Is It Possible to Lose Face Fat?

We all have that one part of our body that we wish we could change. Many people feel that way about getting rid of face fat. We are all born with different face sizes, which is why some people carry a little extra weight on their face.

For those who are trying to slim down this specific area of the body, it’s not so straightforward.

This leads many people to wonder if losing fat in your face is even possible. We’ve turned to some experts to help you better understand face fat and how to decrease it when possible.

Some people are desperate to learn how to lose face fat. There’s a fine line between a face that is too thin and one that is too fat. A Finnish study found there’s an ideal balance of facial fat that makes us attractive to the opposite sex. Read on, and we’ll let you in on the secret.

Why do some people have more face fat?

Face fat can occur as a result of weight gain, usually caused by these bad foods, but it can also be genetic. Just like some people carry extra weight in their hips, some people carry it in their face.

In general, facial fat tends to be more noticeable in people with rounded, less-pronounced facial features. Additionally, your diet can also contribute to weight gain in the face.

“Excessive amounts of fats, carbs, and salt can affect your face’s puffiness,” says Dr. David Greuner of NYC Surgical Associates.

“If you have an unbalanced diet and continue that lifestyle, just like every other part of your body, your face will start to gain fat in it.”

As individuals, we all store fat differently. Some people are pear-shaped and have fat deposits in their hips, thighs, and buttocks. Others tend to hold onto weight in their stomachs or on their arms.

Yes, some people might retain extra weight in their face. Aseel Soueid of Diabetic Aesthetics is one of these individuals. Despite having six-pack abs, he has a round face that some might even call chubby.

We also have different face shapes. There are nine recognized facial shapes, including oval, triangle, and rectangle. People with round faces may appear to have a fatter face, even if they don’t actually have excess fat in that area. While you can’t change the shape of your face, you can potentially change how much fat is residing on it.

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Is it possible to just lose fat in your face?

When it comes to losing fat in your face, there’s good news and bad news.

The good news? It is definitely possible to lose face fat. The bad news? You can’t specifically target weight loss in this area.

The best way to lose weight in your face is to try to live a more balanced lifestyle, which includes following a balanced diet.

“Typically, face fat is due to being overweight, so is the more obvious solution,” says Greuner. Try our BMI calculator and calculate your body mass index today or view any of our other health calculators that can help you on your fitness journey.

If your goal is to lose body fat, you’ll need to pay attention to your workouts and your diet to create a calorie deficit.

But don’t just start slashing calories—you want to lose fat, not muscle. So, be sure to focus on where the calories you’re eating come from, stick to whole foods as much as possible, and keep meals balanced.

The best way to lose that baby face is to follow the tips listed above. Shedding fat from the rest of your body will likely result in a leaner face and making smart lifestyle choices can also make a monumental difference. Unfortunately, here’s no magic bullet that dissolves fat from your face – at least, not naturally.

If you want some help in the exercise department, try Aaptiv. Our app includes hundreds of trainer-led workouts set to upbeat music.

What type of exercise is best?

Even though you can’t specifically target face fat, you can take steps that will result in losing some excess fat in general. Engaging in physical activity is the most effective way to minimize your face fat. If you lose weight, some of it will no doubt come from the face.

However, if you lose weight too quickly, this can also lead to sagging — which most of us don’t want either. “To minimize this, include strength training,” says Keith-Thomas Ayoob, EdD, RD, FAND. “It preserves muscle, even in muscles you don’t think are being exercised.”

By working on the muscles in other parts of your body, you’ll benefit from a synergistic effect that helps to train and build muscles all over.

Don’t forget to eat plenty of nutrients and try supplementing with collagen. As you begin to shed weight, you risk losing skin elasticity. Dave Asprey, the biohacker that founded Bulletproof, advocates eating collagen-rich foods like egg yolks and organ meat to boost your body’s ability to produce its own collagen. Nutrition is an important part of maintaining your skin’s health and elasticity.

Applying topical Vitamin C (as well as eating foods rich in this vitamin) can also increase collagen production. A serum with a concentration of 5% Vitamin C has been shown to make the skin thicker, while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As an added bonus, both Vitamin C and collagen have been shown to improve the skin’s appearance and make it look more youthful!

How else can you get rid of face fat?

Although there’s no spot-reducing of facial fat, you can strengthen facial and neck muscles so that the face appears a bit firmer.

For a quick fix, there are some facial exercises you can try. There’s no clinical evidence proving that they work, but there are plenty of anecdotal reports and thousands of before and after pictures. Facial exercises are easy, and you can do them anywhere, so what have you got to lose? Other than facial fat, of course!

Here are some favorites that social media influencers share again and again:

  1. Fish Face – Suck in your cheeks so that your lips pucker. Hold this pose for 15 seconds and repeat several times.
  2. Puffer Fish – Puff air into your cheeks and push the air from side to side.
  3. Psycho Smile – Smile aggressively and clench your teeth. Hold for several seconds.
  4. Use the Facial Fitness Pro – This bendy rod is a contraption you put in your mouth. You flap it by nodding your head up and down. You might feel a little bit silly when you try it, but Cristian Ronaldo uses it, so you’ll be in good company.

Try doing these exercises twice a day and monitor your progress. We can’t guarantee results, but we did find one study that found these exercises improved muscle thickness in the face and had rejuvenating effects.

Want longer-lasting results? Make sure you make exercise a part of your daily routine. Aaptiv has hundreds of workouts to choose from, and you’ll have a trainer in your ear to guide you every step of the way.

What Causes Face Fat?

In addition to your facial structure and the way your body chooses to store fat, there are a couple of other causes related to lifestyle. The good news is that you can control them easily.

What You Eat and Drink

You probably already know that certain foods make your stomach feel bloated, but you might not have made the connection that your face can get bloated, too!

The factors that cause facial bloat and stomach bloat are different. Celebrity nutritionist Thomas DeLauer warns that bloating in the face can be caused by the following:

Dehydration – If you’re not drinking enough water, your body does its best to retain what you have left. A lot of this retention happens in the face, so if you notice that you wake up with a puffy face, it’s because you just slept 8 hours without drinking any water. The first line of defense against a bloated face is to drink more water. It’s as simple as that!

You might not immediately recognize the signs of dehydration (other than a puffy face). Here are five things to look for:

  1. Low energy – If you feel lethargic or your workouts are blah, check your water intake.
  2. Headaches – When your fluid levels drop, the brain contracts, pulling away from the skull. The result is a headache. The good news, you can cure it quickly with a glass or two of water.
  3. Dizziness – Lack of water causes your blood pressure to drop. Low blood pressure means that the body isn’t sending oxygen to the brain fast enough, and it can result in dizziness.
  4. Mental confusion – Other signs of dehydration include hallucinations, confusion, and delirium.
  5. Nausea – When your fluid levels are out of balance, it can wreak havoc on your entire system. Ironically, the resulting nausea can cause vomiting, exacerbating your dehydration.

Sodium – Salt is not the enemy as long as you’re consuming it in its pure mineral form (like pink Himalayan salt), but white iodized table salt is sure to make your face puff out like the Michelin Man.

Keep your iodized salt intake to a minimum, but feel free to liberally sprinkle the pink variety.

Alcohol – Though it’s fun to drink, alcohol is high in calories, and it can also lead to dehydration. The CDC suggests that men limit their intake to no more than two drinks a day and women stick to one.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep raises cortisol levels in your body. This stress hormone wreaks havoc on the body, and one of the most visible results is weight gain. To keep your weight (and your cortisol) in check, make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep. The perfect amount varies by person, but it’s usually in the range of six to eight hours.

Your Overall Weight

In most (though not all) instances, a chubby face is a result of being overweight. If you can shed those unwanted pounds, then you’ll naturally slim your face as well. A balance of both cardio and weight training combined with a healthy diet is still the most effective to lose weight.

Need some workout inspiration? Aaptiv has hundreds of workouts to keep you motivated, from treadmill routines to strength training, and more.

The health warnings written on your face: From overdoing it at the gym to eating too much spicy food, how your looks reveal the true toll of your lifestyle


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  • Kelly Brook’s ex David McIntosh brands the star ‘a SNAKE’ in shock swipe… following their bitter split and his ‘bullying’ accusations Hitting out
  • Stunning period costumes worn by A-list stars including Cate Blanchett in the film Elizabeth: The Golden Age and Claire Foy in The Crown go on display at Ely Cathedral
  • ‘I knew straight away I had feelings for her’: Dancing On Ice star Kevin Kilbane discusses new romance with pro partner Brianne Delcourt
  • Kimberley Garner showcases her stunning physique in a yellow and orange swimsuit as she soaks up the sun in Miami Good times
  • Sofia Richie opts for gothic glamour as she sports sweeping leather coat with trendy jeans for Beverly Hills dinner Made a solo appearance on Thursday evening
  • Princess Diana’s scarlet Jasper Conran suit bought at auction for £50,000 goes on public display for the first time to showcase her unique style of ‘tradition with a twist’
  • Jason Momoa goes shirtless and lathers himself in bubbles for Rocket Mortgage’s VERY strange Super Bowl commercial
  • Prince Philip, 98, goes to Sandringham estate shooting party just weeks after hospital stay as son Prince Charles drives to join him
  • Kate Middleton ‘misses’ her close bond with Prince Harry and ‘fears she’ll ‘never be close to him again,’ source tells Us Weekly Division
  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are ‘hoping’ to spend their summer in Los Angeles and are already looking for a house where they can ‘entertain’
  • Kate Middleton beats Meghan Markle to be voted number one fashion royal icon (and Harry’s laid back scores higher than William’s structured style)
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  • Kim Kardashian shares a photo of her older sister Kourtney modeling a one-piece from her SKIMS lingerie line: ‘So cute’ Racy
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  • Damian Hurley, 17, jokes he resembles an ‘AVATAR creature’ as model teen poses in ethereal throwback snap in Mykonos Out of this world

The “Secret” to Losing Your Face Fat and Double Chin

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Face fat can be slightly baffling.

