Best Pedal Exerciser Reviews 2020

Your Ultimate Guide To The 8 Top Mini Exercise Bikes:

Due to the high demand, we have created a list of the best pedal exercisers on the market. We all know the expression that says “you get what you pay for”, however, it’s not always correct and our under desk pedal exerciser reviews will prove just that.

You can see at the top of the list under desk pedal exerciser review we have a mini exercise bike that costs less than $200 and as #4 mini bike costs above $300. We (Your Exercise Bike Team) strive to base our reviews on accurate research and experts’ point of view who chose and ranked the bikes depending on their features and quality, and not solely on their price.

Pedal Exercisers are some of the most convenient workout equipment that won’t occupy extensive floor space like the traditional desk bikes and you can easily move them around your house or even use them outside after doing some healthy gardening. These foot pedal exercisers allow for a good upper and lower body workouts without breaking your bank account.

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Quick Answer: Best Mini Pedal Exercisers

  • Cubii Under Desk Elliptical
  • DeskCycle Pedal Exerciser (Magnetic)
  • MagneTrainer-ER Mini Mini Cycle Pedal Exerciser (magnetic)
  • Sunny Health & Fitness Pedal Exerciser (magnetic)
  • Merax Pedal Exerciser (magnetic)
  • Platinum Fitness Fit Folding Pedal Exerciser/portable pedal exerciser (Friction)
  • Sunny SF-B0891 Mini Exercise Bike/Foot pedal exerciser(magnetic)
  • Exerpeutic 7101 Mini Exercise Bike/floor pedal exerciser (Motorized)

Best Pedal Exercisers Comparison

Comparison Table For The Best Pedal Exercisers

Name Picture Price Resistance For Display Bidirectional Jerky Warranty Height
Cubii Under Desk Elliptical Magnetic
Under Desk
Lower Body
Yes No 1 Year H-10″
Pedal Exerciser
Under Desk
Lower Body
Yes Yes No 1 Year H-10″
Pedal Exerciser
Upper &
Lower Body
Yes Yes No 1 Year H-15″
Sunny H&F
Pedal Exerciser
Upper &
Lower Body
Yes No No 90-Day H-14″
Merax Mini Foot
Pedal Exerciser
Upper &
Lower Body
Yes Yes No N/A H-11.8″
Platinum Fitness Fit
Pedal Exerciser
Upper &
Lower Body
Yes Yes Jerky N/A H-12″
Sunny SF-B0891 Mini
Pedal Exerciser
Upper &
Lower Body
Yes No No 90-Day H-10.5″
Exerpeutic 7101
Pedal Exerciser
Upper &
Lower Body
Yes No No 1 Year

Top Pedal Exerciser Reviews in 2020

Floor pedal exercisers are popular for individuals who want a safe cardio workout to stay active and burn calories, especially while doing multiple tasks. You can use your portable pedal exerciser while watching TV, working in the office, reading, etc.

If you’re looking for the best floor pedal exerciser in the market, our top 8 list of mini-cycle pedal exerciser should help you choose the right stationary pedal exerciser for home and office. Read our thorough and detailed pedal exerciser reviews for 2020, and if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

NOTE: Most of the pedal exercisers are not practical to use under the desk for people 6 feet above as they will not be comfortable either efficient at work.

#1 Cubii Under Desk Elliptical

The Cubii Pro is with no doubt the best under-desk elliptical on the market and there are several good reasons for it. With this sitting pedal exerciser, you’ll get a smooth elliptical motion with zero noise and zero impact on the knees.

Unlike traditional pedal exercise machines that have up-and-down cycling motion, the Cubii under-desk pedal exerciser offers an elliptical motion. It is much easier on the knee joints compared to up-and-down motion which is what you get from most seated pedal exercisers.

Aside from being easy on the joints, the elliptical motion prevents your knees from hitting the desk because your knees don’t come up 90-degree upward like it would with pedal exercisers. Therefore, the Cubii mini elliptical allows you to exercise under shorter work-desks.

In addition to its silent and smooth operation, the Cubii under-desk is built with durable bearings, pedals, and drive-system that can support users up to 500 pounds.

The surface of the pedals are soft and grippy, so you can use the Cubii with or without the shoes. They are non-slip and very comfortable compared to the majority of floor exercise bikes.

As far as the resistance is concerned, the Cubii is equipped with eight powerful levels of magnetic resistance. This wide range of resistance is silent and sufficient for all fitness levels and ages.

The Cubii desk elliptical is also equipped with universal Bluetooth connectivity. It connects to Android and ios devices and allows tracking your progress on Cubii, Fitbit and Apple HealthKit fitness apps.

Some of the stats that you can see and track on the above free fitness apps are; calories, strides, miles, minutes and RPM. On the apps, you can also set personalized goals and compete with other Cubii users around the world.

Last but not least, this brand stands behind its products. Based in Illinois, USA, this company provides excellent support for all the customers. In fact, this is one of the very few fitness brands that provides you the company CEO’s email to contact directly in case you are not satisfied with the support.

Note: Cubii is a bit more expensive than a few other under-desk ellipticals on the market, but it also has unique reliability and great consumer reviews across the web. This under-desk pedal exerciser is designed to be used seated and not standing. So, if you have a standing desk, the Cubii is not for you.

