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If you are sensible and use hair straighteners within certain boundaries, you will find that you do not damage your hair. If you did not achieve the desired look the first time, wait 20 seconds before repeating this process. Make sure you allow your hair at least a full day’s and night’s rest to give it the chance to recover.
Heat can cause hair damage as split ends or dried-out hair. If you use a hair straightener regularly, your hair will need extra care, e.g. by applying heat serum after washing, heat resistance creams and smoothing balms. Lots of these products also have shine enhancers, such as silicone, that will help prevent the dehumidification of straightened hair.
Good maintenance of the straightener is also essential to prevent damage to the hair. Make sure you keep the heating plates clean. The styling products that you use in your hair can end up on the plates and cause deposit that may cause hair to break or that may catch and pull the strands of hair.
The general viewpoint is that you can safely use your straightener on a regular basis, however, the more often you use it, the more care you need to take of your hair.

10 Top-Rated Flat Irons That Curl Hair, Too

I’ve been using a flat iron to curl my hair since the very day I first learned. One of my closest beauty-savvy friends showed me the basics and I perfected the skill by watching flat iron curling tutorials on YouTube. Yeah, there’s a slight learning curve, but once you know how to use a straightener to get curls, you’ll never go back to curling irons again. No clips, no need for gloves, and one tool covers all your bases. The key is to have one of the best flat irons for curling hair.

When you’re shopping around for a great flat iron that’ll give you flawless waves, you’re essentially looking for three specific qualifications. First, you want something that has 1-inch plates or smaller. Any thicker, and the curls will be so loose, they’ll be virtually nonexistent on anyone who has hair shorter than the butt. Secondly, a rounded body is a must, as you’re wrapping the hair around and through the straightener to create a loose curl. Third, you need something that’s sleek and easy to handle, so your hair won’t snag and break off while you’re curling.

Since a lot of flat irons fit this description, I’ve pored over the reviews and can say that these flat irons, below, can curl hair beautifully without taking up a lot of your time. Check out these awesome options that make it easy to curl your hair with a straightener.

1. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

With close to 30,000 Amazon reviews, the HSI Professional ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron is one of the best straightening irons you can get — but because of its thin build and rounded plates, you can also use it to curl your hair. It has solid ceramic plates to reduce damage, evenly heat hair, and promote shine. And, if you’re a traveler, it’s a dual-voltage iron that can be used anywhere in the world.

What fans say: “I use it all the time for curling – my hair is above shoulder length/couple inches below my ears and this straightener is super easy to use on short hair!”

2. VAV Professional Hair Straightener

For a sleek straightener that packs a serious punch, there’s the VAV professional hair straightener. It has 3-D floating plates, an LED temperature display, and an ultra-fast heat-up time. And, because the body is so rounded, it helps you to easily create voluminous, bouncing curls that hold all day long.

What fans say: “Really enjoyed this straightener. It came very fast and also included two clips and a travel bag that was very cute. It was pretty simple to use it gets the work done. It heats up fast and you can adjust the heat on the inside of it. Overall a great straightener.”

3. Remington S5500 1-Inch Anti-Static Flat Iron

With nearly 7,000 Amazon reviews, this Remington 1-inch flat iron is one of the most popular hair tools on Amazon. Not only does it heat up quickly, but this ceramic iron comes with an auto shut-off that will turn it off after 60 minutes. With a rounded design and narrow, 1-inch plates, this best-selling flat iron is perfect for curling hair.

What fans say: “This is a review for those who are curious about this straightener’s performance as a curling tool. I wanted a flat iron for my bf’s place that could both curl and straighten my hair while being affordable. This is the cheapest straightener I could find, so I was skeptical. As far as straightening goes, I have gotten better results from other tools, but as long as you go over each section of hair carefully, it definitely gets the job done. For reference, I have thick, wavy hair. I absolutely adore curling my hair with this thing. Because the prongs are curves, it gives a nice, large, even curl that looks very natural and sexy.”