You can be fairly lean, with decent muscle definition and even a nice set of abs underneath your shirt, and still see double chins in every picture.

Why? And what the hell can you do about it?

Well, I have good and bad news.

Let’s eat the frog first:

There are no amount of face stretches or exercises that you can do to slim your mug. Unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet or quick fix.

Now the good news:

You absolutely can lose face fat, and it’s easier than you probably think.

I can’t promise that you’ll get that superhero jaw or those superheroine cheekbones, but if you feel your face is too fat, there is something you can do about it.

So, let’s dive in and find out why some people’s faces seem disproportionately fat when compared to the rest of their bodies, and how to get leaner, more chiseled features.

Would you rather watch a video? Click the play button below!

Want to watch more stuff like this? Check out my YouTube channel!

Why Is My Face Fat and His/Hers Isn’t?

Your face is fat for one or both of the following reasons:

  1. Your body fat percentage is too high.
  2. Your facial structure and genetics predispose your face to roundness (like me).

The first reason is obvious.

Most of the fat in your body is stored just beneath the skin, and is distributed in varying degrees throughout every area, including parts that most people don’t think of, like the face, fingers, and feet.

Most of us have subtle facial features, so it doesn’t take much fat to mask them. This is why we have to get pretty lean before we see noticeable changes in our facial appearance.

Specifically, most men need to get to the 10% body fat range before they see a noticeable shift from facial roundness to angularity, and most women need to get to around 20% body fat.

In case you’re not familiar with what those body fat percentages look like, check out this image:

As you can see, 10% in men and 20% in women is quite lean.

That being so, while getting that lean is guaranteed to give you abs and arm vascularity, unfortunately, it’s hard to say if it’ll give you the face you want.

You’ve probably noticed that some people can be noticeably fatter than you, but with the exact facial features you want.

You’ve probably also seen others at more or less the same body fat levels, but with much fatter faces.

This, my friend, brings us to the second point noted above: anatomy and genetics.

All of our faces are built differently. Some of us have sharp features–high, prominent cheekbones, strong, jutting jaws, and so forth–and others have a more muted look.

Faces with bolder features naturally look leaner than rounder ones, and while we can reduce the amount of fat in our faces, no amount of dieting or exercise is going to change the underlying structure.

So, the point is this:

Some people are always going to have a leaner face than others at any given body fat percentage.

That said, that doesn’t mean you can’t lose face fat. You absolutely can…

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How to Lose Face Fat

Are you ready for the big secret?

The one weird trick for losing face fat and dumping the double chin?

Here it is:

Just kidding. 🙂

Here it really is:

Reduce your body fat percentage.

That is, reduce the percentage of your total body weight that’s fat, or the amount of fat stored in your entire body.

You see, “targeted fat loss”–the idea that you can reduce the fatness of a specific region of your body–doesn’t really exist.

When you exercise a muscle group, it does cause fat to be burned around it, but the effect is too slight to be significant. That’s why you can’t get abs by doing crunches, and you can’t get a chiseled jaw line by doing weird facial exercises.

What you can do, however, is use diet and exercise to reduce your body fat levels, and as you get leaner, your face will get slimmer and slimmer.

How quickly is determined by your genetics, but as I mentioned earlier, most men that don’t naturally have strong facial features need to be around 10% body fat to have a sharp look, and most women need to be around 20%.

Let’s take a minute to look at some visuals from people that have transformed their physiques using the programs in my books.

As you can see, Caleb’s face went from round to trim after losing 120 pounds on my Bigger Leaner Stronger program.

When Shay started my Thinner Leaner Stronger program, she was slightly overweight, but very much normal by everyday standards.

6 months later, she was 35 pounds lighter, and check out how much her face leaned out.

Ryan, on the other hand, is a good example of someone who doesn’t naturally store much fat in his face.

As you can see, he went from “fluffy” to “shredded,” and while his face did sharpen up, you don’t see as much of a change as you might expect.

And, just for fun, let’s take me.

I’ve had fat cheeks my entire life, and have to be very lean to have the cleaner lines that you see on guys literally double my body fat percentage.

For example, here’s an old picture of me after a couple years of weightlifting (excuse my lack of gains–I had no idea what I was doing back then, haha):

I was around 13% body fat, and…dem cheeks.

Here’s another shot of me about 5 years later:

And a few years after that:

That’s about as lean as I’ll ever get (~6% body fat), and my face is fuller than you’d expect (most guys have that gaunt, hollowed-out look by the time they get this low).

And here’s how I look now when around 10% body fat:

A post shared by Mike Matthews (@muscleforlifefitness) on Dec 31, 2016 at 12:49pm PST

C’est la vie. 😉

So, while some of us are genetically predisposed to have a fatter or leaner face than others, we can all reliably lose face fat by simply reducing our total body fatness.

In other words, the best way to get a lean face is to get abs.

Here’s how…

1. Use an aggressive (but not reckless) calorie deficit.

Studies show that the only way to lose fat is to eat less energy (fewer calories) than you burn.

The reason you’re carrying excess body fat is, over time, you consistently ate more calories than you burned. And the only way to get rid of that excess fat is to do the opposite: eat less than you burn.

When you do this, you’re in a “calorie deficit” because, well, your energy intake is less than your body’s needs. It must get that additional energy from somewhere, though, so it goes after its fat stores.

Now, the larger the calorie deficit, the faster the weight loss, but if you make it too large (by eating too little), you’re going to run into various issues related to “starvation dieting.”

We want to avoid that, but we also want to push the needle as much as we can. That is, we want to be aggressive in our fat loss efforts, but not reckless.

This is why I recommend that you set your calorie deficit at 20 to 25% (eat 20 to 25% less calories than you burn every day).

Research shows that this will allow you to lose fat rapidly without losing muscle.

If you follow the rest of the steps in this article, hunger and cravings, shouldn’t be a major issue either.

Sure, you might feel twinges now and then, but nothing like what most people associate with “dieting.”

Want to learn more about how to calculate how many calories you should eat? Check out this article.

2. Eat a high-protein diet.

When we’re talking body composition, protein is by far the most important macronutrient.

Studies show that eating adequate protein helps you…

  • Recover faster from your workouts.
  • Gain muscle and lose fat faster.
  • Retain muscle better while restricting your calories for weight loss.
  • Feel more satiated by your meals (and thus be less likely to overeat).

The bottom line is high-protein dieting beats low-protein in every way, especially when you’re cutting.

So, what’s the right amount of protein?

Well, when you’re looking to lose fat, then you should eat about 1 to 1.2 grams per pound of body weight per day.

And if you’re very overweight (25%+ body fat in men and 30%+ in women), then this can be reduced to around 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass per day.

Want to know more about how much protein you should eat? Check out this article.

3. Do a lot of heavy compound weightlifting.

There are many ways to train your muscles, and when the goal is gaining size and strength as quickly as possible, nothing beats heavy compound weightlifting.

It’s better than workout machines, “pump” classes, bodyweight exercises, Yoga, Pilates, and everything else you can do to build your muscles.

What do I mean by “heavy compound” lifting, though?

Well, by “compound,” I mean focusing on compound exercises, which are those that target multiple large muscle groups, such as the squat, bench press, military press, and deadlift.

And by “heavy,” I mean lifting weights that are above 75% of your one-rep max (weights that you can do 12 reps or less with before failing).

The reason heavy compound weightlifting is so effective is it’s the best way to overload your muscles, which is the primary trigger for muscle growth.

By lifting heavy weights (and progressing to heavier and heavier weights as you get stronger), you create tremendous amounts of tension in your muscles, which tells them to grow.

I think you can figure out how this benefits you when you’re restricting your calories for fat loss.

In short, it allows you to minimize muscle loss while dieting, or, depending on your circumstances, even gain muscle while you’re losing fat.

Want to know how to build an effective weightlifting routine? Check out this article.

4. Use high-intensity interval training to burn fat faster.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a type of cardio that involves short, maximum effort sprints, followed by short recovery periods.

I’m a big fan of HIIT for several reasons, but the main one is it allows you to lose more fat in less time than traditional slow steady-state cardio.

In fact, research shows that you can burn as much fat in 25 minutes of HIIT as 60 minutes of incline treadmill walking.

Another major benefit of HIIT is that it helps preserve muscle better than low-intensity cardio, mainly because you don’t have to do nearly as much to keep the needle moving.

To be specific, just 2 to 4 HIIT workouts per week, with each lasting just 20 to 25 minutes, is all you need to significantly boost your fat loss.

Yup, you really can lose weight fast doing no more than an hour or so of cardio per week!

Want to learn more about high-intensity interval training? Check out this article.

5. Take fat loss supplements that actually work.

I saved this for last because it’s the least important.

Unfortunately, no amount of weight loss pills and powders are going to give you the body you want.

In fact, most fat loss supplements are completely worthless.

But, here’s the good news:

If you know how to drive fat loss with proper eating and exercise, like we’ve just covered in this article, then certain supplements can help speed up the process.

Based on my personal experience training for over 10 years, and working with thousands of people, I’m comfortable saying that a proper weight loss supplementation routine can increase fat loss by about 30 to 50%.

