We’re about to share the best fishing movies and fishing documentaries that’ll blow your mind.

In this article, we’re going to cover several fishing movies that you need to watch this week. Let’s dive into the list.


Best Fishing Movies on YouTube

Euro Banx 2 – Full Carp Fishing Movie

This is a standalone version of EuroBanx 2 (as seen on the 2016 Nash DVD) that made the list.

Alan Blair and Oli Davies set off on another road trip around Europe. They’re on a quest to check off a huge list of epic carp fishing destinations.

Euro Banx 2 – Full Carp Fishing Movie Review

1.5k viewer likes / 5 cast and spear stars

Well, gentlemen that were like the best carp fishing road trip/video I’ve seen in like FOREVER. Simply insane angling!

Awesome stuff chaps! Great watch, super angling.

Grumpy Old Men

John Gustafson (Jack Lemmon) and Max Goldman (Walter Matthau) are two neighbors who have been at each other’s throats for years.

The rivalry of the former friends intensifies when Ariel (Ann-Margret) comes along and provides a love interest for both of them. When Max finds out that John is experiencing family troubles and financial ruin, he steps in to help.

Their bond is further cemented when John has a health scare and Max makes the ultimate sacrifice for his friend. A perfect movie for this list.

Grumpy Old Men Review

33 viewer likes / 4 cast and spear stars

BEST FISHING MOVIES EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Seen it hundreds and still never gets old, as well as grumpier old men.

I don’t care who u are THIS IS FUNNY …….

Gone Fishing (1997)

Gone Fishing made the list and rightfully so. Joe (Joe Pesci) and Gus (Danny Glover) are lifelong friends who seem to encounter disaster wherever they go.

They’re ecstatic when they find out they’ve won a fishing trip to Florida. Embarking on a road trip, their adventure takes a turn for the worse. They cross paths with a smooth-talking con man (Nick Brimble) who makes off with Joe’s car.

They hitch a ride with two women Rita (Rosanna Arquette) and Angie (Lynn Whitfield) and find themselves in outlandish situations.

Gone Fishing Review

64 viewer likes / 5 cast and spear stars

So many references to the Faith in this movie!! It’s been one of my absolute favorite films since a child!

One of the funniest fishing movies.

Low And Clear (2012)

During a winter fly-fishing trip to Canada, two friends, J.T. Van Zandt and Alex “Xenie” Hall, learn they’ve have grown apart. J.T., the thoughtful even-keeled son of a songwriting legend believes there’s more to fishing than catching fish.

Short-tempered Xenie, a “firewood salesman,” disagrees and fishes like it’s a race against the clock.

Their different approaches to fishing and life emerge and clash on the snowy river banks. Set in British Columbia, this is a true story of a friendship stretched to the breaking point.

An exploration of life in the disappearing wilderness of the West, LOW AND CLEAR unfold with moments of humor and pathos. J.T. and Xenie find themselves on a fishing trip that could be their last. This is one of the fishing movies you need to see.

Starring: John Townes Van Zandt II, Alex ‘Xenie’ Hall

Low And Clear Review

88 viewer likes / 4 cast and spear stars

Just the way it is. All the fishing buddies out there and the spectrum. Best fly fishing film I’ve ever watched and holds up year after year.

Well, I loved the film. Awesome photography. I can relate more to JT for sure. But Zeenie has more firewood than anyone I’ve ever seen.

The Complete Angler (2002)

The Complete Angler is by James Prosek (artist/writer), Fritz Mitchell (producer/editor) and Peter Franchella (cinematographer).

It documents Prosek’s travels as he walks in the footsteps of the 17th century English writer. Izaak Walton’s “research” is for his senior thesis at Yale.

The film focuses on Walton’s book, The Complete Angler, a book that many have heard of but few have actually read. It’s one of the better fishing movies made.

The Complete Angler Review

1.9k viewer likes 5 cast and spear stars

I’ve been watching this for some years now and let me tell ya, this never gets olds i watch this from time to time to get inspiration

Beautifully filmed, directed and narrated. Lovely work.

Best Fishing Movies On Hulu Or Netflix

A River Runs Through It (1992)

Watch on Netflix

Starring: Craig Sheffer, Brad Pitt, Tom Skerritt, Robert Redford

The story of two fly-fishing brothers whose lives unravel. Based on the semi-autobiographical novel by Norman McLean.

This fly-fishing movie originates in the babbling streams of early 20th-century Montana. Norman’s rebellious brother, Paul (Brad Pitt), finds himself drawn to a lifestyle that is tumultuous.

Paul’s proclivity for the outcast lifestyle forces his family’s unfading love to become powerless in saving him. Robert Redford is a master in this movie as well.

A River Runs Through It Review

7.3 viewer stars / 4.5 cast and spear stars

This must have been a very difficult movie to write. It is not about the events that happen in it.

They are only illustrations for underlying principles. Leave out the principles and all you have are some interesting people. They are born, grow up, and take various directions in life as well as some good fishing. A fishing movies list would be nothing without this film.

The River Why (2010)

Watch on Hulu

Starring: Zach Gilford, Amber Heard, William Hurt

This film adaptation of a novel is little known but will appeal to both fans of trout fly-fishing and romance films. It centers on a young man’s search for a trout,

His goal was to find his own way in the fishing world and thereby find himself and love.

This is a metaphor for his lifelong search for meaning. If you’re an angler who gets more out of fishing than fish, give this a watch.

The River Why Review

5.0 viewer stars / 4 cast and spear stars

Although it may take some patience on the part of the viewer. The River Why, like a sunny afternoon spent fishing in a shady pool, yields its own small rewards.

The Perfect Storm (2000)

The Perfect Storm was about a daring man who risked his life working on his fishing boat. They showed just how hard it is to get rescued during a crazy storm and how brave you have to be to try.

This is one of those heroic fishing movies that leave you on the edge of your seat.

If you haven’t watched the Perfect Storm film, you need to!

Jaws (1975)

This is a classic!

Watch on Netflix

Starring: Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss

A local sheriff, a marine biologist, and an old seafarer team up to hunt down a great white shark (not a friendly leopard shark) wreaking havoc in a beach resort.

Jaws kill a woman while skinny-dipping near the New England, Police chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) wants to close the beaches. Mayor Larry Vaughn (Murray Hamilton) overrules him, fearing that the loss of tourist revenue will cripple the town.

Ichthyologist Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) and grizzled ship captain Quint (Robert Shaw) offer to help. Brody captures the killer beast and the trio engages in an epic battle of man vs. nature. This is this unforgettable scary fish movie.

Jaws Review

8.0 viewer stars / 5 cast and spear stars

It’s not a splendid line of dialogue, it is an example of Steven Spielberg’s strategy all through the film. Where the shark is more talked about than seen and seen more through its actions than in the flesh.

It is the fear of the unknown that is most captivating about this film. Jaws is a great film, but it did lead to people hating or hurting sharks…which we don’t approve.

The Old Man And The Sea (1990)

Watch on Hulu

Stars: Anthony Quinn, Gary Cole, Patricia Clarkson

Based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway. Santiago goes out on his usual fishing trip and makes a huge catch, the biggest of his life.

Then a shark attacks and tries to steal his catch. Santiago battles with the shark for days. He returns to the shore beaten, tattered and torn, and his catch consisting only of bones.

The Old Man And The Sea Review

7.0 viewer stars / 4 cast and spear stars

The Old Man and the Sea is a 1990 television movie based on the novel The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.

Thereceivedcieved nominations for three Emmy Awards. These included:

  • Outstanding Achievement in Music for a Miniseries or a Special (Dramatic Underscore)
  • Outstanding Sound Editing for a Miniseries for a Special
  • Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Drama Miniseries or Special.

Alamo Bay (1985)

Stars: Amy Madigan, Ed Harris, Ho Nguyen

A despondent Vietnam veteran sees Vietnamese immigrants moving into the fishing industry in a Texas bay town. Fearing for his lively hood he takes action.

Embittered Vietnam veteran Shang (Ed Harris) feels like he is at war with the Vietnamese immigrants.

