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Who wouldn’t like getting a free makeover? In today’s social media-obsessed world, everybody is concerned about the image that they project. Although there are plenty of things that you can do for yourself to improve your looks, having the help of a professional will definitely give you great results. This is probably the reason why a lot of makeover shows have become popular over the years.

Oprah Winfrey and other female talk show hosts have dedicated episodes where they focus on giving women a makeover. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy features men being made over and for women, it shows like Extreme Makeover, Ambush Makeover, and What Not to Wear. There are even makeover shows for homes and cars. The highlight of these programs is the ‘before-and-after’ which features the improvement of the person, house or car after certain steps were done for the makeover.

Now, if you would like to have a makeover for yourself, is there such a thing as a free one? That is what we will learn more about here. First, let’s take a look at how much people are actually willing to spend to look good.

As you may already know, beauty and weight loss products are both billion-dollar industries. Every year, there seems to be a weight loss product, exercise program, exercise equipment, fitness program or dieting technique which promises miracle results, but rarely ever delivers. For the beauty industry, dozens of companies have launched their line of products because a lot of people are willing to spend money in order to look their best.

In fact, according to, beauty shoppers who earn less than $20,000 are willing to spend around $24 on beauty products per month in 2012. 33% of this spending was done online, which explains the popularity of beauty products from Internet shops.

Virtual Makeovers

Now, if you would like to have an actual makeover but don’t want to spend anything on it, what’s a good way to start? How about having a virtual makeover first? There are plenty of websites where you can have a preview of what you would look like wearing a certain shade of eyeshadow, hair color or even the dress that Hollywood celebrities don.

Here’s a quick look at some sites worth checking out:

Beauty Rio

This website allows you to preview what you’d look like with Katie Holmes’ brunette locks if you have an entirely different hair color, or Rihanna’s famous bob if you have long hair. You can upload your picture, try on different makeup and hairstyles; wear different celebrity-inspired looks; save the makeover picture and share it with your friends.

Daily Makeover

Just like, this site lets you try on hot celebrity looks. If you want to know what you would like with red lips and a blonde hairstyle ala-Taylor Swift, all you have to do is upload your photo and view the results. You can even “try on” a different skin color, fashion style, hairstyle, and makeup.


Wondering what you’d look like with Ariana Grande’s signature high pony hairstyle? gives you a virtual preview. Aside from hairstyles, you can also try on different makeup and complete looks.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay is a famous cosmetics company, and their website is a one-stop shop where you can try on different makeup shades for your face, eyes, and lips. The site also lets you try on different hairstyles, nail color, accessories – and the final photo can be saved using different effects, similar to Instagram filters.

Taaz is one of the most popular virtual makeover sites. Creating a new look is as easy as uploading your photo, applying some makeup and choosing a hairstyle.


There’s also, where you can try on different looks using your own or a celebrity’s photo. These sites also give you tips on which makeup to use depending on your skin tone or the shape of your face; as well as hairstyle based on your hair color or the texture of your locks.

By having a virtual preview of what you would look like after a makeover, you would have an idea about which products you should invest in – starting from hair color to makeup.

Complete Makeovers for Free

Next, how can you get an actual complete makeover for free? Here are a few tips:

Visit the official website of TV shows featuring free makeovers.

Television stations like NBC, ABC, especially the reality TV stations, usually hold auditions for women who are willing to undergo a makeover. One website that you can visit for this is

For instance, moms who would like to wear more than mom jeans might want to participate in an upcoming NBC talk show which is specifically for them.

There are also TV stations where brides-to-be can get a makeover for free. Dating shows, fashion advice shows, mom-and-daughter makeover shows – there are plenty of shows on TV where you can sign up for a free makeover.

Aside from actually getting the makeover for free, you can also have your fifteen minutes of fame once your episode airs.

Do a self-makeover!

Okay, this may not necessarily bring you professional results, but doing a self-makeover is the best way to give yourself a new look. You don’t even have to spend so much money on new products – knowing which eyeshadow or lipstick color is right for your skin tone should do the trick.

Visiting a site where you can have a virtual makeover definitely helps. Once your picture gets uploaded, you will have an idea about which makeup shade looks excellent against your skin tone. After determining such factors, you can do a self-makeover.

