Salma Hayek proved she hasn’t aged a bit by posting several bikini pics to her Instagram! Get your nostalgia on by checking out your favorite stars from the ’90s stunning in bikinis today!

Get out your Capri Sun, and feed your Tamagotchi, because it’s time to celebrate some of our favorite stars of the ’90s who still slay today. Salma Hayek not only stunned in Desperado and Wild Wild West, she’s still wowing us all and her latest Instagram posts are proof! The actress took to her social media to share a slew of scintillating bikini pics. But she’s not the only ’90s megastar who brings the heat with their bikini looks. Check out all of the celebs who were big in the ’90s who are still sharing sexy bikini pics on their Instagram accounts in our gallery above.

Joining Salma on this list is none other than Elizabeth Hurley. The Austin Powers star is always posting the steamiest bikini pics to her Instagram account and proving that she is still as stunning at 53 as she was when she was 23! And of course, there’s BritBrit. Britney Spears is still sharing the sexiest bikini pics with her followers. For instance, Britney wore a yellow bikini while out at the beach with her two sons, Jayden and Sean.

But the list doesn’t stop there! Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone and more have proved their ageless beauty by showing off their sexy bikini bodies in recent years. Seriously, we can’t decide which beachside look is our favorite!

Salma Hayek shared a sizzling pic of herself in a sexy blue bikini.

We’ll keep you posted as your favorite 90s stars share bikini pics on their social media accounts. In the meantime, check out all of the sexy bikini bodies in our gallery above!

According to Forbes, Instagram has more than 500 million active users and is the second largest social media platform after Facebook. Many celebrities, models, and actresses use the site to post sexy and semi-nude photos of themselves.

Here’s a collection of some of the hottest female celebrity photos on Instagram.

1. Nude Reflections

British model Demi Rose is known for posting sultry and sexy photos of herself in lingerie or bikinis. This time, she took it all off and struck a pose showing off her voluptuous curves in just a pair of black high-heel boots. The mirrors behind her gave her fans the perfect view of her curvy backside.

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My sleepy bear & I ???????? Outfit from @fashionnova #novababe #fashionnova

A post shared by Demi Rose (@demirosemawby) on Sep 26, 2018 at 12:22pm PDT

2. Sexy Lingerie

Kylie Jenner typically posts photos of herself in lingerie and bikinis for her 115.8 million followers. This one shows the television personality wearing a black, lace fishnet bra and black string thong with designs around the waistband. She hugs a pillow as she gazes at the camera.

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A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Jun 1, 2017 at 1:06pm PDT

3. Beach Day

Model Emily Ratajkowski has a stunning figure and isn’t shy about showing off her bikini photos to her 19.7 million followers. This red suit complements her sculpted body and teases fans by revealing the sides of her perky breasts.

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LA I ❤️ you

A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on Aug 22, 2018 at 1:24pm PDT

4. “Goodbye Interview”

Model and Paper Towns actress Cara Delevingne earned more than 2 million likes on her sexy black-and-white photo shoot inside an old parlor room. Wearing an open, long black coat spread open to reveal a lack of undergarments, the stunning model leans back in a chair with both elbows propped up on the arms and one hand holding a cigarette. She paired the coat with black mid-thigh stockings, black boots, and smokey eye makeup.

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Goodbye Interview ???? by Peter Lindbergh thank you @fabienbaron

A post shared by Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne) on May 23, 2018 at 8:06pm PDT

5. “Morning Stretch”

Model Gigi Hadid doesn’t disappoint her 43.5 million followers as she posts sexy and sultry photos from photo shoots all over the world. This photo features her in a white crop top pulled up over the bottom of her breasts, ripped unbutton jeans and large hoop earrings.

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morning stretch ????☕️ happy Tuesday @dailyfrontrow @mertalas @erinparsonsmakeup @brycescarlett

A post shared by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on Mar 28, 2017 at 6:47am PDT

6. The Garden

Model and television personality Kendall Jenner poses completely in the nude as she lays stomach-down on a stone picnic table in a garden. Her curves, flawless skin, and dark makeup give the photo an air of mystery.

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A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on Sep 11, 2018 at 10:26am PDT

7. Splash in the Pool

Model and actress Olivia Culpo looks gorgeous and happy as she shows off her curves and cleavage in a pool series. She lets one of her bikini straps teasingly slip down her shoulder, appearing to have just burst out of the pool with water still flowing off her body.