Shang’s ex-girlfriend Glory (Amy Madigan) ignores the townsfolk racism. She decides instead sticks with her Vietnamese hires. Tensions escalate as xenophobic backlash is becoming violent.

Alamo Bay Review

6.1 viewer stars / 4 cast and spear stars

“Alamo Bay” tells one of those complicated, tragic American stories that you read about in the newspaper and remember months later. You’ll wonder whatever happened to those people and their crisis.

The stories were about a blood feud on the Texas Gulf between the veteran local shrimp fisherman and new arrivals from Vietnam. The locals said they’re invading their traditional grounds and spoiling the fishing.

Best Fishing Documentaries

Silver King – The Birth Of Big Game Fishing

In 1885, a sensational catch at Sanibel Island Tarpon Bay made international news. This catch revolutionized sport fishing.

For the first time, a mighty silver-sided tarpon caught on a rod and reel made Southwest Florida the epicenter of a brand-new sport.

The crowned Silver King of fish lured celebrities and presidents. It transformed Southwest Florida into the birthplace of big game fishing.

Silver King – The Birth Of Big Game Fishing

175 viewer likes / 5 cast and spear stars.

I love some of the pictures of the old tackle shops the old reels and rods thank you so much

This is an interesting video. Not only about fishing but the history as well, Fishing is always fun here. Very rarely do i ever come home empty-handed, This was also a place President and other president came to fish!

Track The Tuna

For over 4000 years fishermen have been catching tuna as they migrate through the Mediterranean.

They’re called the “manna of the oceans”. We take a look at the long journey tuna traverse to mate. Witness their struggles including hunters and the strong presence of fishing boats.

Track The Tuna Review

2.8k viewer likes / 4 cast and spear stars

Magnificent fish.

Stunning images. It might seem savage what fishermen do here…but fish themselves are predators who swallow their own kind alive…so shouldn’t we be sentimental? These fish would do it to us given half the chance….

The World is Running Out of Fish

No one could have predicted the dire straits that the fishing world would find itself in 2010.

After all, certain spots in the world’s waters used to be teeming with schools of everything from cod to salmon fishing. Today fleets scour the seas in vain, hoping to find a school.

The World is Running Out of Fish Review

36 viewer likes / 5 cast and spear stars.

Brings things into perspective.

Moderation is a must!

Australia’s Wild North | Wild Things

Ben Cropp and his sons, Dean and Adam, explore the vast and remote coastline of Australia’s far north from their Vessel, Freedom II.

It’s an adventure along the top end of Cape York, the Gulf of Carpentaria, Arnhem Land, and the Kimberley coast. Very few road tracks lead to this remote area, but by boat, Ben and his family can explore it all.

They meet aborigines in the wild on out-stations. Still harvesting their food using their forefather’s ways, by the primitive spear. The Aboriginal rock art is spectacular. Magnificent Wandjina paintings depicting ancient legends and early explorers that visited Australia.

The fishing is fantastic, prolific wildlife and crocodiles abound in this region. Ben also visits his dream place: a six-mile deep water inlet at King George River. He sees terminates at Twin Waterfalls, tumbling 100 meters from the river above to the gorge below. This inlet is alive with fish, mud crabs, dugong, and crocodiles.

Australia’s Wild North | Wild Things Review

52 viewer likes / 5 cast and spear stars

Very Interesting!!

Informative, I had no idea about some of these.

Fly Fishing in the Anthropocene

The Ozernaya River winds serpentine-like through a remote corner of Kamchatka in Far East Russia.

In one of the most intact ecosystems left in the Northern Pacific, rainbow trout eat mice for breakfast. Also, the salmon run in the hundreds of thousands.

This bounty attracts two kinds of people; those who want to protect, and those who want to exploit. Rampant salmon poaching is big business on Kamchatka, and once the salmon are gone the entire eco-systems collapse. “Fly Fishing in the Anthropocene” explores how fly fishing can help protect the wilderness. Celebrate the beauty and wonder of one of the most vibrant places on earth. This is a terrific fly fishing documentary.

Fly Fishing in the Anthropocene Review

1.5k viewer likes / 5 cast and spear stars

Beautiful and terrifying. A well-told story. One of the very few fishing films I’ve watched from beginning to end without looking at the time.

Fantastic! It was refreshing to have a film convey pure passion and raw emotion rather than non-stop action and hero shots. Looking forward to more… keep up the great work!

Final Thoughts on Fishing Movies

Our well-told favorite fishing movie is the classic “Jaws”. It has been around for most of us, as long as we can remember. No matter how many times you watch it, it never fails to thrill.

There are short movies for you about fishing, fly fishing, and even bass fishing tales with loveable characters.

When it comes to documentaries, there are many on various types of a fishing tale.

Short fishing documentaries offer a wealth of knowledge. They are beneficial for improving your fishing game and learning about the environment.

When you cannot go fishing, the next best thing is to relax with one of our picks for the best fishing movies and documentaries.

Fishing Movie FAQ

Q: What to get a fisherman?

A: Most fishermen will be happy with anything fish related. A fishing movie is a good idea that is often overlooked.

Q: What do you call a female fisherman?

A: Some women say “fisherwoman’” while some say they prefer the term “fishermen” in the professional industry as a badge of honor.

Q: What movie did Don Knotts play a fish?

A: The Incredible Mr. Limpet.

Q: Why do fishermen wear masks?

A: Fishermen wear fishing masks to protect them from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It also protects them against wind and dust while fishing.

Meet the 2012 SXSW Filmmakers #8: Kahlil Hudson ‘Low & Clear’

Directors Kahlil Hudson and Tyler Hughen found an unexpected autobiographical element to their fly fishing documentary “Low & Clear.” The film offered the directors an opportunity to work together after several years apart, much like the protagonists of the film, who reunite for a fishing trip. The directors cite Kelly Reichardt’s “Old Joy” as an inspiration for their film.

What It’s About: The documentary follows two old friends J.T. Van Zandt and Alex “Xenie” Hall on a winter fly fishing trip to Canada. As they attempt to reconnect, they struggle with how time has changed them and their friendship.

Says director Kahlil Hudson: “Fly fishing is a meditative, internal and often lonely activity punctuated with brief, intense bouts of triumph and dispair–as J.T. puts it: a microcosm of life itself. We began filming without knowing where the story would lead, but with the confidence that whatever we discovered would reveal a truth about old friendships–why they last or why they are abandoned. We also wanted to explore other ideas such as coming to terms with the road not taken, the faded glory of the American West explorer, and what happens when our idols fall.

“As filmmakers our story somewhat parallels the documentary we filmed. Tyler and I are old friends that had gone our separate ways some 15 years ago, having kept in touch with the occasional phone call every few years. We began shooting the film almost as an exercise and excuse to break away from our day jobs. Tyler is a photographer, writer and mechanical engineer and I work as a DP on documentaries and commercials.

“One of the biggest challenges was providing just enough technical information to give non-fisherman enough context to understand the conflicts that arise over fishing ideologies without dumbing down the language. The production itself was physically challenging as well, with days spent wading waist deep in the sub-freezing waters of British Columbia’s steelhead rivers.

“We hope our film will inspire people to pick up the phone and call a long forgotten friend.”

Indiewire invited SXSW Film Festival directors to tell us about their films, including what inspired them, the challenges they faced and what they’re doing next. We’ll be publishing their responses leading up to the 2012 festival.

Keep checking HERE every day up to the launch for the latest profiles.

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20/20: Texas Love Triangle (9 p.m., ABC) – A true crime report on the 1999 murder of eight-month-pregnant Belinda Temple, discovered by her husband, David, shot to death inside their home. Two murder trials and two juries have found David guilty of Belinda’s murder, and he’s still awaiting sentencing 20 years after her death. 20/20 reports on a twist in case that involves neighbor Riley Joe Sanders III, the Temples’ neighbor at the time, and interviews people close to the Sanders and the Temple family as well as investigators, lawyers and journalists.

Dateline NBC (9 p.m., NBC) – A woman is found murdered after her close friend hears her screaming on the phone. The mysterious death of her boyfriend’s twin brother leads investigators to a suspect that hits close to home.

Celeste Barber: Challenge Accepted (9 p.m., Showtime) – It’s the first network comedy special for this Australian stand-up comedian.