Better yet, have a friend make you over. Work with one who’s an expert at cosmetics so that she can make you look your best. Remember that putting on makeup is simply a way of highlighting your best features instead of hiding what you really are, so have fun with it!

To save money or not spend any money at all, try on first the makeup used by a friend or ask for samples from malls or cosmetics companies. Even if you think that vampy red lipstick will not work for you, there’s absolutely no harm in trying it out. You can always wipe it off later if you don’t like it. With a do-it-yourself makeover, you can look your best without having to spend too much or anything at all.

A DIY makeover is quite an easy feat to accomplish. If you have no idea how to use makeup, you can simply go online and look for makeup application tutorials. You can also make use of kitchen staples as ingredients for a face mask or a mask for your hair. After giving yourself some pampering through at-home spa sessions, you can proceed with the cosmetic makeover through makeup application.

Visit a local community college in your area.

What about visiting a local community college in your area? Educational establishments which offer vocational or technical classes with cosmetology subjects usually require their students to do a demo of their hair cutting, hair styling or makeup skills.

Check out public bulletin boards or call the local community college in your area and volunteer to undergo a free makeover from a student, preferably one who’s already developed skills so that the results would be almost professional.

Know which websites offer free makeovers.

On the website, there is a list of cosmetic manufacturer site or social media accounts that you can use as reference for free makeovers. Here are a few examples:

  • Avon
  • Acacia
  • Brazilian Peel
  • Beautisol
  • Bliss Spa
  • Bliss Fat Girl Slim Treatment Kit
  • Dove
  • Kelly Van Gogh Master Blend
  • L’oreal Paris
  • Stella & Dot

These are the sponsors of the Makeover Momma promos and there are plenty of other sites where you can participate in free makeover sessions. Their sponsors are companies that you might already be patronizing, anyway, so it should be easy for you to join the contests.

A Final Word About Makeovers

Just because you feel like you need a makeover does not necessarily mean that you should be lacking in self-confidence. Women, especially new moms, go through a lot – be it at the home front or at work. Multitasking, being a working mom or simply climbing the corporate ladder are stressful activities which should not actually take its toll on your appearance. In fact, the busier you are, the more you should pay attention to your appearance.

When you know that you look good on the outside, you will feel equally confident on the inside. Receiving compliments about your looks and feeling confident with yourself will make you feel as if you’re ready to take on the world.

So if you happen to stumble upon a free makeover offer, grab it eagerly so that you can look your best without having to spend a single cent on it.

Real Women Makeover Hall of Fame

0 of 11 There’s something so satisfying about seeing before and after makeover photos juxtaposed. Whether it is celebrities or real women, there’s a wow factor about seeing what subtle or profound hair and makeup adjustments can do for someone’s outer and inner glow. And for those of us who are on the perpetual self-improvement quest, these makeover photos make us ask ourselves, “Am I in need of a makeover too?”
See our real women makeover hall of fame now.
As you flip through this gallery, you’ll get the CliffsNotes of how each makeover was accomplished and find out which hair and makeup gurus were responsible for these transformations. But, if you want to get the full scoop on a particular story, we’ve added an easy access link, so that you can see all the steps, expert tips and product suggestions. Who knows, you might find that one of these real women’s stories inspires you to try a new haircut, color or style, and perhaps a different makeup look as well. And by all means, feel free to steal any of these makeover secrets and make them your own.
To help with your potential makeover, here is some advice on the best (and worst) hair and makeup for your unique face shape:
Face Shape Haircut Mistakes
The Best Makeup Looks For Your Face Shape
Best Curly Hairstyles for Your Face Shape
Need your celebrity fix? Check out some of these celebrity makeovers (and makeunders):
Dramatic Celeb Hair Makeovers
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Best and Worst Highlights for Your Hair Type
Best and Worst Celebrity Transformations
Now go check out the highlights (no pun intended — well, maybe) of our real women makeovers.
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When you look great, you feel great; and there is nothing wrong pampering yourself at times to maintain a beautiful look. If you’re the type of person that often neglects their own needs, or if you just want a radical change and are tired of the same old look, read more on how to give your yourself a makeover.

The first thing people do for a makeover, is to go shopping for clothes. You can bring a friend along on your shopping spree; and they can help you figure out which type of clothing best flatters your body and which type of shoes will look great on you. Or if you need help from a professional, you can hire a fashion consultant who will shop for you and who knows the latest trends that fit your look.

