I Am A Plus-Size Woman Who Wore A Low-Rise Bikini To The Beach, And This Is What Happened

As a fat woman, there are several truths that have been ingrained into my psyche since the day my visible belly outline became impossible to conceal. Among them, the “fact” that fat women do not deserve to wear bodycon dresses or sexy lingerie. Furthermore, their sole goal when it comes to fashion should be to try their very best to not look fat. I’m talking about cultivating addictions to black dresses, wearing only loose-fitting tops and high-waisted trousers, and avoiding anything loud, revealing, or remotely interesting. Plus-size fashion rules indicate only solid prints and baggy things are to be purchased. And we must be grateful to these items, for they slim us down and make us more attractive (or better yet, less revolting) to those around us.

That fat phobia exists is no secret. Remember fat-shaming week? Or Karl Lagerfeld’s entire existence? We live in a world, and at a time, where being fat is considered (in mainstream culture) not just distasteful or unattractive, but downright wrong. We wage wars on obesity without fully understanding the term. We brew hatred in our hearts and minds toward a physical characteristic needed to survive… because, let’s face it, body fat is essential. We accuse plus-size bloggers, celebrities, and body-positive activists of encouraging unhealthy lifestyles, without acknowledging that health at every size is a real thing, and weight is not an automatic indicator of beauty, intelligence, or workout regimen. And as a result, we often end up disliking and harming our bodies, and criticizing anyone who doesn’t fit the linear, preconceived ideologies of beauty.

That fat phobia exists is no secret, as I said. But that body-positive, feminist, girl power-y communities exist is no secret, either. For every person who is cruel enough — ignorant enough — to believe that you are unlovable or unattractive or less than human because of your figure, there will be at least one person to combat that mentality. Or, at least, that’s what I’d like to think.

The Experiment

A few months back, I encountered writer and blogger Jenny Trout’s Huffington Post article, “I Wore a Bikini and Nothing Happened.” In it, she describes her decision to wear a bikini to the beach as a plus-size woman, and the ensuing reactions from those around her (predominantly negative, accusing, and falsely “caring” reactions, at that). But when she actually does it, nothing happens. No one flees in horror. No children weep. And nobody throws food at her head.

The thing is, I was surprised to read that nothing happened to Trout when she put on a two-piece and hit the sea. And I couldn’t help but wonder whether the reason no one said or did anything was because her bikini was high-waisted. The fatkini movement, led by inspiring women such as Gabifresh and Tess Munster, is a beautiful, beautiful thing that encourages all women to realize that every body is a beach body. But most of the time, when you see a fatkini photo, you see a woman in a two-piece that still hides her tummy. Although beautiful and wonderfully vintage-inspired, these fatkinis often conceal the jiggliest bits of the body. So are they actually a fair test in gauging people’s fat phobia?

I’ve never worn a low-rise bikini, not even when I was at my slimmest in high school or as a child. I’ve feared how vulnerable it would make me, much like I’ve feared purchasing plus-size lingerie for the same reason. But when I visited Mallorca, Spain, last week for my summer holiday, I decided to do something different. I purchased a plus-size, low-rise bikini (or “chunkini” as I like to call them) — one that would show off my belly, my back boobs, my cellulite, stretch marks, and other such presumed idiosyncrasies. And I took to Formentor, one of the beaches with the best balance of locals and tourists. And I walked. I just walked, up and down the beach, trying to look my most confident and gauging people’s reactions along the way. I encountered several types of people, with both positive and negative reactions. And among them were these:

The Young Couple

I had expected that the majority of the negative reactions to my body in a chunkini would come from people close to my age, and I wasn’t wrong. What was somewhat shocking, though, was that groups of 20-somethings or teens didn’t see me. The young people who stopped to look, point, and giggle were often paired in twos as part of a couple. The most obvious incident happened when a young guy saw me, visibly dropped his jaw, tried to conceal his laughter by moving his head slightly toward his girlfriend, whispering at her to look at me, and proceeding to ogle. Once he got her attention, they didn’t even try to hide their staring, and he certainly didn’t try to hide his laughter. But what is most interesting about this is that it foreshadowed the couples to come. Three young couples in total looked at me mockingly, and in each instance, it was the man who alerted the woman to my presence.

I don’t know why I was so surprised. I guess because girl drama is no stranger to me, and when I did get bullied as a kid, it was primarily by other girls. In this case, I’m almost certain that the women wouldn’t have even seen me had their partners not forced them to look. It was as though the men were so offended (especially that first one) by my rolls and wobbles that they just had to get someone to recoil in disgust by their side. It honestly felt like these guys were of the opinion that women (especially women on the beach) must only be there to delight their eyes, and if they didn’t, well… they deserved to be laughed at.

