Shakira’s Trainer Anna Kaiser on the Singer’s Diet and Fitness Routine

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As one of the sexiest pop stars on the planet, there’s no doubt Shakira has a rocking bod. But with a hit TV show, a new album, and a new baby, the 37-year-old songstress has a lot to juggle. And by the looks of her super fit and firm physique, there’s no doubt she makes serious time for her workouts.

In fact, the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer trains with fitness guru Anna Kaiser, owner of AKT InMotion Studio in New York City, who most recently helped Shakira shed baby weight and get back into sizzling shape. “Being consistent with exercise is the biggest hurdle to overcome for every woman,” says Kaiser. “Shakira also works so hard. She gives 150 percent with everything she does.”

We went one-on-one with Kaiser for more-including her secrets for shaping up and slimming down, Shakira-style. From the Colombian stunner’s exact workout to her specific menu, you’ll be hip-shaking like a pro in no time.

Shape: Shakira looks fantastic! Tell us what you’ve been doing with her.

Anna Kaiser : We started with 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. You get an added metabolism-booster in the second half of the day. After six weeks, she did an hour in the morning and another hour in the evening.

Shape: What does your training entail?

AK: It depends on where she is. She loves to mix it up and go out and play sports like tennis, squash, and paddleboarding. One session might consist of a ballet combo and barre exercises, then kickboxing and sports training, hip-hop, or Pilates.

Shape: Did you help with Shakira’s diet at all?

AK: I did help with meal plans, especially because in the Latin culture, they love foods high on the glycemic index or with large portions of meat. I recommended small meals throughout the day to help fight against that dreaded food coma. The meals range from 200 to 300 calories each, five to six times a day. When you get very few breaks during the day and you don’t get a full night’s sleep, you need those small meals to keep your energy up.

Shape: What was on her menu?

AK: One meal option is a piece of poached chicken the size of your fist with a green salad sprinkled with lemon juice, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and celery. Another is a cup and a half of quinoa with minced veggies, all cooked at once so the quinoa absorbs the nutrients. For snacks, a vegetable puréed soup with pumpkin seeds, olive oil, or flaxseed oil works. We’d also incorporate 125-calorie protein shakes with ice, water, stevia, and a chocolate whey protein mix that had 12 grams of protein. You can also add berries and a scoop of almond butter. Shakira also loves oranges with almonds.

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Shape: She had a baby in January 2013. What is most important when it comes to getting in shape after pregnancy?

AK: It’s important to work slowly and intelligently in your strength work before revving up the intensity. Start with deep diaphragmatic breathing to reengage and reconnect with your abdominals. Cardio should remain low-impact at first. You can gradually kick up the intensity. Interval training is a great way to incorporate short bouts of strength and cardio efficiently too (moms have small windows of time!). You can even integrate yoga poses between intervals to get more out of one session.

This full-body routine will engage your core, burn out your legs, stretch out your back and chest, and decompress your spine while bringing your heart rate up for total toning and sculpting.

Step Kick Step Lunge

Sets: 1

Reps: 15 per side

Stand with arms at sides. Step forward with left foot, then kick with right foot. Step back with right foot and lunge back with left foot, twisting torso to the right.

Isolated Glute/Adductor Pulse

Sets: 1

Reps: 30 to 40 per side

Standing, holding onto a barre or a box with left hand to stabilize. Lift right leg parallel out to the side about 6 to 12 inches off the floor. Try to balance by taking hand off the barre. Flex right foot and pulse it up and down.

Abs Exercise

Sets: 2

Reps: 15 per side

1. Start in second position in a wide squat, knees pointing over toes, and hands behind head. Engage glutes, then open inner thighs one more inch to engage your abductors.

2. Holding the squat, Hold that position bring right elbow down to tap right knee. Return to starting position.

Leg/Booty Burnout

Sets: 2

Reps: 15

1. Start in second position in a wide squat, knees pointing over toes, and hands behind head. Engage glutes, then open inner thighs one more inch to engage your abductors.

2. Lift heels up and down for 15 reps.

3. In the same position, hop up and down for another 15 reps.

Pulsing Cat

Sets: 1

Reps: 30

1. Get on all fours, press hands into the floor, and round back up to the ceiling, pulling belly in as much as possible (cat pose).

2. Quickly pulse belly button to spine with a little tuck of the hips, keeping back rounded toward the ceiling.

Moving Half-Plank Pushup

Sets: 1

Reps: 15

A. Start in a half-plank position, continue down into a pushup (with elbows bent 45 degrees), then push back into child’s pose. Return to starting position.

2. Hold a half-plank pushup, pulsing down 20 times.

The Sphinx

Sets: 1

Reps: 30

Lie facedown with forearms on the ground in front of you. Press down into hands and straighten arms.

Thera-Band Burn and Chest Opener

Sets: 2

Reps: 20 per side

Standing holding a Thera-Band between hands, arms straight in front of you. Keeping left arm steady, open right arm all the way to the side as you twist torso to the right. Return to starting position.

  • By Kristen Aldridge

Sexy pop star, Shakira, hasn’t let touring the world and being a mother of two stop her from staying in the best shape possible. The Colombian singer has maintained her fit and curvy figure by working out five days a week with celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser. Shakira always gives her all in her workouts, doing a mixture of strength training and cardio. Consistency was key to losing her baby weight and gaining the endurance to make it through two hour shows every night.

Kaiser told E! News that not even working in the studio until 6am stopped Shakira from doing her “intense” workouts. To shape up and slim down like Shakira, follow this full body workout her trainer shared with SHAPE Magazine that you can do in your own home. You will not only strengthen your core, legs and arms, but will increase spinal flexibility and length. (I’ve included low impact, pregnancy safe modifications in this workout as I am in my second trimester of pregnancy.)

Step Kick Step Lunge- Get your heart rate up while working your legs and core. Stand with your arms on your hips. Step forward with your left foot and kick your right foot up. Step onto your right foot and lunge your left foot back as you twist your torso to the right (skip the twist if you are past your first trimester in pregnancy.) Do 15 reps before switching sides.