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3 million!!! What!? Thank you all I love you and getting to share life with you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @yutsai88 @justinemarjan

A post shared by Olivia Culpo (@oliviaculpo) on Jul 26, 2018 at 1:13pm PDT

8. “Run the Roads”

English singer Rita Ora is another who loves to pose in bikinis. Her black bikini top exposes a bit of her breasts, drawing the eye down her toned and sculpted abdomen.

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Run the Roads. #restinbitchface

A post shared by RITA ORA (@ritaora) on Aug 3, 2018 at 4:55am PDT

9. Perfectly Zen

Fifty-two-year-old actress Halle Berry poses topless in a headstand in the middle of a forest of bamboo trees. Known for her fitness and health posts, Berry also posts many sexy semi-nude photos on her Instagram.

10. “Poison Ivy”

Singer Rihanna poses here for the “So Stoned” collection in a long, light-pink fur coat and jeweled knee-length high heels. She teases her 64.7 million followers with the coat open across her chest and legs and pairs the sexy outfit with a stack of glittering silver necklaces. The look is called “Poison Ivy.”

I’m a hot girl. I know this because 1) the first step in becoming a hot girl is deciding you are one; and 2) I get told I’m hot all the time, especially on Instagram. That’s no mistake either — I present myself in my hottest form on the app. When I post, I think of it as both a public service and something akin to Jeb Bush saying “please clap.” And depending on the guy, sometimes they clap, and sometimes they send me unsolicited dick pics.

While it can be admittedly dicey, there are certain ways to acknowledge a hot pic — and navigate Instagram more broadly — that are neither creepy nor suspect and might actually result in an IRL date/hookup. But this means — especially because Instagram is the point of origin for a ton of romantic interactions nowadays — no inappropriate DMing (e.g., the aforementioned unsolicited dick pics), no negging in the comments and no ignoring the one you’re with because you’re secretly married to someone else (oops!). Allow me to be your guide…

Commenting is as good as the comments themselves.

My whole account is essentially a thirst trap, a term I use broadly and colloquially here. Urban Dictionary offers a number of definitions of “thirst,” most of which highlight that there’s a sense of desperation involved. Essentially, if one is thirsty, they’re desperate for attention, desperate for sex, or most literally, desperate for water. In this context, when a woman posts a picture of herself where, for example, she has some visible cleavage, people might criticize her as “thirsty.”

I, however, believe that desiring attention is perfectly normal and that it’s fine to appreciate a good thirst trap. And so, when I post a picture that’s essentially just of my ass in a bikini, go ahead and add a peach emoji in the comments. Some might think it’s corny, but I say boost me on that algorithm. Be careful with emojis, though. If the connotation is too sexual — I’m looking at you, eggplant emoji — it can be gross. Other comments I typically appreciate are the simple stuff like “Art,” “Incredible” or “God bless.” Generally speaking, comments that are strictly about appearance should suggest reverence.

My colleague Tierney Finster adds, “Meeting people on Instagram is totally ‘normal,’ but unfortunately, a lot of dudes make their approach really creepy or overtly sexual in a way that kills the vibe. Negging falls under the creepy category for me. For example, multiple men have commented on my stuff like, ‘I love your weird tits,’ ‘Your tits are saggy but I’m down’ or ‘Hot but get a boob job.’ What am I supposed to think? That these guys are generous?”

Another word of warning: Don’t think that even a well-executed comment means you deserve any kind of response.

Following is more than fine — even if you’ve never met (digitally or IRL).

Following someone is pretty straightforward and hard to fuck up. A girl who goes to the same college as you? Sure, you’ve got something in common. A girl who shows up on your Instagram Explore page? Go for it, though she might not follow you back. A girl another girl you already follow tagged in a photo? Okay, you share a mutual friend. A girl you saw on Tinder? That’s fine, since at that point you don’t know whether or not this person has swiped right on you as well. In all of these cases, though, don’t assume the attraction will be mutual, and in particular, don’t badger them if there’s no mutual interactions (especially those women you saw on Tinder).

For the most part, a lot of girls want more followers on Instagram. Having followers makes one feel relevant and self-important in ways that probably aren’t healthy. Every time I get a new follower at least, I get a tiny endorphin rush. (Speaking of which, follow me on Instagram @magdajtaylor.)

