7 Air Fryer Recipes That Make the Best Faux-Fried Party Foods

So you jumped on the air fryer bandwagon. Welcome! The trendy appliance has been all over the internet lately thanks to its ability to fry foods using way less oil than traditional methods. For fried food fans who also want to eat healthy (so… everyone?), it’s kind of a miracle.

If you’re a proud new owner of one of these guys, here are some party foods perfect for breaking out your air fryer. There are the basics, like fries and chicken tenders, plus less expected air fryer recipes like jalapeño poppers and egg rolls. Whether you’re looking for game day party recipes or heading to a BBQ, these easy, healthy appetizers will definitely please a crowd.

1. Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs

You may have made meatballs in a Crock-Pot before, but now it’s time to give the air fryer a try. They only need to bake for 10 minutes and come out just the right amount of crispy. This recipe uses ground chicken and a spicy teriyaki sauce that has two of our favorite things—hot sauce and honey.

2. Easy Jalapeño Poppers

Jalapeño poppers are always a hit at parties, but they can be time- consuming to make. This recipe simplifies things by using just four ingredients: jalapeños, cream cheese, parsley, and gluten-free tortilla crumbs. Goat cheese would taste great inside too.

3. Crispy Sweet Potato Fries

We’d bet regular fries are one of the first things people try to make after buying an air fryer. After all, isn’t that half the reason you bought it?! After that’s out of your system, try your hand at sweet potato fries. Toss slices with salt, garlic powder, black pepper, paprika, and two teaspoons olive oil (yep, that’s it!) before adding them to the fryer.

4. Thai Peanut Chicken Egg Rolls

These are not your average take-out egg rolls, but between the rotisserie chicken they use and the six to eight minutes of fry time, they can be ready just as quickly. Grab a peanut sauce at the store or make your own peanut butter and coconut milk-based spread (there’s a link to it in the recipe).

5. Two-Ingredient Chicken Wings

These wings really could not be any simpler to make. There’s no oil, flour, or baking powder involved, just chicken wings and sauce (BBQ, buffalo, or whatever you prefer). Pop the wings in the fryer for about 25 minutes, then take them out and coat in sauce. Boom! Crispy and juicy wings are ready for ya.

6. Parmesan Dill Pickle Chips

Any pickle fans in the house? These crunchy dill pickle chips are a fun, savory snack. They’re coated in panko and Parmesan, and only take about 10 minutes per batch to make. If you need a last-minute app, you know what to do.

7. Ranch Chicken Tenders

Chicken tenders tend to be associated with Mickey D’s more than any sort of healthy-eating plan, but thanks to the air fryer, you can make juicy tenders with just a light coat of canola oil spray. Crazy, right?! Swap out the mayo for Greek yogurt (and a squeeze of lemon) if you want the dredge to be a little lighter.

If you’re wondering if the air fryer is worth it and hesitant to jump on the trend, this list of 15 air fryer recipes proves this cooking appliance is more than just a lot of hot air for making fried food without the added fat.

The Best Air Fryer Recipes

Every now and then new kitchen appliances come out that promise to make our lives easier, only to get used twice and put into storage. I’m finding this isn’t the case with my air fryer.

The air fryer is a great option for anyone who craves the crispness of french fries, chicken nuggets, and melty crisped mozzarella sticks but wants to avoid the guilt and calories from the extra oil and fat the deep fryer or seems to sadly miss the mark when baked in the oven.

But, there’s even more reasons to hop onto the air fryer oil-less cooking trend.

What Is an Air Fryer?

Air fryers are essentially counter-top convection ovens that have a fan that circulates high heat at a high speed around the food so it crisps and cooks.

The food sits in a cooking basket and is best used for smaller batch cooking so the food isn’t crowded.

The best results are also achieved when cooking traditionally fried foods that don’t have runny batters or liquid coatings, and clean up is easiest in an air fryer with a non-stick cooking basket.

Is an Air Fryer Healthy?

Compared to oil-fried foods, cooking in an air fryer is definitely going to come out healthier than deep fried foods.

But limiting air fryers to just cooking the usual oil-fried foods is a missed opportunity for cooking foods quick, easy, and healthfully.

Cooking foods like broiled or baked fish, chicken, vegetables and even cakes and muffins can all be done in the air fryer too.

The Best Air Fryers

Like every kitchen appliance that starts to trend, makers are quick to jump on the bandwagon so they don’t miss the boat. The air fryer is no different. There are several different air fryer makers and everyone seems to have a preference.

When I purchased my air fryer two years ago I went to Consumer Reports for their air fryer reviews. After searching about, I decided on the higher rated Power AirFryer XL . For 2019 it comes in at #6 on their ratings list.

I’ve been happy with the Power AirFryer XL for it’s air circulation for crisp cooking and the 5.3 quart capacity cooking basket, but I do wish it had a stacking tray or cooking rack like the NuWave Brio 10 Quart Air Fryer. What I really like about it is the non-stick basket makes clean up is a breeze.

See the Consumer Reports Best Air Fryers of 2019 Reviews here.