In other words, if you can lose 1 pound of fat per week through training and diet (which you can), you can lose 1.3 to 1.5 pounds of fat per week by adding the right supplements.

And here are those supplements:

3 to 6 mg of caffeine per kilogram of body weight per day

Caffeine raises the number of calories you burn and also increases strength, muscle endurance, and anaerobic performance.

I get my caffeine from my pre-workout supplement PULSE, which contains several other natural ingredients proven to boost workout performance.

0.1 to 0.2 milligrams of yohimbine per kilogram of bodyweight before training.

Yohimbine is a natural substance that increases fat loss, and is particularly helpful with losing “stubborn” fat in the belly, hip, and thigh regions.

There’s a catch, though–studies show that yohimbine only works when insulin levels are lowest. And that means it can only help you lose fat faster if you train in a fasted state (which you can learn more about here).

The easiest way to make this work is to do your workouts first thing in the morning, after you wake up. That way your body has had the entire night to finish processing your last meal, which means your insulin levels are guaranteed to be at a baseline level.

Fasted training has other benefits, too.

Namely, it increases the amount of fat that you burn while working out and increases blood flow to “stubborn” fat regions like the stomach.

In terms of a specific yohimbine supplement to take, I recommend you check out my pre-workout fat burner FORGE.

Every serving contains clinically effective doses of yohimbine, HMB, and CDP-choline, which help you burn stubborn fat faster, preserve your muscle, and have better workouts.

1 to 2 servings of my fat burner PHOENIX per day.

PHOENIX is a fat burner that I developed that contains seven natural compounds proven help you lose fat faster, including synephrine, green tea extract, and forskolin.

The bottom line is if you want to lose fat faster without taking a bunch of stimulants or harsh chemicals, then you want to try PHOENIX.

The Bottom Line on Losing Face Fat

Face fat is a bitch.

Most of us have to dramatically change our physiques just to see moderate changes in our faces.

Fortunately, though, losing face fat is simple.

You don’t need to do special exercises or take special supplements. All you need to do is reduce your body fat levels.

As your entire body gets leaner, your face will follow.

So, follow the simple strategies in this article, and you’ll not only get the face that you want, but the body as well.

What’s your take on losing face fat? Have anything else to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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The holidays are just around the corner! While some of us are worrying about the holiday shopping getting done, the rest of us are worrying about the weight we are about to gain. Following these 4 lifestyle tips during the holidays will get you slim thick this winter.

Slim-thick is the up-and-coming body in the industry. It is characterized by an insanely small waist, a large butt, and moderately sized legs. You can’t miss it while scrolling through Instagram. While many models may achieve their bodies surgically, there are others who have adapted the perfect workout routine to earn this flattering figure.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking a gallon of water a day is one of the easiest and most effective methods to lose weight. Drinking water increases calorie burning while resting. It is shown that within ten minutes of drinking water in adults, the resting energy expenditure increased 24-30%.

Drinking water before meals also reduces appetite, therefore helping reduce overall calorie-intake during the day and leading to gradual weight loss. Adding 1 cup of water to daily water consumption, reduces weight gain by 0.23 pounds and will help you achieve your slim thick dreams.

Water also speeds up digestion, decreases bloating and inflammation, and flushes toxins out of the body, contributing to the overall look and feeling of being slimmer and getting you slim thick this winter.

Switch to Weight Training

Cardio is actually not the most effective way to achieve your dream body. While cardio may contribute to over-all fat loss, it also contributes to loss of fat in your butt. The secret to being slim thick is losing fat everywhere else in your body.

The glory behind weight training is that you get to focus on certain muscle groups while avoid training others. For example, toning your quads or hamstrings will help you achieve skinnier legs while maintaining the fat in your butt. Doing weighted exercises that isolate your glute muscles will allow you to build muscle in your butt while avoiding building muscles in your calves or quads. Trying out different compound and isolation exercises will help you become slim thick this winter

Weight-training also helps boost metabolism and contributes to weight loss. When you finish weight training for the day, your body isn’t done burning those calories. While the body repairs and builds stronger muscles after a workout, it continues to burn calories. In the end, the more muscle mass you have, the greater number of calories you burn during rest. It is why body builders and olympic athletes like Michael Phelps can consume more than 12,000 calories in a day.

Be Smart About Your Cardio

Now the other aspect of being slim thick is achieving that small waist and reduced belly fat. While doing hundreds of ab exercises seems like the answer for a small stomach, it is not.

Reducing belly fat comes from cardiovascular exercise which is notorious for all-around fat reduction and development of lean muscle throughout the body. In order to maintain the thick thighs and big butt, it is important to pick the right cardiovascular exercise.

Instead of jogging and running long distances, sprinting shorter distances repeatedly will help you maintain a stronger, fuller lower body while cutting the fat from your stomach. Sprinters are known for having strong, thick legs, while distance runners are known for having lean bodies.

Sprinting exercises take a shorter amount of time than running the average 1-2 miles on the treadmill at a medium pace. The best sprinting exercises are running the ‘straights’ or ‘curves’ of a track at full speed while taking a one minute break in between each repetition.

The Stairmaster has to be the greatest invention brought to cardiovascular health. The Stairmaster will help you maintain a lower body while burning stomach fat. The machine strengthens the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and glutes, while being low impact on the knees and elevating heart rate. Thirty-minutes on the Stairmaster can burn to 200-250 calories.

Avoid Dairy At All Costs

Dairy is bad for you, especially if you are attempting to lose weight. Not only is dairy found in high-calorie foods such as ice cream and pizza, it is also found in the least-expected foods that are over-indulged in, including cereals, chips, salad dressings, and hotdogs.

Celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Khloe Kardashian have ditched dairy in order to slim down. They realized that consuming milk is equal to drinking your calories, leaving you less-satisfied and still hungry. Everyone wants to chew their calories. A cup of skim-milk can contain 90 calorie while a cup of whole milk can contain 150 calories.

Milk is full of hormones and fat. It is known to be an inflammatory like sugar and trans fats, triggering bloating, weight-gain, and chronic disease.

At the end of the day, the secret to cutting body fat is reducing caloric intake from fats, sugars, and simple carbohydrates. Removing the cup of milk from breakfast or the cookies from dessert will show significant results within weeks in the inches around your waist.

In Conclusion

The average American gains one to two pounds during the holidays. The key to maintaining your current body and achieving your dream body is using these lifestyle changes during the holidays, while enjoying eating whatever you want (minus dairy products).

Here are your tips bundled into one nice present:

1. Go to the gym at least 3 days a week and do exercises that incorporate weights.

2. Be smart about your cardio and choose exercises that help build leg muscles while blasting belly fat.

3. Read food labels and avoid foods with dairy. It is the easiest way to reduce bloating and promote weight loss.

4. Drink water in between conversations with family, running errands, and celebrating the holidays. Your skin and body will thank you.

5. Stay motivated by following Instagram accounts such as @squats and @fitness_iq. Not only do these accounts teach you proper form for weight training, they also inspire you to work hard and get slim thick this winter.

After tons of emails from our readers and subscribers requesting a slim thick workout, it’s finally here!

This 15-minute workout will help you sculpt a sexy slim thick figure, if you give it everything and stay consistent.

After all, that’s what it really takes to achieve anything that’s goal!

What’s a slim thick body?

It’s basically when you have a slim frame with relatively thick thighs, big glutes with a flat stomach and well proportioned upper body.

This look is very similar to the hourglass figure.

Now this can be genetic and also something that you can work towards with consistent workout and good nutrition.

The thing is, it all comes down to dropping your body fat percentage then using resistance training to grow your thighs and gluteal muscles.

Everyone’s fitness goal is different and we all should appreciate that.

Some persons prefer have a curvy thick figure while some prefer a slim body while having some form of thickness around their legs and glutes.


This 15-minute workout consists of five different workouts, all of which have a particular job to do.

Some will target your midsection, upper and lower body.

It’s a combination of bodyweight workouts and HIIT/cardio to maximize fat loss and tone muscles.

This isn’t a repetition base workout as you’ll be using a stopwatch.

A workout chart will be given below showing the amount of sets and time aside for each.

First, let’s break down each workout and then we’re going to head into the slim thick diet.

So let’s get started! 🏁


This will specifically target the gluteus medius which is in the gluteal muscle group.

The aim is to activate that muscle for growth, so that it can assist the other gluteal muscles during other compound movements.

This helps to make your hips curvier and relatively wider.

How to do it

  • Lie down on your left side as shown in the image above.
  • You’re going to slowly move your right leg forward, maintaining a parallel level to the ground.
  • Then slowly lift it back into the starting position without touching the ground and repeat.


You’ll be doing a compound movement that combines squats and lunges into one.

Very powerful for targeting quads and glutes simultaneously.

An absolute time-saver that will give you maximum muscle hypertrophy in a short amount of time.

How to do it

  • Get into the wide squat position and do two squat pulses going up and down.
  • Then you’re going to raise and turn your body to the right entering a lunge position.
  • When in the lunge position hold for one second then go back into the starting position and repeat, turning to the left side.


This is the HIIT and cardio combo that will turn your body in a fat burning furnace!🔥

You’ll be hitting your entire midsection, upper and lower body simultaneously.

How to do it

  • Get into the plank position leaning lower into the ground as shown in the image above.
  • You’re going to do an explosive jump forward landing into a wide squat.
  • Hold the squat position for one second then return to the starting plank position and repeat.


Another workout that will hit the waistline, from obliques to lower abdominal region.

