17 Weight Loss Tips Based on Your Body Type

We all know the basics: don’t spoil your sweet tooth, up your fiber game, drink lots of water. But what you may not know is that the effect and efficacy of your dietary decisions can be influenced by your body shape. That’s right, those double chocolate fudge bars may do a lot more damage to you than to your neighbor. Why? Your body type doesn’t just have visual implications; it affects (and reflects) how you respond to food and on a deeper level than your metabolic makeup—which is where the body type diet comes in.

“Your metabolism and eating habits will determine your percentage of lean muscle mass and body fat,” says Maria A. Bella, MS, RD, CDN, and founder of Top Balance Nutrition. “Where body fat is located on the body can be a major determinant of insulin sensitivity and weight gain. So, it’s super important to eat according to your body type to ensure that your metabolism is working at its best.” It’s an underrated factor when it comes to efficiently reaching your weight and health goals, so here’s a much-needed look at the best weight loss tips based on your body type.


Are You An Apple Body?

People with an apple body shape tend to carry most of their weight around the belly area but have a slimmer lower body. “Abdominal fat—usually visceral fat—unfortunately, causes many health risks such as an increased risk of heart disease, cancers, and diabetes because it’s the type of fat that surrounds your organs,” says Shirlee Rosen, RDN. “Abdominal fat is known to be detrimental, causing inflammation and insulin resistance, which can lead to metabolic syndrome.” If you’re tummy heavy, however, don’t despair! Visceral fat, although very dangerous, is also metabolically active and easier to lose if an appropriate diet is followed. Kick things off and find out how to lose belly fat in just a couple weeks.


Apples Can Benefit from a Low Glycemic Diet

Rosen explains that due to irregular insulin levels caused by abdominal fat, a low-glycemic diet has been proven to be most beneficial for weight loss for an apple body shape because it will work to decrease inflammation and help burn fat. “Following a low-glycemic diet includes eating foods such as green vegetables, most fruits, kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils, and bran cereals. Cut out foods such as white bread, pastas, rice, pastries, cookies, and candies.” By following a low-glycemic diet, she says, you can stop your blood sugar from spiking, therefore controlling insulin levels and decreasing the risk of chronic diseases. Choose fiber-rich carbohydrates such as whole grain bread, oats, legumes, beans, and non-starchy vegetables.


Apples Should Consumes Carbs with Protein or Fat

When consuming the recommended carbohydrates high in fiber, it’s important for apples to pair them with a protein or healthy fat to further control blood sugar levels. “Healthy fats, such as nuts and fish, are loaded with omega-3s, which have been shown to decrease inflammation,” says Rosen. Eating more heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil, nuts, seeds, and avocados is also essential because, according to Chelsey Amer, RD, they boost satiety and may help you eat less unhealthy foods and blast belly fat.


Snacking Is Important for Apples

Along with including lean protein or healthy fat with every meal, it’s also imperative to snack on a regular basis if you want to combat midsection visceral fat. “Snacking will help prevent blood sugar spikes and help keep your hormones in balance, which can be an issue with excess abdominal fat,” says Amer.


What Is A Pear-Shaped Body?

People with a pear body shape tend to carry most of their weight in the lower portions of their body, which is mostly subcutaneous fat. This is also known as fat that can be pinched. While love handles and muffin tops make most of us cringe, this kind of fat isn’t surrounding our vital organs, meaning that it isn’t as detrimental to our health as the fat you’ll find in people with an apple shaped figure. On the flip side, this type of fat is harder to lose because it’s stubborn and not as mobile as visceral fat. You can make the long process a little more fun by spiking your workout routines with fun ways to lose weight!


What To Eat For A Pear-Shaped Body

“To shed their stubborn fat around their hips, pear-shaped individuals may benefit from a high-fiber, lower fat diet with an adequate balance of lean protein because it’s much easier to burn carbohydrates than it is fat,” says Amer. She suggests including several servings of whole grains, like quinoa, brown rice, and whole grain bread, throughout the day.