15 Easy Air Fryer Recipes to Try Now

Not sure what you can cook in an air fryer? This list of 15 recipes for an air fryer shows just how easy it is to make any day a happy “Fry-day” for healthier and tastier way to curb your fried food cravings. And if you think that air fryers are only good for traditionally fried foods, think again.

1. Air Fryer Pizza

Plain Chicken

The air fryer makes a perfectly crisp crust in just 8 minutes, less time than calling to order in.

2. Air Fryer Zucchini Fries

Platings + Pairings

These panko-crusted zucchini fries are a lighter way to get your crunch fix without skimping on flavor, thanks to a zesty lemon tarragon dipping aioli.

3. Perfect Air Fryer Salmon

Noble Pig

Air fryers aren’t just for fries and chips, cooking deliciously juicy salmon is one step away with this easy recipe.

4. Crispy Parmesan Buttermilk Chicken Tenders


These flaky tenders may be a healthier alternative to the classic, but the air fryer makes them extra juicy, and a parmesan crust delivers crunch and flavor.

5. Perfect Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts

Glue & Glitter

Achieve a crispy shell and tender insides for your brussels, oil-free! Abandon the hassle of pans and roasting for this easy alternative method.

6. Garlic Parmesan Air Fryer Chips

Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen

Also oil-free, these chips are the ultimate guilt free snack. Freshly crushed garlic and vegan parmesan make them vegan friendly!

7. Air Fryer Roasted Asian Broccoli

Food Faith Fitness

The crunch of healthy is in the bag—and the air fryer basket—when vegetables like broccoli skip the oven for a fast and super crisp crunch you’ll be craving all week long.

8. Chicken Parmesan in the Air Fryer


Who could say no to cutting into these crispy cutlets topped with tomato sauce and stringy melted cheese for a super healthy twist on an Italian classic.

9. Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potato

Courtney’s Sweets

A sweet twist on the classic: this creamy baked potato is quick to make, and pairs well with all your favorite toppings. Courtney suggests salt, butter, parsley, and brown sugar. (Yum!)

10. Air Fryer Sriracha-Honey Chicken Wings

Karen’s Kitchen Stories

This sweet and spicy rooster sauce glaze is sure to make these crispy wings your new party fave.

11. Killer Garlic Fries with Rosemary

Skip the ball game and make these copy cat Gordon-Biersch garlic fries at home when you start with frozen french fries laced with the flavor of this garlic and herb drizzle. Totally killer!

12. Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Crunchy Creamy Sweet

Make these nuggets ahead of time in less than 10 minutes, and freeze for a convenient after school snack that everyone will love.

13. Air Fryer Mexican Street Corn Recipe

Add A Pinch

Make this delicious sweet corn street favorite right in your own home. The air fryer works perfectly each step along the way, from cooking the corn to melting the cheese and fix-ins.

14. Keto Air Fryer Shrimp Scampi

Two Sleevers

This keto-friendly dish uses zoodles and mashed cauliflower to create the savory, scrumptious scampi you know and love.

15. Air Fryer Mozzarella Sticks

Show Me the Yummy

Who doesn’t crave going all in on the cheesiest mozzarella cheese pull and feel good frying them up at the same time?

What Else Can You Cook in an Air Fryer?

Did this list of easy air fryer recipes wet your appetite for healthier food with crunch? My friend and NY Times best-selling author Gina Homolka has written a cookbook with even more recipes to make in your air fryer. Pre-order your copy of the Skinnytaste Air Fryer Cookbook: The 75 Best Healthy Recipes for Your Air Fryer for 75 more healthy recipes from appetizers to dessert to make in any air fryer now.

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Fry food without the fat! Want to know how to use an air fryer? Which air fryer to buy and how about some good starter recipes?

THIS is the place to start for everything you want to know about the air fryer craze!

This is the time of year when everyone is trying their best to eat a little lighter, to eat at home more and try to live a healthier lifestyle.

I want those things, too. However, I hate the idea of giving up fried food. I know it should be easy, but they taste SO good.

No worries, friends. With an air fryer, you can have your fried chicken and not feel guilty. This is a very cool appliance that you will want to try out.

How to use an Air Fryer

This has been the year of innovative cooking! We are all so busy and always looking for new ideas to make healthier meals for our families. In addition, we have less and less time, so we need to work smarter, not harder.

Last year, I jumped onto the Instant Pot bandwagon. It has opened up a whole new world in meal prep for me! Want to know more about the Instant Pot? Check out Everything You Need To Know About INSTANT POTS article and some great Instant Pot Recipes too!

Today I’m going to answer some of the most asked questions, share some great buys and give you lots of recipe ideas, too!

If you love your fried food, love the convenience of frozen food (but not the taste) and want to move towards a healthier lifestyle – Well, get ready for fried goodness that only takes a fraction of the amount of oil and is SO much better for you!

What is an air fryer?

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that everyone is raving about! According to Wikipedia…

“An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks by circulating hot air around the food. A mechanical fan circulates the hot air around the food at high speed, cooking the food and producing a crispy layer via the Maillard effect.”

Counter-top air fryers are a healthy alternative to the traditional way of frying food in a pot of oil. Using circulated hot air, this appliance can do so many things in the kitchen.