Developing that toned slim waistline, not those over-developed oblique muscles that cause your waistline to look wide.

How to do it

  • Get into the plank position on your right side as shown in position A.
  • Your left leg should be parallel to the ground and your core tightened.
  • Bring your extended top leg forward maintaining the parallel position to the ground, touching your left hand midway as shown in position B.
  • Then return to the starting position A.
  • Do the required amount of sets for the right side then do the left side.


You’ll be combining lunges and squats with explosive moves.

This will hit every single muscle in your lower body for maximum muscle activation and growth.

How to do it

  • You’ll start by standing upright then slowly lower your body down into a kneeling position.
  • When on both knees, slowly get into the squat position then do an explosive jump as high as possible.
  • After landing, squat then get back down on both knees and repeat the process.
  • To get a better visual you can watch the short video below the chart.


Doing the workout session use a stopwatch to time your rest times. Try to keep it in between 20-40 seconds or more ONLY if needed.

The rule of thumb is to wait until your heart rate slows down a bit then get back into the workout.

Resting too long will diminish muscle hypertrophy and not maximize calorie burn.

Remember, it’s just 15 minutes so you want to give it everything that you’ve got.



Here’s what will happen.

After a while your muscles will become accustomed to your bodyweight therefore, you will hit a plateau.

This simply means the muscles are getting stronger and they need heavier weights to break down and grow bigger.

So here’s what you can do.

For the following workouts you can add a 20-30 lb dumbbell for extra resistance.

  • Double squat twist
  • Kneel to jump squats

Remember, you’re trying to achieve that slim thick body and a big component of that look is having thicker thighs with bigger glutes.

So don’t be afraid to add a dumbbell, that’s how you will break the plateau and enter a new stage of growth.

Another thing you should remember is that muscles DO NOT recognize weight and they don’t care what exercises you do!

Your body can’t tell if you’re doing a lunges or a squat.

Muscles recognize and respond to tension!

“Increase tension, increase growth!”

So when working your glutes and thighs focus on generating tension by going at a relatively slow pace with proper form.

This is super important, if you fail to do this you’ll be stuck at one stage without seeing any growth.

It’s understandable that some women are afraid to use weights as they are afraid of getting bulky.

The testosterone levels in women are too low to cause such bulky look.

So don’t worry how about including weights into your training.

The only way you would become bulky is if you’re taking testosterone supplement or taking that stuff.😉


There are two ways this has to be approached.

That’s because some persons will have a higher body fat percentage while some are slim hardgainers.

If you’re someone who is struggling to shed excess body fat then you need to enter a calorie deficit.

For you to show your true slim thick figure you have to drop your body fat percentage.

And the ultimate way to do that is to burn more calories than you eat daily.

You can follow this Monday to Sunday slim down meal plan that will help you control your calorie intake.

On the other hand, if you’re a hardgainer struggling to gain weight then you need to do the opposite.

You have to enter a calorie surplus, meaning eating more calories than you burn daily.

Here’s a Monday to Sunday weight gain meal plan that will help support your training and add lean size to your glutes and thighs.


To get the best results, it’s best to workout at least three times a week for maximum muscle stimulation and fat loss.

Don’t overdo it as your muscles need time to recover, repair and grow.


There you have it, a complete workout plan to help you build at slim sexy thick body.

No special type of equipment needed, apart from having access to dumbbells for extra resistance.

And even if you don’t have any dumbbells, you can use any weighted object around the house that will give you some extra resistance.

You just need to stay consistent with the workout plan and nutrition.

After a while you’ll notice that your body fat starts to drop.

Your stomach becomes flatter, glutes and thighs become much thicker and rounder.

The hourglass diet

Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Lana Turner… the names alone conjure images of sex, glamour and the perfect hourglass figure of large breasts and wide hips separated by a nipped-in waist.

But women’s waists have grown seven inches in the past 50 years. So even though nowadays, breasts and hips are bigger than ever, the effect is destroyed because so few of us go in at the middle.

Apparently, most of us are straight up and down – a body shape unflatteringly dubbed “the fridge” or “the brick”.

So, what’s changed?

Scientists say it’s due to women drinking more, eating greater amounts of processed, calorific foods and being less active than 50 years ago.

A typical diet in the 50s included a boiled egg for breakfast, a main meal at lunchtime of home-cooked meat or fish, potatoes and seasonal vegetables, followed by a light early evening meal of omelette or soup.

Plus, fewer cars and labour-saving devices meant women were more active and burnt more calories in a day. No wonder they kept so trim.

But despite our changing figures, surveys show most women today would love the old-fashioned curves, with Scarlett Johansson, Kelly Brook, Catherine Zeta-Jones and J.Lo held up as body role models.

And the good news is, our diet and exercise plan can help you get curves in all the right places – fast.

How to cheat your way to a sexier shape

Choose the right clothes to emphasise those curves – the hourglass shape is the figure to have this season.

Cinch in your waist with a wide belt over a fitted jumper, just like famous sweater girls Lana Turner and Marilyn Monroe did in the 1950s.

Cropped waistcoats over a sexy fitted shirt will give an instant hourglass shape.

So will pencil skirts, a favourite of Victoria Beckham. And prom dresses, like those favoured by Lily Allen, help create tiny waists.

Try a wonder product – the stars love Bliss Fat Girl Slim, #35, available at

This body cream, laced with caffeine, promises to break up fat cells under the skin, leaving your stomach and hips smooth and more streamlined in just three weeks.

Get the right underwear – try Spanx Hide & Sleek Hi-Rise Body Smoother, #45.

It begins below your bust and goes right down to mid-thigh – flattening out any bulging bits in between and creating a tighter waist.

Fancy something sexier?

Splash out on Agent Provocateur’s Diva Waspie, #98. A fabulous boned satin corset-style belt that pulls in your waist for that Dita Von Teese look.

Diet adapted from The Waist Line Plan, by Sally Lewis, (Hamlyn, #12.99)

5 key foods to shrink your middle

1 ALMONDS – They’re high in essential fatty acids, calcium and magnesium, which help stop water retention. Plus they’re packed with vitamin E, which can balance your hormones.

2 WHOLEGRAINS – Low GI because the sugar they contain breaks down slowly, which leaves you fuller for longer and less likely to snack.

3 BROCCOLI – High in chromium, a mineral that helps the pancreas stabilise insulin release, so you won’t get the fluctuating blood sugar levels that can lead to cravings.

4 MUSHROOMS – They’re high in vitamin B3 (niacin) which helps reduce stress and convert protein into energy.

5 OILY FISH – It’s a great source of leptin, a protein that acts like a hormone to control your appetite.

Reclaim your waist

Diet and fitness guru Sally Lewis has devised the Waist Line Plan – to tackle thick waists.

After just two weeks you could lose up to half a stone, shave two inches from your waist – and flat ten your tummy as well.

Follow the plan for six weeks for even more dramatic results.

How it works

This diet contains foods that help balance hormones, including complex carbohydrates such as wholegrain bread and brown rice, plus foods rich in essential fatty acids like olive oil and oily fish.

Once women hit their 30s their hormones change, which slows the metabolism and increases appetite by up to 70 per cent. This condition – known as somatopause – also means your ratio of fat-tomuscle increases, so you end up carrying more flab.

And it’s not just about hating the way your muffin-top looks, this condition can have serious health effects.

Put simply, the bigger your waistline, the higher your risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers.



Ditch ready-meals – cooking fresh foods will reduce your intake of salt, sugar and saturated fat and help beat the bloat.

Eat regularly – the key to banishing fat around the middle as it keeps energy and hunger levels stable. Plus it keeps your metabolism efficient and burns calories at a faster rate.

Steam or poach rather than fry or roast.

Avoid full-fat or hard cheeses. Choose soft cheese such as brie or goat’s cheese.

Remove all skin from poultry and limit your red meat intake.

A glass of juice always means 150ml, a cereal portion 75g and milk 200ml.

Your 7-day meal planner


Breakfast: Glass of apple juice, bowl of sugar-free muesli with skimmed milk


Snack: Vegetable crudites with hummus

Lunch: Wholemeal pitta filled with turkey salad

Mid-AFTERNOON SNACK: Two rice cakes spread with cottage cheese

Dinner: Tofu stir-fry, followed by a slice of melon


Breakfast: Mango and banana smoothie and a handful of sunflower seeds


Snack: Six dried apricots

Lunch: Pasta with red peppers and walnuts

Mid-AFTERNOON SNACK: Two rice cakes with peanut butter

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast with baked sweet potato wedges


Breakfast: Glass of pineapple, bowl of exotic fruits and toasted bagel with 1tbsp low-fat cream cheese


Snack: Six dates

Lunch: Small baked potato with 125g (4oz) of cottage cheese

Mid-AFTERNOON SNACK: Two oatcakes and a peach

Dinner: Chicken salad with low-fat Thai dressing


Breakfast: Half a grapefruit and a slice of wholegrain toast with a little olive oil spread


Snack: Two oatcakes with Marmite

Lunch: Wholemeal pitta filled with 100g tinned salmon and watercress and a small low-fat fruit yogurt

Mid-AFTERNOON SNACK: Apple and a plum

Dinner: Poached salmon with steamed vegetables, followed by a baked banana (cooked in foil for 10 mins with a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice)


Breakfast: A glass of orange juice and a savoury omelette made with two eggs, chopped red pepper and mushrooms

Mid-MORNING SNACK: A handful of almonds

Lunch: Six pieces of vegetarian sushi and an exotic fruit salad

Mid-AFTERNOON SNACK: Two rice cakes with peanut butter

Dinner: Grilled steak, steamed veg and rice (cook wild rice in veg stock with half a chopped onion for flavour) and a pear


Breakfast: A glass of apple juice and a bowl of porridge, sweetened with chopped apricots

Mid-MORNING SNACK: Vegetable crudites with hummus

Lunch: Chicken and rice salad – mix four tablespoons of cooked brown rice with a large handful of chopped raw veg, such as cucumber, celery, red pepper and tomatoes, with a handful of grilled, chopped chicken.