Pears Should Avoid Unnecessary Hormones and Up Calcium

Some studies suggest that the pear-shaped body may be due to increased estrogen levels, which is why Bella says that it’s best to avoid non-organic and processed meats that may contain unnecessary hormones. “Conversely, calcium has been shown to influence the way our bodies store fat, making it helpful to load up on Icelandic or Greek yogurt and dark leafy greens.” You’ll want to also familiarize yourself with these best calcium-rich foods that aren’t dairy.


Pear Should Watch Alcohol

“Put away the alcoholic beverages, sodas, juices and smoothies and replace them with water,” Rosen says. “By doing that, you are not only cutting back on calories but also providing your body with an essential nutrient it needs throughout the day.” This is especially important because, as mentioned, the subcutaneous fat that pears have is hard to shed, making it critical they avoid excess calories.


What Is An Inverted Triangle Shaped Body?

Inverted triangle shaped bodies, also referred to as top heavy body types, tend to have broad shoulders and they’re prone to storing fat on the upper half of their body.


What Inverted Triangle Shaped Bodies Should Eat

If you’re broader up top, it’s important to opt for complex versus simple carbohydrates. Translation: trade your white rice and potatoes for quinoa and oats. Fresh vegetables (particularly leafy greens) are also key, and you should eliminate high-fat cheeses and processed foods—particularly the bloat-inducing, salty ones.


Inverted Triangle Shaped Bodies Should Load Up On Magnesium

“Magnesium is crucial for hundreds of bodily functions, which is why consuming this wonder mineral is associated with better blood sugar control,” says Amer, who recommends it for all body types. “Be sure to include almonds and dark leafy greens like spinach and black beans in your diet daily.” You can take some extra steps for your upper body troubles by also discovering these easy ways to get rid of back fat.


What Is An Hourglass Body?

The hourglass figure tends to be the most desired body shape because those with this figure gain weight evenly throughout their body. When people with this type do gain weight, however, it’s most noticeable on or around the face, arms, chest, knees, and ankles.


An Hourglass Shaped Body Diet

Hourglass figures should follow an anti-inflammatory diet rich in fresh produce (fruits and veggies) and whole grains (buckwheat bulgur, millet, quinoa), healthy fats (avocados, salmon, nuts, seeds, olive oil) and high-quality lean protein (turkey, salmon, sole), beans and lentils. Like all body types, hourglass shapes should limit processed foods, sugar, caffeine, and high-fat foods. “Hourglass bodies, like all bodies, can benefit from including more plant-based proteins, such as beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, tofu, and edamame in their diets because these potent protein sources are also high in fiber and many contain healthy fats we need to shed excess weight,” says Amer.


What Is A Pencil-Shaped Body?

People with a straight-shaped body have similar measurements for their shoulders, waist, and hips—basically, no curves. Most skinny people tend to have this body type, and when they do gain weight, it’s usually in the belly. As mentioned with apple-shaped figures, this is problematic for health reasons (hence the term “skinny fat”), since it leaves them prone to heart disease and diabetes.


An Ideal Diet for Pencil People

“Pencils may be at a healthy BMI but still have a high body fat percentage,” says Bella. “Eat every four hours and structure your meals based on a plating method: fill half of your plate with produce, one-fourth with a whole grain such as quinoa or millet and the rest with lean protein such as fish or skinless chicken.” Bella adds that it’s important to ensure that pencils are getting at least two to three servings of reduced fat dairy (we recommend organic 1%) per day and that they should aim for six colors of produce. This body type diet, which is rich in complex carbs, fresh produce, and healthy fats, is a great formula to follow because it will work to help decrease the risk of cardiovascular problems.


