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Anna Victoria has been helping thousands of women around the world since 2015 achieve their fitness goals and improve their mental, emotional and physical health. Join Fit Body with Anna Victoria and see how fueling, nourishing and challenging your body will give you the confidence and strength you have always deserved.

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Fit Body with Anna Victoria is also the first completely custom meal plan app. The app customizes the entire meal plan around your personal caloric needs and macronutrient breakdown so know exactly what and how much to eat. They say abs are made in the kitchen, which is true! The Fit Body App Meal Plan will ensure you get the results you deserve from all your hard work in the gym!

The 13 Fitness Pros You Should Be Following on Snapchat

Fact: We can’t help but check out Snapchat every few hours these days. Whether it’s a celebrity or close friend, it’s the best way to stay up to date on what’s really going on in someone’s life. The 13 accounts below won’t just serve as a digital distraction, though. They’ll also help motivate you to work out and remind you that we’re all here navigating hectic lives and just trying to do what’s good for us—most of the time.

1. Adam Bornstein

Username: bornfitnessWho he is: Founder of Born FitnessWhat you’ll see: What he’s making for dinner, adorable shots of his new baby (who “helps” him throughout the day), workouts, and sneak peeks of blog posts. He also fields questions!

2. Cassey Ho

Username: blogilatesWho she is: Creator of Pop Pilates, blogger, activewear designer, and social media fitness starWhat you’ll see: Healthy meals; travels; new workouts; and a regular rundown of what’s going on at Blogilates headquarters, based in Los Angeles.

3. Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson

Username: karenakatrinaWho they are: The dynamic duo a.k.a. the Tone It Up girlsWhat you’ll see: Hilarious snap stories involving what happens behind the scenes at Tone It Up HQ, their adorable dogs, and glimpses of workouts (from hot yoga class to running up sand dunes).

4. Neghar Fonooni

Username: negharfonooniWho she is: Fitness coach and writerWhat you’ll see: Her workouts (recently, a 500-foot carry with a 115-pound sandbag), delightful posts of her pups, and a look at her wine- and good food-filled life in Venice, CA.

5. Jill Coleman

Username: xjillfitxWho she is: Fitness expertWhat you’ll see: Gym shots; healthy meals she prepares; how she fits in workouts when she’s traveling; and social outings that involve good times like beer, pizza, and bowling.

6. Tara Stiles

Username: tarastilesWho she is: Founder of Strala YogaWhat you’ll see: Glimpses of her life as an international yoga instructor, what goes on after hours at Strala, sneak peeks of new products she’s releasing, and selfies with filters (who can resist?).

7. Rachel Brathen

Username: rachel_brathenWho she is: Yoga instructor behind @yoga_girl InstagramWhat you’ll see: Beautiful sunsets; the work she does with her company, 109 World; yoga on the beach; dogs; and her pet goat, Penny.

8. Anna Victoria

Username: annavictoriafitWho she is: Creator of the Fit Body GuidesWhat you’ll see: Behind the scenes of her workout shoots and media appearances, her wedding prep, and candid videos where she talks about things like how she stays fit while she’s on vacation and the power of posing, lighting, and angles.

9. Jessamyn Stanley

Username: mynameisjessamyWho she is: Blogger, yoga teacher, and self-proclaimed “fat femme”What you’ll see: Her yoga practice and typical days in Durham, NC, which capture her life as a writer, her cute cat, and her travels and media appearances.

10. Jen Sinkler

Username: jensinklerWho she is: Fitness writer and personal trainer, former USA Team rugby playerWhat you’ll see: Her workouts; hilarious snaps like a bathroom selfie “dance party”; rugby games; and food that fuels her through traveling, workouts, and writing.

11. Rich Roll

Username: iamrichrollWho he is: Ultra-endurance athlete and authorWhat you’ll see: A daily “vlog” of his life in Malibu, CA, including interviews he does for his podcast and speaking appearances.

12. John Romaniello

Username: johnromanielloWho he is: Founder of Roman Fitness SystemsWhat you’ll see: Engaging talks with his viewers that serve as inspiration to live your best life and candid snaps of him in pretty much every situation—even driving to the airport after a trip with friends.

13. Alaina Sanders

Username: AlainaGraceFit Who she is: A 19-year-old ACE-certified personal trainerWhat you’ll see: Her workouts—everything from weights to cardio—and gym selfies.

The 15 Best Fitness Snapchat Stars of 2017

It used to be just Facebook we needed to focus on to reach new, potential clients. Then came Twitter, followed by Instagram. Now, it’s all about Snapchat. The quirky messaging app boasts more than 160 million active users.

That’s a lot of potential clients, don’t you think?

These days it’s no secret that to be successful as a personal trainer you have to utilize the power of social media marketing. If it’s “not your thing,” there’s good news. All you have to do is be yourself.

Really. It’s that simple. That’s what these 15 fitness Snapchat stars do every day, and not only are they banking from their clients, but they’re raking in cash from social media influencer gigs.

Let’s check ’em out.

15 fitness Snapchat stars to learn from

It’s not as simple as you might think to sort through the noise of social media platforms and find the right fitness Snapchat coach to learn from. So, we did it for you.

We’ve skimmed through tons of profiles, and narrowed our list down to the top 15 users who we know will be the most beneficial for you to follow.

Here are some of the greatest fitness Snapchat names in the business, and a little bit of background so you can decide who you want to learn from. Follow them, get to know them, and draw inspiration to do your own thing as a Snapchat fitness brand!

1. Evan Childs

  • Snapchat name: @evan_childs
  • Why she’s awesome: A former NCAA D1 athlete, this gal knows her way around the weight room, and then some. A self-proclaimed “hate to run” athlete, she focuses on strength training as opposed to endless cardio.

2. Calum Von Moger

  • Snapchat name: @calvonlive
  • Why he’s awesome: If bodybuilding is your niche, this guy is a must follow. He started his career when he was in his teens and is a three-time Mr. Universe champion. He’s also a hardcore Schwarzenegger enthusiast, which totally makes sense given the industry.

3. Katie Dunlop

  • Snapchat name: @lovesweatandfit
  • Why she’s awesome: Everyone has a story and Katie’s fitness Snapchat one started when she lost 45 pounds and started inspiring other women to take ownership of their bodies. Now, with a community reaching into the six digits, she continues to coach fitness and teaches nutrition.

4. Karena & Katrina

  • Snapchat name: @karenakatrina
  • Why they’re awesome: This one is a little bit different since you get two fitness Snapchat stars under one user name. This dynamic duo defines what it means to mix work with play. As best friends, they offer fitness programs and nutrition plans to their clients.

5. Steve Weatherford

  • Snapchat name: @weatherford5
  • Why he’s awesome: For one, he’s a former NFL player. Two, he’s totally relatable with his family man posts that will undoubtedly serve as #goals. On top of his fitness Snapchat sessions, he consistently serves up motivational quotes and posts.

6. Alaina Grace

  • Snapchat name: @alainagracefit
  • Why she’s awesome: After recovering from anorexia, Alaina discovered weight lifting and totally fell in love. She started teaching herself how to lift, and eventually became a go-to for other fitness lovers. As a fitness Snapchat trainer, she regularly snaps portions of her sessions.

7. Lyzabeth Lopez

  • Snapchat name: @lyzabethlopez
  • Why she’s awesome: Unlike the young guns of the fitness Snapchat star family, Lyzabeth has more than two decades of experience to bring to her clients. She combines old tricks with new trends to cater each person’s individual needs and goals.

8. Laiba Zaid

  • Snapchat name: @bodmon.zaid
  • Why she’s awesome: She’s multi-talented, and works as a fitness instructor, a model, and an avid YouTube-er. Laiba’s signature red locks make for colorful content posts, full of new exercises and lifestyle tips.

9. Christmas Abbott

  • Snapchat name: @christmasabbott
  • Why she’s awesome: Another seasoned fitness guru on our list, Christmas has a long list of accolades including being a CrossFit Games athlete, a public speaker, and a national weightlifter. She boasts content full of motivational posts and fitness tips and tricks.

