It’s really hard to find narrow calf boots that look and feel good. One one end, dress boots offer the sexy, streamlined look so many thin ladies want. But they can be uncomfortable and awkward to walk in, especially if your calves are small. Modern western boots can look great with jeans and casual clothes. But they’re usually made for athletic to large calved women. Attempting to fit them over thin legs can leave you with a bulky, swimming style appearance. Certainly you can do the sock layering trick, but what about in warmer months? Who wants to wear two layers of wool socks in June?

One of the more fashionable boot options is riding boots. But those can be tricky for fitting skinny calves. In many cases, they don’t look bad if the legs swim in the calves. However, too loose of a fit can not only lead to discomfort, but it can also create such slouching in the ankle that injury can occur. No one wants to secure their perfect riding boots, wear them for a day, and end up with a twisted ankle, tendinitis, or worse. Yes, women are familiar with the stereotype that beauty is pain, but it really doesn’t have to be that way.

FRYE Women’s Molly Gore Tall Riding Boots for Slim Calves

A good pair of modern riding boots can take you from work to play, to the perfect first date or even night out with the girls without a shoe change. They can take you from sun up to sun down, or work perfectly with leggings, jeans, your favorite maxi skirt, church dress, or even stylish business attire. There are many riding boot companies and models that can easily cover many of the above requirements, but finding the perfect ones on your own can seem as challenging as finding a needle in a haystack.

FRYE Molly Gore Tall Riding boot removes the guesswork. The FRYE company has been in operation since 1863, so they know what they’re doing. Their old-world charm reflects in the continual lineup of heritage-style footwear. The Molly Gore Tall Riding Boot is charming and fashionable in four lovely color options. Pebbled antique buffalo leather uppers give the perfect luxurious look and feel outside. The natural material not only molds to the feet and legs, but it also provides natural breathability to help keep your feet from getting overly heated. Moisture resistant spray or cream treatments can extend the life of these boots for years.

A single leather seem extends the entire length of the back of the boot. Dual gore panels complete the rear side. These allow a perfect grip fit or slight give to skinny legs. The 15” shaft height and 1” heel are perfect for the classic style. They’re also leather lined as well to complete the luxurious experience. The opening on these, however, is very narrow. So trying these narrow calf boots on before buying can still help offset any issues when purchasing online.

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