17 Fitness Gifts For Exercise Lovers To Keep Them Motivated All Year

I’ve been an athlete for most of my life, but I’ve never been one of those ultra-sporty people who spends four hours in the gym every day, drinks kale smoothies, and owns 10 pairs of sneakers. But if you happen to know someone like that, these fitness gift ideas for exercise lovers are exactly what you need to keep them happy come the holidays.

Being sporty has always kind of been my thing. I was a multi-sport athlete growing up, and my job as a swim instructor helps keep me active, but I have never been one of those people who gets excited to spend hours in the gym. Over the last couple of years, though, that’s exactly the type of person my younger sister has become. She gets up at 5 a.m. some mornings so she can get a sweat sesh in before work — even if I think the number of gym selfies she posts is a bit excessive, I’m still pretty proud of her.

Her newfound love of all things exercise has also made her super easy to buy for the last couple of holiday seasons. She is always happy to add things to her workout arsenal, and surely, so will your sporty loved ones. Here are the perfect gifts for sports and fitness lovers in your life.

1. Over-Ear Sport Headphones

These soft, washable over-ear headphones are a great pick for the gym rat in your life who loves jamming out to ABBA while doing their strength training circuit.

2. Fitbit Versa

Y’all, the Fitbit Versa 2 knocks it out of the park when it comes to a great health and wellness gift. It’s got your step tracking, your sleep monitoring, and a whole slew of other functions in a sleek smartwatch. This is a great gift for a friend who’s yet to take the dive into the world of smartwatch, but knows that their phone’s pedometer is not the best way to measure their miles.

3. A Personal Blender

The Oster is a great personal blender, as it makes enough for a single bottle at a time. Plus, the blender tube is also a portable sports bottle that you can blend and then take with you. Smoothie magic!

4. A Vibrating Foam Roller

If you want to get your friend a foam roller, but don’t want to give them just a… roll of foam, consider this vibrating foam roller, which has different settings depending on which muscle group the user wants to work. Now that’s relaxation.

5. A Water Bottle For The Ages

Not a lot of room in your gym bag? Once this bottle is empty, it squishes down to a mere two inches tall!

6. Earbuds

For runners, you can’t beat a pair of wireless earbuds for keeping your tunes on the go. Jaybird consistently has the top in-ear headphones for runners, and it doesn’t hurt that this model is often on sale.

7. A Serviceable Gym Bag

No matter what your workout game is — yoga, weight-lifting, running, spinning — this bag can fit it all. It’s a great size to carry a mat, towel, extra clothes, and everything else you need to take to the gym with you. Plus, it has a designated compartment for your stinky, sweaty shoes.

8. Yoga Blocks

Even the most experienced yogis know that everyone could do with a little extra support (especially when you’re dangling in half-moon pose). These cork yoga blocks are soft on sore joints and earth friendly to boot.

9. A Hydration-Tracking Smartwatch

For a smartwatch with a slim profile on your wrist, look no further than Samsung’s Galaxy Fit. It tracks your steps, sleep, and your caffeine and water intake.

10. Fitness Dice

Workouts can get a bit… boring after a while. This set of fitness dice will help keep things interesting, and push gym-goers out of the routine every once in a while.

11. Vintage Swim Print

I’m a swimmer, so this vintage-inspired French swimming poster cracks me up. It won’t help your friend’s stroke technique, but it will help them smile after a long day at the pool.

12. Resistance Band Set

My mom is a physical therapist, and she swears by resistance bands, even for the most casual of exercisers. This set comes with a door anchor for easy use, as well.

12. Running Armband

For people who like to bring their music on the go, a running armband is a necessary part of your gym bag. This one isn’t too pricey, but will fit your phone plus keys, credit cards, and a little cash.

13. BlenderBottle

If your fitness obsessed friend makes a lot protein shakes or smoothies or even pancakes, this BlenderBottle is perfect. The blender ball inside insures that whatever they’re making is mixed up just right.

14. The Encyclopedia Of Healing Foods

Giving your body enough time to heal and recover is another important part of exercising. This book lists a bunch of natural food remedies for everything from the common cold to insomnia.

