They might not be household names to the average person with no interest in fitness, but hundreds of thousands of fans definitely know who Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott are. You might know them as the Tone It Up girls, the beach babes with perfect bodies who have been encouraging women around the world to live with confidence and check into the Tone It Up community.

Fitness is a huge industry, but it’s a tough industry to break into. There are a few larger than life personalities, but the majority of individuals end up being nameless trainers at commercials gyms. The Tone It Up girls weren’t content for this to be their future and they decided to take a risk and create an approach that they believed in – and it worked, captivating women around the world.

Tone It Up is hugely engaged with social media, and countless women who follow the nutrition plan and workout guide the girls set out check in with their daily #BootyCall (not what you’re thinking – it’s a workout you do first thing in the morning). Women post Instagram photos of their meals and progress, and encourage one another. Katrina and Karena call their followers beach babes and bombshells, they instill confidence and they’re maybe a little bit obsessed with mermaids. They’ve created a program that’s branded impeccably, with their beachy videos and boho vibe.

Here’s 10 things you might not know about them.



10 They aren’t from California

With their perfect waves, bikini bodies and frequent filming on the sandy beaches at sunset, you might think that both of the Tone It Up girls are born and bred California chicas. That’s definitely not the case. Karena is originally from the Midwest, Indiana to be specific, and Katrina is from New Hampshire. However, their business did get its start in California – the duo met at a Southern California gym, and found themselves bumping into one another everywhere from the farmers’ market to the seashore running trails. Katrina first tried convincing triathlon athlete Karena to be one of her clients, but the duo ended up business partners – and it’s turned out to be a match made in heaven.


9 Katrina was her own first success story

Katrina picked up her first exercise book when she was only thirteen years old, and fitness became a passion of hers. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in health science and started a career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. However, she found herself becoming very committed to her clients and perhaps neglecting her own training and physique a little bit. While Katrina was definitely never overweight, there was a time when she was about 30 pounds heavier than her current svelte form. She used herself as a test subject for the Tone It Up nutrition plan and workouts, and soon found herself shedding the pounds. It definitely gives Tone It Up followers motivation when they see where Katrina, one of the founders, started out and what she looks like now.


8 They got their start running beach boot-camps from a tiny fitness studio

The whole mermaid-obsessed, coconut-water drinking beach babe vibe definitely isn’t an affectation – it’s what the girls love, and what they’ve pictured doing since the beginning. Before they started their empire, they invested in a small fitness studio together, in which they taught beach boot-camps. They’ve admitted that they definitely loved it, but they soon outgrew it and opened up more spacious digs (which, if you’ve seen on any of their social media accounts, have breathtaking ocean views that probably make it pretty easy to get to work every day). Given how many women turn up for any of their appearances and boot camp classes, they obviously have way outgrown a small studio, but teaching boot camp classes was and continues to be a passion of theirs.

7 They had a reality show on Bravo

Ah, Bravo – the network of countless cities of Real Housewives. Bravo is known for its numerous reality shows, and the Tone It Up girls even managed to snag a show for themselves awhile back. It only ran for one season, but their reality show, Toned Up, definitely helped increase their exposure and drove countless individuals to check out their website and workout videos. Reality shows focused on a person’s everyday life and business are generally reserved for celebrities – someone like a personal trainer is more likely to be a mere contestant on a reality show than snag the starring role. However, Karena and Katrina had something that the producers at Bravo liked, and they were on screens across America for eight episodes with their larger than life personalities.


6 They were roommates at one point

Karena and Katrina live separately with their respective significant others now – Karena has even done a house tour on the Tone It Up YouTube channel taking viewers through her gorgeous beach-side digs. However, at the time they were filming their reality series, the girls were room mates in Manhattan Beach (also joined by Brian, then Katrina’s boyfriend who has since become her husband). The fact that they managed to work together all day, then come home and spend time together there too, and didn’t end up totally hating one another at the end of the day? That just proves that they’re true friends who are likely in it for the long haul. No breaking up the Tone It Up empire due to silly cat fights.

5 Their favorite fashion designer is Alice + Olivia


The Tone It Up girls are generally spotted in workout gear – adorable sports bras and leggings, yoga pants and casual tanks. Due to their beachy aesthetic, many of their bikini bod videos are even filmed with the girls in actually bikinis, toes in the sand as they do squats and sit-ups. With the exception of the public appearances they do promoting their brand on the red carpet (since they’re usually in workout gear when they appear on talk shows and morning shows) you generally don’t see the girls dolled up too often. When they do, however, there’s a particular brand that they’re fond of – the quirky New York brand Alice + Olivia, run by Stacey Bendet.


4 They don’t restrict themselves to an all-kale diet

Yes, the Tone It Up girls follow a fairly healthy diet to accompany their workouts. They eat a lot of salads, lean proteins, protein shakes made with their signature Perfect Fit protein powder, etc. They’re not chowing down on cheeseburgers off-camera – after all, even the most rigorous work-outs won’t allow you to out-train a bad diet. However, the girls definitely know how to splurge a little on what matters to them – wine and chocolate. They’re known for being fans of the girly pink rose wine (even slipping on cheeky ‘rosé all day’ tanks), and they admitted in a Q + A for Bravo they enjoy unwinding with a glass of wine and a few squares of chocolate at the end of the day.

