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Black Forever 21 Shiny Leggings first appeared on Chictopia’s streetstyle gallery in Spring 2010 seen on Denver blogger Haiku_Ambulance of She styled her black Forever 21 shiny leggings with a yellow kensie girl neon shoes, black Forever 21 one power shoulder dress, and orange thrifted plastic bracelet. Since then, Black Forever 21 Shiny Leggings have grown in popularity as bloggers from Los Angeles, Ca, Austin, and Denver have discovered them. Black Forever 21 Shiny Leggings are generally seen in classic, trendy, and comfortable style. Popular types of Black Forever 21 Leggings are pleather, velvet, leggings, jeggings, and faux leather.
Banana0Evil gave Forever 21 leggings a rating of 3 stars and said: “I got so excited when I saw the “Leggings for 4.50″ in F21. However my new found happiness wasn’t ment to last. I got 5 of them, a black one with stirups, a black one with buttons on the side, 3 normals in Black/Navy/Burgandy. Three of them ripped on first use, and I’m afraid to use the other two. They are very comfy, but not enough to justify the disposable status of these leggings.” See all 33 reviews for Forever 21 leggings…
There are currently 8 streetstyle photos of bloggers wearing Black Forever 21 Shiny Leggings.

Welcome back to another one of my Forever 21 style swapping sessions. A little over two years ago, I shared my outfits from when I swapped all my clothes for Forever 21 for a week, and since it was a hit, I figured I’d give it another go, only this time, I’d test out the fast-fashion brand’s activewear selection. I’ll admit it was a slight push to motivate myself to get back at the gym, but I’ve also had my eye on a few of the brand’s workout sets, so it seemed like a win-win.

To motivate myself even further, I enlisted Bryan Clemons, an L.A.-based celeb trainer, to train me for the week while I tested out the five different Forever 21 looks. From the variety of sports bras and leggings I selected, I was pleasantly surprised by the fit of each item. For me, all the pieces fit true to size. Although I approved each outfit, there was one clear winner in my book: the lace-up set. I loved how it fit, especially the leggings, because the material held me in tight, and the design was super high-rise, which I always prefer. There’s no doubt that I’ll wear each piece again, and I’ll keep my eye out for more matching sets from the fast-fashion brand now that I know how they look and fit IRL.

Scroll down to see and shop each affordable set from Forever 21.

RIP Forever 21, Your Hate-to-Love Hub of Embarrassing Fashion

I bought my first pair of ripped-up, cutoff jeans at Forever 21 when I was 17 years old. My teenage body felt entirely foreign to me. But as I stared at my bare, ingrown-laden legs in the dressing room mirror, I felt the delicious ubiquity that comes with knowing you’re part of the party, dressed like everyone else.

Forever 21, which announced it would file for bankruptcy on Sunday night, gave women across the country a sense that they belonged, even if that feeling came with the price of serpentine checkout lines and sweaters that ripped after half a wearing.

I last shopped at Forever 21 around a year and a half ago. I don’t remember why, but I was in desperate need of yoga pants. As I wriggled into a pair, I heard the sounds of a couple a few dressing room doors down kissing and giggling. I closed my eyes and thought of Bloomingdales.

As news of Forever 21’s not entirely unexpected demise spread last night, there were predictable jokes made on Twitter regarding rushing to the mall for sales (30 to 50 percent off sitewide, if you’re interested).

But running GIFs aside, the news relayed some sad truths: as The New York Times reported, 178 stores will shutter in the United States alone. Over 30,000 people stand to lose their jobs.

Founded by Do Won Chang and Jin Sook Chang, a husband-and-wife team of South Korean immigrants who opened their first Los Angeles store in 1984, Forever 21 became a nearly mythic retailer to millennial women.

The store’s constantly-revolving stock of crop tops, skinny jeans, and various sparkly things allowed shoppers a chance to try out trends on the cheap. Sure, employees were gruff and nothing was standardized. You needed to be a true hunter-gatherer to find what you wanted. But that only added to Forever 21’s hate-to-love reputation.

Visiting a Forever 21 felt like an exercise in autonomy. You were on your own among a sea of $15 bodycon; one had to be a true crate digger to succeed. And when your haul of $5 goodies inexplicably ran up to $300 at the cash register, you had to exercise restraint while editing your bundle down to an appropriate price.

All of the complaints about Forever 21 rang true. The clothes didn’t last. The people who made them didn’t get paid. Artists alleged that the company ripped off their designs, and leaders at the company never quite learned that it’s not OK to sell “Navajo panties” or “Oriental girl necklaces” or put all-white models in “Straight Outta Compton” t-shirts.

Forever 21’s bounty of offenses has been the subject of Still, for customers who outfitted their youth in the franchise’s faux leather and striped rompers (so many rompers), walking into a Forever 21 felt like coming home. Not the comfortable, mom-just-made-a-pie home, but the real, messy, disorderly home where people leave their socks out on the couch and your uncle doesn’t believe in climate change.