Isolated Glute Pulse- Stand with your feet in parallel and your hands on your hips. Lift your right leg up to the side about 6-12 inches off the floor and balance. If you have a hard time balancing, you may lightly hold onto a chair or counter top with your left hand. Flex your right foot and pulse it up and down 30-40 times. Repeat on the other leg.

Abs Exercise- Stand in a wide plié squat with your hands behind your head. Your legs should be slightly turned out with your knees right over your toes. Keep your back straight and your tailbone pointing down. Work your outer thigh area by staying deep in the squat and continuing to open the inner thighs out by squeezing your glutes together. Stay in that position as you bring your right elbow to your right knee and then back up. Repeat on the left side, keeping your abs engaged the entire time. Do two sets of 15 reps on each side.

Leg/Booty Burnout- Stay in your wide plié squat position and either keep your hands behind your head or place them on your hips. Lift your heels up and down without moving your body up and down. Do two sets of 15 reps. At the end of each set, Kaiser says to hop up and down for another 15 reps, but another low impact option I prefer is holding your heels up and pulsing up and down.

Pulsing Cat- Get onto all fours with your shoulders over wrists and hips over knees. Pull your navel into your spine as you round your back up to the sky like an angry cat. Quickly pulse your abs into your back 30 times in this position. Your back should stay rounded the entire time and your hips slightly tucked.

Moving Half-Plank Pushup- Start in a half plank position on your knees and your shoulders right over your wrists. If you are pregnant, spread your knees apart depending on how big your belly is. Bend your elbows to 45 degrees to lower your upper body down into a pushup position. Push back into child’s pose and then come back to a half plank. Lower your body back down into a pushup and pulse 20 times. Push back into child’s pose and repeat. Do 15 reps.

The Sphinx- Lie face down on the floor with your forearms on the ground. If you are pregnant, place a bolster or cushion underneath your thighs. Do not do this exercise if you have diastasis recti. The closer your elbows are to your body, the more intense the sensation will be on your back. Continue to draw your navel into your spine to lengthen the lower back area. Press down into your hands to straighten your arms and lift your torso up. Pull your shoulder blades down your back to create length in your neck. Slowly lower back down. Do 30 reps.

Thera-Band Burn and Chest Opener- Stand while holding a Thera-Band between your hands with your arms straight out at shoulder height. Keep your left arm where it is as you twist your torso to the right, opening your right arm to the side. Come back to center and repeat on the left side. Do two sets of 20 reps per side.

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Photo: Shakira via Instagram; Video: Crystal Chin

When juggling busy careers and lives, it’s not always easy to find the time to hit the gym or prepare a healthy meal. For inspiration, we’re asking influential women in a variety of fields to share a typical day of food and fitness, to see just how they balance a healthy lifestyle with their jam-packed schedules. Anna Kaiser, founder of dance-cardio infused AKT and an Essentia influencer, has made a name for herself as a trainer for stars like Kelly Ripa, Sarah Jessica Parker, Shakira, and Emmy Rossum. On average, she can work out up to four (!) hours a day–here’s the menu that helps her power through a super active lifestyle.

Anna Kaiser

I love the fresh newness that the morning brings: Feeling my body stretch against the crisp sheets, the sun peeking in through the window, fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen, hearing the birds chirp—it all makes me nostalgic and excited to start the day. That being said, I am not a morning person. I love the snooze button. I usually hit the snooze button, drink 4 ounces of the 1 liter Essentia alkaline water that sits next to my bed, and then snooze at least two more cycles before officially starting my day. I usually don’t fall back asleep, however. I take the time to gently stretch, focus, set my intentions for the day, and snuggle with my mini-Australian shepherd, Harlie. My husband has already headed out for the day (he genuinely IS a morning person–so annoying), so the kitchen is warmed up and ready.

Anna Kaiser

I bring my liter of Essentia with me and head to the kitchen to take my Raw probiotic, multi-vitamin, and folic acid supplements. Then, I prepare either a smoothie packed with superfoods (maca, chia, goji, bee pollen, spinach, kale, banana, almond milk, greens powder, almond butter, frozen berries, ice), or my favorite Coco-cado Toast made with a slice of Ezekiel bread, coconut oil, avocado, tomato, chia seeds, and raw Himalayan sea salt (yum!). Depending on the day, I’ll accompany my breakfast with a cup of fresh coffee, or yerba mate tea (with a hint of mint and honey) while I work on my playlist for the day, and check in on emails. Before heading out, I’ll take my dog for a walk around the neighborhood and start my phone calls for the day.

with Kelly Ripa Anna Kaiser with Kelly Ripa Anna Kaiser

Then, it’s off to work! I head into one of my NYC studios to start the day off with meetings, content creation, and admin. There is usually a social post that happens right at the start of my day to motivate my followers everywhere, even if they can’t make it into the studio! Around 11 a.m., I have a mid morning snack like two hardboiled eggs and fresh radishes to keep my energy up before my workout.

Anna Kaiser

Then, I will either teach class or train with one of my amazing private clients, which revs me up to get through the rest of my day with extreme focus. I am never more alive than I am right after I finish an incredible session. At this point in the day, my goal is to have consumed two liters of alkaline Essentia water.

Anna Kaiser

Within 45 minutes after my session, I will eat a well-balanced lunch, usually ordered from one of my favorite neighborhood staples. I am so lucky to be surrounded by fresh delicious options (Sweetgreen, Hu Kitchen, the Little Beet). I’ll order paleo vegetarian chili with a side of chili lime broccoli salad and kale Caesar salad from Hu Kitchen, or a huge salad from Sweetgreen with spinach, mesculun, shrimp, grape tomatoes, sunflower seeds, feta cheese, celery, broccoli, bell peppers, beets, with olive oil and fresh lemon. I usually accompany my lunch with a magnesium and calcium supplement, and sometimes an extra shot of vitamin C if I’m feeling run down.

Anna Kaiser

Post lunch, I’m usually traveling the city for meetings and I’ll either take some roasted sweet potatoes and tamari almonds with me, or mix some whey protein with coconut water so I am prepared with a late afternoon snack. I also start to work on the third liter of my daily Essentia goal. This is HUGE. Staying hydrated while running around the city is a constant struggle, but getting my three liters in every day helps keep me on track.