So, if you don’t actually know the girl but have come across her content organically, following her is just fine. It’s really the point of the app. Maybe she’ll even follow you back, thus indicating some baseline interest in mutual interaction. If you’re purely following a girl out of attraction, not really knowing her in any other context, her following you back is probably a good sign. But don’t read too far into things. I follow lots of men whom I’d never date.

It’s best never to slide into those DMs.

Yo Gotti didn’t release “Down in the DM” for nothing. Men really do treat direct messages as the primary avenue for picking up women now. Even when someone approaches me in person, I’m often asked for my Instagram handle before my phone number. Repeated attempts at flirting, starting a conversation and blatant sexual harassment are all common occurrences in the DMs. My own DMs are a goddamn war zone — more on that later. It shocks me that men will continuously reply to my content via DM, despite me never responding and not even following them back.

If a girl doesn’t follow you back, tread lightly on the DMs. You’ve got MAYBE one chance to DM her some type of basic introduction, but I don’t recommend it. An exception might be if you have some solid mutual friends. And chill the fuck out if you don’t get a response back. After all, if she’s not following you, she might not even see your responses unless she checks her message requests.

But back to the war zone that is my DMs, some particularly bad ones I’ve recently received from men I don’t follow :

  • “Fucking gorgeous, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” This is bad because it suggests I’m regularly told I’m not gorgeous.
  • “I’m looking for feet hand butt breast or pussy model. I pay u if I can jerk off on your boobs.” Does this need an explainer?
  • I get it — your tongue is either wagging or your not-so-coyly signaling that you like to eat pussy. Either way, it falls in the eggplant emoji camp.

Of course, for some girls these things might work. In fact, the person responsible for the last example tells me that he’s used it successfully to meet a woman in person. “I just started by telling them that they were beautiful & sexy,” he writes over — what else? — DM. “Then I guess that was the icebreaker. We started talking, I like what they had to say & we talk more, exchange numbers and then we took it off Instagram.” (He asked not to be identified, and since I don’t follow him back and his account is private, I can’t identify him, anyway.)

If you must slide into those DMs, do so gradually.

Or as a lot of people like to call it, “pre-gaming.” This involves liking posts, commenting, replying to stories, etc., but doing so in a way that demonstrates that you have an interest in her beyond your physical attraction to her. Congratulating her on some kind of life success (e.g., getting a new job) or expressing that you share a similar hobby are good avenues for genuine conversation. According to Nathan, a 21-year-old musician, this helps establish familiarity, thus reducing the chances of being rejected if you do ask her out. Be careful not to respond to everything she posts — i.e., only comment/reply when you actually have something interesting to contribute.

Similarly, don’t exclusively comment on her posts via DM. It makes it look like you’re hiding yourself from being seen by others, whether that’s because your comments are too explicit or you have a girlfriend/partner/wife who you don’t want seeing the comments. A good rule of thumb then is that if you can’t say it on the visible comment platform, don’t say it at all.

Related to DMs, stories are an easy way for men to initiate conversations with women. Responses to stories are also private, meaning men think they can get away with more. A lot of men abuse this fact, using stories as a means of initiating unwanted interactions. Moreover, a lot of the responses to stories are just downright boring. Things like “Hey,” “Haha” and “What’s up with your friend?” are sadly all-too-common.

Overall, stories seem to be one of the biggest areas for irritating behavior on Instagram. Though it’s seemingly a more casual way to post, people still take it very seriously. Basically, if you watch someone’s story, they’ll probably notice. So don’t watch their stories only to ignore their texts. And definitely don’t watch someone’s story if you’ve ghosted them: “I’m an adult & if you don’t want to hang, just tell me that,” says @rrjjar via Twitter. “It’s been 6+ months, and he is still watching my stories, which he never did before.”

Watch it with the likes.

After following a woman, it’s common for men to like a ton of her photos at once. The line of thinking here is that liking lots of photos translates to lots of interest. Multiply this interest depending on how old the photo is. However, unless you’re actually talking to this woman already and there’s a chance she’ll think it’s cute, don’t spam her account with likes.

Obviously, liking a girl’s recent post is good. Liking a handful of photos when you’ve recently followed her or are maybe trying to get her attention is also okay. Liking an older photo isn’t as embarrassing as people have made it out to be, especially if you’ve already established some kind of repertoire. But if you’ve never spoken to the woman and are trying to get her attention that way, it’ll probably be ignored.

