Zero Calorie Virgin Mojito

All the refreshing flavors of a mojito…non of the guilt! 3 ingredients and 1 minute are all you need to make this figure-friendly mocktail, that will cool you off during summer.

I never waste my calories on drinks.

They are so on-the-go, they don’t count as a meal, they get slurped so fast and before you know it…BAM! 500 calories around your waist.

If I’m going to consume that much calories on an indulgence, then it better be in solid form. I want to sit down for it, get a jaw workout from it, label it ‘Dessert,’ and feel the gulp down my throat. So yeah, I’ll ditch a milkshake any given day for a piece of this heavenly thing or a slice of this cake. Oh and definitely a couple of those.

I know you wanna rub this Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate Float in my face, but in my defense, there are scoops of ice cream in it and you eat it with a spoon. So yeah! Definitely counts as dessert.

So when I recently found out the ridiculous amounts of sugar that goes into my sister-in-law’s famous Mint Lemonade, which I absolutely love, I decided it was time to give it up and find an alternative.

And found did I indeed.

This has been my household’s drink of obsession for the past 2 months! Aaaaaand we even passed the obsession to my sister-in-law…Mwahahahahahaaaaa!

Can you tell we’re trying to lose some weight around here? Sob sob:(

Virgin Mojitos are nothing new…but ZERO calories?

I’m not quiet sure about that, and I did not consult Dr. Google because he always makes me feel like a complete dork who lacks all sorts of innovation. Oh well, I’m sure it’s out there anyway, but that’s not the point. The point is that this flavorful drink that tastes like summer in a cup has the same calories as water, and if that does not convince you to make it right now, I don’t know what does!

Real Mojitos are made with mint, lime, simple syrup, club soda and rum. This booze-free, calorie-free alternative is still made with limes. Or lemons. Mint…lots and lots of fresh mint….

And the secret ingredient that replaces all the sugar, all the booze, adding flavor, sweetness, fizziness, and making this a calorie-free drink, is the humble diet lemon-flavored soda. Yup…just good ‘ol Diet 7Up or Sprite Zero.

I checked and YES they’re zero calories! Check for yourself here and here.

And did I mention how easy it is to make? One minute. Two tops, is all you to you need to prepare this. Keep the ingredients stashed in your fridge, so you could enjoy a drink whenever you’re in the mood or when guests drop by.

You’ll start by squeezing a lime. Lemons are just as good. I just use whatever I have on hand that day. Then I drop in the squeezed peel into the cup as well. This is optional, but I find that the rind has tons of flavor that I don’t want to waste.

Then roughly tear up a CUP of fresh mint leaves and drop these in. Yes I said a CUP and I’m not ashamed. I like the mint to shine through, and I found that one cup is the magic number. A large handful is just about the same.

Then using a straw, or the back of a table knife or spoon or whatevs, smash the mint until they’re bruised. This will help release the mint flavor even further.

Then goes the ice.

Followed by your diet soda.


Give it a gentle stir using your straw. And don’t skip the straw or the mint will keep getting in your mouth.


Drink it all up and have ZERO regrets.


Prep Time 5 minutes Total Time 5 minutes


  • 1 medium or 1/2 large lemon or lime (1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons juice, depending on how citrusy you like it, plus the peel)
  • 1 cup loosely packed fresh mint leaves (1 large handful)
  • 1 (355ml/12 fl.oz) can diet lemon flavored soda, like diet 7UP or Sprite Zero (1 1/2 cups)*
  • Ice
  • Extra lemon or lime slices, for presentation


  1. In a large cup, squeeze the juice out of the lemon/lime; about 1 tablespoon to 1 1/2 tablespoons, depending on how citrusy you like it. Throw in the squeezed peel into the cup as well, optional, but adds more lemony flavor. Or for a prettier presentation, omit the squeezed peel and add slices of lemon/lime in the end.
  2. Using your fingers, roughly tear the mint leaves into the cup. With a straw or back of a dinner knife or spoon, smash the mint leaves with the lemon/lime juice to bruise it. This helps release the flavor of the mint.
  3. Add desired amount of ice into the cup.
  4. Pour in the can of lemon flavored soda into the cup.
  5. Gently stir the mixture together with a straw, further piercing the mint to extract more flavor.
  6. Let stand for a few minutes to allow the flavors to meld. Serve with a straw, because otherwise the mint will keep getting in the mouth.