15. Yoga Cookie Cutters

Add some “yummm” to your “ommmm” with these adorable yoga-inspired cookie cutters. This set includes five cutters each with a recognizable yoga pose like downward dog or warrior.

16. Warm As Heck Leggings

I can pretty much guarantee you that everyone on your list could use a new pair of leggings. These moisture-wicking, compression leggings are a great pick for your friend who insists on doing the Turkey Trot each year.

17. An Exercise Mat For Every Occasion

Even if your bestie isn’t much of a yogi, the benefits of a yoga mat are endless. Who doesn’t need a clean, cushioned place to do crunches or planks, or just a spot to lie on the floor at the end of a long day? This mat comes in a zillion colors and happens to be reversible.

Buying fitness gifts doesn’t have to be a marathon or a sprint. Your workout-loving BFF will be sure to appreciate whatever support you put towards their exercise habit.

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11 Innovative Gifts For Fitness Fanatics

When shopping for the mover and shaker on your list this year, skip the tired sports socks and spandex and opt for something a bit more cutting-edge. These 11 innovative gifts in every price bracket will impress even the most seasoned gym rat (or yogi, or sportsman, or runner—you get the gist).

1. Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle; $23.59

Never go thirsty again. This smart water bottle calculates your personal hydration needs and tracks your fluid consumption throughout the day to ensure that you are always properly hydrated.

Find It:

2. Keyport; $29

Nothing slows you down during your workout quite like a bulky, heavy key ring (what are all those keys for anyway?). Consolidate your keys into one small, pocketknife-like contraption that slips easily into your pocket or armband. Just send photos of your keys to Keyport and they’ll do the rest. Add a mini-light, bottle opener, pen, or flash drive to your Keyport for an additional fee.

Find It:

3. Tablet Case with Adjustable Stand; $39.95

Don’t relegate your at-home fitness routine to the living room. Use a sleek case with a built-in stand to prop up your tablet and follow along with your Pilates or yoga videos anywhere, from your bedroom to the gym to the park.

Find It:

4. Pear Mobile Training System; $99.95

Complete with a wireless heart rate monitor, headphones, earpieces, and a nylon gear bag, this handy kit is perfect for the fitness-tracking newbie. In addition to monitoring your body’s activity, the Pear Training Intelligence system also offers you personal, real-time coaching through the earphones in order to ensure you are training at the optimal intensity.

Find It:

5. AfterShokz Bluez 2 Headset; $99.95

AfterShokz uses something called “bone conduction technology” to enable you to tune in to your music or call without tuning out the world around you. Bone conduction technology sends stereo sound directly to your inner ears through mini vibrations that travel through your cheekbones, bypassing the eardrums completely. WIth nothing in or over your ears, you’ll be more alert to your surroundings, making running and cycling outside much safer. The AfterShokz Bluez 2 headset is also wireless, sweat-proof, and holds a charge for six hours of music play. If bluetooth isn’t a priority, wired versions are available at a lower cost (starting at $39.95).

Find It:

6. SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Wired Ear Bud with Heart Monitor; $149.95

If earbuds are more your jam, SMS Audio’s BioSport in-ear headphones not only offer studio mastered sound quality, but have a built-in heart monitor powered by Intel. While you listen to your tunes, these headphones are listening to you in order to track your body’s activity level.

Find It:

7. Spotify Premium Subscription; $9.99/month

Give your fitness fanatic something to listen to on his or her spiffy new headphones with a subscription to Spotify’s Premium service. With Spotify Premium, you not only have full access to the millions of songs in Spotify’s library on both your desktop and mobile device (a free subscription doesn’t allow for mobile listening), but you can also download music to listen to offline and enjoy ad-free listening. Choose from e-card packages of one, three, six, or 12 months ($9.99-$119.88).

