13 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Have you been trying to lose weight, but only seeing minimal, or even no changes at all? Well, there are some simple things you might be doing that aren’t helping you, and one or more of these things could be the reason why you are struggling to lose weight. With slight changes to your diet, exercise regime and daily lifestyle you can set yourself up for better success. Read below to discover 13 things that could be coming between you and your goals.

Why you’re not losing weight

These could be the reasons you are confused and upset that you haven’t got the results you’ve been working hard to get! You deserve this.
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  • You’re not consistent
  • You’re building muscle
  • You’re not as strict as you think you are
  • Your workout routine isn’t varied enough
  • You did a juice cleanse
  • You’re skipping breakfast
  • You’re only doing cardio
  • You’re not training with weights
  • You’re not getting your protein
  • You always workout alone
  • You’re stressing the scales
  • You still drink diet sodas
  • You’re not eating carbs

You aren’t being consistent

If you only exercise sporadically and eat healthy once in awhile, don’t kid yourself into thinking that is enough. Unless you are born with great genes, you will need to put in consistent time and effort towards your goals. That means healthy nutritious food for your meals, a few resistance workouts per week and of course, some extra cardio!

You’re building muscle

Remember that weight and fat are two different things. If you are approaching the scale and basing the number on total fat loss, you will be discouraged. As you workout more and increase your muscle mass, you may notice that the numbers on the scale stay the same. It doesn’t mean that all the hard work you are doing is going to waste! Muscle is heavier than fat, which means it takes up less space in the body. In other words, it is possible to look and feel slimmer even if your body weight remains the same. Also remember, the more muscle you have, the more potential you have to burn fat, leading to accelerated results.

You are not being as strict as you think

Sometimes our body tricks us into thinking that we are going above and beyond, and then justifies breaking our regime for a few days of rest, or eating something we know we haven’t totally earned. Of course, it is very important to allow for rest, and the occasional indulgence, but only when it’s truly earned. If you always take days off from exercise, and cheat on your meals, you may never see the results you want. Your body remembers, even if you don’t.

You don’t have variety in your workout routine

Your body is a machine and a smart one at that. If you only do the same thing over and over, it learns and develops muscle memory. Over time, your body will adapt and will no longer be challenged. It is important to constantly switch things up to confuse your muscles, and keep them guessing. This means stretching, resistance workouts and cardio. NOT just one or the other. My BBG program highlights different exercises for each day during the week, throughout the 12 weeks. This makes sure you are switching things up!

You did a juice cleanse

Studies have shown that doing a juice cleanse is not the answer to sustained weight loss. While in the beginning you may see pounds melt away, most of the time you are just losing water and carb weight. While most of the time you can regain the weight, you can also put your body into a state of aggressive shock. It is best to avoid “quick fixes” and stick to a sustainable long-term method of consistent healthy eating and exercise.

We love to exercise for so many reasons. It great for our minds, bodies and social lives (who else has made some of their best friends at a yoga class?) and to keep things interesting we like to switch from workout to workout.

Each offers a different array of benefits and it won’t come as a surprise that each burns a different amount of calories.

The guys over at Byrdie UK have rounded up the stats how how many calories each type of workout typically torches.

Image via @amandabisk on Instagram

There are some surprises in there. For example you’ll burn more calories doing Pilates on a mat as opposed to a reformer and hot yoga does not burn more calories than a traditional vinyasa flow class.

Whether you’re a hard core CrossFitter or love to slow things down with a zen yoga class read on for how many calories on average you burn when working out.

Vinyasa Yoga

Calories burned: Depending on how vigorous the class is, it could earn you anywhere between 250 to 400.

Hot Yoga

Calories burned: 350 for a 90-minute session.


Calories burned: an average a burn of 12 calories per minute—so, roughly 700 for an hour-long workout.


Calories burned: a mile burns about 100 calories, and the same goes for walking.


Calories burned: If you’re using a reformer, a 120-pound woman can expect to burn about 175 calories in a 60-minute class.

If you opt got classic mat Pilates class you might burn around 190 calories.


Calories burned: about 200 to 400 per half hour session, but expect some after-burn if you’re doing it interval-style,.


Calories burned: 500 to 1,000 per hour.


Calories burned: around 400 – 600.

Hi friends! We officially made it to the weekend (insert hallelujah emoji!) I’m officially 8 weeks into the BBG program and after getting a lot of questions from you all any time I would post on IG stories, I decided to compile those questions and answer them in a post for you! I feel like I need to preface this by saying I am not a fitness professional and this is my personal opinion of BBG…. and that taking photos in our small gym was HARD. And awkward. That is all 😉 Moving on, let’s get started talking all things BBG.

BBG, also known as Bikini Body Guide, is a 12 week program created by Kayla Itsines, an Australian fitness pro. The workouts are circuit based and designed with two 7-minute circuits that are repeated twice to complete a 28 minute workout.

The program, which was started by Kayla Itsines, originally began as an e-book that was downloadable on . It has also now been made into an app called Sweat that’s available in the App Store. The e-book is $55 and the Sweat app is $19.99/month. You can also pay yearly for $119, so it saves you a bit of money. Either way, it’s less than a gym membership and it guides you through your workouts.

The Sweat app contains the workouts, a food guide, and a community section where you can ask questions, encourage others, etc. The PDF can be downloaded and printed (and bound to make a book) or used on your phone after downloading.DO YOU USE THE SWEAT APP?
I think choosing to use the app vs. PDF is personal preference. I use the app because I like having it on my phone no matter where I am. For me personally, the PDF is just one more thing to lose or forget when heading to the gym. The app itself isn’t wonderful and could certainly use some updates, but it does it’s job for the most part! I do like the app for the built-in 7 minute timer and for the fact that it physically shows you the correct way to do the workouts (and also offers modifications). I have the Sweat app on my phone and my iPad and sometimes I’ll bring my iPad to the gym with me so I don’t have to worry looking at my phone the whole time. WHAT MADE YOU START BBG?
I was feeling unmotivated with the workouts I was doing and wasn’t seeing the results in the areas where I needed them, so I decided to give BBG a try. I had been following Kayla’s instagram page(s) for a while and the transformations from others were incredible. Booking our delayed honeymoon also definitely helped get my butt in gear haha! That gave me a little over 16 weeks to get into better shape. I’m halfway to that 16 week mark and I’m feeling more confident every day.

The main reason people really enjoy BBG is because it can be done everywhere! You can definitely do BBG at home with minimal equipment, but I think it’s easier to do at a gym. For my first week I did the workouts at home just to get a feel for the program. I already had a jump rope, a medicine ball and weights and I used my coffee table for tricep dips. While it is feasible to do at home, I personally find it easier to do with actual equipment. I also have people living below me and I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate me doing burpees and mountain climbers above them haha!

What I like most about BBG is that it’s for almost anyone, no matter what your exercise level is. However, I wouldn’t start this program if I had never worked out a day in my life. For this program you need to have basic knowledge of exercises and cardio. If you’re a beginner this program is TOTALLY doable, but I would caution you to make sure your form is correct, to take your time with each exercise, and to modify the exercises as you need to until you have built up your muscles and strength.

