The exclusive Furla handbags keep their must-have status for years

Furla bags, shoulder handbags, clutches and purses are created with elaborated and artificial hand work. Bags by Furla are known for fresh, enchanting colours, shapes, proportions and details – or a combination of all those features. Thanks to the use of high quality leather and individual shapes the decent, elegant Furla bags and shoulder bags bags are simply beautiful. If you are looking for something fancier you will like the Furla bags featuring pastel colours combined with Animal Print, soft fur or elegant metal elements. The new It-bags of the house are the models belonging to the Furla Candy collection. There is something special about those sugar-sweet bags because they are made of transparent synthetic or they combine rubber with leather – in some cases you can extract the interior completely. By now you can choose between Furla Candy bags, satchels and backpacks. The Furla Candy has been presented in 2013 in a worldwide show and since then it is a symbol of creativity and spontaneity among women who want to live their personal style. Being perfect for the demands of a modern woman the interior of every Furla bag is very functional. Even in the small Furla Clutches you will find compartments for your mobile phone, keys and other things. Thanks to the label’s long tradition the Furla designers can rely on a huge fundus of ideas. But they do not relax because of their success! Using this solid basis they develop Furla’s look every day.

Extraordinary Furla styles meet Italian quality

Elegance and skills are in Focus of Furla bags for sure but it does not keep the designers from creating special styles. The size is not everything! As a proof for that there are Furla Mini Bags which are very small copies of other models. Phone and purse fit in and the mini-design gives a highlight to a nice, feminine look. Furla Fringe bags and fur trimmings are quite seldom but some models feature this trend perfectly. For an extra Glam factor there are some Furla Metallic Look Shoulder bags or models with colourful prints. Wearing these Furla bags even a modest outfit can become an eye-catcher.

Furla bags and purses are created for sophisticated, self-confident women who avoid eccentric, temporary trends

Furla has been founded in 1927 by the Furlanetto family and today it is one of the last Italian companies managed by its founding family. The company’s headquarter is set in Bologna, in an impressive villa with a huge garden where creativity is always near. Since 1927 Furla operates only in Italy and keeps its focus on high-quality bags, shoes and purses for ladies. Until today there are Furla stores set in 91 countries worldwide and statistically a Furla bag is sold every 29 seconds… Furla’s secret reason for success is that they manage the balance between tradition and modern life especially well. All of the Furla purses and handbags combine a simple, elegant Italian style with innovative, modern elements.

Furla leather tote bag

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