Tips For All Shapes

“Always fill half of your plate with non-starchy vegetables!” Rosen exclaims. “Eat those first and then go for the lean protein and fiber-rich whole grains. This way, you will feel full off of the low-calorie, high-fiber vegetables and won’t overeat the higher calorie food choices. You will be less inclined to indulge in other foods.” And don’t forget that drinking water is imperative since many people confuse hunger with thirst. Rosen also suggests using smaller plates, always keeping healthy snacks handy (carrots and hummus, apples and almonds, plain Greek yogurt and cucumbers), limiting your sugar and simple carbohydrates, and upping your intake in fiber-rich foods.


Workout Tips for Your Body Shape

While our shape may be mostly influenced by genetics and diet, fitness is a non-negligible part not only for overall tone but for health, too. “Physical activity is key for any body type. Moving more not only helps with weight loss, but boosts your overall health, reducing your risk of heart disease, helping control your blood sugar, and more!” exclaims Amer.

Any exercise is better than no exercise, but here’s what to focus on for your body type:
•Apple-shaped people should focus on high-intensity interval training, which works to blast fat and torch calories while improving cardiovascular capabilities.
•Those with a pear shape should focus on a mix of strength training (focusing on the lower half) and cardio for all over fat burning.
•Hourglass should focus on full body moves.
•Pencil people need to work on building muscle, particularly in the ab area.
•If you have an inverted triangle shape, focus on a mix of strength training (focusing on the upper half) and cardio for all over fat burning.

Get plenty of ideas with these 30 most effective 30-second workout moves!

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Not long ago we came across a really helpful Dr. Oz episode that focused on how to lose lose weight for your body shape.

If you find it hard to lose weight, understanding your body shape is key to your weight loss success. It can speed up your metabolism and results and trimming up is easier than ever.

via dr oz

There are two major body types. You are either bigger on the top or bigger on the bottom.

Fat distribution actually shifts as we age, and as your shape changes, it is widely acknowledged that you need to eat differently.

Dr. Oz breaks body shapes down further into Apple, Pear, Hourglass, and Box. Whilst these are the most common, there are additional body types.

via The Daily Mail Site

Body Shape Infographic

According to The Daily Mail Site -:

The comprehensive survey of 18,000 women reveals that most identify themselves as a full hourglass, more than any other shape.

What Body Shape Are You?

Where you ‘wear’ your weight will help you work out how to eat for your body shape which in turn will fire up your metabolism and according to Dr. Oz, turn your body into a fat-burning furnace!

Firstly let’s look at the identifying factors so you have a better understanding of your shape.

What it means if you’re bigger on top:

  • Your fat migrates to your belly and above.
  • You’re an android.

What it means if you’re bigger on the bottom:

  • Your fat settles downward to your butt and legs.
  • You’re a gynoid.

What to Eat if You’re an Android Body Type

Eating Rules

  1. At least one serving of vitamin C at every meal.
  2. Eat cold-resistant carbs at every meal.
  3. Cook with coconut oil.

How It Works -:

Vitamin C helps reduce levels of cortisol, which causes fat to migrate up to your middle. One study has shown that vitamin-C deficiency was associated with 131% increased chance of belly fat.

Contrary to popular belief, oranges are not the highest source of vitamin C. The best sources of vitamin C can be found in the following foods and the best part, you only need a single serving:

Best Vitamin C Foods

Papaya, bell peppers, broccoli, strawberries or kale. Eating these foods raw will help you get the highest amount of nutrients. Of course, you can have them frozen or cooked but think raw for the best results. What’s most important is that you’re getting this nutrient.

Cold-Resistant Carbs:

When food is cooled, resistant carbs can form, which can help break down belly fat. When the temperature is altered, the food is changed and digests differently. Cold-resistant carbs are resistant to digestion in your small intestine, meaning they don’t get absorbed and can increase your body’s fat-burning ability by 20%.

Try and work cold-resistant carbs into your meals by having a one-third-cup serving of any of the following foods:

Potatoes, white beans, barley, long-grain rice, and lentils.

Understanding the Apple Body Type

Are you the Apple Shape? Some of the characteristics are being round and slightly wide around the waistline. This is due to being overweight.