Squeeze over lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil


Snack: Six Brazil nuts

Dinner: Eight veggie nuggets, followed by handful of berries with a small pot of natural yoghurt


Breakfast: A blueberry and banana smoothie and a slice of wholemeal toast spread with a little peanut butter to taste


Snack: Six dried prunes

Lunch: Savoury omelette with two eggs, chopped mushrooms, red pepper and onion and served with mixed salad leaves


Snack: Two oatcakes spread with Marmite

Dinner: Griddled artichokes and fennel, served with grilled tuna steak and brown rice, plus two kiwi fruit

Always consult a doctor before starting any diet or exercise plan

Are You Skinny Fat? Here’s How To Fix It

Kevin RodriguesFollow Sep 30, 2017 · 12 min read

It’s the worst feeling ever.

Standing in front of the mirror.

Watching your thin arms, flabby stomach, and bulging love handles.

You’re not fat. But you’re not thin either. Hell, with a shirt on you look like an average guy. But take that shirt off and you look like shit.

Sorry to tell you but you’re skinny fat.

But why? Why must you suffer this awful type of body?

Is it your genetics? Is it some disease? Or is it punishment for eating too much candy?

These questions circle your head as you try to figure out a way to change your body.

Maybe you tried to eat healthy. Maybe you tried running on the treadmill. And maybe you even went to the gym to work out.

Then why are you still the same? Is there no way to end this suffering?

Don’t worry.

Because there is a way to change your body. There is a way to get out of the skinny fat curse. And there is a way to become lean and muscular.

Will it be easy? Hell no.

But it will be worth the effort when you get a lean, strong, and muscular body.

So get ready to change your life.

How did you end up like this?

What was it?

What was the reason your body ended up like this?

Let’s look at some of the reasons that made you skinny fat. Because once you know them you can work on fixing them.

Eating like crap

Maybe you ate a lot of junk food. Not so much that you got fat but enough that you got skinny fat.

All that processed food and extra calories ended up on your stomach, chest, and back as fat.

Or maybe you ate less food. Maybe you were fat and wanted to lose weight.

So you did what most people do. Drastically cut down the food that you ate with an extreme diet.

That’s a sure-fire recipe for skinny fat.

The problem with extreme diets is that while you lose fat in the beginning, you also lose muscle. The more muscle you lose, the more your metabolism slows down. And the harder it becomes for you to lose body fat.

And less muscle more fat is the definition for skinny fat.

Doing a lot of cardio

Cardio — some love it, others hate it.

Cardio is great for your heart, great for your weight loss, and great for your overall health.

But cardio can be a double-edged sword.

Do enough of it and it will help to lose weight. Do too much of it and you end up losing a lot of muscle as well.

And we have seen what happens when we lose muscle.

Yeah, you know, it’s a trip to skinny fat city.

Missing out on strength training

Some people just hate the gym.

It’s hard, painful, and tiring to workout, isn’t it?

But strength training is awesome when you want to leave skinny fat city behind and move to lean and muscular town.

Strength training helps you build and maintain muscle.

If you don’t work out you won’t build muscle. And as you already know, the less muscle you have, the shittier your metabolism and the more fat you have on your body.

And you end up being skinny fat.

How can you get out of the skinny fat trap?

Now you know the reason you’re skinny fat.

It’s because you have more fat and less muscle in your body. And to fix this you need to build muscle and lose fat.

But there’s just one problem.

It’s freaking hard to do both at the same time.

You need to make a choice.

  1. For a certain period of time, build muscle and then lose fat.
  2. Or for a certain period of time, lose fat and then build muscle.

You can choose whatever you’re comfortable with.

I’ve tried both options and personally, I prefer option 2. That’s because, in option 1, you focus on building muscle. And when building muscle, you’re also going to gain some fat. And I don’t like getting fat.

So if you don’t mind getting gaining some fat then you can choose option 1. If you want to stay lean and then get strong, choose option 2.

My advice is to use option 2 to lose the fat and then build some muscle. I prefer it because of the following reasons.

  1. It’s easier to see the muscle definition on your body when you are lean.
  2. It’s easier to build muscle when you are lean.
  3. You will feel a lot healthier when you are lean and build muscle.
  4. It’s a lot harder to lose fat while maintaining muscle.

Phase 1: Let’s go from being skinny fat to lean

There are two things you need to do to get lean. You need to lose fat and maintain muscle.

Lose body fat

There’s just one way to lose fat.

A calorie deficit.

It means that you consume fewer calories than your body requires. The body then uses the remaining calories from body fat. And that is how you lose body fat.

Great! Now you know what you need to lose body fat. But how do you do it?

Eat fewer calories than what your body needs.

Eating less food will make you lose fat.

But there’s a problem.

Eat too little and you’ll lose muscle as well. As we’ve seen, that’s a big no-no. Because the less muscle you have harder is it to lose fat.

How can you know exactly how much food you should eat?

Just follow these steps and you’re good to go.

Find out your Total Daily Energy Expenditure.

Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) is the number of calories that your body needs to maintain weight. It’s the energy your body needs for its organs to function and for daily activities like walking, breathing, etc.

Use an online calculator like this one to figure out your TDEE. This won’t give you an exact TDEE but it comes pretty close.

Find out the total calories you need to eat for a calorie deficit.

Now that you know your TDEE, you just need to eat fewer calories than that.

How many calories less?

The same online calculator will show you exactly how many calories you need to eat to lose 1 pound of fat every week.

As a skinny fat person, your aim is to lose 1 to 2 pounds every week. Trying to lose more carries the risk of losing muscle.

Figure out your daily macro-nutrients

You now know how many calories you should eat to get lean. But there is one more thing you need to be careful about.

The macro-nutrients — proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that you eat.

When you’re losing weight, you want to have a high-protein diet because it works best to lose fat and preserve muscle. You need to eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

Don’t worry. It’s not that hard once you get used to tracking your calories as we will see.

Use this online calculator to figure out your macro-nutrients.

Track your calories every day

So you’ve figured out how many calories and macro-nutrients you need to eat. Now you need to track the calories and macro-nutrients you are eating every day.

To do that you need two tools. One is a food scale and the other is MyFitnessPal.

Measure the food that you eat with every meal and add it to your diary in MyFitnessPal.

This will help you know exactly how many calories you are eating so that you can hit your calorie deficit and macro-nutrient numbers.

Measure your progress every week

It’s great to know if you’re on the right track and losing weight.

So every day when you wake up and have taken a dump, measure your weight. At the end of the week, calculate an average.

If you’re losing 1–2 pounds every week, then that’s great. Keep eating the same calories and macro-nutrients.

If you’re not losing weight then drop your calories by another 200 and follow the same steps above to lose fat.

Perform cardiovascular exercise to burn calories.

You’re in a calorie deficit and losing body fat. That’s great.

But it won’t hurt to do some cardiovascular exercise. Because it will keep you healthy and it will help you eat more food.

How does that work?

When you exercise, your daily activity levels increase. This means your TDEE has increased.

So if your TDEE without cardio was 2000 calories, you need to eat 1500 calories to lose 1 pound a week. But with cardio, your TDEE might increase to 2200 calories. So you can eat 1800 calories to lose 1 pound a week.

Isn’t that wonderful?

Now you can eat more food while still being in a calorie deficit and losing weight. And let’s be honest, who does not like to eat food especially on a diet.

You can do any cardio you like running, swimming, cycling, etc. But there’s a type of cardio that is even better.

It’s called high-intensity interval training.

Why is it better?

Because not only does it take less time but it also burns a lot more calories even hours after the exercise. You just need 2 sessions of 30 minutes each every week. And your body burns calories even hours after the sessions due to the after-burner effect.

So what is high-intensity interval training (or HIIT)?

With HIIT, you perform high-intensity exercise for a period of time followed by low-intensity exercise or rest for a period of time. The period can be a few seconds or minutes.

Let’s use running as an example.

With steady-state running, you run for the entire duration at the same pace. Your heart rate may be around 70–80% for this duration.

With HIIT running, you sprint for a few seconds and then jog for a few seconds. You keep alternating between the sprint and jog till the duration of the workout. Your heart-rate should reach 100% during the sprint.

HIIT workouts can be done using running, walking, swimming, jump rope, and body weight exercises. Or a combination of these exercises. That’s what makes HIIT fun and interesting. You can use different exercises in your workout.

If you’re just starting out you can use this beginner HIIT workout program to get started.

Maintain or even gain muscle

You’re losing weight with a calorie deficit and doing great.But our goal is not just weight loss. Our goal is to go from skinny fat to lean.

The problem with a calorie deficit is that your body will try to get calories by burning both fat and muscle.

But losing muscle is a bad thing because it slows down your metabolism and stops your weight loss.

So we need to tell the body to use body fat but not muscle.

The way to do that is with strength training.

That means you need to go to the gym and lift weights with intensity. It signals your body that you need your muscle so don’t consume it as fuel. If you’re a beginner, you will also build some muscle because your body is not used to the exercise.

That’s great because with more muscle you’ll lose more fat and you’ll also get in better shape.

