People often work hard toward their goals. But sometimes these goals are the ones that ruin the health of some individuals. Often, health is neglected just to achieve goals and in the end, man suffers its consequences. Therefore, every individual needs to stay fit to perform a particular task or reach goals. Being fit doesn’t come by chance, it requires perseverance, endurance, and self-control. Luckily, you can find fitness enthusiasts and fitness coaches who will inspire you to do workout routines with passion and enthusiasm. Even more, reaching out to these coaches is at the tip of your fingers. Typically, most fitness business these days have built their web presence to reach more people and improve business. If you’re in this line of business and haven’t got the idea of how to build your credibility online, these best fitness websites we’ve handpicked will definitely inspire you.

Upon building your fitness website, you need to consider its design and functionality. In order to promote well your brand on the web, you must have user-friendly features, an outstanding and clear logo for branding, compelling content, high-quality images, and other essential elements. With these features, you’ll have great chances of drawing more visitors to your website. With these handpicked best fitness websites to look into, you’ll have wider perceptions of what your website will look like.

So, check out this amazing collection and list down the elements or designs you wish to apply for your project.



Building a fitness website with outstanding design and functionality will contribute a lot to the success of your brand awareness campaigns. Phive is one of the best fitness websites that fitness businesses shouldn’t miss to check. Its remarkable page/section transition explicitly reveals its awesome features. The website welcomes the audience with a plain, super-bright yellow background along with the logo, and off-canvas menu. Moreover, Phive proves its authenticity as it is featured on the Awwwards website as one of the “sites of the day”. Other amazing features this website has are the video background, subtle and smooth animation, parallax effect, social media integration and more.


The Fit Mother

In this list of best fitness websites, you can find extraordinary designs that can encourage fitness enthusiasts to build excellent websites too. The Fit Mother deserves to be in this collection as it embraces creativity, functionality and user-friendliness. Apparently, the website impresses a visitor with a video background, captivating CTA, video integration, and striking headline. This innovative design of website is not just informative but is totally unique and user-friendly. Using light red as the primary color of the website along with the white background definitely enhances the site’s look and feel. Besides the smooth animation this website embraces, it also utilizes sliders, a sticky menu, off-canvas menu, and more.



Simple, beautiful and innovative, Fitr is ready to impress fitness professionals and coaches. It’s a fitness website that connects clients, brands and coaches. Particularly, this website allows access to online personal training along with tools they need to grow their fitness business. Basically, this website can help smash out plans for your fitness business. Apparently, it has essential pages crafted for clients, coaches and brands. Fitr also comes with a unique and creative page transition that makes it stand out aside from its clean and minimalist design. It also uses social media integration, animation upon scrolling, clean icons, descriptive CTA and more.



Staying fit is challenging. But thanks to fitness programs that fitness businesses offer to an individual who wants to stay fit. Reshape is a creative and unique fitness website that stands out with its appealing design. It has a stunning design of homepage – having a slider, CTA, off-canvas menu and cool hover effect. Particularly, with this best fitness website, one can easily schedule an appointment for the fitness classes. Likewise, one can also choose which goals and zones he should opt depending on his preference. Moreover, Reshape also enables a visitor to easily book without hassle. Other useful features include social media integration, blog page, gallery and other cool features.


Fit Radio

As a fitness business, always consider web presence as part of effective marketing strategies. Fit Radio understands how essential a website is for the business. Hence, its website is crafted with style and elegance in mind. Apparently, Fit Radio utilizes a video background on the hero header that adds creativity to its overall look and feel. Moreover, the carousel that displays multiple imageries enhances the visual appeal of the website too. Specifically, the set of coaches in this fitness firm is also exhibited using slider but you also have the option to view all of the coaches at once. Likewise, the testimonials that work best for almost every brand is also presented using a beautiful slider.


Fits Pro

With the creative design of Fits Pro, it truly deserves to be in this list of best fitness websites. Having a remarkable hero header, Fits Pro is ready to impress every fitness enthusiast who visits its website. It has a unique display of elements using thumbnail images and background images too. Moreover, this website also utilizes a cool hover effect that adds a touch of creativity to the overall design. To improve visitor retention, Fits Pro uses sticky menu, thus its a lot easier for navigating the website. Other useful elements added are the newsletter, social media integration, certification display and more.


Inspired Fitness

If you’re looking for great inspiration for building your fitness website, you can have a glimpse of these best fitness websites that we’ve gathered for you. Inspired Fitness is one of the amazing websites that fitness business should look into. It has a simple yet vibrant (utilizing the yellow as the primary color) and unique asymmetrical design. Particularly, this website uses a beautiful animation upon scrolling – revealing a clear, fixed image. It also embeds sticky header where the short menu and social media integration is placed.


Fitness Body Star

Here’s another amazing and best fitness website that you can use as an effective inspiration for your next fitness website project. Fitness Body Star is a fitness website with a straightforward design. Having the vision to help achieve physical fitness goals, this website exhibits its authenticity as a fitness club that fitness guru must join. It has a unique layout where contents overlap the background stylishly. The asymmetrical design of the menu along with a glowing effect upon hovering even adds glamour to the design. In order to promote well its offers, Fitness Body Star uses a sticky button that works as an effective CTA. It also has an off-canvas menu, video integration, blog, store and social media integration.


Fit With Lou

One of the best ways to improve fitness business is to build a web presence. This way, people can easily find ways to connect with your business. Fit With Lou is a fitness website that has a remarkable design. Clearly, it utilizes a consistent hexagon shape all over the website. The subtle animation upon scrolling makes the site more visually appealing. Since it is important that visitors will have an overview of how your services work, Fit With Lou integrates some of the striking testimonials using a slider. It also embraces blogging as a powerful tool for SEO. What’s more? The website comes with a sticky menu so it’s a lot easier to navigate; social media to increase visibility; amazing hover effect, and more.


Startup Active

Having the vision to empower fitness professionals, Startup Active exist to help fitness businesses to achieve their goals using creative services. This website has an outstanding design that empowers its brand across the web. Apparently, Startup Active introduces its authenticity and credibility with its user-friendly design. Whether you’re a solo trainer, an athlete or a team of fitness coaches, this website can lend a hand to grow your fitness business. In particular, the overall design uses ample white space, visual hierarchy, descriptive CTA, good typography, etc. Other useful features include an amazing carousel, video integration, newsletter, animation upon scrolling and more.


Pulse Fitness

Pulse Fitness is not just a mere user-friendly fitness website but stands out with its elegance and creativity. Utilizing black and white as the color scheme of the website, it truly deserves to be in this list of best fitness websites. Pulse Fitness comes with an excellent hero header – attractive and compelling headline, clear, attractive CTA, and clear background image. Since it is essential for a website to exhibit readable content, this website never fails to render comprehensive copy without compromising readability. It also embraces video integration for more engaging content. Other interesting pages this website has about us, services, blog and contact.


Coach Kane

Elegant-looking, user-friendly and fully-functional are the words that best describe Coach Kane. It improves visual appeal as it embraces black and white color scheme. Coach Kane offers an easy way to connect with its business as it provides a contact number and email address on the header. Particularly, this website applies huge and clear imagery for a more captivating design. In order to present its awesome work, Coach Kane features before and after photographs of real people having real experience with the business. This website offers online coaching, personal training or small group training. These services look more powerful and interesting with big and clear thumbnails.


One Element

Video background can help quickly deliver your message and effectively engage visitors. One Element embraces such a strategy as it integrates video background on the hero header. Of course, the clear CTAs and bold headline contribute to its quality. One Element specifically describes its services clearly using membership options. Moreover, it also offers a free trial to test its credibility. To improve user retention, the website uses the sticky header and off-canvas menu for easy and quick navigation. More useful features include video integration, animation upon scrolling, carousel, newsletter and many other notable features.


Ace Fitness

Fitness websites can be more interesting when you add creativity to their functionality. Ace Fitness is one of the best fitness websites that fitness fanatics should consider upon crafting their own websites. Its hero scene looks more amazing with its video background, attractive CTA and compelling tagline. Moreover, the peeled off effect on the hero header revealing the current promo even makes the site superb. Basically, brands should introduce their authenticity effectively by showing accreditation, advocacy and press room. Ace Fitness introduce these sections with style. That’s not all, this website also offers a free ebook that is beneficial for every health enthusiast.


Windy City

Unlike most fitness websites, Windy City welcomes visitors with a simple headline and a masonry gallery on the hero header where these fitness-related images randomly change. For the services to look interesting, each of them has images. Since blogging also improves the brand’s SEO, Windy City ensures that fitness-related articles will look great with thumbnails on them. Also, it didn’t ignore the testimonials as it will also help advertise brands across the web. Visitors can easily check testimonials on Yelp, Facebook and Google. Essential pages of the website include services, schedule, shop, pulse (stories, news, events, videos, photos, etc) adventures and contact.



Looking for the finest inspiration to help you build an outstanding design of fitness website? If you do then Bhuti is one that you shouldn’t miss to check. It’s a fitness website that provides a refuge from the stress and strains of life by offering curated treatments, classes and other activities to enhance wellbeing. In particular, this website introduces its wonderful services via a striking video background. It also clearly exhibits its services via big blocks so visitors can easily pick the suitable services they wish to avail. As for the gallery, Bhuti also uses a cool carousel where images are displayed one by one. Meanwhile, it also integrates a sticky header with CTAs and off-canvas menu.


Nourish Eats

Outstanding and unique in layout and design, Nourish Eats ought to be in this collection of the best fitness websites. Firstly, the website has a unique and automatic fade-in, fade-out effect in page transition. However, the previous and next buttons are also visible for visitors to easily navigate. That’s not all, a menu on the top is also added. Apparently, it has amazing pages where you can find details on events, about us, yoga, eats and contact. Nourish Eats also has an exceptional Instagram feed to easily share and connect with potential clients. Check out how awesome the design is for yourself.



ClassPass is an application that’s dedicated to providing you the easiest way to book fitness classes. It has an excellent design, clean and clutter-free. The hero header stuns every visitor with a collage picture of different fitness-related images along with clear CTA, bold and clear headlines and brief description of the app. Essential pages included in the website are the pricing, how it works, locations, studios and blog. These pages are easily accessible on the sticky menu that ClassPass implements. Other useful features include accordion, social media integration, and more.


Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is a great fitness website that can provide fitness fanatic the inspiration on how to build their own web presence. It has a cool hero header design as it embraces a gradient blue as a background color and huge blocks that links to the most important pages of the website. The site enables a potential customer to join the firm and be able to access full-length videos, affordable and effective workout programs and other fitness information. Fitness Blender comes with sticky header, mega menu, video integration, slider, gallery, awesome hover effect, banner ads, and so much more to explore.


Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is an innovative and minimalist fitness website that is ready to inspire both entrepreneurs and fitness guru. Knowing the essence of video background, Planet Fitness welcomes visitors with such a lively and vibrant strategy. In addition, the clear CTA and captivating headline never fails to impress and engage a potential visitor. Moreover, Planet Fitness use white space to separate content well, thus they look clutter-free. The testimonials are also ready to create a deeper appeal of your brand, so this website implements testimonials using a carousel. Check out this superb and best fitness website today!


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15 Brilliant Websites That Make You Healthier

When it comes to taking steps to make yourself healthier, it’s incredibly easy to get stuck in the “tomorrow” syndrome and end up doing nothing. To help you avoid that, here’s 15 of the best websites that give practical advice, share experience and knowledge on what it takes to become healthier, and even some that help you stay accountable, motivated and inspired the whole way.

1. Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a place for medical and other professionals to share their expertise and help you improve your general health. With information on everything from diets and nutrition, to vaccination, to original research, to reporting the latest clinical trials on new drugs, it is truly a go-to-website for almost any side of health The only downside with mayo clinic is that it can seem a bit overwhelming to navigate. But fear not, using the integrated search bar at the top, or even a search engine, quickly gets you were you want to go.


Who would have thought this website was related to health?!? is the website of Health Magazine, with a large focus on diet and nutrition as well as educating people on how to exercise. There is a large focus on practical information, like recipes for healthy eating or information on how to do particular exercises.

3. Nerd Fitness

Steve has received a fair bit of attention because of his quite original approach to fitness. His approach, the way he writes, and what he does can be an inspiration for not only self-identified nerds/geeks, but the casual gamer and even a completely normal person. And there is of course plenty of practical information for people who are just starting to break into fitness.


4. Gain Fitness

Actually it’s not only a website, but also a great app to help you get healthy. The app focuses on bringing you practical “interactive, customizable workout packs that guide you to your goals” as they would say. Basically, they provide you with a variety of different workouts depending on your skill level and what you want to achieve. That way, not only do you get expert advice on what workouts to do for free, but you don’t have to stick to the same ol’, same ol’ until you die of boredom either.

5. Born Fitness

Born Fitness is the website of best-selling fitness author Adam Bornstein. On his blog, he only points out common fitness mistakes and tells you how to deal with them; he also shows you routines and recipes you can use to get in better shape. If you feel like you’re more of an intermediate when it comes to fitness, it just might be the blog for you.

6. Athletic Foodie

In 2008, Olympic gold medalist Garrett Weber-Gale started writing at Athletic Foodie, with a focus on delicious healthy food. These days the site has expanded to a team of doctors, trainers and some truly motivated individuals. If you consider yourself a foodie, and you’re not willing to give up delicious tasty treats for health benefits, then this is right up your alley. Personally I don’t buy into the idea that all the best foods are unhealthy, so this is one of my personal favorites as well.

7. The Fitnessista

If you want to experience and get inspired by a more personal approach, but you would prefer it to be written by a woman rather than a man, this is a great choice for you. Gina herself says she “likes to share some daily happenings, as well as quick, effective workouts and healthy recipes”. And that’s what she does. Not only do you get helpful tips and recipes, you get a look into what her life is like and how she manages to balance fitness with everything else.


8. Roman Fitness Systems

I think his own bio says it best: “John Romaniello runs Roman Fitness Systems with a tongue-in-cheek approach to fitness–and himself–that shows a genuine love/hate relationship with both. Equal parts narcissism and self-loathing, Roman writes with passion and humor, show-casing his belief that training doesn’t need to be the serious, stern, science-laden monotony that is pervasive in the industry.” If the serious, overly scientific, repetitions and using self-discipline to push through kind of approach is not really your cup of tea, this blog is a nice change of pace. It’s also good for a laugh‒actually, many laughs.

9. The Great Fitness Experiment

A blog where a mother and fitness enthusiast writes not only about fitness, but also general health concerns, generosity and living life in general. She also helps her readers out from time to time, and guides them through troubles they have with training, information overload or anything else.

10. Mark’s Daily Apple

Here, Primal living enthusiast Mark Sisson writes about what it means to be healthy, interesting research about nutrition, practical advice for you who want to turn your life around, along with, you guessed it, primal living. The core idea is that our modern diet is unhealthy because we simply haven’t adapted to it yet. Diet wise this means going back to a much more liberal consumption of fat, and cutting back on the modern carbs.


11. Heart.Org

This website is about preventing heart disease and maintaining a healthy heart through diet and exercise. It’s abundant with not only diet tips and recipes, but also suggested exercises, as well as suggested medical practices and advice about when to get check-ups, etc., making it perfect for someone who is worried about, or has an increased genetic risk of heart disease.

12. Psychology Today

But all health isn’t physical. Psychology Today deals with many of the psychological troubles and problems that could be causing real physical problems in your life. For example, if you have a mental barrier that prevents you from taking action and changing your life, psychology today would be a good place to start.

13. RunKeeper

Run Keeper helps you keep track of your running by using your phone’s GPS. This way you can keep track of how close you are getting to your distance goals, without always having to run the same lap over and over.


14. Fitocracy

If you’re not exactly the type that enjoys jogging and lifting on your own, and your friends always ditch you when you try to arrange something fun but physically demanding, fitocracy is for you. It can help you connect with people who are interested in fun, healthy activities, making it possible to meet new people, hang out, have fun and get healthy all at the same time. It also adds a social component to your solo workouts, as you can keep track of and share your progress with friends.

15. Stickk

A Mayo Clinic study showed that a monetary incentive made people lose more weight. Stickk is a way to give yourself a monetary incentive, where the money goes to charity if you fail to reach the goal you set for yourself. What makes it a little different is that the money specifically goes to a charity whose views you disagree with. You also get social accountability through the referee, and you can even add friends to keep track of your progress and root for you.

When it comes to the personal fitness and health blogs, I would recommend that you stick with the one, or a few, that you feel inspire you the most, or best speak to your character. Just reading about how to become healthy and looking at healthy people all day won’t make you healthy, And reading about fitness all day won’t make you fit.

Instead, go back to these websites when you’re uninspired, need new workouts or need some new healthy recipes. Knowing is only half the battle, if that. You have to follow through to see results.

What is the best fitness/nutrition website for men and women? <– is a VERY well written blog to read through for a very common sense approach to fitness and nutrition. I know the guy personally and he is very humble about teaching people, and will never try and promote rubbish supplements – in fact, the only supplement he promotes is a whey protein powder because they give his readers 5% off if they click through from his website. His website is not a “guide” it is simply a collection of random articles on different subjects, so if you’re after a “start to finish” guide, go with scivation books.
Just to comment on Pei’s recommendations, I do not recommend t-nation at all. It is riddled with scams because they are affiliated with a supplement company and they make up fake stories in order to sell their products. You can just do a search on google for t-nation scam or t-nation unfair moderation or t-nation rubbish products to see what I mean. There ARE some normal articles in there but it’s not worth your time searching through it. Just view their female fitness gallery and stay away from the articles. WAS a great site once upon a time. I befriended the author who was once like JCD, a very humble and honest author trying to help people get fit. About two years ago he started promoting ridiculous theories and if my memory serves me well it was to buy his book and some supplements of some sort that were just rubbish. I lost all respect at that point. is a FANTASTIC website. Every piece of fitness and nutrition knowledge that exists is somewhere within the forums. There are several ways to use that you must know about:
1. The forum is a great reference tool.
2. The forum has tens of thousands of reviews of common diets/programs/supplements/etc
3. Find a popular author and read all their guides for a common sense approach to fitness or nutrition
4. Then read Derek Charlebois’ articles for the precise facts on whichever topic you’re researching be it cardio, cutting, bulking, competition, strength gain, etc (He also authors most of the books at
There’s very few supplement companies I trust and Scivation is one of them.
Here’s why…..
The creator of Scivation went from a fat slob to a pro natural bodybuilder by using HIS OWN SUPPLEMENTS! He created them then he used them all. Does that say “scam”, or does that say “Yes, they work!”
Scivation has one of each product. They do not ADD another 4 versions of the same supplement to their line and then give it a different marketing approach (*cough* every other supplement manufacturer in the world *cough*), they have ONE of each supplement. Before you do your research and get the wrong idea, some of their supplements have been banned in certain countries so they’ve released new versions that abide by the laws in that particular country. This does not mean the active ingredient has been removed, and it does not mean they are doubling up on products just to try and sell more, it simply means one of the extra ingredients has been either minimized or removed and they’ve had to recreate the product to be allowed into certain countries.
Another great reason to trust Scivation is the fact that whenever I have contacted the company for either a question or complaint, I’ve received a reply from either the owner or the second in charge WITHIN THE SAME DAY! They all have their business phone on them and they are on the ball when it comes to customer service.
Another company I like is BSN, because their products also do work, but these days they have about 5 of the same product with a different marketing campaign just so they can sell more… I don’t like companies that are in it for money. You always know that behind the million dollar marketing campaign they’re just crunching numbers and not caring about the person using the product.
But back to the topic at hand, scivation books is the BEST place to go. I spent YEARS researching health and fitness all over the internet and in books and videos and magazines and everywhere…. then one day I discovered that scivation had a books section, I downloaded a few and read them only to discover that although they were fairly short, they actually covered everything important that I had spent like 5 years learning.

12 Best Health & Fitness Websites for Women That Are Worth Reading

Ladies don’t have it easy when it comes to finding good fitness websites. Finding a good resource to subscribe to is HARD. Fitness communities are naturally mostly aimed at men. In an effort to balance the playing field, I decided to spend some time and compile a list of the best fitness websites for women. I hope you guys will find this as useful I did when I was starting out.



Fitness Website #1: FitbottomedGirls

Fit Bottomed Girls | Twitter

Fit Bottomed Girls — powered by Jennipher Walters, Erin Whitehead and Kristen Seymour — features multiple weekday posts with fresh fitness content for real women (and even the guys) interested in improving their health and their lives through physical activity and healthy eating, minus the deprivation.

