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Oh, hey. You made it down here fast. Like, Olympian-level fast. Perhaps you need some cute, new workout clothes that can keep up? Enter our amazing activewear collection. Basically the reason we make it to lunchtime workouts and early morning vinyasa. Crafted from comfortable, state-of-the-art textiles (a.k.a all things super-stretchy), our workout clothes are kind of like personal trainers. Pumping us up with super stylish silhouettes, supporting us with compression fits and built-in bras. Designs feature endurance-driven details. Cute cutouts for breakthrough breathability. Pockets perfect for stashing exercise essentials. And fitness-focused spandex for workout clothes without any twisting or tugging. Wiggle room, though – totally taken care of with just-tight-enough tailoring for lunging and lifting.

But, if we’re being real, we need our workout clothes to do more than feel good. We want them to look good, too. Because, if we could exercise in our tunics and distressed jeans, we would. So we strayed from muted grays and blacks and broke free with fiery tangerine, teal and the occasional tie-dye touch. We warmed up our gym wear with playful patterns and worked off-duty MVPs into activewear to sport everywhere. Workout pants with effortless slouch, Ã la your fave joggers. Strappy tanks that may just take the place of your go-to going out tops. And sports bras pretty enough to be everyday underpinnings. So now you can hop from gym to home to hanging out in record time. Or from gym to home to the top of this page. They all count as workouts in our book.

We’ve been HUGE fans of Free People’s FP Movement line since the beginning. There’s something truly distinct about how the brand takes on sweaty situations with elegant silhouettes and free-spirited design details without sacrificing technical features. FP Movement primarily focuses on apparel and accessories for low-impact activities, such as yoga and dance. However, the recent launch of FP Fit has shaken things up a bit to show off Free People’s tougher side.

The new FP Fit collection was unveiled just two weeks ago and was created for core conditioning, kickboxing, cycling and beyond. You know, the exercises that really get a gym-goer’s heart pumping. In true Free People style, the assortment includes a wide array of layering pieces–think supportive luxury sports bras paired with modern tees and tanks–as well as performance leggings and shorts.

FP Fit feels fresh, but not too astray from the brand’s roots, which is why we reached out to Ana Hartl, Free People’s Managing Director of Design and Image, to learn more about the collection’s creative direction.

Q. How was the FP Fit concept born?

A. As a lifestyle brand, our goal is to outfit our customer for every aspect of her life,and we know that staying active and healthy is a huge part of that. Since we first launched FP Movement in 2012, we’ve released offerings in Yoga, Dance, Surf and Run. We have many in-house workout enthusiasts, and we’ve recently noticed a trend around more intense workouts like kickboxing and cycling. The new FP Fit collection allows us to address other ways our customer is staying active. Also, I love how the five fitness categories we are currently addressing with our FP Movement assortment directly speak to our FP Girls. Now there is something for the tomboys, bohemian spirits, cool girls, beach lovers and girly customers.

Q. So, who is the FP Fit girl?

A. The FP Fit girl is tough, confident and magnetic. She is high-energy, but still a true free spirit at heart. She prefers to work out at the gym and is definitely strong.

Q.What were the principal design goals for FP Fit?

A. When we first started to concept our FP Fit assortment, we wanted the collection to have an overall edgy and sexy feel, and offer some less feminine options than those provided in our other FP Movement categories. The pieces are designed for more intense workout sessions, so choosing sweat-wicking, performance-based fabrics, while acknowledging fashion trends that are important to our customers, were central goals for us.

Q. Can you tell us about the colors for the new category?

A. We aimed to steer away from the feminine feel that comes across the other categories offered in our FP Movement line, so we focused on a primarily black and white color palette with pops of color coming through seams, waistbands and accessories.

Q. We LOVE the varied textures found throughout the FP Fit collection. Which fabrics did you enjoy working with the most?

A. We were inspired by classic activewear fabrics like sweats, mesh and tees, and twisting them to match our customers’ personalities. I really enjoyed working with our Be Free Blend, a premium Italian-sourced tech fabric that provides two-way stretch, UV protection and superior breathability. It was also fun to work with our Power Mesh. I love how this fabric moves with you and keeps you cool during sweaty workout sessions.

Q. Why does FP Fit standout among other high-impact fitness apparel pieces and accessories?

A. We design with current Free People trends in mind to make the line feel like us, and to provide something different than what is currently on the market. Although the FP Fit collection is more performance-based when compared to other FP Movement offerings, you’ll still notice our staple strappy details and layers come through across the assortment. The pieces are meant to sweat in, but were designed from a fashion point of view.

Q. What is your personal favorite FP Fit piece or outfit?

A. The Easy Tank is a favorite! The slouchy fit makes it a great fashion layering piece for every workout outfit, while giving a nod to the classics.

Images courtesy of Free People.

xx Sydney

P.S. Free People teamed up with Class Pass to celebrate the launch of FP Fit, and they’ve got an ah-mazing promo going on through September 30!

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