The best workout program you can use is a full-body workout program that uses heavy, compound exercises.

Such a workout program works best to build and maintain muscle. And you just need to perform them three times a week to get the maximum benefit.

The StrongLifts 5×5 is a good full-body workout program that uses heavy, compound exercises. But I would suggest using a 3×5 version when you’re in a calorie deficit because your body might not be able to handle a lot of exercise.

For week 1, you perform Workout A on Monday, Workout B on Wednesday, and Workout A on Friday. For week 2, you perform Workout B on Monday, Workout A on Wednesday, and workout B on Friday. As you see, you need to alternate between workouts A and B.

The workouts use compound exercises: squats, bench press, deadlifts, overhead press, and barbell rows.

See the videos below to perform the StrongLift 5×5 workouts. Remember to perform 3×5 when you’re in a calorie deficit.

Phase 2: Let’s go from being lean to muscular

OK. So you’ve been doing great with your calorie deficit. In fact, you’ve lost a ton of body fat and become lean (around 10–12% body fat).

The next step is to go from being lean to strong and muscular.

There are two things you need to do to get big and strong. You need to be in a calorie surplus and you need to gain muscle.

Get in a calorie surplus

To get stronger you need to work out with intensity at the gym.

All that heavy weight lifting causes micro-tears in your muscle fibers. And the body needs nutrients and amino acids to repair those tears and make your muscles stronger.

To get those nutrients you need to be in a calorie surplus.

It means that you consume more calories than your body requires. The body then uses the extra calories to repair and strengthen your muscles.

But there’s a problem.

Eat too much food and you’ll gain more fat than muscle. And we don’t want that. We want to eat enough food to strengthen our muscles but not so much that we are getting too fat.

You can figure out how much food to eat similar to how you did for the calorie deficit.

Just follow these steps and you’re good to go.

Find out your Total Daily Energy Expenditure.

Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) is the number of calories that your body needs to maintain weight. It’s the energy your body needs for it’s organs to function and for daily activities like walking, breathing, etc.

Use an online calculator like this one to figure out your TDEE. This won’t give you an exact TDEE but it comes pretty close.

Find out the total calories you need to eat for a calorie surplus.

Now that you know your TDEE, you just need to eat more calories than that.

How many calories more?

You can eat 300 calories more than your TDEE. Your aim should be to gain 0.5 pounds every week. This will help you gain weight slowly so that most of it is muscle.

Figure out your daily macro-nutrients

We now know how many calories we should eat to get bigger. But there is one more thing you need to be careful about.

Macro-nutrients — proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that you eat.

When you’re gaining weight, you want to have a high-protein diet because it works best to build strength and muscle. You need to eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

Don’t worry. It’s not that hard once you get used to tracking your calories as we will see.

Use this online calculator to figure out your macro-nutrients.

Track your calories every day

So you’ve figured out how many calories and macro-nutrients you need to eat. Now you need to track the calories and macro-nutrients you are eating every day.

To do that you need two tools. One is a food scale and the other is MyFitnessPal.

Measure the food that you eat with every meal and add it to your diary in MyFitnessPal. You will be able to see the calories and macro-nutrients you are eating every day.

This will help you know exactly how many calories you are eating so that you can hit your calorie surplus and macro-nutrient numbers.

Measure your progress every week

It’s great to know if you’re on the right track and gaining weight.

So every day when you wake up and have taken a dump, measure your weight. At the end of the week, calculate an average.

If you’re gaining 0.5 pounds every week, then that’s great. Keep eating the same calories and macro-nutrients.

If you’re not gaining weight then increase your calories by another 200 and follow the same steps above.

Gain muscle

You’re gaining weight with a calorie surplus and doing great.But our goal is not just weight gain. Our goal is to go from lean to muscular.

The problem with a calorie surplus is that your body will store the excess calories as fat if it has no need for them.

We need to tell the body that it should use the surplus calories to repair and build muscle.

The way to do that is with strength training.

That means you need to go to the gym and lift weights with intensity. It signals your body that it needs additional calories to repair and build muscle.

The best workout program you can use is a full-body workout program that uses heavy, compound exercises.

Such a workout program works best to build and maintain muscle. And you just need to perform them three times a week to get the maximum benefit.

The StrongLifts 5×5 is a good full-body workout program that uses heavy, compound exercises. It is made with the goal of gaining strength and muscle.

For week 1, you perform Workout A on Monday, Workout B on Wednesday, and Workout A on Friday. For week 2, you perform Workout B on Monday, Workout A on Wednesday, and workout B on Friday. As you see, you need to alternate between workouts A and B.

The workouts use compound exercises: squats, bench press, deadlifts, overhead press, and barbell rows.

See the videos below to perform the StrongLift 5×5 workouts.

It’s time to change your life

I know it’s tough.

Being skinny fat can be frustrating. And it takes a long time to get rid of it.

But here’s the thing.

It’s very much possible to get rid of.

Imagine looking at your lean and muscular body in the mirror.

You’ll be proud of your body. You’ll be proud of your strength. And you’ll be proud of what your mind has achieved.

So don’t give up.

Patiently, sincerely, calmly. Just keep following the process and you’ll see great results in just a few months.

Take the first step today.

You can do this. Just go for it.

The 5 Ultimate Strategies To Help Skinny Fat People

If you’re one of the many skinny fat people reading this, frustrated from not knowing what to do with your diet or training… Great news! There is a skinny fat solution.

Skinny fat people probably have a terrible experience of bulking up and seemingly just gaining fat, or trying to lose that extra fat, and just winding up even skinnier…but still with a nice round belly.

It’s a complete blow to your self-confidence and can result in a lot of confusion on what to do with your workout or diet.

There are two major reasons I personally think that causes people to become skinny fat.

The first being, you’re a naturally skinny guy. And you’re doing things that will turn you into a skinny fat guy, like being sedentary and not hitting the weights for example. Which leads into the second reason. And that’s from following poor weight loss advice from the mainstream media.

Skinny Fat Solution Video Summary

Make sure to check out the Youtube Video I did on a skinny fat solution as well. This article builds on that and offers some deeper insights. Enjoy!


Most skinny fat people are doing excessive amounts of cardio or something along the lines of p90x style programs when trying to lose fat.

We won’t dive into why those typical programs (which are designed for your average person looking to lose weight) are ineffective in this post. But what ends up happening to the innocent skinny fat guy is that they lose some fat, along with some muscle. Yep, “weight” loss is exactly what they got.

If you follow these 3 things listed below, chances are, you’ll wind up among the frustrated skinny fat people:

  • Minimal weightlifting but high rep training focus
  • Severe calorie deficits
  • Extreme amounts of cardio

See this is really what gets to me when it comes to weight loss and the media.

Instead of properly teaching people the fundamentals of weight loss, they come up with a new fad or crash diets that restrict types or amounts of foods you can eat.

This typically results in severe calorie deficits, which not only contributes to becoming skinny fat, but many other problems like hormonal imbalances, excessive fat storage, and much more.


Well first, let’s dive into what it actually means to be skinny fat.

Essentially, you’re not overweight and typically have very low body fat levels, but lack muscle definition:

Here’s the real skinny fat solution – you must improve your body fat composition. Meaning, you must increase your lean mass ratio to your fat mass ratio.

Which brings me to my next point. Usually, an improvement in body composition results in an increase in body weight. Many skinny fat people obsess about scale weight and fear their weight going up.

You Will Probably Weigh More At Your Goal

If we are talking about visuals here, it does not matter how much you weigh versus how many pounds of fat are on your body.

An effective skinny fat workout should have you building muscle and strength. This is going to give your body the definition you’re after.

Nutrition Also Plays A Crucial Role Here

Most likely due to the workout routine you’re currently following that resulted in you being skinny fat, your fat cells have become more insulin sensitive than your muscle cells. So if you try to bulk up, it’s much easier to gain fat instead of muscle.

You may indeed be gaining some muscle, but you wouldn’t know because it’s hidden by fat gain.

And if you try to diet down, you’re losing both muscle and fat, so you never seem to get leaner, just smaller. Since our stomachs are the last place men lose fat from, this leaves you with a belly instead of a shredded six pack.


As I briefly mentioned above, the proper skinny fat workout should be honed in on building muscle and strength as much as possible.

The picture above clearly shows that an increase in muscle mass (even though the scale weight most likely increased) looks a million times better.

The proper skinny fat diet should be a moderate calorie deficit (we’ll get to why severe calorie deficits are bad in a moment).

A moderate calorie deficit and a well-designed muscle building program will work very well for you. In fact, skinny fat guys are very likely to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.

Why Severe Calorie Deficits For Skinny Fat People Are Bad

If your calories are very restricted, not only will you lose fat but you will also lose muscle. You can also do a lot of damage to your metabolism with very low calorie diets.

You then may fall down a dark dark path of thinking you need to work harder and diet harder. This also results in more muscle loss. You may see results on the scale, but when you gaze in the mirror, you are devastated in how you look.

Why Too Much Cardio Is Bad

What I explained above also ties in with excessive amounts of cardio.

Research shows that endurance training can interfere with your ability to gain strength and muscle. When you are dieting, it is very easy to lose muscle as well. Doing hours of cardio will only accelerate muscle loss. You NEED to add more muscle and strength!

Why High Reps Are Bad

Normally, people think high reps will “tone” your muscles. This is wrong. Bringing out muscle definition requires you lowering your body fat percentage.

Not to mention, high reps tend to contribute to sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (increase in fluid around the muscle fibers) and deplete glycogen stores in the muscles. If you mix high reps while in a calorie deficit, this is a perfect storm for muscle loss. Your body simply does not have the energy to recover from that kind of volume.