I began BBG by doing the “BBG Beginner 1.0” program. This was a 4 week program that got you acquainted with the workouts and the circuit system. I liked doing this because it eased me into it and prepared me for BBG 1.0. I highly recommend giving this a try before diving right into the program.HOW MANY WORKOUTS ARE THERE A WEEK? TELL ME ABOUT THE CIRCUITS.
BBG consists of three resistance workouts a week (arms and abs, legs, and full body) along with LISS (low intensity steady state) cardio three times a week. They also offer HIIT (high intensity interval training), but don’t recommend beginning that until week five.

I’ll admit the circuit style workouts were confusing to me at first since I had never really done them. The resistance workouts are all 28 minutes and are divided into two 7-minute circuits that are repeated twice. Here’s a run down of how a circuit works! For reference I typically get through 2 laps per circuit, depending on the exercises.

-circuit 1 for seven minutes- There are 4 exercises/circuit. Do as many laps of those exercises as you can until the 7 minute timer runs out.
-circuit 2 for seven minutes- Do as many laps of those exercises as you can until the seven minute timer runs out.
-repeat circuit 1 for seven minutes
-repeat circuit 2 for seven minutes

As I mentioned before, the great thing about BBG is it can be done anywhere with minimal (or no) equipment. I would suggest a pair of weights, a medicine ball, and a jump rope. I would also suggest purchasing a yoga mat or something to give you support from the floor, especially if you’re doing it at home. A lot of equipment can be substituted for things around you home. Ex: a coffee table can be used as a bench for tricep dips, a gallon of water for weights, etc. IS THE PROGRAM FLEXIBLE? WHAT IS YOUR WORKOUT SCHEDULE WITH BBG?
YES! One of the things that drew me to BBG was the flexibility of the exercises. Between travel and having a differing schedule day-to-day, I was having a hard time committing to workout classes where I had to sign up in advance. I am easily able to adjust my BBG schedule for what works for me and my week.

This is my typical weekly workout schedule with BBG. I like to do full body mid-week and legs last because my legs tend to be sore for longer and take a bit more time to recover!

MONDAY: Arms & Abs circuit
TUESDAY: LISS and some form of arms/abs afterwards. upper body recovery
WEDNESDAY: Full body circuit
THURSDAY: LISS and some strength/core exercises. full body recovery
FRIDAY: Legs circuit
SATURDAY: I may repeat a few exercises from the week or work on arms/abs with other exercises. lower body recovery
SUNDAY: rest

When I first started the program I did modify things, such as pushups, until I got my strength up. I still sometimes modify my pushups and do them on an incline on a bench because I have awful wrists haha! If you’re using the app, it offers modifications for almost every exercise.

I think the most important thing with ANY workout is to work first and foremost on your form. If you’re doing the exercises wrong you won’t see results and you run the risk of injuring yourself. I have given this advice to anyone who has reached out to me about BBG (and especially when I taught Pure Barre.) I would rather modify moves than fear injuring myself just so I could say I did it! 😉 As you gain strength you will see that you’re able to do exercises without modifications and that is THE best feeling!

I’m not going to sugar coat it, these workouts make you sore. It’s not unbearable by any means though. Because there is such flexibility and only three resistance workouts, there is plenty of time to recover from being sore. Even when I’m sore I try to do something whether it’s cardio or a few arm/ab/leg exercises on days when I don’t have a resistance workout. Your goal is to fatigue your muscles and gain strength. My one piece of advice for being sore is to get yourself a foam roller. It’s a game changer when it comes to working out! I use my foam roller after workouts (sometimes before if my muscles are feeling tight) because it helps release tension and stretches my muscles.

I can see how some people may find it receptive, but I don’t personally find it to be too repetitive. I like doing similar exercises because it helps me practice my form.

For me, I not only wanted to look better, I also wanted to feel better. I always feel great (and sweaty) after a BBG workout. The first few weeks were a doozy. The workouts were SO hard, and still are, and I felt like I was constantly sore. But week after week I like seeing that I’m getting stronger and that I can do exercises more easily than I could a week or so before. Having the feeling of being stronger and seeing results really help keep me motivated. Knowing I’m going to be in a swimsuit on our honeymoon (and much of the summer) is also a big motivator too haha!

I don’t follow the nutrition guide, so I can’t attest to how it works or any of that. In the app there is a nutrition section and I’ve browsed it a few times. From what I can tell it provides great meal ideas. I’m a really picky eater, so it’s hard for me to follow any sort of nutrition program, but I have tried to be more conscious about what I eat and when I eat.

I have started to see results (I noticed them as quickly as about 4 weeks). I’m seeing most of my results in my abs/arms and my legs. I tend to gain weight in my upper thighs (which I’m so self-conscious about since I’m short) so seeing results there has made me SO happy. I still have a long way to go, but it’s been nice to physically SEE the results. I think one of the best results is not only seeing myself look better, but also feeling better about myself. I feel healthier and stronger. WHAT HAVE YOU LOVED MOST ABOUT THE PROGRAM? WHAT ARE YOUR OVERALL THOUGHTS/TIPS?
I like that it’s a guided circuit program that I can complete in less than 30 minutes. Gyms can be super intimidating, so I appreciate having a guide of what to do. I feel like this program makes me sweat and work really hard during the ENTIRE 30 minutes. I also really like the community that comes from BBG. There are so many amazing transformation stories and people who are there to build you up. A few of my friends also do BBG so we always check in with each other (and complain about how hard the workouts were ha!) Doing BBG has really been motivating for me and it’s made me, dare I say, excited to get into the gym every day.

Overall, I really enjoy it & would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a new workout program. A few tips would be:
-Focus on your form over everything else.
-Modify exercises if you need to.
-Stick to a routine- it will be easier to keep yourself motivated.
-Don’t expect transformation overnight. Like everything, it takes time to see results.
-Don’t try to beat the 7-minute clock. Focus on the exercises and doing them correctly instead of seeing how many laps you can do.
-Pause if you need to. If my timer is about to run out, I will pause it so that I can finish the exercise before moving on to the next circuit.
-Find friends who will keep you accountable!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great weekend! XO

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How I went from fat to fit in just 10 weeks

The trigger for my wanting to regain control of my body, and shape it to something resembling normality, was pulled after the Royal Parks half marathon, which I ran with my father. With him being in his 60s I paced myself so we could both finish just under the two-hour mark – I rather childishly burnt him off in the closing stages to secure a minor victory. It was a special, beautiful experience, jogging alongside Dad.

The next day the sheen of achievement was dulled, however, when photographs of the event clogged my inbox. Did I want to purchase exorbitantly-priced images of me, looking like a chinless, pre-hibernation Michelin man? “No thanks, but I’ll pay you to expunge them,” I thought, before deleting the incriminating evidence of my mid-thirties bloat.

I knew, though, that to make a more permanent improvement I needed to do a Gandhi, and “be the change”; urgent action was required. Besides, I wanted to ensure that, in the coming years, I am able demonstrate to my young son the complexities of cricket in the nets, or Cruyff turns and rabonas in the park, or perhaps in time shuffle a half-marathon with him, without embarrassment or – worse – difficulty.