The blog offers tips, workouts, reviews, personal accounts of their exercise endeavors, tidbits on healthy food, workout music suggestions and fitness humor. The FBGs pride themselves on their honest reviews, their inclusive and fun-loving attitude, and aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.

Jenn and Erin met while they were both working for a magazine publishing company in the Kansas City area. They quickly noticed the big similarities in their lives: Both lived in Lawrence, Kansas, while their boyfriends were attending graduate school, and both endured a lengthy 50-minute commute. Once they became carpooling buddies, they realized that not only were they saving the planet one tank of gas at time, but they were also forming a fast and lasting friendship. Among dissecting all aspects of life, from reality TV to their existential crises, fitness was always a topic of conversation on those commutes. Health nut Jenn would keep Erin motivated when workout motivation was lacking, and the two would enjoy noon walks and Zumba classes together.

It wasn’t until Erin sadly moved states away in 2008 that the pair came up with the idea of a fitness blog — effectively marrying their love of fitness with their love of writing.

Just a couple of years after starting the site, Jenn attended a fitness event where she met Kristen, who lives in Florida and was then an editor at an AOL fitness blog. Jenn, Erin and Kristen realized they had a similar attitude when it came to the FBG mission (and awesome 80s and 90s tunes), and soon, Kristen became a regular contributor to FBG before officially joining as an official business partner in 2015.

Fitness Website #2: Lift Like A Girl

Lift Like A Girl | Twitter

Lift Like A Girl is authored by Nia Shanks – a writer and coach, and leader of the Lift Like a Girl revolution. She helps women discover and reach their potential through an empowering approach to health, fitness, and life.

Apart from authoring Lift Like a Girl, Nia also hosts The Nia Shanks Show – the podcast dedicated to helping you reach your health and fitness goals and become the most awesome version of yourself.

Nia’s philosophy revolves around sane and simple principles when it comes to nutrition and strength training and her main goal is to help YOU achieve your health, fitness, and physique goals the sane and simple way so you can maintain those results long-term.

Above all else Nia believes every woman should strive to be the best, most awesome version of herself – authentically and unapologetically.

And so you can see Nia is a real person, here’s a random picture of her drinking a martini and lifting 330 pounds.

Fitness Website #3: Girls Gone Strong | Twitter

Together, Girls Gone Strong work toward one common purpose: to provide women with evidence-based, body-positive information and use a united voice to silence the fear-mongering multi-billion dollar weight-loss industry and mainstream media who prey on women’s insecurities for profit.

We envision a world full of women who strive to be more, not less.

Girls Gone Strong is fighting back against the $64 billion-a-year weight loss industry telling us we should be less instead of more. These corporations (often run by men on Wall Street) prey on women’s insecurities for profit. They want us to believe that there is something wrong with our bodies, that only their pill, powder, or gadget can fix.

There is an entire industry out there…

  • trying to box us into a cookie-cutter look, style, size, and shape.
  • picking apart women’s bodies, fashion sense, and lifestyle choices.
  • saying strong women look like men.
  • hell-bent on convincing us that we are too short, too tall, too fat, too thin, too strong, too weak, too bitchy, too aggressive, too manly, too slutty, too prudish, too loud, too big, too different, or too basic.

We believe there is no wrong way to have a body, and what is “right” for you is entirely up to you.

We believe every woman is enough just as she is, and the ultimate way to empower her is to give her the space to make all of the decisions she wants about her body and her life, without judgment.

Fitness Website #4: Neghar Fonooni

Neghar Fonooni | | Twitter

As a coach, speaker, and writer, Neghar Fonooni gives women all over the world tools to create a lifestyle that thrills them, free of shame and unworthiness.

I teach women to love their bodies and empower their lives.

I help them give themselves permission to be vulnerable, authentic, and fully alive.

I’ve worked as a personal trainer and fitness coach for over 15 years, served as an Arabic linguist in the United States Air Force, have been writing since I was eight years old, and birthed a witty and hilarious baby boy ten years ago. My central focus is to help empower women through strength and bring wild and warm energy wherever I go.

Fitness Website #5: Run to the finish

Run to the Finish || Twitter

Run to the Finish is authored by Amanda C Brooks – and is a great fitness blog for those who are looking to become more active runners. See what she says about her blog.

I’ve always had a passion for being active, but it wasn’t always a love affair with running or vegetables! It’s a journey that I’ve taken and now I’m sharing the years of mistakes, tips and motivation that have made it a lifestyle I love.

In fact, that drive to enjoy more of each day is why we recently packed up and moved from Florida to Denver. The outdoor lifestyle and the opportunity to explore more have myself and my more adrenaline fueled husband thrilled for the adventure.

I know what it’s like to fake knee pain to get out of running or hear someone say they crave vegetables and think they are batty! That’s why I’m sharing my story, clean eating recipes, workout ideas, running tips, motivation, expert interviews, travel, adventure, joy and LIFE all of which is geared to help:

Fitness Website #6: Fit and Feminist

Fit & Feminist |

Follow along with Caitlin as she races across the U.S and shares a uniquely feminist perspective on fitness, racing & life.

Welcome! My name is Caitlin Constantine, and I do most of the writing on this blog. I started this blog in 2011 because I was really getting into fitness and health, and yet I kept encountering all of these things that made the feminist in me go “Whaaaa?” .

What’s more – I didn’t feel like I saw too many people writing about fitness from a feminist perspective. And with that, this blog was born.

By profession and education I am a journalist, and I work as a digital media producer for a TV news station in the Tampa Bay area, which means that I am one of those people who gets paid to write about Florida Man. My work has appeared in, Greatist, Bitch, Jezebel and Huffington Post – you can read more about that here. I’ve also been writing and publishing zines for over a decade.

Fitness Website #7: MilePosts

MilePosts | | Twitter

Dorothy Beal of Mile Posts is a marathoner and mother sharing her success story with the world. Previously overweight and miserable, Beal turned her life around with running and has gone on to be on the cover of magazines and coach other women to follow in her footsteps. With blog content ranging from upbeat playlists to running with a stroller, runners of all backgrounds can take a leaf out of Beal’s virtual book.

I’m a runner with a soft spot for the marathon. I wasn’t always a runner though….I, like many others, hated running, till one day it just clicked, and it went from something I did to lose the literal and emotional weight, to something that I do because I love it.

I’ve run 31 marathons since 2003 taking my time from a 4:20 to a 3:11. I’m a certified Road Runners Club of America and USATF Level 1 certified running coach. Once upon a time I worked for Brooks Running and Moving Comfort. Those jobs ignited a passion in me that turned running in to a career. Running is my profession you could say, I’m just not a professional runner

Fitness Website #8: Precision Nutrition

Precision Nutrition | | Twitter

The Precision Nutrition blog is all about calling out claims made in the fitness industry and investigating their true worth. Questions like ‘Will skipping breakfast really make you fat?’ (verdict’s still out on this one) and ‘What to eat before and after exercise’ are answered in detail with comprehensive scientific support. And don’t think you needed to take biol at school to get it; when you see how much power this knowledge offers (say, seeing through fanciful claims in the fitness industry and burning fat faster), you’ll force your head to circumnavigate the science.

Precision Nutrition helps people transform their lives through expert coaching, ongoing support, and guided mentorship.

Over the last 12 years, through our Men’s and Women’s coaching programs, our elite coaches have helped 35,000 men and women lose over 450,000 pounds of body fat and lead healthier lives.

We approach coaching by listening to our clients’ needs and what they want to accomplish, learning how they live, discovering what’s really important to them, and working together to create the right nutrition and exercise approach based on their goals and lifestyle.

Then we coach them through the process, helping with the inevitable roadblocks along the way to success.

Fitness Website #9: Mind Body Green

Mind Body Green | | Twitter

With over 12 million monthly uniques, mindbodygreen is one of the Internet’s most popular destinations for all things health and wellness. Chock-full of first-person articles about everything from DIY apple cider vinegar to a divorce lawyer’s secrets to a lasting marriage, the publisher provides pitch-perfect narratives that complement other confessional topic sites like hellogiggles and xoJane.

mindbodygreen is a lifestyle media brand dedicated to inspiring you to live your best life.

To that end, we want to give you everything that’s great for you: mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and environmentally — because we believe these pillars of wellness are vital and interconnected. Hence mindbodygreen (one word, not three).

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Fitness Website #10: Comeback Momma

Comeback Momma | | Twitter

Jean Mitchell shares her quest to be more fit, stylish, fun & family focused.

After successfully losing over 50 post-baby pounds and rebounding from post-partum depression twice, I became a successful blogger and personal trainer. Unfortunately, after an injury in late 2011, my anxiety and depression returned. I gained 20 pounds, quit training and blogging.

I kept myself completely sheltered for nearly a year. I felt ashamed that I could not “make” myself better. Luckily, with the help of a wonderful doctor and therapist, I am back on the right path toward health and happiness.

I created Comeback Momma to share information about the things that help me be the best women, wife, and mother I can be. My goal is to inspire other women to constantly strive to find the best within themselves. Besides blogging, I enjoy travel, meeting new people, hiking, movies, photography, making my kids laugh, and my morning cup of tea.

Fitness Website #11: A Nutritionist Eats

A Nutritionist Eats | | Twitter

Emily from has one of the most fingerlickin-tasty looking blogs out there. She focused on (mostly) healthy recipes, tips for healthy living – and a good sprinkle of randomness from her life.


In early 2009 I started toying around with the idea of starting a blog. I wanted to share recipes, nutrition and health tips and new exciting foods that I try with my friends and family. Now I’m an obsessed blogger. Looking back at old posts is hilarious as they are awful! I hope you can laugh at them too.


So what do I do? I’m not a practicing Nutritionist. I started my career in the natural food industry – Marketing and am currently the Communications Manager for an anti-hunger nonprofit called MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger. I really love Communications and Marketing. Who knows what I’ll be doing “when I grow up.”

Fitness Website #12: Sarah Remmer

Sarah Lesley || Twitter

Sarah Remmer is a registered dietitian, mommy and freelance writer. She has a lovely blog about healthy eating, specifically geared at children. I would highly recommend it to anyone with a child!