3 They have an empire

Yes, the sheer fact that they’re increasingly in the public eye lately might lead one to recognize that these girls have evolved past merely posting self-filmed beach workouts on YouTube. However, you might not know just how far their empire reaches. On May 5, they officially released their first print book, entitled Tone It Up: 28 Days to Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous. They continue to post workouts to their YouTube channel, but they’ve also released several DVDs of their workout routines. They sell their nutrition plans, they sell the Perfect Fit protein powder, they collaborate with designers on bathing suits and sunglasses and more. These girls are incredibly business savvy and have managed to build themselves a multi-million dollar empire. It’s about much more than just shaping your Malibooty. Who runs the world? Girls.


2 Katrina’s husband proposed to her by jumping in a lake


You might be familiar with Katrina’s husband Brian if you’re a Tone It Up follower. He makes sporadic appearances on their social media sites, either in a workout out with his wife or helping around the office. What you might not know is their engagement story. According to Katrina, she was with Brian and her family at a lake house, and they were all just relaxing with a glass of wine. All of a sudden, Katrina’s boyfriend runs over and jumps into the lake. Weird, right? He emerged having ‘found’ a ring, then proceeded to propose. Katrina’s brother captured the whole thing on camera, and Katrina Hodgson has since become Mrs. Katrina Scott.

1 They have a LOT of followers


Yeah, yeah, they’re pretty popular, right – why else would you be reading an article about them? You might not realize quite how popular, though. They have two channels on Instagram, @toneitup and @karenakatrina, and both have over 400,000 followers. According to their book, they also state that their YouTube videos have over 35 million views. It might not seem like much compared to some celebrities with millions of followers and hundreds of millions of video views, but in the world of fitness, it’s pretty damn impressive. The sheer amount of Instagram users adding the suffix ‘tiu’ (standing for ‘tone it up’) to their Instagram names proves the legions of dedicated fans they’ve captured and continue to cultivate.


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Chances are, if you’re into women’s fitness, you’ve heard of Tone It Up at least a few times. It’s a membership-based program that gives you access to nutrition plans, at-home workouts, and more. But maybe you haven’t. . . . Need a rundown?

The Trainers: Karena and Katrina

Best friends Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott have created a fitness brand out of Manhattan Beach, CA, with an Instagram following of over 1 million.

When we chatted with the two trainers, they told POPSUGAR about how Tone It Up came to be, saying that before they became friends, they’d keep running into each other at the gym, beach, and grocery stores of Manhattan Beach. Karena described the genesis of TIU as a run-in at Trader Joe’s in which “Kat pep-talked herself down the aisle” to talk to her.


“One time at Trader Joe’s, was there and said, ‘Hey, do you want to start shooting cooking videos?'” Katrina described it as “more creepy,” saying “I already saw her in the vegetable aisle and came around the corner with my cart. I was talking to myself like, ‘I’m gonna ask her; I can do this’ .” They both giggled as they descried the awkwardly funny but pivotal moment in their careers.

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Karena told POPSUGAR that Katrina “was one of the first fitness experts on YouTube, doing workout videos and cooking videos,” while Karena was “competing in triathlons,” and their “two different worlds with a lot of knowledge and experience” could help them combine and do something amazing.

The first project? “We made a cooking video in a friend’s kitchen,” Karena said. “We had so many fails ,” Katrina said. “We’d film so many videos and then come home and realize the mics weren’t on.” The two went through many hiccups but persevered, said yes to new experiments and ideas, and ended up creating a powerful fitness community of passionate, kind, and supportive women.

What makes everyone love Karena and Katrina so much? Aside from their goofiness, the two are unfailingly kind and positive. “We’ve never, ever, EVER, talked badly about our own bodies, so even as bloggers, we will not go on and say something negative about ourselves,” said Katrina. “We’ve never spoken badly about another woman’s body, and we’ve never done a video about how to get rid of a ‘bad’ part of your body. We don’t want that for ourselves, and we don’t want that for any other woman.”

The Nutrition Plan

This is how you become a member: you buy the nutrition plan. A one-time buy gives you access to exclusive workouts, presales and discounts on new products and gear, seasonal challenges for the holidays and new year, exclusive recipes, and so on.

In my personal experience with the nutrition plan, I’ve loved the simple, delicious recipes that are crafted to different dietary needs. You can select a gluten-free, pescetarian, vegetarian, or vegan plan depending on your preference. The TIU meals have become weekly staples, particularly the tray dinner and Perfect Fit protein pancakes, a TIU hallmark that Karena and Katrina say are a must have for a TIU newbie. “It’s a staple for Tone It Up,” said Karena.

The plan is educational as well. The trainers, alongside registered dietitian Lori Zanini, dive into macronutrients, complete proteins, blood sugar levels, and portion sizing. This education allows users of the program to empower and equip themselves with knowledge so they can make more sound nutritional decisions without having to refer back to the plan for every single food choice. It also gives leeway to customize recipes to your tastes and preferences. And members love it: while attending a Q&A session with TIU last year, I heard dozens of women gushing about how appreciative they are of the educational content, and they continued to ask Karena and Katrina for more.