Holiday in the Wild (Netflix) – Hallmark and Lifetime aren’t the only Christmas movie games in town. This Netflix film — the first of many this season — stars Kristin Davis (“Sex and the City”) as a Manhattan woman who books a second honeymoon with her husband when their son leaves for college. But her husband abruptly leaves her and she ends up traveling to Zambia on her own, where she helps her pilot (Rob Lowe) rescue an orphaned baby elephant.

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Into the Dark: Pilgrim (Hulu) – November’s episode is inspired by true events involving a woman who invites Pilgrim reenactors to stay with her family over Thanksgiving, in an attempt to remind the family of their privilege. But when the actors refuse to break character, the family learns there is such a thing as too much gratitude.

The Elephant Queen (Apple TV+) – A genre-crossing wildlife documentary about a majestic elephant matriarch who leads her family across an unforgiving natural landscape. Narrated by Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (Amazon Prime) – Season 2 was originally scheduled to land today, but it got a surprise drop earlier this week. The series is based on Tom Clancy’s novels and stars John Krasinski.

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From honey bees to tiny houses to TEDTalks on Capitalism and Humanity’s Future, we’ve assembled a complete list of documentaries and shows on Netflix & Hulu that would interest our fellow homesteaders.

Leave a comment below and let us know which ones are your favorite, and which programs we missed!


  • Food & Agriculture Documentaries
  • Health Documentaries
  • Gardening Documentaries
  • Homesteader Living
  • Energy & Sustainability Documentaries
  • Animal & Livestock Documentaries
  • Insect Documentaries
  • Community, World, & Lifestyle Documentaries
  • Science & Nature Documentaries
  • Business & Politics Documentaries

Food & Agriculture Documentaries

Food, Inc.

Director Robert Kenner’s provocative, Oscar-nominated documentary looks at the food industry’s harmful effects on human health and the environment.

Watch Now:

Hungry For Change

This documentary exposes shocking secrets the diet, weight loss and food industries use to keep consumers coming back for more.

Watch Now:

Food Matters

This film takes a timely and hard-hitting look at how the food we eat is helping or hurting our health, and what we can do to live (and eat) better.

Watch Now:

Food Chains

A small group of workers toils to overcome corporate greed and end slavery and abuse in America’s fields, revealing what actually feeds our country.

Watch Now:


This provocative documentary tells the story of farms that were providing safe, healthy foods to their communities but were forced to stop.

Watch Now:

Cow Power

Rural family farms are faced with falling agriculture prices and our greenhouse gas production is leading towards certain danger. In the state of Vermont an idea is brewing that could change the entire country and every farm along with it: Cow Power.

Watch Now:


This documentary follows three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks in an effort to get healthier.

Watch Now:

TEDTalks: Chew On This

Anti-obesity, sustainable seafood, vegetarianism, white bread, humane foie gras, school lunches, food science, and way more. 14 episodes make up this season of TEDTalks exploring food topics.

Watch Now:


Using engaging storytelling through endearing characters and beautiful visuals, this documentary aims to investigate the case for milk as a nutritious food.

Watch Now:

Forks Over Knives

According to the research of two food scientists, the popularity of processed foods has led to epidemic rates of obesity, diabetes and other diseases.

Watch Now:


Inspiring and rich, Ingredients unearths the roots of the local food movement and digs into the stories of the world-class chefs, sustainability-minded farmers and impassioned activists transforming our broken food system.

Watch Now:

In Organic We Trust

Our food system is broken: Is Organic the answer? It’s time to reveal the true meaning of organic and look beyond the label for solutions. Change is happening from the soil up.

Watch Now:

Our Daily Poison

Pesticides, additives, food coloring and packaging. A topic concerning each and every one of us. This is an investigative documentary that sets out to answer this question and reviews many scientific studies that have been largely ignored.

Watch Now:

Food Fight

A fascinating look at how American agricultural policy and food culture developed in the 20th century, and how the California food movement rebelled against big agribusiness to launch the local organic food movement.

Watch Now:

A River of Waste: The Hazardous Truth About Factory Farms

A heart-stopping documentary, “A River of Waste: The Hazardous Truth About Factory Farms” exposes a huge health and environmental scandal in our modern industrial system of meat and poultry production.

Watch Now:

Health Documentaries

Super Size Me

Director Morgan Spurlock takes a hilarious and often terrifying look at the effects of fast food on the human body, using himself as a guinea pig.

Watch Now:

Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead

Focusing on two men whose bodies have been trashed by steroids, obesity and illness, this documentary chronicles the rigorous healing path — including a two-month diet of fruits and vegetables — that both attempt in a bid to rescue their health.

Watch Now:

Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead 2 is available as well.

Fed Up

This eye-opening documentary examines the underlying causes of childhood obesity, which has become an ever-more serious medical issue in America.

Watch Now:

Vaccines: Calling The Shots

“Nova” examines the science behind vaccines and how diseases that were virtually eradicated are making a comeback thanks to anti-vaccine sentiment.

Watch Now:

Ken Burns: Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies

This historical examination of cancer spans from ancient times to the present with stories of patients and a look at advances that may lead to a cure.

Watch Now:


This documentary explores the declining efficacy of antibiotics and the recent alarming rise of drug-resistant microbes — so-called “superbugs.”

Watch Now:

TEDTalks: Defying Disease

Can we outsmart Mother Nature to cure some of the world’s deadliest diseases? These TED speakers propose some astonishing solutions.

Watch Now:


Chemerical is an entertaining and informative documentary about the products we use to clean our homes and bodies.

Watch Now:

The Human Experiment

Personal stories shed light on the lethal effects of chemicals we use every day and the uphill battle against the industrial giants who create them.

Watch Now:

Gardening Documentaries

Dirt! The Movie

Dirt! The Movie is an astonishing, humorous and substantial look at the glorious and unappreciated ground beneath our feet. Dirt! reveals how repairing our relationship with dirt can create new possibilities for all life on earth.

Watch Now:

The Seeds of Time

This documentary follows agriculturalist Cary Fowler as he stockpiles seeds from around the globe in hopes of averting a future worldwide famine.

Watch Now:

Homesteader Living

Truck Farm

The wild world of urban agriculture as told through the journey of a 1986 Dodge pickup that has been transformed into a rolling garden.

Watch Now:

The Organic Life

Following a year in the life of Austin, a hopeful organic farmer, and his skeptical girlfriend Casey, this illuminating doc chronicles farm living and shows not only who grows your food, but also how it is grown.

Watch Now:

The First Season

Directed by Rudd Simmons (producer of High Fidelity, The Royal Tennenbaums, and Boardwalk Empire) The First Season is a documentary about the trials and tribulations of a couple attempting to survive their first season as dairy farmers.

Watch Now:

Craigslist Joe

Exploring whether America still has a sense of community, a man spends a month depending on the goodness of Craigslist posters for his survival.

Watch Now:

Tiny: A Story About Living Small

A young couple with no construction experience attempts to build a tiny house in this documentary that contemplates shifting American values.

Watch Now:

Filthy Riches

Across America, independent entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty make a living by harvesting eels, worms, wild mushrooms and more.

Watch Now:

Mountain Men

From the Great North Woods of Maine to the Alaska North Slope, a group of men live off the land and experience survival in its simplest form.

Watch Now:

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox

Documentary filmmaker Sara Lamm explores the life of the mental institute escapee, master soap-maker, and self-proclaimed rabbi whose all-natural soap would become a counter-culture cleaning product sensation and a staple of health food stores everywhere.

Watch Now:

Fireplace 4K: Crackling Birchwood Fire

OK, so it’s not exactly a documentary.

But, this *is* 60 minutes of glorious fireplace. Sometimes you just gotta turn off the TV, ya know?

Watch Now:

Hanna Ranch

Cattleman Kirk Hanna struggled to protect a once prominent way of life in Colorado. Born into ranch life, Hanna became a leader in the environmental ranching movement, setting out to protect encroachment of development and misuse.

Watch Now:

TEDTalks: Life Hack

Power poses, memorizing long numbers, the connection between happiness and productivity, sleep, and more ‘life hacks’ you can use throughout your day.