Technical Information of Cubii Under-Desk Elliptical:

  • DeskCycle dimensions:
    23 Inches length
    17.5 Inches wide front legs
    10 inches Height
  • Under-Desk elliptical weight: 27.5 Lbs
  • Resistance type: Magnetic, 8 levels
  • Resistance range: Approximately 140 watts max resistance
  • Resistance steps: 8
  • Designed for: Lower body
  • Computer functions: Via Bluetooth tracks the calories, strides, miles, minutes and RPM
  • Bidirectional pedal motion: Yes
  • Minimum desk height: 27 Inches for individuals 6 feet below
  • Warranty: One year on all parts
  • Pedals: Large and cautioned
  • Ergo Handles: No
  • Sliding on slippery floors: No, chair stoppers are also included
  • Power requirement: Bluetooth uses micro USB charger (included)
  • Jerky: No
  • Maximum user weight: 500-lb

#2 DeskCycle Pedal Exerciser (Magnetic)

This pedal exerciser with 24 inches long and wide base is one of the most used under-desk pedal exercisers. To find out why, read the detailed review of DeskCycle mini pedal exerciser.

It has one of the widest ranges of resistance, 130 watts, which means you will probably never use that level in the office since it’s going to make you sweat, but it’s a unique feature for pedal exercisers under desk. The resistance mechanism of this pedal exerciser is magnetic which creates a smooth and quiet pedaling motion.

The digital display of this under-desk pedal exerciser shows the important values of your workout, you can track calorie, distance, speed, and scan. You can also use the accurate online calorie calculator provided on

Basically, you put your age, height, weight, duration of your workout, the resistance level and the distance and it tells you exactly how many calories you burnt on this pedal exerciser under desk. Pretty cool and more accurate from what’s shown on the digital display of the DeskCycle under-desk exerciser.

DeskCycle mini exercise bike comes with large pedals and adjustable Velcro straps to keep your feet firm on the pedal exerciser, Velcro tether to keep the bike from sliding on the floor and a display stands so you can put the digital display on your desk to monitor the workout values.

With the good solid quality and the lowest pedal height of only 10 inches, DeskCycle is one of the best pedal exercisers in the entire market. The only downside is that it’s leg pedal exerciser so, you can use it only for your lower body.

Note: The rear base/feet of this mini exercise bike is relatively long and comes in contact with the chairs that have wheels and it causes the chair to slide backward. DeskCycle pedal exerciser is not designed for the arm workout. Overall it’s one of the best stationary pedal exercisers for seniors as well as those working in the office.

Technical information of DeskCycle under-desk pedal exerciser:

  • DeskCycle dimensions:
    24 Inches length
    20 Inches wide front legs
    15 inches wide rear legs
    10 inches Height
  • DeskCycle weight: 23 Lbs
  • Resistance type: Magnetic
  • Resistance range: 130 watts max resistance
  • Resistance steps: 8
  • Drive mechanism: Dual axle Twin Belt
  • Designed for: Lower body
  • Flywheel: 3 Lbs
  • Computer functions: Digital Speed, Time, Calories Distance and Scan (The scan mode allows you to review the statistics as you exercise), display stand included
  • Bidirectional pedal motion: Yes
  • Minimum desk height: 27 Inches for individuals 6 feet below
  • Warranty:
    One year on all parts and labor
  • Platform: Wide
  • Pedals: Large with adjustable Velcro straps
  • Ergo Handles: No
  • Sliding on slippery floors: No, Velcro tether to keep it from sliding is also included
  • Power requirement: Runs on single AA Battery (included)
  • Jerky: No
  • Maximum user weight: N/A

#3 MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike (magnetic)

In this mini pedal exerciser review, the MT has the second position for good reasons. The MagneTrainer mini exercise bike is a top-rated pedal exerciser that has few differences with the Deskcycle and other desk exercise bike pedal exerciser. In this review, we will go over the features that make them different.

MagneTrainer mini exercise bike comes with a magnetic resistance system and the highest range is 170 watts max, unlike DeskCycle pedal exerciser that has 130 watts max.

The other good feature is the ergo handgrip, MagneTrainer pedal exerciser is designed for upper and lower body (hand and foot pedal exerciser), unlike DeskCycle which is designed only for legs. The MagneTrainer compact pedal exerciser has 15 to 20 inches adjustable length which is good if you don’t have much space under your desk, while DeskCycle has a 24 inches non-adjustable length, which is the biggest downside of it.

However, what sets DeskCycle pedal exerciser at the top of our list is the lowest height of the pedal in the mini-bike industry, it’s only 10 inches, while MagneTrainer is 15 inches.

In everything else, these top pedals exercisers match exactly the same. They are both featured with magnetic drive belt system which makes them quiet and smooth, none of them are jerky nor at low resistance neither at high resistance. Both of these home pedal exercisers have wide platforms and solid bases. However, the MagneTrainer mini exercise bike is better used not under the desk due to its height.

Note: While it’s an arm and leg pedal exerciser, it has 15 inches pedal height from the floor which makes this pedal exerciser hard to use under the desk unless you have a very tall desk.

Technical information of MagneTrainer-Er Pedal Exerciser:

  • MagneTrainer dimensions:
    15-20 Inches Length adjustable
    16 Inches Width
    15.5 Inches Height
  • MagneTrainer weight: 22 Lbs
  • Resistance type: Magnetic
  • Resistance range: 170 Watts max resistance
  • Resistance steps: Multi-Turn Knob
  • Drive mechanism: Dual Axle Twin Belt
  • Designed for: Upper and lower body
  • Flywheel weight: N/A
  • Computer functions: Speed, Time, Calories, and Distance (display stance included)
  • Bidirectional pedal motion: Yes
  • Minimum desk height: 30 inches for individuals 6 feet below
  • Warranty:
    One year on all parts and labor
  • Platform: Wide
  • Pedals: Large with adjustable Velcro straps
  • Ergo Handles: Included, to place your hands in a more comfortable position for the arm workout
  • Sliding on slippery floors: Yes but Velcro tether to keep it from sliding is included
  • Power requirement: Runs on single AA Battery (included)
  • Jerky: No
  • Maximum user weight: N/A

#4 Sunny Health And Fitness Pedal Exerciser (magnetic)

This mini bike is one of the unbeatable in the market and can be used both under the desk and in the open for upper and lower body. It’s also compact which make it one of the best pedal exerciser for the elderly. The width of this mini bike is 18.11 inches and height is 14, which means it’s very stable and it won’t rock during the pedaling session.

