These Little Girl Hairstyles are Simple to Make!

One of the best parts of having a little girl is getting to fix her hair! 🙂

It takes a smidge of practice, but once you have a few hairstyles up your sleeve, you can fix your daughter’s hair super quick!

Go beyond the pony-tail and try these fun and easy hairstyles that will keep your daughter’s hair off her shoulders while looking absolutely adorable!

Fun and Easy Hairstyles for Girls

These simple hairstyles have been lifesavers for our crazy, busy life!

We’ll be packing for another trip, hop into the car, and I’ll realize I didn’t fix someone’s hair.

As soon as we’re all buckled up, I’ll lean over and make one of these hairstyles.

Sometimes I keep a spray bottle of water handy so I can always quickly wet someone’s hair for a braid! 🙂

Find Your Favorite Hairstyle for Your Little Girl Below!

First Simple Hairstyle: The “Spring Do”

My nine-year-old daughter actually did this one — it’s that simple!

Use coordinating, colorful rubber bands (grab them here) to put extra bursts of color in this hairdo and top it off with a big flower clip at the bottom.


  1. For best results, thoroughly wet hair.
  2. Then, pull the hair into equal sections starting from the crown.
  3. Brush out any bumps after each small pony-tail.
  4. Be sure to keep hair tightly pulled.
  5. Continue gathering hair and securing with a rubber band.
  6. Five or six bands in coordinating colors work best.
  7. Lastly, attach a large bow at the bottom of the pony-tail.

Next, is a super-fun hairstyle for all American Girl Doll fans!

Second Simple Hairstyle: The “Kirsten Larson.”

We love the doll and the girls wanted to look just like her.

I use this hairstyle for dressier events as well.

You can add rhinestone clips for a nice hairstyle for a wedding or special ceremony.

It’s not as complicated as it looks!


  1. For best results, thoroughly wet hair before styling.
  2. Separate hair into two parts, parting down the middle.
  3. Then, braid each side of hair and secure with rubber band.
  4. Next, tuck braid inside where the top of the braid starts.
  5. Secure with another rubber band. Then use ribbons, clips or barrettes for a perfect finish!

Third Simple Hairstyle: “Piggy Buns”

My girls have enjoyed this hairstyle since they were two years old.

This works best for shoulder-length or shorter hair.

Long hair tends to make too big of a bun.


  1. For best results, thoroughly wet hair before styling.
  2. Part hair down the middle in one perfect part.
  3. Then, take one side and make it into a pig-tail.
  4. Secure with rubber band.
  5. Next, wrap the pigtail into a bun.
  6. Secure the bun with a rubber band or even two.
  7. Then add a fun scrunchie, barrette or clip. Repeat on the other side.
  8. Add a touch of hair-spray for longer hold.

25 girl hair styles for toddlers and tweens

This is a post I’ve been working on ALL summer long. I like to dabble in hair dos…My daughter has had thick long long long hair since she was 3 years old–so It’s like I’ve had my own little barbie doll to play with! As my girls have gotten older, they have become opinionated…and never really want to get their hair done.

But I made them a compromise…I get to do their hair on Sunday.

So every Sunday I make them sit down and we get all sorts of fancy! I took pictures and here we are….25 super fun hair styles that are perfect for toddlers and tweens!

Girl hair styles for toddlers and tweens

Remember the length and thickness of hair can make each hair do look completely different! And Youtube is a wealth of knowledge….if you don’t know how to do a twist…or fishtail I would head there!


Twists pulled back…one is nice…two is doubly nice.


The person has to face you…and then flip their hair into your lap and put your head so they are staring at the ground. (my kids rest their forehead on my knees.) Then you start at the base and braid!

Add a fun bow !

and a variation..(done the same way but twists instead of braid)


***********This one starts out like this… Then working bottom up criss cross them and attach a new rubber band to hold them into place (like lacing your shoes!) the top view: The hairbow:This one starts with a braid on each side and then a pony tail…..then basically added a bow following this pin (a messy bun that is separated then a piece of hair is used to wrap around the middle. I secured with a few bobby pins!

The headband. This one was super cute. I did a little french braid from one side of her head to the other…then added a braid on the piece left over and wrapped it around into a bun.


You basically start by taking a top section of hair and putting a rubber band in and then turning it into a bun.

Then another one.

and another one. You can can bobby pin them together for one big faux hawk look…or keep them separated for a little Gwen Stephani.

Above is my youngest hair…

and below is my oldest..