Watch Now:

Energy & Sustainability Documentaries

Bottled Life

Journalist Res Gehriger investigates how Swiss-based corporation Nestle has plundered the world’s water resources in the name of big business.

Watch Now:

Revenge of the Electric Car

Revenge of the Electric Car goes behind the closed doors of the automobile industry to chronicle the story of the global resurgence of electric cars.

Watch Now:


After World War II, consumer tastes and government policy steer America into a fateful reliance on oil-fueled technology that must and can be broken.

Watch Now:


Josh Fox examines the negative effects of natural-gas drilling, from poisoned water sources to unhealthy animals.

Watch Now:

Chasing Ice

Environmental photographer James Balog deploys time-lapse cameras to capture a multiyear record of the world’s changing glaciers.

Watch Now:

The Island President

During his presidency of the Maldive Islands, Mohamed Nasheed fights to prevent rising ocean levels from inundating his low-lying archipelago nation.

Watch Now:

Frack Nation

Journalist Phelim McAleer sets out to discover the truth behind fracking, the controversial method of natural gas extraction.

Watch Now:


Exploring the force that sustains all life, this documentary brings together diverse stories from around the globe about our relationship with water.

Watch Now:

Flow: For The Love of Water

Oscilloscope Laboratories presents Irena Salina’s award-winning documentary investigation into what experts label the most important political and environmental issue of the 21st Century – The World Water Crisis – and asks, “Can anyone really own water?”

Watch Now:

Powerful: Energy For Everyone

Powerful showcases the remarkable achievements and inspiring examples of people and communities pursuing a path of conservation and renewable energy. It explores the obstacles they encounter and introduces power players.

Watch Now:


Eleven years in the making, FUEL is the in-depth personal journey of filmmaker and eco-evangelist Josh Ticknell, who takes us on a hip, fast-paced road trip into America’s dependence on foreign oil.

Watch Now:


GasHole is a new documentary film about the history of oil prices and the future of alternative fuels. Narrated by Peter Gallagher, the film features a wide range of viewpoints including the US Department of Energy.

Watch Now:

Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The invention of synthetic plastic created an era of disposable products. Watertight and endlessly malleable, plastic is the perfect invention. Yet, its miraculous durability is also its curse because it never goes away.

Watch Now:

Ecological Design: Inventing the Future

This film illuminates the emergence of ecological design in the 20th Century. Featured are the ideas and prototypes of pioneering designers who have trail-blazed the development of sustainable architecture, cities, energy systems, transport, and industry.

Watch Now:

Animal & Livestock Documentaries

The Natural History of the Chicken

Although chicken is a staple in the diet of most Americans, the history of this tasty bird has yet to be really explored — until now.

Watch Now:

More Than Honey

Already hailed as a definitive work on the subject, this comprehensive documentary examines the disappearance of honeybee populations worldwide.

Watch Now:

Vanishing of The Bees

This documentary details the economic, political and ecological consequences of a puzzling phenomenon: a dwindling world honeybee population.

Watch Now:

The Mystery of the Disappearing Bees

An investigation into a worldwide ecological disaster that could endanger the whole of humanity. The future of our food resources depends on one small insect – the western honey bee, or Apis mellifera.

Watch Now:


Learn how factory farming is decimating the planet’s natural resources — and why this crisis has been largely ignored by major environmental groups.

Watch Now:

TEDTalks: Animal Voices

Peer inside the minds of animals to gain understanding of their behavior and mental health, as well as the impact humans play in their well-being.

Watch Now:

The Life of Birds

Researchers traverse the globe, exploring 42 countries and examining more than 300 species of birds in David Attenborough’s lively documentary series.

Watch Now:

Insect Documentaries

TEDTalks: Beasts, Bugs & Bio-wilderment

These discussions unpack new ideas about creatures great and small, and the stories behind these organisms’ past, present and struggles.

Watch Now:


Using microscopic cameras and special microphones, this French documentary is a fascinating look at the world of insects and other minute creatures.

Watch Now:

Nature: The Gathering Swarm

Explore the worldwide phenomenon of swarm intelligence, as creatures from ants to wildebeest come together in huge numbers with a single purpose.

Watch Now:

Nature: The Private Life of Deer

Just a century ago, there were an estimated 1 million deer living on the North American continent; now their numbers exceed 30 million.

Watch Now:

Community, World, & Lifestyle Documentaries

Project Wild Thing

Disturbed by his kids’ reliance on electronics, a dad appoints himself nature’s marketing director and launches a campaign to get children outside.

Watch Now:


Happy takes viewers on a journey from the swamps of Louisiana to the slums of Kolkata in search of what really makes people happy.

Watch Now:

TEDTalks: How To Start A Movement

With optimism and hope, social activists present tactics for motivating change in governments, businesses, domestic situations and other struggles.

Watch Now:

Happy People: A Year In The Taiga

This documentary explores life along the River Yenisei in Russia, where the industrious inhabitants of a rural village truly live off the land.

Watch Now:

On The Way To School

In this inspiring documentary, four children from disparate environments around the globe face daunting challenges as they make their way to school.

Watch Now:

Waste Land

Renowned artist Vik Muniz joins Brazilian garbage pickers who mine treasure from the trash heaps of Rio de Janeiro’s Jardim Gramacho landfill.

Watch Now:

TEDTalks: Humanity’s Future

Bold predictions and stern warnings — are we heading for a final countdown or a new frontier? These TED presenters peer into mankind’s future.

Watch Now:

Bike City, Great City

Great cities for cycling are better places for everyone. Bike City, Great City is an uplifting ride through cities that are embracing cycling as a liberating, convenient and healthy way to get where you want to go.

Watch Now:

Terms And Conditions May Apply

Through interviews with technology thought leaders and futurists, this timely documentary examines the erosion of privacy in the digital age.

Watch Now:

Free The Mind

Neuroscientist Richard Davidson explores using yoga and meditation to ease the suffering of two war veterans with PTSD and a child with anxiety.

Watch Now:

Science & Nature Documentaries

The Inexplicable Universe with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Host Tyson reveals how cutting-edge technology enables modern scientists to explore the wonders of the universe as never before.

Watch Now:

TEDTalks: Inexplicable Connections

A mushroom suit? Light bulbs that transmit data? Watch TED speakers make ingenious, unexpected solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.

Mushroom suits? Very cool.

Watch Now:

Nature’s Great Events

This series looks at how seasonal changes cause shifting weather patterns and ocean currents, creating the conditions for spectacular wildlife events.

Watch Now:

Hidden Kingdoms

The world is a big, dangerous place for these small creatures. Zoom in to see the daily lives of these tiny animals within their hidden environments.

Watch Now:


This documentary reveals the ecological cost of two centuries of American dam building, from degraded waterways to the loss of wildlife habitat.

Watch Now:

Business & Politics Documentaries

Capital C

Three independent creators use the hottest new tool for raising money, crowdfunding, to try to make their dreams come true in the digital age.

Watch Now:

TEDTalks: The Capitalism Paradox

As the world economy muddles through “the great recession,” how will capitalism reinvent itself? TED speakers place their bets and discuss prosperity.

Watch Now:

Citizen Koch

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s landmark Citizens United decision, this film explores the mounting struggle between money and American democracy.

Watch Now:

Back to Eden

Organic gardener and master arborist Paul Gautschi shares the story of his 55 years in sustainable horticulture. He’s a homesteader who raises crops that sustain his family and friends.

Watch Now:

Documentaries No Longer Streaming

We couldn’t find these documentaries streaming anymore, but they’ve been available in the past and are worth checking out:

  • If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front
  • An Inconvenient Truth
  • Life Below Zero

So, what did we miss?

Leave a comment below with any documentaries you’d recommend!

The 10 Most Vital Food Documentaries on Netflix

Photo:Dustin O’Donnell Design/Flickr/Creative Commons License

After months of rumors, Netflix finally made good on their threat to raise the price of their streaming service. While current customers get to keep the current $7.99 a month price for another two years, future customers will be bumped a dollar to $8.99 a month. This might cause you to cancel your subscription.