Make yourself even prettier by getting your hair done at a hair salon. First look at hair magazines to find a style that works well with your face. You can take a picture to a professional hair stylist, and they can tell you if the hairdo fits your face. Or if you’re looking for a completely different hair color, the stylist can help you choose the right color that compliments your skin tone.

Glamor up your new look by wearing makeup. If you don’t know where to start, visit a couple of websites like ‘CareFair’ or ‘Apply Makeup,’ as they give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply makeup on your face like an professional. Then go to a store that sells cosmetics and find the foundation, lipstick and blush that go well with your skin tone. Another alternative is to visit a department store, go to the cosmetics section; and you will see a few makeup artists offering to do a makeover for free and even give out tips on how to maintain the look.

If you want to make a major change and are not happy with your weight, hit the gym. Look for one that is closest to your area and find out how much it costs to have a gym membership. Also, if you need a little push into doing some exercise, get your own personal trainer at the gym. They will be happy to assist you with your goals and and can provide advice on nutrition needed to eat get your body in shape and healthy.

Sometimes people may want to alter their look by getting cosmetic surgery done for their body. If there are any ‘flaws’ you want to get fixed, research a few cosmetic surgeons and find out how much it costs to get work done. Make sure to check references, reputation and reviews from past customers, happy or not.

Fake It Until You Make It: Give yourself a Movie Star Makeover!

Learn what makes a woman look her best without the trip to hollywood

If you were rich you would have a bouncy feeling of freedom in your stride, you would probably be more carefree since life seems effortless to you. Every new piece of clothing you get would be perfectly put together for style and comfort.

Gone would be your old sneakers that should have been thrown away a few weeks ago. You wouldn’t step foot out of your home with your hair and makeup a mess, you’re a celebrity remember?

Paparazzi would have a field day if they were able to get photographs of you not looking your best. Keep this in mind and always act as if the cameras are waiting for you.

Keep your hair brushed, styled and full of shine; your nails should be manicured and your shoes should go with your outfit. Don’t forget about your makeup; an even skin tone does wonders for an overall appearance.

    Quick Tips

  • If you read our write up on how to dress sexy while still being classy you will already know that it takes more than just a new outfit to give you a celebrity makeover.
  • Invest in a good handbag: one for personal time and another for business. It’s better to have one good quality hand bag than a closet full of bags you aren’t pleased with.
  • Avoid wearing fake designer handbags, quality comes at a cost.

Walk with confidence and keep a smile on your face, the positive energy your giving off will be infectious and makes you more attractive. Since you are faking it until you make it, you probably don’t have the money to buy a whole new wardrobe so you can slowly pick up one rich looking piece at a time. For example if you bought an expensive handbag or boots; do yourself a favor and get them in a flashy color.

Taking it one step further, lets say you found a great pair of pants or a dress that would stir envy. They fit but it’s not perfect, you should take the time and have a tailor custom fit it to your body. Don’t worry about the pricing as the cost for their services are reasonable.

Don’t wear polyester: in acting the part you have to avoid the “I just bought this from a discount store for $4 tops”. You’re a rich celebrity remember? Instead go for a soft top that you can easily lounge in. Try wearing a short sleeved cashmere top instead of a cardigan or turtleneck. Getting it in heathered tan or oatmeal will help the cashmere texture show. Nothing screams money like cashmere. Wearing either of these with denim jeans will complete the look.

More outfit ideas

  • Picture this look, a pencil skirt with heels or jeans dressed up with a black turtleneck. A black turtleneck is a great investment since it goes well with everything and can be used for business or pleasure.
  • A chic blazer or denim jacket with a stretchy white cotton shirt under it (princess seam to avoid the baggy look) will look great.
  • Wearing a trench coat is another great way to dress up any outfit, again the fit is important here. If the jacket doesn’t flatter your figure you shouldn’t buy it.
  • Khaki colored jackets are chic and can be paired with a large pair of black sun glasses, black dress pants and heels and you’re ready. You can also tie a scarf around your waist to accessorize.