Recipe Notes

  1. If you’re not OK with drinking diet soda, regular lemon soda or ginger ale could be substituted, but note that it won’t be zero calorie then.

Measurements Note: All recipes of this site have been developed using weight measurements. Although US volume measurements have been included for your convenience, it is highly encouraged that you weigh your ingredients using a kitchen scale to get the best possible results. Due to the sensitive nature of baking, kitchen scales are proven to yield more accurate and consistent results than measuring cups. Enjoy!

5-Calorie Raspberry Lime Margarita Fizz (non-alcoholic)

Updated on March 3, 2014 by Averie Sunshine

Sometimes we all need a little break in the middle of a busy week.

This is my idea of breaktime.

This 5-calorie, refreshing drink is made with sugar-free margarita mix and Raspberry-Lime Arrowhead® Brand Sparkling Mountain Spring Water.

There’s also Lemon, Lime, Mandarin Orange, and Black Cherry flavors.

The water is comprised of just three natural ingredients: spring water, natural fruit essence, and bubbles.

There’s no sugar, no calories, and nothing artificial.

It’s a good alternative to soda if you crave something bubbly and fizzy, but are trying to kick your soda habit.

Although I wouldn’t complain if someone put a real margarita in my hand for my feel good Wednesday breaktime, drinking in the middle of the day isn’t usually on my agenda.

Every #HumpDay, Arrowhead® Brand Sparkling Mountain Spring Water is sharing some of their favorite ways to feel good and escape the midweek hump on their Facebook page. Head over there for some tips or to share a feel good moment of your own.

Putting a cool and limey beverage in my hand, going for a run, a power walk, doing some yoga, or some mindless blog surfing or reading cookbooks like novels are how I escape for a bit.

Depending on where you’re located, the water can go by different brand names, including Arrowhead®, Deer Park®, Ice Mountain®, Ozarka®, Poland Spring®, or Zephyrhills®.

The drink is light, zippy, and zingy from the lime in the sparkling water, coupled with the limey flavor in the margarita mix, and from the fresh lime slices.

The raspberry flavor peeks through and is perfect with lime, adding just a touch of sweetness.

Plus, this drink won’t bust your caloric budget for the day the way a couple of margaritas can.

I’ll take skinny recipes that don’t taste skinny whenever I can.

Another favorite skinny drink is this Skinny Caramel Frappuccino. Only 50 calories and you can kick your pricey coffee-shop habit to the curb, too.

My family loved these and literally drank them, plus 3 refills each, right off my photo set.

I’m thinking they’ll go down very nicely over the long holiday weekend. One last hurrah for summer.

Hello, breaktime.

5-Calorie Raspberry Lime Margarita Fizz (non-alcoholic, vegan, gluten-free)

Yield: 8 ounces, 1 drink

Total Time:2 minutes

Prep Time:2 minutes

Cook Time:0 minutes

This non-alcoholic 5-calorie drink is light, zippy, and zingy from the lime in the sparkling water, coupled with the limey flavor in the margarita mix, and from fresh lime slices. The raspberry flavor peeks through and is perfect with lime, adding just a touch of sweetness to this sugar-free, easy, and refreshing drink. Feel free to spike it if you’re so inclined.

