What Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, Says:

Does It Work?

There haven’t been studies about the effectiveness of this plan, but watching your portions and eating mostly healthy foods will limit your calories, which should help you trim down.

If you try this plan, you may want to take a daily multivitamin and add a few servings of dairy to fill in the nutritional gaps.

Be careful where the plan calls for skipping meals and drinking alcohol. That formula is not recommended and can lead to low blood sugar levels, excessive hunger, and the temptation to grab high-fat, high-salt, or sugary comfort foods.

Is It Good for Certain Conditions?

While losing weight can improve many conditions, this plan may not be right for you if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or high cholesterol. Check with your doctor if you have these or any other health problems.

The Final Word

There are lots of useful tips, sensible advice, and helpful concepts in Naturally Thin to help you improve your relationship with food.

If you want to unleash your skinny girl, give up calorie counting, exercise if you want to, eat whatever you want, drink margaritas, and free yourself from a lifetime of dieting, this book may be for you. Dieters who are tired of restrictive diets may find comfort and flexibility in this diet, where there are no forbidden foods.

Naturally Thin may not work for most people who need more structure and detail to help change their eating habits or who have certain medical conditions.

Let’s be real, Skinnygirl founder and Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel hasn’t struggled to keep weight off like many women have, but maybe that makes her eating habits worth a closer look.

In a recent interview on the podcast FORTUNE Unfiltered with Aaron Task, Bethenny opened up about what she eats and said that her food philosophy is to enjoy real, indulgent food in moderation.

“I do eat,” she says. “I don’t binge, I don’t self-loathe. But I love food, and I like good food. I don’t like fat-free crap,” says Bethenny, who notes that she doesn’t recommend fat-free products to others, either. “I promote eating a smaller amount of quality food, of full-calorie foods,” she says. “Diets do not work. I eat pizza, I eat French fries—I just don’t binge.”

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So should you eat like Bethenny? Well, the reality star’s personal belief in eating small amounts of full-calorie and full-fat foods is nutritionally sound, says Alissa Rumsey R.D., a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. (Though it should be noted that Bethenny’s Skinnygirl brand is based on selling reduced-calorie cocktails and foods.)

“It comes down to balance,” Rumsey says, who notes that any food can cause issues if you eat it in excess. “To develop a sustainable, healthy eating pattern, follow the 80/20 food strategy,” she says. “That means making smart food choices 80 percent of the time, and cutting yourself some slack.” (Get after your weight-loss goals with Women’s Health’s Look Better Naked DVD.)

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Bethenny’s philosophy on abstaining from fat-free foods is also on point, says Rumsey. In order to create fat-free packaged foods, manufacturers often replace fat with sugar and other refined carbs, which could be worse for your long-term weight-loss goals. “Refined carbs and foods high in added sugar digest rapidly and cause a blood sugar spike,” Rumsey says. That leads your body to release lots of insulin, which causes you to store sugar as fat rather than allow it to be burned for energy. There’s also a double whammy effect when blood sugar drops post-spike, causing you to feel hungry again in a short amount of time.

You can combat this by eating foods high in fiber, protein, and fat, which are digested slowly. “Fat is one of the most satiating foods,” says Rumsey. “So if you’re not eating it, you tend to get hungrier quicker.” Just remember that with nine calories per gram, fat has more than double the calorie density of protein and carbs, so a little goes a long way, says Rumsey.

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Your best strategy for eating fat while also losing weight is to make sure that a majority of your diet is made up of non-processed fresh foods, like fruits and veggies, says Rumsey. Then aim to get most of your dietary fat from the healthy, monounsaturated kinds found in plant-based foods like nuts and seeds, avocado, and oils, and some omega-3s from fish like salmon and mackerel or chia seeds.

To keep your portions of fat in check, Rumsey suggests this rule of thumb (literally): “In general, a serving of fat should be half the size of your thumb—a few teaspoons of olive or canola oil, two to four tablespoons of seeds, and 1/5 of an avocado.”

Bethenny Frankel is opening up about her weight loss — disclosing that her slimmer figure is due in part to her recent health problems.

The Real Housewives of New York star sat down with ET’s Lauren Zima on Tuesday, where she revealed that while her health problems were internal — the 45-year-old battled endometriosis, uterine cysts and aggressive fibroids — they had a noticeable effect on her outer appearance.

WATCH: Bethenny Frankel in Tears Over Recent Health Scare: ‘I Really Tried to Hold It All Together’

“I was very anemic, and I had black circles for a year that I couldn’t understand,” Frankel said of her appearance pre-diagnosis. “No matter how much I slept, I couldn’t get rid of them.”