This could also be as a result of childbirth. Your waistline lacks or has no waist definition. Your bust, waist and hips are very close in measurements.

You have a large bust for your frame and carry most weight around your midsection. You may have slim legs, hips, and bottom.

Understanding The Pear Body Type -:

If you have a Pear Shape you are likely to have a more triangular body. You have a well-defined waist, narrow or sloping shoulders.

Your bust and shoulders are proportionally narrower than your hip-line. Your thighs and butt might be full and rounded.

You carry most of your weight on your hips, thighs, and bottom. Usually, this body type has a slender neck and shoulders and a flat tummy.

via Daily Mail UK

Comparing the Apple and Pear Body Shape

Most women will be able to immediately identify with either the apple or pear shape. It is then that you can narrow your shape further.

Over on the Trinny and Susannah site, they break body shapes down even one step further. This is helpful particularly when you are trying to work out how to dress for your body shape.

They have added in additional shapes including Brick, Column, Vase, Cello, Skittle, Bell, Goblet, Lollipop, and Cornet. This is in addition to the traditional Apple, Pear, and Hourglass.

Dr. Oz says that antioxidants in green tea help encourage your body to get rid of fat cells. By adding lemon juice, it supercharges belly melting.

Dr. Oz Green Tea Lemonade Recipe

In order to make green tea lemonade, you must first make green tea and let it steep for 20 minutes to get the full benefit.

Here’s what you will need.

  • 2 C green tea
  • 1/2 lemon squeezed
  • drink hot or cold

Another great tip is to drink 2 glasses of water (500ml ea) before every meal. This can result in a substantial loss of 10 pounds over the next 90 days. Little changes can have big impacts and don’t forget to keep an eye on your portion sizes.

via Skinny Mom

How To Rev Your Metabolism

Did you know that you can rev up your metabolism by eating the right foods? Skinny Mom has created this infographic that will help you work out what’s right for you.

One of the best suggestions is not to engage in restrictive diets or eating plans. Sleep is also a huge advantage as it is the time that the body repairs and burns calories.

via monterery bay hollistic

30 Ways To Lose Weight Permanently

Some other tips include getting to bed earlier, eating your nightly meal prior to 6 pm, and walking briskly for 30 minutes a day. Having 5 small meals a day is better than 3 heavy meals. A portion control tool is also a great inclusion.

While we’re on the subject of small changes, your daily activity has a lot to do with your continued success. Take the stairs, not the elevator, read labels, reduce butter and gravies and when in doubt go without. Intermittent Fasting is also brilliant.

via stylecraze

20 Ways To Lose Weight In 10 Days

These 20 Simple Tips from Stylecraze are also very helpful. Losing weight can happen quickly and by eating foods with high water content and increasing your protein intake, you can see quite a change.

As mentioned earlier in our post, getting proper sleep should be top of your priority list. It’s also easier to keep the cravings at bay. Find ways to keep yourself occupied and your hands busy.

Weight Loss Boosting Breakfast Ideas

Women’s Health Mag has supplied another great infographic that shows you some great ideas for Breakfast.

As you can see from the examples above, it’s all about getting the combinations right. Nuts, Yogurt, fresh berries, cereals, the superfood Chia Seeds and hard-boiled eggs are just some of their suggestions.

50 Low Carb Snacks You Can Prep

Here’s a great infographic that shows you how to swap out your usual snacks with 50 Low Carb versions.

Donella from Glue Sticks and Gumdrops is the author and she has some fabulous suggestions. You should always have a number of snacks on hand so prepping is ideal. Also, don’t food shop when hungry.

15 Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

Adding Metabolism boosting foods to your diet is also essential if you want to achieve the very best results.

Soy Milk, Cinnamon, Oatmeal, Jalapeno’s, Apples, Broccoli, Grapefruit are some excellent examples. Thanks to EG Service Ru for the information

Eat For The Body You Want

You really can Eat For The Body You Want and this Infographic from one of our favorite Sites Fitwirr gives some great meal ideas.