Cutting corners: It may be too tempting to avoid but just because something is in style doesn’t mean you should buy it. Only buy clothes that look good on you. Before you make the purchase look in the mirro and ask yourself if you “feel pretty”. If you don’t, back to the rack it goes.

You look so pretty

Being the star that you are you should always keep your face looking it’s best for the camera. Your skin tone should be even so the use of foundation is a must. Sometimes using foundation your skin can appear too oily, by applying powder as a finishing touch your skin look perfect. Don’t forget the blush! apply this to your forehead, cheekbones, top of nose and chin.

If you really need help applying your make-up you should really watch Kayleigh on YouTube, do yourself a favor and follow Beauty By Kayleigh on YouTube. Follow her makeup tutorials and she will have you looking your best in no time.

Image Consultants Womens Makeover At New York Image Consultant female makeover we give you a complete, improved and original look from head to toe in accordance with your own personality and lifestyle. Lori Ann Robinson, Image and Fashion Consultant, Los Angeles based Image and Fashion Consultant. Her talents for style, design, color and fashion.

Pictures of celebrity makeovers

Pictures of extreme makeovers “There are no ugly women, there are only poor ones…”

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We can’t live our whole lives looking exactly the same as we did when we were younger. If we did, we’d all have terribly uneven bangs and a perpetual knot on the underside of our hair. The fact of the matter is that we grow, we change, our tastes change, and our looks change. We can’t keep rocking the same hairstyle for 20+ years without wanting to change something else about ourselves. With the rise of Pinterest and social media in general, there are more and more examples of unique hairstyles, cuts, and colors that we can admire and build our own ideas from. But that’s not the only thing that sometimes has to change. We also can’t keep wearing the same outfits and thinking they’re still acceptable. More than likely, we’ve all been through a number of different wardrobe changes depending on the phases we went through. Some of us had a punk stage, a tomboy stage, or an overly girly stage that we quickly grew out of as soon as we realized just how ridiculous they were. The truth is that we change as we get older but sometimes our appearance never does. We can live a long time without realizing just how badly we really need a makeover to match our changed personality. You may be in desperate need of a makeover and not even realize it! Here are 15 signs that it’s honestly time to change up your look and get a new one.


15 You Haven’t Changed Your Look In Ages

How long has it been since you sported a different hairstyle or color? A year? Two years? Five years?! A big sign it’s time for a makeover is when you simply haven’t had one for a very long time. You are constantly changing every single day – well, your personality is, at least. That means that your personal style and tastes should be changing too. Sure, you can feel like doing something else but be too scared to, and that’s fine. But if you really haven’t changed up your hair, makeup, or style choice in a long time, you’re overdue for a change. If you can’t even think of the last time you got a haircut and had to tell your stylist what to do, then you should march right over there and tell them to surprise you because you need a makeover. If it’s been more than two years with the same style, you really should consider making a change for the better.

14 You’re Bored

If you’re feeling bored about how you look, then you definitely need a makeover… and you probably need it sooner rather than later. Those of us that get really bored with doing our hair and finding something to wear seriously need to think about getting a makeover because boredom is a sign it’s time for one. You should never have to go through life bored with how you look and thinking that you don’t really have anything new to do with your hair, makeup, or outfits. If you wake up every morning without any motivation to get ready, consider yourself very bored. You should be waking up excited to see what new stuff you can pull together and dress yourself up in and how many different things you can do to your hair in order to portray who you really are. If you can’t do that, it’s time for a makeover.


13 You’re Newly Single

Have you ever been dumped or dumped someone and immediately wanted to change everything about yourself that they once found attractive or even just change yourself because you want to be something else… since they didn’t like what you were? Now, you should never change just because of someone else, but if your life is already changing so much, maybe it’s time for your whole style to change. If you just got out of a long relationship, that alone is a sign that it’s time for a makeover! Get rid of your memories of them by cutting inches off your hair, adopt a new style to take the place of the one you had with them, and put on some new makeup so you can look like the goddess they’re missing out on. The end of a relationship can be the beginning of a new you. So don’t be shy to the signs and go ahead and get a whole new look… but do it for you! This will also help with your self-esteem and make you more confident, which is always a good thing.