Did you make this recipe? Leave a review “


ice cubes
salt or sugar for rimming the glass, optional
4 ounces Raspberry-Lime Arrowhead® Brand Sparkling Mountain Spring Water
4 ounces Sugar-Free Margarita Mix (I used “On the House” from Ralph’s grocery store, or try Baja Bob’s or similar)
1 fresh lime, sliced thin
fresh raspberries, optional for garnishing
tequila, optional


  1. Add ice to glass.
  2. Optionally dip a chilled glass into salt or sugar to coat the rim.
  3. Add sparkling water and margarita mix to glass.
  4. Garnish with other lime slices or raspberries.
  5. Optionally add tequila to taste. This is intended for those whom alcohol consumption is appropriate. Always drink responsibly.
  6. Serve immediately.

Recipe from Averie Cooks. All images and content are copyright protected. Please do not use my images without prior permission. If you want to republish this recipe, please re-write the recipe in your own words, or simply link back to this post for the recipe. Thank you.

Recipe from Averie Cooks. All images and content are copyright protected. Please do not use my images without prior permission. If you want to republish this recipe, please re-write the recipe in your own words, or simply link back to this post for the recipe. Thank you.

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This Healthy Sparkling Mojito Lemonade is a summer drink favourite – it’s a healthy, non-alcoholic version of a mojito made with fresh mint, lemons and limes, sparkling water, and a healthy secret ingredient! Watch the VIDEO below to see how I make it, and don’t forget to stay tuned to the bottom of this blog post for the FULL PRINTABLE RECIPE!


Happy weekend friends! I’ve got a DELICIOUS recipe coming your way today – this Healthy Sparkling Mojito Lemonade! If you know me personally, you know that we don’t drink alcohol (although I LOVE cooking with wine!) so I’m always looking for fun ways to spice up our summer drinks to keep it interesting. We’re big smoothie fans, and y’all know how much I love homemade lemonade recipes, so this Healthy Sparkling Mojito Lemonade is our latest favourite way to enjoy a refreshing summer mocktail!

Homemade Lemonade with a Mojito Twist

I’ve already shared several of my favourite lemonade recipes with you, including this Blended Strawberry Lemonade, this Classic 3-Ingredient Healthy Lemonade, my Healthy Pomegranate Lemonade and my Healthy Blueberry Lemonade. This Healthy Sparkling Mojito Lemonade is the perfect way to take your lemonade up a notch for summer, especially if you LOVE those classic mojito flavours, like I do!

One of the best things about this recipe is that it doesn’t require any fancy kitchen equipment – just a blender and a strainer, and a good sturdy pitcher is all you need and you’re all set! My favourite blender is THIS ONE (affiliate link) – it’s good for everything and it won’t break the bank like some of those other high-powered blenders do.

I hope you love this Healthy Sparkling Mojito Lemonade as much as we do! Let me know in the comments below, what’s your favourite mocktail for summer?? I’d love to know!

Kitchen Products I Recommend:

Looking for more warm-weather drink recipes like this? Try these recipes below!

  • Raspberry Peach Green Tea Smoothie

  • Healthy Cucumber Lemonade

  • Watermelon Green Tea Refresher

  • Green Apple Spinach Smoothie

  • Healthy Strawberry Lemonade

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Healthy Sparkling Mojito Lemonade

This Healthy Sparkling Mojito Lemonade is a summer drink favourite – it’s a healthy, non-alcoholic version of a mojito made with fresh mint, lemons and limes, sparkling water, and a healthy secret ingredient!

Course Drinks Cuisine American, Cocktail, Drink, Summer Keyword Healthy Cocktail, Healthy Sparkling Mojito Lemonade, Mojito Mocktail Prep Time 15 minutes Total Time 15 minutes Servings 4 servings Calories 126 kcal Author Chrissie (

  • 2 cups cold peppermint tea
  • 1/3 cup honey or other vegan substitute
  • a handful of fresh mint leaves
  • 3 limes, juice and zest
  • 3 lemons, juiced
  • sparkling water
  • fresh mint leaves and lime or lemon wedges for garnish
  1. Add the peppermint tea, honey, mint leaves, lime juice and zest, and lemon juice to a blender and blend on high speed until smooth.