10. Kayla Itsines

  • Snapchat name: @kayla_itsines
  • Why she’s awesome: Perhaps one of the most famous and well-known fitness Snapchat influencers on our list, Kayla has nearly seven million followers on Instagram alone. She sticks solely to fitness and doesn’t stray from the subject unless it’s to give a paid slot to a paying brand. She means business!

11. Bradley Martyn

  • Snapchat name: @bradleymartyn
  • Why he’s awesome: His main platform is YouTube, where he hosts more than a million followers who tune into check out his videos. Bradley’s content is a bit different than our other fitness Snapchat stars. Although you can draw inspiration from his gym posts, he uses humor to resonate with his audience.

12. Emily Skye

  • Snapchat name: @emilyskyefit
  • Why she’s awesome: Not only does she maintain an amazingly impressive social media presence, Emily’s website has tons of useful information like diet tips and nutritious recipes. Her blog alone is something to marvel at. She is definitely a fitness Snapchat queen.

13. Paige Van Zant

  • Snapchat name: @paigevanzantufc
  • Why she’s awesome: If you notice her fitness Snapchat name, you’ll get the hint that she’s a UFC fighter. It doesn’t get tougher than that! Paige is a strawweight competitor and uses her platform to encourage young females to work hard and follow their dreams.

14. Hannah Bronfman

  • Snapchat name: @hannahbgood
  • Why she’s awesome: She’s a DJ and a fitness Snapchat star. Hannah’s website offers health and lifestyle tips. She also makes herself available for hire to private clients. Beauty is her secondary niche, so her posts also include bits and pieces about products and treatments that she’s working with.

15. Antonio Brown

  • Snapchat name: @ab84official
  • Why he’s awesome: He’s a former NFL player and he totally capitalizes in the social media space. Antonio gives personal insights into his world and also shares clips of training and games.

Getting started as a Snapchat fitness influencer

First off, download the app. It’s free, so there’s no excuse.

Next, think about your daily routine and how you can start to incorporate creating content. For a fitness Snapchat account, videos will be your best bet. Use it! It doesn’t have to be a Hollywood-esque production to be valuable to your client or potential clients.

Be honest when you start out. Tell your followers that you’re new to the game, and are open to feedback. This can help you build out your content strategy as well.

Once you’ve got some direction and some quality content, focus on consistency. Snapchat fitness stars are posting daily, if not more often. That’s the goal. So, if you’re not doing it every day at the beginning, keep building until you get there!

Oh, if you’re unsure how to get going on SnapChat (how to use the app in general), here’s an awesome how-to that walks you through, step-by-step.

Some things to remember on the road to Snapchat fitness success

Now that you’ve got a slew of teachers leading the way, we wanted to shed some more light on the world of Snapchat influence.

Fail to plan and you’re planning to fail

Like we mentioned above, content is kind. Fortunately, with social media, you don’t have to be a film producer to create good, shareworthy content. As you follow the influencers we gave you, take mental notes about what they share and apply it to your own strategy.

Make a plan of how many posts on Snapchat you’ll aim for on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Then, hold yourself accountable. The more you plan out how you’ll incorporate Snapchat, the more success you’ll find.

Real recognizes real, so just be real

Users are smart, and if you’re being fake or don’t deliver what you say you will, they’ll know. Once they know, they’ll leave. The worst part? They’ll never come back.

The Internet is far too populated for con artists to sustain any kind of career. So, just be you. Take your knowledge and love for fitness and share it in a way that only you can.

Users appreciate authenticity, so be sure you’re giving them the most authentic version of yourself when you use Snapchat.

There are very few “don’t’s,” but make sure you don’t…

Don’t mention religion, politics, or any other kind of controversial belief that could potentially damage your rep. At some point, once you grow your following, you can decide if you want to reveal those things. But, right off the bat, your sole focus should be gaining trust with users.

The fame and fortune won’t happen overnight

Just like a relationship, any form of social media growth takes time. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that will make you “go viral” after three Snapchat posts or two Instagram posts.

The key to leveraging Snapchat is to be in it for the long haul. Know that you might be talking to very few people when you start. But remember, even the biggest influencers started the same way! Stay in it to win it, and the success will come.

Join the Xerofit family today and take advantage of our easy-to-use platform, where you can manage all of your personal training clients in one, seamless space!

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Are you looking for the most desirable women to follow on snapchat but you don’t know where to find them? Lucky for you we have created a list of the top 35 attractive women of 2020 to follow. Just copy and paste their free username into your friends list and start watching now. All accounts have been verified, active and are 100% authentic. So what are you waiting for? Add them now!

Top Girls on Snapchat

Click on their username and type username into your Snap app







































What’s the difference between a basic and non-basic Snap girls?

I am sure you have heard the term “basic”, the popular American slang term predominantly used to describe women who are obsessed with trends, and mainstream products. Many girls now a days post youtube videos about being basic and how to become basic. If you are interested and want to see if you fall under the category of being basic Check out this .

Where as non-basic is simply the opposite. These types of women do not follow the new trends and most certainly do not live their lives based on a “basic routine”. Like spending an hour picking out an outfit to wear to go get coffee, just to take a picture of their matcha. See the difference between basic and non-basic?

So how does this relate to snapchat?

To answer that question we will first have to explain what a snap girl is. Every girl young or old that actively posts snaps is considered a “snapchat girl”. Saying that, we do not consider every girl that does this to be the real deal.

Confused? Not to worry, here’s a simple list od 4 things that you MUST HAVE to be considered

  1. Snapchat Premium account
  2. A good following (500+)
  3. Post a minimum of 3 snaps a day
  4. 18 years or older
What is Snapchat Premium?

Premium Snapchat is a separate snapchat account that you have to pay monthly for. Hence the name premium. This account allows you to have access to thousands of secret usernames of men and women that are looking to seek a hookup, have Snapchat sexting, or just post nudes. Anyone who has snapchat can create a premium account. Some users sell their posts to make extra money or use it to simply advertise themselves.

How is Snapchat Premium different than regular snapchat?

Snapchat was originally created back in 2011 for the sole purpose to send a photo or mini clip to your friends and eventually it would vanish. It has sense evolved into having filters, being able to text and save messages, follow your friends on the snap map, and so much more. Premium snapchat is known for its ability to allow users to post and sell their nude snaps. If it’s done right, you can not only brand yourself and gain a mass following but also make a ton of money fairly quickly.

If you are interested in creating a premium account and would like a step by step tutorial watch this video we have provided below

We hope this post has provided you with enough insight to now fully understand how to use premium snapchat and who to follow. If you have an account or just set one up please take full advantage of the free usernames we have listed above. Our ultimate goal is to help you get all of the girls on snapchat you’ve been searching for.

Please note, you have to be 18 years or older to access and use premium account and receive Snapchat porn. If you would like to promote yourself and like to be considered for a spot on our list please contact us with your full name, snapchat username, and email.

We look forward to meeting you!

Find Snapchat Friends: BEST Place To Find Snapchat Usernames, Girls & Guys!

Are you also on Snapchat? KikFriender was brought to life by partnering up with the bright minds of, which is a platform helping you to find Snapchat girls and guys.

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Latest Snapchat Usernames

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  1. Post your Snapchat username to be seen by all and receive Snapchat friend requests
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    Who knows, maybe your next crush is hiding behind one of the posted profiles.. Who doesn’t like a little mystery? 😉


    Snapchat is an app that allows you to share photos and videos that self-destruct in 1 to 10 seconds with your friends and followers.

    Said this way it may sound a bit silly, but it isn’t. Over 100 million people are active on this app on a daily basis, among which, women with sculptural bodies that show a bit of their workout routines.

    It’s a pity their videos last just up to 10 seconds because such beauty just makes you want to keep seeing their squats, Crossfit WODs and other workouts.

    Curious? Then you should check out this list of the 10 hottest fit girls on Snapchat.

    Brittany Renner – Snap: Brittanyrennerr

    This gorgeous athlete has a treasure in the back of her shorts that can make even Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez a bit envious. Naturally, that didn’t just come for free, but instead through a super hard workout routine.

    Unlike many women on this list, who are hardly ever seen in their workout clothes, Renner loves to dress up fancifully. Plus, her snapshots are packed with selfies proving that muscles can be sexy.