I’m a new-mom (when do you stop being a ‘new-mom’?) who is attempting to raise a healthy and independent eater. I’ve discovered the challenges of picky eating and the joys of a glass of wine, all at the same time. I believe that nutrition and eating should be fun. My goal is to help simplify the feeding process and to present nutrition information in a real and easy way to understand.

Prior to focusing on pediatric and family nutrition, I practiced in the areas of chronic disease prevention and healthy weight loss. I’m a member of the College of Dietitians of Alberta and a certified Craving Change expert (almost!) who uses motivational and problem-solving techniques to help clients reach their nutrition goals.

In my spare time (aka ‘in my dreams’) I enjoy reading and rock climbing, but mainly spending time with my family.

What do you think? Do you think there are any blogs or websites that you think should be on this list? Add a comment below and I’ll be sure to include them.



The 12 Best Fitness Websites for Women in 2016 |

21 Top Fitness Blogs You Should Follow in 2020

Last Updated on January 15, 2020

There might be affiliate links on this page, which means we get a small commission of anything you buy. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Please do your own research before making any online purchase.


Want to “level up” your fitness goals?

If so, then one thing you can do is build a workout routine that helps you burn fat and improve your overall fitness.

Unfortunately, finding the time to work out or to learn a new exercise regimen can be challenging. In fact, a research done by revealed that almost 75% of people who set keeping fit as their New Year’s resolution tend to quit before they see results.

The main reason people cannot follow through and accomplish their resolutions is that they become discouraged because they’re doing it alone. They lack the support network necessary to achieve this important goal.

In any undertaking, especially a new one, doing it with someone can increase the chance of success.

Get a buddy to go to the gym with you or convince a friend to start a new weight-loss program with you. And remember that we are here for you.

Today, we feature 21 of the best fitness blogs that you can follow in 2020. These sites have been carefully curated to provide you with the best information about fitness and health as you go on a journey towards better health.

The blogs listed here provide information from real and quality sources, meaning people who are truly engaged in the health and fitness industry. We’ve chosen to feature blogs that are created by certified training coaches, nutritionists, therapists, and the leading manufacturers of gear and technology for health and wellness.

What’s more, most of the sites featured here provide the information you need for free. You will not be charged for the information you need. We understand that paying a hefty sum to read about fitness tips or being forced to buy fancy equipment also prevents you from sticking to your fitness goals.

Let’s get to them…

​Side note: If you are looking for additional motivation to exercise and lose weight, try this app that will pay you for your weight loss efforts (up to $10,000).

1. Reebok Fitness Blog

via Reebok The Blog

This site is from one of the most popular brands of sporting gear and equipment. Subscribe and get the latest news on fitness, health, and wellness.

2. Born Fitness

via Born Fitness

Born Fitness’ goal is to make sure its readers have a place where questions about health, fitness, and nutrition are answered in a helpful way as possible. They bank on a pool of fitness experts who can create health- and fitness-related solutions for every individual who needs their advice.

(Sidebar: If you’d like another resource that provides customized training, then I recommend checking out the Aaptiv app or read the review of it here.)

3. Love Sweat Fitness

via Love Sweat Fitness

Katie Dunlop, the creator of this site, found her true calling in helping others reach their fitness goals. She shares the story of her own fitness journey in the site, as well as workout tips, advice on nutrition, and daily motivation for her readers.

4. Carrots ‘N’ Cake

via Carrots ‘N’ Cake

For Tina Haupert, the creator of this site, the goal of Carrots ‘N’ Cake is to help people find balance in their lives. She dishes out words of advice about nutrition, fitness, and “best practices” to help others achieve that balance.

5. The Fitnessista

via The Fitnessista

This blog is created by a certified personal trainer who is also a mother and a wife. The emphasis of the blog is on quick workouts and also healthy recipes.

6. Garmin Fitness Blog

via Garmin

This fitness blog comes from the makers of innovative products used in aviation, outdoor sports, and automotive. You’re assured that the fitness articles found in their blog are backed by research.

The fitness blog offers information on how to use Garmin products to increase your fitness levels, tips on how to encourage your family to start their own workout regimens, and how to achieve balance in your life.

7. The Yoga Warrior

via The Yoga Warrior

If you’re looking for information about yoga, this site offers in-depth information about the practice. The Yoga Warrior also provides tips on how to apply the yogic philosophy in all areas of your life.

It gives you information about how to live a yogi lifestyle, and how to practice mindfulness and meditation to achieve inner peace and a sound well-being.

(Sidebar: Another great resource for yoga and mindfulness is the Grokker app. You can read the review of it here.)

8. Chuze Fitness

via Chuze Fitness

This site offers support for first-time gym goers and experienced fitness buffs alike. The blog provides tips for wellness, workout strategies, recipes for health, and so much more. It covers topics from cardio workouts to yoga and Pilates.

Moreover, it has a community of like-minded individuals in case you need support and extra motivation to reach your fitness goals.

9. DIY Active

via DIY Active

The mission of the site’s creators is “home fitness for everyone.” It is true that almost all of us are crazy-busy every day of the week.

Even if health and fitness are important, both are put in the back burner. We tend to only take care of ourselves when we’re sick or when out clothes don’t fit anymore.

This blog provides tips on how to incorporate workouts in your life even if you don’t have time to go to the gym.

10. Hungry Healthy Happy

via Hungry Healthy Happy

This blog promotes positive body image. The creator encourages her readers to find activities that they’d love to do to promote wellness.

It also about focusing on things that give happiness. We all know that it is only when we are truly happy that we are healthy.

(And if you’d like to learn about wellness strategies that can make you feel happy, then read through our list of 274 self-care ideas.)

11. ACE Healthy Living Blog

via American Council On Exercise

Learn how to live a healthy live through the informative articles and health-centered features provided in blog of the American Council on Exercise.

ACE was established on the belief that movement helps people feel alive and is essential for achieving health. Their blog is a reflection of this core belief and gives information about nutrition, fitness, and in-depth info about having a healthy lifestyle for the entire family.

12. Simply Shredded

via Simply Shredded

This blog is great for both men and women looking for an accessible resource for shaping their bodies, toning, and developing their muscles. The content includes interviews with popular bodybuilders, motivational stories, and informative articles about the sport of bodybuilding.

13. Spot Me Bro

via Spot Me Bro

With more than 1 million visitors every month, this fitness blog covers a wide array of topics all related to workouts, keeping fit, and even a little humor on the side.

The articles feature celebrities and other famous personalities who are into bodybuilding, health tips, discussions on the risks and benefits of supplements and steroids, and other useful info on fitness.

14. Nerd Fitness

via Nerd Fitness

According Steve Kamb, is a “‘community of underdogs, misfits, and mutants’ that will support you in your own fitness journey. It’s a gathering of nerds in the name of fitness, and it’s awesome!”

The site is a place where you can plan the workout program that’s right for you and have the support and encouragement of like-minded individuals who don’t fit into the regular fitness buff mold.

15. Dr. Joel Seedman’s Blog

via Advanced Human Performance

Dr. Joel Seedman is the founder of Advanced Human Performance. His site provides important information you need for improving your body and living a healthier lifestyle.

His approach to fitness is backed by research. You’ll find a treasure trove of information on nutrition, fitness training, and other helpful resources to help your fitness goals on track.

16. Brie Shelly’s Blog

via Adventures With Wellness

With a Masters degree in Psychology and in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Brie Shelly, the creator of the site, has a lot of credibility under her belt. Her readers benefit from expert advice about body positivity, self-care, mental health, general wellness, and holistic ways of keeping healthy.

She also shares travel tips and advice about careers and relationships (take note that she’s also a psychologist!). Her blog is the go-to site if you’re looking for tips on how to keep fit while going on your next adventure.

17. Breaking Muscle

via Breaking Muscle

If you’re searching for a blog that can provide insight into the world of bodybuilding and fat-burning workouts, this is it.

The blog has all the information you need: workout plans, news from the bodybuilding and fitness world, reviews of trending diets or a new workout, and loads of info about healthy eating.

It’s a great site to visit if you’re looking for that right information about an exercise routine you’re interested in or simply for motivation.

18. Runtastic

via Runtastic

This site is an awesome resource for running and other cardio-centric workouts. However, not all its posts are about cardio. There are also great features on strength training and nutrition.

The tips and pointers they offer are helpful when you feel that you’re not hitting your fitness goals. The success stories featured here are also great for motivating yourself to start a healthy lifestyle.

19. One Fit Mom Fitness

via One Fit Mom Fitness

Whether you’re working with resistance bands or are into bodybuilding, this site can help motivate you to reach your goals.

The creator of this fitness blog beliefs that having the right mindset can help us achieve anything we want. It’s the same belief that she has about achieving fitness targets.

20. Powercakes

via Powercakes

This blog’s creator wants to empower her readers and inspire them through food and fitness. In this site, you’ll find tons of information about healthy recipes, product reviews, giveaways exclusive for readers, workout tips and other stuff related to health and fitness.

21. Muscle & Fitness

via Muscle & Fitness

The site provides all the things you need to know about working out. You can also read articles for getting inspired to stay fit, having the right nutrition when weightlifting, and the low-down on supplements.

M&F is not only for men. The site also provides a section for women seeking information about getting fit through bodybuilding.

Final Thoughts

These blogs offer the best information for the type of fitness regimen you want to try this year.

You may encounter obstacles that will challenge your commitment to live a healthier life this year. The blogs listed above can provide inspiration and motivation during those trying times.

Also, with a workout partner, you have someone who can give you that extra push to keep going.

Moreover, remember to stay hydrated when you’re doing workouts. ​And then reward yourself afterward. ​Both will help you stay motivated and energized — ready to tackle your next workout.

Also, if you’d like to discover other resources about exercise and working out, then I recommend checking out other blog posts on these subjects:

  • 31 Workout Apps to Improve Your Fitness
  • 51 Fat Burning Exercises That Fit Into Any Schedule
  • 15 Habits to Maintain Your Daily Exercise Routine
  • 32 Resistance Band Workouts You Can Try
  • 30 Office Exercises to Stay in Shape at Work
  • The 5 Best Water Bottles for Working Out
  • 23 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

​​Finally, if you are looking for additional motivation to exercise and lose weight, try this app that will pay you for your weight loss efforts (up to $10,000).