But dark circles weren’t Frankel’s only issue — she was also battling intense bleeding and cramps. The reality star has fought endometriosis her “whole life,” having several procedures to calm the bleeding over the last couple decades, but the pain became unbearable over the last six months.

“I used to be a crier, and now I’m a bleeder. A stage five bleeder. It was very, very bad and graphic and just really brutal,” Frankel explained of her health condition.

EXCLUSIVE: Bethenny Frankel Opens Up About Her Mysterious Health Scare: ‘I Don’t Have Cancer’

“I went back to the doctor and he sent me for a sonogram, and basically said that my uterus had doubled in size and that I had lost almost 10 percent of my blood,” she said. “He gave me measurement of the fibroids, which I didn’t understand.”

Frankel’s physician identified the fibroids as the cause of her pain — telling her there were a number of large fibroids he could see, and “probably a lot more,” he couldn’t — recommending she get a myomectomy to remove them.

“I have to go back for my next checkup to make sure that everything is sort of back together,” she added. “It’s something that I can’t really see, so I don’t really know, but I feel better. I definitely feel better.”

But a reality star like Frankel knows it’s not just about how she feels on the inside, it’s how she looks on the outside. “People say that I look better,” the mother-of-one stated. “I’ve lost weight, so that’s maybe not the best. People are still commenting on that, but I did, so I understand why they are saying that.”

NEWS: Bethenny Frankel Confirms Mystery Illness in ‘Real Housewives’ Trailer: ‘I’m Dealing With It Head On’

Earlier this month, ET sat down with Bravo’s Andy Cohen, who had a lot to say about Frankel’s frightening health issues, and how they will be portrayed on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New York. See more in the video below.

Skinny Girl Diet – 5 Basic Rules You Should Follow Maanasi Radhakrishnan Hyderabd040-395603080 February 22, 2019

The skinny girl diet is a diet created and made popular by Bethenny Frankel, celebrity and natural food chef. Unlike most other diets, this diet is not a crash diet where you have to give up on food altogether. The diet allows one to eat any kind of food that you want, but in moderation and alternatively. There are ten basic rules that one must follow. Adhering by the rules is not very difficult since it does not ask for absurd sacrifices of meals. The diet allows one to know their body and eat what their bodies want.

The Skinny Girl Diet

1. Eat What You Like:

Most diets today seem to condemn the consumption of certain kinds of food. But the healthy skinny girl diet does no such thing. The diet recognizes the fact that all the food groups are important for our bodies. This is why the diet allows the intake of carbohydrates and fats which other diets ask to cut out.

The diet is based entirely on balance. The best way to stick to the diet, without over doing the carbohydrate and fat intake, is by controlling the portion. If you are having a fatty dish, then consume just a small portion of it. If the small portion tends to make you hungry, then you can have a protein rich dish after a little interval. This ensures that the little fat you eat is used up by your body. The food groups balance each other out since they are taken in the right portion and at the right intervals.

Thought the diet asks you to eat a balanced meal consisting of all that you like, the diet does ask one to avoid processed food. Natural produces are the way to go if you want to get the best results.

2. Not another Mundane Diet:

There are many diets which can hand you a set menu for you to ingest for weeks. Such diets lead to nowhere, since few people have the conviction to eat the same meals every day. The skinny girl diet allows one to eat different things, since it firstly allows small portions of a large number of dishes. It also asks you to not have the same dish on the same day. So, you can easily have a large variety of dishes all throughout the day.

This variety can keep your pallet satisfied. You can cherish the food that you are eating since you can eat a variety of dishes every day. If you balance the produce and control the portion you can indulge your taste buds all you want.

3. Cut Out The Binge:

Most diets fail once you start binging. The skinny girl diet has no such issues. People generally binge if they are forced to eat repulsive food every day, but this diet asks you to eat whatever they want but in moderation. Hence there is no need to indulge your palate. So, one can see how the diet helps cut down on binges by offering all that you may want to eat, but in the right portions.

4. Eating Out:

Many a times you may have run away from event invites, since you fear the abundance of food to tempt you out of your diet. The skinny girl diet can help you remain social and even allow you to eat out. The diet essentially asks you to control your portions. Hence if you eat out then all you need to do is split the dish that you would usually gorge on all by yourself. Viola! You can eat out and stick to your diet at the same time.

5. Get Started Now!

You can get the book Naturally Thin: Unleash Your Skinny Girl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting to know all the rules of the diet. If you want to get started, before you get the chance to buy the book, remember to- control your portion, balance your meals, avoid processed food and above all know your body’s needs.