Find It:

8. Fitbit Aria Smart Scale; $129.95

We know scales can be tricky gifts, but bear with us here. The Fitbit Aria tracks not just your weight, but also your body fat percentage and BMI, offering a more in-depth analysis of your health. Like Fitbit’s other fitness-tracking devices, the Aria wirelessly syncs your stats to your private Fitbit account—accessible on desktop and mobile—so you can track your progress in real time. The Aria’s insights, displayed in easy-to-read charts and graphs, allow you to focus on your long-term trends rather than short-term blips (which are all too common during the holiday season).

Find It:

9. Basis Peak – Ultimate Fitness and Sleep Tracker; $199.99

Way more than just a watch or pedometer, Basis’ new Peak model is poised to give wearers a whole new level of insight into their daily activities. The sleek wearable will be able to tell users their heart rate without requiring a cumbersome chest strap, monitors perspiration and skin temperature, and even records how many calories are burned during exercise. Better yet, wearing the Peak at night will give sleepers a new level of understanding into how rich and restful their sleep is, which should enable them to create better slumbering habits.

Find It:

10. GoPro Hero; $129.99

Your adrenaline-powered friend can capture all his daring feats with this rugged, waterproof, point-of-view camera. With its simplified experience, the Hero is the perfect entry-level camera for the GoPro novice.

Find It:

11. Kinect with Xbox 360; $249.99

Splurge on a fitness gift the whole family can enjoy. Because really, what’s better than burning calories by playing video games? With an array of products that range from virtual personal trainers to active games such as Kinect Sports Ultimate and Dance Central 3, the Kinect with Xbox 360 has something for everyone. And with Playfit, you can now track your progress over time and compete against your friends.

Find It:

Intel® RealSense™ technology features gesture control, 3D scanning depth camera, and video conferencing. Technology will be fit enough to keep up with you. Learn more here:

25 great gifts for people who are into health and fitness

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

For some people, healthy living—exercising regularly, eating right, and sleeping well—just comes naturally. If you have someone like that in your life, you’re in luck: We’ve compiled a list of the best health and fitness products for you to bestow upon your favorite health nut or fitness fanatic.

On the other hand, if you’re someone trying to become a little healthier, pass this list along to your loved ones to give yourself a boost as you set forward your new year’s resolutions for 2020. These are the best gifts for health and fitness of 2019, according to Reviewed.

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1. For the one who wants to document daily activity: The best fitness tracker

Let’s be honest, we all need a little reminder now and then to get up off the couch and get moving. The Fitbit Charge 3 can give you the extra boost of motivation your giftee needs, especially heading into the new year. Our favorite fitness tracker goes from the office to the gym to the pool—it has sleek looks, a touchscreen that automatically adjusts to lighting conditions, a solid battery life of 7 days, and best of all, is waterproof. Plus, the smartphone notifications make this Fitbit a worthy lazy-day companion, too.

Get the Fitbit Charge 3 on Amazon for $118.95

2. For the runner who wants to track progress: A GPS running watch

If your favorite runner is still using a phone to record runs (or—gasp!—nothing at all), wrap up a GPS running watch, which puts mileage, pace, and time stats on the wrist in real time and keeps a record of all miles run to allow improvement analysis. In our tests, the latest Garmin Forerunners proved to be the best out there.

Our runners picked the sporty-look Forerunner 245 best of our test for its easy-to-use buttons, large readable screen, and feature-packed tracking. The version that stores music, including offline Spotify playlists, plays over any pair of Bluetooth headphones. The Forerunner 645 packs all the same features in a more sophisticated style that doesn’t scream “I’m a runner”—not that any runner you know wouldn’t be working that into every conversation anyway.

  • Get the Garmin Forerunner 245 on Amazon for $299.99 and up
  • Get the Garmin Forerunner 645 on Amazon for $270.32 and up

3. For the one who works out to music: Wireless headphones

For the fitness fanatic doesn’t have a gym buddy, the least you can do is offer a way to play “Eye of the Tiger” on repeat while working out. The Beats Powerbeats Pro are some of the best water-resistant headphones we’ve tested, with an earhook design that will stay put on anyone’s ears even through tough workouts—not to mention excellent battery life, sound quality, and no wires to worry about.