Eating out at restaurants? You can keep it “TIU-approved” wherever you are. “It’s very easy if you follow the motto: ‘lean, clean, and green,'” Karena told POPSUGAR, before launching into a game with Katrina where Katrina called out a cuisine (like Italian or Mexican) and Karena rapid-fire responded with a dish (like chicken cacciatore or fajitas). They have it down to a science.

The Bikini Series

Tone It Up girls live for the annual eight-week challenge known as the Bikini Series. Each year, TIU releases a new set of seasonal recipes and brand-new workouts, encouraging members and nonmembers alike to follow the plan, journal their progress, take photos, and “check in” on social media with hashtags like #TIUteam and #TIUbikiniseries. Parts of the program are free, but you’ll get weekly meal plans delivered as a member, with every meal for every day spelled out for you. It makes the process pretty simple, in my experience! The grocery lists are tailored to each week’s recipes, and all you have to do from there is shop and meal prep weekly, no guesswork necessary.

The Workouts

From free workouts on the site to the free daily moves, you can totally try before you buy. As a member, you’ll get workout plans for the week that are laid out for you, but you can absolutely dabble in the handful of videos and GIF exercises that are available online.

You can also buy certain sets of workouts — for instance, their latest Beach Babe 5 series includes eight workouts and is $34. Sometimes you’ll even get a guest trainer, like Jillian Michaels!

Some TIU workouts are bodyweight, but many incorporate weights of some kind. There’s a great combination of strength training and cardio, making their program very comprehensive.

Another staple of the TIU lifestyle is something that is known as a “bootycall,” an early morning workout that Karena and Katrina encourage all members to do at the start of each day. You can follow the suggested workout from the week’s plan, or you can choose your own cardio workout (sometimes this just means a 20-minute walk!).

The Results

If you’re asking “does it work?” the answer is a resounding yes. I’ve had the chance to interview a handful of women who have had major success on the TIU program — and they’re just the tip of the success iceberg. Some have gotten back into healthy shape postpregnancy, others have slimmed down for a wedding, and some have lost 30 pounds in just four months.

In my own experience, though I’m not trying to lose weight, I have noticed my body becoming leaner, stronger, and healthier. I feel my best when I’m sticking more closely to the nutrition plan, and I feel my happiest when I have a plate of Perfect Fit pancakes and a TIU workout video (or studio class with a TIU buddy). So far, the plan has done great things for my mental and emotional well-being. It’s also easy to follow and simple to execute, and you don’t feel deprived. Fun fact: my mom is also doing the Bikini Series, and despite struggling to lose weight in her 50s, she has seen success and pounds lost from this TIU program!

The Products

TIU members — for the most part (self included) — love Perfect Fit protein powder (clutch for making those Perfect Fit pancakes), Tone It Up Protein powder and bars (their Target line), and gear, which includes everything from exercise equipment to face masks.

The Community

One of the best components of TIU is the community. I was introduced to said community at a retreat last year, at which I overheard multiple women saying things like “the Tone It Up retreat is the first place I felt comfortable wearing a bikini, because everyone here makes me feel amazing.” I had no idea just how connected, passionate, and supportive a fitness community could be until I witnessed it firsthand.

From Barry’s Bootcamp to Disney races, I’ve connected with (and sweat with!) new friends from TIU both in San Francisco where I live and across the country. Daily check-ins keep us connected on social media, group texts encourage us through the nutrition challenges, and in-person meet-ups for events like races strengthen our bond even more.

Image Sources: POPSUGAR Photography / Dominique Astorino, Tone It Up and Sarah Stevens

I’ve been following Tone It Up since 2012 and I’ve tried a lot of their workout videos, meal plans, and fitness plans. While I don’t typically follow the meal plans, I enjoy their recipes and their approach to nutrition. I also love their workouts. Back in the day, most of their workouts were available on YouTube with a handful of premium workouts available for purchase. The premium workouts were usually incorporated into their 2-3 month fitness challenges.

I’ve purchased their DVDs, premium videos, nutrition plan, fitness bundles, and most recently, their mobile app. I was hesitant to purchase the app at first because the recurring monthly fee almost turned me away. But at $12.99 a month, it’s much cheaper than a gym membership. I’ve now been using the app for over a year, so I thought it was time to write a review!

What is the Tone It Up Studio App?

The Tone It Up Studio app is a subscription-based app that has on-demand workout videos. Each day, they have a featured video (the workout of the day) as well as 5 daily moves. You can either do the featured video, three rounds of the 5 daily moves, or you can pick a video from the on-demand library. The app is set up like a virtual “studio” so you can sign up for classes that start a specific time and virtually “check-in” with other members.

What kind of videos are on the Tone It Up App?