    Jen Selter – Snap: JenSelter88

    Who’s not familiar with Jen Selter? This New York girl became a celebrity on the social networks with her pictures and videos zooming in, mostly, on her butt, which is one of the best sculpted on this list.

    Of course, she’s also got snapshots highlighting her ripped abs, but, let’s be honest, it’s all about that butt.

    In general, Selter’s account on Snapchat offers lots of sweet looks while she performs a light workout that emphasizes the best part of her body.

    Paige Hathaway – Snap: phfit

    She wasn’t, originally, an athlete who cultivated large followings on the social networks.

    As Paige herself admits on her website, she used to be very thin, with hardly any muscle tone. Gradually, she got involved in the fitness universe and, in fact, ended up helping her followers achieve their fitness goals too.

    Today, this babe is sponsored by Shredz, a supplement brand, besides disclosing a feed loaded with workout videos and inspirational messages.

    Some weeks ago, for example, she posted a snapshot of herself squatting with 225 pounds – 100 pounds more than her body weight.

    Anllela Sagra – Snap: anllela_sagra

    She’s nothing less than the fitness model number one in Colombia.

    At 18 years old, the former Fashion Design student started her journey in the fitness world, and today, at 21, she is getting more and more renowned on the social networks, where she has exceeded 4 million followers.

    Her Snap brings a mix of short workout videos and the backstage of her daily routine.

    Yarishna Ayala – Snap: yarishna_ayala

    When it comes to “fit girls calientes”, Yarishna Ayala can’t be out of the picture. This Porto Rican fox, who started off as a dancer, has won all the bodybuilding contests in the bikini category in her country.

    After that, she went to the US to compete and find new opportunities in fitness. And, believe me, she’s got it. Yarishna was the first female bodybuilder in Porto Rico to achieve the IFBB PRO Bikini Competitor title among other things.

    The parts she likes to work out the most are her legs and butt, while her favorite dishes are pasta, cheesecake and chocolate. How do I know all that? Following her Snapchat, of course, one of the most addictive on this list.

    Lauren Drain – Snap: LaurenDrainFit

    The face of a girl, the body of a woman and the workouts of an athlete. Meet Lauren Drain, a fitness model and author of the New York Times bestseller WBFF PRO, and in her free time, a nurse.

    As if it weren’t enough, this babe has managed to squeeze us in and show us a little of her workout routine on Snapchat.

    Bella Falconi – Snap: bella-Falconi

    Besides being gorgeous and having an amazing body, this dark-skinned Brazilian always gives inspirational words and great exercises on her Snapchat.

    With a pinch of humor, Bella also discloses a little bit about her life in the US as well as about being a first-time mom.

    Do you want to know how she managed to keep this fit after giving birth? Follow her and you won’t regret.

    Gracyane Barbosa – Snap: ggraoficial

    Gracyane Barbosa is destructive when it comes to being fit. Ripped abs here, butt high on her back there… It’s hard not to be impressed with this girl’s disposition to achieve the body of her dreams.

    Besides, her squatting videos are the best on the list, believe me.

    Karina Bacchi – Snap: karina.bacchi

    Still on Brazil, there’s no doubt Karina Bacchi is one the most famous fitness muses in the country. And, naturally, her Snap leaves no workout moments of this gorgeous blonde out.

    She also shares recipes and inspirational messages with her followers and, if you have questions about the actress and model’s ripped abs, all you have to do is add her on your app.

    Lyzabeth Lopez – Snap: LyzabethLopez

    A holistic nutritionist and awarded trainer, this Canadian girl became famous for coming up with a unique workout training program.

    Her short videos on Snap show a little of her fitness routine and you can be sure that every second is worth watching.

    Plus, she is sexy, has an amazingly sculptured body and is definitely an inspiration to all her female and male followers.

    First off, if you’re a Snapchat user and don’t follow any of these girls, you’re really missing out. Secondly, the fit girls videos on this app should last at least thirty minutes. And finally, their tights and shorts are most certainly one of the greatest inventions there have ever been.

    If you’re a regular on Snapchat, you’ll know one of the most irritating #firstworldproblems is not knowing the right handle for your favorite models. With handles like “kylizzlemynizzl” and “Babybels777,” it’s almost like some of these celebs don’t want to be found, so we put them all in one place to make your life easier.

    If you think we missed anyone, head to the comments section.

    As always, follow along with our Snapchat at @Highsnobiety.

    Emily Ratajkowski



    About: 24-year-old Emily Ratajkowski got her first big break when she was cast in Robin Thicke’s 2013-hit “Blurred Lines,” then went on to star in music videos and feature films including Entourage and Gone Girl alongside Ben Affleck.

    Lindsey Kevitch



    About: American model Lindsey Kevitch has worked with the likes of Terry Richardson and fledgling lifestyle publication Off The Rails.

    Kylie Jenner



    About: At only 18 years of age, the youngest Jenner has built a lucrative career endorsing make-up, modeling and more. After self-proclaimed King of the Youth Ian Connor started styling Kylie, she was cemented on the radar of sneakerheads and streetwear fans.

    Iskra Lawrence



    About: Iskra Lawrence has become a positive example for plus-size models in the fashion industry, and yes, she is rocking YEEZYs.

    Pia Mia



    About: Model/musician Pia Mia hails from Guam, and was initially lofted up to success by posting cover videos to YouTube. It wasn’t long before she was in the studio with artists like Chris Brown and Tyga.

    Candice Swanepoel



    About: Born in South Africa, Candice was snapped up by Victoria’s Secret in 2007, and has since worked with many magazines like Lui for their September 2015 issue, as well as some of the biggest fashion brands.

    Sahara Ray



    About: This Australian-born swimsuit model is not just a pretty face, she also has her own line of beachwear.

    Bella Hadid



    About: Los Angeles socialite Bella Hadid is a regular in the Instagram-famous model circuit, and can often be seen rubbing elbows with the Kardashians, as well as her boyfriend The Weeknd.

    Gigi Hadid



    About: The eldest Hadid got her first taste of fame starring in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and now walks the runway for designers like Marc Jacobs and Chanel.

    Karrueche Tran



    About: Once the face of Lady Crooks – the women’s division of streetwear brand Crooks & Castles – Karrueche Tran was thrust into the spotlight when she started dating former beau Chris Brown. Tran also appeared in the 11th issue of Highsnobiety Magazine.

    Amina Blue


    About: After being cast to model for Kanye West’s YEEZY Season 1 & 2, Amina has been tapped by photographers and magazines to appear in various photo campaigns.

    Charlotte McKinney


    About: You might recognize Charlotte from a certain Carl’s Jr. commercial that played during the Super Bowl in 2015. Since then she’s also worked with Terry Richardson, The Hundreds and more.

    Hailey Baldwin



    About: Niece of American actor Stephen Baldwin, 19-year-old Hailey is quickly ascending the top-model food chain. Last December she worked with LOVE Magazine for its annual advent calendar.

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


    About: This English model and former Victoria’s Secret angel got her start modeling lingerie, before moving to the silver screen. Last year she appeared in Mad Max: Fury Road.

    Denise Schaefer



    About: Denise came up in the modeling biz on Instagram, now the Peruvian beauty commonly appears in publications like FHM.

    Tianna Gregory



    About: A regular collaborator with photographer Van Styles, Tianna Gregory is a Los Angeles-based model who has experienced viral success on Instagram and beyond. Don’t miss this aerial photo shoot showing Tianna posing above LA in a helicopter.

    Jasmine Sanders



    About: Los Angeles-based Jasmine Sanders has been pursuing modeling since an early age, and is now an industry fixture in Los Angeles.

    Alexis Ren



    About: We don’t blame you if you’re crushing on American model Alexis René Glabach. Follow along with the Russian/German girl-next-door type for a taste of her Cali lifestyle.

    Ashley Graham



    About: This curvaceous model was picked up by Sports Illustrated for the publication’s 2016 “Swimsuit Issue,” while she was also enlisted in 2015 for LOVE Magazine‘s yearly advent calendar.

    Romee Strijd



    About: This Dutch fashion model and Victoria’s Secret angel has worked with some of the most prestigious names in haute couture, including Isabel Marant, Jil Sander, Prada and many more.

    Imaan Hammam



    About: Hammam was picked out a train station by a fashion scout, and shortly after made her runway debut for Givenchy. Since then, the Dutch model has walked for Balenciaga, Dior and others.