If you want a (much) less spend-y option, the MPow Flame earbuds cost less than $20 online. And they’re sweat-friendly: We found they could play music while submergedunder water for 30 minutes. Though not truly wireless—a cord connects them to each other—they’re an awesome pick that no one will guess have such a low price.

  • Get the Beats Powerbeats Pro on Amazon for $199.95
  • Get the Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones on Amazon for $16.99

4. For the yogi: The best mat money can buy

Anyone with even an occasional yoga practice can appreciate our favorite yoga mat for its firm grip and cushioned feel under hand and foot (and knee). Whether your recipient will tote it to a strenuous heat yoga class or turn on some YouTube yoga in the living room, they’re sure to find that the Lululemon mat performs beautifully.

Get the Lululemon Reversible Mat 5mm at Lululemon for $68

5. For the one whose muscles are always tight: An award-winning foam roller

Being active—whatever your commitment—can comes with muscle soreness. Instead of shelling out cash for a one-time massage, give our favorite foam roller for easing out those niggling aches. For those with limited space, consider the TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller—same outcome for their muscles, but easier to store.

  • Get the LuxFit Premium High-Density Foam Roller on Amazon for $26.67
  • Get the TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller on Amazon for $34.95

6. For the one who’s never far from the phone: A stay-put waist belt

For those who exercise outside, there are benefits to bringing along a smartphone, whether to check directions, text a workout buddy en route, or make a call in case of emergency. The SPIbelt Performance Series Running Belt stretches to fit extra-large phones plus keys and is made of water-resistant material to keep contents from getting damp from unexpected bad weather and sweat. It’s convenient for gym rats, where a phone left on the floor or bench is liable to get smashed.

Get the SPIbelt Performance Series Water-Resistant Running Belt on Amazon for $25.99

7. For the one who needs a good laugh to get through a workout: Silly socks

Let’s be real, did the holidays even happen if you don’t get a pair of socks from someone? Man or woman, old or young, everyone likes receiving a good novelty pair. Zensah makes these ones with fabrics that have anti-odor properties and that are designed specifically to be blister-proof, which is sweet, sweet music to any exerciser’s ears. For the more serious type, there are some muted patterns, but honestly, who wouldn’t want a pair of socks with watermelons (or donuts, beer mugs, or dinosaurs) all over them?

Get the Zensah Mini-Crew Sports Socks on Amazon for $19.99

8. For the one who lives at the gym: A carryall bag and a secure lock

Keeping workout gear together, yet separating the dirty and sweaty from the clean and dry, is an eternal struggle. Luckily, the Adidas Defender duffel bag has plenty of pockets, smartly designed for segregation—with some made of mesh for ventilation, so sweat-soaked clothes can breathe. And just to make sure the bag and its contents are still there at the end of a workout, a sturdy padlock with a programmable combo is the ideal compliment to this gift.

  • Get the Adidas Defender III small duffel bag on Amazon for $23.14 and up
  • Get the Desired Tools 4 Digit Combination Padlock on Amazon for $11.97

9. For the one who exercises at home: A tool that turns the body into the weight

If you’ve ever tried those funky-looking handled straps at the gym, you know they’re a lot more intense than their flaccid, dangling state would indicate. The TRX Suspension Trainer is the OG in this category for good reason: The foam-covered handles are comfy to grip, the straps are safety-tested to hold 350 pounds of weight, and it’s easy to install from any sturdy fixed point in a home or yard. And it’s fun to use, if surprisingly challenging, for a device designed to strength-train using only body weight.

Get the TRX Go suspension trainer on Amazon for $99.95

10. For the one who strength-trains: 100 pounds of space-saving weights

When it comes to building muscle, there’s only so much to gain with small lightweight dumbbells (that is, not much), but investing in a full set of weights is costly and takes up a ton of room. The Core Fitness adjustable dumbbells replace a whole gym, adjusting from 5 to 50 pounds each with the flick of the wrist, and require a tiny fraction of the floor space.