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Naturally Thin

Have you read, Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting (affiliate link) by Bethenny Frankel? I didn’t think I was going to like it. But I picked it up in a bookstore a couple of years ago and was immediately hooked by her honesty and down-to-earth style.

After years of yo-yo dieting, Bethenny was able to find balance by changing her habits and learning how to think like a “naturally thin person.”

The book is divided into two parts. The first provides a detailed explanation for each of her 10 Rules for Living Naturally Thin and includes two or three recipes for each rule. The second part walks you through a weeklong example of how to implement the rules into a Naturally Thin Program for Life. The book concludes with a 3-week peek into Bethenny’s food journal.

More About 10 Rule’s For Being Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel

So, what are the 10 rules for living naturally thin? Here is my take on Bethenny’s 10 principles for being Naturally Thin for the rest of your life:

  1. Your diet is like a bank account. Think about finding the balance in terms of what you eat. When you overindulge at one meal, compensate at another by making lighter, healthier choices. If you eat a lot of carbs at one meal, choose protein at your next. Balance your “good investments” and “splurges” just like you have to do with your finances so you don’t end up in debt or overdrawn at the end of the month. Think about what you are eating and and consciously decide whether it’s worth it.

    This is so much healthier and more effective than the all-or-nothing thinking that leads to saying, “I blew it at lunch so I may as well double down and have a large pizza and pitcher of beer for dinner.”

  2. You can have it all, just not all at once. When it comes to splurges, decide what you want the most. You don’t need to have it all at every meal. Do you want the wine, or the bread, or the pasta or the dessert? What you don’t have today, you can have another day.

    With this approach nothing is off limits so there is never a need to feel deprived. It’s in alignment with what I’m constantly reminding myself: “Martha, this isn’t your last meal. You will eat again. You can have the pizza today (along with a nice big salad for balance) and the gelato this weekend.” Telling myself that I can have whatever I want has taken away so much of the anxiety I used to have around food.

  3. Taste everything, eat nothing. When faced with a lot of indulgent choices, just have a bite or two or three of what you really really want. The sum total will equal a meal, but you won’t have gone overboard.

    This is a great rule, provided you have the discipline to stick with just a couple of bites, so it’s important to know yourself (see Rule 8). This is my new approach to eating dessert. I’ve learned to tell myself that the first bite is always the best and the rest will never be as good, so I can stop with just a bite or two (most of the time).

  4. Pay attention. Notice what you are eating. When you eat, eat. Don’t eat while doing something else, because you won’t get the satisfaction out of your food and you’ll end up eating more than you realize.

    I’m a big believer in the power of slowing down and savoring your food. I know it can be tricky to implement in our multi-tasking, break-neck paced world, but it’s worth practicing. One thing I’ve done is make it a rule to avoid eating unless I’m sitting down. Try it. You’ll be amazed at how much less food you need to feel satisfied when you are actually paying attention.

  5. Downsize now. Eat less. Portions are out of control in this country. We have no idea what a normal serving looks like any more, especially when it comes to restaurant food. Plates are often generous enough to serve a family. I was shocked and amazed when I first learned that the typical bagel is equal to four slices of bread!

    Using smaller dishes can make this a lot easier to implement, since normal-size portions on supersize plates can look pretty skimpy. I feel like investing in small plates, bowls and ramekins was one of the smartest things I’ve done for myself and my weight maintenance.

  6. Cancel your membership in the clean plate club. Nobody is going to slap your hand with a ruler if you don’t finish it all. Let it go. Pay attention to how you feel. When you have had enough, stop.

    This can be a real struggle, especially if you’ve been raised to believe that wasting food is wrong because, “There are starving children in the world.” But, the truth is that “cleaning your plate” is an illogical solution, since it does nothing to eradicate starvation and only hurts you. Remember, “It’s better to waste than to waist.”

    There are lots of strategies, besides cleaning your plate, you can use to limit waste. These include sharing a meal and packing up leftovers to bring home for another meal, two of my personal favorites.

  7. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Don’t binge. Never, ever again.

    Again, this is easier said than done if you are a binge eater, which Bethenny acknowledges, and she suggests that if you have an eating disorder, it would be wise to seek professional help. AMEN.

    One thing that can really help, is giving up “dieting” forever since deprivation always leads to binging eventually. And if you are an emotional eater or if years have dieting have left you with a fear of certain foods, it’s important to remember that food is not the enemy and it is not your best friend. It is just food.

    Since I stopped “dieting” I rarely get out of control with food the way I used to. It’s been ages since I devoured a box of Cheez-Its or pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Do I ever overeat? Of course. I’m human. But I don’t beat myself up about it the way I used to. I just let it go and work to make better choices at my next meal.