You will see there is an emphasis on fresh and healthy food including grilled fish, brown rice, almonds, berries and chicken breasts.

via ashley fresh fix

Lose 10 Pounds In 7 Days

If you are looking for more inspiration the Eat Your Heart Out Diet might be just what you are looking for.

You are given food suggestions for 7 days and it’s very easy to follow. You can even make your own Miracle Soup.

How To Measure Yourself Correctly

via Womens Health

Keeping track of your weight loss goals is made a whole lot easier if you take your measurements.

It’s important to measure yourself correctly and this Infographic gives you the low down. You might also want to check that you are wearing the right size bra too.

80% of women are getting it wrong. To find out if you are one of them, you can view our post here.

3D Body Shape Calculator

Another post that may be of interest is the Body Shape Calculator. You enter your body measurements and it will tell you your shape. We have also included information regarding Leptin.

Our bodies have the Leptin hormone and we need correct volumes of it to burn fat. The problem is that when you diet, your Leptin levels actually fall and that is why it is so difficult to lose weight. You may well be suffering Leptin Resistance.

Another thing you may find interesting is that if you have a fatty liver, no matter what you do, you will not be able to lose weight. It will slow you down, feel sluggish and is the reason you are storing midriff weight.

Portion Control Tool

One of the best ways to achieve a healthy weight is to reduce your portion sizes. We all eat way too much and suffer portion distortion!

A great tip is to start by reducing the size of your plate. This nifty portion control tool makes life very easy too.

More Ideas To Try

  • How To Reduce Belly Fat
  • Detox your Liver to live longer
  • Cabbage Wonder Soup
  • 3D Virtual Body Shape Optimiser
  • Are you Suffering Leptin Resistance?
  • Women Who Look Half Their Age

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How the Challenge Works

What is the price to join the challenge?

The price is $97 (and you get lifetime access to all the eating plans, support group, success tracker and 20 hourglass shaping gym workouts.

To add the TWL APP with the home workouts (and extra gym workouts), you get a discounted rate of $19 for the three months of the challenge.

I do recommend getting both parts to get the most out of the challenge and add the workout anywhere versatility of the app.

How do I enter the challenge?

What happens after I register?

You’ll be officially eligible for the challenge. You’ll receive e-mails with your passwords and other info on how to join the support group etc. Do take the time to set all of this up before the challenge begins. Ensure our e-mails are not going to junk so you get all the extra coaching and support if you’d like it. Take your start photos and get ready to transform!

Do I need a gym membership?

No, but you will need the TWL APP add-on for the $19 for the 3 month duration of the challenge. The TWL APP includes home/ gym workouts and can be done with little to no small equipment.

If you’ll be working out at the gym exclusively, you won’t need the APP, but it’s a great add on for many more options, especially for the final month where you’ll want the Treadmill Sprint and HIIT workouts offered exclusively on the TWL APP.

You’ll be given a special promo code at check out to add the TWL APP as the special discounted price.

I’m on a plant based diet. Can I still follow the plan?

Yes! The program does include a Vegan Plan & Vegetarian Plan.

How is the winner selected?

From April 8 -11 we’ll be accepting your ‘after photos’. The Hourglass Team will then choose 2 winners one for muscle transformation (weight/muscle gain) and one winner for over-all transformation (weight loss + muscle gain).

There will be one grand prize winner for muscle challenge winner (weight gain/ muscle gain) and one grand prize winner for transformation winner (weight loss/ muscle gain) .

Choose the right diet for your body: The Neat Hourglass

Your build is characterised by:

  • A defined bust

  • A defined waist

  • A neat bottom

  • Neat hips


Doing moderate to high intensity cardiovascular exercise will help tone the whole body. Carrying out resistance training at high reps and low weight will also help.

Essential diet tips

  • Eat lean protein, such as skinless chicken breasts, and lots of leafy green vegetables, like spinach, broccoli and cabbage.

