BFF4LYFESee Proof That Taylor Swift Supports Selena Gomez

It’s been months since the world has seen Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez hanging out and that really concerned fans, to be honest.

Of course, Selena was in rehab and trying to get her life together which is super responsible. She cut her REVIVAL tour short, got off social media, stepped away from her cell phone and decided to just live life which ultimately fixed her – as she alluded to at the 2016 American Music Awards.

But, there was a rumor floating around that Sel and Taylor were on bad terms. This always seemed highly unlikely but anything is possible in the world of Hollywood. When celeb friends get into fights and they don’t want the media to find out, the media won’t find out. They have their ways of keeping secrets when they want to.

The uproar started when fans found out that Sel was in rehab in Nashville and Taylor had been spotted there multiple times since she started her stay. However, there were no photos of Taylor going to visit her or even around the facility that Selena was staying. Okay, well that might be normal if Selena wasn’t allowed visitors. However, remember when Selena was spotted by fans out and about? If she could leave the campus, she could probably have visitors.

Also, Taylor didn’t mention Selena once on social media during this time. So, were they really in a fight? We’re going to have to debunk this rumor and say it’s NOT true and they’ve definitely been friends all along. Taylor may have visited her bestie without anyone knowing and she probably supported her privately as well.

This is all of our speculation about what’s really going on between Taylor and Selena but now there’s actual proof that shows Taylor not only supports Selena but there’s no bad blood between them!

Yesterday, Sel was sitting outside having a bite to eat with some of her non famous friends when she was asked what she learned in 2016.

The whole thing was documented on Instagram Live and the “Good For You” singer said, “It’s really important to be aware of the people that you’re surrounding yourself with, the people that are purposefully the ones you are spending time with.

We go to dinner sometimes with friends, and sometimes we’ll go to dinner and we’ll leave and we’ll think, ‘That was such a pointless dinner. What did I learn from it? What will I gain from it? What was the point of it?’ And then other nights we’ll sit at the table for five hours with friends…where you are in life. Like where we are, we’re constantly checking in with each other. Like ‘hey, are you good? Are you good?'”

The best part about all of this? Taylor chimed in! She wasn’t there physically but she commented on the post which is just evidence to prove that these two still love each other, still care about each other and nothing can come between them!

Are you surprised Taylor was watching?! It feels like we’re one step closer to a Taylor and Selena reunion and the excitement is building at a rapid pace. This. will. be. EPIC.

What do you think about all of this? Let us know in the comments below!

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Brands and her core followers are clearly buying into what Gomez is putting out. Beyond just having the most, she has an appealing audience of potential customers: millennial women. Eighteen- to 20-year-olds make up the highest percentage of her followers—about 22 percent of them, according to data pulled by Captiv8. Around half of her followers are female and between the ages 18 and 35. For brands like Coach, Louis Vuitton, and Pantene, this is the sweetest spot.

Consistently committed

Gomez’s sponsors have not always been the crème de la crème of globally recognized brands, but they were in line with her image as the star of Disney Channel’s The Wizards of Waverly Place. Between 2009 and 2014, she endorsed everything from Sears and Borden Milk (appearing in print and television ads for both) to Adidas Neo, her first major sponsorship deal to come when she began her career as a pop star in earnest. She also had the requisite eponymous lines: fragrances (which are still available), nail polish, and clothing.

Though she’s managed to sharpen the prestige of her deals, there’s a common thread in all of them: long-term commitment (as in more than a year). Unlike Kim Kardashian West and her sisters or any number of “influencers” on down the line, Gomez rarely enters into one-off deals, or a couple of posts and a single payday. She’s in it for the long haul, and most brands prefer a steady investment.

Becoming high-fashion famous

To go from Kmart to Coach took a little re-imaging, and a large piece of that had to do with her stylist Kate Young. Young made a push to put Gomez in high-fashion clothes, name-checking Valentino, Saint Laurent, Givenchy, and of-the-moment brand Monse in interviews. The intent seemed to balance her perpetual baby face with a classic adult aesthetic and grow her Disney Channel roots into her pop-star present. It worked. After Gomez attended the Met Gala with Louis Vuitton’s creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière, in May, the brand announced that she would be its face. She embraced the high-fashion community, and they embraced her—and her 105 million Instagram followers—right back.

Absence-proof—to a certain extent

Just as Gomez’s fashion tastes were changing, so was her social-media approach. It was only after she slowed her posting cadence that she hit her record-breaking highs. Captiv8’s data on the account shows that she significantly reduced the number of photos she shared on Instagram per day between 2014 and 2015. In 2016, however, everything changed.