12 of the Best Wellness Websites in 2019

Health and fitness are two significant areas of focus this year. From improving mental health and refining your overall well-being, to working in some rejuvenating self-care into your routine. The wellness scene of today is bursting with different ways to make your mind and body that much better. But how do you know what to look for when scouring the internet for inspiring wellness websites?

Healthy living is a goal of many, and we can learn many ways to incorporate the latest and greatest wellness trends into our daily lives. But, the noise of social media can leave us scratching our heads as to what practices are best to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Doing your best to live healthier doesn’t have to be rocket science. There are many tips, tricks, and savvy ways to make it fun and straightforward. We’ve previously curated a list of 13 yoga trends to try, as well as the best fitness retreats of 2019. This time, we’ve rounded up 2019’s best wellness websites.

1. The Real Food Dietitians

This website jumps into the wellness scene with a tag-line of “eat well, live well, be well.” You’re heading in the right direction for whipping up some healthy filling recipes for every day. Make recipes in the crockpot, instant pot, or even one-dish meals that you can pop in the oven. The Real Food Dietitians have put together a range of meals, including options catering to gluten-free, vegan, Paleo, dairy-free, and nut-free eaters.

With information spanning from two registered dietitians, you’ll find plenty on this site to learn all about nutrition. You’ll also find plenty of healthy eating recipes that are also allergy-friendly that you can work into your everyday routine.

2. MyFitnessPal

When over 140 million people have signed up for a motivational tool like MyFitnessPal, you know you’re on to a good thing. This website (and app) is for people who want to track their exercise, food, and water intake to lose weight or generally make healthier choices.

With options to log breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks, My Fitness MyFitnessPal holds people accountable for their energy intake and expenditure each day. You can log and save your favorite foods, and you’ll learn more about the importance of serving sizes. As a result, you’ll see if you’re eating and moving the right amount to reach your personal goals.

3. Livestrong

If you’ve ever searched the internet for a sports-related injury and the corresponding research, Livestrong is probably one of the first sites that popped up for you. Formulated and created for all fitness fanatics, this website is chock full of information on ways to incorporate healthy living into your daily routine. Think food swaps, supplements, how to shop for healthy foods, and meal planning to meet your goals. You’ll also find quick full-body workouts and descriptions of how to do different types of exercises. Need to learn how to work up to performing a full burpee? Look no further.

4. Healthline

With an overall goal of helping people reconnect with their well-being, Healthline is front and center for assisting with simple, expert-based information in regards to mental and physical health. The website will keep you well informed and able to make appropriate wellness decisions.

Resources from this site also include an app and a podcast, with plenty of first-person experiences included. Composed of a team of doctors, nurses, and public health experts, these people work to get the most accurate and evidence-based information that is currently available on health and wellness topics. From parenting styles and fertility to reducing anxiety and mental healthcare, Healthline is a trustworthy source for all your wellness needs.

5. Avocadu

Originally created by a vegan long-distance runner and a weight lifting, meat-eating personal trainer, Avocadu is built on the premise of the idea that food is medicine. Its core principles revolve around the premise that there’s no one specific diet that works for everyone.

Combining a “quality over quantity” approach with learning to be healthy from the inside out, the team behind the wellness blog Avocadu seeks to educate people about nutrition and what they’re putting into their bodies. With blog posts that include weight loss recipes, yoga, and a 21-day challenge, Avocadu can help kick start your weight loss journey and educate on all things health and nutrition.

6. Well + Good

Initially made to streamline health and wellness trends within New York City, Well+Good has expanded across the country. With topics spanning travel, food, fitness, and relationships, this wellness site doesn’t leave much out.

Not only do they focus on food items and physical health, but they’re also reconnecting those aspects of wellness with mental health as well. Think food sustainability, mindfulness during your workouts, and in-season foods leading to well-rounded areas of your life that you might not have connected beforehand.

An excellent example of this is travel. There are plenty of travel-based articles on Well+Good, and each one contains an aspect of fitness, good eats, or taking a mental break and relaxing. They all come together to help you prioritize a healthy lifestyle.

7. Greatist

If you’re finding that you’re needing help with coming up with ideas of how to fit healthy eats into your schedule each day, look no further than Greatist. Whether you’re whipping up meals for yourself, or organizing a weekly program for the whole family, Greatist has a ton of meal ideas, and nutrition content spread out within their site. From protein-loaded snack ideas to tiramisu and foods you didn’t know could hydrate you.

This wellness site also has content geared towards skincare, beauty regimens, and fitness. If you’re ever curious about the runner’s high, obtaining better balance moves, or fitting a mini-workout into your day, check out Greatist and their plethora of wellness articles.

8. Fit Bottomed Girls

Lead by a team of body-positive pioneers; Fit Bottomed Girls took off over ten years ago with the premise that people can get healthy while having fun at the same time. With a combination of failures and positive experiences, the ladies at Fit Bottomed Girls promote the idea that the number on the scale is just that; a number.

Blog posts on the site cover topics from fitness, healthy recipes, Zen moments, and even a section for mamas that might need some help with issues like pregnancy, family, or parenting. Fit Bottomed Girls also has a coaching section on their website, as well as a link to their podcast and all their episodes, so you can learn to point yourself in a healthy direction.

9. Breaking Muscle

Look no further if you’re on the hunt for a wellness website that points you in the direction of exercise and fitness. Breaking Muscle is a community-led platform that seeks to educate and advocate for the mind, body. With strength and conditioning programs, Breaking Muscle is a frontrunner for training your body appropriately to reach your physical goals.

Need to know how to squat below parallel? How to improve flexibility and mobility in your thoracic spine? Or maybe you’re trying to gain muscle, but aren’t up to speed on the science behind hypertrophy – Breaking Muscle is your go-to.

The site includes a ton of different workouts, along with a plethora of ways to eat healthily. Think recipes like chickpea burgers, sweet potato lentil soup, and learning how to combat a junk food addiction. Breaking Muscle even includes a section for coaches to help grow and support their businesses. Let Breaking Muscle help you train successfully.

10. ACE Fitness

With categories of articles, including nutrition, specific types of training, and behavior change, you’ll find that ACE has a wide variety of helpful information for all ages and abilities.

From learning about the connection between mind and body workout guides, ACE has provided nearly all the tools needed on their website to educate on health and wellness. Their mission is to get people up and moving. Their science and research team stays up to date on the latest research to be able to improve the health and wellness of their readers. Check out their website for continuous engagement and to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle.

11. Women’s Health

An active leader in the female community since the early 2000s, Women’s Health magazine is a plethora of information regarding nutrition, fitness, natural health, and beauty. Women’s Health empowers women to make educated decisions regarding their health and wellness, but it gives valuable insight from practitioners in the field.

With data backed by doctors, trainers, and dietitians, you can be sure that any of the information related to the daily female grind will help improve your health and wellness.

12. Yoga Journal

For over four decades, the Yoga Journal has opened up their wealth of knowledge to all levels of yogis. With information for meditation time as well as time off the mat, Yoga Journal has daily updates on different yoga poses, ways to improve health and wellness, and nutrition information.

Learn the vibes behind a yoga-centric life and scour through tons of poses and breathing techniques. Most of the yoga moves include detailed descriptions or a video with instructions. Look no further if you want a top wellness website that spans the globe, and helps to center your life – both philosophically and physically.

In Summary

So, what do all of these top health and wellness websites have in common? Although not all are focused on the same topics and discussions, they provide evidence-based claims, which is imperative when we’re talking about your health.

All of these websites are also very real, meaning there is a story or a person behind the scenes. If you can walk away feeling encouraged and motivated by what you read from these articles and blogs, then you’re on the right path.

21 Wellness Blogs to Help You Stay Happy and Healthy in 2019

Health and wellness has become a hot topic in recent years. From contemporary yoga classes to trendy new diets, everyone seems to be on the hunt for the next big thing. But you don’t need a fancy fitness membership or a personal chef to be healthy; sometimes the answer can be found with a simple click of your mouse.

Wellness blogs are great way to stay informed and be inspired when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. From nutrition and fitness to spiritual and mental health, these websites are full of useful resources to help boost your well-being.

21 Health and wellness blogs worth checking out

To save you some time, we identified 21 of the best wellness blogs the internet has to offer. Bookmark this list to keep them handy when you need them most.

1. mindbodygreen

Why follow? With a vision to revitalize the way people eat, move and live, mindbodygreen is all about providing resources for everything from nutrition and fitness to stress and relationships. This is your one-stop shop for all things wellness, and you won’t get bored browsing the clever articles, recipes, tips and tricks.

2. The Minimalists

Why follow? Minimalism isn’t always about decluttering and eliminating. A simple shift of attitude will quickly show you that minimalism actually makes room for more in your life! More time, more freedom and more space to focus on what’s truly important to you. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus started The Minimalists to help others live meaningful lives with less stuff and more growth and passion.

3. Possibility of Change

Why follow? Change is hard, but it’s possible! The Possibility of Change blog is all about empowering people to “Find inspiration and practical advice to make positive changes.” The blog packs a multitude of stories, advice and suggestions to make habits stick and promote motivation and freedom.

4. The Balanced Life with Robin Long

Why follow? As a fitness instructor and mom of four, Robin Long’s motto is “Grace over guilt.” She offers a variety of free Pilates and barre workouts designed to help busy women fit at-home exercise into their regular routine. The Balanced Life offers far more than workout videos, though. You’ll also find a supportive membership community, a blog filled with healthy recipes and intentional living tips and targeted workout series to help you meet your fitness goals.

5. Sonima

Why follow? Not only is this website beautifully designed, but it also features tons of articles and resources on food, yoga and mindful living. Tune in to Sonima for at-home yoga sessions or read up on clever ways to use your holiday meal leftovers. This is your go-to blog for reducing stress on your mind and body and achieving wellness, as well as physical and mental freedom.

6. NPR Shots

Why follow? The health news division of NPR is your go-to source for the state of healthcare across the nation and around the world. NPR Shots will keep you in the know about everything from epidemics and public health concerns to the latest news about the insurance industry. You’ll always be on top of current events in the wellness space if you follow this blog.

7. Furthermore by Equinox

Why follow? Crisp, beautiful design and a host of helpful conversations on fitness and wellness are what you’ll find on this blog. The folks at Equinox believe the body is the ultimate investment, which is why they love providing inspiration and information in an elevated way to help you reach your healthy living goals.