Your goal with fat loss should be to hold onto the muscle you have and possibly build some more. This is accomplished by lower reps and lower overall volume (while making consistent strength gains).


Your New Mindset

Being in the right state of mind throughout your fitness journey is huge.

Chances are if you’ve been a frustrated skinny fat guy for some time now, you need a mental break.

My advice to you is simple but truly effective. Relax and accept where you are right now. I know that is easier said than done, but if you cannot accept yourself now, how will you when you make your transformation?

“I’ll look better Trent, DUH?!”

You are always going to want more or to look better. By learning self-acceptance now, you will hopefully (with practice) fix that mindset.

Not to mention all the additional stress you have been going through will make this process less efficient. Once you release yourself of that, your new training and dieting will go very smoothly.

You can start by writing down your goals. Along with positive affirmations such as “I have complete and total confidence within myself and I love the way I look.”

Recite those to yourself every morning upon waking.

You’ll Always Want More

I recently tested my one rep max on bench press – an easy 260 lbs. I was stoked! A former skinny fat guy lifting that kind of weight? It’s a huge accomplishment. I tried to be as present in the moment as I could, but do you know what ended up happening?

I then wanted a 275 lb one rep max. And that moment of glory was gone. Although I’m able to give you this advice, even I need more practice with it as well.

By realizing that the present moment is all you truly have, you’ll be able to move forward with your fitness goals with much less resistance and conquer your skinny fat body with ease.

Remember, getting to your goals is literally going to be 80% of you getting over the mental battle and 20% of you actually putting in the work.

The Skinny Fat Workout Routine

The 4-6 rep range with no more than 5-6 exercises per workout, with 2-3 sets per each, is a good guideline to follow.

Skinny fat people need to add more muscle to fix this problem. Adding strength to a handful of key exercises will result in great muscle development. I know you have probably been working your ass off with little to show.

This is why I base all my training around a 3 day workout routine and keep things simple.

Here’s what I mean – make sure you’re only focusing on a few compound exercises and consistently getting stronger:

  • Incline Dumbbell Presses
  • Barbell Rows
  • Standing Overhead Presses
  • Barbell Curls
  • Weighted Dips
  • Bulgarian Split Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Hanging Leg Raises

Why those exercises?

The fact of the matter is, there are tons of exercises to choose from. Tons. But the ones I just listed are a good place to start. Also, make sure you have some structure behind your training.

In other words, adding muscle to your body where it’s going to make the most visual impact. It’s not just about adding muscle, it’s WHERE you build the muscle that’s going to make you look the best.

The Skinny Fat Diet Protocol

Typically, if you have been trying to diet very hard, you need to fix your metabolic rate.

This is a good thing though. With the increase in calories, this will make it easier to build some muscle and get your metabolism running optimally again.

If you multiply your body weight by 15, this will give you a good estimate on your maintenance calories (you can then begin to test a 100 to 200 calorie surplus).

If you are around normal range regarding your calorie intake, but your body fat is too high. Then you can begin to diet and lose a bit of excess body fat (test a 200-400 calorie deficit first).

You will probably experience a body recomp (building muscle and losing fat). Which is pretty damn cool!

If you are around normal range regarding your calorie intake, but your body fat is fairly low. Then you can focus on building muscle without gaining fat.

Cut Back On The Cardio If You’re Skinny Fat

A huge goal is to be adding strength and muscle. To do so, you must cut back on the cardio.

I would suggest doing HIIT cardio and keeping your sessions to no longer than 30 minutes. Or you could even do a quick sprint workout (my favorite).

You can perform 1-2 sessions per week if you are lean bulking. And 2-3 sessions per week if you are cutting.

But the reality is – if you can dial in your nutrition, you can resort to only having your forms of cardio being 30-45 minute walks on your rest days or different sorts of fun activities with friends and family. No need to kill yourself on the treadmill…it may be what got you in this skinny fat mess in the first place.

Start Tracking Everything

Once you begin tracking your daily calories, weight and reps lifted in the gym, body measurements, even sleep -you can begin to find out what’s truly working or not. If you find yourself still stuck in a rut, you can make the smallest adjustment possible and re-test things.

If you’re seeing great results, you now have a log of everything that works, so that you can replicate it over and over again.

Take for example my client Joseph:

As soon as we got him on a step by step workout plan, improved his foods choices to optimize his fat loss (and testosterone) his progress went through the roof! This was accomplished in just 3 months of working together.


If you stop and think for a second, skinny fat people (same with everyone for that matter) only need an actually routine and nutrition plan to follow. On top of the desire and drive to actually make this lifestyle change (which I know you have).

Simply narrow down your training to what really matters.

And in your case, you’re going to want to focus on building muscle and strength. Understand your weight on the scale will go up from the increase in muscle mass (if that’s something you’re worried about).

Diet properly to support strength and muscle gains, while stripping away excess body fat. No more crash or fad diets.

Have some patience. And learn to accept where you currently are. This will make the process and results so much more enjoyable.

Think of this as a 6th freebie strategy – make sure you watch my FREE MaterClass on getting the body you want, where I teach you how to use these principles we just talked about and apply them to you OWN lifestyle and preference. It’s a must-watch – click the button below to reserve your seat.

Was this article a good skinny fat solution? Did I miss anything? Let me know what you think in the comments!


– Trent

Setting a Workout Schedule

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

On 2015’s Fit and Thick Tour, we discussed the importance of schedules, and how in today’s technology driven world, we often feel like we have no time to complete the tasks that will lead us towards achieving our goals.

One thing that I learned while I was in nursing school was the importance of setting a schedule and adhering to it; and due to my more recently busy lifestyle, I’ve found that implementing those skills into my daily life has created a sense of consistency and helped me keep my health and fitness goals a priority.

We are creatures of habit and we thrive in environments that promote consistency. Keeping your workout schedules the same every week will help you to stay on track and will take the guess work and planning out of your precious daily time.

I have been using the same workout schedule for the past two years and have now started implementing it in my teaching schedule for my students as well. I hope that you can use the same schedule to simplify your fitness process and start seeing results!

Day 1: Butt and Legs (My Monday)

After the weekend my body is rested and recuperated so I like to go hard. I try to focus on multiple compound exercises (squats, lunges, deadlifts) and a few isolated movements (kickbacks, leg curls, leg extensions). I like to think of this day as my “Build” day.

Day 2: Upper Body (My Tuesday)

I typically choose two of the following: Back, chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders. This workout contains a total of 4 circuits alternating between either of the two muscle groups.

Day 3: Plyos and Abs (My Wednesday)

These workouts are intense but fun! With consistency, this workout day yields the most visible results in everyone who follows the program. A typical plyos and abs workout contains 3-5 circuits of explosive movements, abdominal exercises, and my personal favorite, sprinting.

Day 4: Butt and Legs (My Thursday)

The second butt and legs workout of the week can sometimes be rough due to the fact that I’m fatigued from day 1 & 3’s workouts. Because of this, I try to focus and work on muscle groups that are not too sore. This can often be difficult, especially when you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, so this is one day that you can work your way up to if need be. This workout typically incorporates more stability based exercises rather than heavy compound lifting, such as one legged deadlifts.

Day 5: REST (My Friday)

We all need it! Rest and recover days are an important and essential part of muscle growth. One of the common mistakes that I see in beginners is the tendency to over train, especially where legs are concerned, and then they end up disappointed when results aren’t seen. Take my advice and take the day off. ☺

Day 6: Cardio (My Saturday)

This can be done in a number of different forms depending on your personal goals, fitness level, and time availability. For those who want to lose weight, or beginners, I recommend using this day to do steady cardio for 30 minutes; if fat loss and muscle growth is what you aim for, try sprinting or doing a plyometric workout instead.

Day 7: REST (My Sunday)

On the 7th day, we rest! Be sure to stretch, foam roll and soak in a salt bath. Take care of your body so you can kill it in next week’s workouts!

Pooja Parikh Traveled Across The World For The HS Diagnosis That Changed Her Life Forever

I had a meltdown on Tuesday because I’m super fat. Okay, I’m not fat, but I definitely have put on over ten pounds in two months, which is 2008 Britney Spears out-of-control. I’m still not totally sure how I managed to put on that much poundage in such a short amount of time—I’ve been walking a lot, I feel like I’ve been eating at home more, I’m certainly not drinking as much as I have in the past—but somehow I went from 114 lbs to 127 and I can assure you none of it is muscle.

I knew that I had put on a few because my clothes were fitting a little differently. My dresses that were tailored to my body with a little wiggle room for natural female fluctuation were now super tight. My skinny jeans hadn’t moved from their shelf in my closet. I knew better than to even try. But whatever, I didn’t think much of it because it’s not entirely abnormal for me to gain five pounds and lose seven within a four-week window.

But then my boyfriend’s birthday came along. I booked us a res at this crazy romantic hidden gem of a restaurant and got us a room at Safari Inn, a trashy motel that was featured in True Romance, our favorite movie and one of the first things we bonded over. I planned to stock the room with his favorite wine and desserts and the presents that I’d been slowly collecting since March. I ordered thirty-five purple balloons in honor of his age and favorite color (he’s a Ravens fan). I wanted to get some mad whorish lingerie but somehow wound up putting that off until the last minute. Two days before the big celebration, I ducked into a Victoria’s Secret (I’m so ashamed) and picked up a couple trashy looking things in my usual size and walked straight to the register.