On August 30, she announced that she would taking “some time off” to be “proactive” about dealing with the “side effects of lupus” in a statement released to People. She never said how long her time off would last, but she remained off of Instagram for 14 weeks. Just prior to ghosting this and other platforms, she had allegedly gotten into a public word scuffle on Instagram with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. This—this—was her biggest recent controversy, and a perfect microcosm of how she remains a fairly safe bet for brands even when she’s absent from the lives of the customers they hope to reach.

When Gomez returned to the Instagram on November 25, she posted a photo with her fans, captioned, “I have a lot to be thankful for this year. My year has been the hardest yet most rewarding one yet. I’ve finally fought the fight of not ‘being enough.’” It got 3.8 million likes, par for the course on her account. Her next photo, posted this weekend, is of the singer holding a Coach bag personalized with her initials. It currently has 3.5 million likes. It’s as if she never left, and brands, fans, and followers alike adore her for it.

Angelina Jolie and Selena Gomez both are refusing to be on the defense when it comes to hearing from the men in their lives. The two women, members of what once was an elite circle of Hollywood’s golden couples who seemed to prove that love can survive the pressures of the celebrity world, allegedly took the offense by cutting off their men from contact, with Jolie making the surprise move by blocking Brad Pitt’s phone number and Gomez taking the tactic of changing her phone number so that Justin Bieber could not contact her. And as discussed below, they’re not just following parallel paths, but Selena has somehow gotten tangled in Pitt’s and Jolie’s divorce drama.

Whoa! Angelina Jolie may have blocked Brad Pitt’s phone number!

— HollywoodLife (@HollywoodLife) September 25, 2016

Hollywood Life noted that Angelina has cut off all her contact with Brad, with matters getting so bad that the actress has no desire to talk with him.

If Pitt does want to try to contact Jolie, it’s reportedly going to become problematic. Angelina has blocked his phone numbers, which allegedly translates into preventing him from calling her or texting her, according to the sources cited by Hollywood Life.

“Angelina has blocked all incoming text messages and also Brad’s numbers.”

Jolie made the surprise move after an alleged fight on a private plane, which reportedly played a key role in her decision to file for divorce from Pitt.

Brad Pitt reportedly has been blocked from contacting Angelina Jolie.

If this sounds like deja vu all over again, Angelina’s decision to cut off contact with Brad comes in the wake of Selena’s move to cut off Justin from contact.

Exclusive: Selena Gomez has changed her phone number because of Justin Bieber.

— Us Weekly (@usweekly) September 15, 2016

Us Weekly revealed that Gomez cut off Bieber’s ability to contact her by changing her phone number. And just as Angelina reportedly got to the point where she felt she needed to exit her marriage, Selena allegedly has gotten to a place in her life where she’s frustrated with repeatedly getting caught up in Justin’s life.

Together in an off-again, on-again romantic relationship since 2011, the 24-year-old “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” pop princess “changed her phone number,” an insider told Us Weekly. “She told everyone not to give it to .”

Selena Gomez reportedly cut off contact with Justin Bieber.

While Jolie is described as having made the decision to leave her marriage after the fight on the plane, Gomez reportedly cut off contact from Bieber after their fight on social media. The battle occurred in mid-August, when Selena suddenly leaped into an Instagram argument that Justin was having with his fans over their hostility toward his then-girlfriend Sofia Richie.

Gomez informed Bieber that he should not post pictures of his new gal pal if he was not able to “handle the hate” from fans who were feeling jealous. Justin then claimed that Selena had cheated.

“Oh I forgot about You and Zayn?” Bieber retorted.

The implication: Gomez allegedly cheated with former One Direction member Zayn Malik. Justin subsequently exited Instagram.

HOW did they drag Selena Gomez into this?

— Teen Vogue (@TeenVogue) September 21, 2016

Angelina and Selena aren’t just following seemingly parallel paths when it comes to their respective relationships with Pitt and Bieber, however. The “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” singer somehow has gotten tangled in Jolie’s and Brad’s drama, pointed out Teen Vogue.

With speculation swirling following the announcement that Jolie had filed for divorce from Pitt, Selena became reported as one of the reasons for the split, with Teen Vogue referencing sources who claimed that Angelina was upset that Gomez took a photo with Brad.

That photo, which appeared on Selena’s Instagram eight months ago, was shot following the 2016 Golden Globes. It shows Gomez and Pitt chatting on a couch.

just discussing #TheBigShort [email protected]

A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on Jan 11, 2016 at 12:21am PST

While the pop princess used her caption to put the photo in context, explaining that she and Brad were “just discussing #TheBigShort,” it’s now allegedly turned into a semi-scandal because of the claims that Jolie is jealous.