The Elderly Couple

In complete contrast to the young and oftentimes horrid couples were the middle-aged and elderly ones. I often got sweet smiles and clearly polite stares from these people. They seemed to be thinking “Doesn’t she look cute,” or “Way to go, girl.” But that’s obviously just my interpretation!

It was pretty encouraging to receive these welcome smiles. It gave me hope that people will outgrow their intolerance… though I know that this isn’t always the case. It made me wonder whether, as we age, we become more accepting of all types of people and sort out our priorities.

There was, however, one exception. On our way back to the car, a middle-aged man told his kids (who looked about 7 or 8 years old), “Mira la vaca burra.” This translates literally to “Look at the cow donkey,” but both terms are often used to describe either fat or ignorant people in Spanish. The most disturbing part of this was that he seemed to be teaching his children to hate anyone who was different — to hate anyone he deemed worthy of ridicule. I don’t doubt that fat phobia, along with any other phobia directed at groups of human beings, is often learned behavior. But seeing it in action threw me completely off guard, and was, in some senses, the most devastating part of the experiment.

The Girlfriends

Twice during the experiment, I noticed groups of girlfriends looking over at me. The benefit of being Latina and speaking fluent Spanish but being incredibly pale and pasty is that most Hispanic or Spanish people will assume I can’t understand them. Two Mallorcan women paused to watch me go by, and I heard one of them mutter, “Mira la gorda,” or “Look at the fat woman.” But she didn’t sound rude. Her tone of voice wasn’t malicious or judgmental. It was inquisitive — surprised. She seemed genuinely taken aback that someone my size would wear a bikini in public, as though she, too, had been told her whole life that only women who work hard to stay thin deserve to wear such things. And it actually felt kind of good. I only hope it made her reevaluate these antiquated, boring, and non-essential rules about women, weight, and fashion.

The Fellow Fatty

Several times through the afternoon, I saw women my size and larger in two-pieces. Some were tankinis, others high-waisted. But the majority wore low-rise bikinis much like mine. I have to admit that I’ve never seen so many fat women wearing two-pieces on a public beach. Maybe I’ve been spending too much time at the wrong beaches (I did grow up on the Jersey Shore). But a handful of times, we’d catch sight of each other and we’d smile. Solidarity among women is a powerful thing, especially when it’s women you just know can relate to what you’re going through. I don’t doubt that some of them got stares and assholic laughs from the opposite sex, just as I did. But that didn’t stop them from enjoying themselves, from running around with their VBOs out and swimming in the crystal clear sea.

My Conclusions

There were hundreds, if not thousands of people at Formentor on this day. Out of these thousands, only a handful seemed to notice me. Had I not been actively seeking them out with my partner (who kept at a reasonable distance to also observe people observing me), I might not have even noticed them. And that is kind of an amazing thing.

The young couples who pointed me out and laughed were far and few between. Though these instances seemed fueled by young, sexist, and misogynistic boys, we know that such people are not worth bothering with. Sometimes I cannot help but thank the fat on my body for providing me with a douche bag detector. Were I able to rewind the clock, the only person I might have confronted would be the man teaching his children to hate fat people. As depressing as it is to see parents bestowing such lessons unto their kids, it does make me wonder: If our hatred toward others can be learned, perhaps it can just as easily be unlearned.

Another note: As we were preparing to leave the beach, my partner got cold. The only thing available to wear was the dress I had had on that morning. Being the sort of guy he is, he didn’t mind putting it on, prioritizing warmth over fashion or gender roles. And as we walked to the parking lot, he received more stares, laughs, and visible horror than I did in the whole day. One woman did a double take, looking at him so intently and with such a disgusted gaze that, for a moment, I thought she might vomit. This wasn’t supposed to be part of the experiment, but it did make me remember that many people have it worse than us fatties. It can be hard to keep that in mind when you’re being pointed at or bullied or told you are worthless. I don’t know what people thought Patrick was doing. Perhaps they labeled him a cross-dresser or a transgender person, and that was enough to spark their interest and hatred.

Maybe people fear the unknown. Maybe people fear that which they cannot explain. But at the end of the day, that suggests there is nothing wrong with looking or being a certain way. Rather, it is our perceptions and close-mindedness toward the different, the obscure or the quirky that need to change. And in the meantime, the only way to normalize the “abnormal” is to embrace it — to wear the bikini if you want to, or dress in drag if you so please. People need to be confronted with their fears in order to change their views, but that can’t happen if we — the ones who are different in some way — hide away and make ourselves invisible.