  • Avoid foods high in sugar and limit your intake of eggs, dairy products and nuts.

Essential exercise tips

  • Focus on losing weight and inches first with high reps and low resistance exercises, then slowly incorporate weights if you want.

  • Best exercises for your shape include fast walking and slow jogging with no incline, jumping jacks, swimming for distance and stationary cycling with light resistance.

  • Worst exercises include step and spin classes, leg presses and thigh machines on high resistance, weighted squats and lunges, and running or rollerblading on incline.



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Slim Waist, Sexy Hips: Your Guide to Building an Hourglass Figure


  • 975
  • 16

Have you ever found yourself admiring the girls with tiny waists and curvaceous hips? At some point, we’ve probably all wondered if the hourglass figure is genetic, or if it’s something that girls of all shapes and sizes can attain. While it’s true that we’re all built with different frames and bone structures, it is possible–no matter what body type you are–to tighten your waist and shape your hips. This guide to building an hourglass figure contains everything that you need to know to build the body of your dreams!

The classic hourglass measurements are a 36-inch chest, a 24-inch waist, and 36-inch hips. Just because you may not have this frame doesn’t mean that your body isn’t beautiful! You can still earn your curves. It’s important to embrace who you are before improving on it through healthy eating and exercise!

There are several core components to achieving an hourglass figure. These include diet, cardiovascular exercise (including HIIT workouts), core training, and weightlifting. While all of these things can be performed at home, having access to a gym or gym equipment would be extremely beneficial.

Component #1: Diet

First and foremost, you must maintain a clean, nutritious diet. The biggest mistake that most people make is consuming too few calories. Starving yourself is not going to get you an hourglass figure.

General Tips

1. Eat Clean and Avoid Processed Foods – What do we mean by “clean” food? Clean foods generally refer to whole foods that are as close as possible to their natural state. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and lean meats are the most commonly consumed clean foods. For a more detailed list, check out The Whole Foods Shopping List.

You may also like this 7-Day Clean Eating Survival Guide for Beginners

These healthy choices are packed-full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body needs to lose weight and firm-up. Processed foods should be avoided, as they are typically much more calorie dense and offer little-to-no nutritional value.

2. Get More Protein and Soluble Fiber – Protein is critical to weight loss and muscle gain. It aids in weight loss by keeping you fuller for longer, thus helping you to eat less throughout the day. Protein is also key in repairing and strengthening your muscles so you can build a curvier figure. Read our High-Protein Shopping List for some great protein options.

Fiber is excellent for weight loss, too, because your body digests it slowly. That means it will also maintain that full-belly feeling. When you feel full, you’ll be less tempted to snack on unhealthy foods.

3. Eliminate Soda and Alcohol – Regular soda is loaded with calories and offers no nutritional value. Diet soda has been shown to increase cravings for sugary foods, so it’s best to steer clear of it, as well. Alcohol has not only been associated with excess belly-fat, but it can also lead to unhealthy food choices. If you want to tighten your waist, you must avoid these things.

4. Cut Back on Sugar – Who doesn’t love a sweet treat every now and then? You don’t have to completely eliminate sugar from your diet, but you should try to cut back. There is a direct correlation between sugar and excess body fat. The American Heart Association recommends that females consume no more than 25 grams of sugar per day. It’s extremely important that you read nutrition labels, as many foods these days contain added sugar.

5. Drink Plenty of Water – Staying hydrated should be a main priority for anyone, but especially for those that are participating in a fitness routine. Drink a full glass of cool water when you first wake up to get your metabolism cranking. It’s also recommended that you drink another full glass before every meal to keep yourself from overindulging.

As you lose weight, your body will also require more water to flush out extra toxins. Staying hydrated will keep you from retaining water as well, which will reduce any “fluffiness” in your abdomen. A general rule of thumb is to drink at least 64 ounces of water daily, but feel free to drink even more!