The platform is designed to keep this sit down pedal exerciser in place as tight as possible. Sunny Health and Fitness desk pedal exerciser features belt drive and 8 levels of magnetic resistance which makes it quiet and smooth. Although, the resistance is not as powerful as the MagneTrainer pedal exerciser.

It’s not mentioned if this mini bike is compatible with ergo handles but the pedals can be used both with hand and foot for upper and lower body workout. So, it’s not only an arm pedal exerciser or lege pedal exerciser. Sunny sitting pedal exerciser also has a 90-day warranty. And looking at the consumer reviews, the majority of users are happy with the quality and functionality of this mini bike.

Overall it’s one of the best mini exercise bikes in this price range built by a popular and affordable brand, Sunny Health & Fitness.

Note: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike is lacking in bi-directional pedal motion, which means you cannot pedal reverse/backward. This mini pedal exerciser has the handles on the top for easy portability.

Technical information for Sunny Health & Fitness Pedal Exerciser:

  • Sunny Health & Fitness mini pedal exerciser dimensions:
    21.7 Inches Length, non-adjustable
    18.11 Inches Width
    14 Inches Height
  • Sunny Health & Fitness pedal exerciser weight: 21 Lbs
  • Resistance type: Magnetic
  • Resistance range: Around 80 Watts
  • Resistance steps: 8
  • Drive mechanism: Belt drive
  • Designed for: Upper and lower body
  • Flywheel weight: N/A
  • Computer functions: Speed, Time, Calories, Distance, display stance not included
  • Bidirectional pedal motion: No
  • Minimum desk height: 29 Inches for individuals 6 feet below
  • Warranty:
    90-Day Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Platform: Wide
  • Pedals: Wide with adjustable Velcro straps
  • Ergo Handles: No
  • Slides on slippery floors: No
  • Power requirement: 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Jerky: No
  • Maximum user weight: 220

#5 Merax Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser D810 (magnetic)

Merax mini exerciser comes with multiple magnetic resistance levels. The resistance watt is not described but estimated to be over 150-watt at max. For seated pedal exerciser that’s a great amount of tension. The combination of magnetic resistance and the belt makes the Merax digital pedal exerciser very quiet and requires little to no maintenance.

A good option for working out your upper and lower body. While it’s not clear if this Merax small pedal exerciser is compatible with ergo hand-grips, you shouldn’t have any problem using the L-NOW home digital pedal exerciser bike for your upper body using the pedals.

What makes the Merax one of the best pedal exercisers is the short and compact height of the machine. Unlike many other magnetic pedal exercisers, this indoor pedal exerciser easily fits under taller desks.

The lowest pedal height is 6 Inches which is good for under desk pedaling. The quality the compact design and the price of Merax desk exercise bike pedal exerciser are unique.

The feet of this stationary pedal exerciser is non-slip. So, you don’t need to chase this chair pedal exerciser around. Merax fitness pedal exerciser has a digital display that allows you to track the speed, time, and distance calories.

Among the amazon foot pedal exercisers, the Merax stationary bike pedal exerciser is a relatively new product.

So, there aren’t many reviews compared to Eva medical pedal exerciser and other best mini under desk bikes for under desks. With that being said, the DeskCycle pedal exerciser keeps the first place in our best pedal exerciser reviews for 2020.

Technical information of Merax under desk pedal exerciser:

  • Merax pedal exerciser dimensions:
    17.7 Inches Length, non-adjustable
    13.8 Inches Width
    11.8 Inches Height
  • Merax Fitness pedal exerciser weight: N/A
  • Resistance type: Magnetic
  • Resistance range: 150 Watts max resistance
  • Resistance steps: Multiple
  • Drive mechanism: Smooth
  • Designed for: Lower and upper body
  • Flywheel weight: N/A
  • Computer functions: Speed, Time, Calories, Distance, Pulse and Scan Mode.
  • Bidirectional pedal motion: Yes
  • Minimum desk height: N/A
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Platform: Wide
  • Pedals: Adjustable straps
  • Ergo Handles: N/A
  • Slides on slippery floors: No
  • Power requirement: Self-power unit
  • Jerky: No
  • Maximum user weight: 220

#6 Platinum Fitness Fit Folding Pedal Exerciser (Friction)

There are many cheap and folding bikes in the market and some of them are really junk. However, this folding pedal exerciser stands among them for its good quality. The Platinum foldable pedal exerciser is a bit different from the normal pedal exerciser because it’s lighter and doesn’t have a sophisticated mechanism.

So, it’s easy to maintain and you can use it pretty much anywhere due to its weight and easy portability. Plus, this hand foot pedal exerciser takes very little space in your home because after use you can fold it and store it anywhere.

The friction resistance is not powerful but this mini bike is not designed for strength. It’s made to stay active to improve blood circulation and boost energy or recover from injuries. You can use it both to exercise your upper and lower body, forward and reverse.

So, it provides a good pedal exerciser weight loss. However, due to its lightweight, it slips, especially on the slippery surface. To prevent this folding pedal exerciser from slipping you can tighten it to your chair with the anchor strap which is included with this bike.

