Fit Future: 20 Best High Tech Fitness Gadgets

Ozmo Active Smart Cup Hydration Tracker

Staying hydrated is one of the most overlooked aspects of working out, but with Ozmo’s Active Smart Cup, you’ll fill up when you need to. This BPA-free leak-proof smart water bottle tracks hydration levels, comes with an interactive app, and has a vibration alert system. You can even sync it with Fitbit and Apple Health for more personalization.

Purchase: $60

Tangram Smart Rope

Jumping rope is one of the best killer cardio workouts you can do and the Tangram Smart Rope will help you step it up a notch. As you’re skipping rope, this piece of workout equipment will display stats in mid-air via LED lights. The Tangram Smart Rope is able to store 100 sets of fitness data to help you get lean.

Purchase: $60

UpRight Go Posture Trainer

Condition yourself to have a strong, healthy posture with the UpRight Go Posture Trainer. This trainer provides real-time posture feedback via a mobile app, allowing you to toughen up your core muscles. According to UpRight, this trainer is recommended by physiotherapists and chiropractors. Also, it comes with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

Purchase: $80

Skulpt Performance Training System

Measure your overall body fat percentage at any time with the Skulpt Performance Training System. Grab accurate data and analyze which of your muscle groups needs more attention so you can achieve peak performance. The system is capable of identifying the relative strength of 24 muscle groups in various areas of your body so you can personalize your workouts further.

Purchase: $85

iFit Sleep HR

Sleep definitely isn’t for the week, as getting the right amount will help you in dominating your workout the next day. The iFit Sleep HR will track the quality of your rest by monitoring your heart rate, respiratory rate, and nightly sleeping patterns. It also has a ‘FreshWake’ smart alarm system that will wake you up at the ideal part of your sleep cycle.

Purchase: $119

NutriBullet Balance Smart Blender

To help boost your energy and manage your weight, the NutriBullet Balance Smart Blender provides you with the exact nutritional value of any smoothie you create. This includes calories, fat, protein, and sugar of the smoothie. You can choose from hundreds of healthy recipes from top nutritionists and dietitians via the accompanying app.

Purchase: $121

iHealth Core Smart Scale

This medical-grade body composition scale is capable of tracking nine different facets of your body, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your weight. The iHealth Core Smart Scale determines your BMI, lean mass, daily calorie intake, and bone mass. Guide your health in the right direction and make adjustments to your lifestyle habits with this smart scale.

Purchase: $130

FitBit Charge 3

If you want to get a tried-and-true fitness tracker, you can’t go wrong with the Fitbit Charge 3. The fitness tracker comes equipped with a 24/7 heart-rate monitor, sleep tracking capabilities, and goal-based exercises. Stay connected while you exercise with smartphone notifications and personalize your workouts with goal-based exercises.

Purchase: $150

Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones

When it comes to audio for fitness, you can’t beat the Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones. The weather and sweat-resistant earbuds come with three different pairs of sports tips for the perfect fit and an app to personalize all the sound settings. They also have a five-hour battery life and a ‘Find My Buds’ feature in case you happen to lose them during an intense gym session.

Purchase: $199

HyperIce Vyper 2 Foam Roller

Proper recovery is key to evolving as an athlete and the HyperIce Vyper 2 Foam Roller will help your muscles feel brand new. The foam roller features three speeds of high-intensity vibration to relax and unwind your tired muscles so you can kill your workout the next day. It also has a dual-zone smooth exterior construction and lasts for over two hours on a single charge.

Purchase: $199

Sensoria Smart Sock V2.0

Sensoria’s smart socks are made from advanced fabric with proprietary textile sensors made specifically for running. The socks work with a mobile app that guides you with the help of real-time audio cues as you run. These socks collect real-time data, including steps, calories burned, altitude, speed, and distance.

Purchase: $199

Beast Sensor

This real-time sensor will tell you just how much you are pushing for each rep right on your smartphone screen. The sensor will keep track of all your lifts, in addition to measuring the speed, force, and power of all your movements thanks to cutting-edge accelerometer technology. This high-tech sensor will also calculate the optimal conditions for each workout you do based on your daily goal. Get instant metrics from each lifting session, allowing you to push yourself into true beast mode with the Beast Sensor.

Purchase: $289+

Nexus Crossfit Tracker

If you like to mix up your workouts to shock your muscles with CrossFit, the Nexus tracker will help you give maximum effort. The tracker is built with an accelerometer and a gyroscope to analyze movements, giving you precise metrics for your CrossFit data. The app tracks velocity, reps, displacement, time, and power.

Purchase: $299

PowerDot 2.0 Muscle Stimulator

The PowerDot 2.0 Muscle Stimulator will help you recover after a grueling workout session. The device comes with an intuitive app that boasts over ten muscle stimulation programs. The FDA-cleared stimulator will help in reducing your recovery time so you can get off the bench in no time. Not only will it help you recover, but it will also improve muscular performance.

Purchase: $299

Stealth Professional Plank System

Planking is a tremendous workout for your core, which is an important area to develop for any type of sport you enjoy. The problem is that planking can be intimidating, but with the Stealth Professional Plank System, you can turn it into a game. This planking platform with a ‘Biofoam’ support pad comes with two gaming apps: Stealth Core Challenge and Stealth Speed Gliding.