Get the Core Fitness adjustable dumbbells on Amazon for $277

11. For the one who has limited time and space: A high-quality jump rope

If your loved one never seems to have time to hit the gym yet wants an easy way to fit in some cardio, look to a high-speed jump rope. Designed for the boxing gym, the adjustable rope allows for people of any size and shape to tailor the length to their needs. Yes, a jump rope finally long enough for people over six feet tall—and a great gift for $10. You’re welcome.

Get the Survival and Cross Jump Rope on Amazon for $10

12. For the one who’s a studio-fitness fiend: A try-it-all membership

This gift is for the person with whom it takes two weeks to finalize plans because you have to work around his or her workout class schedule. With ClassPass, members can sign up for sessions at any studio that participates, without having to be a paid member of that gym. It’s basically a pu-pu platter for fitness classes.

If you know of a specific studio where your giftee likes to take classes, you can always grab a gift card there instead. Some popular nationwide studios include SoulCycle, Orangetheory, and Pure Barre.

Get a ClassPass gift card at ClassPass in any amount

13. For the one who needs a reminder to stay hydrated: An awesome water bottle

When it comes to health, hydration is key. You can do spin classes and lift weights galore, but if you aren’t getting the proper amount of water each day, your body isn’t operating at its peak performance. This is where the Hydro Flask, comes in.

In multiple shapes and sizes, the Hydro Flask is perfect for anyone on your shopping list who drinks water (so, anyone). It keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours, but most importantly, it will fit in the car’s cupholders.

Get the Hydro Flask Water Bottle on Amazon for $32.95

14. For the smoothie lover: A seriously powerful personal blender

Getting healthy is the marriage of two activities, exercising and eating right (we know, we wish it was possible from just sitting on the couch, too). However, nothing makes eating right more fun than making smoothies. They’re like milkshakes in disguise (go with it), filled with fruits and veggies instead of ice cream.

Our favorite personal blender, the Ninja Fit, whips up a liquid breakfast or a post-workout treat in seconds, and with the perfect recipe, your giftee will start salivating just from hearing the whirring sound of the blades.

Get the Ninja Fit personal blender at Home Depot for $59

15. For the one who takes powdered drinks to go: A new shaker bottle

If you’re shopping for someone obsessed with protein shakes, your recipient already has at least one (or more) Blender Bottles—which isn’t to say an addition to the collection won’t be appreciated. But a person doesn’t need to have a gigantic container of whey powder sitting on top of the fridge to be the proud owner of a Blender Bottle. These wide-mouthed shakers are also a great buy for those who like to take their smoothies on the road or for runners who like the convenience of powdered electrolyte recovery drinks but don’t enjoy sipping down clumps of undissolved powder. Regardless of their drink of choice, this is sure to be a hit with folks who are on the go before or after a workout.

Get the Blender Bottle on Amazon for $9.76 and up

16. For the one who wants to eat better but not realize it: An air fryer

We all know that a diet heavy in fried food isn’t so nutritionally sound. But it sure is yummy! For the ones on your list who wants to have their fried chicken and eat it, too, you must get them an air fryer. The Philips Airfryer XXL surprised even our cooking experts with the crispy fries and, yes, delectable “fried” chicken it produced, all with with up to 90 percent less fat than their oil-drenched cousins, according to the company’s research.

Get the Philips Airfryer XXL on Amazon for $199.95

17. For the one who likes make-ahead meals: The best pressure cooker

A sure-fire way of adopting better eating habits is to cook your own food—and doing it in the fastest, simplest way, so the process becomes routine. The Instant Pot UItra ticks those boxes, besting all other pressure cookers on our tests. It whips up delicious one-pot meals, perfect for eating right away and freezing into portions for later. For a budget-friendlier option, the Instant Pot Duo 6 Qt 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker is a great choice, too, lacking some of the customization of the Ultra but none of the joy of (large-batch) cooking.