Being intimidated by gyms, owing to a lack of machismo and worries about hurting myself through incomprehension of the big-boy machines, I sought out a south London-based personal trainer to mentor me. Following extensive research – weeding out the over-keen, unappealing and overpriced – one candidate stood out. I approached Simon Snook, who looked and sounded the business, having plied his trade all over the world and garnered a staggering number of qualifications.

Having relinquished a cushy job the City in 2009 to concentrate on his passion for fitness, and soon after established his company, NXT Level Fitness, Simon exceeded my expectations. He proved to be incredibly diligent, knowledgeable and flexible – essential for my lifestyle – and an impressive motivator (sending daily texts of encouragement and training tips). He was also patient, thankfully.

Initially Simon performed a heath and fitness MOT on me, and conducted a Functional Movement Screening (FMS). That’s when I discovered that over a quarter of me was fat. Worse, during the exploratory tests, I managed just 11 press ups in a minute, a feeble 30 body squats and 11 ‘burpees’ in the same time (this was all after a 5km run on the treadmill, and other examinations, though). I also achieved a big zero pull-ups, scoring nine out of 21 in the FMS scale. I didn’t even enquire as to how bad that was. Whatever, it certainly didn’t sound healthy.

Mere hours after the first session Simon emailed me my full results and had devised a detailed, 10-week programme, which had been tailored especially for my goals and fitness. There was also decent advice about what to eat – “essentially, keep it as close to nature as possible” – and when to gobble it down (no carbohydrates after 6pm, ideally). In addition, a protein supplement was recommended as a way to quickly heal the body and develop muscles (I found vanilla to be the most edible, by the way, though none of the flavours are going to win any taste prizes).

Alcohol intake was to be restricted to a minimum, which was increasingly difficult as Yuletide’s merriness escalated. In fact, the abstinence served as a startling reminder of quite how much of my social life revolves around booze.

The lack of drink allied with regular exercise – comprising of two one-hour personal training sessions and four 5k jogs a week – and an improved diet reaped rewards immediately. My energy levels improved, my head wasn’t fogged and before long I was beginning to feel the bulge of long-forgotten muscles.

Every training session was different, which kept me guessing and, as a result, interested. And, slowly but surely, Simon taught me how to operate everything in the gym correctly. Previously I would have never attempted to squat or deadlift with weights, use kettlebells, foam rollers or core bags, and perform assisted pull-outs, tricep dips. But now I’m confident of my own safety, and those around me.

Further, I learnt the importance of working on legs and back – often neglected by muscle-hunting gym-goers. Also, I was introduced to Tabata high-intensity interval training (there’s a free app for that), and now, two-and-a-half months after the start of my personal training regime, I feel as though I have recovered a decent base-level of fitness.

Yes, there were aches and pains along the way, and a number of 6am starts to fit in the necessary workouts. But that is all part of the long-haul process. The scales say I’m a stone lighter, and I also converted a handful or two of fat into muscle. And there is still a way to go – ‘the body’ is not back just yet – though I know what I am doing in the gym now, importantly. And I’m enjoying it; there will be no stopping me.

After all, a full-body transformation is not just for Christmas. I’m already looking forward to childishly burning off my son in 30 years time when we take part in a lad-and-dad half marathon, and doing some victory pull-ups in a tree nearby, perhaps.

Oliver Pickup (right) with personal trainer Simon Snook (PATRICK WHIBLEY)

Simon says: personal trainer Simon Snook’s advice

Those considering whether or not to use a personal trainer should do so because, put simply, if you are new to exercise, want to get faster results or learn something new, a good personal trainer can motivate, coach and guide you to success. Unfortunately, your personal trainer cannot do the hard work for you and effort is required to reach your goals. You must be prepared to put this in otherwise it will not be worthwhile for you. Many people train incorrectly for their body, they follow magazine articles and tips from gym buddies who often also train incorrectly. A good personal trainer will design and deliver a personalised training programme based on your body.

The most satisfying aspect of personal training is helping people to improve their lives, seeing their progress and motivating them to train correctly for their goals. It’s rewarding to watching their confidence grow as they become fitter and healthier.

The three biggest mistakes most gym-goers make are: 1. Not doing squats, pull-ups, deadlifts and other big compound movements – especially women, who often think they will look like a bodybuilder. It’s simply not true. In fact, these are some of the best exercises for performance and weight loss and can help women get fit, lean and strong. 2. Using supplements without having a healthy, balanced diet. The clue is in the name: supplements. 3. Focusing on ego and how much weight they can lift, as opposed to using the correct movement and technique.

My advice to those looking to improve their fitness at the start of this year is, firstly, identify your goals – write them down. Make them ‘SMART’ – an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Secondly, seek out a health and fitness MOT so you know where you are and have a benchmark level to progress from. Next, commit to training on a frequent and regular basis. Results come from many weeks and months of hard work, done correctly. If you want dramatic results, they are not achieved in a few weeks training once or twice a week. Finally, find a form of exercise you enjoy. There are so many different things to do these days – and you don’t have to spend all your time in the gym, if you don’t want to. For example, try kickboxing, running, swimming, kettlebells, battle ropes, cycling, TRX Suspension Training … the list goes on. There really is something for everyone.

If you are looking to accelerate your fitness results and optimise your body’s performance, visit Simon’s website,, or call him on 07557 443 655 for a full range of personal training, and fitness-related services. Telegraph readers who contact Simon in January 2015 will be offered a special price of £499 for 10 sessions

It’s no secret that Kayla Itsines has the ability to transform women’s bodies. The BBG (Bikini Body Guide) program exploded in the fitness world and catapulted Itsines into international stardom (and Instagram fame). The PDF guides have been out for years, so when the SWEAT app launched (it encompasses BBG in addition to other workout programs), many fans were wondering if it was worth the extra monthly fee.

So is it worth it? You decide! Though we’re fans of the app and have our own opinions, we wanted to break down some things to consider if you’re thinking of making the investment yourself. Let’s get into it!

The Price

It’s $20 a month, $55 for three months (a little over $18 per month that way), or $120 for a year (a 50 percent savings). While it may seem steep at first, Kayla once broke it down this way: it’s like one Starbucks drink a week (or only twice a month if you get the year package).


If you have fitness expenses already and no extra budget to tack on another $10-$20 each month, this is something to consider. However, if your out-of-pocket costs right now are relatively low (and you can sacrifice a latte a week to make this work), then the app might be well worth it, especially for all the benefits. Let’s get into those.

The Workouts

There are four workout programs on the SWEAT app, including two from Kayla: BBG, BBG stronger, Body and Mind yoga with Sjana Elise, and SELF postpregnancy with Kelsey Wells.

This means you can choose from bodyweight (no equipment) workouts, strength workouts with machines and heavy weights, yoga, or a specific postpartum program. Each program incorporates LISS cardio to complement the strengthening workouts.

You can start over whenever or jump ahead to a certain week, but the programs are 12 weeks long, meaning you’ll have a comprehensive fitness and nutrition plan that you can customize to your own schedule for three months.