8. Mentality WOD

Why follow? According to Mentality WOD, “Your mentality is made up of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes.” This website is about more than just CrossFit workout routines—it focuses on promoting healthy living by working through pressure and stress, learning about the thoughts holding you back and understanding and overcoming your fears and anxieties.

9. Yahoo Health

Why follow? With a host of articles on just about every subject regarding all dimensions of health, Yahoo Health is your go-to blog for a holistic outlook on healthy living. This website doesn’t just stop with eating and fitness tips—they publish articles on relational health, intellectual health and other fascinating topics.

10. Well by the New York Times

Why follow? Writers contribute to this blog with all sorts of articles on interesting subjects regarding healthy living. “Can You Be Fat but Fit?” and “Turning Your Smartphone into a Breathalyzer” are just samplings of the informative and entertaining articles found on the Well blog. The blog also features “Ask” articles, which answer health-related questions submitted by readers themselves.

11. Pick the Brain

Why follow? With keywords like motivation, productivity, health and self-improvement, you can’t go wrong with this website. Pick the Brain takes a broader approach than your basic “self-help” blog and focuses on psychology and self-education, taking healthy living to the next level.

12. Life by DailyBurn

Why follow? Check out the Life blog by DailyBurn if you want a hearty dose of recipes, articles on gear and gadgets for healthy living and lifestyle tips on everything from sleep to mental health. Overwhelmed by change? This website is perfect if you’re looking to make small, incremental changes to improve your well-being.

13. Everyday Health

Why follow? Everyday Health covers health from A to Z—literally! This comprehensive site is a go-to resource for a wide range of symptoms and illnesses. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Everyday Health also offers articles on mental and emotional health. Add in health tools like a symptom checker, meal planner and diabetes journal, and it’s easy to see that this site has something for everyone.

14. Greatist

Why follow? Greatist focuses its articles on a wide variety of wellness topics, including food, fitness, beauty and workout videos. With articles about playground workouts and the amount of toothpaste you’re using, you’ll find a little bit of everything on this site. You’ll always be engaged, learning things you never even knew you needed to know!

15. Well+Good

Why follow? Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula are co-founders of Well+Good. They launched the company as a premiere lifestyle and news publication dedicated to the wellness scene. The blog keeps up with trend-spotting on the healthy living beat while reporting on modern nutrition, natural beauty, boutique fitness and more.

16. Wellness Today

Why follow? Wellness Today is an affiliate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, compiling valuable wellness resources for readers. Check out articles written in-house as well as handpicked, credible articles from across the web. This company is thinking big and works to promote global wellness and a shift in community through thoughtful dialogue.

17. Nutrition Stripped

Why follow? After migraines and lethargy led her to rock bottom, dietician and nutritionist McKel Hill finally found her calling: the world of nutrition. She launched Nutrition Stripped as a way to encourage readers to experience their bodies as they were meant to function. She does this through lifestyle articles, recipes, interviews and other handy resources.

18. Fitting It All In

Why follow? Clare, a medical student, started Fitting It All In as she recovered from an eating disorder. She’s passionate about erasing the stigmas around eating disorders and mental health. She also aims to promote healthy living and recovery for those with unhealthy body image and self-esteem. She’s a certified holistic health coach who loves working with women who want to regain their health.

19. Healthy Living by HuffPost

Why follow? You’ve surely heard of the Huffington Post, and their Healthy Living blog lives up to its name. Not only do articles cover tips and tricks for your own health and wellness in all areas, but they also give helpful advice on how to assist friends and family in achieving a healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking for a slightly more intellectual or political take on wellness topics, this is your go-to website.

20. Avocadu

Why follow? “Healthy living from the inside out” is the motto of Avocadu founders Lauren and Alex. The pair teamed up to create their own wellness site after watching friends blindly follow confusing fad diets. At Avocadu, you’ll find daily habits to help you live healthier, recipes and food guides to nourish your body and workout videos to help you meet your goals.

21. Yoga with Adriene

Why follow? If reaping the many benefits of yoga is part of your wellness plan, Yoga with Adriene can help you get there. With hundreds of free yoga videos at varying intensities, people at all levels can find something accessible for them. Adriene has yoga workouts for every health scenario imaginable, from gentle stretching to relieve stress to kick-starting digestion after a big meal.

Ready to inspire healthy living?

With this list of wellness blogs, you’re now well-equipped to elevate your healthy lifestyle to the next level. You might even consider learning more about how you can expand your reach and promote these initiatives in your own community. Check out this article to learn more: “What Is It Really Like Being a Community Health Worker?”

These are our favourite Healthy Living Blogs right now!

Looking for a list of the best Health Blogs of 2019?
You’ve come to the right place!
We all love a Healthy Living Blog and the helpful, interesting and humorous content they put out.
Whether it’s great workout routine ideas, healthy meal recipes, natural beauty tips, mental health advice or simply playful memes, they’re a great place to spend a few online hours.
But with so many Health and Healthy Living blogs to read these days, it can be hard to know where to start…
That’s why as Health & Beauty a beauty experts, we here at Lumity have selected our top 18 so you can rest assured that these are the very best Healthy Living Blogs out there!
We got in touch with a few of our favourites and asked them to give us the lowdown on what you can expect to find on their brilliant blogs!
See what they had to say and the full list below:

Carly Rowena

“What first started out as a fitness blog has (as with all channels) become my own little personal place to rant and explore key topics I care about. It ranges from motherhood, sex and relationships to fitness, nutrition, my personal style and mental health. It is, of course, where I also sell my online workout cards and worldwide retreats.
I have always loved writing and, while I love YouTube, nothing beats being able to jot down your feelings and really let your mind flow. That’s where began as my own little corner of the internet where I can share my current reality.
I have lots in store for my blog, more retreats including one in Indonesia and other local ones in the EU and UK. I am also about to release my jewellery line in collaboration with Lisa Angel and will always be creating new guides and products to help those who follow me live their best lives!”

Supercharged Food

Supercharged Food is a lifestyle blog that incorporates recipes, online programs and an online store with books and ingredients and wellness products. We focus on anti-inflammatory foods and gut health. I am also the author of nine cookbooks.
I started it because I needed to improve my health from the inside out. After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and fibromyalgia several years ago, I was accustomed to feeling constantly lethargic, down and being on a myriad of prescribed drugs and antibiotics.
While I was prescribed so many drugs and antibiotics to ‘cure’ my body, I knew that the real change in my health could only come from me. This sparked my interest in all things well being, gut and nutrition. Instead of just reading about this information, I started to live by it. I had previously studied food and nutrition and went to cooking school. This is where I planted my supercharged roots, and started the blog that has taken me to where I am today. I started to document my process, discoveries and recipes on my blog, in the hope of helping people who had had similar experiences with their health through food and a sense of understanding.
My desire was, and still is, to make healthy cooking and eating delicious and simple for everyone. I’m trying to change the way that people see health, and help people take it into their own hands, one gut-boosting smoothie at a time.
This year is certainly a huge one for me! I’m so thrilled with all of the amazing feedback I’ve already gotten about my Supercharge Your Life book and am going for a tour around the United Kingdom – I’m so excited to meet everyone! I’m also working on a new and delicious (hint!) product and another book I know you will love! My goal for 2019 is to constantly grow from experiences, learn from everybody and live unapologetically.

Be Healthy Now

“My blog focuses on healthy lifestyle and natural living. My goal is to educate, inform, motivate and inspire people to help them be healthier. I believe in a holistic approach to health and for this reason, I cover a wide range of topics, from healthy eating tips to fitness and natural remedies.
Both of my parents died of cancer which really motivated me to start this blog. I wanted to have a place online where I can share all the things I discovered during my own personal healthy living journey.
I want to continue publishing useful informational articles which help people make the right decisions on their healthy living journeys. I also want to share with my audience more of the product recommendations to help them pick only the best of the best in fitness, nutrition, health foods and natural living.”


“My blog is a lighthearted look at all things fitness-related, including running, walking, cycling and going to the gym. It also covers reviews of gadgets and fitness clothing.
I set up the blog when I first started running in 2006. I’d just stopped smoking and had a lot of energy to burn so I thought I’d start running and record my progress on a blog.
My running has been a bit inconsistent lately so I’d like to get back into it and start recording my progress again.”

Poppy Cross

“My blog is about me living a healthy lifestyle with a focus on my running training and races/events as well as outdoor adventures.
I set it up as a way of sharing how fulfilling it is to lead a healthy fit lifestyle. If you want to optimise your life then you have to have a healthy mind and body. I hope my blog serves as a reminder of this.
I plan to keep documenting my running challenges and focus on health and wellbeing brands that are having a positive impact on people and the environment. I also plan to talk about mental health more.”

PT Mollie

PT Mollie is the Happiness Personal Trainer. On her blog, she highlights ways to balance work, life, fitness, food, and fun. She believes women should pursue activities they enjoy to ensure workouts are fun and appealing. She also shares what adventure she is currently training for and the products she is using that her readers may enjoy.
“Originally, the blog was a way to showcase my knowledge as a personal trainer. For example, there are over 100 free 15 minute workouts to enjoy.” It slowly grew to include product reviews and documents her own training.
“The blog and brand are about to be re-designed, which is very exciting!” Earlier in 2019, Mollie published her first book, ’52 Weekend Challenges: Cultivating Health and Happiness’. She hopes to complete her second book by the end of the year and continue to offer her popular ’30 Days to Happy’ online program.

Forever Amber

“I blog about parenting, travel, and anything else that takes my fancy.
I was working as a journalist, and had kept diaries all my life, so when I discovered the world of “online journals” as they were then called, it seemed like the perfect way to merge the two.
I don’t have any specific plans at the moment, I’m just going to see where it takes me!”

Fitness on Toast

Fitness On Toast was founded in 2013 by Faya Nilsson, a personal trainer. Initially, it was a place to share her healthy and unusual recipes with her clients, to offer nutritional tips, workout ideas and create fitness looks. Fitness On Toast was named after Faya moved to the UK and was surprised how many foods were served on toast!
She has since been featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Red and a variety of different publications.