Alas, I leave you with this:

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A WOMAN was left red-faced after she complained about her ill-fitting swimsuit, only to realise she had it on upside down.

Having your swimwear unravel or even get washed off is most people’s nightmare on holiday, but one woman ended up with her “privates hanging out” for a very different reason.

BEFORE IT ALL WENT WRONG, she looked class whether her vagina was in or out 💗💗 ps sorry we were all too drunk to notice either pic.twitter.com/OfVkQhvKw0

— hannah kelly (@hannahkellly_) June 30, 2019

Fashion branding student Lyndsey Brown was on a girl’s trip to Ibiza, and a couple of drinks left her a bit worse for wear.

Wearing a one-shoulder swimming costume, Lyndsey, from Glasgow, grappled with her swimwear while using the loo – and ended up putting it back on upside down.

Posing on Instagram, the hapless holidaymaker had the crotch part on her shoulder, and the thin shoulder strap protecting her modesty.

After having to constantly readjust herself as she was ‘hanging out’, Lydnsey complained to the company, Pear Swimwear.

She said: “I wore that swimsuit today. And it’s stretch like anything. I only wore it for a couple of hours.

“My vagina was hanging out constantly. Is it meant to stretch like that?

“This is what it was like. It was so bad and embarrassing.

“Like it was totally fine at first but then afterwards it was so bad.”

Lyndsey messaged the company about the £60 swimming costume.

The website describes as: “The Cross Shoulder swimsuit body is our new summer style, a one shoulder swimmy with a modern twist.”

To her horror the company replied – informing her she had put it back on upside down.

They said: “I’m really sorry you were embarrassed by your swimsuit.

1 Lyndsey put the costume on upside down after a few too manyCredit: Pear Swimwear

  • Cross shoulder swimsuit, Pear Swimwear, £60 – buy now

“I have had a look at the picture you have sent and believe you are wearing the swimsuit upside down.

“The swimsuit you have ordered is this one and should look like this.

“There should be a gold pear label on the swimsuit which should sit at the back at the top of your back.

“The thinnest part of the swimsuit will be the strap which sits across your shoulder. I hope this helps.”

Sharing her ‘embarrassing’ experience on Twitter, Lyndsey wrote: “I went to Ocean Beach wearing the swimsuit in perfect condition and the CORRECT way – had too much fun with alcohol, went to the toilet a few hours later and put my swimsuit on upside down WITHOUT KNOWING.

“I swear it was on correctly when I went there.

“Howling I was wanting a refund on that swimsuit thinking it was faulty.”

Her post has since gone viral, racking up 135,000 likes, with one person saying they were: “Dying of laughter.”

Someone else said: “This has made my evening so thanks.”

And a third commented: “What a laugh.”


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Meanwhile can you tell the difference between Missguided’s £1 bikini and a designer £160 one?

While this fitness fan was trolled for ‘fishing for attention’ after posting a racy bikini selfie.

And holidaymakers are loving this cheeky bikini which sensors your nipples.

See-through bikini censors your nipples with a cheeky bar as part of the summer swimwear range

1. When you’re not the same size on top as you are on the bottom, but you can’t buy them separately. Sometimes, you can buy the top and the bottom separately, which is great because odds are, you’re two completely different sizes there. But the bikinis whose parts can’t be purchased separately are usually the cutest ones you want more than anything, but you can’t buy them because bikinis are cruel and weird sometimes.

2. When you’re tall and the bottoms barely come above your crotch. As a tall person myself, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried on bikini bottoms and been like, “Haha, yeah, no,” because it barely covered my whole vag or butt, which means I’d have to spend the whole day pulling it up or, let’s be honest, probably losing it the second I get in the water.

3. Constantly having to pull down the wedgie that never ends. No matter how well your suit fits, your butt will still, without fail, suck in your bikini bottoms like a butt vortex and you still spend the whole day trying to remove it from the vortex. It is the law.

4. How it fits when it’s dry is not how it fits after you get in the water. You’d think by now they would’ve invented bathing suit material that doesn’t swell up and peel itself off your body the second you hit the pool.

5. Stuffing the strings into tight shorts, creating the most VPL ever. Which just ends up looking like you have soda straws stuck to your butt aka a hot look.

6. When your skirt bottom floats up and looks ridiculous the second you go in the water. Great. Now I’m surrounded by a circle of material everywhere I go in this pool.