The app has hundreds of on-demand workout videos that are categorized by type. Here are the categories:

  • HIIT
  • Booty
  • Abs/Core
  • Total Body
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Cardio
  • Yoga + Stretch
  • Kickboxing
  • Kettlebell
  • Meditation
  • Pregnancy
  • Postnatal

When you click into the categories, each video tells you how long it takes to complete, and what equipment is needed. It makes it easy to choose a video that can fit into your schedule, with the equipment you have at home.

What does the app look like?

Here’s a quick video to show you what you can expect inside the Tone It Up app!

Who are the Tone It Up Trainers?

Tone It Up was started by Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott. Over the past few years, they’ve added other trainers into the mix, and now their videos feature a variety of women that specialize in different styles of workouts, from kickboxing to yoga!

What equipment do I need to do the Tone It Up App?

The app can run on a phone or tablet, so if you like a larger screen, I recommend trying it on an iPad! Other than that, the most common equipment used in their videos includes a yoga mat, dumbbells, kettlebell, “booty bands” (these look like a large rubber band) and resistance bands.

I have three sets of dumbells, 3lbs, 5lb, 8lb, and 12.5lb. I typically alternate between the 5lb and 8lb depending on the move, but you typically won’t need anything heavier than 10lbs. The workouts tend to be higher reps with a lower weight.

A lot of the workouts are bodyweight only and you don’t need a lot of room for the workouts. I have a 5×7 rug in our sunroom that I keep clear, and that tends to be enough room for most videos!

Is the Tone It Up App good for beginners?

Yes and no. Because they have such a wide range of videos, it can be a great place to start if you’re trying to get back into a routine! With just 20 minutes a day, you could start to get into a solid fitness routine!

My only caution is that working out at home means you don’t have a trainer there you help you learn the movements. If you’ve never worked out before, I’d recommend a few sessions with a personal trainer. I got my NASM personal training certification back in 2018, so I’m really comfortable working out at home. But if you’re not used to the movements, you want to make sure you avoid injury!

How much does the Tone It Up App cost?

Right now, they offer auto-renewing subscription options of $12.99/month and $83.99/year. I think it’s a great value because they have a huge library of videos, so you definitely won’t get bored. I’ve been doing the app for over a year and they release new videos regularly so I rarely do a video more than once within a few months.

What else is in the app?

The Tone It Up Studio app also includes a few healthy recipes and nutrition ideas! You can sort by meal types and view some of their best recipes from the Tone It Up nutrition plan. The nutrition plan is sold separately so this is only a sample of recipes, but it could be good if you need a little inspiration!

Is there a Tone It Up App discount code?

I haven’t seen any discounts, but you can get a free 7-day trial when you first sign up! I was skeptical that I’d enjoy working out with an app, but I really do love it!

How often should you use the Tone It Up app?

With the Tone It Up app, I workout almost every day. The workouts are typically only 20-30 minutes, so it’s easy to squeeze in, even on a busy day! If I’m really short on time, I’ll pick a lower impact video so I don’t have to worry about showering or washing my hair. If I have a little more time, I’ll go for one of the HIIT workouts! Even if you just sign up for a guided meditation or stretching sequence, it’s nice to get into a daily habit of movement!

If you want to learn more about Tone It Up, you can read about my first experience with the 7 day slim down! If you’re considering other fitness apps, be sure to read my review of Kayla Itsines’ BBG program!

Make sure you’re staying hydrated: It sounds so simple, but most people are dehydrated, which can lead to feeling tired, foggy, and hungry. Aim to drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water per day. This will boost your metabolism, energize you, and make your skin glow.

We had the pleasure to interview Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott of Tone it up. Tone it up is the leading fitness and lifestyle community created by two best friends and co-founders Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott. They empower women to live their healthiest and happiest lives by offering a platform that makes fitness and nutrition fun, approachable, and accessible. Their TIU App workouts, custom protein product line, and highly engaged social network create a space for women to connect from all around the world!

Thank you so much for doing this with us Karena and Katrina! What is your “backstory”?

Karena: I fell in love with fitness at a very young age. I grew up watching my mom doing Kathy Smith and Jane Fonda VHS tapes, and I ran my first half-marathon with my dad when I was 12 years old. When my life became challenging during my teenage years, I went down a dark path and I didn’t treat my body with the respect it deserved.

What brought me out of this dark period was fitness. I thought back to a time when I was truly happy, and I realized it was running that half-marathon at 12 years old. I decided to run my first triathlon, started doing yoga and meditation, and became a certified personal trainer. From then on, I knew my purpose was to share the power of fitness to transform your life.

Katrina: Growing up in New Hampshire, I was the heaviest girl in my elementary school. Like a lot of kids, I was teased. I wanted to feel healthy and confident, so I turned to my parents for help. They told me I was beautiful exactly as I was and asked how they could help me feel confident and happy. So, my dad transformed our basement into a home gym. I fell in love with exercising, and I started creating workouts and meal plans. This inspired me to go to college for health science and exercise physiology. I went on to become a master trainer, and I started creating fitness videos.

After I moved to California, Karena and I met at the gym on a Friday night. We quickly realized we both had the same dreams to bring women together to live their healthiest, happiest lives — and that’s how Tone It Up was born!