Some fans are even going from cheering for Team Jelena to rooting for “Team Bradlena.” However, despite those claims of something that would give Angelina a reason to be jealous, Pitt and Gomez both starred in the movie The Big Short, providing them with an innocent motivation for their suddenly scandal-torn couch conversation.

Selena Gomez Apparently Changed Her Number So Justin Bieber Can’t Reach Her

The Jelena drama is so real.

If for one second you thought Justin Bieber was over Selena Gomez, then you’ve been mistaken.

Justin Bieber is still head over heels for his ex, and we have proof.

According to Us Weekly, Selena had to change her phone number to stop Justin from contacting her.



I mean, I’ve drunk texted my ex several times (hey baby, miss you!), but having to change a number is pretty intense.

Justin must be borderline harassing her at this point. It’s unclear WTF he’s been saying, but one thing is obvious: Selena is done with his shit.

On top of that, the “Hands To Myself” singer apparently told her friends to not give Justin her new digits.

She doesn’t want any contact from him at all, especially at a time when she’s suffering from depression and anxiety stemming from Lupus.

Recently, the Revival star said she’s taking a break from her tour to focus on her health. It looks like Justin hitting up her phone isn’t ideal for her at the moment, so she’s taking the necessary steps to prevent him from reaching her.

As for Biebs, he’s been romantically linked to Sofia Richie, but I guess this info proves he’s still not over Selena.

Will the two ever truly get back together? Man, a girl can only hope.

Citations: Selena Gomez Cuts Off Justin Bieber, Changes Phone Number: ‘She Told Everyone Not to Give It to Him’ (Us Weekly)

She’s so sick of that same old love that she changed her phone number just to avoid his ass.

According to Us Weekly, a source said Selena Gomez changed her number just so Justin Bieber can’t holler at her to say sorry for the umpteenth time. And that’s not all! “She told everyone not to give it to him.”


This is apparently over the mid-August Instagram argument when Selena told Justin to stop posting photos of his girlfriend Sofia Richie if he couldn’t “handle the hate” from jealous fans. Then, the Biebs accused Selena of cheating on him with former One Directioner Zayn Malik. I mean, it was crazy.

And now, Selena’s allegedly changed her phone number just to stay away from her ex. Let’s hope she’s also blocked him on every social media channel and also maybe moves to another planet because, girl, I’m here to tell you it’s impossible to avoid Bieber even if you’ve never bumped uglies. I hear about him at least 15 times a day, and that’s before I start my shift!

All I’m saying is: Godspeed, my sweet songstress. Stay strong, and throw your phone in the ocean.

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Laura Beck Laura Beck is a Los Angeles-based TV writer and frequent contributor to — her work has appeared in the New York Times, New Yorker, Jezebel, and the Village Voice.

Last April, Selena Gomez was photographed while on vacation in Mexico. She was wearing a swimsuit, which is normal vacation behavior. But Selena isn’t any ordinary human, and internet trolls pounced on the chance to tear Selena apart for looking “fat” in paparazzi photos.

View this post on Instagram

I love being happy with me yall #theresmoretolove 😂

A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on Apr 16, 2015 at 5:39pm PDT

She handled the body-shaming by posting a personal bathing suit shot to Instagram, which she captioned, “I love being happy with me yall,” along with the hashtag #TheresMoreToLove.

But that was last year and this is now. And while she’s always looked stunning, at the start of her worldwide solo tour, Selena has visibly less to love.

Getty Getty

Her changed body is the result of over a year working with trainer Amy Rosoff Davis, who has not only been looking after the singer’s fitness but also her diet and lifestyle.

View this post on Instagram

Being silly practicing @balletbodies moves backstage with my girl @selenagomez after an incredible private #revivalevent for her fans last night #selenagomez #revival photo by @aleenkeshishian

A post shared by Amy Rosoff Davis (@amyrosoffdavis) on Sep 17, 2015 at 10:21am PDT

Since starting last spring, Selena has worked out with Amy anywhere from three to five days a week, and in the last couple months before the start of the “Revival” tour, they were working out seven days a week for up to two hours at a time — on top of which Selena was doing back-to-back run-throughs of her 90-minute show during rehearsal. While on tour with Selena in Sacramento, California, Amy spoke to about what Selena did to get the body she has now.