Someone once told me that to find true happiness, you need three things:

1) Someone to love

2) Something to do

3) Something to look forward to

Sometimes, when my day starts to get hectic, I sit down, take a breath, and reconnect to my mind and body before moving on. There is so much that I am passionate about and so many people that I love, it helps to remind myself how grateful I am for the life I am leading so as not to allow myself to get swept away in details of the day. Balance. I am always striving to stay centered and find balance in my day, my fitness, my food, and my energy.

Anna Kaiser

I LOVE my evenings. I have always been a night owl and really come alive in the evenings. My husband and I love to cook, but rarely get a chance to because our schedules are so busy. So we order our ingredients from Thrive Market for the week on Sunday and set up evenings when we can come home to cook and enjoy dinner together. One of my favorite meals we make is salmon over cauliflower rice with fresh made tomato sauce. The sauce takes a bit of time, but it’s fun to spend some time catching up. And, if we’ve both had good sweat sessions that day, we’ll enjoy a glass of wine or scotch together with our meal.

Anna Kaiser

I try to turn off my phone at least an hour before bed and pick up a book or a journal with a 1-ounce Tart Cherry + Turmeric Shot from Juice Generation. Sometimes I’ll enjoy the tea as my husband and I walk Harlie around the block before turning in. This can very often be the only time we stop to take a minute to breathe in our daily dose of “fresh” NYC air and reconnect to nature, which helps me calm my central nervous system and prepare for a good night’s sleep. Nothing feels better than slipping in between those sheets at the end of a long day and feeling your feet buzzing from the remains of a productive day. And, of course, the goal is seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Working on it!

Courtesy of Anna Kaiser Kristina Rodulfo Beauty Director Kristina Rodulfo is the Beauty Director of Women’s Health—she oversees beauty coverage across print and digital and is an expert in product testing, identifying trends, and exploring the intersections of beauty, wellness, and culture.

All the Healthy Foods Kelly Ripa’s Trainer Keeps in Her Fridge

Celebrity trainers obviously know a thing or two about staying fit through exercise, but rarely do we realize just how much they know regarding healthy eating tips, too. Aside from hours clocked in at the gym, celebrity fitness trainers typically stick to a balanced diet plan in order to keep their svelte physique fueled up for their sure-to-be hectic day. And with clients like Kelly Ripa, Shakira and Hilary Duff, we figured who better to ask than celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser of AKT In Motion for her favorite good-for-you meals? It turns out, the ultra-fit coach knows exactly how to stock her fridge for a day of fulfilling, nourishing foods. Keep reading for her food diary that anyone can recreate at home.

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A post shared by Anna Kaiser (@theannakaiser) on Aug 10, 2017 at 8:23am PDT

As her most important meal of the day, Kaiser starts off with coffee blended with stevia and MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil which “gives the body fast, but long-lasting energy as well as curbs cravings.” She also enjoys eggs and avocado in the morning because starting the day with vital proteins and healthy fats is important for keeping her full for longer.

For lunch, Kaiser eats sashimi with pickled ginger and roasted brussel sprouts. “I normally eat lunch after a workout, and sashimi gives me the protein my muscles need to recover and keep me going,” she explains. In addition to sashimi, Kaiser revealed via Instagram that she’s also a fan of steamed cod topped with olive oil and pink Himalayan salt as another option for her midday meal.

Steamed cod atop dried seaweed is my go-to for a quick, light, and healthy mid-week meal! Steam cod with olive oil, pink Himalayan sea salt, garlic salt, and red pepper flakes to add a kick. Add a squeeze from a fresh lemon slice to brighten it up! 🍋 What’s your go-to healthy meal?

A post shared by Anna Kaiser (@theannakaiser) on Mar 7, 2018 at 2:50pm PST

Afternoon Snack:
It’s rare for any of us to make it to dinner without having a mini snack during the day, and this fact certainly isn’t lost on Kaiser. But instead of reaching for a bag of chips or cookies, Kaiser opts for much healthier options. “ grass-fed beef jerky working out as much as I do, I’m always needing protein to keep going.” Kaiser also likes to indulge in almonds, cashews, seaweed, and toasted hemp seeds. But for times when she’s craving something a little sweeter, Kaiser chooses Primal Dark Chocolate or Pure Protein Birthday Cake Bars. She also incorporates matcha powder into her diet because according to Kaiser, it’s “high in antioxidants and improves memory and focus.”

As for dinner, Kaiser recommends breaking out the grill this summer. “A good dinner option is BBQ chicken, quinoa and asparagus which is packed with vitamins A, C, E, K, and B6, as well as calcium, protein and fiber.” Because this meal is generally quick and easy to make, it’s a great option for those short on time in the evenings. Talk about a healthy meal win-win!

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Anna Kaiser

Anna Kaiser is the name we associate with stars like Shakira and Kelly Ripa. She has also been the trainer of Naomi Watts, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Sofia Vergara. She is also the initiator of some fastest-growing workout methods and is a new TV Host as well. Here, she is sharing some secrets of her profession like how she motivates celebs to push themselves along with revealing some easy to try workout and diet tips that you can start using from today.

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Motivation Method

Anna motivates celebs to push themselves hard by setting an example for them, she recently told AOL. She does 150 percent of the workout her client does, so that they know that they can do it too. She motivates them with her physical and mental energy as well as leads them by example. She never forces them to do any exercise she can’t do herself because she wants them to do only what’s feasible for them. (Well, that’s a good strategy we must say)

Varied Workout Options

Another of Kaiser’s strategy is to change the workout routine of the clients after every two weeks. She makes them to do kickboxing and yoga for two weeks before switching them to hip hop and barre for another two weeks. Different forms of exercises help a person to be stronger physically and mentally as they learn to tackle every new challenging exercise over time.

Anna Kaiser working out

Fitness Beyond the Gym

The founder & CEO of AKT InMotion stresses that working out isn’t limited to hitting the gym only. She believes that the workouts should play a key role in improving the quality of life of a person. Each workout should motivate a person to do some more so that they don’t feel the assistance in getting back to the gym regularly as they would want to do that on their own.