7. That size large actually fits like a small. How is this 4-inch-by-4-inch swatch of material made for a size large butt?! I call bullshit.

8. When you can’t adjust the band that goes across your back. So we can adjust at the neck but not at the back? Because all backs are the same size? Seriously who is designing these? Are there better bathing suits out there I don’t know about? If so, hit me up.

9. Big waves that threaten to pants you. Beach waves are the bullies of the sea.

10. The nine levels of hair removal that are socially required. Don’t get me wrong; if you don’t want to touch a single hair on your body, you do not have to ever. But every woman knows that socially it’s implied that we’ll be beach monsters if we don’t wax and trim and bleach everything south of our navel before putting on a bikini, and it is exhausting.

11. Razor burn on your junk because you didn’t want to wax. If you chose to shave your vulva with a razor, congratulations! You have almost 100 percent definitely given yourself an endless sea of red bumps you will itch through your bikini for the entirety of the day.

12. Constantly checking to make sure that little boob-triangle is still where it is supposed to be. Also, no one’s breasts are triangle-shaped! No one’s. So no matter what you do, your breasts are going to try to escape through one side or the other. This is truly where women with small breasts are queens because usually they do not have that problem. Bless you all.

13. There is nowhere to hide. If you have body parts you feel weirdly about or feel like being modest, a bikini hears that and laughs in your face. Glass half full though, the only way to get through wearing a bikini is to fully accept yourself on some level, which is incredibly freeing.

14. Getting out of the pool and having to stop by the edge first to pull your bottoms up and your top down. Women in movies who get out of the pool without doing those things are lying to you. Lying.

15. If you wear a bunch of different styles of bikinis on one trip, your body looks like a tan line ropes course. So many tan lines that make so little sense.

16. You will always get a sunburn on that little patch of skin between your bathing suit edge and your armpit. It matters not what you do. This is your fate. It is our fate.

17. Even the smallest of bikinis can end up costing around $100 even though it’s basically made from fabric scraps. And don’t tell me it’s because of the design. You put a piece of string on a vulva-shaped piece of cotton. That’s all.

18. Sandcrotch. I’m making a face right now. The face I make when I have sandcrotch. It basically looks like this.


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Lane Moore Sex & Relationships Editor I’m Lane Moore, sex & relationships editor at Cosmopolitan.com.

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There’s nothing more embarrassing than a wardrobe malfunction — unless the “malfunction” was actually caused by just wearing the clothes the wrong way.

That’s exactly what happened to a 20-year-old from Scotland who claims that she didn’t realize that she was wearing her swimsuit upside down. This apparently led to her revealing a little too much while at a beach resort.

After a trip to the bathroom, Linsey Brown claims didn’t realize that she had her bathing suit on upside down. (twitter.com/emmmamilroy)

Lynsey Brown, a fashion branding student, was on a girls’ trip to Ibiza, Metro.co.uk reports. She started off wearing the outfit the right way, but after a few drinks and a trip to the bathroom, she ended up all upside down. Unaware of her mistake, Linsey took her complaints directly to Pear Swimwear.

“Hey, I wore that swimsuit today,” she messaged to the company’s Instagram account. “Is it meant to stretch like that?” She then shared a picture of the outfit, which was failing to cover up her private parts.

“This is what it was like. It was so bad and embarrassing,” she continued. “Like, it was totally fine at first but afterward it was so bad.”


An extremely polite representative for the company responded, saying, “Hi Lyndsey. I’m really sorry you were embarrassed by your swimsuit,” they said. “I have had a look at the picture you sent and believe you are wearing the swimsuit upside down. The swimsuit you have ordered is this one and should look like this. There should be a gold pear label on the swimsuit which should sit at the back at the top of your back. The thinnest part of the swimsuit will be the strap which sits across your shoulder. I hope this helps.”

Brown’s friends shared the interaction on social media, having a good laugh, posting “Thank God Lyndsey got chucked out (of) ocean after this.”


Brown seemingly had a good sense of humor about the whole situation. She replied to the original post, “I swear it was on correctly when I went there. Howling I was wanting a refund on that swimsuit thinking it was faulty.”

She later posted another statement, saying “I went to Ocean Beach wearing the swimsuit in perfect condition and the correct way, had too much fun with alcohol, went to the toilet a few hours later and put my swimsuit on upside down without knowing. I then got kicked out after this for being a lightweight, not a tramp.”

Buxom babe Emily Ratajkowski put her busty assets on full display in her latest Instagram post. On Friday, the gorgeous Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition model bared her Internet-famous cleavage and more as she poured into the teeniest bandeau bikini, leaving fans drooling over her smoking-hot look.