Can you share the interesting story that happened to you since you started your career?

Karena: I love that we get to connect with so many women around the world. Every story we hear truly reminds me that we are ONE and we are not alone!

If you could start a movement that would bring the most amount of wellness to the most amount of people, what would that be?

‘Tone It Up! Our goal is reach as many women as possible and provide everything they need to love their happiest and healthiest lives! We truly believe that the more women who join TIU, the better the world will be!’

Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

We can think of hundreds of mistakes, but of course while they were happening, they didn’t feel too humorous, but looking back we can definitely laugh about it. Since we have had pretty much every job at our company, we’ve made every mistake in the book. As a videographer, I once forgot to turn our mics on for 10 Q&A videos. I realized it when I began editing them at home. With our e-comm site, we accidentally processed free orders for months and our first employee caught it for us. We have forgotten to renew our domain name and under-estimated our traffic and caused our site to crash… many times. We’ve made the mistake of thinking we didn’t need permits to film, failed to scout locations before arriving… realizing they were busy campsites, and even just trusted the wrong people. At one point we actually had to hack our back from someone. It’s been a wild ride!

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story about that?

Wow… there are thousands of people who have believed in our message and helped us to get where we are today. We would say our parents, our families, our friends, every team member at our HQ, production teams, legal teams, PR teams, and of course the TIU TEAM! We also work with a lot of the same people we’ve been working with for years — our first employee Brian Leckrone is still at Tone It Up and is the heartbeat to TIU! We also work with Ashley Kucich, who is not only a makeup artist, but she also comes to our meetups and literally hugs every single person that attends. She’s incredible. We’ve also been shooting with Nicole Hill, our favorite photographer, for over 8 years and Jake Loskutoff, the most talented and kind-hearted director and videographer for the past 6.

Can you share your top three “lifestyle tweaks” that will help people feel great?


1. Join us in the Tone It Up App: This is the best place to start your fitness journey! You can find hundreds of amazing workouts — from HIIIT to yoga to weight training — that you can do from the comfort of your own living room. And we program your weekly workout schedule to get you the best results, so it takes out all the guesswork for you. It’s like having a personal trainer at your fingertips!

2. Make sure you’re staying hydrated: It sounds so simple, but most people are dehydrated, which can lead to feeling tired, foggy, and hungry. Aim to drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water per day. This will boost your metabolism, energize you, and make your skin glow.

3. Find an accountability partner! It’s so powerful to have a friend by your side cheering you on. Kat and I always encourage each other to do our workouts and challenge each other. You can connect with women in the Tone it Up community and find accountability partners on Instagram @ToneItUp.

Are you working on any new or exciting projects now?

Katrina: We’re constantly working on new projects and evolving the Tone It Up brand. Right now we’re working on some exciting updates to our Tone It Up Fitness app that will offer our community new ways to reach their goals. We’re also creating new products for our Tone It Up Nutrition line, including more protein powders, snacks, collagen, and other exciting additions that we can’t wait to share!

Is there a particular book that made an impact on you? Can you share a story?

Karena: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. This was my first transformational book I read in my early 20s when I first started making my own personal ‘shift.’

Katrina: My mind immediately went to all my exercise science books, haha. So aside from all of the science that made a huge impact on my life, I love the The Four Agreements that Karena shared with me, and I just finished Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, which has already helped me feel more brave.

How have you used your success to bring goodness to the world?

Katrina: I am so grateful that Tone It Up has helped millions of women around the world become healthier, happier, and more confident. This community has created a positive, inclusive, welcoming space for women to connect and pursue their dreams.

Most recently, I’ve made it my main mission to help change the narrative around motherhood and the pressure to bounce back right away. As a new mom, I have experienced more than I could have ever imagined, including the pressure as a fitness professional to look the same as I did before, right away. Instead, I took my time and shared my raw journey, every step of the way, posting what really happens to the female body and why we are so remarkable and beautiful. What I want all moms to know is that we are not the same as we were before and we shouldn’t be. We are stronger, we are more fierce, we are miracle makers, and we are superwomen!

Karena: I’ve been working to end the stigma around mental illness. I am so passionate about mental health awareness because I grew up with a mother who had a mental health condition. When you have a parent who is dealing with a mental health condition, you go through a lot of childhood trauma and as a result, I fell into a deep sadness, anxiety, and struggled through my teen years and early 20s. When I was growing up, no one talked about mental health and there were very few resources to turn to. That is changing, and I want to be part of that change.

I’m now involved with NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. I’m honored to work with their End the Silence program, where I go to local high schools and speak to students about how to recognize and cope with mental health conditions and talk about suicide prevention.

What are your “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started” and why.

Karena: The thing is, we don’t regret or wish I had ‘the answers’ before starting Tone It Up. I always feel that way in every aspect of life. Every moment, every challenge, every celebration was all just part of the process.

I do think that one ‘asset’ we both had when starting Tone It Up was courage.

Can you please give us your favorite “Life Lesson Quote”?