  2. Strain the mixture into a large pitcher to remove any bits of mint leaves that remain.

  3. Fill glasses half-way with the mixture and top it off with sparkling water, a lemon or lime wedge, and some fresh mint leaves for garnish.

Nutrition Facts Healthy Sparkling Mojito Lemonade Amount Per Serving (1 serving) Calories 126 Calories from Fat 9 % Daily Value* Fat 1g2% Saturated Fat 1g6% Sodium 7mg0% Potassium 221mg6% Carbohydrates 36g12% Fiber 4g17% Sugar 26g29% Protein 1g2% Vitamin A 43IU1% Vitamin C 58mg70% Calcium 38mg4% Iron 1mg6% * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Sparkly Drinks

The temperature here is supposed to reach into the 90’s today. It’s official now, summer has arrived here in New Mexico. We should be at the pool today or up the mountains at our favorite creek or at the very least, running a sprinkler underneath the trampoline for some splashy jumping. Instead, we’re facing our third round of strep throat here – and I’ve got it this time! It is unfair on so many levels.

I’ll spare you my complaining though. I’m going to usher in this hot summer day with a cool drink and try to convince my kids to let me take a long nap.

I’ve been gathering these Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks for a few weeks now in anticipation of the temperatures rising. These deliciously refreshing summer beverages that the whole family can enjoy together are perfect for summer picnics, backyard entertaining, or just cooling off with something tasty in the hot afternoon. Enjoy!

Skip the sodas this summer and make one of these tastier and healthier sparkling drinks instead!

Sparkling Watermelon Limeade | Good Life Eats

Sweet Watermelon gets a bright kick from the lime juice and sparkling water for a crisp balance of sweet and tang.

Watermelon Ginger Sparklers | How Sweet Eats

It starts with a vanilla bean, ginger syrup, and watermelon juice for a perfectly refreshing drink.

Lemon Verbena Mint Soda Water | Wild Greens and Sardines

Lemon Verbena, a perennial herb with a lemony flavor, combined with a simple syrup and some sparkly water – delicious.

Citrus Coconut Soda | Le Zoe Musings

Super simple with only 3 ingredients, this coconut soda is perfect for quick entertaining.

Ginger Rosemary Zinger | Coco and Mingo

This gorgeous drink doesn’t use anything sparkly, but the ginger gives it all sorts of spark. I love this recipe.

Raspberry Hibiscus Soda | Good Life Eats

Hibiscus combined with raspberry makes for a really perfect non-alcoholic summer drink.

Homemade Orange Soda | Simple Bites

Homemade soda has all the nostalgia without the artificial food dyes and HFCS – perfection!

Cranberry Tangerine Rosemary and Cream Soda Mocktail | Spoon Fork Bacon

I think the title of this one says it all – holy yum!

Lemonade 7 ways

Lemonade is the ultimate summer drink, but you can dress it up in so many different ways. These perfect lemonade recipes are anything but boring!

Spiced Lemonade | Good Life Eats

Who knew adding cinnamon, cloves, and allspice to lemonade would make such a refreshing drink!

Homemade Strawberry Lemonade | My Baking Addiction

This is a perfect classic summer recipe – strawberries + lemonade.

Raspberry Lemonade | My Baking Addiction

If you think lemonade is the epitome of summer ( I do!) then just wait until you add raspberries into the mix!

Lavender Lemonade | Well Plated

I’m growing lavender in the backyard this year so lavender + lemon is a highly anticipated drink combination.

Coconut Water Lemonade | Rasa Malaysia

Perfectly tropical and exotic lemonade.

Honey Sweetened Peach Lemonade | Simple Bites

While Peaches are in season this summer, put them to really good use in this Peach Lemonade.

Thyme Lemonade | Donal Skehan

Fresh herbs in lemonade are so wonderful. You make this one with a thyme syrup.