12 People Say You Haven’t Changed

The strange thing about human memories is that we hold onto the image of the very last time we saw someone. It almost makes us experts in what someone looked like before we went so long without seeing them. If you haven’t seen someone in years and you suddenly bump into them and they say something along the lines of, “You haven’t changed at all,” that is a huge sign that it’s time for you to change things up and get a makeover. If someone you haven’t seen in so long is telling you that you don’t look any different, something is wrong. You should be changing up your look as time goes on. If they’re saying this when referring to how much you’ve aged (or haven’t aged), then great! But if they’re specifically pointing out your hair, clothes, or makeup, then it’s really time to change it up and get a makeover.


11 You Always Wear Your Hair Up

Wearing your hair up is honestly a sign of giving up. When do most people wear their hair in a bun or ponytail? That’s right, when they work out, are sleeping, or just lounging around the house. What do all of these things have in common? They are during times when you don’t have to try. You’re alone or there’s no need to impress anyone or fix yourself up cause you want to. If you’re someone who just throws their hair up every day and never does anything with it, you’re giving the impression that you’re not trying and I bet you aren’t because you just don’t have anything to do. This also happens when your hair is in bad shape and in desperate need of a cut and color. If you’re someone who opts for a ponytail every day instead of actually making an effort, it’s a sign that you should switch it up and get a makeover.

10 You Never Know What To Wear

Do you go into your closet every day and spend the majority of your time allotted to getting ready staring blankly at all of your clothes? Do you have to try on outfit after outfit in order to find something that you’ll “live with” wearing? If this sounds like you then it is time for a full body, wardrobe makeover. You should never have to stare mindlessly at your closet and take forever trying to find something to wear. If you do, then you have to start thinking about the fact that maybe it’s because you don’t actually like anything you have. Maybe the person you are has changed so much from the person that bought all of those clothes and you just don’t feel yourself in them. If that’s the case, then it is clearly time for a makeover. If you really want to hop out of bed knowing exactly what you want to wear, get a makeover.


9 You Have Style Envy

Style envy is such a real thing and with Pinterest and social media at the forefront of our free time, we feel this more and more. The difference is when you can’t stop looking at other outfits and hairdos and makeup styles, wishing they were yours. It’s perfectly normal to envy someone else’s tastes and styles but if this is all you do and you’re starting to realize how much your wardrobe is lacking, it’s probably because you’re way overdue for a makeover… like way overdue. If you have boards on Pinterest labeled, “my style”, “hairdos to try”, or anything else related to that, you’re green with envy and it’s a sign that it’s time for a makeover. By spending so much time focusing on other people’s styles you’re just proving to yourself that you’re bored with your own. Get on with it and get that makeover already! You’ll be happy you did.

8 You Have Zero Self-Esteem

We all go through bouts of feelings ridiculously confident and then feeling like a slug that’s doomed to slide around the earth and be trampled by a stranger’s boots. It’s only natural to have your self-esteem fluctuate at times but when you start to notice that you always feel down about yourself and you’re generally not happy with the way you look, it could be a sign that you need a makeover. We all understand how it feels to even just get a new haircut – no matter how extreme. We feel invincible, beautiful, and ready to take on the world. Now imagine that feelings magnified and elongated. That’s how it is to get a new makeover! Your self-esteem is directly tied to how you feel about the way you look and if you’re slacking in keeping up with your style goals, you’ll feel crappy and that means you need a makeover.


7 You Use The Same Make-Up

What does your make-up drawer look like? Do you have the exact same makeup that you had a year ago, two years ago or even more than that? We’re not talking about the same container of make-up, but rather the same colors and types of it. If you’re still wearing the same type of makeup you were wearing a few years ago, then it is definitely time for a makeover. You can’t expect to wear all the same kinds of stuff and feel as though you’re keeping up with how much you’re changing. People will notice this and this may even be why you’re feeling like your face looks lifeless. Sure, we all have our favorite foundations, mascaras, etc. but you should be switching up the style in which you do your makeup too. If you’re not, this could be a sign that it’s time for a major makeover to revamp your style.

6 Your Hair Sucks

Raise your hand if your hair is dull, lifeless, limp, and just all around boring! Most people who get makeovers every once in a while are probably sitting smugly behind their computer screens while the rest of us are guiltily raising our hands. While your hair’s health has a lot to do with how you treat it and what you’re putting into your body, it can also be a big sign that you need to get a makeover. Unhealthy hair is usually hair that’s been neglected or it just hasn’t seen a pair of decent scissors in years. Take a look in the mirror for me quickly. If your hair looks dry, brittle, and not appealing at all, girl, it’s time for you to get a major makeover and amp up your hair’s life again. But this means more than just your hair! Your hair is only a sign of a bigger makeover problem.