What can you cook in an air fryer?

You can cook all sorts of things in an air fryer. Using less than a tablespoon of oil or a couple of sprays of canola cooking spray, you can fry beef, chicken, fish, frozen food and vegetables.

Cooking frozen food in the air fryer is very efficient and they are super crispy and taste delicious. Some models of the air fryers have the ability to bake, fry, grill, and roast.

I think the most popular thing I’ve seen is frozen french fries. Just pop in your favorite potato delights in the baskets and you will have crispy fries in a fraction of the time and in a much healthier style.

I’ve even seen people grill a steak in one.

What are the advantages of the air fryer?

Many people love the air fryer because of its convenience.

It makes cleaning up a breeze. The air fryer is quiet. It is powerful but doesn’t make a lot of fuss. It also saves tons of cooking time.

For example, frozen foods cooked in an oven can take 20 or more minutes to cook and an air fryer can cook them in half of the time or less.

Also, your kitchen will not get hot when you use this appliance. So different than cooking with an oven.

But, the biggest draw is that you can fry in a healthier way with up to 75% less fat! Fry without the fat!! YAY!

Is air fried food healthy?

Compared to frying your food, air fried food is a healthier alternative.

Do you use oil in an air fryer

You do not need to use oil in your air fryer, however, with most, you can use oil should you choose to. Adding oil to your food before placing in the air fryer can provide extra crispiness to your food.

You should not put the oil inside the air fryer. Rather, use an oil spray or brush to coat your food.

Please refer to your owners manual prior to use.

How do you keep your air fryer clean?

Is it hard to clean an air fryer? Nope! Just like any appliance, there are a few tips that will help you keep them clean and in good condition.

First, use the accessories created for the air fryer. Using the baskets and pans will help minimize drips and reduce cleaning time dramatically.

You can also use non-stick spray to coat the basket when you are preheating the basket before you cook.

Be sure to clean your air fryer weekly or regularly, depending on how often you use it.

  • Take out the tray and pans and rinse out the leftover oils and food.
  • Soak them in warm soapy water for an hour.
  • Scrub them with a gentle cleansing brush. Rinse and dry with a kitchen towel.

What are the best air fryers on the market?

(the following contain affiliate links)

Gourmia Digital Air Fryer – this fryer comes in 3 different sizes, perfect for whatever your needs may be! The reviews are all excellent and users found it very easy to use and the results better than expected!

Phillips Original Airfryer – This is the first of its kind. It was the original air fryer and loads of folks still think it is one of the best.

Even Chef Gordon Ramsay endorses this air fryer. It can hold an entire bag of french fries and is available in both black and white. It consistently gets great reviews for its ease of use and great tasting food!

FrenchMay Air Fryer – This FrenchMay air fryer is the bestseller on Amazon.

It has loads of features like a touchscreen and it more affordable than some. It has received great reviews, too!

Avalon Bay Air Fryer – This Avalon Bay air fryer is just so perfect in red.

It gets great reviews and is super affordable. I love that it comes with accessories, too!

Speaking of accessories…

What accessories are good for air fryers?

Air fryers are great, but they become downright awesome when you use the accessories with them.

Here are a few great air fryer accessories for you to check out.

Can you cook a cake with an air fryer?

With these accessories, you can bake your favorite cake in the Cake Barrel, cook a delicious pizza in the Pizza Pan, maximize your cooking surface with the Metal Holder and make skewers with the Multi-Purpose Rack!

And on top of that, protect your household surfaces with the Silicone Mat!

Who knew that you could do so much more than fry in an air fryer????

How long do you cook food in an air fryer?

Rule of thumb is to reduce the suggested temperature by 25 degrees to 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) and cut the time by about 20%.

Cooking times are going to differ per device, but this handy air fryer cooking chart from Air Fryers Online, will help you get started. From there, it is a little trial and error.

Always flip the food over half-way through and spot check your food for doneness.

Fabulous and Easy Air Fryer Recipes…

Air Fryer French Fries – the perfect first air fryer recipe for beginners!

Air Fryer Hasselback Potatoes by Recipe This

Pork Egg Rolls with Homemade Sweet and Sour Sauce from Our Table For Seven

How to Bake a Chocolate Cake in an Air Fryer by Spaceships and Laser Beams

Pork Satay with Peanut Sauce by Recipes from a Pantry

Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets by Crunchy Creamy Sweet

Tucano’s Fried Bananas by Oh! Sweet Basil

Air Fryer Breakfast Pockets by Ginger Casa

What do you say? Are you ready to enjoy fried food again without all of the guilt.

Grab an air fryer today and you will be well on your way to cooking in an entirely new fashion that tastes delicious!

Air Fryer Tips:

  • Try pulling the basket out and shake it to mix the food up real quick and put it back in. This will help move them around a bit for more even cooking.
  • Preheat the fryer for about 2-3 minutes before using
  • If breading your food, be sure to coat the food before breading (i.e. flour first, then egg and then the breadcrumbs)
  • Invest in a cooking oil sprayer! I adore my Misto (affiliate link)- it sprays just the right amount of oil on foods, without saturating them! It gives you the convenience and health benefits of an aerosol sprayer in a more economical and environmental form. It is a MUST HAVE!
  • Don’t overload the basket – it will prevent the food from cooking evenly and fully.
  • If you are really trying to get your food super crispy. Spray with oil partway through the cooking process.
  • Clean your cooking drawer well after each use.