    The key is to be kind and patient with yourself. When you slip up, learn to forgive yourself and move on.

  8. Know thyself. Forget about what all the “experts” say and pay attention to you. Become your own expert. Learn. Study your likes, dislikes, tendencies, strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. What are the triggers that cause you to overeat? Are there certain foods that cause you to lose all control? What are your biggest food challenges?

    The more you know about yourself the more successful you will be so learn to trust yourself.

  9. Get real. Eat more real food and less process stuff. It’s healthier and more satisfying. Focus on eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Think local, seasonal and organic when you can. But be realistic. Sometimes processed food will be the best or only option and that’s fine.

    I’m always working to find the balance between healthy fuel food and fun treats. I believe it’s what you do most of the time that matters, so I shoot for eating well 80% percent of the time, which seems to work for me. That way when I really want ice cream or chips or a cookie or pizza, I can enjoy it without guilt.

  10. Good for you. Take care of yourself. Invest in yourself. Do what’s right for you, what’s healthy for you, what’s good for you. Exercise. Drink lots of water. Take a vitamin. Get enough sleep. Build a firm foundation of good health and self care and you can do anything.

    This can be a challenge if you believe that self-care = selfish. I believe that many of us who struggle with our weight are in the habit of putting ourselves last. But the truth is that if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anything or anyone else, so make yourself a priority.

Overall, I loved Bethenny Frankel’s 10 Rules for Living Naturally Thin. The rules are mostly things you’ve heard or read before, but the way she describes how to apply them to your everyday life is invaluable. It’s not enough to read weight loss books, you actually have to follow their advice!

I’ve been working on implementing these rules, especially thinking of my diet like a bank account, which has been extremely helpful. It’s rational and logical, and I get the freedom to choose.

Healthy Banana Cookies with Oats and Chocolate Chips

And I love the easy, everyday recipes, like this one for banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. But because Bethenny doesn’t believe in counting or tracking calories or carbs or fat grams or Weight Watchers Points, there is no nutritional information. This doesn’t really bother me since I’m in maintenance mode and rarely track beyond making mental notes throughout the day anymore anyway.

There are parts of the book where Bethenny’s relationship with food still seems a little neurotic, but anyone who has ever struggled with food and dieting should be able to relate.

I recommend this for anyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off, without dieting or deprivation.

You can pick up a copy of Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting (affiliate link) at Amazon.

What do you think about these rules? Do they make sense and resonate with you the way they do with me? I would love to get your thoughts and comments.

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Aug. 14, 2013— — intro: Bethenny Frankel just opened up in an interview with ABC News about how she’s still dealing with the aftermath of her painful divorce and custody battle. But the reality-TV star-turned talk show host, Skinnygirl mogul and mom also reveals how she keeps everything all together in her life.

Frankel, a four-time New York Times best-selling writer, is out with her fifth book, “Skinnygirl Solutions,” a guide of practical and healthy living advice.

“It’s solutions to make women’s everyday lives a little easier, a little more balanced,” she told ABC News. “Just from … on a micro-level, when you walk into your bathroom cabinet and you look at that drawer with all the brushes and the nonsense, just how to organize that one moment of your life.”

Some of the most-asked questions Frankel still gets from her fans are about dieting — how she stays so thin. In the book, Frankel shares her essential tips on how to stay naturally thin for the long haul. “These are simple strategies that can get you where you want to be with your body and with the way you think about food,” Frankel writes. “When you internalize these principles, you won’t have to think about them anymore. You’ll just do them. You’ll eat like a naturally thin person, and you’ll be free.

Read on to see Frankel’s tips, excerpted from “Skinnygirl Solutions.”

quicklist:1 title: 1. Balance Your Diet text: This is the guiding rule, and if it’s the only one you remember, you’ll be ahead of the game. You can eat anything you want in moderation, as long as you keep it in balance. In Naturally Thin, I say, “Your diet is your bank account.” This is the same principle. When you invest in something decadent, you balance that with something healthy, now or later. Balance big meals with small meals, sugary meals with protein and vegetables, rich choices with lean choices. If you eat cheesecake, you know you indulged. Pull back at the next meal. If you ate a giant muffin the size of your ass, you know you just ate a ton of sugar and carbs. Don’t fool yourself. Instead of pretending it didn’t happen or using it as an excuse to keep going with sugar and carbs, balance it at the next meal with a salad and lean protein. Check yourself.