4. Kipozi 2-in-1 Hair Straightener And Curling Iron

This multi-tasking hair straightener can straighten and curl your hair in a snap. The 3-D floating plates allow you to easily compress your hair, the flat iron heats up in just 30 seconds, and, thanks to the round design of the iron, you can easily curl your hair by wrapping it around the iron in place of a traditional curling iron barrel.

What fans say: “Super easy to use! Heats up very quickly and stays hot! Easy to curl and great barrel size. Plus I love that I don’t have to pull out a separate hair tool to either straighten or curl! It’s all in one!”

5. MHD Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener

The MHD professional flat iron hair straightener is great for creating loose curls because it has smooth plates and negative ions that leave your hair soft and frizz-free. The 3-D floating plate allows your hair to glide through without catching or breaking, and reviewers love it because it’s durable, reliable, and works on any type of hair — even the most stubborn and frizzy.

What fans say: “This straightener is everything it says it is. It heats up quickly (the LED stops flashing once the temperature is reached) and it just slides through the hair so easily! What I really like is that it’s very lightweight compared to another flat iron I have used (and put away after trying the MHU one). I’m able to create curls, curves or straighten my hair and the floating plates make it effortless to hold the hair in place. It has 10 heat settings, all reached in 15 degree increments by pressing a plus or minus key or you can go automatically to a memory setting of 390 degrees. Very simple to use, lightweight, fast hair styling – love it!”

6. BaBylissPro Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron

This BaBylissPro porcelain ceramic straightening iron is made with porcelain ceramic, which distributes far-infrared heat evenly across the strands. Not only is it gentler and more healthy for your hair, but it can handle wide sections of hair at once because of its long barrel. The shape is rounded and sleek, so it’s ideal for curling and it won’t catch or knot while you’re curling.

What fans say: “This straightening iron is a beast! I use it to straighten AND curl my hair using the technique my stylist taught me. It heats up super fast and it light enough to travel on the reg with. The only downfall is that it gets SO hot that sometimes I need to remember to turn the dial to a lower temperature. I fried my hair the first month I used it because I had the heat cranked up as high as it goes. My hair is already pretty straight, so I mainly use it to curl my hair. With this iron, my curls can last 2-3 days!!”

7. Nition 1-inch Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

The Nition argan oil straightener is a great option for curling your hair because of its floating, 1-inch ceramic tourmaline plates, an adjustable temperature that heats up in 10 seconds, and a 360-degree swivel cord that won’t get tangled. The best part? The plates are also infused with argan oil to keep your curls manageable and healthy.

What fans say: “Love this iron! I bought it to curl my hair and it works great without getting too hot to handle. Very easy to use and very satisfied. Highly recommend!”

8. MHD 2-in-1 Hair Straightener And Hair Curler

The plates on the MHD 2-in-1 hair straightener and curler are rounded to an almost cylindrical shape, so hair glides over the tourmaline ceramic material for evenly heated curls every time. It has an LED digital display and digital temperature controls, and reviewers say it heats up fast to give you a sleek, frizz-free finish in no time.

What fans say: “This is definitely professional grade. My hair was 3 ft long. I finally cut it into a different style and had absolutely no idea what to do once I left the salon. The curling iron actually curls all levels of hair from baby fine to coarse. The flat iron is the quickest I’ve had yet and I’ve always used a chi. I’d buy this again! Good quality too!”

9. Berta 2-in-1 Hair Straightener And Curler

This straightener and curler has dual voltage — meaning it can be used in both American electrical sockets and European ones, so it’s a great choice for travel. It also has an automatic shut-off, and is easy to switch between curling and straightening.

What fans say: “I love my new iron! It is very well made, has a good weight to it, and does not snag my hair no matter how hard I press the clamps when I straighten. I love how easy the transition is between curler and is. Also, if you have trouble with pressing buttons, you can press the on/off button twice to lock all of the buttons. To make them work again, you double press is again.”