Fit Sit folding pedal exerciser has a lifetime warranty. After purchasing this mini bike you have 30 days to return it back if you are not satisfied. This proves the quality of the Platinum Fitness Fit Sit folding pedal exerciser. It’s mainly used on the floor but it can also function as a table-top pedal exerciser.

This folding pedal exerciser features axle drive and friction resistance mechanism which makes the pedal exerciser louder, jerky and less smooth than those with magnetic resistance mechanisms. To stay motivated you can also track your workout data (burned calorie, distance, speed and time) on the digital display connected to the bike.

Mentioned in various mini pedal exerciser reviews, the Platinum Fitness is one of the best seller pedal exercisers on Amazon. You can purchase this popular arm leg pedal exerciser for less than $40. Overall it’s one of the best cheap mini bikes for exercising that will offer all the pedal exerciser benefits.

Technical information of Platinum Fitness Fit Sit Deluxe Folding Pedal Exerciser:

  • Platinum Folding Pedal exerciser dimensions:
    17 Inches length
    15 Inches width
    12 inches height
  • Platinum folding pedal exerciser weight: 5 Lbs
  • Resistance type: Friction
  • Resistance range: N/A
  • Resistance steps: Turning knob
  • Drive mechanism: Axle
  • Designed for: Lower body and upper body
  • Flywheel: Doesn’t have
  • Computer functions: Speed, Time, Calories, and Distance
  • Bidirectional pedal motion: Yes
  • Minimum desk height: 29 Inches for individuals 6 feet below
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Platform: Wide
  • Pedals: Size 4 medium pedals with non-adjustable straps
  • Ergo Handles: No
  • Sliding on slippery floors: Yes, the anchor strap to connect your minibike directly to your chair is included
  • Power requirement: Runs on a single Battery (included)
  • Jerky: Yes
  • Maximum user weight: N/A

#7 Sunny SF-B0891 Mini Exercise Bike (Magnetic)

A few years ago if you were spending less than $100 for a pedal exerciser, you could hardly expect something with good features and good quality. But it has changed in 2020.

This pedal exerciser costs less than $100, yet has it all, from an adjustable magnetic resistance to a smooth operation to meet your exercise need.

The good thing with this mini-cycle pedal exerciser is that it’s near to silent, smooth at high resistance and not jerky as the friction pedal exercisers. Supporting 250 pounds user weight, this mini exercise bike needs to have a strong drive system.

This mini stationary pedal exerciser is designed for arm and leg workout. Thanks to its wide rear base/feet it’s very stable and doesn’t rock for lower body workout if you pedal intensely. The pedals are a good size with straps that have only three adjustable sizes.

With no doubts buying this pedal exerciser is a good investment as it’s a good value due to its magnetic system and compact design. Weighing just under 19 pounds, this under-desk bike pedal exercise is easy to store and move in the house or office. Additionally, this magnetic pedal exercise has a monitor to let you see your calories, speed, distance and time.

Note: Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B0891 portable pedal exerciser is not bi-directional, which means you can’t pedal reverse/backward. Overall it is one of the best pedal exercisers for seniors.

Technical information of SF-B0891 under desk mini exerciser:

  • SF-B0891 pedal exerciser dimensions:
    21 Inches length
    16 Inches wide front legs
    12 Inches wide rear legs
    10.5 Inches Height
  • SF-B0891 weight: 19 Lbs
  • Resistance type: Magnetic
  • Resistance range: 8 Levels
  • Resistance steps: Turning knob adjustable
  • Drive Mechanism: Belt
  • Designed for: Lower and upper body
  • Flywheel: 3.5-lb
  • Computer functions: Speed, Time, Calories, Distance, and Scan (display is fixed and mounted on the bike)
  • Bidirectional pedal motion: No
  • Minimum desk height: 27.5 Inches for individuals 6 feet below
  • Warranty: 90-Day
  • Platform: Wide and stable
  • Pedals: Standard with adjustable straps
  • Ergo Handles: No
  • Sliding on slippery floors: No
  • Power requirement: Runs one single battery (included)
  • Jerky: No
  • Maximum user weight: 250

#8 Exerpeutic 7101 Mini Exercise Bike (Motorized)

Last but not least in our under desk pedal exerciser review, we have a motorized pedal exerciser. However, we don’t compare this Active Cycle motorized pedal exerciser with the rest of the mini bikes in this review as it’s designed for different purposes.

The Exerpeutic 7101 motorized mini exercise bike is designed for individuals who can’t pedal a regular mini exerciser. Mainly for the elderly or those recovering from injuries and accidents.

This rehab pedal exerciser has a very low impact on the joints and it’s easy to adjust the speed from low to medium and high. The motor moves the pedals for you which means with and without your feet on the bike, the pedals are going to turn when the bike is on.

Motorized mini bikes don’t have resistance, they have adjustable speed. You either pedal fast which is good for better blood circulation and heart rate or you pedal slow. Either way, you don’t bring the pressure to pedals, the motor does that. It won’t build much of strength or burn many calories but it increases flexibility, balance and promotes blood circulation.

You can adjust the resistance of Active electric mini pedal exerciser through a knob on the wired controller. You don’t have to lean to change the speed, you can keep the control in your hand and easily change speed/resistance and turn off and on the bike.

The Active Cycle physical therapy pedal exerciser is very quiet and smooth and has a good range of speed, at the lowest, it can do around 30 RMP but it can also change base on the weight of the user. The digital display shows burnt calories, speed, distance and time. Due to the short width of the front feet/base of the bike, it’s not super stable but it also depends on how you use it.

The feet are designed to prevent the bike from slipping, so you don’t have to chase the little bike around, the non-skid floor mat is also included to keep it firm on slippery surfaces. The pedals of Active medical pedal exerciser are large size with adjustable straps, the bike comes with a handle on the top for easier portability. Bottom line is that it’s probably the best pedal exerciser for seniors and also a perfect therapy pedal exerciser for individuals recovering.