Purchase: $299

GoPro Hero 7 Camera

Proper technique is a critical part of working out, and strapping on a GoPro can help you analyze your performance visually. On the other hand, you can simply capture the intense nature of your workout for the digital world. The GoPro Hero 7 is the action camera to beat with 4K video capabilities, 60 fps, and gimbal-like stabilization so you don’t miss any important details. It also has 16 voice commands so you can prompt it throughout your sweat session.

Purchase: $378

Bowflex Selecttech 560 Dumbbells

For those looking to get a solid pump at home, the Bowflex Selecttech 560 Dumbbells are unrivaled. The Selecttech weights wipe out the need for an entire rack thanks to each bicep-builder being able to adjust from 5 to 60 lbs. In addition, you’ll be able to record weight, sets, and reps for your workouts via integrated Bluetooth technology and the supporting app compatible with iOS and Android. If you need more motivation, the app has a Three Dimensional Trainer for step-by-step coaching to help you max out and gain mass.

Purchase: $499

Athos Men’s Full Body Kit

With the Athos compression shirt and shorts, you’ll receive real-time biometric tracking for your muscle activity. The sensors in the garments will read bio-signals, delivering data straight to your mobile app, informing you which muscles are working and how much they’re being utilized. Receive data for major muscle groups, including your biceps, pecs, glutes, and hamstrings.

Purchase: $547

Mirror Interactive Home Gym

When you can’t find time to get to the gym or it simply becomes a hot box of sweaty New Year’s resolution rookies, the Mirror Interactive Home Gym is the next best thing. This home gym looks and functions like a regular mirror until you turn it on and the LCD screen lights up and connects you with professional trainers. The Mirror features an interactive display complete with a camera and speakers to create an authentic training experience right from your home. Choose from over 50 live workouts, including boxing, cardio, yoga, and strength training.

Purchase: $1,495

Technogym Mycycling

Technogym Mycling is a trainer with realistic road inertia to give you a genuine cycling feel indoors. The device continuously varies pedaling and cadence power to challenge your muscles and give you an authentic cycling experience. You’ll also be able to communicate with certified coaches via the Mycycling app to help you reach peak performance.

Purchase: $1,996

15 Best Workout Apps

Now that you’ve scoped out the best high-tech fitness devices out there, it’s time to dive into more digital fitness essentials. Check out our picks for the best workout apps you can download right now.

Technogym, fitness and home workout gym equipment

Technogym is known all over the world as “The Wellness Company” – a company that has helped develop the concept of “fitness” into a complete Wellness lifestyle. Living the “Wellness” lifestyle means getting regular physical activity, correct nutrition, and having a positive mental attitude.
Technogym’s mission is to help people live better and we achieve this by providing the best possible fitness equipment, services, content and programs. All of there solutions use technology to connect to one another so users can experience Wellness no matter where they are.We call this the Connected Wellness Experience because everyone can find their own content and training programs on any Technogym equipment and personal device.
Thanks to the modularity of the solutions that Technogym offers, Wellness professionals and their customers can enjoy the same Wellness Connected Experience anywhere: gyms, hotels, medical practices, schools. In order to achieve this, Technogym provides operators with all the tools they require, from financial services to interior design guidance, and from after sales assistance to marketing support.
Furthermore, both operators and private individuals can enjoy access to the world’s most complete range of fitness equipment, for cardio training, strength training, functional training and group activities.

Thanks to this extensive range of products and solutions, Technogym is able to help people achieve their sporting and wellbeing goals. Whether the goal is weight loss, strength training, or stretching, users can achieve all of this, and much more with Technogym products.

The quality of Technogym products is a direct result of the decades of experience gained as the official supplier to six Olympic and Paralympic Games. Anyone choosing Technogym products can rest assured that they are training on equipment of the very highest level, just like a professional athlete.

Technogym products are conceived and designed for all types of users: from beginners to professionals. With SKILLROW, for example, users can hone their cycling and rowing fitness and skills. If the goal is to lose weight, or simply to stay fit, Technogym treadmills, such as the MYRUN, provide the perfect solution. Meanwhile, the PURE STRENGTH line of products has been designed and conceived for those who want to train to improve their strength, and reach their maximum athletic potential.
For those who prefer to train whilst taking part in engaging, sociable activities, Technogym has developed a number of specific formats such as Group Cycle and SKILLROW Class. Finally, the quality, ease of use and safety that distinguish Technogym equipment makes the products ideal for the rehabilitation and medical fields too.
Technogym is a leading company in the following products: cable station gym, exercise bikes, fitness accessories, gym benches, gym stretching equipments, professional rowers, selectorised machines, stair climbers, treadmills, and much more…

Technogym’s goal is to make Wellness accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of age, this is why the TECHNOGYM logo is synonymous with WELLNESS worldwide.

7 High-tech treadmills and workout gear that you can own today

By Ashley Timms on 09.21.19 under Daily Digest,

  • What is a connected treadmill? This refers to a treadmill (or any workout gear) that is connected to the internet and involves streaming classes (or live classes!).
  • Is it cheaper to have a gym membership or buy a treadmill? It really depends how often you use the treadmill. The more you use it, the more cost-effective it is.
  • Where can I find more workout gear? We’re constantly adding more incredible sports accessories, workout equipment, and gear to get you fit to our category.

Gone are the days of treadmills that squeak and wiggle while we run. In our connected world, workout gear, especially treadmills, have graduated to something beyond what we could have imagined.