Herbal + Iced Teas

Adding fresh and dried herbs to juices adds a healthy element to the summer drink – it also adds loads of fresh, delicious flavor. You’ve got to try these Herbal + Iced Tea recipes this summer!

Cranberry Zinger | Some the Wiser

This remake of a local restaurant favorite called the “The Red Stuff” uses herbal teas and cranberry juice to make a perfect summer drink – a family favorite here!

Lemon Balm Watermelon Green Iced Tea | Food For My Family

A hint of lemon balm and a healthy amount of sweet watermelon turn an ordinary green iced tea into a refreshing summer drink.

Hibiscus, Lemongrass, Basil and Honey Sweet Iced Tea | Half Baked Harvest

An antioxidant, flavor packed, energizing iced tea.

Pineapple Hibiscus Tea Mocktails | Dessert for Two

Fresh Ginger, Pineapple Juice, and dried Hibiscus Petals – um yes, pour me two!

Sweet Mango Green Tea | Food Fanatic

Mango and fresh mint together sound perfect for a summer drink on a hot day.

Iced Green Tea with Ginger, Mint, and Honey | The Kitchn

This refreshing iced tea is the perfect drink to guzzle down with your summer burgers.

Flavored Water Recipes

Keep it super simple and infuse some flavor into water this summer. It’s the easiest and healthiest way to make a refreshing summer drink!

Parsley, Lime, Cucumber Water | Simple Bites

I think I could sip on this tasty infused water recipe all day long this summer.

Strawberry, Cucumber, Lime and Mint Water | Happy DIY Mom

It may just be water, but it’s packed with refreshing summer flavors.

Orange Vanilla Bean Flavored Water | The Artful Desperado

I love anything, including water, if it’s got a vanilla bean in it!

68 Ways to Flavor Water | Family Bites

Jan has made the master list with all of the best infused water combinations – check it out!

Fresh Fruit Juices and Coolers

During the summer you can find fresh fruit in abundance! It’s the best time to make all of these yummy fruit juices and coolers.

Watermelon Vanilla Mint Cooler | Some the Wiser

This simple summer cooler goes a long way towards making a hot summer’s day bearable.

Watermelon Coconut Aloe Juice | Will Frolic for Food

This healthy summer drink couldn’t be more refreshing. Whole watermelon meets coconut water and aloe juice – yum!

Strawberry Agua Fresca with Blackberries | Foodness Gracious

A berry agua fresca makes an absolutely perfect summer juice. Try this one for sure!

Ruby Red Grape Fruit Juice | The Little Red House

A simple grape fruit juice made even tastier and healthier with carrots and fresh ginger.

Kiwi Agua Fresca | Averie Cooks

This refreshing kiwi drink is as pretty as it is tasty – perfect for entertaining.

Best Of

The holiday season is a time for family dinners, edible gift-giving, reflection and enjoying precious moments with our loved ones. Unfortunately, it can also be a period of excess including sleepless nights, sugary treats and boozy cocktails. Excess alcohol places pressure on the liver, impacts blood sugar, and can leave you with a killer hangover the next day. Why not skip the pain and try healthy mocktails instead?

Mocktails are highly underrated beverages. By using whole ingredients like fruits, natural sweeteners, herbs, bitters or fermented foods, you can blend or infuse a healthy holiday mocktail that is so delicious no one will miss that booze. And, instead of detracting from our health, these beverages will add to it.

And so, here are our 20 Best Healthy Holiday Mocktails. We hope you enjoy clinking glasses and sipping some of this goodness with your favourite people this year!

Pomegranate Ginger Storm Mocktail

Pomegranate Ginger Storm Mocktail by Les Macadames

The combination of tart juices, fizzy ginger beer and bright red colour makes this recipe one of the most refreshing healthy holiday mocktails around.

Ginger Pear Cider with Vanilla Bean

Ginger Pear Cider with Vanilla Bean by The First Mess

A delicious twist on traditional cider that uses pears instead of apples, a boost of anti-inflammatory ginger and the sweetness of vanilla bean. No press needed – this is a blend ‘n strain situation, which makes is super easy.