The Nutrition

Speaking of that nutrition plan . . . from blueberry and lemon breakfast quinoa to a passionfruit and mango mousse afternoon snack, every meal is programmed out for you in the plan and complete with ingredients, instructions, grocery lists, and estimated prep times. Most recipes are marked as “easy” with a rare few venturing into “moderate” difficulty. Each recipe has photos, so you can get a feel for what your meal might look like.

You can choose regular, pescetarian, vegetarian, or “other” (ovo-vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian, and vegan are some other options). The program consists of five meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus a morning and afternoon snack.

The Interface and Experience

On the app itself, you can log your resistance training, cardio minutes, and recovery (hooray for foam rolling!) all while using guided videos and instructions. You can even log how many ounces of water you’re drinking to keep on top of your hydration!

The app sets daily goals, which you can access on one page, in addition to giving you a calendar view to monitor your steps, workouts, cardio (which can be walking!), recovery, and nutrition from a weekly or monthly perspective. There’s also a place to take and share progress photos, as well as an education section to learn more about resistance training, macronutrients, food intolerances, and more.

Arguably one of the coolest features of SWEAT (if you have an Apple Watch) is that it links with your Apple Watch, allowing you to seamlessly track your steps, do a workout or foam roll session (it shows you what to do — with video! — right on your wrist), log LISS or HIIT, and track progress without your phone.

Final Thoughts

The SWEAT app has pretty much anything you could ask for in a fitness and nutrition app — and then some! Yes, there’s a cost involved, so it’s up to you to decide if the $5 per week is worth it, but hopefully this gives you some insight as to what those dollars will get you in terms of health benefits and convenience. Our suggestion? Try the seven-day free trial and see for yourself!

Image Source: SWEAT

Fact: Every woman with a love of fitness, an Instagram account, or wifi connection will know of Kayla Itsines.

With 7.1 million Instagram followers, 192,000 Youtube subscribers and an Apple campaign in the bag, the Australian Instagram star’s influence in the well-being and social media sphere is unprecedented, and certainly shows no sign of stopping.

In 2008, Australian-Greek Kayla – who just topped the fitness category of Forbes’ inaugural Top Influencers list this year – was working as a personal trainer in her hometown of Adelaide when she began thinking about the gender stereotypes and fears women face in the gym on a daily basis.

‘Women need to understand that when you first ever go to the gym, no one knows what they’re doing,’ the 26-year-old reveals to ELLE UK.

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Best way to finish the day!! In sunny Central Park 😍 @goodmorningamerica #bbgstronger

A post shared by KAYLA ITSINES (@kayla_itsines) on Jun 9, 2017 at 5:51pm PDT

‘For a lot of women, the intimidation factor means there are whole sections of the gym they won’t approach. They often think they need to stick to cardio machines because men are the only ones allowed to use rowing machines,’ she adds.

Fast forward nine years and Kayla has grown her internationally successful fitness programme, BBG – a 12-week ‘Bikini Body Guide’ for women – into something of a global movement. With Sweat (an app founded by her partner and CEO Tobi Pearce) plus a devoted social media community comprising of millions of fitness enthusiasts across the world on a mission to inspire each other’s goals with hashtags such as #bbgsisters, #thekaylamovement, and #kaylasarmy, she’s basically unstoppable.

Speaking of her latest venture into fitness and technology, Kayla explains ‘Sweat with Kayla’ – an app including specially curated recipes and exercises incorporating weights – came about out of the realisation that women wanted more from their BBG workouts.

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A post shared by KAYLA ITSINES (@kayla_itsines) on Jun 1, 2017 at 3:16pm PDT

‘There are weights in BBG but no inclusion of machines. A lot of girls were asking me “how can I incorporate a leg press into my workout?” or “how can I use a splinter machine?”‘ she says.

‘As a result, Sweat came about and with the launch of BBG Stronger . It’s really taken off and women are loving going to the gym and having a better idea of what they should be doing.’

We sat down with Kayla to find out all about her new favourite exercises, how to overcome burn-out, plus how to workout in a room the size of your garden shed (if you’re even lucky enough to own a shed. Or garden):

1) If you had time for only three exercises right now to tone up and build strength what would they be?

I love to workout with machines, so I’d do something like a lat pull down, and then slowly build up to doing chin ups as part of the cable machine. With a chin up, there’s a curved bar which you simply grab, pull down, and slowly release. It’s an upper body workout which means you’re working your arms but your core and legs are also engaged. I’d do 15 reps for three sets.

I’d also add in a dead lift, squat and lunge in order to get my legs moving. I may also include a workout for my abs, such as a bent leg jackknife.

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Don’t be afraid of being a beginner, everyone starts somewhere. Often people think they need to “get fit” BEFORE they even think of stepping into a gym, thats not true at all. Like the saying goes “you don’t have to be great to start…. but you do have to start to be great” 💛

A post shared by KAYLA ITSINES (@kayla_itsines) on Jul 12, 2017 at 6:31am PDT

2) What’s the one move you couldn’t live without?

To be honest, I could live without burpees , but they’re great because there are so many variations to a burpee that you can change up depending how easy or hard you want to exercise. For example, for people who aren’t as experienced with the jumping motion, you could do a gentle step in and step out move.

There’s so many ways to modify a burpee with a tuck jump, squat, push up and even a plank.

3) If you had 30 minutes to workout what would be your key exercises?

BBG is broken down into seven minute circuits (total workout time 28 minutes) so I’d suggest doing doing a set of four moves, such as lunges, push ups, ab bikes and triceps dips. Decide on the number of reps you want to do, for example 10 reps for each exercise, and see how you feel.

You can then choose to try another four exercises in another seven-minute circuit or continue with the previous circuit, and repeat it four times. Before you know it, your 28 minutes will be up.

4) After a few weeks of exercising, a lot of women experience a plateau. What does this mean?

Plateauing happens when you do the same thing over and over again and expect change. When you work out, you want to continuously push your body in different ways, working different muscle groups, machines, and stimulate your mind.

BBG and BBG Stronger are designed in a way that changes every four weeks and increasingly push you each week, without you even realising it. There are women who have been doing BBG for months and have learned to focus on how they feel, rather than how they look. When workouts are constantly changing, its more fun.

Women need to stop focusing on plateauing because it’s completely normal. For example, I haven’t worked out in two weeks as I’ve been suffering with the flu so have been unable to head to the gym. Instead, I’ve been doing walks and training videos to maintain my fitness.

I’m not going to be upset about , say I’ve plateaued and lost motivation, or question if I’m ever going to be able to get into exercising again. You just do.

Yes, you’re going to feel a bit crappy for the first week having not exercised for a while, but we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it. We put so much pressure on ourselves and we shouldn’t.

5) BBG is pretty gruelling so how can you avoid the feelings of exhaustion or burning out?

Take rest days, eat dessert and do everything in moderation.

A lot of my clients have this fleet of motivation on a rest day and wake up thinking ‘Yeah, I’m going to do everything!’. I say: ‘No, go for a walk, have a rest or stretch day, enjoy a massage and have some time to yourself.

Looking after yourself is a form of self-love.

View this post on Instagram

Anytime anywhere 💜 28 minutes 💛 Check out

A post shared by KAYLA ITSINES (@kayla_itsines) on Jun 23, 2017 at 1:04pm PDT

6) A lot of women feel the urge to pig out on sweet treats after exercising. How do you avoid this?