    Taylor Hill



    About: This recent recruit to the Victoria’s Secret roster got her start in gymnastics before moving on to a career as a full-time model.

    Sara Sampaio



    About: You may have spotted this Portugese beauty in the pages of GQ, Elle, Vogue, Glamour, Sports Illustrated and more.

    Ellie Gonsalves



    About: Australian fitness model and swimwear designer Ellie Gonsalves is one to keep an eye on. She’s been featured in titles like Treats! and Maxim, the latter of which she has covered an impressive three times.

    Jasmine Tookes



    About: Another Victoria’s Secret angel, Jasmine also works closely with all-American brands like Calvin Klein and J.Crew.

    • amina blue
    • bella hadid
    • emily ratajkowski
    • Gigi Hadid
    • snapchat

    Words by Staff Read Full Article

    Snapchat initially gained fame with teenagers as a social media network where they could hang out without worrying about seeing their parents spying on their accounts. They could create a visual story, and send it to their friends. It would then disappear without a trace.

    It has lost some of its luster with the arrival of Instagram stories, as well as a recent unpopular change in layout. Both Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian made big points of leaving Snapchat this year, although Khloe Kardashian recently returned with Snapchats of her new baby. Despite these uncertainties, Snapchat is still beloved by many of Generation Z.

    If the Millenials are your target market, then Snapchat is the ideal place to find them, particularly young women.

    Compared to most of the other social networks, Snapchat has a relatively primitive search function. It can be hard to find users unless you know their username. There are websites devoted to supplying the usernames of celebrities on Snapchat, as people can be challenging to find searching within the Snapchat app.

    Snapchat also has little in the way of analytics, although it has recently started to provide more information to those it considers to be influencers.

    It is more sensitive to its users’ privacy than the other networks. It doesn’t tell you who your followers are (or even how many followers any Snapchatter has).

    Here’s a list of popular Snapchatters. Most of these people made their fame in other fields, such as fashion or fitness, but they grew up as Snapchatters, and continue to share pictures and videos of their life on the network.

    15 of the Top Snapchat Influencers to Follow:

    1. Chino (@turbanchino)

    Chino usually takes his Snapchat designs from pop culture. He predominately shares images adapted from popular televisions shows or movies which he modifies to incorporate his face. He often creates a cartoon depiction of a favorite show, with his face pasted over the top.

    One snap Chino has shared shows a “painted” version of the Geordie Shore characters in a hot tub, Chino’s head replaces one of the guys from the show. In another image he’s drawn a scene of the four main characters from The Inbetweeners, but with Chino’s as Will.

    2. Naomi Davis (@love.taza)

    Naomi Davis is a New York-based lifestyle and mommy blogger. She uses her Snapchat account as an extension of her blog – Love Taza. She shares stories as she juggles raising three kids in New York.

    She began her Love Taza blog in 2007 as a young newlywed in New York. Forbes included her in their list of top parenting influencers 2017. She enjoys showing a positive picture of life with her husband and their three children.

    3 Neghar Fonooni (@negharfonooni)

    Neghar Fonooni is a fitness coach and writer. She shares her workouts on Snapchat (some of which are quite grueling), as well as providing candid insights into her life, such as her pups, wining and dining.

    She runs a self-titled blog where she teaches women how to reclaim their power and make their magic. She aims to help women to live fuller, happier, more meaningful lives.

    She describes her offerings as being “spiritual life coaching, business coaching and brand consulting, tarot readings, and helping women become better writers.”

    4. Brittany Furlan (@brittanyfurlan)

    Brittany Furlan is a Los Angeles-based comedian and internet personality. She engages on most popular social media channels, including Snapchat. She was the most followed female on Vine in that platform’s heyday.

    She is probably best known at the moment for her recent engagement to Tommy Lee of Motley Crue.

    5. Ashley Graham (@theashleygraham)

    Ashley Graham is a model who shares candid shots of her modeling life with her fans. She was selected for Sports Illustrated’s 2016 “Swimsuit Issue.” She also featured in LOVE Magazine’s 2015 advent calendar.

    During her modeling career, Ashley has graced the covers of many top fashion magazines, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Elle. She has found success as one of the first plus-sized models and speaks at high schools about body image and body acceptance.

    6. Bella Hadid (@babybels777)

    As a fashion model, Bella Hadid is well aware of the importance of social media to help reach her fans. As you would expect, she uses her Snapchat account to share selfies, as well as snaps of her many (photogenic) friends.

    Bella has modeled since 2012, finding real success at the New York Fashion Week 2014. The Fashion Industry voted her “Model of the Year” in 2016 for’s Model of the Year Awards.

    7. Gigi Hadid (@itsgigihadid)

    Like her sister, Gigi Hadid as an American fashion model and television personality, who likes to share the more visual aspects of her life via her Snapchat account.

    She became a household name as one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She now models for designers like Chanel and Marc Jacobs.

    She spends much of her time with celebrities such as the Kardashians and musicians like the One Direction boys.

    8. Imaan Hammam (@imaanhammam)

    Imaan Hammam is a Dutch fashion model who shares her life on Snapchat. A fashion scout spotted her at a train station, and before long she was on the runway for Givenchy. She has subsequently modeled for numerous brands, including Balenciaga, Burberry, Prada, and Dior. She has also featured in advertising campaigns for many brands.

    Imaan has appeared on the cover of American Vogue three times. She won Couturesque Magazine’s 2016 Model of the Year competition.

    9. Cassey Ho (@blogilates)

    Social media fitness entrepreneur, Cassey Ho, used her Snapchat account to share aspects of her daily life – her meals, lifestyle activities, exercises, and anything to encourage her followers to work out and look good.

    Cassey also uses her Snapchat account to keep people up-to-date with all the activities at Blogilates in Los Angeles.

    10. DJ Khaled (@djkhaled)

    Khaled Mohamed Khaled uses DJ Khaled as his professional name. Like many of the more popular Snapchat influencers, he made his name off the platform.

    He is an American record producer, DJ, radio personality. He also is an executive for a music company.

    D J Khaled views Snapchat as a way to teach his fans how they can make a success out of life.

    11. Shaun McBride (@shonduras)

    A rare male on this list, Shaun McBride uses his Snapchat account to create exciting stories and original art designs. He is an American artist and social media personality, best known on Snapchat for his finger-drawings.

    He set up his Snapchat account in 2014 to share his adventures with his family. He then started sharing Snapchat drawings. His Snapchat audience is now so big that he has made it his full-time job. In fact, he is considered to be the first Snapchat-created celebrity. He has worked with many brands, including Disney, Taco Bell, and Red Bull.

    12. Kate McCully (@adventurouskate)

    As Kate McCully’s username suggests, she is on a mission to travel the world and share her adventures with her followers. She runs a blog called Adventurous Kate – her “solo female travel blog.”

    Kate tours the world for a living. If she sees an opportunity for an adventure, she takes it. She’s “been shipwrecked in Indonesia, taken a boob to the face in Istanbul, and even hit on Jon Stewart in New York City.” She’s even had the opportunity to be an extra in “a really, really bad” German Movie.

    Kate shares her travels, both on her blog and via her social media, including Snapchat, posts.

    13. Cyrene Quiamco (@CyreneQ)

    Cyrene Quiamco is now a full-time Snapchatter.

    She specializes in creating colorful doodled snaps, often superimposed on selfies.

    Cyrene’s most prized snaps are celebrity selfies – where she draws herself beside celebrities, like Ellen DeGeneres and Bruno Mars.

    She is the founder of a blog called The 11th Second, which focuses on Snapchat, profiling famous faces, and providing tips and tricks for Snapchatters.

    14. Chrissy Teigen (@chrissyteigen)

    Swimsuit model, Chrissy Teigen shares stories on Snapchat, giving her fans an insight into her life. These include everything from snaps of her mom to sharing dishes from her recently released cookbook.

    She has been the face of many advertising campaigns and has appeared on America’s Next Top Model and Watch What Happens Live. She appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues of 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. She has also appeared on the covers of Ocean Drive magazine and Cosmopolitan, as well as in the editorials of many of the big-name glamour magazines.