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15 Top Air Fryer Recipes and Tips for Air Frying Right

Best air-fryer recipes for air-frying right

If you love fried foods but aren’t thrilled about the mess and the fatty calories, you’ll love the air fryer. Air fried recipes use only about one-quarter as much oil as regular fried food. It’s your ticket to healthier fried foods that still taste crispy-crunchy delicious — and leaves you with a lot less mess at clean-up time. Plus, this versatile machine does more than “fry” — use your air fryer to make meat loaf, roast veggies, bake potatoes, and more. You’ll find the recipes below, along with more top-rated air-fryer recipes and some tips for air-frying right:

Air Frying Quick Tips:

Preheat the Air Fryer. With an air fryer, cooking times are fast. So you want to ensure the fryer is up to the correct temperature before you begin.

Don’t Crowd It. For best results, give your food enough space for air to circulate.

Shake Things Up. Halfway through cooking, shake the basket a bit so food cooks and crisps evenly. For delicate, breaded foods like chicken tenders, gently re-position the food midway through cooking without shaking the basket.

Air Fryer Main Dish Recipes:

1. Mexican-Style Air Fryer Stuffed Chicken Breasts

This quick-and-easy dinner is perfect for busy weeknights. “Just over 10 minutes in the air fryer gives you juicy, tender chicken breasts filled with spicy veggies,” says Buckwheat Queen. “Serve with fresh pico de gallo and tortillas.”

Image zoom Photo by Buckwheat Queen

2. Crumbed Chicken Tenderloins (Air Fried)

Crispy, crunchy chicken tenders. “These beat chicken nuggets any day and the recipe is so simple,” says Launa. “I tend to use chicken tenderloins but you can use sliced chicken breasts if easier.” Great for making chicken sandwiches, too!”

Top Tip: “Do not over-fill your basket,” recommends Soup Loving Nicole. “The chicken pieces should not be touching each other if you want that crispness on all sides. Also, plan on 20 minutes for your air fryer to preheat.”

3. Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Shrimp

“These easy-to-make air fryer shrimp can be served with a salad or on top of rice or pasta,” says bd.weld. “Also great as a cold appetizer.”

Image zoom Photo by bd.weld

4. Air-Fried Crumbed Fish

“Crumbed fish is one of my favorite fried items,” says Launa, “and this air-fried version gives me great flavor without the fat.” White fish flakes easily with a fork after about 12 minutes.

Top Tip: Jenels recommends using the fish pre-set option on the air fryer.

Image zoom Photo by Allrecipes

5. Air Fryer Meatloaf

Image zoom Photo by aigerekairfryer

6. Air Fryer Shrimp a la Bang Bang

“This is my take on a popular dish from a restaurant chain,” says Soup Loving Nicole. “My version is made in an air fryer instead of the deep-fryer. The end result was perfectly crispy sweet and spicy shrimp.”

Image zoom Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

Air Fryer Side Dish Recipes:

7. Air Fryer Zucchini Chips

Enjoy crispy, cheesy zucchini chips without the guilt of deep frying. It’s the best way to use up those mounds of summer zucchini from the garden. Enjoy with marinara sauce, ranch dressing, or Sun-Dried Tomato Dip. “These were crispy, crunchy good, and the Parmesan flavor in the breading really shines through,” says lutzflcat. “I think I may have sliced my zucchini too thinly. Next time, I’ll aim for about 1/8″ thickness, so I’ll get more of the zucchini taste.”

Image zoom Photo by lutzflcat

8. Air-Fried Ratatouille, Italian-Style

Traditional ratatouille vegetables combine with Italian herbs in this air-fried side dish. It’s quick and easy, nutritious, and delicious. Buckwheat Queen says, “Using an air fryer keeps the vegetables from getting soggy without using too much oil.”

Top Tip: Buckwheat Queen recommends using the baking accessory or an adaptable baking dish inside the air-fryer basket.

Image zoom Photo by Buckwheat Queen

9. Rosemary Potato Wedges for the Air Fryer

Make rosemary potato wedges in your air fryer. “They are quicker and just as tasty as roasting them in your oven,” says Bibi, “and you don’t need to heat up the whole house to do them! I used the recipe for Papa’s Seasoning Salt. Serve with your favorite aioli or dipping sauce.”

Top Tip: Air-fried French fries and potato wedges come out crispy and golden on the outside, tender on the inside without being dried out, which can happen when “frying” in conventional ovens.

Image zoom Photo by Bibi

10. Air Fryer Green Beans with Spicy Dipping Sauce

“Beer-battered green beans are a healthier version of the deep-fried ones,” says bd.weld. “Serve with the spicy version of dipping sauce or your favorite dipping sauce.”

Image zoom Photo by bd.weld

11. Potato Hay

You only need 1 tablespoon of oil to make these crispy fries. “Excellent recipe,” says Buckwheat Queen. “The timing was perfect. At 13 minutes the potatoes were crispy outside and soft inside. I left the skins on.”