Her Program

The fitness expert also explained the simplicity of her program. The program works with a person to help them support their spine and body flawlessly. The program is also centered on creating long lean proportions. Every workout a person does as a part of the program involves strength, cardio and flexibility as altogether can help a person achieve any and all fitness goals.

Health Tips

Habitual Workouts

The first valuable tip shared by the co-host of ABC’s My Diet is Better Than Yours (2016-Present) is that you should try and make workouts a daily habit. Decide a time or the exercises that suits your schedule best so that you don’t find excuses like you didn’t have time. You should also make sure that you start with fewer workouts like doing 20 minutes sessions – 3 times a week. You can increase the intensity or the number of exercises when you make working out a habit.

Anna Kaiser fit figure

Don’t be Overenthusiastic

If you are charmed by all the weight loss programs that have been gaining a lot of media attention and are over enthusiastic about it, then Anna wants you to stop walking down this path. She suggests you begin your fitness journey with a workout that will last for long and shows results rather than doing what everyone else is doing. Find a program that suits your body, no matter how ancient it is and stick to it. You should also try to do only those exercises that your body can handle as over enthusiasm may cost you your health. (We couldn’t agree more)

Diet Advice

The beautiful lady also wants you to stop considering diet as a one size fits all solution because everyone has a different body. You should understand what suits your body type and stress levels. If you are doing stress eating, you should stop it instantly. You should also go to the root of your diet issues like why do you prefer to eat a sandwich in lunch when you can eat a healthy salad. Removing the root of the problem (which may be your addiction to cheese) will help you improve your diet habits in the long haul.

Slow Diet Changes

If you are not happy with your diet, don’t try to change it overnight says the pretty blonde. Try changing one thing at a time like giving up sugar so that you can adjust to it. Don’t make a compromise when you have adopted a change and give your body time to get used to this change before adopting another one.

Treats are Vital

The elite personal trainer also thinks that if you want to change yourself overnight and give up all the foods you love (like bread), it would not lead to the desired long term results. It’s vital for you to indulge in the food you crave once in a while to keep yourself happy and reward your hard work.

Enhance Your Life

The creator of Beachbody’s INSANITY believes that you should focus on enhancing your quality of life and making it rich with fitness routines and diet changes. You should not deprive yourself of anything as it will only lead to disappointment.

Anna Kaiser and Shakira

Look Different with Strength Training

The holder of B.F.A. in dance from the University of California (cum laude) thinks that if you want to look different, you should focus more on strength training rather than just sticking to cardio exercises as strength training offers faster results. If you think that you are bulking up, don’t worry about it as every pound of muscle you gain would help you to burn around 15 calories a day.

Another benefit of starting a weight training routine is that you will feel more confident from the start (research has proven that). Lastly, the new muscles developed would give a great shape to your body and you will have more willpower to change your body until you get the desired results as you wouldn’t want to let go off the amazing changes, your body is going through.

Anna Kaiser Talks About Eating, Working Out in Summer of 2018

Healthy Breakfast

The beauty starts her day with a Pure Protein bar that has about 20 grams of protein and a lot of healthy stuff like flax seeds, quinoa, oats, and chia seeds. This breakfast fuels her for a busy day ahead and allows her to pamper her taste buds as well.

Snacking Habits

The stunner likes to snack on Pure Protein Birthday Cake bar when she is busy training clients or hopping from one meeting to another. Anna is against fueling her body with sugar because though it might provide a temporary rush of energy, it won’t keep you full for longer.

Anna Kaiser showing her taut stomach in January 2018 selfie (Anna Kaiser / Instagram)

How to Stick to Doing Workouts Regularly?

If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to workout daily, the fitness expert has simple advice for you. Choose a workout you love and stick to it. Citing the example of Kelly Ripa, Kaiser says that the American actress has been working out with her for 10 years and she still attends the sessions for 4 to 5 days a week. So, you should also choose a workout that you could look forward to and that makes you feel great after each session.

Stop Seeking Awesome Abs

Most people are seeking great abs these days because they see celebrities sporting them. If you are one of them, then Anna advises you to stop seeking awesome abs because your goal should be to strengthen the core. When you focus on the core, your body will be strong. In contrast, if you focus on abs, you may get aesthetically pleasing results, but you may not get a strong body.

You should know that your core includes your lower back, hips, abdomen, and pelvis muscles while the abs are just the top layer of muscles. If you just focus on getting great abs, you might actually harm your body.

Anna Kaiser in an Instagram selfie in April 2018 inside her AKT Studio (Anna Kaiser / Instagram)

Strengthen Your Core

Explaining this further, the fitness expert said if you just want to enhance the abdominal wall, your would not be as strong, and there will be an imbalance in your body. Her exercise method, AKT fitness classes focus on the core from every plane of motion. It’s not just about getting or flaunting the abs.

Did we miss anyone?


2010 Getty Images

When Shakira gives you a call to help her get her pre-baby body back the only logical thing to do is toss on a sports bra and start creating some killer new routines. So that’s exactly what Anna Kaiser of AKT InMotion is doing.

At this very moment, the celebrity trainer is traveling to Spain to whip Shakira back into shape after having her second baby. And it’s no surprise: Anna’s cult-favorite workout (A-list fans include Sarah Jessica Parker and Kelly Ripa) is a mix of high-intensity cardio dance routines, strength training and fun, because hey, working out doesn’t have to be so serious.

But note that the duo’s relationship is mutualistic, as Anna has danced in and choreographed Shakira’s music videos and trained her after she gave birth to her first son—so of course she’s on Shakira’s speed dial. (And we’re crazy jealous.)

Give Anna’s moves a try by checking out the total-body, dance-inspired routine she put together just for SELF readers. Then, keep up with Shakira’s routines and progress by following Anna on Instagram where there’s no filter to hide hips that lie. (Sorry, we had to.)