    15. Devon Windsor (@devwindsor)

    Another model who shares her modeling success on Snapchat is Devon Windsor. In a recent interview with Vogue, she discusses how she has observed the rise of the influencer over the decade she’s been modeling. Interestingly, although she sees influencers as beings separate from models, she nonetheless has made a conscious effort to branch out into traditional influencer activities.

    She sees the roles as social media influencer and celebrity/model as blurring, and she’s keen to have a closer connection with her fans. “You can share with your fans what you experience, what you’re going through and it gives them the inside scoop which you could never do before. It’s cool for everyone to get a sneak peek into our lives.”

    Snapchat by the Numbers: Stats, Demographics & Fun Facts

    Company Info


    Founded on: September, 2011

    CEO: Evan Spiegel

    Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

    Employees: 4209 as of July 2019

    Snapchat Statistics

    Total Number of Monthly Active Users:

    360 million (source)

    Last updated: 1/25/20

    Total Number of Daily Active Snapchat Users:

    210 million (source)

    Last updated: 1/25/20

    Percentage of US Social Media users that Use Snapchat:

    84 million

    Last updated: 1/25/20

    Number of Snaps Created Everyday (Photos & Videos):

    3 billion (source)

    Last updated: 1/25/20

    Number of Times the app opens per Day:

    30 times

    Last updated: 1/25/20

    Percentage of Users(18-24 Years old) in the US:

    53% (source)

    Last updated: 1/25/20

    Number of Snapchat Monthly Active Users in the US & Canada

    105.5 million (source)

    Last updated: 1/25/20

    The number of Snapchat Daily Video Views:

    14 billion (source)

    Last updated: 1/25/20

    Snapchat Demographics

    • 75% of Snapchat users are under 34 years old.
    • 90% of Snapchat users are 13-24 years old.
    • Roughly 61% of Snapchat users are female and 38% are male.
    • 69% of US teens say they use Snapchat.
    • 24% of US adults use Snapchat.
    • Roughly 61% of Snapchat users access the platform daily.
    • 41% of US teenagers say Snapchat is their preferred social media platform.
    • People under the age of 25 use Snapchat for 40 minutes on average every day, more than Instagram’s latest stat for the same demographic.
    • 20% of US college students use Snapchat.
    • 50% of Male College students share selfies on Snapchat, the number is higher for Female college students. 77% to be precise.
    • 39% of Snapchat users are aged between 18-24.
    • 71% of Snapchat users aged 18 through 24 use Snapchat multiple times per day.
    • More than 37.5% of UK Smartphone users are on Snapchat, in Norway the number goes up to 50%.
    • 61 million users use Snapchat daily in Europe.
    • Ireland, Saudi Arabia, and Sweden have the highest levels of Snapchat penetration of their population aged 16+.

    Snapchat Financials

    • In Q3 2019, Snapchat reported having generated $446 million.
    • Snapchat makes $2.12 Average Revenue per User in Q3 2019.
    • Snapchat’s largest expenses, aside from payroll, came in cloud server costs Amazon AWS and Google Cloud estimating to $125-$150 million.
    • Snapchat’s worldwide advertising revenue is $1.53 billion
    • Snapchat has 39% year-over-year revenue growth.

    Fun Facts

    • Active Snapchatters open the app 30 times per day.
    • Over 100 Channels on Discover page got 10 million viewers per month in Q3 2019.
    • Over 600,000 Lenses had been created by the community at the end of Q3 2019.
    • Longest Snapchat streak is 1501 snaps as of May 2019.
    • More than 400 million Snapchat stories are created per day.
    • More than 60% of active Snapchatters create new content on a daily basis.
    • On average, people spend 34.5 minutes per day on Snapchat and send 34.1 messages a day.
    • It would take you 10 years to view all the photos shared on Snapchat in the last hour.
    • A custom geofilter could be seen by 40 to 60% of daily Snapchatters.
    • By the time you’d viewed those, another 880,000 years’ worth of photos would have been shared.
    • 95% of Snapchat users say the app makes them feel happy.
    • More than 20,000 photos are shared every second.
    • 2.1 million snaps are sent every minute.
    • Time spent among Snapchat’s adult users per day is 28 minutes.
    • Countries with the largest Snapchat audiences are the US, Uk and France.
    • Snapchat app is accessed by 53.4% of US mobile audiences.
    • Snapchat was downloaded 41.5 million times across the platforms worldwide in May 2019.
    • 30.7% of US marketers used Snapchat

    Note: Please link back to and this page when you reference/quote the statistic.

    Yes, yes, you might follow your favourite celebs on Twitter and “like” their official Facebook page, but that’s all old hat now. Get with the times, people – as Kim K proved, the place to get the best insight into the lives of those you admire and idolise is Snapchat.

    The social service with an expiry date is continuing to grow, with celeb snaps giving a more personal look into how the other half live. But with random aliases proving popular and no search function available, those pesky celebs aren’t always the easiest to hunt down.

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    Don’t worry though, Digital Spy is here to help with your ultimate celebrity Snapchat starter pack…

    Celebrity Snapchat Names

    Alesha Dixon Snapchat username: thealeshashow

    Alexa Chung Snapchat username: chungalexa

    Ansel Elgort Snapchat username: anselelgort

    Ariana Grande Snapchat username: moonlightbae

    iPhone XR with 10GB of data for £58 a month £58.00

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Snapchat username: arnoldschnitzel

    Avicii Snapchat username: timbling

    Bella Thorne Snapchat username: bellathornedab

    Bella Hadid Snapchat username: babybels777

    Blac Chyna Snapchat username: BlacChynaLA


    Blake Lively Snapchat username: LivelyBK

    Bobby Norris Snapchat username: bobbycnorris

    Brody Jenner Snapchat username: nextjenneration

    Calvin Harris Snapchat username: CalvinHarris

    Taylor SwiftInstagram

    Cara Delevingne Snapchat username: Caradevilqueen

    Caroline Flack Snapchat username: flickflack

    Chance Snapchat username: mynamechance

    Charlie Puth Snapchat username: notcharlieputh

    Charlotte Crosby Snapchat username: clc_17

    Chris Brown Snapchat username: Bpchrisbrown

    Apple iPhone XS with 10GB of data for £73 a month US$64.00

    Chris Pratt Snapchat username: chrisprattsnap

    Chrissy Teigen Snapchat username: chrissyteigen

    Ciara Snapchat Username: ciara

    Conor Maynard Snapchat username: conorpmaynard

    Courtney Stodden Snapchat username: courtastodden

    Craig David Snapchat username: craigdavid

    David Guetta Snapchat username: davidguettaoff

    Demi Lovato Snapchat username: theddlovato

    Demi LovatoInstagram

    Dougie Poynter Snapchat username: idougahole69

    Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Snapchat username: TheRock


    Ed Sheeran Snapchat username: teddysdaytoday

    Ellen Degeneres Snapchat username: Ellen

    Enrique Iglesias Snapchat username: henrychurches

    Eva Longoria Snapchat username: realevalongoria

    Ferne McCann Snapchat username: fernemccann

    Fifth Harmony Snapchat username: fifthharmony

    Apple iPhone XS Max with 10GB of data for £78 a month £78.00

    Five Seconds Of Summer Snapchat username: wearefivesos

    Fleur East Snapchat username: Fleur.East

    Gary Beadle Snapchat username: gaz2270

    Gemma Collins Snapchat username: gemcqueen

    George Shelley Snapchat username: higeorgeshelley

    Gigi Hadid Snapchat username: doublegiforce

    Gwen Stefani Snapchat username: itsgwenstafani

    Hailee Steinfeld Snapchat username: haiz

    Hailey Baldwin Snapchat username: haileybaldwin

    Hetti Bywater Snapchat username: bywater_hetti

    Hilary Duff Snapchat username: ohheyhilary

    Related Story

    Jacqueline Jossa Snapchat username: jacquelinejossa

    Jade Thirlwall Snapchat username: justjadeamelia

    Jamie Foxx Snapchat username: iamjamiefoxx

    Jamie Laing Snapchat username: jamielaing

    Jared Leto Snapchat username: JaredLeto

    Jason Derulo Snapchat username: derulo_jason

    Jennifer Lopez Snapchat username: JLobts

    Jeremy McConnell Snapchat username: jeremymccc8

    Jess Glynne Snapchat username: JesssGlynne

    Jesy Nelson Snapchat username: jesynels

    Jessica Alba Snapchat username: jessicamalbe

    Jess Wright Snapchat username: jesswright77

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    Jimmy Fallon Snapchat username: fallontonight