Note: It’s not bi-directional but you can turn the bike around and use it for reverse pedaling. Don’t pedal reverse the mini indoor exerciser, it can ruin the internal mechanism.

Technical information of Exerpeutic 7101 Active Cycle Mini Exercise Bike:

  • Motorized 7101 Active Cycle mini exerciser bike dimensions:
    16 Inches length
    16 Inches wide front base
    13 Inches wide rear base
    13 inches height
  • Motorized 7101 pedal exerciser weight: 13.6 lbs
  • Resistance type: Motorized
  • Resistance range: Around 30-35 RMP, lowest speed (Max speed is not available)
  • Resistance steps: Turning knob
  • Drive mechanism: Motor
  • Designed for: Lower body and upper body
  • Flywheel: N/A
  • Computer functions: Speed, Time, Calories, and Distance
  • Bidirectional pedal motion: No
  • Minimum desk height: 29 Inches for individuals 6 feet below
  • Warranty:
    One year limited
  • Platform: Medium
  • Pedals: Large with adjustable straps
  • Ergo Handles: No
  • Sliding on slippery floors: No, the non-skid floor mat is included
  • Power requirement: Operate on standard 120 V
  • Jerky: No
  • Maximum user weight: 250 Lbs

The 5 Best Pedal Exercisers [Ranked]

5. The MedMobile Digital Pedal Exerciser

Garnering above average endorsements from the users we spoke with, this heavy duty stationary exerciser is great for people who are trying to shed excess weight but have no time to leave their desk. This equipment can be mounted on a table to exercise the arms or on the floor to exercise the feet.

It has an LCD monitor that displays the time, the strides in minutes, revolutions and calories burned. It also has pedal straps to keep the feet in place while pedaling. People undergoing physiotherapy can benefit from its use as it promotes muscle strength and improves blood circulation.

The tension can be adjusted as needed.

What Customers Are Saying About Pedal Exercisers

  • Customers appreciated that many pedal exercisers are light-weight and collapsible because they did not take up much space in their homes or offices.
  • Many users also enjoyed that the exercise equipment was usable while watching television, reading a book, browsing the Internet, or while doing variety of other tasks.
  • As we allude to before, pedal exercisers have therapeutic applications as well. Many people that are rehabbing from surgery find that these devices are especially convenient. Wheelchair users often use pedal exercisers to get in an upper body aerobic workout.
  • Users also like that the pedal exerciser can be used at a very slow speed. This is especially good for older exercisers who can sit back on the couch and watch TV while also burning calories at their own pace.
  • Younger users, as well, also found this to be a great device to burn calories outside of the gym. So, it’s use is not limited to older people, for those that are disabled by a medical complaint, there are younger users who find this to be a convenient cardiovascular exercise solution.
  • Some users also report using ankle weights, typically 3 to 5 pounds per leg, and wearing them as they paddled to burn extra calories.
  • Some obese users also indicate that they chose a pedal exerciser over a stationary bike. The pedal exerciser is a more viable fitness alternative for overweight people, in some cases because of mobility issues that the obese commonly encounter.
  • These devices typically come either fully or close to fully assembled, so there is not the usual concern when purchasing exercise equipment that it will have to be assembled using a variety of tools that you may not have on hand. In the case where the places do you need to be assembled, typically all that you will require is an Allen wrench, which is customarily provided with the device.
  • Some units do generate significant amounts of heat after extensive use.
  • Many users also note that pedal exercisers are best used in carpeted areas, or on other surfaces like a yoga mat, where there is some grip attraction. When used vigorously on a wood floor there’s a potential that the pedal exerciser will shift around a little bit.
  • Sometimes the pedals can be a bit slippery for some people, particularly if you are using it in just your socks. One enterprising user reported adding a bit of adhesive to the pedals to ensure that his mothers feet did not slip off during exercise use. Tightening the pedal straps can also be another way of ensuring that your feet do not fall off the petals while you are using the equipment.

Our Take On Exercise Pedalers

Pedal Exerciser Buying Guide

All in all, these devices are terrific for a range of different types of people. Many people buy these devices for older relatives that are suffering from arthritis, back pain, or for people that are sedentary. Alternatively, people that just want to get in a good cardio session can place these under their desks at work, or position them in front of the television so that they can watch their favorite TV shows as they burn some major calories.

Especially in our increasingly sedentary, modern society, it’s incredibly important to find alternative ways to maintain healthy blood circulation and mobility. If you were in the market for one of these pedal exercisers make sure that you read a lot of reviews, check warranty information, and review your own requirements for a device prior to purchase.

A good starting point is the information contained on this page. Review our recommendations and take the time to read over what buyers are saying- you will see that many users are engaged in lively discussions about the products, giving you great insight into how they perform.

Happy pedaling!

1Exerpeutic 1200 Folding Bike

Supporting up to 300 pounds of user weight, this is one of the best folding exercise bikes out there. It is simple to use, with its 3-piece high-torque cranking system providing a consistently smooth pedaling experience. The unit boasts an 8-level magnetic tension control system for easy adjustment of the tension level to get easier or more challenging workout. Its large seat accommodates any user, while a simple to read LCD display shows distance covered, time, speed, calories shed, and heart pulse. Last but not least, the Exerpeutic 1200 folds down for convenient storage.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Check these suggestions:

What To Look For In A Folding Exercise Bike

A folding exercise bike doesn’t just have the purpose of helping you get in shape but it will also improve your cardiovascular health and circulation. These bikes accomplish this by stimulating the capillaries in the muscles that are tasked with carrying oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Not only that but they also help out by improving the flexibility of your leg muscles overall, which is a great benefit in itself.