A photo shared earlier today on the Instagram page devoted to Emily’s beachwear and lingerie brand, Inamorata Woman, showed the 28-year-old hottie rocking an ultra-racy cheetah-print bikini that left nothing to the imagination. Made up of an outrageously tiny strapless top and a very revealing high-cut, high-waist bottoms, the risque beach item did very little to cover up Emily’s jaw-dropping figure — leaving her killer curves all but completely exposed.

In classic Emily Ratajkowski style, the brunette bombshell unabashedly flaunted her insane beach body in the daring bikini, flashing some serious skin in the scanty two-piece ensemble. Closely cropped to her torso and lower body, the snap had everyone eyeing Emily’s buxom curves, which were barely contained by the minuscule top.

Although the skimpy garment did effectively censor her bountiful bosom, it was clearly too small for Emily’s shapely chest. The sizzling supermodel spilled out of the itty-bitty top, showing a whole lot of cleavage and underboob in the provocative bathing suit. To make matters even more sweltering, a knotted detail strategically narrowed the bandeau top in the front, exposing even more tanned skin and further luring the gaze toward Emily’s deep cleavage.

View this post on Instagram

Look hot, be chic. Shop now.

A post shared by Inamorata (@inamoratawoman) on Aug 30, 2019 at 8:09am PDT

Emily showed more than just her perky bust in the scandalous bikini. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model also showcased her curvy hips in the high-cut thong. The high-waisted design accentuated her spectacularly toned midriff, beautifully flattering her hourglass figure. Likewise, her chiseled thighs were also on display, as was her incredible thigh gap.

Just like the top, the bottoms also featured a knotted detail that called even further attention to her enviable curves.

Even though Emily’s face was cropped out of the photo, fans immediately recognized their favorite supermodel in the hot pic. To help matters, the stunning brunette wore her signature pendant necklace – a unique, custom-made piece of jewelry gifted to her by her husband on her birthday. Emily originally debuted the necklace on Instagram more than a month after her June 7 birthday.

As many of her fans will remember, this is not the first time that Emily has modeled the cheeky animal-print bikini on Instagram. The dark-haired beauty recently showed off the show-stopping two-piece in a photo shared to the Inamorata Woman page last week, as reported by The Inquisitr at the time.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Inamorata (@inamoratawoman) on Aug 24, 2019 at 9:48am PDT

Before that, Emily showcased the cheetah-print swimsuit in another snap that showed what the thong bikini looked like from behind. Posing in the bathroom mirror, the ravishing Vogue model turned her back to the camera and flashed her peachy booty in the barely there bathing suit.

View this post on Instagram

Next week. ????

A post shared by Inamorata (@inamoratawoman) on Aug 18, 2019 at 6:33am PDT

While both shots were captured indoors, the newly posted photo was taken at the beach. Snapped on the white sand with the frothy sea stretching in the background, Emily slayed the beach-babe look as she modeled the bikini. The sizzling brunette held a bright-yellow ping pong paddle in her hand, which complemented the palette of her orange-and-black two-piece.

The smoldering photo had fans flocking to the comments section to offer their opinion on the racy bikini. Plenty of followers found the look appealing, as shown by the flurry of compliments that started pouring in as soon as the photo went live.

“There’s nothing that doesn’t look good on this lady!” one person wrote under the steamy photo.

“All about this print,” was a second reply, followed by a heart-eyes emoji.

“Love this print,” read a third message, trailed by a string of yellow and black heart emoji, which were specifically chosen to mirror the swimsuit’s color scheme.

“Not a want but a need,” commented a fourth fan.

View this post on Instagram

Dog days of summer @inamoratawoman

A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on Aug 18, 2019 at 6:41am PDT

However, not everyone was won over by Emily’s risque look. Some were critical of the skin-baring bikini and found the design too NSFW.

“I love the energy but are these suits realistic???????” asked one person.

“That is not chic it’s vulgar,” penned another.

“I can’t believe this is viewed as okay, she is practically nude, and people why they are sexually targeted,” opined a third Instagram user.

Fans who want to see more of Emily and her blazing bikini looks should follow the model on Instagram.

As the warmer weather takes over, many of us will find ourselves scrambling through our swimwear drawer eager to get to the nearest body of water. However, not so quick, ladies. Like most things in life, proper fit is key to enjoying the warm weather – and your swimwear. There’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting swimsuit. So, put your swimwear to the test and see they still fit!

What are the signs of an ill-fitting swimsuit?