But before you do! Take advantage of the service’s surprisingly ample Food Documentary section by planting yourself in front of the TV (and, more importantly, A/C), and educate yourself with the following food-related docs.

Story continues below


The downside of all-encompassing regulation is that occasionally it means being protected from something that isn’t dangerous at all. For example, the arcane laws that still limit the consumption of raw milk. This doc looks at this continuing battle between the government and small farms.

The Fruit Hunters

Are the fruit offerings at your local store or farmers’ market getting repetitive and boring? Then enter the world of The Fruit Hunters, an eccentric group that travels the world in their never-ending search for more exotic and even more delicious fruits. It also features Bill Pullman, which should be selling point enough.

More Than Honey

The continuing mysterious decimation of the world’s honeybee population is examined in this Swiss documentary from 2012. Every possible reason for colony collapse disorder, from the overuse of pesticides to the electromagnetic waves from cell phones, is analyzed and debated.

Kings of Pastry

This film by husband and wife documentarian team D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hedges — the former probably best known for his 1967 Bob Dylan documentary “Dont Look Back” — takes a look at the Meilleur Ouvrier de France competition, wherein a group of world class pastry chefs compete for the prestigious award. It. Is. Great.

A Place at the Table

From the same production team that brought you the pivotal 2008 doc “Food, Inc.” comes this 2012 look at the issue of food security in the U.S. The film examines the issue through the eyes of three people who are “food insecure,” including a single mother, a fifth-grader in Colorado, and a second-grade girl from Mississippi.

Spinning Plates

“Spinning Plates” takes viewers behind the scenes of the independent restaurant business by focusing on three very different establishments: A cutting-edge Michelin-rated gastronomical experience in Chicago, a 150-year-old family-run country dining joint in Iowa, and a new mom-and-pop Mexican eatery in Tucson.

The Moo Man

This 2012 doc takes us across the pond to England and follows Steve Hook, the owner of a small dairy farm that specializes in producing raw milk, and his struggles to stay in business against the pressures from the country’s supermarkets.

Sushi: The Global Catch

A perfect companion piece to the wonderful “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” — also available on Netflix Instant — this doc looks at the big picture by following the trajectory of sushi over the past 30 years from the Tokyo street vending scene to the global culinary phenomenon it is now.

The Harvest/La Cosecha

More than 400,000 kids toil in horrific conditions for very little pay in our country’s fields. This 2010 documentary takes a hard look at the plight of children migrant workers who harvest the food we all eat.

Hot Coffee

In 1994, a 79-year-old woman spilled coffee from McDonald’s onto her lap, leaving third degree burns. She sued the restaurant chain and was awarded $2.86 million from a New Mexico jury. This film is about the specifics of the lawsuit, the cultural phenomenon that followed, and what’s happened to our country’s legal system as a result.

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The summer is winding down and fall is upon us. Life is busy as we are harvesting from the garden and bottling up all of that garden freshness into our pantry for winter.

But once all of the harvest and canning are done, the long winter comes.

Of course, we have things to do in the winter: some are calving, taking care of livestock and doing regular chores. But admittedly, the homestead pace becomes a little slower during the winter months.

Depending on where you live, you may still have a couple of months (or more) until winter hits. So, what can you do around the homestead in the winter?

Learn! Learn a new skill or theory of how to do things. Research a new idea or strategy.

In our home, we have ditched the conventional cable/dish racket and watch tv using alternative methods. To check out what I mean, read this blog post —> 13 Alternatives to TV For Great Entertainment At Home.

So today we are going to talk about homesteading documentaries that you can watch with your family on streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. Now, if you don’t have very fast internet where you are, this may be harder.

Netflix does have a dvd service, but not everything available digitally is available on disc and vice versa. The list below are the documentaries available on these networks as of September 2019.

Now before I get mean emails or comments, let me just clarify. I don’t expect you to sit around all winter and watch tv. I understand that you have a life and better things to do with your time.

But since it gets dark early in the winter and you may have less to do then, these documentaries can help you learn more about food, medicine, farming and other homesteading topics you might be interested in. So let’s get started!

Download Free PDF Version of the List Now

*** I have not watched all of these homesteading documentaries. I will give a review of the one’s I have watched to let you know my opinion on them. I also link each movie with a website that has more information on that title.


For a small monthly fee, you can stream many tv shows and movies (including these homesteading documentaries) onto your tv and watch as many as you want. Cost: Netflix plans start at $7.99 per month.


Forks Over Knives-This is a great movie, but I still don’t want to go vegan. It did make me realize that we eat too much meat and not the good kinds. That’s why homesteading is so important!

The Milk System


Sustainable-A movie about how to make the switch to organic farming and how to make it profitable.


Living On Less






The Magic Pill

The C Word

Amazon Prime Video

This service is part of being an Amazon Prime Customer. You can stream some tv shows and movies for free and others you can buy to stream into your home.

You also get other perks for being an Amazon Prime member such as free music, books and shipping on included products. Cost: $99 per year. If you would like to see all of the perks that go with Amazon Prime, .

That Sugar Film

Is Sugar the New Fat

Food Matters-This movie discusses the health industry and why they get rich while people get sick on the Standard American Diet.

Love Paleo

Sugar Blues

Food As Medicine

Genetically Modified Foods

GMO: Lies and Truth

Just Eat It

The Perfect Human Diet

Food Fight

Super Size Me– Morgan Spurlock eats only McDonald’s food for one month to see how it would affect him and his health. The answer is kinda scary.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2

Food Choices

Fed Up

What’s With Wheat

Diet Fiction

Foods That Cure Disease

Less Is More-How to Be Happy With Nothing

Solar Town USA

Consumed: Inside the Belly Of The Beast

Of the Land

Urban Farmers

Life Off Grid

Save the Farm

Plant This Movie

Raising Resistance

Revolution Food

In Organic We Trust


David vs. Monsanto



Global Junk Food

The Great Culling: Our Water

The Age of Aluminum



I have watched several of these movies, but I plan on watching more this winter too. We can always learn new things from new points of view.

These movies help us see what is going on in the world around us. Even if we don’t agree with their conclusions, they can help us better identify why we do the things we do, including homesteading.

Have you watched any of these movies? What did you think? Please let us know in the comments below. And if you found this post helpful, please share. Thanks!

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Despite its seeming simplicity, food can be one of the most complicated subjects to understand. What makes that complexity problematic, however, is that people have to buy food and feed themselves multiple times a day, meaning simple misunderstandings can turn into significant health problems over time.

Plus, big food is a big industry, and marketing agencies the world over have good reason to try to get you to buy their product. Combine capitalist fervor with a deceptively complicated product and what do you get? A population that lacks the ability to feed itself and has very few people telling them the naked truth about their diets.

However, not all hope is lost. If you want to hear stories from the opposite side of the spectrum, a number of documentaries have been created within the last two decades that do just that. Check out these films to learn more about what’s really in our food, how we can avoid disease through diet and how food can act medicinally.

1. Food, Inc.

“Food, Inc.” was created by Robert Kenner to expose the terrifying secrets of the food industry, including the unsanitary conditions of meat processing. It follows Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan as they work to uncover the truths about the food on our table.

In the film, the producers show why food in grocery stores can be inexplicably both large and inexpensive, as animals are pumped with chemical and hormones to increase their size. This, in turn, lowers the price for farms and companies and increases the profit.

You might also like:

“Food Inc.” explores how corporations have affected all aspects of the food chain in the U.S. (Image via Center For Ecoliteracy)

While the world is seeing “bigger-breasted chickens, the perfect pork chop, insecticide resistant soybean seeds and even tomatoes that won’t go bad,” the modern diet has made modern America historically unhealthy. The film then presents a detailed analysis of how those two phenomena relate.

To do so, they present examples of how corporate intervention has negatively impacted American agriculture, pointing to the creation of new strains of E. coli that have arisen from the unsanitary conditions in meat-processing factories. Many corporations refused to allow cameras in the animal-holding areas, while others refused to speak to Kenner altogether.

2. What The Health

Did you know that there are about 350 million people worldwide with diabetes? Or that animals are administered about 450 drugs before being served on the table?

“What The Health,” which was created by Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn, reveals the terrifying truths about the correlation between food and disease. Specifically, Anderson explores the dangers of eating processed meat.