Top Tip: Use a spiralizer (with the medium grating attachment) to cut the potatoes into long curlies, cutting them with kitchen shears after 4 or 5 turns.

Image zoom Photo by Buckwheat Queen

12. Air Fryer Roasted Cauliflower

“A great, easy side dish that pairs well with any protein,” says Bren. “I’ve used smoked paprika, a favorite of mine, but feel free to add your favorite flavors. Enjoy!”

Image zoom Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

13. Air Fryer Baked Potatoes

“Beautifully crusty on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside,” says Bren, “just like a great baked potato should be! Serve them with your favorite topping, like sour cream, butter, or chives.”

Top Tip: Unlike oven-baked potatoes, these taters don’t need to be pricked with a fork before cooking or turned while cooking.

Image zoom Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

14. Air Fryer Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower

Here’s a roasted veggie recipe that doesn’t require a hot oven! “It’s fast, easy, and perfectly roasted broccoli and cauliflower made in your air fryer,” says Soup Loving Nicole. “Garnish with a squeeze of lemon or Parmesan cheese, if desired.”

Image zoom Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

15. Air Fryer Sweet Potato Tots

These sweet potato tots are lighter when made in the air fryer, and they come with a spicy kick. Enjoy with ketchup or your favorite dipping sauces. “The sweet and spicy were a nice contrast,” says Buckwheat Queen. “They go very well with hamburgers. My kids liked these a lot.”

Image zoom Photo by fabeveryday

Check out our collection of Air Fryer Recipes.

You don’t have to drench your ingredients in oil to get delicious, crunchy foods like French fries and fried chicken. Instead, try cooking your foods in an air fryer.

An air fryer, when used correctly, can make your favorite fried foods with just a fraction of the calories. With an air fryer, you still get that crispy, golden exterior and the soft, fluffy center. However, we should stress that you shouldn’t expect the exact same results as you would get using a deep fryer, as an air fryer does not actually “fry” your food.

Air fryer guides

  • How to clean an air fryer
  • Best air fryers under $100
  • What is a convection oven?

So, how exactly does an air fryer work? It cooks your food with electric heat that’s circulated by powerful fans, and that hot air helps get the surface of the food dry and crispy while keeping the inside moist. Some air fryers include other features and functions. You might see an air fryer that also has a dehydrating function or a convection feature, for instance.

With so many options to choose from, it can be tough to find the right air-frying appliance for you. If you’re looking to try an air fryer as a calorie-saving alternative to traditional frying, we rounded up the best air fryers on the market. If you’re looking for the best convection ovens, you can check out our list of the best of those as well.

Ninja Digital Air Fry Oven

The Ninja Foodi Air Fry Oven is small enough to sit in a nook on your countertop, and it flips up to store away even more inconspicuously. But in spite of its small footprint, the Foodi oven can cook a pretty decent sized batch of french fries. It also has air roast, air broil, bake, dehydrate, keep warm, toast (up to nine slices at a time), and bagel functions in addition to its air frying function.

Features like the crumb-release tray help you keep the oven clean, and a light comes on in the oven’s interior at the end of the cooking cycle so you can see your food. The digital display and stainless exterior make this device feel high-quality, and you get an included air frying tray and a nonstick sheet pan.

Buy it now from:

COSORI 5.8-Quart Air Fryer

One of the most annoying things about air fryers is that they tend to perform much better when cooking small portions than they do when cooking larger batches of ingredients. The COSORI air fryer has a square-shaped nonstick basket, which is large enough to fit enough french fries for your family. The basket is also easy-to-clean and dishwasher safe, so you’re not spending too much time on after-dinner cleanup.

The included recipe book provides 100 different recipes to get you started, and you can also share recipes and ideas through the online community. You can expand your cooking horizons and cook even more food in your air fryer than you ever thought possible.

This model boasts an array of user-friendly features like fast pre-heating, an LCD touch panel with presets, a shake reminder feature, and a keep-warm function. Plus, considering what it offers, the price is very reasonable.

Buy it now from:

Chefman TurboFry 2-Quart Air Fryer

This little Chefman air fryer accurately air fries your food at temperatures between 200 and 400 degrees. You set the temperature with a turn dial, and there’s a 30-minute integrated timer. It’s pretty hard to mess up your recipes in this device.

This is a very, very small air fryer. It’s designed for one, maybe two people. But, its flat basket design maximizes its ingredient capacity. If you live alone or it’s just you and one other person, this unit is a great find because it works well, yet it doesn’t have all the frills so it’s super-affordable. Plus, because it’s so small, it’s easy to tuck away in a cabinet. The basket is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. This is also a great choice for those who want to try out air frying without spending too much dough.

Buy it now from:

Philips Digital Turbostar Airfryer

The Philips Digital TurboStar Airfryer is a solid option for anyone looking to try air frying for the first time, or for seasoned air fryers.