10. JumpHigh Professional 1-Inch Ceramic Hair Styling Iron

This affordable flat iron has everything you’d need to curl your hair. Designed with a narrow, 1-inch width and a curved exterior, this flat iron makes curling hair a breeze. An LED screen clearly reads the current temperature (which can be set to one of 17 adjustable temperatures), and the flat iron has an automatic shut-off after 60 minutes.

What fans say: “We purchased this unit to be able to not only straighten, but curl my daughters hair that tends to be very difficult to curl. This actually works GREAT on her hair! It was light weight and easy to use, and it really did give her the prettiest loose curl which is exactly what we were aiming for, and it straightens really well to tame her natural frizz. We are very please with our purchase!”

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Many people spend a long time styling their hair. They use more than one device to straighten then curl. They have a blow dryer to dry hair. After blowing hair dry, there’s straightening that has to happen as well as curling. That’s three devices to be used every time you shower.

It makes sense to pare these down to the devices you absolutely need. You can get a straightener and curling iron in one combination device. It will have all the features of a single tool like ionic technology and temperature control.

The best 2 in 1 hair straightener has those features plus the ability to go with you anywhere. It’s great for travel since it won’t take up much space compared to 2 devices. We’ve covered some of the best devices with great features.

Best 2-in-1 Hair Straightener and Curler Comparison Table

Model Materials Temperature Notable Features Price
FURIDEN Hair Straightener Ceramic 250F to 450F Heats in 15 sec Check Price
RavisingRidge Straightening Ceramic 265F to 450F Heat resistant glove Check Price
Dnsly Hair Straightener Titanium 170F to 450F Digital LED screen Check Price
Jyfeel Curling Flat Iron Ceramic 430F Heats in 30 sec Check Price
JINRI Hair Straightener Titanium 300F to 420F Automatic shut off Check Price
LANPRO Hair Curling Iron Ceramic 265F to 450F LCD temp display Check Price

Top 6 Hair Straightener and Curler 2 in 1 Reviews

FURIDEN 2 in 1 Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Hair Straightener

This flat iron and curler is made with quality materials. The tourmaline and ceramic give this styler ionic properties. Having ions emitted from the straightener and curler ensures that your hair gets a healthy shine. The negative ions infuse your hair with moisture.

The interior of the device is flat with floating plates. This helps the plates skim over hair without pulling. The shape of the barrel is round to become a curler after you’re done straightening. There’s no magic that has to be performed to make curls.

In this device, you are getting a wide range of temperatures for all hair types. There are 5 heat settings. It starts at 250F for thin hair that has been bleached or damaged. Around 320F is a good temp for dyed hair. 355F to 410F is perfect for healthy hair. At 450F, you’re going to be able to straighten and curl thick, dense hair.

With this device, you’re getting plenty of extras. There’s an instant heat option that will bring the device to 450F in 15 seconds. It comes with an extra-long cord measuring 97 inches. That cord will swivel to stop it from tangling around you. It’s dual voltage for traveling, too.

Get FURIDEN Straightener at Amazon

Great positives

With this combination straightener and curler, you’re getting a styler that heats quickly. The overall combination of devices will make your morning routine so much faster. You don’t have to wait for 2 devices to heat.

All you have to do is wait a few minutes for one device to get the right temp. With one swipe, you can straighten hair. The next second, you can curl the hair. It’ll be over in a matter of minutes.

There’s so much to love about this styler. It can travel with you anywhere, too. You can have the same quick, beautiful style on the road as you do at home.

Mild concern

It can take some practice to create curls with the device. There can be a crease in the hair for those who don’t practice.

RavisingRidge 2-in-1 Curling and Straightening for Women

With this styling tool, you’re getting a gentle ceramic. It heats evenly and will glide like silk through your hair. The flat iron and curling device straightens hair so it’s bone straight. After straightening, it’s a simple matter to create curls. The outside of the device is rounded for that purpose.