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  • Your Total-Body, Dance-Inspired Routine
  • The Body-Positive Video You NEED To Watch

Image Credit: Getty

June 15, 2015 – 17:27 BST It may only be four months since Shakira welcomed her son Sacha, but the singer has already regained her enviable figure

It may only be four months since Shakira welcomed her son Sasha, but the singer has already regained her enviable figure. The 38-year-old showed off her toned abs as she shared pictures of herself working out with her personal trainer on Sunday.

“Dancing and working with @theannakaiser today!! @aktinmotion,” Shakira wrote.

The collage of photos showed the Waka Waka singer dancing in a studio wearing a black crop top and leggings with her blonde locks worn down in natural curls. Unsurprisingly the picture attracted over 270,000 likes from fans, with many expressing their envy of her toned physique.

Dancing and working with @theannakaiser today!! @aktinmotion

A photo posted by Shakira (@shakira) on Jun 14, 2015 at 8:54am PDT

Shakira recently told HELLO! Fashion that she had worked hard to slim down following the birth of her second child, after being limited to wearing “sweat pants” for a few months.

“For a while I could only wear sweat pants because I was that intermediate size that you’re not a small, you’re not a large,” she said. “But right now I’m back in my jeans which is good news! But only from two weeks ago I got back in my jeans. Before it was quite sad, I couldn’t even get in past my knees.”

Admitting that she ate “so much” during her pregnancy, Shakira said that she has stepped up her exercise routine and is watching what she eats in a bid to get back to her pre-baby weight.


Shakira welcomed her second son in January

“It just takes discipline and commitment and a little bit of self-restraint with food, which I love so much. But you know I still eat a lot, but just eat nutritious food and not anything excessively fattening or stuff like that.

“I just keep an eye on what I eat and exercise regularly,” she explained.

The mum-of-two credited her toned figure to a varied exercise routine including boxing, dancing, tennis and going to the gym, but admitted that she does allow herself a treat from time to time.

“Chocolate,” she said. “I’m a chocaholic!”

The trainer Anna Kaiser, founder of AKT, knows why we all slog away in the gym, “it’s all about the clothes, let’s be real.” And by all, that includes her friend and longtime client, the singer and dancer Shakira. Here, Kaiser, who just had a baby, how she bounced back after childbirth, and Shakira’s training routine for the world tour of her newest album El Dorado.

You recently had a baby, congratulations!

I did. I had a baby eight months ago. He’s amazing. Thank you.

Can you walk us through your post-baby workout routine? It’s a big change.

It is. The main thing is, obviously, to listen to your body, and to get yourself moving. It is very hard to get yourself moving and active again when you’re breastfeeding, up late, and up and down every three or four hours. You are exhausted and so finding a workout that’s smart, that’s exciting, that gives you options so you can either go into a studio or you can do it on demand is important.

As someone that loves to work out, it was very difficult. I would even stress more now, after going through it, that developing a sound workout routine schedule and habits prior to getting pregnant is so, so, so important, because you won’t start once you get pregnant. You’ll be exhausted. You’ll be run down, and it’s one more thing that your body just can’t introduce.

If you develop the habit prior to getting pregnant, after you have the baby you’ll crave it, because it’s something that you’ve been doing and you’ll want to get back to it. Finding that really fun, supportive smart workout is super important because you don’t want to go from you know, from zero to 150 percent. You want to be able to work yourself up safely and really develop strong core muscles from the inside out before you jump into anything that’s high intensity or more 360, with the cardio, strength, flexibility by really developing strength first, and focusing on your deep core stabilizers. Start slowly with 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes of cardio, getting yourself moving, getting your endorphins going.

You’re going to feel so much better. You’re going to have so much more energy. You’ll be surprised how much energy you have. But the main thing is getting there. You really need to motivate yourself to get to the studio because it is hard. There is a lot happening with the baby and the bodies and schedule and so having that really fun, effective workout and team and community to help you get back into, into your AKT sessions is important. It’s really important.

View this post on Instagram

Two days… Dos días … #PerroFielVideo @NickyJamPR ShakHQ

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So start early, and start small and build?

Yes. You have to be smart about your workouts after you have the baby… Your body’s been through a very traumatic event and you have to rebuild safely and slowly, from the inside out, with someone that really understands postnatal recovery work. Don’t just go to any workout. You really want to go to a place where they understand how to rebuild those muscles, so that you are able to work up to where you were before.

How would you find a class or a place that is post-baby approved?

Ask. Definitely ask but that’s… I mean, that’s really what I tout with AKT. Everyone here is an expert. The trainers are all certified pre- and postnatal, National Academy of Sports Medicine. They’re very close with the clients, with the community. And then the community is really positive and fun both online and in the studios in supporting one another and coming together and looking for you know the new moms who’ve just given birth. We congratulate them when they come in and pat them on the back and help new moms through it. It’s really important. So I would always recommend going and finding the AKT community online and the AKT community in studio because I can back those 100 percent and know that you’re going to get exactly what you need to work yourself back from having a baby.

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1 million views in 7 hours! Un millón de reproducciones en 7 horas! #PerroFielVideo @nickyjampr ShakHQ

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That’s so cool. You and Shakira have been working really closely together since the She Wolf days, right?

I actually met her back in 2004. I was working with Jason Maier and Tina Landon and they had choreographed her tour, so I went backstage and met her at that point. Then we started training together through a mutual friend after that, and then I helped her with choreography and helped to get her ready for the She Wolf video, and then from there we just haven’t really parted. We just kept going. She’s an amazing person and I really respect her as an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, a performer, a mom. She’s an amazing human being and a philanthropist, too. She does so much for the schools in Colombia.

In terms of training a musician and dancer, what goes into making sure that the body not only looks good but moves well?

Well, she’s very smart and she wants to learn about the body and she wants to know why she’s doing what she’s doing and what her goal is, what she’s trying to accomplish. Most people really need that and love that. And that’s why we’ve had such a long relationship, because she knows what a stickler I am for functional smart training, but I also make it really fun. We have a really good time together and she loves the community and she loves to work out.

And with a tour, when you are on stage two, two and a half hours every night with thousands of people in front of you, you have to be strong enough to both physically endure the show as well as mentally, and then sing on top of all of that, you know, be able to perform and not think about it being hard. Your endurance has to be up. Your stamina has to be up.