Saggy Bikini Bottom

The key to feeling great in swimwear is confidence. A saggy bottom that looks like you didn’t make it to the bathroom in time is a sure-fire way to kill your poolside vibes. The backside of bathing suits are often the first to go, as the fabric gets rubbed on all kinds of surfaces. So, take a look at your behind. If your bathing suit bottoms aren’t well fitting, it’s time to toss.

Falling Straps

Falling straps on a bathing suit aren’t only annoying; they can have you falling out of your cup size every time you come up for air. So, if the straps aren’t staying up no matter how many times you readjust them, the fabric is likely worn and stretched beyond repair. Thus, a shopping trip is in need.

Digging Straps

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you may have bathing suit straps that dig into your shoulders. While these won’t necessarily make you fall out, they can make you bulge out in all the places you don’t want. That’s also not to mention that straps digging into your shoulders is never a good combination for comfort. So, achieve a flawless silhouette and increase your comfort with a new swimsuit that fits.

Showing Too Much

If what once was a full bottom bikini is now a cheeky thong, it could be time to retire it. While some bathing suits are certainly more revealing, a revealing style that wasn’t designed to be revealing will almost always result in discomfort. If you want cheeky bikini bottoms, shop that style of swimwear.

Too Tight

Bathing suits are notorious for causing wedgies but it shouldn’t be a regular occurrence. If you find yourself constantly picking at the back of your swimwear, chances are the bottoms no longer fit. Trade them in for bathing suit bottoms in your size and you’ll be surprised at how amazing it feels to strut along the shore without your cheeks popping out.

Under and Side Boob

#SideBoob. There was once a time on Instagram when #underboob and #sideboob was a thing, but if your bathing suit wasn’t supposed to follow that trend and still is showing sider or underboob then you’re likely wearing the wrong size. A bikini top that is too small will pull up, revealing the bottoms of your breasts, whereas a bikini top with too small of a cup size will reveal the sides. Again, this often comes with discomfort. So, if this is the style of swimwear you want, there are many designs for you to shop – and ones that feel as great as they fit.

While it may be time to retire our favorite bathing suit, there’s nothing better than a shopping spree! The swimwear trends for 2018 won’t let you down. Your old bathing suits are about to be yesterday’s news.

7 Bathing Suit Blunders Women Must Stop Doing

Learn The Seven Swimsuit Slip-ups To Avoid This Summer

Every woman should be confident enough to wear a swimsuit in public. It’s just a matter of buying the right swimwear for your body. But you’ll want to make sure you avoid these embarrassing beach fashion faux pas if you don’t want to get the wrong kind of attention in your bathing suit.

1) Get Rid Of It. Don’t Keep Wearing That Worn Out Bathing Suit

Holding onto that favorite t-shirt no matter how worn it looks is fine because you typically don’t wear it in public. Bathing suits on the other hand are on display. That old swimsuit you’ve been keeping is not going to help you look good at the beach. If anything it will make you look even worse. If you’re like just about every women out there you probably haven’t been following our how to guide on cleaning your swimsuit. As such there’s a good chance that old one piece from a few years ago isn’t in the best shape. The colors are probably faded from sun exposure and repeated trips to the washing machine (you shouldn’t do this with a swimsuit). The fabric is likely worn and stretched out making it look all saggy! Do yourself a favor and buy a new bathing suit.

2) Are You A Ten Year Old Girl? No? Then Don’t Wear Girl’s Swimsuit Styles.

Super girly patterns and Disney Princesses are really adorable for swimwear; Girl’s swimwear. As a grown woman you should be wearing swimsuits that reflect that. No trippy colored animal prints, no neon patterns, no girl’s bathing suits.

This goes for teenage styles as well. Unless you’ve got an ageless body like Demi Moore, (even she can’t really pull them off) don’t be wearing a tiny bikini made for teenagers. It really will just look like you’re trying too hard to stay young. Instead shop for classy women’s swimwear brands like Anne Cole or La Blanca. They’ve got plenty of styles that will help you feel youthful without making you look out of place.