Strawberry Orange Mango Kombucha Cocktails

Strawberry Orange Mango Kombucha Cocktails by The Roasted Root

Kombucha is a fermented beverage and it actually has a faint boozy scent and odour to it, making it a perfect ingredient for healthy holiday mocktails. We love how this recipe tempers the fermented sourness of the kombucha with bright, sweet fruits.

Blueberry Lavender Fauxito

Blueberry Lavender Fauxito by Wife Mama Foodie

A gorgeous take on a non-alcoholic mojito using blueberries, lavender, lime and mint. A family-friendly recipe that has the digestive boost of mint and lime, as well as the nervous-system supportive properties of lavender. Perhaps this healthy holiday mocktail is the answer to family squabbles?

Jasmine Ginger Iced Green Tea

Jasmine Ginger Iced Green Tea by Kingfield Kitchen

Everyone probably has a box of antioxidant-rich green tea in the cupboard, right? Brew up a batch and chill it to make this delicious and refreshing mocktail.

Grapefruit Cinnamon Soda

Grapefruit Cinnamon Soda by Meghan Telpner (*ACN Founder + Director)

These healthy holiday mocktails combine the potent power of turmeric and grapefruit zest. Once you start making your own syrups, you will never be able to go back to pre-made drink mixes!

Rose Lemon Spritzer

Rose Lemon Spritzer by Half-Baked Harvest

How stunning and elegant are these healthy holiday mocktails? A beautiful addition to any holiday meal, or just because you want to treat yourself.

Red Wine Vinegar + Champagne Vinegar Shrubs

Red Wine Vinegar + Champagne Vinegar Shrubs by The Everyday Chef + Wife

These two recipes using tart vinegar and digestive bitters are incredible pre-dinner digestifs that will help you get those digestive juices flowing. (And if you’re looking for good bitters, we suggest this one.)

Refreshing Cucumber Lemonade

Refreshing Cucumber Lemonade by Maya Kitchenette

This is a vibrant and tangy drink that is packed with lemons and cucumber – two amazing sources of cold and flu-fighting Vitamin C. So it’s a refreshing drink and immune booster wrapped up into one!

Spiced Pumpkin Seed Maple Horchata

Spiced Pumpkin Seed Maple Horchata by The Bojon Gourmet

This creamy and fragrantly spiced horchata uses a mix of rice, almonds and pumpkin seeds to create an amazing vegan alternative to eggnog. It’s a light and refreshing way to celebrate the holidays!

Probiotic Strawberry Soda

Probiotic Strawberry Soda by Fermented Food Lab

This mocktail recipe bottles up strawberry puree with water kefir (or coconut water kefir) so it gets nice and bubbly. With its probiotics that help with immunity and digestion, this healthy drink is an exponentially better alternative to sugary sodas.

Warm Triple Citrus Cider

Warm Triple Citrus Cider by Fried Parsley

Got five minutes? Then you can warm up a cup of this zingy cider. With grapefruit, lemon, orange, turmeric and honey, this is one drink that will totally brighten your day.

Frozen Blueberry, Lemon + Mint Agua Fresca

Frozen Blueberry, Lemon + Mint Agua Fresca by Food by Mars

These utterly quick and easy healthy holiday mocktails are sure to be a hit at your next party. Make an enormous batch because everyone will want a cup.

Sober Festive Sangria

Sober Festive Sangria by Use Your Noodles

This beautiful sangria is so full of fruits and flavourful spices like cinnamon, clove, star anise, peppercorn and ginger that you won’t even notice there isn’t any alcohol in it.

Pomegranate Fennel Digestive Spritzer

Pomegranate Fennel Digestive Spritzer by In Sonnet’s Kitchen

A simple mix of pomegranate seeds, kombucha and fennel slices, which help with digestive issues like gas and bloating. It’s so easy that you can whip this one up in a jiff when unexpected guests drop by.