Get the Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 (6 Quart) on Amazon for $108.93

18. For the one who’d like to eat more veggies: An easy-to-use spiralizer

Even for those who enjoy the taste of fresh vegetables, they can be kind of boring—chop, steam, eat, repeat. That’s why we’re sure this inexpensive kitchen gadget, which easily turns zucchini, squash, carrots, or other dense produce into noodle-like ribbons, will be a hit with your healthy-eating giftee. And you know you’ll be getting a good value: In our spiralizer test, the Veggetti bested units costing four times as much.

Get the Ontel Veggetti Spiralizer on Amazon for $9.99

19. For the one who has food-prep aspirations: A great kitchen scale and food storage set

With all that made-ahead food, a great set of storage containers is only logical. The Pyrex Ultimate set topped our test, keeping food fresh while also being both oven- and microwave-safe for speedy reheating.

Some people get serious about food prep, when a weight goal (either a loss of fat or gain of muscle) is top of mind. For those folks, our top-pick digital kitchen scale blew away the rest with the attribute that matters most: accuracy.

  • Get the Pyrex Ultimate 10-piece set on Wayfair for $56.99
  • Get the My Weigh KD-8000 kitchen scale on Amazon for $47.89

20. For the one who knows you shouldn’t neglect your teeth: The best electric toothbrush

A regular manual toothbrush does the job, but most dentists agree that an electric toothbrush is more effective at clearing plaque (and not receding gums from too much pressure). If someone you know has been resisting spending the dough, give the Oral-B Pro 3000, our test-topping electric toothbrush.

Get the Oral-B Pro 3000 on Amazon for $78.72

21. For the one needing to breathe easy: A home air purifier

We know “home air purification” is not exactly synonymous with “most-wanted present” but hear us out. The Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier impressed our testers with its ability to notably reduce the smell of cigarette smoke, musty mildew, and cooking odors in the air. It’s also intuitive to use and includes thoughtful features such as a sleep mode, a timer, and a light sensor that automatically adjusts the back-lighting on the control panel. If peace of mind that your loved ones are breathing cleaner air isn’t a gift in itself, we don’t know what is.

Get the Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier on Amazon for $134.99

22. For the one who likes that all-tucked-in feeling: A cozy weighted blanket

If your loved one’s idea of a comfy night’s sleep involves a huge pile of covers, this is the gift to give. (After all, they don’t call it a “comforter” for no reason!) Weighted blankets are all the rage, and while their anxiety-quelling properties are up for debate, some people simply enjoy the feeling and may find it more conducive to a restful sleep. And the luxurious Gravity Blanket, with its washable, velvety cover and quality construction, is the must-buy investment for those folks.

Get the Gravity Blanket on Gravity Blanket for $249

23. For the one who wakes up a lot: A sound machine and sleep mask

Some of us sleep like rocks no matter our environment. For others, the mere hint of a sound or slit of light, and they’re wide awake (and irritable). The second crew can benefits from the best sound machine we’ve tested—with its 30 relaxing settings that completely blocked competing sounds in our tests—and our favorite sleep mask, which our reviewer described as “personal blackout curtains for your eyes… that won’t fall off in the middle of the night.” You’re welcome.

  • Get the Sound + Sleep by Adaptive Sound Machine on Amazon for $75.54
  • Get the Nidra Deep Rest sleep mask on Amazon for $11.95

24. For the one whose muscles crave TLC: A take-anywhere massage pillow

The next time your loved one calls you in to the next room, only to ask you to morph into a Swedish masseuse, be prepared: Hand over this incredibly relaxing pillow massager, which can be placed in a chair or under the neck for deep-tissue kneading—without giving you sore muscles in the process.

Get the Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat on Amazon for $54.95

25. For the one who always has sore feet: A soothing spa bath

Remember that foot bath that seemed like a thoughtful gift but ended up in the back of the closet? This is not that foot spa. Once your recipient slips his or her tootsies into the warm, churning waters of the Ivation Foot Spa—the overall best of the 14 we tested—we’re confident it will be enjoyed on the regular for soothing soreness, as well as pedicure prep.

Get the Ivation Foot Spa on Amazon for $79.99

Prices are accurate at the time of publication, but may change over time.