One thing to ask yourself is how much space you are willing to free up in order to accommodate such a bike into your home. This is definitely something people with small apartments have to ask themselves before making such an investment. Luckily for you, most folding exercise bikes can be folded down to a fairly compact size when not in use, which also makes them easy to carry around if needed.

Weight Limit

Another thing to consider is that each exercise bike is built to withstand a certain weight limit, which is definitely something to base your judgment on when buying one. If, for instance, you are somewhat shorter than average but the bike was made for tall people, then you might have some real issues working out properly. Not only that but exercise bikes with a high weight bearing also tend to be larger than most.

Age Limitations

Folding exercise bikes aren’t exactly built for people of all ages, especially for kids. Just like any other type of gym equipment, exercise bikes can be rather dangerous for small children. Given their foldable design, you can safely store the bike away from your children’s reach, which is definitely a good thing in the long run. If, however, you plan on letting your children use an exercise bike, then they should only do so under your supervision.


Depending on the type of exercise bike you’re looking for, you can generally choose between compact version and large, gym-type exercise bikes. The biggest advantage folding bikes have in this regard is their mobility. As such, folding bikes tend to be more lightweight and easy to use than traditional exercise bikes. This recommends them to anyone looking to set up a home gym or for anyone who simply wishes to add an exercise bike to their bedroom.


Even though the comfort of an exercise bike’s seat varies from one type of bike to another, you can safely assume that most of them are somewhat comfortable. Unlike normal bikes, exercise bikes require that you maintain a specific position during your workout routine in order to maximize your gains. Alternatively, you can try using a towel or a pillow if you require more cushioning, but bear in mind that it might interfere with your form.


Most folding bikes are designed to be easily assembled, although it largely depends on the model. Usually, many of these bikes come with the main frame already assembled, a frame to which you only need to add a handful of components. High-end bikes tend to pack comprehensive instructions manuals to let you know precisely what goes where and what additional tools to use when setting the bike up.

Folding Exercise Bikes Buying Guide

While it is very important to take the time and learn about what makes a good folding exercise bike, you might want to first figure out which type of exercise bike best suits your individual needs. We say this because folding bikes fall into two main categories – upright exercise bikes and recumbent exercise bikes. Each comes with its own particularities and depending on your planned workout routine can provide some degree of general comfort.

Upright exercise bikes – These exercise bikes offer a lot of freedom in regards to training different muscle groups. With an upright exercise bike, you can either exercise standing or in a racing position for a more intense experience. We should also point out that upright exercise bikes are great for people who suffer from osteoarthritis or spinal stenosis due to its versatile design.

Recumbent exercise bikes – These bikes are much more convenient that upright bikes when it comes to mechanical low back pain and alleviating it through exercising. For this reason, recumbent exercise bikes have backrests to offer an improved standard of comfort and balance. Because of the reduced intensity of the workouts you can perform on such a bike, they tend to provide decreased cardiovascular benefits when working out.

Exercise bikes

The experience is impressively immersive, especially during live classes, and there are workouts to suit all abilities and goals. Motivation is never in short supply, with the onscreen instructors beseeching you to keep on pushing through every interval and to the end of every class, while the onscreen leaderboard shows where you rank for that class overall and against people of the same sex and age.

And a Peloton subscription gets you more than just spinning videos: there are classes for all kinds of things, including strength, cardio, yoga and outdoor runs.

The only downside, aside from ludicrous adverts, is the price of the Peloton bike and monthly subscription – although it works out as comparable to having a gym membership (at a pretty fancy gym). If you’re all about the best home spinning experience available, however, Peloton can’t be bettered.

Buy bike from Peloton | Peloton bike £1,990, monthly unlimited classes £39 | Peloton review

14. Best Money’s-No-Object Exercise Bike: Wattbike

Simply the best pro-standard trainer available to the everyday consumer, as long as that everyday consumer has a couple of grand handy. The Wattbike measures over 37 cycling metrics while you ride, including providing insight into the efficiency of your riding and how the power of your pedalling is balanced between your left and right leg, so you can work on improving your technique. There are two Wattbikes to pick between – the Pro and the Trainer – which are almost identical except that the Pro is set to a higher resistance level. Frankly, the Wattbike will be overkill for almost all non-pro riders, but it’s an absolutely tremendous machine so if you have the money, why not?

Buy from Wattbike | £2,250

15. Best Exercise Bike For Entertainment: Life Fitness Platinum Club Discover SE3 Upright

You can banish boredom from your indoor cycling by splashing out for the SE3 console version of the Life Fitness Platinum Club upright bike. The 16in screen built in to the front of the bike can stream video from a variety of apps including Netflix and YouTube, and you can also browse the internet on it throughout your training session. The tablet can also be used to follow 42 workouts that use all 26 levels of resistance on the bike, if you’d rather focus on your training instead of catching up on season two of Making A Murderer.

Buy from John Lewis | £6,695

Last Updated on November 16, 2019

These tiny exercise bikes have been around for some time now and one of the main questions asked is whether mini exercise bikes are any good. It is an understandable question as, on the face of it, these bikes look…..well….ineffective. If you haven’t come across one of these pieces of exercise equipment before you’ll find that they are essentially just the pedal section of an exercise bike. There is no seat, no handlebars, and no discernible wheels. As you would expect from that description, with so many components missing, pedal exerciser dimensions are very small. This leads to a whole entourage of people looking for portable exercise equipment to investigate these bikes. Notwithstanding how these bikes look, they can benefit certain individuals. Here is the inside track on the potential health and exercise benefits of these bikes and whether they might be a good choice for you.