You don’t need to measure. You don’t need to eat fat-free fake food. Eat what you want, and be calm and okay with it when you indulge. It’s just like money. You make a big purchase when it’s worth it, but then you’ve got to skimp a little to balance that indulgence. You might get upset with yourself if you spend too much on something stupid, but that doesn’t let you off the hook. Balance is everything. Know it, face it, and live it every time you make a food choice. Pretty soon, you won’t even have to think about it anymore. url: media:

quicklist:2 title: 2. Listen to Your Food Voice (Not Your Food Noise) text: Food noise is what I call that anxiety-fueled noise in your head that tells you that some foods are “bad” and some are “good,” or that you are “bad” or “good” for eating particular things in a particular way. Please remember: Nothing is fattening in small portions. Nothing! Recognize food noise for what it is: useless. It makes you think you’re not the one in control, and that’s not true. If life is a party, food noise is not invited, because it spoils all the fun. Your food voice, on the other hand, is the part of you that knows what you really want and what your body really needs. It comes from a calm place where you call the shots. We all have a food voice. My food noise might encourage me to keep eating cookies, but my food voice tells me when I’ve had enough to enjoy the food but not overdo it or regret it. It’s just hard to hear until we learn to tone down the food noise. url: media:

quicklist:3 title: 3. Pick Your Spot text: If you really want something, you should have it, in a reasonable amount. If you don’t care as much about it, skip it. In Naturally Thin, I say, “You can have it all, just not all at once.” It’s the same thing, but now I tend to say, “Pick your spot.” For example, if you really want dessert, skip the cocktail. If you really want the cocktail, skip the dessert. If you really want the pasta, skip the bread. If you really want the steak, have a vegetarian lunch that day. In other words, you can and should indulge, as long as you pick the spot where indulgence means the most to you. The rest of it is just calories without a cause. url: media:

quicklist:4 title: 4. Make Food Moments Meaningful url: text: When you eat, pay attention. Don’t just shove it in. When you make food moments meaningful, you can appreciate and enjoy eating. If you’re having sushi at home, use chopsticks. Put your sushi rolls on a nice platter. Put the soy sauce in a little dish. If you’re having pizza, make a nice salad to go with it and put it on a good plate. Notice each bite. I just ate half of a hot-fudge sundae, but I enjoyed every spoonful, so it was worth it. I wanted it and I made it count because it meant something. Because of that, I didn’t have to finish it. If you don’t pay attention to your food, what’s the point of eating something really good? You might as well eat the steamed-vegetable plate. If you’re going to indulge, make it count.

quicklist:5 title: 5. Stop at the Point of Diminishing Returns url: text: The point of diminishing returns is the exact moment when a food doesn’t taste as good as it did at the first bite. You can eat anything—truffle fries, nachos, cake. Take a bite and relish every part of how delicious it is. Then take another. Is it just as good? By the third bite, if the experience has peaked and it’s not quite as good as the first bite, that’s the point of diminishing returns and it’s your signal to stop eating. (Pay attention or you’ll miss it!)

quicklist:6 title: 6. Keep It Moving text: If you feel you’re about to get derailed and you can’t stop eating something, then move on to a different taste. When you switch the taste, it can interrupt the rampage and make you realize you’ve had enough food. If you can’t stop eating cookies, then have some cheese or chips or something salty to interrupt the sugar bender, and you’ll be more likely to realize you’re actually full. Then you might stop, but just to be sure you don’t drift back to the cookies, keep moving on to something else. Move on. Going back to those cookies ain’t worth it, and you know it.

quicklist:7 title: 7. Don’t Let “Good Enough” Be Good Enough text: Never settle when it comes to a food indulgence. Only go for the special things that are really worth it. “Mediocre” is no longer in your vocabulary. If you choose to eat it, it’s only because it is totally worth it. It’s not the last cookie you’re ever going to see, so unless it’s the best cookie, skip it. Period. The end.

quicklist:8 title: 8. Taste Everything, Eat Nothing url: text: When you just can’t pick a spot to indulge because there are too many choices, then taste everything, eat nothing. This means taste just a little bit of everything you really want. Use this rule at a buffet, an indulgent restaurant, a party, or any place where you know there will be many fattening choices. Make yourself a perfect little plate with small bites of the most tempting foods. If you want to go back and have a few more bites of what was really worth it, fine. This rule allows you to participate in any event and not have to feel anxiety that you missed something. You didn’t miss anything because you tasted everything.

quicklist:9 title: 9. Know the Differential url: text: What’s the differential between a cheeseburger and a veggie burger with cheese? If both would taste roughly the same to you, especially if you dressed the veggie burger up with mushrooms, onions, ketchup, mustard, pickles, lettuce, and tomato for the whole burger experience, then the differential is small. That’s when you go for the healthier choice—the veggie burger.