Getty Getty | Krystalina Tom

1. No weighing. “I’ve never weighed her,” Amy said. “I don’t believe in scales — I just don’t think it’s healthy.” But, because she and Selena work so closely together, she can tell when Selena’s body changes or when her clothes fit differently, which they have been. “I can definitely see the difference, and other people can too,” she said. “But ultimately, a body that eats well and works is going to look better because it’s healthy.”


2. No dieting. There’s nothing that’s off-limits when it comes to food — although that doesn’t mean Amy won’t encourage better choices — there’s just less of it. “I want to live my life like a French person,” Amy said. “I don’t believe in denying yourself, but I also believe in moderation. Life is too short not to enjoy food.”

View this post on Instagram

These days are always the best days.

A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on Jun 29, 2015 at 10:36am PDT

3. Switch from fast food to whole food. About that: Selena speaks with pride about eating like she’s from Texas. “She loves Tex-Mex and fast food that I would normally not condone,” Amy said. “I will walk onto the tour bus and smell fast food, throw it in the trash, and hand her a carrot and hummus.” Changing Selena’s eating habits has helped a lot in shaping her physique, Amy said. “She responds really quickly. We’ll do barely any ab exercises and two days later, I’m like, ‘Whoa!'”

View this post on Instagram

Wait, on the low though… This was backstage. Why do you think I covered my stomach during the show?? 😂😭 watch on CBS!!!

A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on Dec 8, 2015 at 6:51pm PST

Amy has been incorporating more whole foods and healthy organic ingredients into Selena’s meals. Here’s a breakdown of what Selena might eat in a day:

Breakfast: Half of a healthy breakfast burrito of scrambled eggs, chorizo, avocado, rice, and beans; or, full-fat Greek yogurt and granola.

Courtesy of Amy Rosoff Davis

Lunch: A “power salad” of turkey, avocado, beans, with a homemade dressing of red wine vinegar, olive oil, dijon mustard, and lemon juice.

Dinner: Teriyaki bowl with Asian-marinated cucumber, salmon or chicken, avocado, and teriyaki sauce over rice; or sushi.

Amy Rosoff Davis

Selena also has a juicer in her dressing room so she can have a juice before she goes on stage. Amy’s been making her juices with cucumber, carrot, kale, and ginger. Not that Selena is necessarily into it, but it’s what she’s doing right now.

4. Never let your body get bored. Selena has been doing cardio, Pilates, and yoga of all kinds.

View this post on Instagram

My girls getting their Pilates bodies this holiday season 👯 @selenagomez @courtneyjbarry @balletbodies #balletbodies #selenagomez #werk

A post shared by Amy Rosoff Davis (@amyrosoffdavis) on Dec 21, 2015 at 12:06pm PST

She and Amy go on long hikes with some of Selena’s crew, where they’ll break to do circuit training and “arm dancing” and “side chassés up a hill.” Amy said, “I’ve always believed the best way to keep your muscles active is to mix it up. We switch things up almost every day.”

Courtesy of Amy Rosoff Davis

5. Stretch. A lot. Amy stresses the importance of having a limber body and says that becoming more flexible has helped Selena “let go.” Sometimes, Selena will even do a combined stretching and vocal warmup session.

Courtesy of Amy Rosoff Davis Courtesy of Amy Rosoff Davis Courtesy of Amy Rosoff Davis

6. Water, water, water. “I’m a big water pusher,” Amy said. “All the time. I’m always putting a bottle of water in someone’s hand.” It’s clearly worked. Selena toldVogue that “I always have water, tons of water. It’s even in my bathroom because I used to be so bad at drinking water and I want to stay hydrated.”


7. Sweat it out. Amy introduced Selena to Shape House, an “urban sweat lodge” where clients lie for 55 minutes in an “infrared burrito” and leave with skin that is “literally glowing,” Amy said. According to Shape House’s website, one “typical sweat session burns between 800 to 1,600 calories.” Selena loves the process of infrared sweating so much that she has a sweat bag for the road.

View this post on Instagram

It’s hot to be hot. 💦 Tag your #Tribe below who know self-care, sweat, and releasing what doesn’t serve you is sexy.

A post shared by Shape House (@shapehouse) on Apr 4, 2016 at 6:17pm PDT

8. Have a healthy body image. “When you feel good, you exude confidence, and you feel strong and healthy,” Amy said. “You wear it well inside and outside of your skin.”