Are Mini Exercise Bikes Any Good For Weight Loss?

A large group of all the individuals looking for exercise equipment are primarily looking for a weight loss solution. A mini cycle can be used to lose weight as part of a calorie-controlled diet. Weight loss will usually involve an individual running a calorie deficit, essentially you can lose weight by eating fewer calories, burning excess calories via exercise or a combination of both exercise and diet. So the question of how much weight you can lose using a minibike will come down to how many calories you can burn using the bike.

How many calories an individual burns during exercise depends on a plethora of factors from age, weight, heart rate, gender, etc. In fact, getting an accurate calculation at home is impossible but using the following formulas can get you a rough probable calorie burn dependant on heart rate, age weight :

Men: C/min = ((-55.0969 + (0.6309 x HR) + (0.1988 x weight) + (0.2017 x age)) / 4.184

Women: C/min = ((-20.4022 + (0.4472 x HR) + (0.1263 x weight) + (0.074 x age) / 4.184

(weight is in kg)

So, for a male, 39 years of age, 188 pounds, at a heart rate of 90 beats per minute (not fast enough to be sweating or breathing any more heavily than normal) he would burn 6.3 calories per minute or 189 in a 30-minute pedal.

In terms of weight loss, the individual would need to burn about 3500 calories to lose one pound of body weight per week. This gives you an insight into how much diet and easy peddling would be required for weight loss and that a mini pedal exerciser could be used effectively under a desk to burn calories and lose weight throughout the day. Using a mini exercise cycle under a desk or in front of the TV could be as effective as a regular gentle stroll.

Are Exercise Peddlers Good For Toning?

Can you improve your body tone with this equipment? When you lose excess weight it generally comes off in a uniform manner until you get to the very last tough sections. Using an exercise peddler will improve your tone through weight loss. It will also exercise muscle groups which should, through extra use, develop better tone and definition. In particular, the user’s leg muscles should show improvement over time. Calves, hamstrings, quadriceps and hip flexors should all show improved tone and definition through extra use.

The big difference between a standard stationary upright exercise bike and a mini exercise bike is the seating position. On an upright bike, the user is perched upright in the saddle so core muscles in the mid-torso area used for balance are gently used in the workout. With a mini cycle, you are less likely to get this benefit unless you choose a suitable chair to workout on.

It is possible to use a mini exercise bike to tone stomach muscles, but this requires the user to target the muscles by placing the pedals further away from the body than might be usual and adjusting the chair position for some incline.

You will also see these bikes described as tabletop exercise bikes inferring that you can place the unit on a tabletop and get an upper body, shoulder and arm workout from the unit. Whilst this is possible, you might be better off just doing a few standard push-ups. You certainly shouldn’t consider buying one of these mini exercise bikes if toning and adding definition to your upper body is the main goal.

Cardiovascular And Aerobic Fitness

Depending on your current fitness levels you may get some cardio and aerobic improvements from a mini exercise bike workout. Bear in mind these bikes are not built for people like Lance Armstrong, rather they are best suited for individuals who want to simulate walking exercise. The reason you can’t use them for high-intensity workouts is that they just aren’t stable enough. Having said that, if you have done no meaningful fitness work they can gently bring you to an improved level of fitness over time but unlike a machine like a treadmill or an exercise bike you couldn’t train to be an Olympic athlete on them.

What these bikes are good for is low-intensity work that helps most users burn calories, helps moderate blood sugar levels, helps combat cholesterol, provides gentle toning, keeps joints mobile through gentle use and improves general circulation.

Motorized Versions For The Elderly

A special note should be made with reference to elderly users. As you peruse the stores for the perfect model you will come across electric mini exercise bikes. These models actually turn the pedals on behalf of the user. These are not magnetic mini cycle exercise bikes where the bike is plugged in and the power feeds a magnet that creates resistance. The purpose of the electric mini-cycle with turning pedals is to therapeutically encourage gentle leg movement to help joints remain supple in older age. By gently moving the legs, muscles are also stimulated and encouraging better circulation.

So do mini exercise bikes work? Are they effective and are there any benefits? Absolutely, these bikes are great at simulating a level of exercise similar to walking which can improve overall fitness, burn calories, improve tone, maintain healthy joints and improve circulation. They can be used under a desk or in front of the TV so are convenient.

Mini Exercise Bike Reviews

Our Top Choices

Here is a list of our top picks. Visit the link to get more details on each model and get the latest prices!

  • Our Top Pick : Magnetrainer Mini Exercise Bike
  • Best Budget Bike : Marcy Cardio Mini Bike
  • Stamina Instride Folding Cycle
  • Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Mini Bike
  • Best Under Desk Bike : Desk Cycle
  • Best Motorized Therapeutic Bike : Confidence Fitness Motorized Bike

Stamina Instride Folding Cycle (Friction)

One of the earliest frame and friction design minibikes available on the market has been copied by many other manufacturers. Made with simplicity and price in mind, this bike is a very basic entry model. It can be used in a sitting position or can be placed on a table for arm exercises.

Consists of a very rudimentary fold down tube design which is great for storage, and lightweight (7lb) for mobility. It comes with a few basic tension settings and a basic monitor.

Ideal for a light user or someone looking to gently increase basic activity or improve mobility. It does not offer enough resistance or stability for a more advanced user or someone looking to get a thorough cardiovascular workout. Beware, many poor reviews by people expecting more from the equipment than it is really designed for.

It features a 90-day warranty and usually available for a budget price.


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Marcy Cardio Mini Cycle (Friction)

The Marcy mini cycle is a friction resistance bike with a little more weight behind it than the stamina model. Coming in at 14lbs it offers a little more stability during use than the stamina, but does not fold down and is a little less convenient to store. It can be used on the floor or tabletop, features a basic exercise monitor and a 2-year warranty. Price-wise this is a budget model but slightly more expensive than the stamina.