Now, treadmills, exercise bikes, and workout machines are more like entertainment centers with a running machine attached. These systems have full-blown TVs, internet connection, notifications, and more. Never again will we be bored. And it isn’t just about content. These machines connect us to workouts, some of which are even live classes.

Of course, for such luxury, you can expect to pay a pretty penny. Clearly, the combination of smarter training and connected devices is the future of exercise and working out. Here are some of the most high-tech treadmills and workout gear you can buy today.

NordicTrack X32i Smart HD Touchscreen Treadmill

There are treadmills and then there are treadmills. And then, even still, there’s the NordicTrack X32i. This impressive machine sports an exceptional 32-inch smart HD touchscreen display. It’s on this display that you’ll take part in interactive training via on-demand studio workouts. Showing your metrics across the top, it offers a range from a 40% incline to a 6% decline.

Peloton Indoor Exercise Bike

As one of the most well-known machines in the industry, everyone has seen the pump-up Peloton commercials. This exercise bike live-streams over 90 live classes per week (and counting). It turns your at-home cycling into a group class as you can send and receive virtual high fives. The stunning display shows your metrics as you ride along with a view of the motivated instructor. Even with all this tech, the bike is compact enough to fit in just about any room in your house.

Hydrow Rower Connected Rowing Machine

Looking for something off the beaten path? Hydrow lets you take your rowing to all-new levels. Rather than the boring machine at the gym, this one features a 22-inch HD display to let you virtually row down a river. It’ll even play realistic running water and the sounds of birds so you can appreciate the outdoors without stepping outside your home. From a full-body yoga workout to stretching, Hydrow has so much more to offer than simply rowing. It even folds up for effortless storage.

Peloton Tread Smart Indoor Exercise Machine

Second only to the exercise bike, the Peloton Tread has the reputation you’d expect. This high-tech running machine includes a 32-inch HD touchscreen display so you can follow along live workouts with instructors in New York City. Plus, the display gives you feedback about your pace and calories, letting you make the right adjustments at the right time. If you’re the competitive type, you can tap into the metrics of other classmates and outdo their time.

Tonal Intelligent Fitness System

Taking things off the floor and onto the wall, Tonal is an interactive and intelligent workout system. Using machine learning, it guides you through thorough exercises to leave you as sweaty as ever. Plus, it uses digital weights and remains flush against the wall, taking up the least amount of space out of every machine on this list. Simply set your fitness goals and let Tonal conduct a fitness assessment. From there, the smart system figures out just what your body needs to meet your goals.

Echelon Smart Connect Indoor Exercise Bike

Lightweight and modern, the Echelon Exercise Bike has an insanely quiet flywheel so you can workout at any time of day without disrupting the household. Plus, with 32 resistance levels, you can choose just how vigorous you want your workout to be. Working with a companion app, you can connect to keep track of your metrics and improvement over time. It also links with virtual classes and trainers for the ultimate professional training experience without breaking the bank.

Working Out with Free Weights on the Echelon Smart Connect Indoor Exercise Bike

ProForm Studio Bike Pro Exercise Bike

For those who want to take their cycling to the next level, the ProForm Studio Bike Pro is for you. Armed with a large display, you get direct access to the iFit Coach. It’s here that you can tune into training classes for the perfect amount of motivation to push through every mile. Impressively, the display has a pivoting option. So, when your workout moves off the bike, you can still follow along with ease.

Do you have any of these workout systems at home? Let us know in the comments!

So, you want to spin those hamstrings into a frenzy, but it’s winter/spring and raining cats and dogs outside? That’s cool: there is an answer and it comes in the form of the best exercise bikes – or you may prefer a turbo trainer if you’re more hardcore. There’s nothing like a long and arduous indoor cycling session for absolutely blitzing fat from winter overindulgence, building up Chris Hoy ham hock legs and constructing a superhuman heart.

So whether you’re looking to recreate a stage of the Tour de France or just spend 20 minutes in the fat-burn zone to help you lose weight faster and get fit sooner, there’s something in this collection of stationery speed machines for you.

  • Best elliptical or cross trainer
  • Best treadmill
  • Best dumbbells for home

What is the best exercise bike?

That’ll be the Technogym Bike Personal, which is one of the most stylish and approachable exercise bikes around, and certainly less menacing than the Tour de France-spec Wattbike Atom, much as we love that. This ace piece of designer gym equipment is just as capable in some ways, although not as realistic-feeling, with a very smooth pedal stroke and plenty of connectivity to keep boredom away during those long workout sessions.

The interactive touchscreen is crisp and clear, its compact proportions make it perfect for bouji modern flats and its heart rate-based training modes are among the best ways to work up a sweat in your own personal spin class.

How to buy the best exercise bike

The first thing to know about exercise bikes is that the cheaper ones are not all that much like riding a real bike. High end simulator options like the Wattbike and Proform are the exception not the rule. You may want to consider a smart (turbo) trainer if you require a more ‘realistic’ experience without spending several thousand pounds.

Most modern exercise bikes use a brake-based system that sees a heavy metal flywheel turned by the pedals and chain, rather than a rear wheel. Resistance is added in cheaper models by braking this flywheel as you would on a moving vehicle.