View this post on Instagram

comin soon @stevenkleinstudio hehe

A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on Dec 16, 2015 at 8:43pm PST

9. Nourish the body and soul. While they were in Northern California, Amy researched good spots to hike, and it’s a practice she hopes to continue throughout the whole tour. “We want to find beautiful things in each town that makes it what it is,” she said. “You’re in a hotel, or you’re on a bus or in a show for so much of the time that it’s nice to get out in nature where there’s no technology and no people.” After the two-hour hike outside Sacramento, they stopped at a waterfall and stood there for a few minutes to breathe and watch the water. “It was such a perfect combination of mind, body, and soul,” Amy said. “Health, fitness, food — all of it is so important. What we put in our mouths and our souls affects everything.”

View this post on Instagram

California you’re beautiful. #dayoff #hiking #Sacramento #revivaltour #revivalbodies

A post shared by Amy Rosoff Davis (@amyrosoffdavis) on May 9, 2016 at 10:26pm PDT

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Helin Jung Helin Jung is a writer and editor based in Los Angeles.

Biography Newsletters

Movies, TV Shows and Songs

‘Barney & Friends’

Gomez began her career in show business in 2001 when she performed on the popular children’s program Barney & Friends as Gianna. Dropped from the series after two years, Gomez auditioned for other shows without much success. She landed a small role in the movie Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over in 2003 and a bit part as Julie on Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire in 2005. She also signed on to play Emily Grace Garcia in Brain Zapped in 2006, and even recorded a song for the show.

‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody,’ ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’

In 2006, Gomez guest starred as Gwen in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody on the Disney Channel. Earning more work from Disney, Gomez was tapped to play the evil Mikayla for the Hannah Montana series. She then landed her first starring role when the channel cast her as Alex Russo in the show Wizards of Waverly Place in 2007. The hit series ran until 2012.

‘Another Cinderella Story,’ ‘Princess Protection Program’

In 2008, Gomez made her first animated movie, Horton Hears a Who!, and starred in the ABC Family movie Another Cinderella Story with fellow Disney Channel actor Andrew Seeley. Selena filmed two projects for the Disney Channel Original Movie franchise as well. The first was Princess Protection Program, released in 2009 and also starring Demi Lovato. Later in 2009, she starred in Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.

Soundtrack Projects

Along with her acting, Gomez focused on her burgeoning music career by recording a cover of “Cruella de Vil” for DisneyMania 6 in 2008. She also recorded three tunes for the soundtrack to her movie Another Cinderella Story and a song for the animated movie Tinker Bell. Other feature film contributions included the single “One and the Same” for Princess Protection Program as a duet with Lovato, as well as four songs for the soundtrack to Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.

‘Kiss and Tell’ Debut Album

In 2008, Gomez signed a record contract with Hollywood Records and began working on her debut album, Kiss and Tell, which was released in September 2009. Gomez also had a cameo in the Jonas Brothers’ music video for the single “Burnin’ Up,” released in 2008.

‘Spring Breakers,’ Voiceover Work for ‘Hotel Transylvania’

In 2012, Gomez performed the voice of Mavis in the animated film Hotel Transylvania. She then starred alongside James Franco and Vanessa Hudgens, among others, in Harmony Korine’s comedic crime thriller Spring Breakers (2013). That same year, Gomez co-starred with Ethan Hawke in the action thriller Getaway. She also continued to pursue her musical career, releasing Stars Dance in 2013 and a greatest hits collection, For You, in 2014. That same year Gomez was featured in the comedy Behaving Badly, with Mary-Louise Parker.

‘Good For You,’ ‘Bad Liar,’ ‘It Ain’t Me,’ ‘Fetish’

Gomez returned to the charts with the single “Good for You” in the summer of 2015, and in October of that year released her fifth album, Revival. She also contributed vocals to Hotel Transylvania 2, released that fall as well, and joined the cast of Season 9 of The Voice as a mentor for Gwen Stefani’s team. More success arrived in 2017 with such acclaimed tracks as “Bad Liar” and “It Ain’t Me,” a collaboration with Norwegian DJ Kygo. She also teamed with rapper Gucci Mane for “Fetish” and the mysterious Marshmello for “Wolves.”

‘Back to You,’ ‘Lose You to Love Me,’ ‘Look at Her Now’

In 2018, Gomez released the track “Back to You,” for Netflix’s teen suicide drama 13 Reasons Why, and revived her role as Mavis in Hotel Transylvania 3. The following year, she returned to the big screen in Jim Jarmusch’s zombie comedy The Dead Don’t Die and dropped two new singles, “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look at Her Now,” from her upcoming studio album. The multi-talented artist was next set to voice a character in the film Doolittle (2020).