This bike is ideal for light usage by people with reasonable mobility looking to maintain their activity levels. A good contender for gentle rehab work or absent-minded pedaling in front of the TV.


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Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Mini Bike

The first of the magnetic resistance bikes discussed by us, this model is positively reviewed and widely appreciated by those who have bought it in the past.

The reviews indicate the step up in quality and usability between friction and magnetic resistance bikes.

The magnetic resistance bikes like the Sunny are heavier (21lbs) due to the use of flywheels but are more stable in use than friction bikes. They also offer a smoother pedaling action allowing the user to get more out of the different resistance levels.

The Sunny comes with eight different resistance levels, has pedal straps and a reasonable exercise monitor on board. The Sunny is a mid-price range bike. A very good choice if you want a basic, smooth, magnetic mini exercise bike. Ideal for intermediate work.


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DeskCycle Under Desk Cycle

Many people intuitively wonder whether their mini bike can be used under a desk at home or at work. Most models discussed here are not really not marketed for such use. The DeskCycle, however, is a purpose-built magnetic mini bike for office or desk use.

It features all the benefits of a magnetic resistance bike – smooth operation, enough weight to generate the feeling of stability (23lbs), enough resistance levels to feel you can incrementally increase the level of exercise and a decent monitor displaying speed, time, calories and distance.

Additionally, it has a very short pedal throw of only 10 inches. This means your knees won’t rise as high as on other bikes when pedaling. However, even with such a low pedal height, if you are taller than 5ft 7ins you will struggle to use this bike under a standard height desk (27 ins).

This bike is very positively reviewed for build quality and performance but make sure you can fit it under your desk or your desk can be raised or set to new levels or you may be caught out!

Coming in at a premium price this bike isn’t cheap but very few reviewers consider it expensive or a waste of money either, and that has got to be a good sign of quality, durability and good design.


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Magnetrainer Mini Exercise bike

The MagneTrainer is the “daddy” of the magnetic mini exercise bikes having been around the longest. Since inception it’s basic design has not changed – and it needn’t with the top reviews this bike has got all the way through its lifetime.

Featuring a quiet, stable, smooth action, more resistance levels than any other magnetic mini bike and a computer that compares with the top offerings in this class, this bike is hard to beat if you are after a smooth mini bike. It can be used on a tabletop for upper body workouts.

Suitable for all users barring those who want an upright spin bike replacement. The only way other models compete is on price – coming in at a premium price you could go cheaper with the Sunny but you miss out on the resistance level choice. Justifiably class leader…


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Confidence Fitness Motorized Exercise Bike

The confidence motorized exercise bike is a great example of a well-designed product aimed at helping users build strength and maintain mobility into old age or through recovery.

The bike has a 70w motor offering max 80rpm. It features 12-speed settings, 5 automatic programs, and 1 manual program and features a timer so you can set the length of your workout. All these controls can be set from a handheld remote control so no need for bending over – ideal for restricted mobility. The overall package is well thought out and generally available for a mid-range price.

Pedals have velcro straps to keep feet in place and a computer measures distance, time, speed and calories.

Lots of positive reviews – great for dementia sufferers, elderly who otherwise wouldn’t get much exercise and users suffering from conditions which can be improved by gentle exercise and strength exercises.


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Choosing The Right Bike

Choosing the right mini exercise bike can be tough. There are so many options available on the market in so many different price ranges it can be hard to know where to start. We recommend that first, you decide which type of resistance system you want as this will often determine the budget you need and will make the process of elimination so much easier.

Generally speaking, there are three different resistance systems: friction, magnetic and motorized.

A mini cycle with a friction resistance system will offer the user resistance whilst pedaling by operating with a clamping arrangement to the pedals. The arrangement will come with various settings that can be manually altered to restrict or permit movement of the pedals. These systems naturally wear over time due to the friction, can be noisy to use, are not the smoothest pedal action, tend to be lightweight so are less stable but are cheaper than more complex systems and are easier to store. They are only really suitable for light use applications. Budget $25 – 85.

A magnetic resistance system is usually based on the user turning a flywheel via the pedals. The flywheel is then resisted by powerful magnets. These can be manually set at different settings away from the wheel to create different levels of tension for the user. These systems are less prone to wear over time as fewer moving parts are in contact with the resistance generating parts, are smoother action to use, more lifelike to use, more stable during use and are quieter in use. They are generally heavier and take up more space and come at a higher premium to the friction-based models. These are suitable for more frequent use by beginners or intermediates looking to improve mobility and increase general activity levels. They won’t replace a good upright bike when it comes to a thorough cardio workout. Budget $100 – 150

Motorized mini exercise cycles turn the pedals for the user rather than offering resistance that the user works against. The motorized models are for rehabilitation or therapeutic use. As discussed earlier, they help the elderly or those with restricted movement to maintain or improve movement and offer gentle exercise where exercise may be difficult. These machines are often heavier than the other types of machine due to the requirement for a motor and need locating near mains electricity to power the equipment. You would think that these bikes would be much more expensive than the other models but you can purchase these bikes with a budget of $85 upwards.

Best Mini Exercise Bike 2018 – Our Pick…

For us the Magnetrainer mini exercise bike would be the pick of the bunch providing we were not in the market for a motorized bike. The Magnetrainer would be our pick because of the levels of customer satisfaction seen in reviews, because of the variety of resistance levels offered compared to other models and overall high levels of build quality. Quiet, stable and smooth – these are the main characteristics you want in use and the magnetrainer ensures this is what you get.

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