However, in recent years bikes have arrived that use powerful magnets to act as a brake. This does away with the need to apply physical force to the flywheel, preventing wear and tear. It also offers a more natural, realistic feel

Up till recently, it doesn’t yet come cheap, but don’t worry if you don’t have a budget the size of a Tour de France team’s drugs bill. There are bikes out there that start from as little as £199 and do the job; just don’t expect them to deliver an ultra-realistic riding experience.

Other than price, the main decision you will need to make is riding position, be it recumbent (basically laying down) or varying levels of upright.

The former is great for anyone with back problems, who perhaps doesn’t want to be hunched over like Bradley Wiggins attacking a time trial, while the latter does its best to replicate a real outdoor cycling experience.

Depending on where the handles sit in relation to the saddle, this could mean a racing type posture or a more fully upright, Boris Bike kind of affair.

These things do command a decent amount of space at home. But even if you haven’t a clue what cadence means, nor care for Lycra-clad jaunts at the weekend, one of these pedal-powered beauties could be the difference between you smashing your 2019 fitness goals or slowing sliding into couch potato land.

With the best exercise bikes from under £200 to over £2,000 you’re sure to find the right one for you here…

The best exercise bikes, in order

8. Technogym Bike Forma

Best exercise bike for those wanting a classic, gym-style ride

Reasons to buy

+Robust and hardy+Great built-in monitoring

Reasons to avoid

-A hefty unit

If you prefer the exercise bikes in your local gym to the more modern, stripped down spin bike, then you’re going to love the Forma. It’s as close to a gym bike as one can get for the home. That means a smooth, adjustable seat that’s easy to move with one hand, automatic data tracking via the on-board computer and ergonomically designed handlebars that replicate standard, city and racing bikes.

Technogym’s operating system is extremely intuitive and simple to use. Fire up a bespoke app, scan the QR code on a machine and data from previous workouts, favourite settings and training programmes are transferred between devices.

As usual with Technogym, the fit and finish are excellent and while the price looks high, its proven reliability means it will eventually pay for itself (as long as you keep using it for workouts, rather than to dry underpants on).

2. Wattbike Atom

The best exercise bike, pound for pound

+Feels so realistic+Great virtual training buddy+Compatible with numerous sensors+Relatively affordable -For some, it will just be too hardcore

  • Buy Atom direct from Wattbike

This is an even more serious bit of kit than the TechnoGym entry above; it’s sort of the Terminator of the spin bike world. Wattbike has long been the master of creating professional grade indoor cycling equipment that offers more feedback than a heavy metal concert in a wardrobe, but now it has turned its attention to the private home market.

The Atom condenses all of the sensors and technical nous of the standard, gym-dwelling Wattbike into one very stylish package, designed to take on the increasingly popular new breed of smart turbo trainers.

• Read our Wattbike Atom review

The Atom’s lightweight steel construction makes it easy to move around, while the compact frame ensures it doesn’t take up too much space at home.

It still feels more like a real, high-performance road bike than most of its rivals. It’s got a thin, lightweight racing saddle, authentic drop bars with rubber gear cowling and ‘out-front’ time trial bar extensions.

The realism doesn’t stop there, because when plugged in and synched up to a smart device, it shows off its fancy, innovative Climb Mode, which automatically adjusts resistance when connected to virtual training software. So when you hit a hill during a Zwift session, the resistance ramps up to match.

Wattbike’s own, detailed app measures 37 different riding metrics, which can be displayed on a smartphone or tablet (there’s a neat holder for that) while training.

Perhaps most importantly, the price tag is way less than the original Wattbike – which you can read about further down this list. The cost is comparable to top-end turbo trainers which, obviously, require the addition of an actual bike.

3. Bodymax B2 Indoor Studio Cycle

Best exercise bike under £300

+Great for spinning, with a smoooooth flywheel+Good value for money -No heart rate monitor-Skinny frame

Just like the spin bikes you have likely encountered in a fitness studio, the Bodymax B2 harnesses the power of a heavy 13kg flyweight and a brake shoe to crank up the resistance.

This mechanism makes it brilliant for tackling punishing High Intensity Interval Training regimes or hosting your very own spin class at home, as the resistance is piled on quickly and easily, while the torque output (and therefore effort) of the individual goes way beyond a standard chain-driven bike.

It’s arguably not the most realistic form of indoor cycling around but the overall package represents excellent value of money, with a neat LCD monitor included that gives speed, RPM, distance, time, calorie and pulse readouts when a compatible heart rate monitor is worn.

(Image credit: Schwinn)

4. Schwinn Airdyne AD8

Best for insane, full-body/ cardio workouts

+Provides an all-over workout+Heavy duty+Unlimited resistance -It’s not really cycling, is it?

Okay, so this isn’t your typical exercise bike but what it lacks in conventional styling, it more than makes up for with a punishing workout that targets multiple muscle groups. The professional quality Schwinn unit uses belt drive fan resistance, which essentially means the harder you work, the more it cranks up the resistance level to fight back and make the workout even harder.

Plenty of professional athletes can be seen using a similar contraption to warm up before hitting the sports field, simply because it works a great selection of muscle groups. We’re not saying this will make you a professional athlete, but it will assist you in nailing those daily HIIT targets.

(Image credit: Technogym)

5. Technogym Bike Personal

Sleek, stylish and packed with tech

+Gorgeous design+Compact proportions+Totally capable -Not as ‘bike-like’ as others

• Buy direct from Technogym for £8,250

This may not look as scary as Wattbike’s ultra serious Atom, but this Antonio Citterio-designed piece of functional art may give your finances a bit of a shock. It should look great in any living space, while packing the sort of fitness punch that has stood Technogym head and shoulders above competitors for years now.