Your body needs to be strong as well as aesthetically in shape for the role that you’re about to play and it needs to be so on fleek. Not an inch can be left unthought about because this is your moment. You’re touring the world with the album you have just birthed. This is the moment for you to really do what you do best. I want to make sure that she is armed and excited and ready to go up there and just do what she does best and not think about the physicality and whether she’s ready or not to do it. She is going to be strong enough. Her endurance is going to be prepared and she’ll be ready to go on all fronts.

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How you do that? Do you have any go-to moves like burpees?

No, so we have two different workouts. One is a circuit training interval workout and one is a dance-based interval workout. We offer both of those workouts online as well as in studio. The dance-based workout is called Happy Hour. The circuit training workout is called Sweat Dream. We have a lot of fun, and we alternate between cardio and strength intervals. We focus on different parts of the body. We’ll do a cardio circuit and then upper body circuit and then we’ll do a cardio circuit, lower body circuit, cardio circuit, core circuit so that she can really focus in on burning a specific part of the body. She loves to be able to connect and then also think about her postural imbalances. I create a program and a routine that helps strengthen the areas where she’s weak.

And most women, especially moms, have similar weaknesses, so my program changes every two weeks online as well as in studio. I’m constantly giving you different tricks and tools and exercises to strengthen the areas where you need it most as a woman. We’re always working to give her you know a new focus, a new area and exercise that she can bring into her everyday life, and work on so she feels comfortable with it. Shakira does that same exercise set for two to four weeks. We check in online, we check in in person and keep her going.

She sends me her heart rate monitor results every day, still. It’s really important to work with a heart rate monitor, and we work with a heart rate monitor in every single session so that you hold yourself accountable for how hard you’re working and I know how hard you’re working and we have a goal that we set with that heart rate monitor, whether it’s time, calories burned, intensity level so that you really are able to measure the effectiveness of your daily workouts.

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@theannakaiser @aktinmotion getting me ready for tour! #ElDoradoWorldTour Shak

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It sounds like anyone coming into one of your classes is getting the Shakira workout.

Yes. Every single person is treated like a celebrity. We will sit down with every person that comes in the door and provide a class programming or a class program for them. We have five different class offerings here: tone, circuit training, dance-based interval training, HIT training, and cardio endurance. So I can say, “Okay, you’re going to take two Happy Hours, one Tone, one 4Play, and two Sweat Dreams this week.” And then I’m going to measure you in two weeks, and we’ll reevaluate your program to make sure that you’re reaching your individual goals.

In addition to working out together, do you ever have any nutritional tips or is there someone that you send your clients to for the food component?

I will bring food and snacks and items from the States and give her new recipes and ideas. This time was the first time that she has a new chef. I was able to work with him on developing a food and nutrition plan for her over the next three months. We have an in-house nutritionist that works with our clients online as well as in-studio so that they get that same program. They have the option to just do the workout or, they can take it a step further, with the transformation program and do both the workout and the nutrition combined.

For someone who is dancing and performing for extensive periods, what do you recommend in terms of foods?

Protein. They need more protein. They need to make sure that they are able to feed their muscles and refuel their bodies to keep going when they’re so active every day.

Do you have any favorite protein sources?

Well, fish is always one of my favorites because it’s not only rich in protein but omegas and healthy oils and fats. You can find really fresh beautiful fish and it’s so easy to make. If you put fresh fish in tinfoil with a little bit of olive oil and some lemon and sea salt, it’s delicious. Or you can add some rosemary or some dill. You just fold up a tinfoil, put it all together, stick it in the oven at 425 for 20 minutes and you’ll have a beautiful dinner. It’s so easy to do, with just three ingredients. A lot of people are turned off by fish because it seems a little intimidating because we’re a little bit more used to cooking chicken or shrimp, but fish is just as easy and you don’t have to stand over a stove. You just put three ingredients together: it’ll take you five minutes, pop it in, and it’s done 20 minutes later. Then you can add a really nice fresh salad or some spinach or broccoli. It can be very easy, and then you’re really tasting the food and not all of the added preservatives and seasonings and everything that comes from delivery, takeout, or prepackaged food.

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Getting ready for tour! Trying to get in shape. Preparándome para la gira de #ElDoradoWorldTour! Shak

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That’s a great meal tip. What else?

And you can even put those fresh veggies in the tinfoil with the fish, cook it all together. The other thing that we nutritionally speaking added into her plan was soups for snacks. Soups are super easy. You can take three ingredients, boil them, put all the ingredients and the water into a blender and you have soup. It’s a great snack. It’s filling. It’s hydrating. You feel like you’re having a meal, but it’s a really nice light snack at the same time.

18 Photos of Chris Hemsworth and His Glorious Superhero Physique

A young Chris Hemsworth attends the Star Trek Los Angeles premiere in 2009, wearing a slim fitting suit .

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While out in Santa Monica with wife Elsa Pataky, Hemsworth shows off his toned biceps in a casual tee.

Photo by Getty.

At the photocall for Thor in Madrid in 2011, Hemsworth wore his blonde locks combed over with a fitted navy button-up.

Photo by Getty.

Rocking bleach blonde tips and chiseled abs, Hemsworth takes a trip to the beach for a quick surf.

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Arriving at the taping of the Late Show With David Letterman in 2012, Hemsworth paired his blonde man bun with a fitted leather jacket.

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Hemsworth showed off his toned arms while walking the streets of London.

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While vacationing in Sydney, Australia, Hemsworth shows off his poolside toned abs wearing his hair in a sleek bun.

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At Byron Bay in Australia, Hemsworth was spotted out surfing rocked his toned physique.

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While out in Los Angeles, the Thor actor wore a sleeveless shirt that showed off his ripped biceps.

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Taking a break from waves in Byron Bay, Hemsworth shows off his chiseled torso.


While hosting Saturday Night Live in 2015, Hemsworth shows off his toned abs during the sketch.

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Hemsworth paired his toned physique with a baseball cap and sunglasses while out surfing in Australia.

Photo by Media-Mode.

The Thor actor is spotted surfing back at Byron Bay revealing his athletic physique.