Unconditionally Nourished

Jemma is a certified holistic wellbeing coach, blogger and retreat host trained with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. After overcoming body confidence issues, Jemma wanted to empower others to be confident and feel fabulous.
On the Unconditionally Nourished blog, she shares her top tips involving food, self care and general topics and how she manages to be a wife and a mother whilst still taking time to complete her self care regime.

Zanna Van Dijk

After studying Speech Science at the University of Sheffield, Zanna discovered her passion for fitness and grew her hobby alongside her education. She launched her blog and started to discuss topics related to fitness, food and travel. After graduating in 2014 she decided to pursue a full-time fitness career and trained as a personal trainer.
Since writing her book, Strong, she has appeared on the cover of the Sunday Times Style magazine, Women’s Fitness magazine and Healthy magazine as well as spreads in Glamour and Women’s Health. She now uses her following to spread a message about our impact on the environment as well as, workouts, nutritious meals and body confidence.

Hemsley and Hemsley

Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley founded Hemsley + Hemsley in 2010 as a bespoke service aimed at helping people with their digestion and relationship with food. After cooking and catering for private clients, celebrities and top brands including Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Vivienne Westwood, their food philosophy has grown along with their blog.
Since Hemsley + Hemsley launched, Jasmine and Melissa have gone on to become international best sellers, launched products and opened their own cafe at Selfridges. Despite being TV personalities, they still continue contributing to their blog where they share numerous healthy recipes and personal achievements with their readers and mass social media following.


At mindbodygreen they take a 360 degree approach to wellness that incorporates mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and environmental well being. After Jason developed two extruded discs in his lower back and being told he would require surgery, he sought a second opinion where he was advised that yoga might be a way to avoid surgery. After a few months of yoga and wellness his back healed and mindbodygreen was created.
Colleen continued to work a corporate job until a pulmonary embolism convinced her to move over to the blog full time to help grow numbers and following. Since having their daughter, their passion has grown for wellness further with mindbodygreen sharing a variety of posts including food, exercises and mindfulness to support their readers.

Madeleine Shaw

After a poor diet as a teenager, Madeleine Shaw felt that she needed to change the way she lived and looked. After learning how to cook, her taste buds blossomed and her body began to change for the better. After studying nutrition and coaching people who wanted to eat well, she started to create her own ‘glow-getting’ recipes and used her website to share her recipes with her audience.

Wholeheartedly Laura

Laura is a wellbeing coach, business mentor and designer. She works with women who feel overwhelmed, disconnected and stuck in a rut. She started Wholeheartedly Laura in 2010 after realising that she wanted to share he wholehearted recipes with a wider audience. She qualified as a health coach in 2012 and has grown her blog to help women learn self care, business and recipes.

Black Girl In Om

Black Girl In Om promotes holistic wellness and inner beauty for women of colour. Encouraging their readers to embrace self-care, self-love, and self-empowerment. They affirm the consistent, preventative actions that cultivate a clear mind, strong body, prosperous spirit, and inspiration in our environments.

Nutrition Stripped

McKel Kooienga founded Nutrition Stripped in 2013 after completing her Master of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition and became a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist.

Creating a combination of nutrition, health benefits of foods, recipes, and nutritional posts, McKel has grown the blog from a small hobby to a website that has won numerous online awards including ours!

The Kitchen Shed

The Kitchen Shed was founded by Charlie after having her first child over 9 years ago. By experimenting and cooking clean and healthy food, she decided to launch The Kitchen Shed. Working alongside her husband Luke, Charlie creates a variety of healthy recipes and information about sustaining a clean and healthy meal plan.

Charlie has grown The Kitchen Shed from a small blog in her in-laws shed to a successful and helpful blog which she shares with her social media followers.

Happy Healthy Nat

Natalie is a 33-year old who believes that we should put ‘healthy before selfie’. After being diagnosed with a gluten intolerance in 2012, she wanted to encourage others that they can still eat what they want and lead a happy and healthy lifestyle and started Happyhealthynat, to share recipes and blog posts about living with a gluten intolerance.

So there you have it, our top 18 Healthy Living blogs! Hopefully this list has inspired you to go and give some of them a read and change your lifestyle for the better! Did we miss one of your best blogs off the list? Let us know on Twitter

For web designers, one of the best ways of coming up with creative works of brilliance is to learn from the best and worst website designs that are on the Internet.

This is also a golden piece of advice your web design instructor will tell you when you are just a beginner learning tricks of the trade in a web design course.. Like many things in life, you can learn from both sides of the equation so that you can pinpoint on what works and what you should avoid. In this post, we will focus on ten of the best fitness websites that can hopefully inspire your own web design endeavors.

The criteria for making this list for best fitness websites include ticks in areas such as layout, typography, usability, overall impact, and more. Let’s get introduced to these energized sites, shall we?

Phive Health & Fitness Centers

Top Design Features:
Flat design | Parallax | Photography | Minimal |SVG | Animated | Responsive | Sound/Video
Voted SOTD at CSS Winner, Awwwards, and a whole lot of other places, Phive is a website built to showcase its two health & fitness centers in Portugal as well as their personal trainers and gym activities.

The concept is trendy, and the design flows well throughout the site with sound effects and fun loading animations totally on fleek. Site visitors will find the user experience to be interactive and scrolling through the site certainly makes you feel motivated to hit the gym and is one of the reasons this is first on our list of best fitness websites.

Amenzone Canada

Top Design Features:
Responsive | Fullscreen | Photography | Minimal | Sound/Video | Portfolio
Using a simple color palette combination of black, red, and white, Amenzone Canada succeeds in delivering the message across with a clean and minimal look – this website promotes a back-to-basics training space and program.

Content is presented in a great layout and users can easily navigate section to section without losing track. Just like Phive, Amenzone Canada is also voted SOTD at many popular CSS website design inspirational galleries.

Amir Khan World

Top Design Features:
Minimal | Photography | Typography | Portfolio | Single Page
Amir Khan is a pro boxer who is using his personal website to build his brand. What we really love about this website is the minimalistic approach with complementing bold typography. It’s one of the moments where less is certainly more.

The use of quality photography on Amir Khan World is another factor that has wowed us. His site has once been featured on Awwwards as SOTD.

Virgin Active

Top Design Features:
Single Page | Fullscreen | Minimal | Photography
Virgin Active is a multinational health club that has gyms located in many countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and Thailand.

The website looks clean and easy to navigate, so as a user, you will never feel overwhelmed at any time during your user experience on this site.

The color combination of red and grey has been proven to work time after time, so if these are your brand colors, you can take a leaf out of Virgin Active.

ASSOS of Switzerland

Top Design Features:
Minimal | Photography | Fullscreen | WebGL | Single Page
Featuring a modern and sporty layout, ASSOS of Switzerland makes cycling look like a designer brand. This website has won the hearts of many web designers, leaving a trail of SOTDs as it blazes through the Internet.

The tried and tested black and white color combination can always polish the look of your website so even if you are using the same design idea for a street hawker in Bangkok, it will look like a cuisine brand from some 4 or 5-star hotels!

20 Minute Body

Top Design Features:
Fullscreen | Single Page | Photography | Colorful
We’ll admit, the page layout looks long but it’s a good example of a fitness website that is focused on selling product packages.


Learn more about our
industry focused course:


Some health and fitness sites emphasize on product sales and that’s why we wanted to show this variety in our list. It’s a site that makes us think of effective call-to actions and a user will easily find all the information he or she needs before making a purchase.

Create Pilates

Top Design Features:
Fullscreen | Single Page | Photography | Sound/Video | Animation | Minimal
Next on our list of best fitness websites is Create Pilates. The moment you set your eyes on this site, you can feel the energy and dynamism oozing effortlessly. It’s pilates+ here so you can expect to find other elements such as nutrition and yoga on this site.

Create Pilates is ranking high on usability yet manage to capture a fun vibe, feels just like the precious protein bar every fitness enthusiast needs at the start of the day.


Top Design Features:
Responsive | Single Page | Photography | Navigation
Primal7 focuses on suspension training for their customers, aiming to maximize performance while minimizing pain.

The design is clean, responsive, and effective – using a white and light grey background to get their message across. Featured on CSS Winner, it has won praise from critics for being a well-rounded website.

I Love This Fame

Top Design Features:
Responsive | Animated | Flat Design | SVG | Single Page | Colorful
One of the rare sports and fitness websites that use cartoon as its main inspiration, I Love This Fame is a fun way to introduce a non-profit project that aims to promote basketball among teenagers in Poland.

We were thrilled at trying the basketball shooting game on the site which works effectively to deliver the message that you too can be a basketball player. It’s creative, simple, and fun!

This site has also won a few SOTD awards at highly respected CSS website inspirational showcases.


Top Design Features:
Animated | Responsive | Parallax | Fullscreen | Sound/Video | Minimal
Vitalmonitor is a fitness app that lets you monitor your exercise routines and fitness journey. The website has been voted SOTD and won Special Mention at a few top CSS website design inspirational galleries.

It’s interactive, creative, and extremely well-organized, offering a superb user experience to its site visitors.

Learn more about our
industry focused course:


With new inspiration comes new web design

There you go – 10 of the best fitness websites that can hopefully help to inspire your own web design work. By the way, did you manage to spot any design patterns yet on what makes a stellar fitness website? We certainly did, so now it’s over to you to spot the gold!

United States of America (USA) top fitness and health Magazine

There are many fitness and health magazines in United States of America (USA). But, let’s know the list of top and best fitness and health magazines of USA along with their circulation, contents i.e. fitness, nutrition, healthy living, weight loss, sex, relationship, beauty, health tips, etc. We are also trying to tell you how these magazines are useful for health and fitness point of view. The list is given below:

Image Source:

1. Health Magazine

Health is a fantastic health and fitness magazine for women covering latest health news, expert advice, innovative exercise strategies, beauty tips, and managing of emotional well-beings, etc. The main sections of Health magazine are:

  • Love your looks: It comprises beauty tips, tips to look younger, best shape, how to control overindulgence, etc.
  • Live healthy: It discusses about wellness news and self-diagnostic methods.
  • Great food: It narrates about different type of recipes and small eating habits.
  • Best life now: It covers news of wellness, fitness, beauty and health
  • Build a better:

The magazine is published by Southern Progress Corp.