With the help of professionals, Anderson reveals how nutrition and a plant-based diet can help to prevent and even reverse certain health conditions, such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.

Anderson also investigates health organizations such as the American Diabetes Association and the American Cancer Society. It turns out that they are pretty unwilling to discuss the link between nutrition, diet and disease.

3. Forks Over Knives

This documentary has been impacting the world of nutrition since 2011. “Forks Over Knives” emphasizes the importance of eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes — essentially a whole food, plant-based diet rather than a diet based on animal products and processed foods.

It also discusses the declining health of younger generations. Processed foods lack nutrition and contain large amounts of fat, sugar and salt, which, by appealing to the pleasure circuits in the body, can lead consumers to become addicted to them.

You might also like:

The American diet has led to rampant obesity, and the documentary explores how food should be used in a medicinal manner to prevent and cure illness, rather than relying on pills.

4. In Defense of Food

Journalist Michael Pollan takes his book, “In Defense of Food,” to the screen in this documentary, focusing on the Western diet and how processed, packaged foods have taken control of people.

Processed food is easy, convenient, cheap and delicious because it has been modified to taste that way. Pollan discussed how people are deceived by products to think they are eating healthy. In reality, some of the foods that are supposed to be healthy contain high amounts of fat and sugar.

Journalist Michael Pollan wrote “In Defense of Food” as a response to his first book, “The Omnivore’s Dilemma.” (Image via PBS)

In one specific example, Pollan shows an audience that there is the same amount of sugar in a Coca-Cola and a Yoplait yogurt. According to the documentary, processed foods account for 60 percent of people’s diets.

You might also like:

Pollan discovers how the chemicals in processed foods are ultimately making people sick, along with the lack of nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

5. Food Choices

“Food Choices” was created by Michal Siewierski and is available in over 190 countries. The film features 28 health professionals and experts as they try to reveal the negative consequences of the foods behind the creative, colorful packaging and catchy slogans.

The general population is misinformed about nutrition and the proper ways to stay healthy, as companies often manipulate consumers into believing that their products are nutritional. In less than two years, the filmmaker lost 50 pounds on a plant-based diet and saw his overall health improve.

His journey did not stop here. Siewierski is determined to learn more about nutrition, plant-based diets and the best ways to keep his family healthy for many years to come.

Here are the 11 best health documentaries on Netflix

The wellness movement is on the rise, and Netflix is doing its best to help you keep up. Going beyond açai bowls and quinoa, Netflix health documentaries often delve deeper into the various medical industries, wellness, and the links between health and diet.

The streaming giant offers an array of diverse health documentaries, with everything from topics like medical marijuana and Adderall abuse to wellness advice from hip-hop moguls and even a wild ride into the Russian Olympic doping program scandal. Here are the best health documentaries on Netflix.

The best health documentaries on Netflix

1) A Life of Its Own: The Truth About Medical Marijuana (2017)

A Life of Its Own: The Truth About Medical Marijuana/Netflix

Journalist Helen Kapalos explores marijuana use for medicinal purposes in A Life of Its Own: The Truth About Medical Marijuana. The audience is first introduced to Dan Haslam, an Australian who garnered national attention in 2014 when he was diagnosed with cancer and turned to marijuana for a semblance of comfort in his final year of life. Haslam lived in a conservative town where marijuana was vilified and seen as “demon drug.” His experience was a catalyst his town—and the rest of the nation—to see marijuana in a much different light. We see how marijuana changed the lives of others who, like Dan, need it for medicinal purposes. We also learn about the history of cannabis and meet a variety of experts to teach us the science behind it. Anyone who wants to be educated on medical marijuana, and how it’s different from recreational marijuana, should give this a watch. —Eilish O’Sullivan


2) End Game (2018)

End Game/Netflix

End Game takes viewers inside a UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco that specializes in palliative care. The goal of palliative care is to help terminally ill people grapple with the realities of impending death. The documentary focuses on the efforts of Dr. B.J. Miller and his team. They provide the practical side of things, like explaining when the right time is to end treatments and explaining the nuts and bolts of dying with people in an extremely volatile place. Directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman also show this process from the patients’ perspective. Mitra, Pat, Kym, Thekla, and Bruce are all in Zen Hospice Project, and it’s through them that the film’s points really land. End Game is tough to watch. Not only because it’s hard watching people at their most vulnerable, but because it wants you to reckon with your mortality in the same way the patients are. —Eddie Strait


3) Feel Rich (2017)

Feel Rich/Netflix

Feel Rich offers advice from a plethora of hip-hop moguls, athletes, and other influential individuals on how to be the best version of yourself. Spearheaded by Quincy Jones, Common, The Game, and Russell Simmons, this documentary sets out to explore how celebrities can use their massive reach to positively influence a whole generation of people who look up to them. This documentary refreshingly sets itself apart from the others by quickly acknowledging that not everyone has access to fresh produce. It also recognizes the disparities that exist in diet and lifestyle for minority populations. We meet celebrities and experts who explain how being healthy isn’t just for the rich and famous: viewers are taught alternative ways to attain healthy food, how to exercise, and even the importance of meditation. This is a must watch for anyone who wants an eye-opening and inspiring take on health and wellness. —E.O.


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4) Forks Over Knives (2011)

Forks Over Knives/Netflix

In Forks Over Knives, Lee Fulkerson explores the connection between health and diet. This documentary talks to experts on both ends of the spectrum but makes a stronger case for a whole-food, plant-based diet. If you’re curious about taking on a plant-based diet for yourself, this documentary may give you just the push you’re looking for. —E.O.


5) Icarus (2017)


“Director and co-writer Bryan Fogel starts off with a simple enough premise: He wants to expose the flawed testing process of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). Fogel’s plan is to follow a doping plan designed to beat the tests and see how it enhances his performance in Haute Route, a grueling amateur cycling competition. This story takes a turn when the audience is introduced to a Russian doctor with flexible morality: Grigory Rodchenkov. Rodchenkov finds himself at the heart of the Russian Olympic Doping Program scandal. And, Icarus smartly changes course and follows the more interesting story it stumbles upon, wherever it may go. Fogel started out with the intention of making a documentary that exposes the flawed testing for doping. He succeeded in ways he never could have imagined.” —E.S.


6) In Defense of Food (2015)

In Defense of Food/Netflix

With this documentary, director Michael Schwarz breathes life into Michael Pollan’s book of the same name. In Defense of Food sets out to simplify things for people who are confused by conflicting headlines that say certain foods like eggs are healthy one day and then unhealthy again the next. Pollan also takes on the food industry, which he claims processes foods that seem healthy but, in reality, aren’t. This documentary gives health-conscious viewers guidance on how to eat the right food—the simple way. —E.O.


7) Unrest (2017)


“Unrest is an unflinching look at a disease that overwhelms both the stricken and the medical community. Brea gives viewers a first-person look at the harsh realities of chronic fatigue syndrome. One of Brea’s main goals is to help fight the stigma that people suffering from CFS aren’t really sick. She shows herself at some of her lowest points, laying on the ground and crying, unable to pick herself up. As Brea meets other people with CFS and learns their stories, she finds something that has eluded her: hope. While the struggle to find a cure has no end in sight, people are finding ways to make the best of their situation. Through activism, or FaceTime calls to stay involved, or reckoning with the damage the disease can wreak on a family, the documentary finds a hopeful note to end on.“ —E.S.


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  • The best Netflix original documentaries of 2018
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  • The best music documentaries on Netflix

8) Take Your Pills (2018)

Take Your Pills/Netflix

“Alison Klayman’s Take Your Pills begins with a description of the physical effects of Adderall as a routine and habit. There are quick cuts, swatches of color, cartoonish animations, and pulsing tunes. It’s a flood of information to match the film’s subject matter: our need for focus. Klayman interviews a software engineer who rides an electric unicycle; a mother who was wary of putting her son on it; former NFL player Eben Britton; and a music manager who says Adderall helps him be a “better capitalist.” There are other declarations from interview subjects about how we live in a ‘hypercompetitive order’ and are ‘human capital,’ which might seem benign until you start to look at the fringes of the billion-dollar Adderall and Ritalin industry, which, as the film shows, is insidiously marketing medications to kids, and parents, with the promise of better ‘performance.’” —Audra Schroeder


9) The C Word (2016)

The C Word/Netflix

Director and writer Meghan O’Hara, who’s a breast cancer survivor, takes a very personal journey in The C Word. O’Hara teams up with Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, another cancer survivor who is also a scientist and doctor. The duo explores what steps in health and diet viewers can take to prevent cancer. Through already existing research, Servan-Schreiber expands on the four pillars to preventing cancer before it strikes: nutrition, exercise, stress management, and avoiding toxins. The documentary is also narrated by Morgan Freeman, which in itself is a good enough reason to give this one a go. —E.O.