3) Weird, Gaudy and Inappropriate Fashions

Bikinis and swimsuits attract a good deal of attention; it’s part of the point of them. So there’s no need to wear something over the top to stand out. But these overly designed and embellished swimsuit styles are all over magazines and ads. And they look great there because they need to stand out to get attention for a swimwear brand. But this leads to lots of women walking about in some embarrassingly gaudy outfits. Stay far away from swimsuit styles like:

  • Swim apparel with bling, lots of bling. You’ll see suits like this in all the magazines but over the top sequins, chains or gold embellishments can come across as gaudy and trashy. Plus they’re often uncomfortable for laying on the beach or by the pool
  • Bikinis and bathing suits with too lots of pointless straps Dozens of straps are distracting. Not to mention the horrible tan lines you’ll get.
  • Costume-themed two-pieces like painted animal faces, tutus or ones with cartoon characters (see above about not wearing childish swimsuits)
  • Distractingly ugly, outdated or overly youthful prints. Wearing ironic is not a fashion style.
  • Bizarre designs and jutting accents that look like you stepped off a fashion runway.

When Your Breasts Are Falling Out Your Bathing Suit Top Is Too Small

Say No to Bikini Stuffing

If you’re a woman with larger breasts that’s great. When it comes to looking good in a swimsuit, it’s understandable that you might want to highlight them as a part of your outfit. However, squeezing them into a top that’s two sizes too small in an attempt to show more cleavage will make them look off and deformed and you’ll likely look kind of trashy. The saying about having too much of a good thing definitely applies here. Some small patches of fabric aren’t going to support your ample bussoms let alone cover it to a respectable degree. There’s a pretty good chance your “girls” will make a surprise guest appearance. If you’re planning on swimming or doing any sort of water activities, an overly skimpy swimsuit top potentially could result in a major wardrobe malfunction. Boob spillage is a major no-no. Go with swimwear that offers adequate coverage, with good support the kind that will keep the “girls” in their place. Remember you’re wearing a swimsuit, not sexy lingerie. This may be an exaggerated case but make sure your bottoms fit right.

5) Bottoms That Don’t Fit Your Bum

No butts about it (pun intended), it’s downright unsettling to go to the beach and see that woman with the oversized backside or even normal-sized butts prancing around the beach in a Brazilian or string bikini. No matter the size of your tush, your bathing suit shouldn’t be X-rated (see rule 11 of The Ten Commandments of Women’s Swimsuits). Even if you’ve got a great butt, it doesn’t mean everybody by the shore wants to see all of it. Of course, you also want to avoid the opposite problem, which is excessive coverage. If your swimwear bottoms are too large or too loose, you might get the dreaded saggy diaper effect or find yourself always adjusting wedgies, which can be equally unladylike. Poor-fitting bottoms are an easily avoidable bathing suit mistakes. These tips should help you avoid bikini bottom blunders when shopping for swimwear:

  • If you find yourself on a website with a selection of practically nonexistent bikini bottoms, go to a different women’s swimwear site. Thongs are for the bedroom, not family beaches and community pools.
  • Shop for swimwear bottoms that cover the important areas and fits snugly but not too tightly. A bottom that’s too small will be uncomfortable and give you a very unappealing muffin top.
  • If you’ve got larger hips, go with a bottom with adjustable ties, that can accommodate your shape.
  • If you have a more boyish shape, look for swimsuits with ruffles or boy shorts as your go-to styles. These wider styles work great at giving the illusion of curves.
  • For the pear-shaped ladies, stick to simple, dark-colored bottoms to create a more evenly balanced look.

Really the only way to know for sure if the bikini bottoms fit the right way is to try them on. Take an objective look at yourself in a mirror at home as dressing room mirrors can often be positioned to make you look better than you do. If you wouldn’t negatively judge a stranger for wearing them, you’ve likely found a bathing suit bottom that fits.

6) Cover-Ups that Don’t Cover Up

Women wear cover-ups for a number of reasons. For some, it’s the convenience of having something to throw on quickly. Many want to protect their skin from the sun’s harsh rays after swimming. Some women wear them to be more appropriately dressed when going into a restaurant after a day at the beach. Others depend on their cover-ups to hide flaws with their body they don’t want to flaunt. Regardless of the reason for wearing this versatile piece of swimwear don’t miss the point of a cover-up by wearing one that doesn’t really cover anything up. Super lacy, holey or see-through cover-ups essentially defeat the purpose of wearing one and look better suited for a rave. Now, you don’t need to don a big old ugly t-shirt as a cover-up either, as that never looks even remotely fashionable. There are plenty of cute, trendy cover-ups for sale, perfect for the beach and the street, which do their job of covering up your other swimwear.