2. Psychology Today Magazine

It is a bi-monthly psycho-medical magazine and its contents revolve around human behaviour and relationships, anxiety and associated with other psychological conditions. It deals with parenting, professional relationships, etc. The different sections of the magazine are:

  • Insights: tells us about inner look, how to manage ailments and helps you to find out the best psychologist.
  • Health: discusses about emotional well-being.
  • Food chain: deals with food and research in nutrition.
  • Solutions: offers solutions of problems.
  • Personality: essays and questions-answer sessions.
  • Relationships: short notes and advices on relationship.

It is published by Sussex Publishers Inc.

3. Men’s Fitness Magazine

If you are a fitness freak, want to be in slim and fit shape, then Men’s Fitness is the best bet for you. It gives you easy and in-depth knowledge about fitness, nutrition, how to lose weight, sports and style tips. The important sections of the magazine are:

  • Look Great and Upgrade: your style info hub.
  • Where to Buy: easy way to get the products.
  • Focus: discusses about wellness and better sleep.
  • The Guide to Blasting Fat: body fat shedding section.
  • The Look-Great Issue

Publisher: AMI/Weider Publications, Inc.

4. Men’s Health Magazine

Men’s Health is a fitness magazine gives you knowledge about travel, technology, relationship, sex, gadgets, men’s fashion, weight loss, fitness tips, latest workout moves, etc. The different sections of the magazine are:

  • Ask Men’s Health
  • The Girl Next Door
  • Jimmy the Bartender: discusses health, relationship, and the reader is free to ask questions.
  • Useful Stuff
  • Bulletin: Latest health news

Publisher: Rodale Inc

5. Prevention Magazine

Prevention magazine is one of the important and leading health magazines in the world. As per audited and reported circulation numbers, it is the 2nd leading health magazine in the world. It is boosted with around 1 million readers. The magazine is published by Rodale Press. The different important sections of the magazine are:

  • Nutrition
  • Food
  • Cooking
  • Workouts
  • Beauty
  • Healthy lifestyle

6. Cooking Light Magazine

It is a wonderful monthly magazine about food, beverages and an array with many food choices. It discusses about seasonal foods, salads, food recipes, vegetables, kitchen hacks, cooking tips, etc. The magazine is published by Southern Progress Corp.

7. Women’s Health Magazine

The magazine revolves around the betterment of women’s health. It discusses about healthy recipes, nutrition, weight loss, sex, workout guides, health news about women, fitness, health tips, etc. It has some regular features such as:

  • Best body: refers to latest workout routines.
  • Slim down: effective tips for slim and healthy.
  • Eat smart: the best way to take food.
  • Good looks: latest beauty and make up trend.
  • Live well:

The magazine is published by Rodale Inc.

8. Runner’s World Magazine

It’s a monthly magazine of running, marathons, half marathons provides, group of runners, etc. irrespective of ages. It provides date and schedules of these events. The magazine discusses about nutrition, how to overcome personal challenges, weight loss, etc. It has a ‘Gear’ column discusses about apparel, shoes, exercise equipment, music player, app, running shoe guide, trail shoe guide, etc. It is published by Rodale Inc.

9. Muscles & Fitness Magazine

The Muscles & Fitness magazine’s every issue acts like as fitness trainer. It discuses about body building, nutrition, muscular exercises, etc. Every issue features prominent professional builders, athletes and sport personalities. The main concerns of the magazine are fitness & exercise, bodybuilder lifestyle, fitness tips, etc. It also covers special issues like Annual Beginner’s Guide, Buyer’s guide, Arms issue, Crossfit issue, fat burn issue and Nutritional issue. It is published by AMI/Weider Publications Inc.

10. Shape Magazine

Shape is a women’s healthy and active lifestyle magazine. It has some fantastic features such as beauty tips, workout routines, healthy recipes, weight loss, fitness and healthy living. It has some regular features such as:

  • Workouts: An array of workout routines
  • Weight Loss: covers diet tips and healthy weight loss.
  • Food & nutrition: offers recipes, seasonal ingredients, and advice from leading chefs.
  • Beauty & Style: latest trend in beauty.
  • Health news

It is published by Meredith Corporation

Top 10 health magazines of USA on circulation wise

On the basis of circulation, the top 10 fitness and health magazines of United States of America are:

This is based upon audited and reported circulation numbers.


They promise to tone, transform, fix, and whittle your body, but all women’s fitness magazines really do is help you lose all that flabby self-esteem you’ve spent years accumulating. How are they bullshit? Let us count the ways.

They seem like a capital idea, an alternative to the laws-of-physics-defying sex positions of Hot Slutmopolitan or the jumping model fashion spreads of Glamourvagina or the banal makeup tips of OMG BOYZ Monthly, but between the glossy cover lines featuring smiling celebrities inviting you to yoga class and exclaimed sentences about having your BEST BODY lies a disturbing subtext, an indicator that the English language itself has been hijacked and repurposed to sell diet pills that will give you a heart attack.


It’s happened so quickly and soundlessly that we didn”t even realize it was happening, but words like “fitness” and “health” have become dog whistle terms that imply “thinness” and “dieting.” Nowhere in the Women’s Fitness Magazine definition of “health” is there room for real strength, unless it’s a quarter page of lip service paid to a female body builder who is, I don’t know, sharing her tips for avoiding breakfast pastry cravings and fitting in her workouts between dates and shoe shopping.

We’ve long suspected that “fitness” is secret ladymagcode for “neurotic thinness,” and a perusal of three of this month’s “health” and “fitness” offerings — Self, Fitness, and Women’s Health — has shown that there’s some serious subliminal self-worth eroding shit going on. Readers are sold the idea of being healthy and strong and fit and end up with a stack of weight loss ads and splashy graphics about having pretty hair. The pervasive “lose weight” message is fed to us like a dog pill slathered in peanut butter, and we’re expected to just take it and go happily scampering off.

Between the three magazines, weight loss as the goal of fitness and calorie counting as a requirement of eating was mentioned and repeated and harped upon on over 100 pages. The second most popular topic featured in women’s fitness magazines? Makeup and beauty products, which take up 60 pages of the publications. We also are taken on a delightful journey through clothing, accessories, and jewelry, because nothing says “health” like having a nice healthy watch by Tag Heuer or a cancer-fighting Kate Spade bag. There are some lessons to be learned, though, important lessons that will help all of us feel crappy about ourselves without actually getting any stronger or loving our bodies:

Have an unbelievably fucked up relationship with food and expect that every other woman does as well. Desserts are “indulgent,” and “sinful” and calories are to be obsessively counted. Breakfasts are compared side-by-side and analyzed for fat content. Tips about how to resist the urge to eat a piece of cake abound. Foods are discussed as “belly busters” or “fat fighters” rather than “delicious things that you put in your mouth, chew, swallow, and enjoy without obsessing over.”


Think about your hair. A lot. Each of the three fitmags featured extensive discussions about hair and how to make it appear healthier using various products to be applied topically, because health cannot be achieved without chemicals. Do your hair in interesting ways, using interesting products, to, uh, indicate health and fitness.

Never stop wanting to be smaller than you are. Your ultimate goal should be to shrink to the point of complete invisibility. We should not be able to see you when you turn to the side. This month’s issue of Self featured an article that encouraged its readers to maintain their “slim down drive,” like it’s something that occurs naturally, like prey drive, or sex drive. “Here we see a gathering of bonobo monkeys scrutinizing each other’s thighs and vowing to collectively do more lunges. The natural beauty of the slim-down drive, in action.” It’s not natural to want to be smaller; that’s why you get hungry when you don’t eat enough. The magazine could have easily repackaged “slim down drive” as “workout drive,” but instead they chose to play on their readers’ insecurities by creating one of the Most Bullshit Phrases I’ve Ever Read.


Placing ultra thin celebrities on the cover alongside headlines that urge readers to “look great naked” or “fight winter weight gain” also suggests that these fabulous celebrities are worrying about these things, and that if they’re worried about it, you should be extra doubly super worried and that, in fact, the best thing for you to do is buy this magazine and buy the things it tells you to buy.

Aging is not healthy. Fight it tooth and nail. This month’s Fitness magazine featured a quiz that asked its readers to discover their “real” age based on their levels of physical fitness and their weekly diets, warning those who are secretly old that it will negatively effect their hair, skin, and weight (I quit the quiz after it said I was 15 years old and then made a poorly received joke about regressing to my pre-menstrual years using the power of exercise. Work out so hard that you become a teenager again! Stop your period with fitness). The other two magazines were dotted with fleeting fearful references to avoiding looking older and ads for skin creams that will promote looking young. Erm, “health.”


Every woman knows what “problem areas” mean, and if you only solve your “problem areas,” you will solve your actual “problems.” Women’s Health would really like you to look great naked, you know, for yourself. Fitness promises that cover girl and Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn will share with readers her flat belly secrets. Because if Lindsey Vonn, professional athlete who makes money from using her body to accomplish physical feats that require a great deal of strength, balance, and concentration, cares about one thing, it’s having a fucking flat stomach.

You are very stressed out about all of this. Stop that! Each of the three magazines offered tips to help their readers destress, because it’s assumed that between worrying about their problem areas, their sex lives, their slim down drives, and the precancerous cells coursing through their veins at all moments of the day, readers of women’s fitness magazines are on the edge of mental breaks at all times. Try some aromatherapy! Use some of these products! Why not do yoga and destress while toning, because you should Always Be Toning (even, according to Self while brushing your teeth.). About midway through Women’s Health, there’s a two page ad for an anti depressant, and no wonder. After pages and pages of text telling its readers that they’re too fat, too old, and undersexed, I’m sure their brain cells could use some chemical rebalancing.


Women’s fitness magazines are packaged and sold as an alternative to the sex obsessed man pleasing tips of the Cosmos of the world, but they’re the same shit in a different package. They’re still telling us that the way to be happy is to be conventionally attractive and thin and firm and toned, to occupy the socially acceptable amount of space. They’re not about pleasing yourself; they’re about pleasing others, and their suggestion that they’re anything beyond that is insulting and condescending. Where’s the magazine that promises to help you squat 150 pounds by June? Where’s the guide to starting your own football league? Where’s the secret to eating foods that will satisfy you after pounding out a 10 mile half marathon training run?

These magazines are lying to us, and they’re expecting us to be okay with it, to keep buying and to keep accepting their assumption that when they say “fit,” we hear “thin.” We’re smarter than that, and we should stop rewarding them with our patronage.

Health and fitness websites

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