In terms of temperature, the styler ranges from 265F to 450F. The 265F is for fine or damaged hair. The 375F temp is for normal hair. There’s a 310F option as well as a 450F option. They’re both great for coarse or hard-to-straighten hair.

The styler has the ability to heat very quickly. You can get to 265F in 15 seconds. That’s perfect for when you want to run out of the house very quickly. It’ll touch up your hair and not take forever. You won’t need to wait for a long time to give it a quick once-over.

A great styler comes with extras that make styling your hair convenient. This one comes with a heat-resistant glove, a pair of clips, a comb, and a silky travel bag. It has a long, swivel cord for straightening and curling without tangling.

Get RavisingRidge Curler at Amazon

Great positives

For those who travel, the styling device is very compact. It’s a combination device as well as being slim. It’s easy to slip this into your carry-on bag or in your luggage.

The device can be taken with you everywhere. It has a silky carrying pouch. It’s also slim and compact. Exactly what you want in a combination device.

It’s a really gentle straightener and curler. The ceramic interior provides even heat that won’t scorch your hair. It’ll heat up very fast, but the heat will be soft and gentle. Even at high temperatures, your hair will stay protected.

Mild concern

It can be tough to get the plates to squeeze together properly. That will lessen over time as you get used to the device.

Dnsly Titanium Hair Straightener and Curling Iron

The straightener and curling iron combination has plates made from titanium. It’s a slim, sleek design that can perform both tasks beautifully. The plates are rounded for curling your hair. They’re also floating plates that won’t pull or tug on your hair.

There’s a range between 170F and 450F with this combination curling iron and straightener. The LED screen will help you keep track of the right temperature for your hair. Between 170F and 320F is for fragile hair. The range of 330F to 380F is for healthy hair. In the range of 390F to 450, you’ll be able to straighten coarse hair.

The ceramic heating technology from the PTC heater allows for fast heating. Instead of waiting for 5 minutes, the iron will heat to 450F in just 30 seconds. You can be out of your house quickly with this device in the morning.

With this straightener/curling iron combo, you’re getting many extras. There’s an automatic shut off, so you’ll never have to worry about leaving the device on. There’s a 360 degree swivel cord. It’s a really long 9 feet of cord. It’s also dual voltage for traveling.

Great positives

The floating plates will always keep the hair from being yanked and pulled. It’ll move as needed for the angle that you’re using. They’re also rounded for curling. The titanium plates are great for moisturizing hair, too.

They’ll give you plenty of negative ions for relieving your dry hair. Instead of dry, frizzy hair, you’ll have sleek, smooth hair. It reduces static, too.

It has a wide range of temperatures. It starts at 170F for gentle heat on fragile hair. It goes all the way to 450F for hard-to-straighten hair. The LED screen will help you keep track of the heat.

Mild concern

The outside of the device isn’t rounded. It will take some practice to curl your hair.

Jyfeel 2 in 1 Travel Curling Flat Iron

This 2-in-1 curling iron and straightener has a flat surface and a curling surface. The inside is the flat iron. On the outside is the curling clip. It’s a fairly innovative design. The surface of the device is made with ceramic and tourmaline. You’re getting ionic technology with these materials.

There’s only one temperature for this device. You don’t have to figure out what temp to use. You’re getting 430F from this curling iron and straightener. There’s a gentle PTC heater for providing even heating through the plates.

With one button you can unlock the straightener or unlock the curler. When you’re ready to straighten, the plates will open with the button. You can also curl using the flat iron part since the outside is round. Close the flat iron, press the button, and you’re ready to use the curler.

This curling iron and straightener is 10 inches long. It has a 360 degree swivel cord for easy styling. The cord is approximately 5 feet long. There’s a stand for the device while you’re styling. It’s dual voltage for travel. It comes with an insulated pouch, too.

Great positives

This curling iron and straightener has one temperature. The 430F heat is going to be great for most hair. It’s hot enough for coarse and healthy hair. It might be too much for fine hair.