Leaving Nothing To The Imagination Is Probably The Worst Beachwear Faux Pas. You’re not out to give the general public a peep show. So why not keep it classy? Nobody needs to see your whole butt, or most of your breasts. Tops that barely cover the nipples or bottoms consisting of a few centimeters of triangular fabric belong at a strip club not in public. This also goes for bikinis that look like sexy lingerie. A general rule of thumb is that if it looks like a bra or panties treat it that way and just wear it under your clothes. Ten times out of ten a classy two-piece or even one-piece swimsuit that offers more coverage and more support will look better on you then a skimpy little number. You’ll feel much more confident and the way you carry yourself is more important for looking good than the swimsuit you’re wearing. Take a few moments and ask yourself if you are, in fact committing any one of these swimsuit slip-ups. It’s pretty easy to tell if you’re breaking one of this swimwear faux pas. Take a good long honest look in the mirror and decide if you do look right in that maillot or bikini or whatever swimsuit you’re wearing. But don’t be too harsh on yourself. It’s ok that you don’t look like a super model, even they don’t look that good without Photoshop. Remember, a woman’s bathing suit should accentuate and compliment her positive characteristics and hide her negative ones, not distract with the kind of attention reserved for erotic dancers. Stick to swimsuits that are classy, tasteful and most of all suits your personal sense of style. How many of these swimsuit fashion faux pas have you made in the past? Any bathing suit blunders you would add to the list? Leave us a comment below. Check out these great swimwear styles and more when you shop for women’s bathing suits at SwimsuitsDirect.com

AllGo, a review app dedicated to making sure the world and all its public spaces are welcoming to everyone, is working to change that. It has just unveiled its latest stock photo collection, the Swim Collection. It’s a library of free stock photos filled with images of plus-size models decked out in swimwear, proving the fact that every body is a beach body.

The photos feature a wide range of models at a pool party, a scene that may be familiar to fans of the Hulu series Shrill, which inspired the shoot. “As soon as ​Shrill​ came out, the questions started pouring in,” said AllGo founder Rebecca Alexander. “People wanted to know, ‘When was the fat pool party in their city that summer?’ So we decided to answer them. We gathered a list of as many fat pool parties as we could find, but when we went to publish the list on our site, finding photos to accompany the list was impossible.”

“There just weren’t any stock photos of plus-size people in bathing suits,” she added.”

The Swim Collection makes sure that photo editors always have an option when choosing images. The collection is available here and on Unsplash and is available for all uses.

This is AllGo’s second stock photo collection, after releasing the ​Home Collection​ last month. The service is clearly tapping into something with its images, because photos from AllGo’s first collection were downloaded 25,000 times in the 30 days since they were published.

Susan Lucci nearly broke the internet earlier this year when photos of the soap star in a teeny tiny bathing suit surfaced. The 71-year-old looked absolutely ageless in her swimwear, and she’s fully embracing her signature style in a new editorial spread for Harper’s BAZAAR, posing in sexy one-pieces in completely unretouched photos.

© Provided by TIME Inc.

Lucci models two different looks in the photos, wearing a plunging ruched one-piece with tie at the waist, and a more risqué black swimsuit with sexy side cutouts.

“I feel as good now as I ever did in my 20s and 30s, maybe even better physically,” she told the magazine.

© Provided by TIME Inc.

She credits her amazing body to Pilates, something she’s been doing for over 20 years. She previously told PEOPLE she works out every day on her Pilates Pro Chair, a workout she only started doing in her 40s. Over time she’s become so well-known in the Pilates space, she has her own personal workout DVD, “Susan Lucci’s Favorite Moves” and created her very own activewear collection with QVC earlier this year.

Her diet is just as adamant as her workout regimen. She reveals that she lost the desire to have foods such as cheeseburgers or fries after taking up Pilates and admits she rarely eats desserts, snacks or eats breads and pastas.

“I’ll have one glass of champagne when we go out to dinner, but I don’t drink at home,” she shared.

© Provided by TIME Inc. Susan Lucci, 71, Poses in Unretouched Swimsuit Photos, Talks About the Benefits of Botox While she’s in great physical shape, she says when it comes down to it, age is really all about one’s state of mind. “What I’ve learned is that if you train hard, you can offset some of what you’ve got going against you,” she says. “People look at me and say ‘Wow, she doesn’t seem old, but she is old.’ Meanwhile, the reality is if you’re strong, you’re beautiful, no matter what age you are.”

Wise words for anyone, at any age to live by! But when asked what beauty treatments keep her skin healthy glowing and oh, so youthful, she attributes it to never going to bed with makeup on, sticking to a regular skincare routing and getting Botox.

She swears by her dermatologist Ellen Gendler, who does a very “natural” application. “She doesn’t completely freeze your face. You still have expression, so it doesn’t look fake.”

From the looks of these unretouched photos, Lucci has certainly found the trick to looking and feeling ones best — the proof is in the pics!

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