When the differential is great—for me, a fat-free brownie would never be as good as a regular piece of red velvet cake, and sugar-free frozen yogurt doesn’t come close to the real thing—then go for the more indulgent choice. If you genuinely like the fat-free version, great. If not, have what you prefer. You don’t have to go crazy. Have a handful of fries and walk away. Have one or two cookies or a small scoop of real ice cream or a small piece of fried chicken and enjoy it without guilt, then move on. If you truly allow, honestly and fully without guilt and food noise and beating yourself up, then you won’t ever binge.

quicklist:10 title: 10. Spot the Knockoffs url: text: If it’s artificially sweetened, fat-free, or some other “fake” version of a real food, beware. There is evidence that artificial sweetener actually makes you crave sweets because it confuses your body, and people tend to eat more of fat-free foods because they aren’t getting that full feeling. If you really want something, a little bit of the real stuff—even soda sweetened with sugar—is better than gorging on the knockoff. (Full disclosure: I love veggie burgers, veggie nuggets, and all those “fake” meat products, because to me they are genuinely satisfying and definitely lower in fat and calories than hamburgers and chicken, and I think they taste just as good. I know that they are pretty much junk because they’re so processed, but I also like that there are no animals in them.)

Excerpted from Skinnygirl Solutions: Your Straight-Up Guide to Home, Health, Family, Career, Style, and Sex. Copyright © 2013 by Bethenny Frankel. Excerpted with permission by Touchstone, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Bethenny Frankel isn’t about to be intimidated by body-shamers for her thin frame — and the queen of comebacks wants everyone to know!

© Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Bethenny Frankel visits Fox Business Network at Fox Business Network to discuss Hurricane Florence Studios on September 14, 2018 in New York City.

The Real Housewives of New York City star and founder of the SkinnyGirl product line has been slammed by critics for years who have said she’s too skinny. So in her Instagram story on Monday night, February 18, after she posted a video of herself tearing into an ice cream sundae, she preempted trolls by writing on the next slide: “Yeah I’m skinny. So tell me to eat a burger or that I’m gonna throw it up #f–ckoff.”

It’s not the first time Frankel, 48, went on the offensive in recent times. In January, she posted a photo of a giant, triple cheeseburger on Instagram with the caption, “People tell me to eat a cheeseburger (or 3.) Then what?”

And when she dressed as a Victoria’s Angel model on Halloween last year, she clapped back at people who said she was too old to wear the costume — and at those who said she ripped off the Kardashians’ VS Halloween costumes.

“For those haters, I suppose that monetizing reality TV is not the only good idea that the Kardashians and I have shared simultaneously,” she wrote in her comments section, adding, “For those who bash theirs or my body, go hate somewhere else.”

© Provided by American Media, LLC Bethenny Frankel Tells Body-Shamers to ‘F—ck Off’: ‘Yeah I’m Skinny’

The fiery star, who once had a workout program called Body By Bethenny, was also slammed for wearing a size-4 bathing suit in an UsWeekly photoshoot three weeks after welcoming her daughter Bryn in May 2010. At the time, she told Us she didn’t “believe in dieting” and lost the weight eating her usual pre-pregnancy foods. After the controversy, she told Us that while she indulged during pregnancy, she ate responsibly. “I had cheesecake. I had a dessert every day, but I didn’t go overboard,” she said. “I think people go crazy and that’s why they gain so much weight. People just have to be reasonable: Food is not your best friend or your enemy.”

In October 2016, the mogul mused about societal body-image pressures on the Fortune Unfiltered podcast: “I think being thin is a very, very polarizing thing. I think people get mad at you for it, or it makes themselves feel better if they can just say, ‘Well, she doesn’t eat and she works out every day’ — neither of which are true,” she explained. “So the thin thing is a whole tricky situation.”

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A new report is claiming Bethenny Frankel‘s friends are worried about her super skinny frame and health, while a source close to Bethenny is insisting all is well with the Real Housewives of New York City star.

According to the report, Bethenny, 47, is still distraught over her late boyfriend Dennis Shields‘ death in August and has been losing a ton of weight because of it.

Weeks after the RHONY star was labeled “scary skinny” as she walked the red carpet at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in a plunging, skin-tight minidress, a source claims friends of Bethenny are worried about her health.

“Anyone can see her clothes are falling off her,” a friend of Bethenny’s revealed to Star magazine in their latest print issue.

It was only months ago that Dennis was found dead at this Trump Tower apartment in August, from a reported drug overdose, at the age of 51.