10) The Bleeding Edge (2018)

The Bleeding Edge/Netflix

Netflix documentary The Bleeding Edge reveals the underbelly of the vast and laxly regulated medical device industry with a focus on just how devastating it can be for the patients who believed that this technology could help. Filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering (The Invisible War, The Hunting Ground) take on the $400 billion medical device industry with a sense of clarity and urgency as they unravel an aspect of the healthcare system many viewers might not know about. At the heart of The Bleeding Edge are the stories from people whose lives have been ripped at the seams by the products they were told would help them. The Bleeding Edge mostly succeeds in hooking its audience and showcasing the horrors of a problem they might not have known existed, although the stories that humanize the issue can sometimes get lost in the bigger picture. But what we do learn is enough to make anyone—especially anyone who already has a medical device implanted in their own bodies—squirm in their seats. —Michelle Jaworski


11) What the Health (2017)

What the Health/Netflix

Writer and Director Kip Andersen (Cowspiracy) is a self-described recovering hypochondriac due to his family’s history of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. In What the Health, Andersen sets out to explore the correlation between diet and disease, and he comes to believe that eating eggs and processed meat is just as unhealthy as smoking. As a hypochondriac who did everything he could to stay healthy, this was his biggest fear, and it’s these claims that drew ire from critics. The journey to his controversial conclusion is fascinating to watch. But watch wearily, because if not, you could easily find yourself never wanting to touch certain foods ever again. —E.O.


Still not sure what to watch tonight? Here are our guides for the absolute best movies on Netflix, must-see Netflix original series, documentaries, docuseries, and movies.

Looking for something more specific? Here are our Netflix guides for the best war movies, documentaries, anime, indie flicks, true crime, food shows, rom-coms, LGBT movies, alien movies, gangster movies, Westerns, film noir, and movies based on true stories streaming right now. There are also sad movies guaranteed to make you cry, weird movies to melt your brain, old movies when you need something classic, and standup specials when you really need to laugh. Or check out Flixable, a search engine for Netflix.

The allure of food documentaries can be attributed to a variety of elements. Whether you’ve secretly aspired to be a world-class chef or just like to imagine eating one of their fabulous meals, chances are you’re curious about what goes into the creation of their famous dishes. Beyond the glitter of celebrity chefdom, you may have always wondered what it was like to own your own food truck and serve a sample of your local flavor to passersby.


Perhaps you’re curious about how the food you eat relates to your health, or perhaps you’re curious about the health of the food you eat. Whether it’s a desire to know more about the food supply chain, the food industry, or just where eggs come from, there’s a food documentary for that too. Luckily, Netflix offers a wide variety of food documentaries to choose from, but be warned, binging them may give you the munchies!

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10 STREET FOODS (2019)

Street food by its very nature, offers the adventurous food lover a taste of the local flavor wherever their adventures take them. Because street food is offered from food trucks, to outdoor grills, to rolling carts, it is the ultimate combination of experiencing the food and the life of the people that make it.

Street Foods, a new docu-series on Netflix, takes viewers into streets around the world to hear the stories of the local heroes that make their favorite dishes. Some have been making their delicious wares for 50 years, without ever having gone to culinary school. It teaches the importance of community, of flavor, and of keeping the tradition of outdoor eating alive.


9 SOMM (2012)

For those that appreciate the finer things in life (or are just curious about those that do), viewers can embark on an intimate journey of taste, style, and sophistication as they follow four sommeliers indulging their senses in a variety of amazing wines. As intoxicating a journey as it proves, it’s not without its challenges.

They will have to put their wine knowledge to the test as their course of study prepares them for the Master Sommelier Exam, a nearly impossible test of wine knowledge that includes questions about the geographical, historical, and industrial complexities of wine. Somm is a great way to learn about wine and improve your own tasting palate!


While it might seem strange that international foodies seek out a sushi restaurant in a Tokyo subway station, but that’s just how good -and how famous- Jiro Ono’s sushi is. Now 93, he still operates his restaurant as head chef, refusing to turn it over to his middle-aged son because he doesn’t feel like he’s ready to run a business that charges $300 a plate.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi examines the life of a man who is both so single-minded and humble, that there isn’t ever a day that goes by when he doesn’t think about the art of making sushi, and how he can refine it. His belief that he still has so much to learn is what has driven him to create some of the best sushi in the world.



Food means a variety of different things to a lot of different people. It can mean good memories with loved ones. It can mean the art of presentation. It can mean hardwork and effort. It can mean the difference between life and death. The link between diet and disease is a strong one, and knowing the ramifications of everything we put in our bodies is important to understanding it.

What the Health looks at how what we eat alters the internal environment of our body chemistry, often resulting in harmful setbacks rather than healthy progress. It’s sobering to look at the billions of dollars that the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and food industry stand to make by our ignorance.



Investigative journalist Michael Pollan’s scrutiny of the food industry and its affect on the American diet first came about via his essay in the New York Times in 2007 entitled Unhappy Meals. This prompted him to write the book In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto the following year, which became the subject of this documentary series.

In Defense of Food takes a harsh look at how the food industry drives the Western diet, from marketing and advertising, to alarmism and scare tactics. He argues it’s conflicting claims about nutrition is responsible for the decline in America’s overall health, and offers several solutions to counteract it.


5 COOKED (2016)

Once again, investigative journalist and foodie Michael Pollan takes a deep dive into diet and lifestyle, but this time he’s not just sticking to the West. He undergoes a globe-trotting adventure to several of the world’s most flavorful countries, exploring the culinary arts of a variety of individuals everywhere from India to Russia.

In Cooked, Pollan learns from chefs, bakers, and brewmasters the nuance of letting food add sustenance to your life as well as your body. With more of a focus on food prep, you’ll learn as much as he does about the passion of cooking meals that nourish body, mind, heart, and soul.

4 ROTTEN (2018)

Have you ever wondered how the eggs you cook for breakfast are collected? Or how your beef is processed? Rotten takes viewers on a serious investigation of the dark side of the food industry, from giant meat-processing plants, to airplane hangar sized warehouses full of chickens packed so tightly they can barely move.

Following the food chain supply from its source to market, viewers quickly see that supply cannot always meet demand. And that the commoditized nature of food means that to keep costs down and to inflate profits, certain corners must be cut. Cutting those corners can have serious consequences for everyone from disappearing farmers to their customers.


3 BARBECUE (2017)

What goes into making the most mouthwatering rack of baby back ribs? The most juicy hamburger? The most finger-lickin’ barbecued chicken? The secret is in the sauce, and the exceptional techniques of the grill masters that have turned barbecue into an art form. In Barbecue, viewers get to experience drool-worthy barbecue from all around the world.

Spend two hours sampling the barbecue from the Southern United States, South America, Korea, Africa, and more, each different place offering its own unique and specialized techniques to transform regional meat and vegetables into a savory barbecued feast. Barbecue is about more than food preparation; it’s about culture and community.


2 CHEF’S TABLE (2015)

From the producers that bring you Street Foods this year, their previous deep dive into the lifestyles and culture of chefs, Cooked, is not to be missed. Follow culinary masters from South Carolina to China as they pursue their dreams of mastering the craft of creating new gourmet food experiences.

Follow several chefs as they reveal to viewers their passion for not just plating the perfect gourmet meal, but the entire process that leads up to it. From making new recipes that have never been tried before, to locating new ingredients and creating new cooking methods to bring those recipes to life, they show you that innovation is the key to keeping cuisine exciting.