Lupus Battle

In early January 2014, it was reported that Gomez had been battling lupus — an autoimmune disease that can cause facial swelling, fatigue, headaches and joint pain — for more than two years. In September 2017, the singer and actress revealed that advancing symptoms of lupus had forced her to undergo a kidney transplant earlier in the year, with her roommate and friend Francia Raísa serving as the donor.

One month later, Gomez provided details of the experience with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie in an NBC news interview: “She lived with me in this interesting time where my kidneys were just done,” recalled Gomez. “The thought of asking somebody to was really difficult for me. And she volunteered and did it. … The fact that she was a match, I mean, that’s unbelievable.”

Thanks to Raísa, Gomez was able to quickly move to the operating room for the life-saving procedure. While there were additional complications during the operation, Gomez has recovered nicely, noting that there was a 3 to 5 percent chance of her lupus resurfacing.

On November 19, 2017, Gomez returned to the stage at the American Music Awards. She drew criticism from some for what appeared to be a lip-synced performance, though others supported her overall effort just months after undergoing a life-saving operation.

The following day, Gomez was honored at the Lupus Research Alliance Annual Gala in New York City for helping to raise more than $500,000 toward research for the disease. During her speech, she recalled the moment doctors stressed to her the urgency of undergoing a transplant procedure. “Maybe I wasn’t necessarily really good at knowing what that meant so it actually got to a point where it was life-or-death,” she said. “Thankfully, one of my best friends gave me her kidney and it was the ultimate gift of life. And I am doing quite well now.”

On November 30, 2017, Gomez was named woman of the year at the annual Billboard Women in Music event. “I would like to thank my amazing team and my family because they stuck with me through some really hard times,” she told the crowd. “And I got to do a lot this year, even though I had a couple of other things to do.”

Activism & Business Interests

Outside of acting and music, Gomez has served as a spokesperson for Borden Milk, appearing in the organization’s advertising campaign and print ads. She also worked on a campaign that encouraged teenagers to learn more about the 2008 presidential candidates. A longtime supporter of UNICEF, Gomez became one of the organization’s ambassadors in 2009, and works to help the world’s children through her C.A.N. (Charity, Action, Now) initiative.

In 2017, Gomez teamed with Coach to launch the Selena Grace line of handbags and accessories, and the following year the two sides collaborated again for a ready-to-wear collection.

In summer 2019, it was reported that the artist had filed a trademark for “Selena Gomez” for a series of beauty products, including fragrances, skin-care and hair-care preparations, cosmetics, soaps and essential oils.

Relationship with Justin Bieber

After first meeting in 2009, Gomez eventually entered into an on- and off-again relationship with pop star Justin Bieber. She has also been linked to fellow musician The Weeknd.

Gomez has publicly feuded with her mother, Mandy Teefy. The two unfollowed each other on Instagram in December 2017, with some speculating it was because the singer had rekindled her romance with Bieber, though another source said the situation was more complicated than that. Teefy later told Gossip Cop that she wasn’t happy with her daughter dating Bieber, but said there was little she could do about it. “Selena can live her life however she wants as long as she is happy, safe and healthy,” she said.

Early Life

Selena Marie Gomez was born in Grand Prairie, Texas, on July 22, 1992, to Amanda Cornett and Ricardo Gomez. Her mother, commonly known as Mandy, gave birth to Gomez at the age of 16.

Everything you need to know about lupus, Selena Gomez’s incurable illness

  • Selena Gomez has been very open about her health.
  • In 2015, she shared that she was battling lupus and undergoing chemotherapy to treat it.
  • Last summer, she announced via an Instagram post that she had to have a kidney transplant as a result of the disease.
  • Lupus affects roughly 1.5 million people in the US and has no cure.
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In 2015 Selena Gomez revealed she had been diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disease that required the singer to go through chemotherapy. The star recently opened up about the disease again, sharing that she had a kidney transplant over the summer.

Gomez has been noticeably absent from the public space, despite having new music to promote. She addressed this in an Instagram post where she wrote that she, “needed to get a kidney transplant due to my Lupus and was recovering” over the summer.

This isn’t the first time the singer has taken off time to work to address her health issues. In August 2016, the singer told People that she’s been suffering from “anxiety, panic attacks and depression,” which can be side effects of the disease.

“I want to be proactive and focus on maintaining my health and happiness and have decided that the best way forward is to take some time off,” Gomez said.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can “affect people in different ways,” Gomez said.

According to the Lupus Foundation of America, the disease can damage any part of the body, including joints, skin and internal organs, and causes the immune system to be unable to tell the difference between foreign invaders and healthy tissues.