5 Your Love Life Sucks

So, you’re single and you just aren’t having any luck finding your guy. It’s not that there aren’t plenty of guys out there for you, but you just can’t seem to get one to stick around very long. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. Of course finding a relationship isn’t only based on looks… but getting a makeover can’t exactly hurt you when you want to find love. You want to make sure that your style shows people who you truly are, so you can attract the right kinds of people. If you just can’t find someone and you’ve been looking and looking, it’s a big sign that it’s time for a makeover. Cut your locks, get a new outfit, do your makeup differently, and get out there and try some more. This will also make you feel much more confident, and that’s also a huge asset when it comes to the crazy dating world!

4 People Suggest You Change It Up

Sometimes our close friends like to tell us when they think we should change up our look and they do so not so subtly. If you have friends coming to you and outright saying that you should get a haircut or you should try a new hair color, then the chances are that you desperately need a makeover. They’re only looking out for your best interest and it’s really easy to overlook the fact that you really need one. When people are suggesting that you try new makeup or go with a different haircut, it might be time to actually sit back and listen to them, instead of just shrugging them off or thinking that they’re being kind of mean. They’re honestly not. They’re just trying to help. So the next time you had to your local hair salon and your hairstylist suggests a change of hairstyle, don’t freak out. Actually, consider taking their advice. Who knows, you might just discover your new fave style!


3 You’re Ready To Date Again

When we go through breakups, we sometimes change our look. However, there are those of us that pretty much go into hiding, let ourselves go, and dismiss dating altogether, ready to live our lives as with no hope of ever finding Mr. Right. If you used to be that type of person and are now ready to accept the fact that having Mr. Anything would be a positive thing in your life and you’re about to start dating again, it’s time for a makeover. When you start dating again you want to make sure that you are presenting yourself in a way that shows people who you are just by looking at you. No matter how many times we’re all told not to judge a book by its cover, the truth is that in today’s society that’s all we do. So make sure all those fellas out there know exactly who you are and what you can offer right from the get-go with a fresh makeover.

2 You Hate Getting Ready

Remember when all of your friends used to come over and you would all spends hours trying on clothes and doing your hair and makeup and getting hyped up to go out? If you no longer feel excited to get dressed up to head out on the town with your gals, then it’s a sign that it’s definitely time for a makeover. You should always be happy and hyped to get ready to show the world who you are based on the clothes you wear, how you do your makeup, and how your hair is. If you’re not excited to do that anymore then chances are you just don’t like what you have to work with. We can all agree that buying new clothes and sporting a fresh look before a night out is always super exciting. Maybe all you need is a makeover in order to feel excited about heading out with your girls again. You totally deserve to get exited about this stuff, because you only live once!


1 You Want One

So many people want a makeover and never do anything about it. We can sit and complain for months about wanting something different and wanting to experiment with our look, but we just don’t ever do it. If you’re someone who spends hours a day contemplating different cuts, colors, outfits, hairdos, and ways to do your makeup, then it is absolutely a sign that you need to get a makeover. If you’re feeling like your look is dull and you need to do something about it but you just don’t know where to start, begin by gaining inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or even Facebook. There are so many different places you can look online to find the look you’re so desperate to have. Once you find something that you’re sure about, get opinions about it. Sometimes we’re too excited to ever ask for it. Ask your stylist if a cut would compliment your face and ask your friends if the color would be too dramatic. If you really want it, then go for it.

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Get in Your Groove: 9 Male Makeover Tips That Will Build Your Confidence

Self-care is huge right now, but it’s also gendered. Most of the articles we see written about self-care, makeovers, and improving your style are female-focused.

But what about the guys? Male makeover tips and self-care ideas are just as important for boosting us guys’ self-confidence, mental health, and just to make us feel the best we possibly can.

Check out these 9 men’s makeover tips and ideas to boost your self-confidence, remake your look, and help you feel as awesome as you are.