With dual voltage ranging from 100 to 240V, you can travel anywhere in the world. It’s small and replaces two devices. That makes it fantastic for people who travel a lot.

The heat insulated pouch is great. You can easily pack this up when it’s not quite cooled off. It won’t burn anything else in your bag. There’s a pocket for the cord, too.

Mild concern

People with thin, fragile hair won’t be able to use this. It only has one temperature. 430F is high for fragile hair.

JINRI 2 in 1 Hair Straightener and Curler

The plates of this flat iron and curler are made from titanium. It’s a hard material that won’t crack or split. The plates are flat, of course. The exterior is round. This makes it easy to make really bouncy curls after straightening. The plate opens to hold the hair like a curler. It won’t tug or pull, though.

There are 5 temperature options. It starts at 300F. The next is 330F. All the way to 360F is good for fragile hair. The next setting is 360F, and the one after is 390F. Those two are the range you should use for medium hair. The last option is 420F. That works best for coarse hair.

With this combination device, there is an LED display for picking the right temp. It has the ability to heat up very quickly, too. In 15 seconds, it’ll get to the exact temperature you want. That kind of quick heating will get you out the door much faster.

This is a great travel device. It is dual voltage all the way from 100V to 240V. That makes it compatible for usage around the world. Every country falls into that range. The device also has a 6-foot cord that swivels 360 degrees. It’ll work in all spaces.

Great positives

With all the temperatures available, you’ll definitely find the right one for your hair texture. From 300F all the way to 420F, there’s something for everyone.

The plates are really interesting. It has a thumb press like a curling iron. That’s used to open the flat iron portion. The outside is rounded for curling. It’s a great way to straighten and curl your hair with just one device.

The dual voltage and combination duty makes it fantastic for travel. You can easily toss this into your luggage. It won’t take up much room at all. It can travel to a friend’s house or across the country with the same ease.

Mild concern

It’s a compact curler and straightener combo. It might not be suitable for really long hair.

LANPRO 2 in 1 Hair Straightener and Curling Iron

With this combination device, you’re getting really long plates. They’re 1 inch wide and 4.1 inches long. That’s going to work for long hair very well. Even short hair will work with this 1 inch plate. The device has ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline. It’s coated with Argan oil, too. It has an exterior that is rounded as well as rounded plates for curling.

It has a temperature ranging from 265F to 450F. There are 6 temperature levels that are good for all hair types. Down in the 265F to 340F range, that’s where you’ll be if you have fragile or damaged hair. It’s good for medium hair, too. From 375F to 450F, that’s where you should be with normal to coarse hair.

There’s a microchip sensor in this device. The metal ceramic heater will heat the plates evenly. It’ll actually heat to 450F in 10 seconds. That’s incredibly fast. The sensor makes sure that the heat recovery is very fast. It’ll keep the plates at the same temperature the whole time you’re doing your hair.

This is a great travel device. It saves space when you are replacing two styling tools with just one. The device has a 60-minute shut off. It’s designed with an extra-long cord. The device is delivered with a heat glove, so you’ll never get burned.

Great positives

Another reason that this is a great travel device is the dual voltage. It can travel with you anywhere in the world. The voltage ranges from 100V to 240V. That includes everywhere on the planet that has electricity.

The microchip sensor will ensure that you never have hot spots. With hot spots, you’re pretty much asking for burned hair. That won’t ever happen with this device.

The Argan-coated tourmaline and ceramic plates are a great touch. With that, you’re getting negative ions. You’re also getting the oil itself. Your hair will be sleek and shiny after you’re finished.

Mild concern

The inside and outside get hot. That’s great for curling, but it happens when straightening, too. You’ll need the glove.

What to Consider Before Choosing the Best Flat Iron Curling Iron Combo

There are certain features you need for a combination curling and flat iron. It’s important that the features speak to your hair specifically. Dry hair has different needs than healthy hair.