This foolproof air fryer is much more user-friendly than most models, thanks to its digital display, programmable timer, and intuitive interface. This appliance is also good at what it does — it cooks fried foods 50% more evenly than other brands. You’ll likely experience some trial and error when cooking air-fried foods for the first time, but the five presets will help start you out on the right foot. The air fryer also comes with a recipe book and app that includes hundreds of recipes to choose from.

If you want a more inexpensive option, Philips Viva Collection Analog Air Fryer is a solid option, but it has a different display, and fewer bells and whistles.

Buy it now from:

Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer

Not a fan of digital displays and touchscreens? This air fryer keeps it old school in the best way and is perfect for those who prefer manual controls and a traditional vibe.

The Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer is a simple option for those who just can’t stand digital displays, touchscreens, and other modern contrivances. It has 1,800 watts of power for fast heating, and it is extremely quiet. The controls are easy to use and the seven preset functions make this a versatile addition to your kitchen counter space. Whether you’re frying some chicken, roasting a turkey, or cooking up some asparagus, this Cuisinart toaster oven and air fryer has you covered in one convenient package.

Buy it now from:

Gowise Electric Air Fryer

Looking for a decent-sized air fryer without making a large dent in your wallet? This gadget might be for you. The Gowise Electric Air Fryer delivers effective air frying for a lower price than most brands.

For the price, this device air fries foods well. Accommodating a maximum of 3.7 quarts, it has a smaller capacity than most. The basket is removable and easy to clean, and the user-friendly touchscreen offers preset programs for your favorite recipes. Now you can try air frying without spending an arm and a leg.

Buy it now from:

T-Fal Actifry Air Fryer

This device is perfect for those who are looking for that perfect french fry crisp without excess oil.

The T-Fal Actifry Air Fryer is a standout option that will air-fry foods perfectly without breaking the bank. The most unique aspect of its design is a rotating “arm” that moves the food around inside the fryer while it’s cooking, which ensures all sides get equal exposure to the hot air and equal crispiness. While some users may see this as a pro, others will find that the arm ends up mangling more delicate foods, such as fish.

The secure lid guarantees you won’t splatter oil everywhere, and the filter ensures your kitchen isn’t left with odor for days. Plus, the ceramic-coated nonstick pan is removable and easy to clean. The relatively low price point and the efficacy of the appliance make it a great gift option.

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What do these three words have in common? Fried Chicken, French Fries, and Fried Shrimp.

1. They’re delicious.

2. They’re deep fried.

People love fried food, but it’s common knowledge that deep fried food contributes to type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and other serious health issues. However, despite the consequences, we crave the delicious crunch.
A healthier alternative to deep-frying is cooking with an air fryer.

Air fryers offer a many possibilities when it comes to making delicious fried food.

By now, you must be thinking “This is way too good to be true, frying with little to no oil? How is this possible?” YES! This is possible! Air Fryers are designed with Rapid Air Technology, which is a fancy way of saying hot air circulates around a chamber cooking ingredients faster and more efficiently. According to an article on, air fried food contained 80% less fat in comparison to food that was cooked using other traditional methods, such as deep frying.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that during the frying process, cooking oil is broken down into fatty acids and other unhealthy components, affecting bad cholesterol levels, blood pressure and waist lines. So, how do we make the food we love healthier?

One Answer is Air Frying

Air fryers are capable of cooking food with just one tablespoon of oil. Below is a chart comparing the nutrition facts between 100 grams of air fried french fries and a small (75 grams) size of french fries from McDonald’s.

The nutrition facts above were obtained from and

If you know someone who swears by their air-fryer, you may be tempted to get one to give it a shot. After all, it’s tempting: These countertop devices circulate heat at high temperatures to fry, grill or bake without using oil. They create a crispy outside layer while leaving food moist and chewy on the inside.

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We talked with dietitian Ariana Cucuzza, RD, to find out if an air-fryer is worth a spot on your counter. The good news? She says overall, air-frying has more benefits than drawbacks.

The upside

The main reason people love air-frying is that, compared with deep-frying, it significantly reduces overall calorie intake. In fact, Cucuzza says, most people reduce their calorie intake by 70 to 80%, on average, when using air fryers.

Air fryers are also time-efficient. “You can bake a chicken breast faster in an air fryer than you can in your oven, and clean-up is typically easier,” she says.

Another benefit: If you have picky vegetable eaters at home (I’m thinking of kids, in particular), air-frying is a great way to crisp up veggies and make them tastier.

Lastly, unlike deep-frying, air-frying typically won’t fill your home with the smell of fried foods for hours.

The downside

One drawback to air-frying is that it prompts some people to think, “This is great — I can eat fried food every day!”

“Although a low-fat, air-fried diet sounds enticing, you’d end up missing out on the wonderful benefits of plant-based fats such as avocado oil and olive oil,” Cucuzza says. (It’s easy to forget that high-quality fat, in moderation, is critical for brain and hormone health.)

Air-frying also produces high temperatures at a very rapid rate, thus making it extremely easy to burn food. And charred food may be carcinogenic.

In addition, Cucuzza adds, because most devices cook 1 to 3 pounds of food at a time, it can be challenging to air-fry meals for a large family.

The best foods to air-fry

Any foods you’re used to frying, like potatoes and chicken, generally turn out really well in the air fryer.