The brand even famously blazoned “John 3:16” on every shopping bag, referencing the Bible verse. I have personally witnessed a tween use this tidbit to convince her nice Evangelical mother to let her buy one very un-Christian thong bodysuit.

Former suburban mall rats, such as myself, quite literally grew up at Forever 21. The brand’s large footprint in shopping centers explains our nostalgia, but it’s also the reason for Forever 21’s current situation.

“Forever 21 specifically challenged all the market’s previously conceived notions on how quickly and cheaply you could get your hands on a hot fashion trend,” Elizabeth Shobert, director of digital strategy for retail analytics company StyleSage, said. “Ten years ago, this matched how a large proportion of shoppers wanted to access fashion—cheaply—and importantly, by heading to the mall.”

But now, as malls and department stores resemble less bustling bazaars and more empty settings worthy of a slasher film, things have changed. Forever 21 does have an online presence, but the manic design looks completely unhinged.

“Forever 21 is just a mess in-store and overwhelming to shop,” Charcy Evers, a fashion and retail trend analyst, said. “Consumers are overwhelmed as it is, and brands need to offer a point of view, curation, and cut out the noise for them.”

Shobert believes that Forever 21 can get more “disciplined” when it comes to editing its mammoth collection of merchandise, and do more to “make sure both their online and in-store shopping experiences are more organized and less chaotic.”

“Gen Z wants shared values, and companies need to stand for something and be advocates,” Evers offered. “Forever 21 couldn’t be further from this.”

True, the brand often lacked a moral compass, but in its heyday it encouraged many women to express themselves. Even if the going-out top or see-through shirts only made it through one wear before falling apart, the clothes made for many memorable nights.

9 Places to Help You Find Cute Workout Clothes Without Going Totally Broke

Working out seems like a good idea — until you start to think about how much it will cost you to get back in shape.

Gym membership: $40 a month.

New shoes: $100

Fancy fitness tracker: $150

An entirely new workout wardrobe because it will help with ~motivation~ (or so we tell ourselves): I would say priceless, but I think the word we’re actually looking for is pricy.

But what is priceless is being able to take control of your health and your happiness through exercise — and truthfully, it doesn’t have to be all that expensive.

Get Back in Shape — For Less

Schweizer does crunches in clothes from Forever 21, Walmart and Asics outlet. Tina Russell/The Penny Hoarder

First things first, let’s free up a little money from your exercise budget so you can use it where it counts (the wardrobe, obviously):

To save money while still crushing your fitness goals, find a gym that works for your lifestyle (and your budget), or skip the gym entirely and opt for these cheap or free workouts you can do on your own.

Then, take a look at these tips and tricks for finding great running shoes at discounted prices.

Finally, skip the fancy fitness tracker and check out these apps that will keep you motivated — and might even pay you to stay fit.

There: now we’ve freed up a little bit of money for that workout wardrobe.

And don’t tell me that spending money on workout clothes is unnecessary because 1) feeling confident while working out does wonders for your self-esteem and goes a long way in squashing that I-need-to-get-out-of-this-gym-and-go-home-ASAP feeling, 2) wearing clothes that perform properly will help your body stay cool and comfortable while you exercise and 3) sometimes bright and shiny new workout gear truly is the biggest motivator.

But with stores like Lululemon charging an outrageous amount for a pair of workout pants, how are you supposed to look like a seasoned gym rat while still making #gainz in your wallet?

By knowing where to shop.

And as one of those people who firmly believes that a new pair of stretchy pants will renew my motivation (although whether that means motivation to run 5 miles or go for a hard lounge on the couch remains to be seen), I’ve learned how to get my hands on some inexpensive workout clothes.

Where to Shop for Cheap Workout Clothes

Here are the best stores for finding cheap workout clothes so you can lift, squat, dance, kickbox, run, swim — and pretty much anything else — in style.

Old Navy and Gap

If you’ve never shopped for workout clothes at Old Navy or Gap, you’re missing out. For the price, the quality is excellent. Also, the options are cute and stylish, and while both retailers always have a sale section, occasionally these stores (and their slightly pricier counterpart, Athleta, all run by the same parent company) do an additional something-percent-off sale online.

H&M and Forever21

Do you need affordable workout clothes? These workout pants cost $9.09 at H&M. Tina Russell/The Penny Hoarder

H&M and Forever21 get a bad rap for being a little too ~fast fashion~ (read: cheaply made), but both stores offer a pretty good selection of workout clothes. I mean, Forever21 probably isn’t the clothier of choice for a marathon runner, but the shorts, leggings, sports bras and tanks are sturdy (and cute) enough for the average gym rat.