Not only is it one of the most compact static bikes around (Just over 1m in length and 0.5m wide), its also features advanced biomechanics and reduced distance between the pedals, meaning it feels just like being on two wheels.

A sleek touchscreen display takes care of the myriad workout options and the built-in Unity software system ensures internet, social media, TV and Netflix are all a few swipes away. There’s also the option to workout online.

But one of our favourite features is the CPR training mode, which adjusts intensity based on your pulse (read through handles or chest strap) so you don’t have to worry about settings. Simply spin into a frenzy and get shredded in no time at all.

6. Wattbike Trainer

An even more pro-grade bike from Wattbike

+Professional-grade training tool+Compatible with all accessories -Overkill for the casual rider

The Wattbike Trainer is the Atom’s big bro’, and many professionals’ choice. That’s because it’s a precise training tool that’s arguably the closest you can get to real road riding without leaving the comfort of your living room.

Firstly, the machine is set up to resemble a real, lightweight race bike. So it comes with a razor thin saddle, strap-in pedals (that can be easily swapped for road cleats), drop handlebars and ‘out-front’ time-trial style grips.

All of the above can be adjusted and fettled to suit the individual rider and once comfortable, the clever combination of dual air and magnetic braking means every revolution of the crank feels mighty realistic.

Wattbike plays nice with any apps and wearable technology that is ANT+, Bluetooth, FE-C and Wi-Fi compatible, meaning it’s easy to sync your heart rate monitor, it works with those smart pedals and allows you to sift through the reams of data at the end of each workout.

Even without add-ons, the Wattbike produces plenty of stats. Its power readouts, which work between 0-3760W, are some of the most accurate on the market.

Patented Polar View technology also regales the rider with information on each individual pedal stroke, so ultra-keen cyclists can improve pedalling efficiency and power output.

Two-wheeled geekery aside, this thing makes a top notch exercise bike for even the casual user, with simple resistance adjustment at the front of the machine, plenty of adjustability to suit all body shapes and an easy-to-use interface that can be as detailed or as simple as the user requires.

All of this doesn’t come cheap though, and many will be thinking that they could go out and buy a rather seductive carbon-framed racer for similar money. But try riding that around your living room in the middle of winter…

Please note that Wattbike makes two variants of its bike: the Trainer and trainer Pro. The only difference between them is that the Pro has higher resistance and is, as its name suggests, aimed at more elite athletes.

7. Proform Tour De France TdF Pro 5.0 Studio

Slightly more affordable Wattbike rival

+True cycling simulator+Makes indoor training engaging -Still by no means cheap

Offering one of the most realistic riding experiences around, this cycling simulator from Proform is impressively detailed. Not only is it laid out like a traditional racing bike – slimline saddle, drop handlebars and dual water bottle cages – it can also replicate the rush of a steep incline or decline with an automatic grade simulator of up to 20 per cent in either direction.

The patented Silent Magnetic Resistance drive system is one of the quietest around, especially when compared to noisy air trainers, while the pedal motion is smooth and realistic.

The 10-inch touchscreen console delivers detailed statistics, as well as hosting numerous fitness apps, while HD training videos can be called up for those who want to feel like they are battling the Alpe d’Huez while the kids watch CBeebies in the other room.

(Image credit: TechFit)

8. TechFit R400

Best recumbent exercise bike

+Comfortable cruiser+Good value+Great for injure recovery -Takes up a lot of space-Lacks realism

Designed with the more relaxed rider in mind, this recumbent machine features an adjustable, lumbar-supporting seat, easy-to-reach bottle holders and a comfortable cycling position that takes the strain away from the lower back.

Don’t think it won’t encourage a sweaty session though, because the 7kg steel flywheel and magnetic resistance levels can be cranked up to punishing levels.There’s a small monitor that gives read-outs on cadence and resistance levels, while pulse sensors can be found in the grab handles.

It’s a bit of a bulky old thing, but much easier on the back than some of the more realistic riding experiences on this list.

(Image credit: NordicTrack)

9. NordicTrack GX 8.0 Indoor Studio Bike

A spin-tastic alternative to a WattBike

+Monster flywheel+Spin class ready+Dual pedals -Basic monitor-Not ANT+ compatible

Just like the bikes you’ll find in the spin studio at your local gym, this monster uses a 22kg flywheel with a brake, meaning users can adjust the resistance from free-spinning loveliness to “agggghhhh my hamstrings” madness at the twist of a dial.

The welded steel frame and general construction feel great on this unit, which is only really let down by its lack of connectivity. Although there is an optional chest strap heart rate monitor, which seems like a must-buy for anyone serious about their cardio sessions.

(Image credit: Wolverson Fitness)

10. Assault AirBike Classic

A serious HIIT machine

+Perfect for HIIT+CrossFit favourite+Burns fat fast -Not a real cycling experience-Very sweaty

Those looking to blast as much fat in a very short space of time need not look anywhere else – the Assault AirBike is the undisputed king of HIIT and an absolute monster for heavyweight cardio sessions.

Because it uses a giant fan to create air resistance, it feels smooth and natural to use, but because it also incorporates the arms (like an elliptical machine) it has the heart rate spiking no end.