“If you’re looking for something to air-fry, I’d recommend home-made sweet potato fries,” Cucuzza says. “It can be difficult to make them crispy in a conventional oven. Instead, sprinkle them with your favorite seasoning, throw them in the air fryer, and enjoy!”

One last thought: If you want to invest in an air fryer, Cucuzza recommends looking for models that use BPA-free plastic.

Welcome to my latest post and let’s talk about how many calories you can save with your Airfryer.

Firstly let’s be honest for a moment. We didn’t all swap our chip fryer for an air fryer because of the smell did we? The fact that with it smelling less than what a chip pan smells is just an after thought!

What we really care about is the fact that we can have all kinds of naughty foods for a lot less calories and fat simply because they are cooked in the air fryer.

The first time we used it we put way too much olive oil in it just because we couldn’t possibly believe that you could have soft gentle chips with just a tablespoon of olive oil. So it was a lot of trial and error before we got our chips right (you can read about our perfect chips here) and then we progressed into other foods.

But when you work it out on a calorie counter you would be shocked at just how many calories you can actually end up saving.

Example #1 – Jacket Potato Vs Chips

When you make chips in the air fryer it is very similar to having a jacket potato. With a jacket potato you would keep the skin (so it would be slightly more nutritious) and then you would use a little butter.

Compare this to a portion of chips, you would have slightly less weight as you wouldn’t use the skin and you would use olive oil which is better for your body than butter.

A jacket potato with a tablespoon of butter works out at 385 calories where as a portion of chips (of the same size) with a tablespoon of olive oil works out at 402 calories.

And then you have to ask yourself whether you would rather have the jacket potato or the chips!!!!!

Example #2 – Air Fryer Chips Vs McDonalds

If you took the same chips portion above then you would be looking at 402 calories for a large portion.

But how would that compare against McDonalds and their French Fries? Well the same portion at Maccy D’s would set you back 1191 calories.

Or if you compare the calories in 100g of McDonalds fries (which are 323 calories) to air fryer chips of the same size you would be looking at 136 calories.

So if you are generally having one portion of chips per day either at home or at restaurants then think that you could easily be reducing your calories by 10,000 per year. But this is based on just 100g of potato. If you’re really having a large potato each time then realistically you’re chopping 41,000 calories per year.

Then you could apply that same rule to a lot of other foods that you can now make a healthy version of in the air fryer.

CLEVELAND – Air fryers are taking kitchen countertops by storm.

An air fryer is basically a smaller, faster version of a convection oven. The devices circulate high heat and make foods crispy – similar to frying.

But there’s one major difference between traditional frying and air frying, according to Kristin Kirkpatrick, RD, of Cleveland Clinic.

“It’s not frying by any means, so there’s some benefits there,” she said. “Number one, in deep frying we actually have the food sitting in the oil and being cooked that way. There’s no sitting in oil in air frying, so that helps bring down calories and bring down fats.”

One study comparing deep-fried and air-fried French fries shows air fried products have significantly less oil and fat.

For those looking to lose weight, Kirkpatrick said swapping a deep-fryer for an air-fryer may be a good way to help cut calories – however, what you choose to cook in your air fryer is key.

Cooking whole foods like beans, sweet potatoes, wild salmon and other types of fish in an air fryer is a healthy way to go.

But she warns an air fryer won’t change a processed product already high in sodium, fat and additives.

“The most important thing you can do is figure out what you’re going to put in the fryer,” said Kirkpatrick. “If you open up that drawer and put in a highly processed onion ring, it’s still a highly processed onion ring. You’re just going to save calories and fat by not deep frying it.”

Is there any heat to the ‘healthy’ air fryer hype?

Air fryers have became the hottest thing since Instant Pots and sliced bread, but can you really replace your traditional oil fryer with air as a healthy alternative?

Contrary to the name, air fryers don’t technically fry food. It’s a compact kitchen appliance that circulates hot air around the food to cook it and give it a crispy taste and browned color. You place the food in a basketlike container, the air fryer cooks it and the excess fat drops to a pan.

Cooking with an air fryer will take longer than deep frying, but not much. When comparing recipes, french fries generally take about six minutes to deep fry, where an air fryer would take 12 minutes. Deep frying chicken takes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes, but using an air fryer would take 25.

They’re marketed as a healthier way to cook foods like chicken wings and fries to tortilla chips and spring rolls, with little to no oil, while maintaining that fried flavor and crispiness that people enjoy. Sales show that consumers are buying into the newest fad, with 4 million units sold over a recent 12-month period.

And experts really do believe that air fryers may be a reasonable option for people looking to eat less fried foods and make a transition to a healthier lifestyle.

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Air fryers require less oil than traditionally frying foods, making them generally healthier than their oil-immersed counterparts. Because while some oils may have health benefits, you’re still better off getting those benefits from non-fried foods.

“A lower-fat food is considered healthier than its high-fat counterpart, but it is important to look at the bigger picture and evaluate other foods typically consumed,” says Dinah Dalder, a clinical assistant professor of nutrition sciences at Purdue University.

Using less oil also means fewer calories, which can be helpful to those looking to lose weight, says Ali Webster, a registered dietitian at International Food Information Council Foundation.