The passing of visionary chef, writer, and world-traveler Anthony Bourdain makes this docuseries a little more poignant to view now, but perhaps even more important. The Mind of a Chef predates his Emmy-Award winning series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (also a terrific food-centric series on Netflix!), and celebrates the innovation and passion of chefs on a global scale.

Here, Bourdain adds his special combination of wit and insight as he dogs now-famous celebrity chefs around the world, studying how they go about creating some of their most renowned dishes. It’s an in depth look at the passion, hard work, and tenacity that goes into the often very personal experience of being a chef.

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These Movies Will Make You Go Vegan—Stream Them Today

Thanks to Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon, many life-changing movies about food and animals are available and easily accessible.

Here are the best vegan movies to watch on Netflix and other streaming services:

The Game Changers (available for streaming on Netflix)

The world’s biggest myth about meat is about to be busted by this flick brought to you by James Cameron and Louie Psihoyos, director of The Cove. Former Ultimate Fighting Championship winner and military combat instructor James Wilks embarks on a “quest for the truth” that puts him in touch with top athletes and experts around the world who reveal that the best way to excel in sports and life in general is by eating plant-based foods.

Long Gone Wild

Long Gone Wild explores early orca capture and confinement—from the first capture and display of an orca, Namu, to the creation of the “legend” of Shamu—and covers the evolution and subsequent failures of SeaWorld.

Long Gone Wild is available on multiple video-on-demand services including Apple TV, Google Play, Amazon, Vimeo, VUDU, and Fandango NOW. Cable providers—including DIRECTV, xfinity, Cox, Spectrum, Verizon, Sling, Google Fiber, Frontier, CenturyLink, Mediacom, Suddenlink, dish, and Rogers—will also be screening the film. Check Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, or Best Buy to purchase it on DVD.

The Beautiful Truth (DVD available to rent on Netflix)

This documentary takes a fascinating look at a man who goes on a cross-country journey to learn about Gerson Therapy, a plant-based therapy that proposes a dietary cure for cancer.

Blackfish (available for streaming on Netflix)

This groundbreaking documentary tells the story of Tilikum, a captive orca at SeaWorld, and provides an in-depth look at marine-animal parks. The film resulted in a backlash against SeaWorld, which continues today.

Change Your Food, Change Your Life (DVD available to rent on Netflix)

Nutrition expert Jill Ovnik explains the benefits of a plant-based diet, including a reduced risk of developing cancer, diabetes, and other diseases as well as an increase in energy and weight loss.

The Cove (DVD available to rent on Netflix)

This powerful documentary turns a critical eye on dolphin-hunting traditions in Japan.

COWSPIRACY: The Sustainability Secret (available for streaming on Netflix)

Leonardo DiCaprio is the executive producer of this documentary, which takes on the meat industry, the most environmentally destructive force on the planet today. And this flick is changing the world. The owner of a Texas restaurant has decided to switch to a completely vegan menu after seeing it!

Crazy Sexy Cancer (DVD available to rent on Netflix)

This documentary tells the moving story of a 31-year-old woman who finds out that she has an incurable form of cancer and goes on a quest to discover alternative treatments, meeting and talking to other cancer patients and survivors along the way.

The Elephant in the Living Room (available for streaming on Amazon)

This is a fascinating documentary about a subculture of Americans who keep exotic animals captive and the law-enforcement authorities who deal with these cases.

Fast Food Nation (DVD available to rent on Netflix)

Taking a critical view of the fast-food industry, this award-winning movie examines everything that goes into making a hamburger—including the fecal matter, marketing schemes, cruelty to animals on factory farms, and treatment of their employees—all to the fast-food lover’s dismay.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (available for streaming on Netflix and Hulu)

This inspirational documentary starts with a road trip across the United States to spread the word about juicing and then turns to focus on an overweight truck driver and his subsequent journey to lose weight by drinking plant-based juices.

Fed Up (available for streaming on Netflix)

This documentary explains that at the rate at which the U.S. is currently eating, one out of every three Americans will have diabetes by 2050. It focuses on the obesity epidemic in the U.S. and the negative effects of fast food and sugar.

Food, Inc. (DVD available to rent on Netflix)

If you’ve ever wondered what’s in your food or how it’s made, this documentary is for you. Scratch that—this movie is for everyone, because we all eat food! You’ll learn why corn finds its way into even the most unlikely foods, about the cruel practice of fattening chickens with hormones to speed their growth, and how current laws exonerate corporations and companies, such as factory farms, from being held accountable for their methods of production.

Food Matters (DVD available to rent on Netflix)

One quotation succinctly describes the contents of this film: “One-quarter of what you eat keeps you alive, and three-quarters of what you eat keeps your doctor alive.” This documentary explores the food industry, from GMOs to pesticides, in an attempt to discover what’s causing us to get sick.

Forks Over Knives (available for streaming on Netflix)

This documentary compares the Western diet with that of other countries, which have lower rates of cancer and heart disease. It challenges authorities who seem to be ignoring the link between meat and dairy consumption and disease in order to protect the status quo in the U.S. and touts the benefits of plant-based foods. Also check out Forks Over Knives—The Extended Interviews.

Forks Over Knives Presents: The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue (available for streaming on Netflix)

In this documentary, Rip Esselstyn, former firefighter and author of The Engine 2 Diet, performs a “kitchen rescue” on two families, saving them from their bad eating habits and guiding them toward a healthier, plant-based diet.

I Am An Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA (available for streaming on HBO or to rent on Netflix)

Meet the woman who founded PETA. See what makes her tick, see how far she is willing to go to help animals, hear what her detractors say—some who fear any threat to their bottom line and others who are envious of her success—and meet some of the animals who have benefited from her tireless work.

The Ghosts in Our Machine (available for streaming on Netflix)

The subject of this award-winning documentary is photographer Jo-Anne McArthur, whose photographs challenge our view of animals as food and clothing as well as animal-tested goods and animal entertainment. It may be a wake-up call for the viewer, who might be seeing animals as individuals rather than objects for the first time.

May I Be Frank (DVD available to rent on Netflix)

This documentary tells the moving story of an unhealthy and overweight middle-aged man who visits vegan restaurant Café Gratitude in Berkeley, California, and discovers that a plant-based diet can help him feel and look better. With the assistance of Café Gratitude employees, he undergoes a life-changing transformation that you don’t want to miss.

Meat the Truth (available for streaming or order here)

This documentary explains the toll that the meat industry is taking on the planet’s environment.

Okja (available for streaming on Netflix)

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a deranged zookeeper in ‘Okja,’ which is being called the world’s first vegetarian action movie.

Paul McCartney & Friends: The PETA Concert for Party Animals (DVD available to rent on Netflix)

If you’re looking for some entertainment in the name of animals, watch this concert that Paul McCartney played for PETA. It’s pretty great—he is a Beatle after all.

Super Size Me (available for streaming on Netflix)

This documentary tells the tale of a man who subsists entirely on McDonald’s food for one month and all the disturbing effects that his experiment has on his body and mind.

Tyke Elephant Outlaw (available for streaming on Amazon, iTunes, or Netflix)

It was 20 years ago that an elephant named Tyke—who could no longer take the abuse that she experienced in the circus—crushed her trainer and escaped from a Honolulu arena. This riveting documentary tells her story.

Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered (available for streaming on YouTube)

This hard-hitting documentary calls out the Canadian facility for its duplicitous claims, conflicts of interest, and culpability in beluga mortality.

Vegan Cooking for Animal Lovers (DVD available to rent on Netflix)

In this cooking show, chef Kerry Weber makes vegan recipes that are absolutely, undeniably delicious.

Vegucated (available for streaming on Netflix)

Vegucated follows three people who go vegan for six weeks as an experiment. In the process, they discover the truth behind the meat they so recently enjoyed, including the cruelty to animals and environmental destruction that it causes. The effects are powerful, and they’re forced to re-evaluate their life and diet.

What the Health (available for streaming on Netflix)

The filmmakers behind the popular Cowspiracy expose a different side of the food industry that contributes to and profits from a health epidemic.

Also check out Veganflix, a website that curates animal justice and vegan videos.

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