It doesn’t feel much like a natural cycling experience, so won’t be one for the Lycra brigade during the winter training months, but is exceptionally good for anyone with training goals: keep it mellow and aim for endurance improvements or hit the most punishing interval training you can imagine.

Buy direct from Wolverson Fitness

Between holiday feasting and inclement weather, it can be easy to pack on a few extra pounds during the holiday season. But why wait for the new year—or the spring thaw—to get back in shape?

Home gym technology—particularly stationary bikes and treadmills—has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years with products that are both smart and space saving.

Below, we outline some of your best options for biking or running without leaving your home.


The innovator in in-home exercise has spent the past few years adding intelligence to its equipment. The end result? The X22i treadmill and the S22i Studio Cycle.

The X22i is an internet-enabled, incline treadmill that comes with a 22-inch interactive HD touchscreen—and an entire suite of training options. Because this walker is Wi-Fi-equipped, users are able to enroll in an endless array of live-training classes, ranging from running, incline training, crossfit, sculpting, yoga, lifting and more. But the X22i effortlessly adapts to your schedule as well, with an ever-expanding archive of on-demand classes as well as pre-taped programs featuring workouts on some of the world’s most beautiful running trails.

The X22i’s cycling sibling, the S22i, is a nearly identical twin—albeit less perambulatory. The Studio Cycle also features the 22-inch interactive touchscreen, the robust menu of live classes, the pre-taped global terrain routines and the ever-growing cache of on-demand programs. The S22i Studio Cycle also encourages versatility in training. Users are encouraged to hop off the bike and continue training through varied workouts—which the S22i helps facilitate thanks to a swivel capability on its screen and a set of dumbbells that come included with the cycle.

The X22i and S22i’s strongest features are also shared across the devices. As they are connected contraptions, trainers, in both live and archived trainings, can automatically alter the settings on the treadmill and cycle to increase difficulty or simulate terrain. Users of both treadmill and cycle can take advantage of Google Maps integration that allows them to bike or cycle a simulated version of any route, anywhere in the world. And both devices offer their users a solid set of analytics to track their progress and set goals against.

The NordicTrack Commercial X22i is available for $3,249 and the Commercial S22i Studio Cycle is available for $1,999.


Peloton, the pioneer in the smart stationary bike space, has not rested on its laurels—or, rather, pedals. In addition the original intelligent cycle, The Peloton Bike, Peloton has released the Peloton Tread, a connected treadmill with near-equivalent offerings to its bike.

The Peloton Bike sought to bring the studio cycling experience into consumers’ homes. Peloton Bike owners have access to 90-plus weekly live classes with instructors who not only offer motivation, encouragement and live shout-outs to participants, who can give virtual high-fives to fellow riders by tapping on Peloton’s user-oriented 21.5-inch touchscreen.

To further embrace the energy of the live studio experience, instructors will automatically adjust music volume as the workout progresses—and Peloton owners can easily save the songs they found inspiring for future workouts. For the users who can’t find a live class to fit their mood—never fear. Peloton has an ever-growing archive of on-demand classes that run the gamut in training types and runtimes, from five minutes to 90 minutes.

The latest innovation from Peloton is the Peloton Tread—a stylish and smart treadmill that looks to capture some of that Bike magic and bring a full-body workout into owners’ homes. Like the Bike, the Tread features a robust schedule of live, diverse, daily classes and hundreds of on-demand routines lead by expert trainers to keep you motivated and moving. Unlike the Bike, the Tread goes beyond one type of exercise, encouraging its users to hop off the automated walkway for strengthening, bootcamp and stretching workouts, as well as workouts that pair these elements with running. And to give users a truly immersive experience, the Tread features a massive 32-inch touch screen that envelops runners in the exercise space.

Both Bike and Tread track performance analytics through an easy-to-use interface to help owners set and achieve goals.

The Peloton Bike is available for $2,245 and the Peloton Tread is available for $4,295. Peloton membership, which gives access to live and on-demand classes, is available for $39/month.

TechnoGym MyRun

The MyRun by TechnoGym

For the avid runner who wants a smart—and sleek—training experience at home, without the need for a live component, there’s the MyRun from TechnoGym. The delightfully futuristic-looking MyRun treadmill offers a surprisingly robust set of analytics that not only track the standards like heart rate, pace and calories, but its patent-pending Running Rate technology also monitors cadence, step length and displacement, so users can achieve a more efficient running form.

How it works: MyRun owners download the accompanying MyRun tablet app, which is then placed in the MyRun’s tablet holder, allowing runners to track their progress as they exercise. The MyRun app can also tap into owners’ music libraries, automatically building a playlist to best suit a particular workout—of which, MyRun has many to offer. The app is full of different training regimens, each tailored to achieve specific goals and each built to work in conjunction with the MyRun treadmill.

The MyRun by TechnoGym is available for $4,470.

Stage Solo Bike

The Solo bike by Stages

For the cycling enthusiast—and we mean, road bike not studio cycling—you’re not going to find a better indoor equivalent than the Solo Bike by Stages. Built by innovators Stages Cycling, partner of world champion cycling teams and professional cyclists, the Stages Solo marries an expertly crafted stationary bike with gamified training routines to provide an authentic group road bike experience. Outfitted with touchscreen and easy to user interface, the Solo provides riders with engaging ride programs that help them achieve goals in real time through onscreen rewards and flourishes. Meanwhile, a top notch software program keeps track of all the performance metrics that mean the most to serious riders.

