol began donating $1 of every sale to BARC to help the abused and neglected dogs on Bali’s streets.
    Living a life of Seva is not only important, but it is a necessity. We are grateful for these yoga brands and others who know the importance of Seva and how it impacts our world. As a consumer, it is also nice to know our yoga legging purchase will do more than just make ourselves happy – it will help benefit others as well.

    Which brand is your favorite from the ones we featured here? Do you want to recommend another Seva-based brand not included in this list? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.
    Feature image: LVR

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    • XT4139N Chic Navy
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    • XT1115E Tactel Long Sleeve Tee with Thumbholes Black
    • 29.00 USD
    • 39.00 USD
    • XT4145N Powder Pink
    • 29.00 USD
    • XT4147N Black
    • 29.00 USD
    • XT4138N Red Check
    • 28.00 USD
    • XP9135N red check
    • 29.00 USD
    • XT4138N mono check
    • 28.00 USD
    • XP9135N Monocheck
    • 29.00 USD
    • XP9128N Warm Body Peach napping Leggings Black
    • ADD 2XL, 3XL
    • 29.00 USD
    • 39.00 USD
    • XP9134N Napping Black
    • 29.00 USD
    • XP9135N black tartan check
    • 29.00 USD
    • XP9135N red tartan check
    • 29.00 USD
    • XP9131N Brown Leopard
    • 36.00 USD
    • XT4128N BLACK
    • 19.00 USD
    • XT1114E BLACK
    • 39.00 USD
    • XT8102E Black Basic Bra Top
    • 29.00 USD
    • XT4137N Burgundy Check
    • 28.00 USD
    • XWT0101N Glam Bra Tops Black
    • 42.00 USD
    • 62.00 USD
    • XT4144N Black
    • 38.00 USD
    • XT4140N Black
    • 29.00 USD
    • XT4133N Black
    • 31.00 USD
    • XA5149N Cap Sleeve Black Melange
    • 18.00 USD
    • XT4136N Freesia Yellow
    • 27.00 USD
    • XT4146N Navy Leopard
    • 32.00 USD
    • XT4131N Black
    • 34.00 USD
    • XT7104E Light Gray Spaghetti Strap Crop Top
    • 27.00 USD
    • XT4132N Top Black
    • 27.00 USD

    Now, this desire to be comfortable and sporty has gone a step further—to the extent that it’s changing the game for big-name retailers like J.Crew and H&M. Activewear once reserved for hungover mornings in Econ 235 or a Bikram class is considered, in some parts, “office casual.” Tight-fitting printed pants and cashmere hoodies once reserved for a trip to the gym sparked a trend known in the fashion industry as “athleisure,” referring to clothing appropriate for both working out and for whatever it is you have to do afterwards, be it brunch or a startup board meeting.

    Sales of athleisure clothing are at an all-time high, generating $35 billion last year and making up 17% of the entire American clothing market, according to market research firm NPD Group. The fates of large clothing brands now hinge, in part, on how quickly they can respond to the demand for activewear. Analysts attribute some of J.Crew’s recent troubles to failing to create an athleisure line, while Gap‘s signature denim sales have dropped as shoppers opt for yoga pants instead. Meanwhile, Ann Taylor, Urban Outfitters, Net-a-Porter, and designers like Tory Burch and Stella McCartney have been quick to create their own fitness lines.

    Lena Duham in Bandier leggings

    The Barneys Of Athleisure

    Last summer, Bandier made a splash as a retailer curating high-end, fashion-forward women’s activewear created by a range of designers. Named for its founder, Jennifer Bandier, the company sells close to 400 products from more than 40 different designers like Human Performance Engineering, Varley, and Ultracor. “I’m very inspired by what’s happening in the market in terms of fashion,” Bandier tells Fast Company. “These are clothes that you can wear all day, but that do not compromise sophistication and chicness.”

    Bandier first came across many of these brands in 2012 when she broke her foot and needed casual clothing to wear. She realized that mainstream activewear companies did not offer a wide range of fashion-forward, feminine outfits—but when she searched online, she found that a slew of tiny, emerging brands were creating sexy leopard print yoga pants and glittery leggings that fit the bill. “Unless you were seriously looking for these brands, you weren’t going to find them,” Bandier says. “I’m constantly scouring the Internet and going to trade shows.” She’s built a business bringing these smaller brands under one roof—a model akin to Barneys—and her store is particularly known for its colorful, printed leggings, which constitute 45% of her sales.

    Even though Bandier is only a year old, the store has already managed to attract a slew of celebrity customers, including Lena Dunham, Tory Burch, and Liv Tyler, which has done a great deal to spur the popularity of the brand. In addition to the online store, Bandier has brick-and-mortar stores in Southampton, New York and in the Flatiron district in New York City. Two more are opening in Manhasset, New York, and Dallas, Texas. Bandier launched the company with her own funds, although as she expands aggressively over the next few months, she says she may begin to explore other funding options.

    Bandier says that women from a wide age range, from their tweens to their seventies, shop at her store. “There are certainly some looks that appeal to particular age groups,” she says, pointing out that younger women tend to prefer the revealing Michi leggings and bras made with mesh. “But really, we’re finding is that everyone is interested in this type of clothing.” She is predicting $10 million in sales this upcoming year, with a fifth of this coming from the website.

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