    Joe Jonas Snapchat username: joseadam

    Joey Essex Snapchat username: jaydote

    John Boyega Snapchat username: Jboyega

    Joseph Gordon Levitt Snapchat username: JGL1981

    Justin Bieber Snapchat username: RickTheSizzler

    Kate Hudson Snapchat username: khudsnaps

    Katie Price Snapchat username: kp-official

    Kendall Jenner Snapchat username: kenjen

    Kevin Hart Snapchat username: Lilswag79

    Khloe Kardashian Snapchat username: khloekardashian

    Kim Kardashian Snapchat username: KimKardashian

    Kourtney Kardashian Snapchat username: kourtneykardash

    Kylie Jenner Snapchat username: KylizzleMyNizzl

    Lady Gaga Snapchat username: Ladygaga

    Getty Images

    Leigh-Anne Pinnock Snapchat username: leigh-annepinn

    Lewis Hamilton Snapchat username: lewishamilton

    Liam Payne Snapchat username: snap_leemop

    Little Mix Snapchat username: Littlemix_offic

    Macklemore Snapchat username: mackandryan

    Kevin Mazur/WireImage

    Meghan Trainor Snapchat username: mtrainor22

    Michael B Jordan Snapchat username: michaelbjordan

    Miley Cyrus Snapchat username: mileycyrus


    Millie Bobby Brown Snapchat username: milliebbrown

    Miranda Kerr Snapchat username: mirandakerr

    Niall Horan Snapchat username: niallhoran

    Nick Grimshaw Snapchat username: hiyagrimmy

    Nick Jonas Snapchat username: JickNonas

    Apple iPhone X with 8GB of data for £58 a month US$64.00

    Paris Hilton Snapchat username: realparishilton

    Perrie Edwards Snapchat username: perriesnap

    Phillip Schofield Snapchar username: phillipschofe

    Rebel Wilson Snapchat username: rebelwilsonsnap

    Reese Witherspoon Snapchat username: snapsbyreese

    Draper JamesYouTube

    Rihanna Snapchat username: rihanna

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Snapchat username: rosiehw

    Ryan Seacrest Snapchat username: ryanseacrest

    Selena Gomez Snapchat username: SelenaGomez

    Brian KillianGetty Images

    Shawn Mendes Snapchat username: shawnmendes

    Snoop Dogg Snapchat username: snoopdogg213

    Spencer Pratt Snapchat username: prattspencer

    Taylor Swift Snapchat username: taylorswift

    The Weeknd Snapchat username: xo.official

    Tyga Snapchat username: lamboluxury

    Usher Snapchat username: howusnap

    Vanessa Hudgens Snapchat username: gypsybanessa

    Vicky Pattison Snapchat username: vickypattison1

    Zayn Malik Snapchat username: ZAYN

    Zedd Snapchat username: zedd

    Zendaya Snapchat username: zendaya_96

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    Snapchat Statistics 2020

    1. Snapchat founders have failed 34 times before creating Snapchat.

    Success doesn’t come easy, and Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, the founders of Snapchat, can testify to that. The two of them failed on 34 other projects before hitting it big with Snapchat.


    2. Snapchat was introduced as an iOS-only app and called Picaboo.

    The start was rough for Snapchat, or Picaboo as it was first known. It was presented as the group’s project at Stanford, where their peers scrutinized the concept of self-deleting messages and found it redundant. Luckily for the two of them, the market and the general public thought differently.


    3. The inspiration for Snapchat was born when Spiegel and Murphy’s friend regretted having posted a photo.

    Interesting facts about Snapchat start at the company’s very beginning. While at Stanford, Spiegel and Murphy’s fraternity brother, Reggie Brown, mentioned having regrets about sending a photo. He also, supposedly, said that he wished there was an app that automatically deletes sent photos after a while. This is how Snapchat came to be. Spiegel and Murphy took on the CEO and CTO roles, with Brown as the chief marketing officer.


    4. Snapchat paid its third co-founder (Reggie Brown) $158M in cash to disappear.

    Back in 2014, Spiegel and Murphy were sued by their third partner Reggie Brown, after he was denied an equal stake in the company and basically forced out. After filing a lawsuit against his two former partners, Brown agreed to settle for $158M in cash, denying him the entry to the billionaire club with his former colleagues.

    (Business Insider)

    5. The mascot on the logo of Snapchat known as “Ghostface Chillah” was Brown’s idea, too.

    Inspired by Wu-Tang Clan’s’ Ghostface Killah, Brown named their new, ghost emoji logo Ghostface Chillah. Even though Ghostface Chillah is cool, you’ll never find him on the Staten Island rapping with Method Man and Inspectah Deck.


    6. Snapchat took $825M in revenue in 2017.

    Snapchat has taken a slight dip in revenue during the last two quarters. However, the things seem to be improving, and the company appears to be on track to beat the last year’s numbers. Snapchat growth in the previous years was so immense that they could have easily taken a hit this year, with no severe consequences.


    7. Snapchat’s average revenue per user is $1.53.

    As per official government data, Snapchat made $1.53 per user, last year. With the number of companies advertising on the platform, the new unskippable ad feature, and the number of users there is to see their ads, that number is expected to more than triple this year.

    (US Securities and Exchange Commission)

    8. Snapchat has 3,069 employees.

    Snapchat facts also include some not so happy ones. As of the end of 2017, Snapchat had employed 3,069 people. The reports for this year are likely to show a decrease in the number of employees, as the company recently had to let more than 100 members of their staff go.


    9. There is an app for kids under the age of 13 named SnapKidz.

    For those who haven’t yet entered their teens, there is a special feature in the app called SnapKidz where they can take photos and add captions to them, as well as draw images. Due to the age of users, there is no option to share images or videos with SnapKidz.


    10. Google was interested in buying Snap for at least $30B in 2016/17.

    In early 2016, rumors started spreading about Google’s offer to buy Snap for $30B. Sources from within both companies confirmed these rumors, and Snap’s regrets about not taking the deal, as it was later evaluated at a lower price. Considering the unstable state of the market, it may prove to be a mistake on Snap’s part not to take the deal. Snapchat account stats show an impaired rise in the number of new accounts, as well as a slight decrease in the number of daily visits.

    (Business Insider)

    11. Snapchat’s founders are worth around $4B; more than what Facebook offered for the company 5 years ago.

    Back in 2013, the founders of Snapchat were offered $3B for the company by Facebook. They declined the offer, and made one of the best decisions of their lives, as each of their stakes in the company was valued at $4B once the company went public. The company received a $24B valuation, the second largest IPO ever in the U.S. According to the most recent Snapchat stats, the value of the company has been on a steady rise ever since.

    (Business Insider)

    12. Evan Spiegel, Snapchat CEO, was the youngest billionaire in the world in 2015.

    Back in 2015, after the IPO for Snapchat was released, one of the founders proudly gained the title of the world’s youngest billionaire. Holding around 18% of Snap’s shares, Spiegel is still near the top when it comes to young billionaires, holding the 4th place at the age of 27.

    (Business Insider)

    13. Snapchat’s shares were worth $12.34 on 14 August 2018.

    After reaching their peak on 16 February this year, at $19.84, Snapchat’s shares have been on a slow and steady decline. On 14 August, they were at $12.34, and they have dropped below the $10 mark since.

    (Yahoo Finance)

    14. Snapchat is the 6th most popular app in the US.

    Ranked by the number of monthly users, Snapchat is the 6th most popular app, trailing behind Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook. In case this doesn’t clear out how many people use Snapchat, the answer is nearly 200 million daily.


    15. The longest Snapchat streak is 1,120 snaps.

    Snapchat streaks are one of those things that make no sense, yet are so much fun. The idea is simple; two friends snap each other every 24 hours and try to keep the streak going for as long as possible. You get special flairs starting from day 3, and these flairs are some of the most treasured items a Snapchatter can hold.