“Bethenny was devastated when Dennis died. Deep down, she feels powerless that she couldn’t do anything to help him,” the source said. “She hasn’t been able to eat or sleep since it happened. She knows she’s lost an extreme amount of weight, but that’s all due to grief. She has no appetite. Food doesn’t appeal to her. She’s depressed and grieving.”

The insider also states that Bethenny has been surviving on packets of nuts, celery stalks, and hot lemon water as she takes her exercise routines to the extreme.

“The only thing that takes her mind off things is exercise, but it’s surprising she has the energy,” the insider explained. “At this point, she’s burning more calories than she’s consuming. Her friends are worried, because she’s getting scrawnier by the day. This has been so tough on her, everyone just wants to see her happy and healthy.”

A source close to Bethenny is however denying the claims in this report, telling Gossip Cop that Bethenny, who is in a new relationship with producer Paul Bernon, is in fact “so happy.”


This source insists that Bethenny has not “lost an extreme amount of weight” and that “she loves to eat.”

Admittedly, months ago, Bethenny told her fans and followers she was on a “grief diet” after someone accused her of being too thin.

“Death will do that to a person,” she explained in September. “I don’t recommend it.”

Weeks prior, the reality star said she was doing her best to stay healthy as she grieved.

It’s hard to breathe & I appreciate you giving me the space & support to try to do so. It’s excruciating-sudden death is no closure & constant ?s & memories. Our relationship is current so it’s painfully raw. Trying to stay healthy & move through it w tears & close friends. Xo

— Bethenny Frankel (@Bethenny) August 26, 2018

The Real Housewives of New York City will return to Bravo TV sometime next year for season 11.

Photo Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret

Bethenny Frankel Says When It Comes To Food, She Never Does This

Former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel is very attuned to eating healthy and staying fit. Author of the 2009 bestseller “Naturally Thin”. Frankel believes in working on a relationship with food rather than following a diet plan.

The Skinnygirl founder recently posted some thoughts and advice on food and exercise – what she prefers, and what she avoids.

Bethenny Frankel | Amy Sussman/Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter

No more dieting

In a previous interview with Health Magazine, Frankel revealed that her background involved a dysfunctional relationship with food. “I grew up eating quality food but in a very obsessive household about being thin and eating disorders,” she shared. “Food was an obsession in my house—out to restaurants every night—but then so was dieting. When I was in my 30s, I just unlocked the safe.”

The former reality star realized that harsh restrictions and deprivation only lead to disappointment. “I figured out how dieting doesn’t work,” Frankel said. “I’d been on every diet and it took me all those years to realize: Diets are hopeless. They are hope, and then they break your spirit.”

Through her book, Frankel takes pride in sharing her message of balance. “’Naturally Thin’ will still be the greatest work accomplishment of my life,” she said. “It’s learning how to allow and to indulge. That works.”

Words of wisdom

Taking to Instagram, Frankel recently shared what works for her when it comes to health and wellness, and how she prioritizes what’s important. “My philosophy on eating & exercise is to do what you can when you can. I choose time with my daughter & sleep first. If I’m near a beach, I take an hour walk. If I have the time, I’ll do a yoga dvd,” she wrote on Instagram.

She also revealed what doesn’t work for her. “I don’t believe in fear based, torturous, aggressive exercise,” she wrote. “Life is too short and stressful to dread doing something for an hour. In addition, extreme exercise creates extreme hunger.”

Frankel has previously spoken on how she doesn’t place too much emphasis on exercise, but rather focuses on activities she finds enjoyable. “I don’t exercise that much, which people think that I do,” she said in an interview with Talk Stoop earlier this year. I think there’s a lot of things people think about me that are probably not accurate.”

A big no-no

While Frankel considers herself a foodie and allows indulgences, there is one thing she doesn’t allow herself to do. “I love food and eat whatever I want but I NEVER binge,” she revealed in her post. “I don’t beat myself up about what I’ve eaten or praise myself about what I haven’t.”

Referring to her book, the former Real Housewife reminded her followers to focus on a healthy attitude toward what they eat. “Food isn’t your best friend or your enemy. It’s just food,” she shared. “I have a good relationship with it. This is all in my book “Naturally Thin” written years ago but holds true today!”

Frankel practices what she preaches, telling Hollywood Life earlier this year that she concentrates on healthy moderation. “I do not eat a lot of ‘fake’ foods. I’ll eat cake and fries but nothing brightly colored or artificial,” she said in April. “No two days are the same, but I never deprive. I always have at least one sweet treat or dessert but I don’t gorge. I don’t believe in depriving or overindulging. I never ever binge and I eat a tremendous amount of variety.”