Okay. My daughter has LOOONNNG hair. and it’s not only long..but insanely thick. So to do a messy bun means about 2 dozen bobby pins. So I braid the hair before putting it into a bun to keep the pieces somewhat together.


a variation on the triple threat…the braided triple threat…add some braids on the side before putting into buns.


It starts by two french braids on the side…Then you add ribbon through the hair (like lacing a shoe) It’s kind of fun and fancy!

*******************This one is self explanatory…about half way down…stop grabbing hair and just braid!


You can either leave the pony tails down…or wrap them around for a bun…It’s crazy how much that changes the whole look!

and variation….

split the top into four braids instead of two and cross them.

Like I said earlier…my daughter has thick hair so we braid to keep it together. But you basically take one ponytail and wrap it around both pig tails. Pin in place. Then wrap the other side around both. By going over the rubber bands It makes it much bigger than a regular bun!

***************** Just some fun twists (chubby checker..twist…get it?) You can pull back the hair into a fun bun or pony tail or leave it as is!

and variation……braids instead of twists!

star hair: I actually have a full tutorial for you HERE on how to create this!


Seriously I buy them in bulk (and then use little scissors to cut them out of their hair instead of pulling them!) Just take each side and put rubber bands every little bit (the curly hair is just one piece of hair from the sides.

and the one below is adding hair to each rubber band as I go.


I loved this one. You just do an easy fish braid…and every two inches you add a rubberband. I love it because when I do fishtails By the end they look pretty wonky. This is a great way to keep them pretty looking.


I just pull out the front pieces and braid

…then add them to a pony tail and braid that.

You can even see the braid in the braid…


This is super pretty…and totally easy to swap out. You could do a school spirit one…or a halloween one….We even did a patriotic one HERE.

Just add ribbon to the top and separate them with the hair and braid as normal!


This is my favorite way to do a messy bun in my young daughters hair. It only takes one rubber band–no bobby pins–and it’s pretty secure! You are going to put it in like a ponytail…but when you can only put your hair in only pull it half way leaving the hair up front. Then fold the hair backwards and tuck the ends in the rubberband.

Then you spread the back piece and front piece out to make it nice and big!


This is a great hair style if you are growing out bangs! Pull them back in the front and then separate into two pony tails.


I add little twists in my daughters hair all the time…

but this is your friendly reminder that a big giant twist is super pretty too!!!


I’m going to be honest…I only did this hairstyle because I wanted to name it hot cross buns….

I did 4 rubber band twists up fronts…criss cross the braids and added some buns at the bottom.


and because I always feel bad when I leave my son out…


and then add some gel.

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Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Photography

This summer I challenged myself to thirty days of updos—quite a feat for a typically hair-down kind of girl such as myself. But I must say that I consider it a success. Not only has this summer been much more easy-breezy with a few updos in my repertoire, but my girlfriends and boyfriend gush when I take the time to do something special with my hair. I call that a win!

I have also discovered that there are a lot more of my fellow hair-down girls out there than I thought, and, like me, they have been scouring the Internet trying to find something easy to switch things up a bit.

So for those of you who want to try out some new hair-up looks, here are some pointers on my top ten favorites. Oh, and if you are thinking, “Yeah, sure, but who has the time??” let me assure you that if it takes longer than five minutes to pull off, it did not make my list of favorites.

01. Textured and Tousled Ponytail

This one is actually my boyfriend’s favorite, but I like it a lot, too. I pinched this look from a Verily roundup we shared from Happily Grey. This relaxed look is incredibly easy and adds elegant funk to any style.

In my first try, I learned two important lessons. First, skip the shampoo—it works best when you have a little natural grease. My hair was too squeaky clean, and that meant a lot more work to achieve that messy vibe, which is usually my hair’s natural state, so . . . that was kind of silly. Second, careful with the teasing comb. Be sure to tease all around the top of your head so that you don’t develop any awkward bumps (as you can see). Oh, and next time I’m going messier! Jen Navaro lays out the instructions here.

02. Ponytail Fauxhawk

This one is my hands down favorite. I had been eyeing the fauxhawk look for a while and was eager to try it, especially because it doesn’t require any buzzing off of hair. Simultaneously elegant and edgy, this fauxhawk look is perfect to pair with a dress or jeans. I can’t wait to break this one out with my black leather bomber jacket and a dress this fall.

As I mentioned in my original post, remember that your hair is a rubber-band graveyard—for this one, cut those bad boys out. Here is a super-simple video tutorial to follow along with (it’s the last video at the bottom of the page).

03. Chestnut Bun

I typically have a hard time with slick-back buns; they always makes me feel like I am just about to wash my face. But this bun is oh-so-elegant and can truly be worn any time you want.