The Stages Solo Bike is available for $3,999.

In 1978, a new piece of fitness equipment started appearing in gyms around the country. It was called the Airdyne Stationary Bike. The concept was remarkably simple. Instead of a heavy flywheel or complicated gears and belts, the Airdyne bike has a large fan, enclosed in a metal cage. When you start to pedal, the fan spins. The faster you pedal, the faster the fan turns and the more resistance you experience.

The Airdyne also has moving handlebars. When you pedal, you use your arms to assist in the movement, giving you both an upper and lower body workout. The mechanics are so simple, the bikes last for years. There’s just one problem with the Airdyne, and that’s the way people used them.

In the late 70s and 80s cardio sessions were an hour or more, nearly every day, moving at a constant speed. You weren’t encouraged to push too hard, so people riding an Airdyne didn’t really get much of a benefit. What was worse, the fan made a lot of noise, so it was hard to watch TV while you were on that long boring ride.

Their entertainment factor was limited, so Airdyne bikes were moved to the back of gyms and forgotten in basements everywhere.

In 2007, when I opened my private training center, I looked for exercise bikes that would provide the most entertainment for my clients while still giving a good workout. Even then, the prevailing wisdom was that you should do cardio for an hour or more at a time, at a moderate pace.

I found these amazing, interactive bikes from Expresso Fitness. They had dozens of courses that you actually steered through. They talked to each other so that riders on bikes near each other, could compete in the digital world. They were fun and they kept people moving, but the fitness results were mediocre.

Then there were the breakdowns. Computers don’t like to be mounted on a piece of exercise equipment that’s moving, being sweat on and having an occasional water bottle spilled over it. Some part of those fancy bikes broke about every 4 months. I replaced half a dozen failed computers, unresponsive screens and shorted out keyboards.

By the time the company went into bankruptcy in 2009, I celebrated shipping them to a scrap yard. The timing couldn’t have been better.

We had begun experimenting with a type of cardio training called intervals. They are short bursts of high intensity cardio, followed by a recovery time, and then another short burst. Early research was showing they were much more effective than traditional cardio, and you could do the workout in less than half the time.

Intervals work great on treadmills, elipticals and rowing machines. But it’s difficult to do them on fancy, interactive bikes. That’s when we re-discovered the Airdyne.

Riding an Airdyne stationary bike, as fast as you are able, can burn 50 to 75 calories EVERY MINUTE. Doing six or seven one-minute intervals, can burn more calories than 30 minutes of traditional cardio. Instead of worrying about constantly adjusting the resistance, Airdyne does it automatically. The harder you push, the more Airdyne pushes back. It’s the perfect bike for intervals.

The Airdyne is also good if you’re injured. You can use just the handles if you have a lower body problem, or just the pedals with an upper body issue. Put them together for maximum fat burning.

I started looking around for television sets I could attach to the Airdyne, but realized it wasn’t necessary. Doing just four or five one-minute intervals on an Airdyne will take every bit of concentration you can muster. By the time you’ve finished channel surfing and programming a fancy interactive bike, your workout is finished on the Airdyne.

You can guess what I did. With those $8,000 exercise bikes gone, I got Airdyne. It was a valuable and expensive lesson. Never let the CONCEPT or TECHNOLOGY, become more important than the results.

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If what they say about a man only being as good as the tools he uses is correct, then the fitness tech industry is making sure that every guy in the gym is at the top of his game. This year at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Last Vegas—CES—fitness brands and equipment manufacturers pulled out all the stops when it came to updating and reimagining the contraptions you use every day during your workouts. But while there was a ton of new gear to see, there were a few products that especially stood out. Here are some of the coolest, most innovative additions to gym equipment from this year’s show, coming soon to a gym near you.

Peloton Tread

We’ve all seen the Peloton cycling bike—the stationary bike that live streams 14 daily Peloton classes and provides more than 5,000 workout options on a super-sleek HD touchscreen. But now Peloton is branching out to those who’d rather be on their feet than sit on the bike seat. The boutique fitness brand just launched the Peloton Tread—a treadmill that also streams live daily classes (up to 10 each day). It even boasts another 7,000 classes that are available on demand, beamed straight at you through a bigger, better 32-inch HD touchscreen and a surround sound speaker. Real instructors lead the workouts—which include running workouts, cross training-style classes, and guided hiking. The Tread is selling for $3,995 (which can be broken down into $149-per-month installment plans), and starts shipping in fall 2018.

Black Box VR

With VR and AR headsets popping up all over the place, it’s not surprising to see companies bringing them into the gym. Or in the case of Black Box, creating a gym for VR experiences. So what is it? Black Box is a boutique fitness experience hosted at Black Box gyms (which are soon coming to the United States). Each VR session has you doing a 30-minute full-body workout completed with a set of electronic resistance cables. It’s a sensory experience as well as a workout, which is what people are going to love, according to Black Box VR. “The biggest competitor to fitness companies is the couch,” Chuck Westerberg, vice president of business development at Black Box VR, told Men’s Health. “Bringing virtual reality is a way to get people into fitness by using the addictive nature of video games and applying that to working out.”