If you are talking to her, like her damn posts. “In my case, guys have liked my pics before dating me as a way to show they’re interested but stop once they start dating me, which is bizarre and annoying because dude, I need the likes and attention,” says Tatiana, a writer in New York City. This relates to commenting, too — making your affection/interest public is always preferred. If you don’t like/comment upon our pics, we’ll think you’re hiding something — namely, all the other women you’re talking to on Instagram.

Flirt only if your intentions extend beyond Instagram.

If you’re serious about your interest in a woman you’ve seen on Instagram, meeting her in person should be your primary goal. “My biggest piece of advice is to expedite the time it takes for you to turn your digital flirting into hanging out IRL,” says Finster. “I hate how there’s a whole category of guys who follow me that have flirted extensively in the DM but have never asked me to hang out — even ones that live in the same city as me. Don’t actively flirt unless you intend to make good on that flirting if she’s interested. Otherwise, stay in your lane as a follower and smash that ‘like’ button as frequently as possible.”

Magdalene Taylor

Magdalene Taylor is an editorial assistant and contributor at MEL. She loves Korn, Juggalos, and being a dumb bitch. She lives in LA but is from God’s country, Western Massachusetts.

Bikini-clad hiker known for her mountain selfies dies after fall

Bikini-clad mountain poser Gigi Wu is the most recent in a string of people to have died during her adventures. The 36-year-old froze to death after she fell 20 metres down a ravine in Taiwan’s Yushan National Park on Saturday.

Dubbed as the “Bikini Climber”, Wu had set out for an eight-day solo hike on the mountain. Unable to move her lower body, Wu used a satellite phone to inform her friends about her injury. However, due to harsh weather conditions, rescue helicopters were unable to reach her. Her body was found on Monday, nearly 28 hours after she shouted out for help.


Wu, who sported a swimsuit in close to freezing-point weather, had built a soaring following on Instagram and Facebook. She wore workout clothes while hiking, only to change into her bikini once she reached the top. Wu claimed to have scaled over 100 mountains. “I put on a bikini in each one of the 100 mountains. I only have around 97 bikinis so I accidentally repeated some,” she has been quoted as saying.

Wu is just one among many

In December, an Indian expat couple living in California died from an 800ft plunge in the Yosemite National Park in California. The couple ran a popular travel blog and Instagram account: called Holidays and Happily Ever Afters, documenting their adventures around the world. Investigators suspect the woman fell off the cliff while posing for a picture, and her husband died trying to rescue her. Autopsy has now revealed that the couple may have had consumed alcohol before the trek.

Also in December, a boy from Odisha slipped and fell in river while attempting a selfie and was swept away by the waters. And earlier this month, an Indian student fell off a cliff in Ireland while taking a selfie. According to a study, selfies kill more people in India than anywhere else in the world. Either they fall off a ledge or buildings or are knocked down by trains, or they drown.

And though Indians lead the world in selfie-deaths, the phenomenon is global. In 2017, daredevil climber Wu Yongning fell 62 storeys to his death in a stunt gone horribly wrong. Yongning had built a massive following on Chinese social network Huoshan through his crazy climbing acts. And elsewhere, the social media phenomenon of “rooftopping”, or dangling from rooftops without any safety gear, has claimed nearly a dozen lives so far.

WWE star Lana has been stunning her Instagram followers with a series of sexy selfies ahead of the Royal Rumble this weekend.

The Ravishing Russian – real name CJ Perry – is a hugely popular figure on social media, across all her platforms.

She has gathered a staggering 3.6m followers on Instagram, along with having similar levels of support on Twitter.

The 34-year-old excites her fans, with a constant stream of naked, bikini and lingerie shots, on a near-daily basis.

But Lana recently hit back at social media trolls who branded her a “prostitute” for her racy images on Instagram.

She told TV insider: “It has been eye-opening to me how mean people are and what type of bullies people are in the world.

“I can’t express enough of how mind-blowing it is. People don’t have to agree with my decisions in life, that’s fine.

“but if they don’t agree with me that doesn’t give them the right to come on my Instagram and call me a whore or a slut.

“I’ve been called a prostitute on there. What are you even talking about, really? That I’m ‘ugly, fat, the worst human.’