Be organised. As women, we organise our lives so well; we organise our kids, make sure they have food, rearrange everything in perfectly coloured folders, but we rarely cook and plan our food in the same way.

Prep your meals and make sure you’ve got a healthy option, so when you open the fridge – whether it’s an apple or can of tuna – at least you’ll be eating the right things when you’re hungry. Don’t get me wrong, if you open your fridge and feel like some chocolate, why not? Don’t beating yourself up about it, but have moderation.

7) If you don’t have much space at home or want to exercise in a hotel room, is there any equipment you recommend buying?

Nothing – you don’t need anything. There is so much you can do with just a roll mat. To be honest, you don’t even need a mat! Even if you fill a bottle up with water, you’ve got a weight or use a stable chair.

8) Eating healthily is a big part of staying fit. What do you enjoy eating on a daily basis?

In the morning, I’ll eat two pieces of toast, scrambled eggs and have a green tea, and then I’ll snack on things during the day like fruit or yogurt.

For lunch, I’ll have a chicken wrap or some stuffed vegetables, like okra with a red pasta sauce and rice. I might also have some crackers with tuna, tomatoes, olives, and salt and pepper.

I also love avgolemono soup, which is a Greek dish that translates into english as ‘egg lemon soup’ – I know, it sounds horrible. I actually just spoke to my mum back home in Australia and said: ‘Mum, make sure I have that soup when I land!’

9) With the summer and festival season upon us, what would be your go-to exercises to tone up our abs and bums?

I can name leg and ab exercises that I love but I don’t want them just to be for the summer season.

I’m trying to teach women that this is training for life – I don’t want exercise to be seasonal. You should work out because you want to feel good, you shouldn’t work out because you want the best bum.

Check out Kayla’s new BBG Stronger programme in the SWEAT App now.

Related Story

Related Story

SWEAT Welcome to $19.99

I love me some fitness influencers. Their crazy strong bods, cool workout videos, and visible arm muscles mesmerize me. So last summer, which happened to be a year before my wedding, I decided I would get myself tickets to the gun show.

But I wasn’t sure how to do that without hiring a fancy personal trainer. After a little investigation, I found SWEAT, the app co-created by fitfluencer Kayla Itsines.


Although Kayla is famous for BBG, SWEAT includes plans by other trainers like Kelsey Wells’ PWR program, which centers on lifting heavy weights. After creeping on Kelsey’s Insta, I knew I found my SWEAT queen (still love you, Kayla).

How it works


To kick it off, I started with the four-week intro program, which entails three weight-training sessions plus three cardio workouts per week (after that, it’s four strength and two cardio seshes a week). It’s meant to ease you into strength training if you’re new to dumbbells and weirdly-intimidating weight machines.

Each session focuses on a different muscle group, like your back and biceps or hamstrings and glutes, and lasts 35 minutes to an hour (depending on whether you take the entire break between sets and sections).

The workouts are divided into three sections that kept my easily distracted brain very entertained. The first, and IMO the hardest, is Activation. It’s meant to get your heart rate up and engage the muscles you’ll be working during that day. You’ll spend four minutes alternating between moves like burpees and lunges without a break. Then, you do it again with two different exercises. Kelsey, why you gotta do me like that? JK, but it is hard.

Next up is the Pyramid. It’s four sets of three badass strength moves you can do at your own pace. Once you’ve crushed those, you’re on to the Superset, two exercises performed back-to-back for six minutes. Then you do another superset. Tired yet?

When you move on to PWR 2.0, that changes to just eight minutes of three different exercises. Both versions are intense enough to make one minute feel like an eternity—but, you know, in a good way.

Then there’s the cardio stuff. Each week, you’re supposed to complete a high-intensity interval cardio workout (think: 10 sets of 30-second sprints on the elliptical) and one low-intensity steady state cardio (a 35-minute walk or jog). Since these are pretty much a choose your own adventure, this past winter, I hit the treadmill and elliptical twice a week or counted a Spin class with a friend as my HIIT cardio for the week. You can use the HIIT feature that tells you when to work and when to rest or use the LISS timer to time your run or walk, but there are zero formal workouts to follow.

My favorite parts


For those a li’l intimidated by BDSM-looking machines at the gym, prepare to feel like a baller. Kelsey demos each move via video loops, so you can watch how she does it over and over again until you get it. There are also written instructions. So when I hit the cable machine, I knew exactly what to do.

Still, there were times when I just couldn’t do all (read: any) of the workouts that week. But it was super easy to jump back into the week I missed because I didn’t get any shamey alerts reminding me that I was behind. Just tap, “manage my plan” in your profile, and you can backtrack as needed.

Another major perk, I downloaded the app on my Apple watch and ditched my phone during my workouts. It’s just another excuse for me to buy more leggings with pockets, really.

To be honest, this is the first time I’ve ever followed a workout program, and now I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to winging it. There’s nothing wrong with doing yo’ thang at the gym, but when I did the same moves consistently, I could tell I was making progress. Sometimes that meant upping my 10-pound dumbbells to 12 pounders. Other times, it was realizing I had done 30 burpees in four minutes and didn’t barf. Those little things make this workout kind of addictive.

Some stuff to keep in mind

You cannot try this at home

Unless you have a cable machine or weight rack in your living room, you have to hit the gym for this plan. Still, you don’t need a fancy one. I was able to pull off 30ish weeks of training with my Planet Fitness membership. We’re still going strong.

It’s not super cheap

Speaking of money, if you do a free week-long trial, you can sign up for a $20 a month membership (double the price of my Planet Fitness membership, BTW). But, if you skip the trial and commit to a year-long membership paid in full, you can get SWEAT for $10 per month.

My results

After almost a year of sweating with my girl, Kels, I’ve become a much paler Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino, sporadically flexing in front of my friends and fam for no reason at all. Behold, internet:

I know it’s weird, but I can’t remember a time when I had arm and back muscles. (Back muscles!!)

But beyond being seriously jacked (lol), sticking to the plan has been a welcome distraction from the stress, er, the joy, of planning a party for 285 of my closest friends and fam.

Checking a workout off my to-do list makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something awesome even though my Nana somehow didn’t get a wedding invitation and my mom bought cork wedges for her evening gown.

Overall, I’m really proud of the muscle and the confidence I’ve built over the last nine months, and I’ll continue to flex whenever I feel like it. My fiancé is nice enough to play along, but I can tell he’s thinking, “We get it!” #SorryNotSorry.

Ashley Oerman Deputy Lifestyle Director Ashley Oerman is the deputy lifestyle director at Cosmopolitan, covering fitness, health, food, cocktails, home, and entertainment.

Pre & Post Healthy Workout Snack Recipes

Are you always really hungry after a workout? Or feel low on energy if you don’t eat before training? People who work out regularly usually need extra healthy snacks to help satisfy hunger, fuel their workouts and aid in post-workout recovery. Here are some of my favourites! I’ve tried to include a variety of ideas so those of you who don’t have access to a kitchen before/after training can still snack on something nutritious and yummy!