Gomez has taken touring breaks to tend to her lupus. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Lupus therefore creates antibodies that can kill healthy tissue, in addition to causing inflammation, damage, and pain throughout the body. In other words, it causes the immune system to be overactive.

The disease isn’t contagious, and it tends to affect women more than men, though most people develop the disease between the ages of 15 and 44.

Lupus can cause a myriad of symptoms, beyond those Gomez is suffering from.

Kenneth M. Farber, co-CEO and co-president of the Lupus Research Alliance, told People that the disease is “sometimes very misunderstood.”

“It is not commonly known that depression, anxiety, and panic attacks can be side effects of lupus,” Farber said.

The disease can also bring about a ton of other symptoms, including swollen joints, fever, fatigue, rashes, chest pain, hair loss, anemia, and more.

There is no cure for lupus at the present time.

Yet, while there isn’t yet a cure for the disease, there are a bunch of different treatment options for lupus.

The disease is treated by a variety of different medicines, ranging from mild to strong, according to the Lupus Foundation of America.

The drugs are geared towards reducing inflammation, suppressing the immune system, preventing flare ups, controlling symptoms and minimizing organ damage.

A number of other celebrities have opened up about their struggle with lupus, as well.

Lady Gaga also suffers from the illness. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Lady Gaga told CNN’s Larry King in 2010 that she tested “borderline positive” for lupus, though she hasn’t suffered from any symptoms. However, she noted that the disease runs in her family.

Nick Cannon revealed in 2012 that he has lupus, and even spoke with the Lupus Foundation of America about living with the disease in a 2014 interview.

Additionally, singers Toni Braxton and Seal also suffer from the disease, and have spoken about their struggles.

Lisa Ryan previously contributed to this story.

5 Things Selena Gomez’s Battle With Lupus Have Taught Us About the Autoimmune Disease

Growing up in the spotlight can be tough — just ask Disney-star-turned-pop-singer Selena Gomez. The 26-year-old has been candid about the challenges that come with the attention (and has taken a couple of social media hiatuses to deal, as she explained in a 2018 Instagram post preceding one such break).

But Gomez has also embraced her celebrity as a way to educate fans about being diagnosed with and living with lupus, a sometimes debilitating chronic condition.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that commonly affects the skin, joints, and kidneys. Instead of warding off infection and disease to keep the body healthy, the immune systems of people with lupus attack healthy tissues in the body. The signs and symptoms of lupus aren’t always present. Rather, there are episodes, called flares, when symptoms worsen.

Gomez revealed her lupus diagnosis in a 2015 Billboard article. And she’s spoken up about managing the condition several times since then.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, women in their childbearing years (between age 14 and 45) are at a higher risk of developing lupus compared to the general population, with the disease affecting 1 in 250 women in this age group.

Here, take a look at what the pop star has said about lupus and how she’s raised public awareness of the disease.

1. Kidney Transplant Is a Common Complication

In the fall of 2017, Gomez revealed that she’d received a kidney transplant. Her friend Francia Raisa donated the organ earlier that summer. Gomez shared the news with fans by posting a photo on Instagram of the two women at the hospital.

Gomez told the audience at the Lupus Research Alliance annual gala in November of that year that the transplant was tied to a complication called lupus nephritis, a kidney disease associated with lupus, according to People. “After undergoing so many tests to monitor my kidneys, my doctors told me I have lupus nephritis, one of those complications from lupus,” Gomez told the audience. “They said I would be needing a kidney transplant.”

The Lupus Foundation of America estimates that 15 to 20 percent of people with lupus nephritis need a kidney transplant or chronic dialysis to stay healthy.

This complication is why it’s so important for doctors to routinely screen people with lupus for signs of kidney trouble, such as high blood pressure and swollen legs, explains Mike Katsaros, DO, a rheumatologist and the chair of the department of internal medicine at the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific at the Western University of Health Studies in Ponoma, California. “We always recommend patients with lupus are seen regularly by a rheumatologist because often they won’t have any signs or symptoms the kidneys are being affected until it’s later on when there’s more and more damage,” he says.

2. Lupus Can Take a Mental Toll

Lupus creates inflammation, which can lead to fatigue, joint pain, and skin issues. And though it’s less talked about, lupus can affect mental health, too.

Gomez told People in August 2016, “I’ve discovered that anxiety, panic attacks, and depression can be side effects of lupus, which can present their own challenges.” And in 2018, she told Harper’s Bazaar that she considers the depression and anxiety she faces to be an ongoing struggle.

Dr. Katsaros says that chronic diseases involving arthritis, such as lupus, do indeed have the ability to affect mental health because the symptoms can be life altering.