View this post on Instagram

I only look back to remind myself on how far I have come…..

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on Jan 19, 2020 at 3:10pm PST

View this post on Instagram

@Fashionnova AD LA Winters

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on Dec 13, 2019 at 12:18pm PST

View this post on Instagram

Should I go back platinum blonde ??? #art #ArtBasel

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on Dec 8, 2019 at 12:50pm PST


“Cyber-bullying is incredible. I knew it existed, but I never really thought it was to this extent. It’s really wrong.

“I just want people to make a stand and say that is wrong.

“Just because you disagree with someone’s lifestyle doesn’t mean that you should come and be mean to them in life or on social media.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on Dec 6, 2019 at 7:39pm PST

View this post on Instagram

I’m my own inspiration ….. who’s yours ???

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on Dec 2, 2019 at 1:32pm PST

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on Nov 27, 2019 at 1:16pm PST

4 4 4


Cena says Lesnar is WWE’s ‘best in-ring performer ever’ after Royal Rumble

“Go talk to your friends about it if you are criticising, but don’t come on my social platform and talk about it.”

At present, Lana is in a storyline with real life husband Rusev, who she had ‘divorced’ on the show and got with Bobby Lashley.

WWE viewers have had a mixed reaction to it on Monday Night RAW, with the majority not liking it.

WWE star Lana strips down before telling SmackDown ‘get me on to boost ratings’

Love Island’s Laura Whitmore says she gets jealous of contestant’s bikini selfies

Laura Whitmore admits she can be jealous of Love Island’s surgically enhanced contestants.

Like millions of its viewers, the show’s new host sometimes feels glum when she scrolls through her Instagram feed.

The cast are plucked from profiles on the picture sharing site where users preen themselves for body-beautiful selfies.

Laura, 34, said: “I get Instagram envy. You go, ‘Oh my God, look at them in their bikini bodies and they’re on holiday. And why am I not doing that job?

“You are constantly doing that and then you realise half of that stuff isn’t real anyway. We’ve got a whole other load of pressures.”

Laura says celebs should act responsibly by posting ‘real’ pictures rather than just flattering ones (Image: ITV)

Laura says celebs should act responsibly by posting “real” pictures rather than just flattering ones.

“I put awards pictures up and then think that’s not real,” she said. “I’ve got this internal thing going in my head asking myself, ‘Am I being responsible just putting up the nice pictures? Shall I put up more bad pictures?’

“But I don’t want to put bad ones up there! We do have that responsibility ourselves.”

Laura has been in showbiz for more than a decade since her MTV breakthrough. But taking over assault-charge presenter Caroline Flack’s Love Island gig is easily her biggest challenge to date.

Laura is seizing her chance with both hands and says she wants to be the latest in a long line of strong women on the box.

Laura Whitmore and boyfriend Iain Stirling (Image: Getty) Video Loading Video Unavailable Click to play Tap to play The video will start in8Cancel Play now

“Now is a good time to be a female in the industry,” she said.

“Davina McCall is someone I looked up to, learning that you could be the lead anchor. I grew up with these strong females on TV – the Cat Deeleys and Holly Willoughbys, Fearne Cottons and Edith Bowmans. I thought, I will not be the token girl.”

Laura will join forces with boyfriend Iain Stirling who has been the much-loved narrator since Love Island hit our screens in 2015.

Laura looks up to veteran TV presenter Davina McCall

The pair have been dating for two years and Laura says he is the key to her happiness.

“Iain can make me happy with a Chinese takeaway! When I feel sad my boyfriend will come home with a Chinese takeaway and I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m happy again.’ It’s the simple things. It’s all food related.”

But Laura opened up about her tough split from Coronas rocker Danny O’Reilly when she was filming I’m A Celebrity in 2012.

“Big things have happened in my life and I’ve been down and upset through break-ups,” she said.

“It gets better with time. There is something comforting in the fact that we all go through sh*t.

Laura grew up watching Cat Deeley on TV (Image: Getty)

“I remember this massive break-up and I was doing live telly. You think you’re the only person going through a break-up.

“I felt so low because I was trying to pretend everything was OK and I had to have this front.

“Now I look back, the only way I could get through was talking to other people. I found great comfort in that.

“People deal with things differently. Friends for me was a big thing – coming over with ice cream and listening to you whinge.”

Hot pic of celebrities

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