Pre-workout snack ideas

Did you know that your body works to build and repair muscles 24 hours a day? Not just when you are working out or at the gym! If you want to maximise your workout and give your body the fuel it needs, I suggest eating a pre-workout snack about 30-60 minutes in advance of your workout.
This, of course, depends on how your stomach is feeling before and if you are really hungry. If you are following my Nutrition HELP Guide, the meals included in the daily meal plan should be enough to sustain you, these snacks are simply added extras if you feel you need a boost!

Classic Apple & Peanut Butter

For a quick fuel up slice an apple of your choice and serve it with 2 tbs all natural peanut butter.

Fruit Cup

Keep it simple with this sweet snack that will give you a natural sugar boost!

Cut and mix to fill one cup: berries, rockmelon, banana and orange.

Eggs On Toast

If you are feeling hungrier try this quick and filling snack that will give you a burst of energy. Hard boil 1 or 2 eggs, and serve on wholemeal toast.

Peanut Butter On Toast

Toast some wholemeal bread. Top with 1 tbs natural peanut butter and half a sliced banana.

Instagram fitness star Kayla Itsines reveals her favorite pre-workout snack

Instagram fitness star Kayla Itsines. Kayla Itsines / Instagram

  • Instagram fitness star Kayla Itsines is known for having transformed thousands of women’s bodies through her Bikini Body Guide Program.
  • Itsines spends most of her day in the gym, either working out or training clients.
  • She says that in order to keep her body fueled throughout the day, she relies on tuna sandwiches.
  • Itsines likes the snack because it provides her with protein and carbs, which are both vital nutrients for the body.

Kayla Itsines has made quite a name for herself in the fitness world.

Her Bikini Body Guide (BBG) program has helped women all over the globe transform their bodies, something that Itsines documents on her Instagram account, which has over seven million followers.

Itsines spends a sizeable chunk of her day in the gym, either working out or training clients, which leads us to wonder how she stays energized between sessions.

As it turns out, the fitness star relies on one snack to fuel her: tuna sandwiches. For her, that’s tuna, mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato on a crunchy bread roll.

Itsines says she likes the snack because it provides her with protein and carbohydrates, both of which keep her body going and make her feel good.

While many women shy away from carbs, Itsines has found that both she and her clients start to feel tired and crave sugar when they don’t eat carbs.

She says that more often than not, when people eat carbs, it’s not the carb itself that’s unhealthy, it’s what they pair it with.

So put down the Nutella and start topping your toast with something a little more nutritious.

Read my thoughts on BBG Pre Training. I’m giving you an honest opinion with this BBG Pre Training Review including whether you should do it!

I’ve been wanting to share more of our lives with you all in a way that makes sense for us, personally, but also provides value to you (as my reader). Occasionally, you’ll see recipe posts (like my Grandma’s Best-Ever No Knead Bread), a kid-friendly post (like how to add a bucket and pulley to a playset), or a travel post (need some kid-friendly things to do in Madrid?). I’ve branched out once in my writing to talk about how my fitness journey was going; specifically, what I do to take care of my low back pain (read that post on core strengthening if you missed it) but I never followed up on that post. Today, I’m sharing my BBG Pre Training Review but I’m pretty intimidated about sharing it. I think I’ve been nervous to share because then I actually have to put up photographs of myself in workout gear. I’m like everyone else and I want to see before and after photos when I’m reading about fitness and workouts. That’s pretty intimidating but I’m working on conquering my fears for you all and I’m sharing it all in this post!

BBG Pre Training Review

Before I get to the BBG Pre Training Review, let me just say that I’m not a newbie to the Kayla Itsines Bikini Beach Body Guide. I did her program about three or four years ago (when you could only buy the program as a paper handout) and finished it once. I had really good results.

For some reason, I fell off of doing the program and then I started having low back issues. It’s taken me two years to get the low back pain under control and gone while being able to workout. My workouts haven’t been intense and, to be honest, I’m not sure I can ever do super intense workouts anymore BUT I have been working out.

Workouts prior to starting the BBG Pre Training program have been: consistent hour-long walks (on hilly terrain), yoga and some light lunges. That’s it. So, it’s not like I’m a super fit fitness-type person.

What is BBG and What is the BBG Pre Training?

BBG is a 12 Week program developed by Kayla Itsines. It stands for Bikini Beach Body. In each of the twelve weeks, you have to do a certain amount of LISS (Low Intensity, such as walking), HIIT (High Intensity, such as running) and three resistance sessions (which are the workouts that she puts together for you). You also have recovery sessions to do, such as stretching or yoga. That’s basically the gist of the BBG program.

BBG Pre Training is for those of us (me) that needs some extra help to get started. I wanted to be very cautious with my back and glutes, so I definitely wanted to do the whole four weeks of the BBG Pre Training. Pre training is just like her 12 week Bikini Beach Guide but it’s less intense. For example, some of the arm stuff is done on your knees instead of on your feet and toes. Instead of combining mountain climbers with a push up, there’s planks to do for thirty seconds.

BBG Pre Training is basically getting you used to the Bikini Beach Guide program in a gentler way than just jumping right into week 1 of the program.

Should You Do BBG Pre Training and Is BBG Pre Training Necessary?

Yes, you should definitely do BBG Pre Training. Unless you have a very strong core and are used to doing squats, arm workouts and full body moves (such as burpees), I absolutely think BBG Pre Training is necessary.

If you really struggle with the pre training, I’d go as far to say that you should consider doing it over again (so, do 8 weeks of it) before starting on the actual 12 weeks of the Bikini Beach Body Guide.

BBG Pre Training Week 1

*So, I decided to pay for the BBG app, which is AMAZING. It’s a monthly fee and that’s annoying BUT it allows me to do the program anywhere. I can do it while Greyson is swimming outside or I can do it in my office. Before, I just had the printed binder and I’d highly recommend just paying for the app. You can track everything in it.

Before I started the pre training week 1, I took pictures.

Age: 32

Height: 5 ‘ 8″

Weight: 151 lbs

Clothing Size: Small | Size 6

After taking pictures, I started week 1. Week 1 was really hard. I focused (and am still focusing) on doing all the workouts in each resistance set (4 sets of 7 min workouts per resistance workout) properly. During week 1, I definitely didn’t get my heart rate up high enough during each of the resistance workouts because I was focusing on doing the techniques right.

I’m ok with that! I finished week 1 with all workouts completed.

BBG Pre Training Week 2

BBG Pre Training Week 2 was a bit harder. I can’t remember what we had going on but I couldn’t get (or couldn’t motivate myself) to do the arm workout that week.

I got all my walking in (I try to get 9K each day) and two of my resistance workouts done. Even missing one of the workouts, I felt pretty good about myself.

BBG Pre Training Week 3

Pre Training Week 3 had too many arm exercises that were hard. Mountain climbers plus pushups for just one of the workouts is very difficult. I struggled this week with the arms and the legs workout.

I had to start modifying this week in general. I’m not using weights or a medicine ball to make things harder, but again, I’m feeling great that I’m not having any low back pain and that I’m actually doing the workouts right!

BBG Pre Training Week 4

This week, I’m still didn’t use the medicine ball for squat and presses. It’s just too hard. Also, burpees are very difficult when you have hip/back issues. So, I’m doing the burpee sequence but I’m not doing it as one continual movement.