Pomegranate Sparklers

Pomegranate Sparklers by Simple Bites

These three-ingredient healthy holiday mocktails are extremely kid-friendly, making them a great option for the little ones when they’re ready to shout, “Cheers!”.

Blueberry Ginger Bellini

Blueberry Ginger Bellini by Self-Proclaimed Foodie

A sweet bellini with a kick of spicy bite from the ginger. No chemicals, no fake drink mixes. Just pure blueberry bliss.

Cucumber Mint Fruit Cooler

Cucumber Mint Fruit Cooler by Yes to Yolks

This delightful green mix of cucumber, green grapes, lime, mint and kimi is naturally sweet enough that you don’t need to use any added sugar. Love it!

Pomegranate, Mint + Rose Spritz

Pomegranate, Mint + Rose Spritz by The Healthy Hunter

This drink includes a recipe for a Middle Eastern-inspired homemade syrup with pomegranate molasses and sumac. We could probably drizzle that syrup on anything, but it’s amazing in these festive-looking healthy holiday mocktails.

Cranberry Spice Tea

Cranberry Spice Tea by Gourmande in the Kitchen

Who needs cranberry sauce when this tart and delicately spiced tea is on the scene? We adore that this recipe has stovetop or slow cooker options – and it can be served chilled. It’s a multi-faceted healthy holiday mocktail!

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Mocktails made

Creating alcohol-free drinks with party appeal is easy. Choose a delicious mocktail from the tutorials below and gain some delicious alcohol-free inspiration.

If you’re heading out rather than staying in, many pubs, restaurants and bars should offer a mocktail menu. And if they don’t, try ordering a ‘virgin’ version of your favourite cocktail from the bartender – one without alcohol.

If you would like to enjoy these mocktails while also keeping your calories in check you can also swap out sugary syrups for low calorie alternatives.

Lime Rickey

Legend has it that this kissing cousin to the mojito was invented by Colonel Rickey, a nineteenth century English officer posted in Washington. For a seasonal twist, try making with crushed ice. Either buy some ready made from your local off licence, or take a rolling pin to a bag of ice in the kitchen.

What you will need

Lime Juice 30ml
Sugar Syrup 1 30ml
Orange Bitters 15ml
Soda Water 120ml
Lime 1


• Take the limes and squeeze them into a glass
• Pour in the sugar syrup
• Add the orange bitters
• Top the glass with a shaker and shake the contents thoroughly
• Take a tall glass, add ice
• Pour the shaken contents through a strainer and into the glass
• Add the soda water
• Stir
• Garnish with lime peel
• Drink and enjoy!

The Real Shirley Temple

For a spot of film star glamour at your annual drinks do, try this Hollywood classic. Apparently, it was first served to the young starlet by a barman in Beverley Hills when she first hit the big-time. If you’re not a fan of ginger ale, try it with lemonade instead.

Grenadine 45ml
Ginger Ale 180ml
Lemon 1


  • Pour grenadine into tall glass
  • Add ice
  • Pour in ginger ale
  • Stir
  • Garnish with lemon peel

Virgin Mary

This non-alcoholic version of the classic Bloody Mary is a tomato juice drink that you can sip all day and night. For best results, use top quality tomato juice for a rich and authentic taste. It’s also a healthy choice for breakfast.

Tomato Juice 180ml
Lemon 1/2

Salt and Pepper

Tabasco Sauce Several drops
Basil Leaves 6
Celery Stick 1
Pickle 1
  • Squeeze half a lemon into a glass
  • Add salt and pepper
  • Add a couple of dashes of Tabasco Sauce
  • Add a splash of Worcestershire Sauce
  • Tear 4 basil leaves and add them to the glass
  • Add ice
  • Add Tomato Juice
  • Top the glass with a shaker and shake contents thoroughly
  • Get a tall glass, add ice and pour the contents of the shaker into the glass through a strainer
  • Garnish with celery stick, basil leaves, lemon and pickles

Sparkling Pom Collins

The Tom Collins is honoured by mixologists around the world as the granddaddy of all modern cocktails. The recipe was first written down in 1876, but this contemporary non-alcoholic version puts a new twist on an old favourite.