    (Herald Magazine)

    16. Snapchat videos get more than 10B daily views.

    Talk about fascinating Snapchat facts! With the amount of puppy-eared videos people have posted in the last few years on Snapchat, it is no wonder that this number of views is achieved daily. Smart glasses with a camera, named Spectacles, were released last year by Snap Inc, with the goal to increase the number of videos on Snapchat. However, the product sold just over 200,000 units and was considered a failure.


    17. With 28.7% reach in May 2018, Snapchat was ranked as the second most used mobile messaging app.

    Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, and numerous other apps are available to us for free messaging. Snapchat was the second most popular one in May 2018, just behind the Facebook Messenger, proving once again how even short-term storage can catch up with the conventional messaging. With nearly 200 million Snapchat active monthly users, 2018 is looking to be a good year for the company.


    18. Snapchat was the preferred social network for 45% of US teens in 2018.

    In the spring of 2018, teens in America were canvassed about their social media preferences. 45% of them said that their preferred one is Snapchat, while 26% listed Instagram as their second choice. Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest followed, with 9%, 8%, and 1% of U.S. teens using them as their primary media.


    19. Snapchat lost 3M daily active users in Q2, 2018.

    Snapchat witnessed a loss of 3 million active users at the start of the second quarter of this year. However, despite the loss of users, the company reported an increase in revenue. Recent Snapchat stats show that, compared to the same period in 2017, the company’s revenue has increased by 44%, reaching $262M in revenue. The loss of active users was blamed on the redesign that occurred in this period, and the company has been working hard to draw more users in the last two quarters of 2018.


    20. 83% of users gave negative reviews to the redesigned Snapchat app.

    Snapchat decided to introduce a redesigned app earlier this year, and some of its features were not met with as much joy as others. Snapchat statistics include this piece of negative data, showing that 83% of their users disliked the redesigned app initially. As many users were not willing to sit through commercials, Snapchat incorporated a new feature: short, unskippable ads. Luckily, people realized that Snapchat needs to turn a profit somehow and that giving advertisers 6 seconds of their time is not too much to suffer through. Especially if advertisers put in an effort to make those ads entertaining and clever.


    21. Snapchat received 5,094 user data requests from the federal authorities during the second half of 2017.

    Federal agencies and courts have issued 5,094 subpoenas for data of Snapchat users, in the second half of 2017 alone. Even though Snapchat messages are deleted after 24 hours, there is leftover metadata from which messages can be retrieved and used as evidence against those under investigation. During previous years of Snapchat’s existence, the government requested the data of significantly fewer people than they did last year.


    Snapchat User Stats

    22. Snapchat has 188M daily active users.

    For those of you wondering how many users Snapchat users are there? The answer is – a lot. The number of people using Snapchat on a daily basis might seem high, but still, it is not enough to place the app on the list of 1,000 most visited in the world. In fact, it comes in 1,618th. Snapchat’s user numbers have actually dropped in the last quarter; an alarming occurrence that the management is working hard on remedying.

    (Statista, SimilarWeb)

    23. 78% of internet users aged 18-24 use Snapchat.

    It is interesting to know that nearly four-fifths of young(er) internet users in America are on Snapchat. Snapchat’s demographics include people of all ages, including 5% of all internet users in the States who are over the age of 75. The number of seniors using the app seems to be on an, ever so gentle, rise, as they try to keep up with the new-age technologies.


    24. 37% of internet users who reside in urban areas use Snapchat.

    Snapchat usage is slowly becoming more prominent among rural internet users, even though urban internet users still lead in this category. While 26% of internet users in the U.S. who are on Snapchat come from rural areas, 37% are located in urban environments.


    25. Daily active Snapchatters spend 30+ minutes using the app each day.

    The number of daily active users of Snapchat is vast, and it is nearing 200 million people, as mentioned in the last paragraph. The average of those people spends more than 30 minutes in the app every day, opening it 25 times per day.


    26. Snapchat users are sending over 3.5B snaps each day.

    Even though a trend of user decline is notable in Snapchat’s statistics, the number of snaps sent each day has been on an upward trend since the beginning. In 2016, the number of snaps sent each day was around 2.5B, in the first quarter of 2017 the number was 3B, and now, the number has peaked at 3.5B.


    27. Snapchat users send about 34.1 messages a day.

    Snapchat users in 2018 don’t seem to be a diverse crowd when it comes to their age, as most of them are teens and young adults. It is no wonder that the average number of messages sent per day is over 30. When young people are offered a way to message someone, and then have that message disappear after 24 hours, you can bet they’re taking that offer. Even though most will ever use the app to message friends, some take the opportunity to express their feelings and share embarrassing moments, or pictures with not that much clothes on.


    28. Snapchat users share 2,083,333 snaps every minute.

    Minutes go by, and Snapchat users send millions of messages that will disappear in a day. While Snapchats sees more than 2 million messages shared every minute, Twitter gets 473,400 new twits, Skype users send and receive 176,220 calls, and nearly 100,000 hours of video are streamed on Netflix.


    29. 528K snaps are sent every minute.

    More data-related facts about Snapchat: Snapchat users send 528,000 messages each minute, and this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. With nearly 300 million people using the app every month, Snapchat manages to hold the top position when it comes to the number of messages sent in a minute.


    30. 60% of daily active Snapchatters use the Snapchat camera every day.

    Whether they want to add a flower crown to their face, puppy ears and tongue, or puke rainbow, nearly 95 million people use the Snapchat camera every day. The size of data that goes through the app is significant, causing Snapchat to get into a $2B deal with Google, for their cloud storage. Luckily, all the data stays on the servers temporarily, keeping the costs semi-reasonable.


    31. 19M users check Snap Maps daily.

    One of the new features of Snapchat that came with the redesign is Snap Maps. This feature allows Snapchat users to share their location with friends, as well as view their Bitmoji on a map. A heat map is created for specific areas, and stories can be created for special events. The purpose of this feature is to easily locate your friends, see what’s happening around your area, and explore museums, sporting events, and more. This feature showed to be one of the more important ones in recovering clients, as well as in going back on track with Snapchat growth.

    (The Verge)

    32. There are 70M daily active Snapchat Lens Studio users.

    As virtual and augmented reality apps started gaining popularity, Snap jumped in on the train with its own AR feature named Lens Studio. With this feature, users were able to create life-like, 3D emojis. Later on, the company introduced Snapchat World Lenses which allowed users to place those emojis in a real-life environment, using just their phone’s camera.

    (The Verge)

    33. 50% of Snapchat users are 18-30 years old.

    When it comes to Snapchat demographics, most of them are young. The app is target towards younger audiences, as evident by those silly filters we’ve all had to witness and endure. This, of course, doesn’t mean that more mature people don’t enjoy what the app has to offer.

    (Digital Vydia)

    34. 79% of teenagers and young adults prefer Snapchat to other social networks.

    The reach of Snapchat among the teens and young adults in the US is 79%, which is 3% higher than Facebook. Similarly, the latest Instagram marketing statistics show that this photo and video-sharing social media platform has a 6% lower reach than Snapchat. Even though the company’s growth seems to have slowed down in the last quarter, these numbers are impressive.


    35. 53.28M mobile users have accessed the app in May 2018.

    Snapchat stats show that 53.28 million of the app’s users are using their mobile phones to access the app. Those in the industries that revolve around online media are familiar with the importance of adapting your product and spreading it to the smartphone market. Snapchat’s market is mostly mobile users, and the app is well-adjusted for their use, which is notable in the number of mobile visits where Snapchat, once again, ranks 6th.


    36. 33% of male and 35% of female US internet users use Snapchat.

    Official Snapchat statistics show that more than a third of the US population uses this app. The female population leads by a few percentage points, but this is in no way an indicator of the gender equilibrium on Snapchat. Even though Snapchat’s numbers were dropping in the first quarter of this year, the one constant the executives could rely on was this never-changing piece of data.


    37. 70% of Snapchat users are female.

    Snapchat user demographics might appear evened out when it comes to gender, according to the previous paragraph. However, same as with Instagram and other similar platforms, the female gender dominates Snapchat too. Even though Snapchat’s officials refuse to reveal the exact number of users by gender, sources from within the company assure us that this number is correct.