Much like Black Box VR, ICAROS is in the business of making working out an experience through virtual reality. But instead of making a workout more like a game, Icaros takes a game and makes it a workout. The company designed a gyroscope, which can be installed in any gym or home gym. It requires you to plank and stabilize the major muscles groups and work on your reflexes while you pretend to do things like fly or drive through virtual landscapes by controlling the gyroscope with your moves. The company calls it “active VR.” We’ll take this over Wii Tennis any day.

Additional reporting by Jordyn Taylor

The newest high-end workout equipment, including Mirror, brings exclusive trainers right to your home – digitally. Image: Mirror

New year, new you! Right? At least, that’s usually the goal. But how many of us set resolutions, then head to the gym to use their high-end workout equipment and find it’s packed? In fact, it’s packed with all the other people who set health resolutions just like ours. Come March, sick of dealing with the crowds (or, let’s be honest, the hassle of leaving the house), few remain.

A home gym seems like an ideal solution. And, with a little dedication and self-discipline, it is. You see the space in your home every day and get a gentle nudge to stick to your resolutions. You don’t have to deal with traffic getting to the gym – or traffic in it. Plus, you can focus on your health goals without feeling watched or judged. Easy, right? That is, until you find yourself staring at the weight set you bought, realizing you don’t quite know how to use it.

Silicon Valley is working to bridge the gap. With three innovative (and, admittedly, expensive) offerings driven by the latest tech, you can transform your home gym. Imagine having the best trainer available right at home, whenever you’re ready to work out. Now stop imagining and check out the latest high-end workout equipment.

Peloton’s Bike connects you to live classes from top cycling trainers. Image: Peloton


Peloton should get credit for kicking off this tech-meets-gym revolution. They’ve taken the stationary bike, long a staple in home gyms, and given it a major upgrade. They promise “a private indoor cycling studio in your home” thanks to their integrated display. You can use that display, which is sort of like a giant iPad, to stream one of their 14 daily live classes or 5,000+ on-demand classes.

Plus, Peloton can help you keep your home gym compact. This piece of high-end workout equipment’s carbon steel frame is just 4′ by 2′. They boast that the bike’s belt drive is nearly silent, which is helpful when you’re listening to your digital instructor. And all this for just $2,245. If you can afford the Peloton, its reviews assure you you’re making a worthy investment.

And, more recently, Peloton launched the Tread for those who prefer running to cycling.

Tonal promises all of the effectiveness of a full weight set, plus guidance and a sleek profile. Image: Robb Report


What if you’re looking for strength training more than cardio? Tonal, allegedly the world’s most intelligent fitness system, builds on the idea of streaming a trainer in the comfort of your own home. This wall-mounted home gym has adjustable arms that can offer up to 200 pounds of resistance, but still pack flat against the system itself. The sleek design makes this another ideal addition to small-scale home gyms.

Like Peloton, Tonal will connect you with a digital trainer. You set your goals, and the system adjusts your workouts to match. You can choose from one-off, step-by-step workouts, expert-curated programs or live classes that you stream right to your home gym. It tracks your workouts, helping you get healthier and customizing your workouts to you.

But if you thought Peloton was pricey, get ready. Tonal rings in at $2,995.

You can wall mount Mirror or lean it in its stand. Either way, it integrates seamlessly into your existing home design. Image: Mirror


If you like the sleek design of Tonal but want a sleeker price point, Mirror is worth checking out. It’s similar in its streamlined design but – with no equipment other than the display itself – it’s even less obtrusive. In fact, you could put this piece of high-end workout equipment virtually anywhere in your home and no one would ever know it’s your own home gym. The mirror can be wall-mounted or propped up in a modern stand (shown above) and, when off, functions the same as any other full-length mirror.

When powered on, Mirror can lead you through a wide range of classes from their studio in NYC. Whether you want to do a straightforward cardio or strength workout or want to mix it up with something like boxing, barre or yoga, Mirror can deliver. It also tracks you through a personal fitness profile, giving you real-time tips, measuring your goals and even comparing your workouts against your friends’.

The Mirror comes with a price tag of $1,495.

What do you think of the latest high-end workout equipment? Is it worth the price tag? Do you think you would use it if you had it in your home? Let us know in the comments!

Paul Wright, a smiling, impeccably jacked personal trainer, stared at me from the large screen mounted to the wall. He was waiting for me to start my next set of biceps curls.

The screen was part of a new weight-lifting machine from Tonal, a San Francisco start-up. The system combines software and an interactive LED screen with electromagnetic weights and cables to create an experience that does not rely on plates, barbells and gravity. Tonal had sensed that my last set of curls was too easy, and helpfully — perhaps sadistically — added more weight for the next set.

I grumbled about the weight, but realized Mr. Wright couldn’t hear me any more than Tamilee Webb could hear me griping through a “Buns of Steel” VHS tape in the 1990s. The video of him was a recording, too. But as I grimaced and sweated through the reps, I noticed they were precisely the right level of difficulty. The machine knew my strength better than I did. As I tested the machine in a Tonal office, the company’s chief executive, head of marketing, public relations representative and another trainer eagerly looked on.

The Tonal machine is very cool, I told them — and, at $2,995, very expensive.

Home fitness machinery, in all its bulk, was once relegated to the garage or the basement. Now, with a little help from Silicon Valley engineers, it is moving onto the wall. In recent weeks two tech start-ups, backed by millions of dollars of venture funding, have introduced sleek wall-mounted fitness systems that stream workouts into their customers’ living rooms, bedrooms, dens, foyers or home offices.

High tech exercise equipment

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