Karena: “Be open to everything, but attached to nothing” — Dr. Wayne Dyer

Katrina: “Always take care of the ones who take care of you” — My dad

Some of the biggest names in Business, VC funding, Sports, and Entertainment read this column. Is there a person in the world, or in the US whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why? He or she might just see this if we tag them 🙂

Katrina: How can I not choose Oprah? I have so many questions…how she connects with women the way she has for decades. Her ability to break through every obstacle. How she stayed strong and fearless through challenges. And that garden of hers…can we please have breakfast next to the dahlias?

Karena: Deepak Chopra, because his knowledge of enlightenment and quantum healing fascinates me and it’s something I strive for.

What is the best way our readers can follow you on social media?

Katrina: You can find us on Instagram @ToneItUp and @KatrinaaScott and @KarenaDawn.

How Tone It Up’s Founders Created A Fitness Empire

If you’ve turned to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or YouTube for fitness and wellness inspiration, it’s very likely that you’ve been introduced to Tone It Up. In 2009, after meeting at a Manhattan Beach gym, Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn invested $3,000 of their own money and founded Tone It Up, a fitness lifestyle brand that has turned into a multi-million dollar business that inspires millions of women a year. The duo started by filming workout classes and uploading them to YouTube, fast forward to today and they have a membership-based workout and nutrition plan as well as products. Tone It Up has turned into an online and offline community with members supporting each other on social media and at Tone It Up events including local meetups, retreats and, soon, their 15-city Tone It Up Tour.

Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, cofounders of Tone It Up.

Tone It Up

Elana Lyn Gross: What inspired you to start Tone It Up? What was your career path?

Katrina Scott: Inspiration is built into the DNA of what we do at Tone It Up every day; it is also what led Dawn and me to each other. When we met, we were both at forks in the road in our career paths. I could have continued to pursue personal training, and she could have kept with sports and fitness modeling, hosting and triathlons. But we knew we could do more and had more to offer as a duo.

Together, we combined our passions, dreams and interests and consciously decided to move forward with our vision to build something bigger than ourselves. Today, the Tone It Up community has become a source of inspiration, motivation, and positivity for millions of women, but in the beginning, all Dawn and I had was each other. Now, we can turn to the Tone It Up community for inspiration, and millions of women around the world are doing the same.

Gross: What has been the biggest challenge and, on the flip side, the biggest reward of starting Tone It Up?

Karena Dawn: We like to view Tone It Up as a small business with “big business” challenges. A considerable challenge — which is also an opportunity — has been scaling the business to keep up with the hyper growth of the Tone It Up community while continuing to deliver an intimate, high-touch and remarkable experience. One of the most rewarding aspects has been our ability to attract, hire and work with some of the most amazing professionals in the world to share our journey and offer their perspectives and expertise. The reciprocity, positivity and engagement we receive from the Tone It Up community in return for sharing our lives through authentic, heartfelt content keeps us feeling inspired and rewarded. We love your #TIUteam check-ins, running into you at the Manhattan Beach pier and hearing about how you met your best girlfriend through the Tone It Up community.

Gross: What advice do you have for other women who hope to start their own multi-million dollar businesses?

Scott: Don’t set out to start a business. Find your passion, and then build it into a brand. There are a few things you can’t fake in this world: passion, integrity and authenticity, to name a few. Think back to that awkward conversation with your high school guidance counselor when he or she asked a 14-year-old you, “If you could do anything and money didn’t matter, what would you choose to do with your life?” How did you answer back then? How does that compare to the way you’d answer today? Some of the most wildly successful businesses began with a spark of passion in a parent’s garage or on the back of a cocktail napkin. As a founder, the passion you have for your brand translates directly to the passion, engagement and trust you will receive from your community and customers.

Gross: What is a workday as Scott and Dawn like? Please walk me through a day!

Scott: Whatever the day will bring, we always start out with a Booty Call workout, take a few minutes to set our goals and intentions and check-in with our community on Instagram. Seeing their dedication and commitment always inspires us. For us, no two days are ever the same, but you’re sure to find us creating content in one way or another. From the time we wake up in the morning, we’ve set an expectation for our community that remarkable content is on the way. Whether we’re hosting an Instagram Live workout for a quarter million viewers, or dreaming up our next challenge, we’re always working closely with our team to create content that will inspire and uplift our community. That could be anything from creating site and social media posts, developing new workout programs, overseeing the creation of videos and developing new products for our community.

Gross: What are your responsibilities as cofounders and trainers at Tone It Up?

Dawn: When we founded Tone It Up, we had no idea how many different hats we’d wear and directions we’d be pulled in, but our core responsibilities have always remained the same: to provide motivating and empowering content for millions of women and clearly communicate our creative vision to our incredible staff of nearly 40 rock stars. Over time, we have been able to professionalize the business through hiring key individuals, and this has enabled us to stay focused on our core responsibilities as founders.

Tone It Up has more than a million Instagram followers and hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Thousands of people share their daily check-ins, workouts and meals with Tone It Up hashtags or specific accounts for sharing their Tone It Up progress.

Gross: What is the role that social media has played in Tone It Up’s success?