    (Daily Beast)

    38. The average daily user of Snapchat creates more than 20 snaps per day.

    Is there a more perfect app for those who want to send a private message, photo, or video, than the one that will make the sent item disappear after 24 hours? You can message your friends some secrets, or message your loved one some naughty pictures, all without the risk of them being discovered later.


    39. 18% male Snapchat users access the app at least once a day.

    One might expect this number to be higher, but it appears that not even one-fifth of all males on Snapchat uses the photo-sharing app on a daily basis. According to the latest Snapchat stats, females are more prominent daily users, and they share more photos, compared to their male peers.


    40. 47% of US Snapchat users aged 18-29 access the app at least once a day.

    This age group is the one that drives Snapchat, as most of its users belong in it. Sorting Snapchat users by country leads us to the conclusion that the US is its leading market, and, according to data, 22% of young adults from the US never use the app. Interestingly enough, people over the age of 65 only make up for 1% of Snapchat’s daily users.


    41. 93% of users send a Snap of their drink.

    Grabbing a quick Snap of their food or drink has become a tradition for millions of people. This popular Snapchat activity is one of the leading causes of the famous divide; Snapchat vs. Instagram. While some people prefer to turn their feed into a food blog, others would rather just send their friend a photo of what they’re about to eat, and not think about it ever again.

    (The Fact Site)

    42. 13.1% of users send Snaps of their private parts.

    You might think that this number is larger, but only 15% of Snapchat users use the platform to send nudes, or at least that’s how many of them admit to it. We’re living in the age of sexual revolution and openness, and more and more people are confident with their bodies and sexuality, giving them the courage to send others photos of their private bits.


    43. 59% of users have received an inappropriate Snap.

    Unsolicited nudes are never a good thing, especially when nearly 100 million people receive them. One of the chief concerns of females everywhere is receiving pictures of genitalia that you did not want to see, and this phenomenon seems to be turning into an epidemic on Snapchat. Snapchat statistics on this topic are disappointing, to say the least, and the company appears to be doing little to nothing in order to remedy the situation.


    Snapchat’s Commercial Use

    44. 64% of marketers are on Snapchat.

    As with any popular medium, advertisers and digital marketing firms have found ways to utilize Snapchat to their advantage. With the addition of the Discover feed, brands have been allowed to present their products and content to the users, bringing in a ton of revenue for Snapchat. Among companies that use Snapchat for marketing, you can find big names such as Audi, Cisco, Nike, and numerous others.


    45. Snapchat reaches 11% of the total US digital population.

    When it comes to Snapchat advertising statistics, the company appears to be doing an excellent job at reaching the population. The rising number of people that Snapchat reaches is the main reason why companies want to advertise their products on it. In no way can a company afford to reach that many people on TV, or any other media, as the marketing campaign would cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Production costs are low for a 6 seconds video, the audience is bigger than anyone can imagine, and the cost of running an advertisement is neglectable, especially for a multi-billion dollar company.


    46. Snapchat usage among global sportswear brands was 90% (as of September 2016).

    Large sportswear brands, such as Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and Asics, were among the first to realize the potential of advertising on Snapchat. With nearly 200 million daily visits, Snapchat is where every major brand wants to be, especially since the new advertising methods such as the Discover feature were introduced.


    47. Video accounts for 57% of brand posts on Snapchat.

    An interesting piece of Snapchat statistics shows us that the use of the video feature has suddenly become the preferred method of advertising by most brands on the platform. As brands tried to adapt to the new Snapchat, they started experimenting with the video feature. This is the reason why the video format went from being a 46% minority to a 57% majority of all brand posts.


    48. 11% of marketers have used Snapchat video, and only 27% have found it to be an effective strategy.

    Most marketers and social media marketing companies haven’t succeeded in their Snapchat video-based campaigns, as users tend to find them obnoxious and annoying, especially if brands try to appeal to younger generations by using memes and being overall cringey. However, some marketers, such as The Washington Post, have managed to get the best of this platform and use the video function in order to maintain and improve their brand’s status of a news source with authority.


    49. Unskippable ads were introduced to the platform in May 2018.

    In order to increase its ad revenue, Snapchat introduced these new ads, causing a minor epidemic of freakouts among its users. Snapchat user numbers started dropping, but not for long. Once the dust settled, users learned to accept the new feature, as they understood the company’s need to actually turn a profit.


    50. 20% of Snapchat users check out Discover on a daily basis.

    Even though the data shows that most users prefer messaging or using the video feature on Snapchat, it is estimated that a fifth of all users, which is around 35 million people, checks out their Discover feed every day. Advertising a brand on Snapchat is not only more affordable than other, more traditional mediums, but it is also more likely to reach more people.

    (Business Insider)

    51. The three most popular brands on Snapchat are Buzzfeed, Comedy Central, and iHeartRadio.

    Snapchat stats show that 54% of users view Buzzfeed content on the Discover feed regularly, while 44% of youth and teens view Comedy Central on Snapchat. Also, iHeartRadio’s content is discovered by 32% of them. These three popular advertisers are followed by the Food Network, ESPN, CNN, and other known names. These numbers tell us that some things, such as top 10 lists and South Park, will always be popular.


    52. 70% of Snapchat users were skipping ads before the redesign.

    Snapchat facts and data show us that, before the redesign, 70% of Snapchat users skipped the ads. According to a 2017 study, dozens of millions of Snapchat users never felt like watching the ads that appeared on their feed. Snapchat then decided to remedy this situation by introducing 6 second-long, unskippable ads, which the users have eventually embraced.

    (Digital Trends)

    53. 54.8% of Snapchat users enjoy seeing stories from brands they follow.

    Clever advertisements, either in the form of a short video or a series of photos, are the way advertisers attract the attention of Snapchatters. When you think about it, Snapchat is the perfect platform to draw new customers in, as most people will simply not sit through a commercial that is longer than 30 seconds. Keeping in mind the number of active users, one can easily see how profitable this platform can be for brands.

    (Digital Vidya)

    54. 88% of users enjoy viewing the entire story made by advertisers.

    Short attention spans, combined with boredom and the shire amount of time we waste staring at our phones are the bread and butter of every Snapchat advertiser. Snapchat advertising statistics show that 88% of all Snapchat users enjoy the advertisements they discover.

    (Digital Vidya)

    55. 50% of all stories brands post have 6 snaps or less.

    Once again, we return to the same point: keeping it short and sweet. Brands who do their best to keep their content concise generally do better than those who prefer their marketing strategies to be more complex. Even though this may have been the way to do things in the past, new media, as well as new generations, require new methods.

    (Digital Vidya)

    56. 61% of Snapchatters don’t follow news organizations.

    Snapchat doesn’t seem to be a friendly platform for news organizations to advertise on, as nearly two-thirds of its users simply aren’t interested in what they have to offer. We’re still waiting on the data that includes new, unskippable ads, but the situation does not seem promising for the advertisers in the news business, as the Snapchat user demographics seem to be more celebrity-oriented.

    (Social Media Examiner)

    57. 51% of Snapchatters don’t follow sports.

    More than half of Snapchatters appears not to be interested in sports. This, however, doesn’t prevent the NFL, NBA, MLS, and other major leagues and teams to advertise on Snapchat, together with known clothing brands that sponsor some of the teams. Snapchat is, after all, a market of a hundred million people.

    (Social Media Examiner)

    58. 57% of Snapchatters don’t follow entertainment outlets.

    We have established earlier that most of the Snapchat’s users are young adults, nowadays commonly referred to as millennials. What millennials like are tight jeans, strange hats, and new technologies. What they dislike is shaving and TV. This is the reason why Snapchat might not be the best place to advertise those services. On the other hand, some entertainment outlets have found success through advertising on Snapchat. One of the examples is the movie industry and its miraculously successful marketing campaign for Deadpool. Snapchat advertising statistics prove that there is a bias for this type of content.

    (Social Media Examiner)

    59. The NCAA determined that coaches are able to use Snapchat for recruiting purposes in 2014.

    After a long debate, the NCAA has ruled that colleges and coaches can use tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to contact potential student-athletes. The reasoning behind the decision is that we simply need to keep up with the times. By using Snapchat, coaches are not only able to message prospective students, but also send and receive videos, all while maintaining confidentiality.


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