“It can have a tremendous effect on a patient and how they perceive themselves. It affects their work. It affects their relationships,” Katsaros says. “It’s generally a difficult thing to cope with.”

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According to a study published in 2018 in Medicine, 25 percent of people with lupus have experienced depression, and 37 percent have dealt with anxiety. Still, Katsaros says it’s important to know that while it’s possible for someone with a lot of inflammation to feel anxious or depressed, this doesn’t happen to everyone with lupus.

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3. Stroke Is a Potential Lupus Complication, Too

Gomez took a break from the spotlight in the winter of 2014 and entered a rehab program in Arizona to help her deal with the disease, she told Billboard in 2015. “I was diagnosed with lupus, and I’ve been through chemotherapy. That’s what my break was really about. I could’ve had a stroke,” she said.

According to the Mayo Clinic, lupus can affect the brain and central nervous system, leading to side effects such as headaches and dizziness on the mild end to, more seriously, seizures and strokes. Katsaros says that while Gomez may have been at risk of having a stroke, these serious complications aren’t very common. “Most patients don’t have the most severe manifestation,” Katsaros says. “It’s people can live with and live with well.”

4. Lupus Treatment Can Involve Chemotherapy

In the 2015 Billboard article, Gomez revealed that she’d undergone chemotherapy to treat her lupus, though she had a hard time opening up to fans about it at the time. “I wanted so badly to say, ‘You guys have no idea. I’m in chemotherapy,’” she said. “I locked myself away until I was confident and comfortable again.”

Not everyone with lupus will need chemotherapy, but people with serious cases of lupus may be prescribed a chemotherapy medication — such as cyclophosphamide, methotrexate (Rheumatrex, Trexall), or mycophenolate mofetil (CellCept) — which suppresses the immune system.

5. Living a Healthy Lifestyle Can Help Limit Lupus Flares

Gomez told Billboard that her secret to staying healthy is “diet, routine, and medication.” It’s not surprising that a healthy lifestyle has helped Gomez manage her lupus because experts recommend doing the same thing. Regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, and avoiding smoking and ultraviolet sunlight can all reduce flare-ups and symptoms.

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Katsaros says that diet is indeed an important part of managing lupus and that avoiding cholesterol and high amounts of fat and sugar can reduce inflammation and minimize symptoms.

As for Gomez’s comment on sticking to a routine, according to Katsaros, there isn’t research to support this claim, but he says it makes sense. “I could see how that would be beneficial for some people because the thing about autoimmune diseases and lupus is there’s always concern about a flare, about what’s around the corner,” he says. “A routine offers some normalcy, some stability, so you’re reducing the unknown as much as possible. You’re as in control as you can be.” (Additionally, both physical and emotional stress have been linked to triggering lupus flares.)

At just 24 years old, Selena Gomez has spent a lot of time in the spotlight. She’s one of the world’s biggest pop stars and the most popular person on Instagram, with 113 million followers. But as she reveals in the April issue of Vogue, fame hasn’t been so easy on her health.

In the interview, Gomez opens up about checking into a psychiatric facility last summer for feelings of depression and anxiety that emerged while she was on tour, which she calls a “lonely” experience. “My self-esteem was shot,” she says. “I was depressed, anxious. I started to have panic attacks right before getting on stage, or right after leaving the stage.”

The singer says she spent 90 days in the treatment center in Tennessee, where she took part in individual therapy, group therapy, and equine therapy, which uses horses to help treat mental health conditions.

Animals can be very therapeutic since they show an unconditional positive regard, says Linda Esposito, a therapist and licensed clinical social worker. “Group therapy can also be a helpful tool to recognize you’re not alone and hear about others’ experiences, in addition to one-on-one therapy.” While a 3-month stay in a residential program isn’t doable for most people, it’s important to seek help from a therapist if you’re dealing with burnout, depression, or anxiety, she says. Ask a trusted friend or family member for a recommendation, or do research online to find a therapist who’s right for you.

This is not the first time Gomez has been to rehab. In January 2014, she spent time at a treatment center after being diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disease that can cause skin rash, achy or swollen joints, fatigue, hair loss, and other symptoms. She has since gotten treatment for lupus and is now in remission from the disease.

Now, Gomez still sees a psychologist 5 days per week. She credits dialectical behavior therapy for completely changing her life. This type of therapy is often used to treat complex or long-term mental health conditions and typically involves individual sessions, group therapy, and phone coaching. It focuses on mindfulness and acceptance, while working with your therapist to change negative behaviors.

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