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source Brooks Facebook

  • If they’re looking to jumpstart a new fitness routine or want to tone up, useful workout gear that helps them get closer to their goal will be much more appreciated than a set of candles.
  • Whether they’re into running or need something they can use at their desk, they’ll love these thoughtful fitness gifts.
  • Looking for more gift ideas? Check out all of our holiday gift guides here.

Everyone has a fitness goal whether it’s to gain muscle, tone up their core, or increase their flexibility. No matter what goal they have for 2020, we’ve got a gift that’ll help them get there.

From ugly Christmas sweater-inspired running sneakers to a quiet elliptical they can use at their desk, there are plenty of gift ideas that work within your budget and their fitness level. And if their fitness level is nonexistent, there’s a ClassPass membership to get them started too.

Help them achieve their fitness goals for 2020 – or at least until the end of January – with these gift ideas:

A monthly membership to try different local gyms and classes

source ClassPass Facebook

ClassPass Membership, starting at $9/month after free trial, available at ClassPass

A ClassPass membership gives them the freedom to switch up their routine and try new workout classes and gyms in their city without long-term commitments.

An ugly Christmas sweater shoe they’ll wear every time they run

source Brooks Facebook

Brooks Revel 3, $100, available at Brooks

It’s the ugly Christmas sweater but in sneaker form. The shoe itself is Brooks’ Revel 3 with all kinds of festive style upgrades like Fair Isle stitching with heat-activated yarn that helps the shoe keep its shape, metallic laces, and even a glittery logo.

An elliptical machine they can use at their desk

source Cubii

Cubii Pro Seated Under-Desk Elliptical, $349, available at Amazon

This little elliptical machine fits under their desks so even the biggest workaholic won’t have an excuse this year. From personal experience, it’s really quiet and actually kind of fun. It also syncs with their Apple or Android phones, Apple Health, and Fitbit to track their performance.

Grippy socks perfect for pilates or barre

source Gaiam

Gaiam Grippy Yoga Socks, from $7.98-$16.99, available at Amazon

These socks have durable grips along the bottom for stability during pilates or lounging around the apartment. No judgments here.

Delicious ready-to-blend smoothies

source Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest Subscription, $6.99-$7.99 per cup, available at Daily Harvest

If they’re not switching up their diet along with their workout regimen, all that cardio and weightlifting might just be going to waste. Encourage them to eat healthier with a membership to Daily Harvest for delicious smoothies, harvest bowls, chia bowls, and more.

A neoprene duffel that works for the office and the gym

source Dagne & Dover

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall, starting at $95, available at Dagne Dover

The beauty of this duffel is in its small, but mighty stature. It can hold their laptop, gym shoes and clothes, and tons of accessories without looking bulky. There’s also a thoughtfully-designed water bottle pocket to keep their drink upright, avoiding spills and leaks.

An Alexa-enabled fitness tracker

source Amazon

Fitbit Versa 2, $198.95, available at Amazon

FitBit’s newest fitness tracker has built-in Amazon Alexa so you can check your daily fitness, heart rate, weather, and even set alarms all via voice.

A two-in-one foam roller for sore muscles

source Lululemon

Lululemon Double Roller, $58, available at Lululemon

This foam roller is actually a two-in-one surprise. The outer roller has a wavy texture to release tension in their arms and legs, while the interior roller has deeper grooves to massage their back.

A colorful water bottle

source Takeya

Takeya Actives 18 oz. Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Insulated Spout Lid, from $23.99, available at Amazon

This insulated water bottle keeps their drink cool while they work up a sweat, and the bright shade means they won’t forget it at the gym either.

A balance board that fires up their core muscles

source Amazon

URBNFit Balance Board Trainer, $79.99, available at Amazon

For those looking to practice snowboarding or surfboarding without snow or waves, or just tone up their core, try gifting them a balance board. The two-piece set comes with a board and roller; the board also has wooden stops on the base for beginners.