Scott: Tone It Up is in the business of content and connectivity, and there’s no denying that social media has played a huge role in the past, present and future. As one of YouTube’s original fitness experts, I realized that social media gave me the potential to reach thousands of women in the same time as I could train one client at the gym. This “force multiplier” effect and viral connectivity is what has enabled the Tone It Up community to scale to millions so quickly. We personally have our hands on all of our social media channels so our millions of community members can hear directly from us and our voice is infused in everything we do.

Taking it a step further, late this summer, we are launching the first social fitness app for women, which is sure to change the way we work out together digitally and in-person.

Gross: What advice do you have for other founders who hope to create an engaged community?

Dawn: Strive to create quality content that is fun, authentic and effective, and viewers will naturally convert to passionate community members who then share it with their social networks. Before we upload or publish anything, we’ve trained ourselves and our staff to ask, “Is this remarkable? Would I share this content with my closest girlfriend?” Another amazing by-product of engaged communities is that they will find ways to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

Every week, thousands of Tone It Up community members are organizing their own #TIUmeetups, trying out a new fitness class together, or meeting in the aisles of their local Target store as they pick up our newly launched Tone It Up proteins and bars.

For us, the most rewarding feeling is connecting in person with the community, hearing their stories and sharing their success. We’re excited to meet more than 30,000 Tone It Up girls this September when we go on our 15-city Tone It Up Tour!

Gross: What are the most important skills for doing your job and how did you develop them?

Scott: The most important skill we continually hone is our ability to communicate a clear sense of passion and purpose to the Tone It Up community and our team at headquarters. In a landscape that is changing so rapidly, adapting to change, keeping an open mind and tying this back to the underlying vision is essential.

Gross: What’s the biggest lesson you learned at work and how did you learn it?

Dawn: Aside from authentic and rapid content creation, effective recruiting and hiring is top of mind for us right now. It may sound like common sense, but we’ve found that the best candidates and staff are the ones who naturally believe in your mission and vision. These people also need to be far better at what they do than you are. As we professionalize the business, we’re looking to hire smarter in ways that free us up creatively to do what we love.

Gross: What is one thing that you wish you had known when you were starting out your career?

Dawn: As a young professional, I had always known that if I followed my passion, I would be truly happy. What we aren’t told is that our passions don’t always align with set career “paths.” There’s a lot of pressure to jump on a career path and stick to it, but remember that for every exit ramp on the highway, there’s usually an intersection, bridge or entrance ramp up ahead. Capitalize on these forks in the road. Use them as a chance to pivot. Always remain consistent and true to yourself and the passion that drives you.

Gross: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Scott: Greg Pickett, the founder of CytoSport, and a close friend, gave me some valuable advice as we were watching a Golden State Warriors playoff game last season. He passionately exclaimed, “Katrina, every business owner knows how easy it is to walk into the office, get pulled in 20 different directions and the next thing you know, you’re sitting down for a 3 PM lunch asking yourself, ‘Where did the day go, and what have I accomplished?’ You need to break this vicious cycle and take back control of your time. I want you to go into the office in the morning and invest your first three hours to focusing entirely on doing the mission-critical work that will grow the business. The planning sessions and staff meetings can wait.” Amen.

Gross: What is your business advice for other young professional women?

Dawn: Don’t be afraid to take a risk in your career, whether it’s taking a new job, forging a new career path or starting your own passion project. If you’re not a little scared, you’re probably not challenging yourself to reach your full potential. If you truly believe in yourself and your dream, you will make it happen. And bring a sense of purpose and passion to everything you do. If you can positively affect one person’s life, that is truly powerful.

Popular fitness trainer Katrina Scott shared an inspiring message this week about how motherhood has revealed to her how powerful she really is.

Scott, 34, co-founder of the Tone It Up fitness and lifestyle program, and her husband, Brian Scott, welcomed daughter Isabelle on Oct. 15.

Throughout her pregnancy, the new mom wrote in a candid Instagram post, she marveled over the physical and mental strength it took to bring her “little miracle” into the world. The fitness expert also encouraged new moms to embrace their post-baby bodies, and revealed that she no longer cared if she ever looked “perfect” again.

“Sharing this post was important to me because I don’t want anyone to think that things are perfect,” Scott told TODAY, via email. “Every pregnancy journey is different and for me, a fitness professional, I came home with a whole new body that I didn’t recognize, but I’m excited for what motherhood will bring me. This new body is my new superpower.”

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Scott told TODAY she constantly hears from new moms who are ashamed of the weight they gained during pregnancy.

“I had no idea how I would feel going into pregnancy and now that I’ve experienced it — gaining more than 40 pounds, discovering new curves and dimples everywhere, and watching my body change every week — I want to share that it’s completely normal to feel every emotion,” she revealed.

“Let’s be patient and loving with ourselves. What we’re doing as women is remarkable,” she added. “I want to make it okay that we come out of the hospital not feeling like our old selves — because we’re not the same. We’re way more powerful. We’re stronger and have brought a miracle into the world.”

How 2 women built inspiring fitness community Tone It Up

Nov. 28, 201706:12

On Wednesday, Scott shared two side-by-side photos of herself on Instagram. One was taken before she became pregnant, and the other six days after giving birth.