Pomegranate Juice 60ml
Soda Water 30ml
Pomegranate Seeds 1 serving
Lime 1
Tom Collins Glass 1
  • Squeeze lime into Tom Collins glass
  • Add ice
  • Pour in 60ml pomegranate juice
  • Add 30ml soda water
  • Garnish with fresh pomegranate seeds
  • Stir, enjoy!

Ginger Limeade

Ginger limeade is a deliciously sweet ‘n citrusy mocktail and its sophisticated bite makes it a great choice to keep your guests warm and cosy when the temperature is dropping outside. For best results, cut the ginger as fine as you can so that its natural warmth infuses the whole drink.

Lemonade 180ml
Fresh Ginger Root 1 thumb
Mixing Pestle 1


  • Thinly slice the ginger and place them in a glass
  • Crush the ginger in the bottom of the glass by muddling it with a pestle
  • Squeeze a lime on top of the crushed ginger
  • Top glass with shaker and shake the contents
  • Take glass, add ice
  • Pour shaker contents into glass through a strainer
  • Pour lemonade into glass
  • Garnish with a slice of lime and finely diced ginger
  • Serve

The Best Non-Alcoholic Bottled Drinks That Aren’t Just Cans of Sugar

We all know by now that soda really isn’t that healthy (it’s not even healthyish). With 39 grams of sugar in a 12-ounce can of cola, there’s no denying that we need to drink better. So we present our guide to the seven best non-soda, non-alcoholic drinks, based on your mood—because when you’re feeling fancy, you probably don’t want to open a can of plain seltzer, amiright?

1. When you feel like something sweet…

Bai Bubbles Sparkling BeveragesSuper fruity and a bit sweeter than the rest, Bai Bubbles may be the closest thing to soda on this list. We gotta say, the black cherry flavor makes a mighty fine addition to a gin and tonic. Bai, Bai, Bai… soda.

2. When you feel adventurous…

Suja Juice Drinking VinegarsIf you think drinking vinegars are just apple cider vinegar and lemon, unscrew a Suja ASAP. From strawberry-balsamic to peach-ginger to hibiscus-ancho chili, these mild vinegar-based drinks belong in your fridge.

3. When you feel like celebrating (but staying sober)…

Fever-Tree Sparkling DrinksYou don’t have to be pouring cocktails to enjoy Fever-Tree mixers. The light sparkling drinks taste damn good on their own—we’re especially into the ginger beer and bitter lemon flavors.

4. When you feel fancy AF…

Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower and Rose LemonadeSweet, tart, and stashed in the prettiest bottle, Belvoir lemonades are an ideal mid-afternoon sipper. Plus, unlike most floral-flavored drinks, this one (thankfully!) doesn’t taste anything like perfume.

5. When you’re feelin’ anything from a can…

La Croix Sparkling WaterA rainbow of colorful cans that house about as many flavors as there are types of fruit? You guessed it—we’re talking La Croix. About as divisive as a canned seltzer can get, we’re making a firm stance in the pro.

6. When you feel like something more fun than water…

Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral WaterPerrier doesn’t just make the sparkling water you pay extra for at restaurants. The brand’s sparkling fruit drinks come in a bunch of tart, crisp flavors, including green apple, lemon, lime, and pink grapefruit (our fave!) and TBH, they taste way better than plain ol’ seltzer.

7. When you feel like you need a health boost…

Kevita Organic Sparkling Probiotic DrinkKevita’s pleasingly sour probiotic is fermented with a kefir culture to fill you with good bacteria instead of sugar. And we’d much rather sip on this for probiotics than eat another carton of plain yogurt.

Healthy non alcoholic cocktails

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