I wasn’t going to put the lingerie on until the night of because who the fuck has time to strut around their apartment in lingerie beside Jennifer Love Hewitt? (That is not a reference to The Client List, I read in her book “The Day I Shot Cupid” that she likes to turn herself on by getting vajazzled and walking around her place dressed like she’s about to fuck even when she doesn’t have anyone to sleep with. The whole book is kind of heaven, FYI) Then I remembered that I’m totally fat now and I should probably just try everything on and pick the one that looks the least offensive.

Obviously they all looked deeply offensive and I cried and that’s why I’m writing this. I was mortified. Victoria’s Secret is meant for America and America is fat. And I didn’t fit into a small there anymore. A small t-shirt at Old Navy is essentially a circus tent and Old Navy is basically Victoria’s Secret and if I didn’t fit in one of their smalls, then I am bigger than something made to house elephants.

I ran down to the front desk of my building in a haze of craze and was all, “DOES ANYONE HERE KNOW A PERSONAL TRAINER? I NEED A PERSONAL TRAINER! CAN ANYBODY HELP ME?”

Thankfully this chick at the desk did know a guy. He’s a sixty-something Panamanian and he wears a lot of Lulu Lemon. He diagnosed me as “skinny fat”—my body wants to be skinny but between my laziness and lack of self-control re: food/alcohol/everything I’m not allowing myself to shine like the petite diamond I am.

My relationship with my body/food has always been this: I was a chubby child/teen because I was a loner indoor kid who was left alone a lot and made most of my own meals. We never had processed foods in the house, but whenever I’d have a chance to buy candy, I’d buy a shitload of it and eat it all in one sitting because I was afraid I’d never have candy again.

When I was in college, I figured out how to be anorexic. I say “figured out” because I’d obviously had been aspiring to having an eating disorder my entire life. I was so jealous of the girls in high school that weighed like, 11 pounds and could wear whatever they wanted.

I realized that if I ate an apple and drank a can of Coke and smoked a pack of cigarettes, I was getting enough calories to feel full. Then after about a week of that, I eliminated the apple and just drank two cans of Coke. I lived off of Coke and cigarettes for two years before I started to gradually work in vegan sushi. I’m about 5’7” or 8” and I got all the way down to 96 pounds. I felt so fucking chic.

Anxiety and depression, two things that come pretty naturally to me, were huge in keeping the starvation going. At some point I got kind of happy though and got back up to 110, which made me look long and thin but not necessarily sickly. I maintained that weight for a long time because I’d figured out a new diet: Eat three bites of anything I want (burgers, pizza, Doritos, Snickers Ice Cream Bars) five or six times a day and throw the rest in the trash like the first world cunt that I am.

Then I got really really happy and started eating three meals a day and that’s where my general disregard for the food pyramid started to catch up to me.

The Panamanian Trainer and I have met three times in the four days that I’ve known him. He says he’s surprised at how athletic I am because when he saw me and my skinny fat he thought I was going to be a huge baby. I told him that I am an addict and that everything I do, I do it big and that’s why I’ve gone from not working out at all to working out hard for an hour a day.

He put me on a diet. In the morning I’m supposed to eat like a queen, at lunch I’m supposed to eat like a princess and at dinner I eat like a peasant. I’m not really sure what that means, so I’ve just been eating lettuce for every meal and in the morning I add a hard-boiled egg and an avocado.

For the birthday celebration, I took my weekend cheat day and ate lobster and drank martinis. My cheat day carried over to this morning when I ate a crème brulee over the motel sink at 10 am. I guess that’s what queens do.

Am I actually really skinny already? Nah. But I can feel the difference in my body and I bet by September my friends and family will be concerned about me and saying things like, “you have to treat yourself, Molly” which is really the only thing I ever want to hear. Ever.

23 Habits That Keep Skinny People Skinny — Exercise Is Not On This List

It’s almost impossible to lose weight and keep if off unless you develop skinny people habits.

Your thoughts and habits about relationships, money, and raising children may be working for you. Perhaps you don’t need to change a thing in those areas.

But if you are unhappy with your size; your thoughts and habits regarding food are working against you.

Before Embracing Skinny People Habits

Several years ago, a friend asked me to come by her house to pick up a snack that she bought for my son. She is one of the kindest people I know. However, shock and awe just about knocked me to my feet when she showed me the snack.

There were three gallons of punch in three different fruit flavors, two family-size bags of chips, four extra-large bags of candy, three huge packages of cookies, and one little-bitty red apple.

Huh? Snack? I wanted to know if she had purchased the “snack” for a party, a football team, or the neighborhood. Did someone give her all that junk food and she needed to unload it?

I explained that I appreciated her generosity, but was curious about her definition of “snack”.

She did not understand my inquisition, explaining that she enjoyed snacking, that it was “not that much”, and that she had plenty more.

I guess she told me…snap, snap. I left that alone, took the snack, and shared it with many people.

After a few major health scares, my friend embraced the habits that keep skinny people skinny. She changed her thoughts and attitudes about what is “not that much” and in two years, the girl lost more than more than 200 pounds!

Because of the renewal of her mind, it is highly unlikely that she will ever regain the weight. Her eating habits have completely changed and she has redefined the meaning of “not that much” in her thinking.

The Mind of Skinny People

Reaching goals require new attitudes, behaviors, and a new way of thinking. You don’t get to your next level or your desired place by thinking about things or doing them as you always have. If you want something new, you have to do something different.

If you want to get skinny and stay skinny, it is necessary to do what skinny people do.

People who have always been skinny and those who get skinny and stay skinny have habits, thoughts and attitudes that are different from people who are always on a diet, always talking about a diet, or always feeling the need to diet.

Can Your Thoughts Make You Gain Weight?

The main reasons stubborn excess weight is able to harass people and cling to them is because of their persistent thoughts about excess weight as well as their habits and attitudes toward food.

Those who believe they are destined to always have weight problems will always have weight problems. Those who believe it’s hard to be disciplined will have difficulties with discipline. Not because it has to be that way, but because your perception establishes your reality.

Many of our experiences are born in what we have strong emotions about and give continuous thoughts to. We live and continue to live what we believe in our hearts.

If your diligent thoughts are about being overweight, you develop habits that align with those thoughts; habits that will keep you overweight.

In other words, toxic thoughts about weight absolutely cause weight problems.

Dr. Caroline Leaf, cognitive neuroscientist who teaches people how to change their thinking, thus change their habits, tells us that “putting toxic thoughts into our brains is like putting poison into our pasta.”

She explains in a post that:

Putting healthy thoughts into our minds is akin to that dash of fresh basil on top of the simmering bed of rich, luscious lasagna. Moment by moment, each and every day, as we think, choose and wire thoughts into our brains, we are poisoning or strengthening our immune system, body and mind.

“But it tastes so good and it’s right in front of me”

It may surprise you to know that skinny people like the taste of food as much as those who are not so skinny. The difference is that they don’t always eat just because it tastes good and it’s in arms reach. Nor do they eat as often or in the same quantities.

Below are 23 skinny people habits that you may not be aware of if stubborn excess weight has attacked you.

1. Skinny people do not regularly condemn themselves or hate themselves for enjoying what they eat. That is toxic thinking, which leads to toxic behavior.

2. Skinny people seldom buy giant family packs of snacks for themselves. When they do, they take a serving out of the bag, close the bag, and put the bag away.

3. Skinny people pass on the supersize burgers, fries, and drinks. They choose size regular.

4. Skinny people eat until they are full, which is different from eating until the plate is empty.

5. “People in Africa are starving” is not a reason that skinny people have for stuffing themselves.

6. Skinny people eat veggies. They don’t use carbs as substitutes.

7. Sugary drinks are not part of the daily diets of skinny people.

8. Skinny people enjoy themselves, even when they are not eating. Food is not a necessity for having a good time.

9. Purses, cars, seat cushions, desk drawers, kitchen counters, beside the bed, and pockets are not places where skinny people always have snacks.

10. Skinny people choose to stop eating before they have to unbutton their pants to breathe.

11. Skinny people find comfort in ways other than eating.

12. Skinny people enjoy television shows without snacking.

13. Skinny people sit and enjoy their meals more often than they eat without thinking about what they are doing.

14. Despite the ease and convenience of fast foods, skinny people sometimes cook.

15. Fast foods are not their major meal source. Actually, skinny people look at fast foods as more of a treat than a meal.

16. Skinny people drink water, even when they’d rather have some other beverage.

17. Skinny people don’t indulge in one or more king-size candy bars in one day. They usually stay away from king-size.

18. Skinny people finish one meal before thinking about what they will eat next.

19. Skinny people eat. They don’t confuse their systems with starvation diets.

20. Skinny people aren’t regulars at all-you-can-eat restaurants.

21. Skinny people usually quit eating for the day before 8pm.

22. Skinny people will go to bed hungry if it’s late, rather than running out for a quick bite of fried chicken wings and fries.

23. When skinny people first notice fat creeping on them, they do something about it. Those who wait until they feel like it or until the holidays are over or until they have more time or until New Year’s or until Monday or until…don’t remain skinny people.

Although exercise is not on this list, it’s important to note that when skinny people workout, only occasionally do they seldom sabotage it with a celebration of donuts and a hot fudge sundae.

It Comes Down To This

The latest diet craze is seldom the answer to weight loss woes. Rarely is a different workout program the best solution either. The biggest problem with them is they don’t renew the mind.

If you work to change your body, that is great. However, maintaining the new svelte you, requires a change in your thinking — which brings about changes in habits and attitudes.

Developing skinny people habits will help you want to get, stay, and enjoy whatever size you choose to be.

From skinny to fat

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