I’ve been still staying on track with the walking which is part of the program as well as the stretching so I’m feeling pretty good about that.

This was the first time that I’ve used the app and I think it really helped me stay on track during the whole BBG Pre Training Program. At the end of the four weeks, I had missed a few resistance workouts (maybe three total) but am feeling great about what I did accomplish.

One of the things that’s not recommended, but I did a few times was to combine a resistance with a low intensity workout in the same day. I didn’t do them back to back in the day, but I did do both in the same day a few times. That allowed me to have an extra “break day” each week so instead of having just one day to take a break, I would take two days.

I feel fitter and leaner and am down about three pounds. More than the weight loss, I feel good about where I’m headed.

What’s After BBG Pre Training

Well, I’m starting the whole 12 weeks of BBG. I’m excited and hoping to stay on track with it. I actually started Monday, so I’m currently in week 1.

I hope you got some great information out of this BBG Pre Training Review. I’m sure I missed something though, so if you have any questions about the program, I’d be happy to answer them in the comment section below. This isn’t a sponsored post at all, but I wanted to share my thoughts about the program because I really like it. It’s hard enough to challenge me but easy enough for me to stay on track.

(Last Updated On: February 15, 2018)

Sorry fellas, this one is for the ladies…

I have to admit, when I see infomercials for many of the at home workouts programs like P90X3, T25 or Insanity, it seems to be geared toward the gentlemen who want to build muscle and “blast fat!” While some things are pretty universal like losing inches from our waistlines and getting more definition in our arms and abs, I understand that some of these male-focused workouts aren’t always what women want in an at home workout.

So, with my wife’s help, I went on the search for the best at home workout program for women, and came across two popular series: Tone It Up and Kayla Itsines. Since I wasn’t the right guinea pig for these workouts, I asked my wife to try them both for twelve weeks apiece and give me her thoughts and to determine a winner. I even jumped in for a few workouts and can honestly say that both Tone It Up and Kayla Itsines workouts were no joke! In the end, my wife came away with a clear cut winner for which workouts were most effective for her — as well as came away with some amazing results we’re BOTH happy with!

Tone It Up vs Kayla Itsines: Basic info

My wife first tried Tone it Up’s “Beach Babe 5” workouts. The workouts are hosted by Karena and Katrina on a beach in California, which my wife said was a constant bikini bod reminder and good motivation during the workouts.

  • 8 workouts plus bonus “stretch it out” video
  • 20-30 minute workouts
  • Workouts downloaded to phone, tablet, or computer
  • Does require some light weights and bands for resistance

After Beach Body 5, my wife went right into three months of Kayla Itsines’ BBG (Beach Body Guide). While each exercise is clearly laid out in the digital ebook (as well as video demonstration), my wife did most of the work to her own soundtrack, as the workouts we’re led by the trainers like it was in Tone It Up.

Check out Kayla’s Book “The Bikini Body” | Check out Karena and Katrina’s Book “Tone It Up”

Tone It Up vs Kayla Itsines: Cost

Neither Tone it up vs Kayla Itsines are going to break the bank, provided you stick only to the workouts and don’t buy into their nutrition plans (many of which are free anyway). The cost of both programs also includes access to the community that both programs have grown over their years of social media success. The costs are reasonable, especially compared to programs like P90X3 and Core de Force.

  • Tone It Up – $34
  • Kayla Itsines – $15/mo or $41 for 3 months

Kayla Itsines vs Tone It Up: Effectiveness

The biggest thing my wife said to me about each program’s effectiveness is that you have to enjoy the workouts, but also the environment each program creates. Tone It Up does a great job at putting you on the beach and working out with Karena and Katrina. These girls have great energy and make you want to get a quick session in even when you don’t feel like it. Kayla Itsines depends on you for the motivation, and it’s much easier to blow off a workout here and there. While there are similar moves in both programs and, if you really stick to both of them, you will see the kind of results my wife did. However, having a visual on screen and enjoying the trainers is a huge part of these programs, and Tone It Up is the best option here.

And the winner is…

Tone It Up! One of the best ways to really utilize everything both Tone It Up and Kayla Itsines have to offer is to immerse yourself in the online community. Now more than ever it’s easier to connect with other women does these programs and learning how to modify, amplify, and find new tricks to the workouts. Tone It Up trainers Karena and Katrina are very involved in this community and really gets you excited about getting the “beach babe” body everyone is looking for.

Kayla Itsines does a fantastic job too with her program and community, but she doesn’t offer the same quality video as does Tone It Up, and if you are only going to buy one program and dedicate yourself to it, the best choice is Tone It Up.

Check out Karena and Katrina in action:

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Tone It Up vs. Bikini Body Guide

One of the most hotly debated topics of our generation: Tone It Up vs. Bikini Body Guide – which workout program is better? Time to find out! I’ve done both for weeks and am comparing these two super popular workout programs so you know which to use. Got a big event coming up or just looking to revamp your workout routine? This is a must read!

Note: post contains affiliate links, which help support the blog at no added cost to you. Thank you so much for your support!

What is Tone It Up?

Tone It Up is the wildly popular fitness community started by Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott. Katrina, with her gorgeous blonde curls, and Karena, the long-legged brunette beauty, are best friends living in Southern California. It all started as a friendship, which became a blog, and now a fitness empire complete with their own line of protein powder, apparel, workout gear and much more!

Karena & Katrina create tons of free workout videos that let you escape to the beach with them during your workouts where they typically film (often in their adorable bikinis). They also lead awesome fitness challenges throughout the year that keep you engaged and motivated.

A photo posted by Tone It Up TIU (@toneitup) on Oct 9, 2016 at 1:10pm PDT

What is Bikini Body Guide (BBG) with Kayla?

The Bikini Body Guide is another incredibly popular fitness program that has spread like wildfire among young women. Kayla Itsines is the Australian bombshell of a personal trainer behind BBG, and her abs speak for themselves. The concept behind BBG is that you mix high intensity and low intensity workouts for the more effective results in less time. The workouts are delivered via printable PDFs that you can save on your iPad and take with you anywhere (even if there is no wifi *gasp*). BBG 1.0 covers weeks 1-12 and BBG 2.0 covers weeks 13-24.

A photo posted by Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines) on Jul 23, 2016 at 10:17pm PDT

Side note: it took me like 5 minutes of scrolling through Kayla’s instagram to find a non-phone-in-mirror photo to feature. Kayla, you are a total knockout but can you mix it up a bit more?

Now, let’s compare them head to head in three key areas…

1. Better workouts?

Source: Tone It Up

Here’s what I think about them:

  • New every week so they don’t get repetitive and boring
  • Customizable. They encourage you to substitute workouts for other videos (TONS to choose from in their archives and on YouTube) if you want or don’t have the equipment they may be using (e.g. exercise ball).
  • Sustainable. While I may not always being uncontrollably dripping with sweat and at the verge of collapse after TIU workouts, they do push me hard and I feel like they leaving me wanting to come back for more next time. I played sports for so many years growing up with SUPER high intensity workouts, but these days workouts are more about health, happiness, and stress release for me.
  • Engaging. I love that Karena & Katrina offer tips on form or just goof off during the videos at times. They keep you entertained and it makes it a much more fun experience. Plus they have the cutest workout clothes so I love to see what they will be wearing each week.

