I am really into granny panties right now. (I am also literally in granny panties right now.) I fell in love with them almost immediately after trying out a few sample pairs that were sent to my office (not as creepy as it might sound) and never looked back. While I’m down to wear a hipster panty or a mid-rise thong, there’s something about wearing high-waisted underwear that makes me feel comfy and safe, like my lingerie is giving my body a bear hug.

To me, slipping on a pair is kind of like wearing your most comfortable mom jeans—the ones that accentuate your curves and your butt—on the inside. Not only do I not have to worry about possible plumber’s crack while wearing high-waisted undies, but they also help to make me feel more secure under my clothes. They’re truly excellent at smoothing out unevenness under a dress or skirt, which means I can ditch the shapewear and still have the silhouette I want. No matter how my body’s feeling at the moment (bloated, normal, or achingly sore from a workout) I always know that this underwear’s got my back (and front).

If you’re looking to try out one of these vintage-inspired gems yourself but you’re nervous that you might venture into true granny territory, I’ve rounded up some millennial-friendly options that won’t make you feel like you swapped underwear with your grandmother.

High waist lace panties

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