She advised fans to treat themselves while having the self-control to know when to stop. “If you really want it, have it. No one ever got fat on a cookie or a handful of fries,” Frankel said.

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Review of Naturally Thin

I adore Bethenny Frankel, and I’ve been a fan of hers for years, but I’m on the fence about her book: Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting.

Most of Bethenny’s advice is common sense and information that I’ve read in various health and fitness magazines over the years. In fact, I already use a lot of her tips to balance the way I eat in my everyday diet. While nothing from the book really surprised me, Bethenny’s approach was a good reminder to practice a little self-control every now and then. Much of Naturally Thin is about eating in moderation, not denying yourself, and satisfying cravings, but parts of it seem to highlight some disordered eating behaviors.

Naturally Thin is split into two sections: The Rules and The Naturally Thin Program. In the first section, Bethenny explain her 10 basic rules:

1. Your diet is your bank account
2. You can have it all, just not all at once
3. Taste everything, eat nothing
4. Pay attention
5. Downsize now
6. Cancel your membership to the clean plate club
7. Check yourself before you wreck yourself
8. Know thyself
9. Get real
10. Good for you

In theory, all of Bethenny’s rules are great advice for someone wishing to lose or maintain their weight. A number of the rules hit home for me and changed my thinking about how, when, and why I eat.

  • Your diet is your bank account. This is basically the thinking behind Carrots ‘N’ Cake. You can have your cake as long as you eat your carrots! 😀 Bethenny explains that you need to balance your food choices. She suggests balancing a carby meal (oatmeal) with a protein-packed meal (salad with chicken breast) and a final meal that combines both carbs and protein. This rule opened my eyes to the lack of protein in some of my own meals– no wonder I am a bottomless pit after eating 2 carb meals in a row!
  • You can have it all, just not all at once. I’ve actually repeated this rule in my head when dining out or attending special events with lots of yummy food. Obviously, I don’t deprive myself, but I don’t need to treat myself to every delicious treat that passes my plate. For instance, when eating out, I don’t need to have a piece of bread from the bread basket, a glass of wine, an entree, and dessert! Bethenny suggests picking what you most want most and enjoy it. You can always have dessert another time– it’s not going anywhere.
  • Good for you. This was my favorite rule out of the bunch– mostly because I blog about what works for me everyday on CNC. For example, I eat oatmeal with nut butter almost every morning, but that doesn’t mean you should eat the exact same thing. Maybe you dislike mushy foods. Maybe the thought of breakfast makes you sick to your stomach and dinner is your favorite meal of the day. You need to find out what is good for you and do it. You are the only person who really knows what is good for you.

The second section of Naturally Thin goes through a week of Bethenny’s eating and shows you how to implement the rules in everyday life situations. In this context, a number of her rules made perfect sense to me. In other instances, however, it seemed like she wasn’t eating nearly enough calories. For example, here’s what Bethenny ate in one day:

  • Breakfast: Hummus and roasted red peppers on one pita triangle. (One pita triangle is not a meal!)
  • Lunch: 1 glass of Chardonnay, 1/2 spinach salad with crab meat and hearts of palm.
  • Snack: 1/2 bag of popcorn with sea salt, one bite of a cookie.
  • Dinner: 1 Skinny Girl Margarita; green salad drizzled with ginger dressing, 1 spicy scallop hand roll with mayo but no rice, 2 steamed vegetable dumplings, 1 steamed crab dumpling, 2 pieces of sushi. (Taste everything, eat nothing.)
  • Snack: 2 bites of a friend’s Pinkberry frozen yogurt. (How is this a snack!?)

Bethenny may have been balancing her “bank account,” but skipping meals and counting 2 bites of food as a snack is not a nutritious diet to me. Of course, this was just one day of Bethenny’s life and she was doing what was good for her, but I find her calorie intake pretty low (even for someone living a relatively sedentary lifestyle). Bethenny admits that her eating habits are not perfect, but, personally, I would pass-out from eating so little! I think including this second part of the book sets a bad example for those striving to be “naturally thin.”

Even though a number of things bugged me about Naturally Thin, there is something to be gained by Bethenny’s approach to eating. It calls on you to be accountable and responsible for your own food choices, but encourages you to enjoy “what you really want” in moderation. However, it is important to remember that this book was not written by a doctor or Registered Dietitian, and what works for Bethenny may not work for you. Some women may thrive to be “Hollywood thin,” but, to me, the Naturally Thin Program is unrealistic and unhealthy, especially for someone trying to lose weight in a healthy way. While I like many aspects of Bethenny’s eating philosophy, I don’t see her diet as ideal for optimal health for most people.

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