  • The Shape of the Barrel

The most important part of the combo is having the right barrel shape. You can have a flat iron that has rounded edges for straightening and curling. The hair will be straightened to get rid of frizz. It’ll be smooth for the next step.

After straightening, the curling can take place. The rounded edges help make that possible. Some combination stylers have a more rounded barrel. They are straight inside the device. The outside of the barrel is round instead of straight. That makes a curl easier to create.

  • Plate Materials for Combination Devices

The straightener and curler materials matter in every kind of device. It’s the materials that help straighten hair to make it incredibly smooth and shiny. The curler will create soft, bouncy curls after straightening. They will be without frizz and dryness.

Materials like tourmaline, ceramic, and titanium provide plenty of negative ions for smooth hair. It’s often healthier looking after using the right device. Combination devices have great materials for ionic styling like other single devices.

  • Temperature Control for Healthy Hair

With healthy hair, you can use a range of temperatures. Around 300F to 400F is the range where healthy hair can be straightened or curled. Under 300F is better for damaged hair. Over 400 should be used only for thick hair with a texture that is hard to straighten.

The health of your hair can change over time, too. After a color or process, your treated hair can be brittle. The straightener and curler should have varied temperature control.

  • Hair Thickness and Texture

The thickness of your hair will have an influence on the type of device. For very thick hair, you’ll want to think about how much heat you need. It’s important that your device has the right materials and other features.

Fine hair needs a low heat. It shouldn’t be overheated. The device should work in one pass. Otherwise, you could ruin your hair. The thickness and texture of the hair should be considered before making a choice.

  • Extras for Your Busy Life

If you travel a lot, that might be the reason behind purchasing a combination device. For that reason, you also want to consider a travel styling tool. The travel tool will have dual voltage for use in other countries. It should be thin enough for that purpose, too

Another consideration is having a long cord. You might not have an outlet near a mirror. That can be a problem in many people’s spaces. It’s also a problem in hotels. The device can come with other extras like a heat-resistant glove or carrying bag.

  • Think about Price and Value

You’ll want to get a good deal on a device. Everyone wants to get good value for their money. There’s no way to get a fantastic device with all the bells and whistles without spending the money.

Cheap devices will often have problems. You want a device that will last for a very long time. It should have the features you need like quality materials, too. That’s why you shouldn’t consider this an investment that will last for a while.


When considering the right 2 in 1 straightener and curler, you’ll want to think about your lifestyle. Travel is one of the biggest reasons to get this kind of styling tool. It saves space in your bag. It also works in other countries since most have dual voltage.

It can be convenient when you want to pare down on the devices you have. Save time and money with the purchase of a combination styling tool. We’ve provided a guide and reviews to help you make an informed decision.

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2 IN 1 Hair Straightener & Curler

Straighten or Curl your hair, Anti-winding technology is used in the tail of the wire to move flexibly in the process of hair display.
Heats Up Quickly, Lengthened heating plate, no matter how long and thick hair,faster shape
Multi-stage Temperature Selection is easy to operate(200℃/392F). According to personal hair quality requirements, it is safe, automatic, constant temperature and no damage.
Product Name: Hair straightener
Gear selection: (140°C-200°C) 4 files
Use shape: straight hair / curly hair / inner and outer buckle
Rated power: 35W
Rated voltage: 220V
Overheat protection: Yes
Rapid temperature rise: 10S
Panel: Ceramic glaze layer
Color choice: black/white
Heating method: PTC heating element
Product net weight: 300G
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Wire length: 1.8M
Multi-level temperature selection is simple.
According to personal hair quality requirements, safe, automatic, constant temperature, no damage. Straighten or curl the hair and use the anti-wrap technique to flexibly move the tail of the hair during the process of displaying the hair. Rapid temperature rise, longer heating plate, no matter how long the hair is thicker, the shape is faster PET high-temperature resistant material, durable and comfortable to wear
when you contacted the power, please press the Adjust temperature option, so that the heating plate will be a heater

Hair dryer straightener set

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