For those who eat things like french fries or fried chicken regularly, using an air fryer to cook them can cut calories and fat content.

“Fats and oils are more calorie dense than protein or carbs, so calories can add up quickly when frying foods,” Webster says. “Traditionally, fried foods are also often coated in some kind of batter prior to being dropped in the oil, which ticks up the calorie count even higher.”

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But if you’re looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, simply buying an air fryer won’t cut it. You also have to pay attention to the types of food you’re consuming.

“An air fryer may be a reasonable option for someone who can afford an extra kitchen appliance, but may not necessarily be the best choice for making dietary improvements,” Dalder says. “An individual’s diet may improve by eating less fried foods overall and adding more fruits and vegetables.”

It’s also important to note that eating fried foods here and there isn’t going to be detrimental to your diet.

“Having fried foods once in a while isn’t going to harm your diet or your waistline,” Webster says. “But the excess calories can really add up if you’re eating fried foods multiple times a week or possibly multiple times a day, and that will be reflected in your body weight.”

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Cutting Just 300 Calories Per Day May Keep Your Heart Healthy

Just a modest reduction in daily caloric intake could have protective benefits for our hearts, new research shows. Sian Irvine/Getty Images/Dorling Kindersley hide caption

toggle caption Sian Irvine/Getty Images/Dorling Kindersley

Just a modest reduction in daily caloric intake could have protective benefits for our hearts, new research shows.

Sian Irvine/Getty Images/Dorling Kindersley

Heart disease is the leading cause of disability and death worldwide. About 2,200 people in the U.S. die per day due to cardiovascular problems, or one every 40 seconds.

With that in mind, if you knew that you could help keep your heart healthy by eating just a little bit less every day — about six standard-size Oreos’ worth of calories — would you?

Researchers have found evidence that just a modest reduction in our daily caloric intake could have protective benefits for our hearts, according to a paper published this week in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.

The paper drew on data from the Comprehensive Assessment of Long-term Effects of Reducing Intake of Energy (CALERIE) study. That landmark project, supported by the National Institutes of Health, was one of the most in-depth efforts to measure the long-term impacts of caloric restriction in humans. Researchers have published numerous analyses drawing on data from the two-year study, examining various factors associated with life expectancy and longevity.

This paper, the latest to draw from the data, primarily examines how moderate caloric restriction impacts heart health and how it may potentially prevent aging-related decline.

The experiment began with 218 participants, all of whom were normal weight or just slightly overweight and between ages 21 and 50. Researchers started 143 participants on a diet that reduced their caloric intake by 25%; 75 others were assigned to a normal diet. In the end, 188 participants completed the study — 117 with caloric restriction and 71 without.

For the first four weeks of the study, people in the calorie-cutting group were fed in-house at one of three clinical centers. During this time, they were instructed on how to reduce their caloric intake and gradually fell into one of six eating plans based on their own preferences.

Over the first six months, most people stuck pretty well to their diets. On average, they cut back on calories by about 20%. But they didn’t fare as well over two years: Overall, they trimmed their caloric intake by an average of about 12% — or about 300 fewer calories per person per day.

Even so, this relatively modest reduction in calories had significant effects on the participants who ate less: They lost about 16.5 pounds on average and saw improvements, including lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, on all six primary factors associated with risks to heart health. They also saw improved insulin resistance and metabolic rates.

“We expected there to be improvement on cardiometabolic factors because of weight loss,” says William Kraus, the study’s lead author and a distinguished professor of cardiovascular genomics at Duke University. “But … we didn’t expect the degree of improvement we saw.”

And though the weight loss was relatively impressive, it wasn’t responsible for a majority of the heart benefits. After conducting further analysis, researchers determined that at most, weight loss accounted for only 25% of the improved measurements in heart health. The researchers say their findings suggest that caloric restriction can have health benefits above and beyond those normally associated with weight loss.

David Sinclair, a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, says the findings provide further evidence that caloric restriction can be beneficial to staving off the negative effects of aging.

But, he says, the study also demonstrates a significant problem with using caloric restriction to improve human health: It’s really hard to maintain, even for motivated people. Of the 143 participants who originally began the restricted diet, 26 dropped out before the two years were up. (Small sample size was a limitation of the study.) Many others were screened out from the initial study pool because of concerns about their physical or mental health.

“You can’t expect the elderly or frail to do this severe dietary regimen,” says Sinclair, who was not involved in the study. “We need alternatives, be they intermittent fasting or medicines that mimic calorie restriction.” He is working to understand how caloric restriction works on a molecular level so that he and others can come up with medications that confer the same benefits without the pain and difficulty.

The goal of any caloric restriction research, he says, is the reduction — and maybe elimination — of aging-related diseases.

“Aging isn’t considered a medical condition — it’s just too common. Hopefully, in the near future, we won’t accept it,” he says. “That’s what calorie restriction offers: It compresses the period of sickness. People one day will hopefully live into their 90s in a healthy way and pass away more quickly and painfully than we do now.”

Susie Neilson is an intern on NPR’s Science Desk. Follow her on Twitter: @susieneilson.

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