Losing Weight

If you’re trying to lose weight, you must eat a sufficient amount of calories each day in order to keep your metabolism up. Starving yourself will cause you to stop losing weight because your body will go into starvation mode. In other words, don’t do it.

A safe daily caloric deficit is 200-300 calories each day. This means that if you normally consume 1,800 calories in a day, aim for 1,500-1,600 instead.

Since we’re all different, it’s important to eat the right amount of calories for YOUR body. Check out our article on Daily Calorie Intake: How Many Calories Should I Eat to Lose Weight? It will help you figure out exactly how many calories you should be eating each day.

When it comes to planning your meals, focus on protein first, fats second, and carbohydrates last. Protein is the magic macronutrient for weight loss, so you should aim to get around 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight per day. If you’re not sure how much to eat of each, read our recommendations to help you determine what is a portion size.

Gaining Weight

Even if you need to put on weight, you should still focus on a clean diet. Try to eat 200-300 calories more than you normally would each day, but make sure it’s not junk food. Try adding in one or more of these 5 Carbs You Can Happily Indulge In. Obviously, we want the weight you put on to be mostly muscle mass, so your diet will require more protein. You should aim for 1.5 grams of protein for every pound of body weight.

Keep in mind that neither carbohydrates nor fat is an enemy. Your body requires both of them to function optimally. You simply need to focus on getting the right amounts of each of them. This article will show you How to Calculate the Correct Macronutrients for your body.

Next up: Cardio and HIIT!

How to Dress an Overweight Hourglass Figure

This is the beautiful body type that is full of curves. The hourglass figure means you possess a sexiest female frame and is considered the most desired amongst men and women alike. Here, we show you the best clothes that would work for the overweight hourglass figure and other tips that will create outfits that compliment your shape.

Shirred Waist Dresses.
A dress with a shirred waist is a great option for anyone with an overweight hourglass figure for two reasons. They give comfort in the stretchy allowance of the material, but also provides a natural funnel shape. The elasticated, or scrunched, fabric will contour the body and draw attention to the smallest part.
Many women chose an shirred waist dress with an accompanying waist bow tie or wrap around feature to provide a little more detail and break up a plain(ish) dress with a mid-feature.

Midi Length Bell Skirts.
Opting for a midi length bell skirt means you can flash off your pins elegantly, and impressed with a pinched waist. A pinched waist accentuates both the bosom and the booty for a full and fabulous frame. Big pleats are our hot tip for women who are dressing for an overweight hourglass figure. They look stylish and compliment this shape. Try a chunky belt and tucked in top to really polish the look off. And the very bext thing about these skirts — if you can’t stand trotting about in stilettos all day it does not matter, they look just as good with pretty ballerinas.

Get the Right Intimates and Lingerie.
When you have a fuller bust and a gloriously big butt, make the most of them with the right underwear. A well fitted bra and briefs can make or break all the outfits you then add on top. If you want to draw your waist in with a corset or create a perkier breast placement, then this is where you start. Wearing a comfortable panties, that do not cut into your skin is a game changer. Spend some time in the lingerie section and talk with an assistant to help size you correctly. If you are wearing the right sizes in the underwear department you will be comfortable and confident.

Bold Colors and Floral Patterns.
Bold colors and florals are unusually on trend this autumn and winter seasons, They have taken over the typical monochrome tones we usually see this time of year. That is good news for the overweight hourglass figures as these vibrant and stand colors look great on you. We are not sterotyping the “jolly big” characters often associated with overweight women but simply pointing out that when you have a blossoming bosom and an envious bum, they can be enhanced by bold colors.

Check out the outfits and clothes we think are best when trying to dress for an overweight hourglass figure by shopping at Zefinka. AND if you purchase anything in store — post a selfie wearing your Zefinka gear to any of our social media accounts with the #ZefinkaOutfits and you could win your cash back!
Zefinka on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for more fall fashion inspiration.


Hourglass weight loss before and after

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