Rocking tousled waves with his toned biceps and chiseled abs, Hemsworth looked relaxed at Byron Bay in Australia.

Photo by Splash News.

Chris Hemsworth is seen on July 19, 2018 in San Sebastian, Spain. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Europa Press

Chris Hemsworth is seen on January 10, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.


Molly Smith (C) and Chris Hemsworth attend The “12 Strong” World Premiere after party on January 16, 2018 in New York City. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Dimitrios Kambouris

Chris Hemsworth is seen on April 27, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

SMXRF/Star Max

Chris Hemsworth confesses that brother Liam almost got cast as Thor:


Image Source: Getty / John Parra

Shakira has some serious fitness goals right now — and she’s working seriously hard to reach them! POPSUGAR just spoke with her personal trainer, Anna Kaiser, who shared the exact program she’s had the gorgeous singer and mom of two (who’s also nominated for a Grammy and IHeartRadio award this year) doing to prep for her upcoming international tour.

“Currently I am getting her prepped to go on a world tour,” Kaiser said, “which means we are working on increasing her endurance and stamina because she’s going to be on stage for two hours at a time, singing and dancing!”

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Her Workouts Mirror Her Shows

Kaiser created a program that mirrors the HIIT style of Shakira’s actual performances. If you think about it, when she’s on stage, she’s seriously working out! And it’s a marathon. “The majority of the time, she’s performing in an interval-style format,” Kaiser said. “She’s going for five minutes and then resting, 10 minutes and then resting, then a costume change . . . on and off for hours at a time.”


“I want her workouts to complement that,” she said. “We are — just like my classes at my studio — working in an interval-style format. Alternating between different types of workouts, different lengths of intervals, and different lengths of time overall.”

She’s Doing Toning Dance Workouts

Ever the dancer, her workouts incorporate rhythmic dancing too, but not aerobic style. These routines are intended to help her become stronger and improve her stamina and energy. “We’ll do my Happy Hour workout,” Kaiser said, “alternating between cardio and strength intervals. For the cardio portion, we’re dancing — we’re keeping it nice and low impact. Nothing too high impact, so she can really use her muscles when she’s dancing and tone at the same time.”

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And Challenging Treadmill Routines

On some days, they switch things up with a treadmill session — but it’s not the kind of workout you’re thinking about. “We’re alternating on days with my AK Tread workout — it’s my interval workout on a treadmill,” Kaiser said. “When she’s been up until 4 in the morning recording or rehearsing, this is a great way to get going.”

Here’s how it works: “You’re alternating between strength and cardio intervals, but you’re doing it to music, and you’re working on all planes of motion — you’re shuffling sideways, you’re skipping, you’re leaping, you’re running backwards for the cardio portion. Then you stop and do the strength portion, but it’s all done on the treadmill!” Sounds insane . . . and pretty fun! Kaiser shared that she has three of the workouts she does with Shakira on her app, so you can work out just like Shakira does.

Consistency Is Key

When Kaiser is with Shakira, they work together for “stints of two to three weeks at a time” and “bump it up a bit,” intensifying the workouts while they have time together in person. That means one to two days a week, Shakira is exercising one to two hours a day (“Sometimes we break it up into two sessions; 45 minutes each or an hour each”), and then the other five to six days, an hour to 90 minutes each day.

“The main thing we’re focusing on is consistency,” Kaiser said. “As long as she continues with that four to five days a week for maintenance, she’s good.” Kaiser noted that they check in over Skype to keep Shakira on track. That’s dedication.

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For flat abs and hips that don’t lie, Shakira’s trainer has got you covered — and just in time for summer body prep! Anna Kaiser, who’s also worked with top model Karlie Kloss and talk show host Kelly Ripa, has recently been working with the Waka Waka singer. Shakira kicks off her upcoming EL Dorado World Tour in June, so just like the rest of us, she’s working on upping her fitness game before the temperatures rise. Since Anna works with clients who travel all around the world and wants people to be able to access her workout program, she has launched an online on-demand program that allows everyone to sweat no matter where they are.

VIEW GALLERY Ana has worked with Shakira Photo: Instagram/@aktinmotion

In an interview with E! News, Anna revealed that she makes Shakira alternate between strength and cardio intervals to whip her into shape. She said, “Some days we do just cardio and then strength and some days we start with strength and then do cardio. We like to mix it up. I want to make sure that she is improving her endurance so that she can go into a two-hour show, and also has the strength and stamina to make it through a five-month tour.”

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Getting ready for tour! Trying to get in shape. Preparándome para la gira de #ElDoradoWorldTour! Shak

A post shared by Shakira (@shakira) on Aug 30, 2017 at 8:31am PDT

Shakira’s world tour was originally planned to start last November but got postponed after the singer suffered a vocal cord hemorrhage. The mom-of-two had already spent five months training for the tour, but in October realized that things were not right. In an emotional Facebook post, she wrote: “I felt an unusual hoarseness that prevented me from singing. The doctors detected that there had been a hemorrhage in my right vocal cord… In all the years that I have been singing, I never found myself in a similar situation. For this and with great regret I must announce that I am obliged to postpone my European tour until 2018, to allow my body some weeks necessary and dedicated to my full recovery.” But now, she’s ready to go!

If you’re up to the Anna Kaiser Trainer challenge, you can purchase her Happy Hour workout video on AKT’s website for $25 to get a body like Shakira’s just in time for the summer.

Here’s Shakira’s Exact Diet and Exercise Regime, Straight from Her Trainer

What does it take to get hips that don’t lie? Let Shakira’s trainer tell you firsthand.

Anna Kaiser, who helps Shakira with her fitness routine, spoke to E! News this week about the details of the singer’s workout routine, and our body hurts just reading about it.

Kaiser said that Shakira works out five days a week, but her workout goals aren’t centered around appearance-based results. No, all of Shakira’s workout goals revolve around her heart rate monitor.

“We alternate between strength and cardio intervals. Some days we do just cardio and then strength and some days we start with strength and then do cardio, we like to mix it up,” Kaiser said.

“I want to make sure that she is improving her endurance so that she can go into a two-hour show and also has the strength and stamina to make it through a five-month tour. It’s about making sure she gets a little bit of everything.”