Both stores usually have a pretty well-stocked sale section, and if you sign up for their email lists, you’ll receive notice of additional sale offers when they pop up.

TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross

T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Ross all operate in a similar fashion, offering deep discounts on name brand clothing. At these stores, you can often find Nike and other athletic brand shorts, leggings and sports bras for half(ish) the regular retail price.


Schweizer got these C9 Champion workout shorts for less than $10 at Target. Tina Russell/The Penny Hoarder

Target has its own line of activewear. Before the great shakeup of ‘17, everyone’s favorite retailer housed a personalized collection called C9 by Champion.

This fall, however, Target rolled out a new line called JoyLab, which offers a wide array of relatively inexpensive, high-quality pieces. And lemme tell ya’, I’m already obsessed with more than a few items from this budget-friendly line.


Workout gear doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find this Danskin sports bra at Walmart. Tina Russell/The Penny Hoarder

True Penny Hoarders know that Walmart’s clothing section doesn’t necessarily deserve the bad reputation it carries. But my favorite thing to shop when I feel like braving the single open checkout lane on any given day is Walmart’s collaboration line with Danskin.

For the quality you receive from a trusted fitness brand like Danskin, the prices on this line of everything from running tights to sweat-wicking tees are unbeatable.


OK, so it’s no surprise Amazon made the list. I mean, when you’re trying to achieve total world domination, you have to figure out how to corner every market — athletic clothing included.

The best part about shopping Amazon’s inexpensive workout gear is that you can receive most of it with two-day Prime shipping, which means you can start pretending you’re going to get back on the workout wagon like a whole week earlier than usual.

Outdoor and Sporting Goods Stores

I know, I know — this one seems so obvious, and not necessarily like the cheapest option. But if you skulk the sale racks religiously enough, eventually you’ll find top-quality, name brand clothing at rock-bottom prices.

Outlet Malls

Schweizer snagged a deal on these shoes at the Asics outlet store. Tina Russell/The Penny Hoarder

If you’re a hardcore Penny Hoarder, you already know that outlet malls aren’t always the bargain they promise to be.

Still, if you’re a Penny Hoarder who is also into sporting a brand name every once in awhile (and you’ll get no judgment from me on that!) then the outlet mall might be your new best friend. You’ll find brand names for a fraction of the original retail price — names like Nike, Adidas and Asics.


You know all those college T-shirts you have stuffed in a drawer? A goldmine. A musty, wrinkled goldmine, but a goldmine nonetheless. You can find ideas for upcycling your clothing here, including how to turn all your old t-shirts into workout wear — for free.

Grace Schweizer is a junior writer at The Penny Hoarder. She’s a big believer in the motivational power of a good pair of stretchy pants.

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The Budget Babe | Affordable Fashion & Style Blog

Strappy-Back Sports Bra in Black $15
Heathered Abstract Trim Sports Bra in Charcoal $15
So cute, but so not practical. At least for me. I found a similar problem that I experienced with my Fabletics bras as well—not nearly enough support. I would be uncomfortable wearing these even around the house, let alone in public to work out in. Major uni-boob happening with the black bra. Every girl’s nightmare, am I right? The straps, while intriguing in the design aspect, were too long and much too thin to offer any support. The grey bra offered a bit more separation and compression, and the color combo really caught my eye. But again, the straps felt as though they would tear with just one jerking movement. I hate to be such a hater—but a girl’s gotta have the right bra for a successful and focused workout!

Fold-Over Yoga Capri Leggings in Charcoal/Black $10
These passed the see-through test as long as you have the appropriate size. I did feel somewhat exposed though with such thin cotton material. I wouldn’t recommend wearing these for intense workouts, unless you don’t mind flaunting a bit of sweat in awkward places. However, I see no reason why these wouldn’t pass for decent yoga or lounge pants. On a positive note that they are very flattering for shapely legs!
Texture-Paneled Performance Shorts in Black $13
Not to paint any weird visuals, but I could barely slip this over my booty. Once I did, there was a somewhat fluffy muffin top flowing over the waist a.k.a. nightmare number two. Even if I were to go one size up, the inseam is much too short for my comfort level. While it may be the perfect short to show off a nice rear end, bending over might put on a show that reveals more than you care to share.
While the prices are extremely tempting, I have to say most likely will not rely on Forever 21 for my workout clothes in the future; maybe I’ll try their tank tops or bottoms that aren’t cotton. But I will be trying them on in-store as opposed to ordering online. I would rather spend more for quality pieces that will last longer and not have me worrying about their function or holding up during exercise. I apologize for such a downer review—stay tuned for uppity fitness fashion test runs in the future!
Has anyone else tried out the Forever 21 activewear? Share your picks and opinions with us!
Disclosure: We received the items reviewed in this post courtesy of the brand. The decision to write this review and all opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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