For this one, good bobby pins are a must, so invest in some Japanese steel pins that match your hair color. Joanna Goddard from A Cup of Jo demos the look on her wedding day, and she looks lovely.

04. Milkmaid Braids

Honestly, this was probably the most daring look for me. Would I or would I not look like I stepped out of a production of Heidi? Obviously, not looking like I was wearing part of a costume was the goal.

Much to my relief, I did not look like I belonged in the Alps, and I’m eager to play around with this look again. Pitfalls to be aware of are (1) Hair length: It’s a lot easier to pull off with super-long braids. (2) Elastics: Find some that match your hair color because they show in the back. (3) Mess it up a little: I think adding a bit more texture to the front would give it more of a relaxed look, if that’s your thing. If you’ve always wondered if you can pull off the milkmaid, give it a try. I bet you can! Here is a step-by-step tutorial for this easy look.

05. ‘Looks Like I Spent a Long Time on My Hair’ Roll

I love this low chignon, a perfect go-to for work, church, date night, and everything else in between. This was the first updo I tried, and it’s a good thing because there was no cursing or even much time-intensive fluffing involved. Seriously easy—just follow these step-by-step instructions, and be open to a little variation depending on your unique hair personality.

06. Topsytail Ponytail

This ponytail has a distinctly funky yet elegant feel. I wore this with a casual summer sundress, but I could definitely see myself wearing this perky updo with a black cocktail dress sometime soon.

This look is rather rubber-band intensive (but still super-easy), and because the rubber bands show, I would try to find elastics that match your hair color. Here is the helpful visual step-by-step process that I used.

07. Dragon Buns

This one was my wonderfully cheerful morning-person photographer Anne-Marie Cheely’s favorite. I made this one up myself . . . or so I thought. After a failed attempt at a more intricate updo, I had to get out the door to meet Anne-Marie and start my day. So I whipped this three-bun thingamajig together. Turns out, many other people have discovered the exact same look on their own, and one woman even included it as part of a thirty-day hairstyle challenge (what can I say, great minds think alike). So much for originality!

This one is pretty simple. I separated the top section of my hair into a high half-back, pulled it into a little bun, and popped a bobby pin in to secure it. Then I did the same thing with the remaining middle and bottom sections of hair. If I were to do this look again (and I plan to), I would use short bobby pins so that they don’t stick out the other side of the little buns. This is a great look to pull together when you are sick of the go-to messy bun.

08. Pull-Through Braid

I was so proud of myself for this one. It took lots of rubber bands but was so worth it. This one made me feel like I had truly graduated from an updo newbie to an aficionado.

It’s easy and quick, but watch the video all the way through before you begin. It helps to have hair down to your butt for this one, but if you don’t, that’s OK—you can definitely make it work. Next time I try this one, I’ll make a point to be more aggressive with my messy pulling out so that it gets a bit more volume. Here is a helpful video I found on YouTube.

09. Relaxed Swept-Back Braid

This one was a little more relaxed than I intended, but I loved it all the same. Departing from my typical side part and instead sweeping my hair boldly toward the back of my head was refreshing. I imagine this hairstyle would be lovely for a spot of gardening or wearing with a blazer, T-shirt, and jeans at work.

No tutorial on this one, so here’s what I did: I swept my hair in a half-back (using my hands) and teased underneath the half-back portion near the crown of my head. Then I French-braided my hair and tucked the end of the braid underneath using bobby pins. Voilà! Next time, I would create a tighter braid. Here’s a trick for holding this relaxed look without worrying about your swept-back hair coming undone: Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray. It goes on dry—which is the trick to a touchable hold—and it smells fabulous.

10. Tuck-and-Roll Chignon

This elegant updo is so easy to dress up and down, which in my opinion makes the best updo (you don’t want to look like you just stepped out of your prom dress at the office). This was another lifesaver when I attempted to do something too complex for my beginner-level skills. I followed the simple instructions here and was out the door in a jiffy.

I also discovered a fun variation of this updo at a bridal shower a few days later—my cousin was sporting it with a headband. You simply roll and tuck your hair around the bottom of an elastic headband. So cute!

Remember, all of my favorites here merely serve as inspiration. When you try out an updo or two, you will see how much the look changes depending on your hair color or texture and even your personality (I’m no perfectionist, as you might have guessed). You may not be rushing out the door to meet your cheery, morning-person photographer, but taking the time to arrange your hair up will be a treat for everyone you meet.

Hairstyles with rubber bands

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