BBG by Kayla is put together in a 200+ page PDF organized by week as well. Each week, you perform three high-intensity circuit style workouts and then 2-3 lower intensity workouts the other days (e.g. yoga). For the high-intensity circuits, there are two parts and you complete two rounds of each with about 30 secs rest in between (~30 minutes total).

A photo posted by Kelsey| Bend OR???? (@kfit_klife) on Jan 20, 2017 at 1:26pm PST

  • Effective. BBG workouts kick my booty and leave me feeling super accomplished. I could visibly see my leg muscles and abs changing, particularly from the plyometric components.
  • Less time, more intense. At only about 30 minutes each, these workouts take up just a tiny fraction of your day but you better believe they will push you to your limits. This is a super big plus for all you busy ladies out there!
  • Confusing at times. I prefer the video format of the TIU workouts to the printable BBG because I like to watch the exercise first to make sure I have proper form. Plus they usually offer tips and things to think about when via video.
  • Simple but hard to customize and gets repetitive . This is great because you don’t have to think at all. You follow the strict structure and you’re done. However, it can lead to problems if you don’t have a certain piece of equipment called for in the workout since it offers less customizable options. Also, it can get a bit repetitive.

In summary, I am torn on this one because they I like them both for different reasons. I think BBG by Kayla is great for getting ready for a certain event like a wedding (this is when I used it the most) or to help drop the baby weight. However, since it can get repetitive and is so intense, I think the TIU workouts are more fun and more sustainable. Because of this, on a day to day basis, I do more TIU workouts. However, I will supplement with BBQ 1-2 days per week for an extra punch.

2. Better Resources for the $

This one definitely goes to TIU, which has SO many free resources, recipes, videos, etc on their awesome community. Their free content is so amazing that I am now a loyal fan and am considering buying their nutrition plan + Beach Babe 5 bundle. The nutrition plan may seem pricey at first ($150 for lifetime access including all future updates), but when you consider you get access to ALL future materials they put out for that same price, it’s actually pretty amazing and much cheaper than a lot of other weight loss programs out there. They say weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, so I think the nutrition plan is totally worth investing in if you are serious about your weight loss goals. The transformations you will see on their page are truly inspiring!

Pst! Don’t miss our exclusive referral link to get $10 off $40 at

On the other hand, there is VERY limited free content on Kayla’s site without paying either for the BBG program or her app (Sweat with Kayla). The BBG guides are a little over $50 each for the PDF.I have not tried her app yet, but she is offering a free trial if you want to check it out. I was turned off of it by some negative reviews since it is a recurring charge of $20/month and even her loyal fans stated they were disappointed. See a review of it here.

3. Better motivator?

As I was writing the descriptions of both programs, it was clear to me how much more personally connected I felt to Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up. I think this is for several reasons:

  • TIU’s video format helps you get to know them. Since they are two best friends hanging out and laughing, it really draws you in and makes you feel like you’re working out with your girlfriends.
  • Community & empowerment. Karena & Katrina put a ton of focus on the TIU community – always reminding you to check in on Instagram and encouraging you to support your fellow TIU members. This makes it a very supportive, inclusive environment that makes you want to keep coming back.
  • Different vibes. I love that Karena & Katrina are so goofy and ditzy sometimes in the best way. They seem to have so much fun with it like coming up with silly names for their workout moves or goofing off during a video. Their genuineness and energy is infectious. Kayla comes off as a bit more focused and determined, which is great for results but a little less entertaining. Its like work vs. pleasure. I think comparing these two posts from Kayla vs. Karena & Katrina illustrates my thoughts well:

A photo posted by Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines) on Oct 20, 2016 at 1:28am PDT

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Hope you found this review helpful. I plan to put together a follow up post with my favorite handpicked TIU workouts for you soon. Plus, exclusively for our readers,you spend at I know I am itching to buy the nutrition plan and the Beach Babe 5 DVD!

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If you’ve got a fitness goal, a personal trainer can lay out a plan for you, make sure you stay on track, and call you out when you’re slacking. They can also take all your money. Because it’s 2018, and we’re we’re all going to be robots soon anyway, here are some genius apps that work almost as well as a real-life human trainer. Behold.

If you could hit the gym six day a week:



$20/ month on iTunes and Google Play

After answering Qs about your fitness goals, the SWEAT app sets you up with the best possible program, like Instagram superstar Kayla Itsines’ BBG Stronger program, utilizing bodyweight exercises as well as gym equipment in every sweat session. Each week you’ll perform three 28-minute resistance workouts and three cardio workouts. If you’re thirsty for more, the app also features challenges, like the 19-minute lower-body challenge that includes squats, walking lunges, split squats, donkey kicks, and more.

If you’re looking to score a booty:



$96/year on iTunes and Google Play

With one million followers, Instagram fitness model and workout queen Ariana James knows how to sculpt a donk. Follow her Abs and Booty Camp on the Fitplan app and you’ll work towards your own gram-worthy peach. The eight-week program includes five, 45-minute strength-based workouts suitable for all levels—but gym equipment is required. Butt glow up, here you come!

If you don’t have a gym membership:

Fit Body by Anna Victoria

Fit Body

$160/year or $17/month on iTunes and Google Play

The three plans offered by certified trainer and fitness boss Anna Victoria all require different kinds of equipment. If you like to sweat at home, her Shred program, which only calls for a yoga mat and step (you know, like those 80s aerobics class platforms), is ideal. Select your fitness level and the app puts together six, 30-minute workouts to complete each week. Each session features bodyweight exercises that hone in on one area, like legs and glutes or back and arms. You’ll get your heart rate up and build muscle.

If you aren’t sure how to work out since getting knocked up:

Studio Tone It Up

Tone It Up

$84/year or $13/month on iTunes and Google Play

First off, make sure you get your fit plan okayed by your ob-gyn before doing anything. When you’re good to go, check out the very adorable, very pregnant certified trainer Katrina Scott and her made-for-pregnant-ladies sweat sessions. While there’s no specific program to follow, you can pick and choose pre-natal workouts like Baby ‘N’ Biceps and 3rd Trimester Baby Weight on the Tone It Up Studio app whenever you feel like it.

If you’re prepping for a 5k—and you’ve never done that before:



$40/year or $10/month on iTunes and Google Play

Train for a 5k in five weeks with Runkeeper’s plan that only requires four runs a week. Once you download, the app will sets up a running schedule tailored to your fitness level. For beginners, that might mean kicking things off with a 15 minute mile. With each week, the app ups the ante to get you’re your goal.

If you want to start working out for the first time ever:

Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club

Free on iTunes and Google Play

Fitness newbs, praise be! Download NTC and select the Start Up plan from the My Plan menu to kick off a totally doable routine. The equipment-optional program is great for those who are out here like, “what is a burpee?” But the 15- to 30-minute workouts are challenging enough to keep you psyched. Once you start, you’ll jump into a routine featuring strength, cardio, and stretching workouts.

How many calories do you burn doing kayla itsines?

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