Wireless headphones with built-in artificial technology

source Soul Electronics

Soul Electronics Run Free Pro Bio, $109.99, available at Soul Electronics

This pair of wireless earbuds have built-in artificial technology that acts as a running coach to provide real-time adjustments and suggestions to improve your posture, gait, and more.

Read our full review and see how the headphones helped shave three minutes off our mile time here.

A cooling yoga mat

source Frogg Toggs

Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Cooling Towel, $9.99, available at Amazon

This cooling towel will be so appreciated after a serious hot yoga or cardio class. They can just rinse the towel in cold water, wring it out, and it’ll stay cool for hours.

A sweat-wicking headband

source LuLu Lemon

Lululemon Cardio Cross Trainer Headband, $14, available at Lululemon

No one really thinks about fitness headbands – until their hair starts getting into their eyes and mouth as they’re doing burpees. This thin style from Lululemon is an easy way to combat that annoyance, and it comes in a bunch of lovely pastel and neutral colors.

Weight training gloves

source Champion

C9 Champion Women’s Workout Gloves, $14.49, available at Target

These fingerless gloves will help them avoid calluses and make them look badass as they reach their deadlift goals.

A backpack for all their gym gear

source Aer

Aer Fit Pack 2, $150, available at Aer

If they like to carry all of the things to the gym, this backpack is a great option.

It has an extra-large opening for easy access, a ventilated shoe compartment, and a padded laptop sleeve. Best of all, the overall look is so sleek that it doesn’t scream “This is my gym bag!”

Meal prep containers they’ll actually use

source Tone It Up

Tone It Up Meal Prep Collapsible Container 2pk Set, $15.99, available at Target

If they love prepping healthy-ish meals in advance, they need this set of collapsible containers from the Insta-famous Tone It Up duo.

Cleansing body wipes to avoid post-gym B.O.

source YUNI

Yuni Shower Sheets Large Body Wipes, $15, available at Amazon

These large body wipes clean, deodorize, and calm skin so they can avoid cramped gym showers. The wipes are also waterless so they won’t make a mess if the packaging pops open in their duffel bag.

New running sneakers because theirs have more than a few holes

source Saucony

Saucony Kinvara, $110 for men’s and women’s styles, available at Saucony

Upgrade their running shoe to this pair from Saucony. It has lots of cushioning and heel support but is still super light, so it doesn’t feel like they’re running with leg weights around their ankles.

A shaker bottle for easy protein drinks

source Blender Bottle

BlenderBottle Radian Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle, $21.97, available at Amazon

If they make a protein shake after working out, they’ll love a shaker bottle like this one. The stainless steel whisk is great for mixing smooth drinks, and the copper shade is a style upgrade from the plastic one they’ve been using for years.

Their own boxing gloves so they can stop renting sweaty ones at the gym

source Sanabul

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves, $19.99-$29.99, available at Amazon

Sorry, but using boxing gloves that many, many other people have used before isn’t hygienic at all. Get your favorite boxer their own pair of gloves, and choose from eight different colors for the one that matches their personal style best.

An extra-long mat with a lifetime guarantee

source Manduka

Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat, $90-$146, available at Amazon

For yogis who hate having to adjust their poses to fit on standard-length mats, this extra-long style from Manduka is perfect. It’s definitely much more expensive than other mats out there, but it does come with a lifetime guarantee so they’ll never need to buy another mat again.

Dice that’ll determine the day’s workout routine

source Stack 52

Strength Stack 52 Fitness Dice, $37.97, available at Amazon

Instead of doing the same routine every day, they can switch it up by rolling these fitness dice and leaving it up to chance. There are three levels of intensity – beginner, normal, advanced – and then several exercises on each side of the dice, so they can create a new routine every day.

A yoga set for beginners or those who want to deepen their practice

source Clever Yoga

Clever Yoga Yoga Set Kit 7-Piece, $56.49, available at Amazon

Whether they’re a yoga newbie or expert who wants to deepen their practice, they’re going to appreciate this seven-piece yoga set. It includes an extra-thick mat, two microfiber towels, two yoga blocks, a yoga strap, and a carrying case to stash everything inside.

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