Image zoom Kevin WinterGetty

Building workouts around the heart rate monitor also helps with consistency.

“A heart rate monitor is very important because every day is different. Sometimes you may have a ton of energy and other days you may not, but you can hold yourself accountable for knowing how hard you’re working by having a very specific goal to work toward,” said Kaiser.

“Sometimes you’ll think you’re lifting some very heavy weight but you’ll realize your heart isn’t actually working that hard so you can push yourself a little bit harder.”

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In addition to helping Shakira with her workouts, Kaiser is also in charge of her diet. For seven years, Kaiser prepped Shakira’s meals firsthand, but now that they’re in different areas, she has a celebrity chef cook her recipes for the singer. Shakira eats every two to three hours, and her meals are pretty specific. Kaiser said she has fish almost every day, and tends to like soups.

“Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a protein in every meal and fresh veggies or small amounts of low glycemic fruit and for snacks, we started introducing soups. Some great soups are filling and warm,” she said. “So, at the four o’clock hour, when people are craving caffeine and a cookie, soup is a really great option because it fills you up and feels like a meal so it can keep you going until dinner, but it’s not hugely caloric.”

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It seems like a lot of work, but it also sounds (and looks) like it’s paying off.

Shakira Stays Fit With This Fitness Gadget (And A Few Diet Tricks Too)

2 / 3 photo credit: instagram

Shakira’s workouts are a bit of a mix

“We alternate between strength and cardio intervals,” shared Kaiser, who makes sure that Shakira’s endurance is always being developed, so she can put on a great two-hour show on tour. But further to building on strength and cardio, Kaiser also works with Shakira on working her flexibility.

Swim workouts are part of the regiment, too. The fitness expert says swimming is a fantastic way to calm the central nervous system and “move your body in a yummy way that almost feels like you’re taking a bath before bed but still getting a really good second workout in by working against the resistance of the water with no impact on your joints.”

Kaiser shares that Shakira sleeps well after these late-night swim workouts and feels great the day after. The trainer is the owner of AKT in Motion, a studio in New York City, and says she applies the rules from AKT workouts to Shakira’s swim workouts.

Shakira not only fits in five workout days a week, but that some of those are two workouts a day; more specifically two two-a-days, and three one-a-day per week.

If you’re looking to get in shape, Kaiser says settling into a routine is key. Getting started and some momentum for your workout regimen is the hard part, but “once you have a program and you get into the routine, it’s much easier to keep going,” she said. From there, staying consistent will set you on the right track, she says, adding that the heart rate monitor provides you with numbers that keep you accountable. “Sometimes you’ll think you’re lifting some very heavy weight, but you’ll realize your heart isn’t actually working that hard so you can push yourself a little harder,” she explained to E.

You heard the news, yes? That the one and only J.Lo and the absolutely magical Shakira are performing at this year’s Super Bowl!? Well, it takes a village to prep for such a thing, or in Shakira’s case, it takes one Anna Kaiser, the woman behind AKT Studios and Shakira’s five-times-a-week, 75-minute training sessions.

Anna walked Delish through a day in the life of pre-Super Bowl Shakira: what she eats, how she trains, and how she’s handling the pressure of a once-in-a-lifetime performance.

Shakira is eating really lean right now.

By lean, Anna means healthy proteins and lots of veggies. In fact, Shakira is currently alternating between eating 60 percent veggies and 40 percent protein and eating 80 percent veggies and 20 percent protein. Regardless, a day in the (eating) life looks like black coffee around breakfast, “a salad and fish for lunch, soup for a snack, skirt steak with grilled tomatoes and spinach for dinner, and dark chocolate for dessert.”

That’s not so different than what she normally eats—there’s just a lot less snacking going on right now.

Her workouts are nothing if not consistent.

Every one of Anna and Shakira’s workouts is at least an hour and fifteen minutes and almost always consists of “choreographed dance sections and strength intervals. We’ll do dance, upper body circuit, dance, lower body circuit, dance, core circuit, cool down.” The goal each time? To burn at least 500 calories per workout: “We usually surpass that goal, but that’s our baseline. We need to get there.”

In order to ensure they do, Shakira wears a heart monitor “religiously” every time. Anna says the monitor is crucial, as “you don’t always know if you’re getting a good workout! You can sweat in a hot room with a lot of people and burn 200 calories, but with proper metrics, you don’t just rely on the visceral sweat.”

The dancing is the fun part.

The funnest part of Anna’s job here, she says, is creating a playlist for a music (and dance!) icon to, well, dance to. And while it’s really challenging to find music that’ll motivate someone who has created tons of music in her lifetime, she’s figured out how to do it: music totally unlike her own.

“We love the song ‘Arrest the President’ by Ice Cube. It’s so fun! It’s hilarious, it’s a really good song. We also like—let me grab her playlist—we really like ‘Sally Walker’ by Iggy Azalea, and then ‘Kryptonite!’ That’s a throwback.” All of those serve well for working Shakira’s core (which she “loves” to do) and her legs and booty (which are “definitely a challenge” for her).

Showing up and letting go is a little harder.

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Colombian coffee is a must when you’re about to get Kaisered! Shak

A post shared by Shakira (@shakira) on Aug 16, 2019 at 2:17pm PDT

In conclusion, Anna says, Shakira’s Super Bowl prep isn’t so unlike my gym routine or your gym routine or any other busy human’s gym routine:

For any busy woman, transitions in your day are really important. It’s really hard to change your energy and get yourself into the headspace of working out. One of the most challenging things for her is to come into a room and let everything else go. To let the 15 other things I’m thinking about disappear for the next 75 minutes.

In further conclusion, Anna confirms it’s easier for Shakira to do that when she’s gotten a great night’s sleep.

You heard it here first: Eat right. Sleep well. Work hard. Morph into Super Bowl-ready shape. Become Shakira.

You’ll be able to find 100 more AKT Studios locations across the country next year, but for now, check out for more info on signing up for classes.

Tess Koman Senior Editor Tess Koman covers breaking (food) news, opinion pieces, and features on larger happenings in the food world.

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