1. Don’t Skip the Basics

Listen, guys: you need to keep up with routine hygiene. There are so many men who skip the ear/nose trimming, clipping nails, washing your face, etc. These things that many men see as “feminine” are, in fact, just basic things that you must do in order to both look and feel good.

Also, don’t forget that the basics don’t stop with your own body. Be sure to iron your clothes, get stains out of your pants, buy socks without holes in them, get rid of sweatstained undershirts, and more. This will make you feel clean and put together.

2. Get a Fresh Cut

There’s nothing quite like getting a new haircut to make you feel like a new man. Either get your current style touched up (crisp up your fade, trim those split ends, etc) or go with something completely different.

Dying your hair is on trend right now, so if you want a true makeover, go for it! Talk with your stylist or barber about what cut and color would look good on you and try it out.

3. Exercise

Exercise will help you feel great both physically and mentally. In terms of a physical makeover, finding an activity, sport, or exercise routine that you love can help you build muscle, shed some excess fat, and look healthier overall.

Exercising is also one of the best things you can do for your mental health. Exercise triggers the release of endorphins in your body. Endorphins, aka “feel good” chemicals, can boost your mood, act as stress relievers, and even fight off depression.

And don’t think that this means you have to force yourself to be a jogger. If running sounds like the worst thing in the world to you, try something else! This could be joining a gym, throwing a frisbee with your buddies, joining a hiking club, or anything else you enjoy.

4. Don’t Be Afraid of Make-Up

Almost any guy you talk to will emphatically reject the idea of make-up seeing it as “too girly.” But the fact is that make-up isn’t gendered, and it can do wonders for a makeover and feeling self-confident.

This doesn’t mean you have to wear lipstick and eyeshadow if you don’t want to. But haven’t you ever wanted to cover up a huge pimple? What about lessening your dark undereye bags?

Try out some simple cover-up or foundation to get your skin looking smooth and to reduce redness. This simple act will make it look like you’ve made over your entire face without having to actually do much.

5. Update Your Wardrobe

Once you’ve got your basics sorted and you’re getting healthy, the wardrobe is the next thing on the list for a men’s makeover. Even if you feel like you’re up with the current trends and you have some stylish clothes in your closet, you should go out and get a new piece or get rid of some old clothes to truly make yourself over.

You should also do this wardrobe update as the seasons (and the trends!) change. You want to be up to date on mens summer fashion in the summer, on men’s fall fashion in the fall, etc.

6. Accessorize

Accessories are another thing that many men forget about when styling themselves or when doing a makeover. Again, this doesn’t mean you have to wear earrings or headbands if you don’t want to (even though those things are on trend for men right now!).

Add a few classic accessories to your outfits to up your style game. A nice watch, a simple chain necklace, and some rings will elevate your outfit to a whole new level.

7. Skincare Is Crucial

Let’s focus on another basic self-care and makeover essential that many men skip: skincare. Simply washing your skin and face with soap isn’t enough. To keep your skin looking youthful and soft, you should be using a wash designed specifically for washing your face.

If you struggle with acne, look into acne lotions or creams to get rid of those stubborn pimples. You should also look into moisturizers. Keeping your skin moisturized, whether that’s your arms, legs, back, or face is an important part of having soft and healthy looking skin.

Coming up with a skincare routine can turn dry, sad looking skin into soft and touchable skin in no time.

8. Try Out A New Facial Hair Style

Guys have a unique way of getting a makeover that women don’t: facial hair. If you’ve been clean shaven for years, why not try growing some stubble? Or a goatee? Or a full, thick Santa beard?

Switching up your facial hair style is an easy way for men to get a makeover without a lot of effort.

9. Eat Healthily

Healthy eating lines up with getting proper exercise: it will work to makeover your physical body and your mental health. Reaching for greasy (albeit delicious) fast food, fries, burgers, beer, etc every day will not only pack on excess fat, but it will make you feel lousy.

Healthy eating has been shown to help improve your mood and make you feel good. Fueling your body with healthy food will not only help your body look great, it will help you feel great as well.

Male Makeover Tips: Bottom Line

Thinking about makeovers often brings up the idea of “before” and “after” pictures. But a true male makeover will incorporate elements of self-care and practices that will truly makeover your life. You’ll look and feel the best you can if you follow these tips.

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