“On the left I felt like I was the strongest & most in shape I had ever been — but wow was I wrong. I had no idea what I was capable of,” she shared in the caption. “I’m so much more proud of the body on the right. I fought harder for it, sacrificed so much more, embraced every day as it came, surrendered to all the change, pushed through the hard days & challenges with a smile on my face.”

Motherhood, she explained, opened up her eyes to her real strength.

“I showed myself how truly amazing the female body is,” she wrote. “I appreciate and love my body & all that it has done more than I ever have before.”

In her heartening post, Scott urged new moms not to weigh themselves or get hung up on post-pregnancy changes in their bodies.

“We have a new journey ahead of us and it’s going to take self-love, patience, & kindness,” she wrote.

Now, with Isabelle the proof of her power, Scott revealed she didn’t care if her body ever looked “perfect” again.

“I’m capable of so much more now,” she wrote, “and I’m excited for my new body and what the future holds.”

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Welcome to Tone It Up! We’re your trainers — Karena and Katrina. Here you’ll find a community of women, inspiring and supporting one another to live the life of your dreams; fit, healthy, and happy!

Hey babe! However you just found us — we’re so grateful that you did! Whether you’re at your computer, your phone, or curled up on the sofa, we just want to send a warm WELCOME and introduce ourselves! We’re Karena and Katrina, your trainers and the co-founders of Tone It Up! Tone It Up is a community of strong women who support and motivate you to lead your healthiest, happiest lives and make your dreams come true. Let’s rewind a little bit back to when Karena and I first met. It was a Friday night in Manhattan Beach, California. I was personal training at Equinox and Karena was coming in to work out — yup, both of us just wandering the gym on a Friday night. We were new to town, so it was good timing to meet each other.

After a few coffee and yoga dates, we realized we both had the same dream — to share our passion for fitness and create a community where women could connect in a positive way to reach their goals. So with just a camera, two bikinis, and our determination in hand, we began filming workouts on the beach and uploading them to We watched as the community grew into a sisterhood. Today, we’re proud to say millions of beautiful and strong women support and empower one another in our community. With your daily workouts on the Tone It Up App, the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan and this community, you’ll become the fittest, healthiest, happiest, and most confident you’ve ever felt, and you’ll make lifelong connections and girlfriends. We’re so excited to have you on the team! ABOUT THE FOUNDERS K&K

KARENA’S STORY I first fell in love with sports and fitness while growing up in Indiana. I did my first half-marathon with my dad when I was 12 years old and I watched my mom do Jane Fonda videos in our living room. I remember making a workout video on a VHS tape and bringing it for show and tell. When my life became complicated and challenging during my teenage years, I found myself on an unhealthy path, eating poorly and treating my body badly. After reaching a breaking point in my early 20’s, I made the decision to take control and find the happy, confident life I was meant to live. I rediscovered my love for fitness and completed my first triathlon. After that, I competed in more triathlons, got into personal training, and became a fitness model and spokesperson for brands like Oakley, Adidas, and New Balance, and appeared in magazines like Runners’s World, Triathlete, Shape, Fitness and Women’s Health. Soon after that, I moved to Manhattan Beach and met Kat. That fateful, fantastic day sparked the journey to Tone It Up and forever changed our lives!

KATRINA’S STORY Like Karena, I found fitness at a young age and it shaped my entire life. When I was in elementary school, I was the heaviest girl in class. Like a lot of kids, I was teased. I wanted to feel healthy and confident, so I turned to my parents for support. They transformed our basement into a home gym fully equipped with weights, a bench, treadmill, and music. This is where I started creating workouts and meal plans from magazines and nutrition books. My first job was at a vitamin store. Learning all about nutrition and exercise inspired me to go to school for Health Science and Exercise Physiology so I could help others! I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotion and Fitness and the first certification I received was for Group Fitness! I fell in love with teaching big workout classes on campus — it was incredible to see all the girls on campus come together to have fun, work out, and do something for themselves. After graduating, I worked as a Master Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor in Boston and started creating fitness videos. That’s when I decided to make a big move to California to pursue my dreams of creating fitness videos on the beach. Then, serendipity brought Karena and me together — which was the beginning of something so beautiful and life-changing for us and our soon-to-be community, the TIUteam!

Special thank you to everyone that has supported us and believed in our message all along. Our journeys have been filled with the most incredible women, teams, and bonds that we are forever grateful for. xxo K&K

Nutrition Tips From Tone It Up’s Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn

Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn, the founders of the fitness community phenomenon Tone It Up, say that it’s always a good time to connect—or reconnect—with great nutrition. Scott had been doing the training work, but when she dialed in her diet and eating habits, she got unexpected results.

“When we first started Tone it Up, Kat was training, but not focusing on herself as much, which a lot of women do,” Dawn explains. “We developed our nutrition plan, and she lost 26 pounds!”

Their fans were thrilled and asked how Scott did it, so Dawn and Scott developed the plan they offer the Tone It Up community today. We asked them to share their insights, and they agreed—and here they are, below.

K + K Nutrition Tips

  1. Focus on lean, clean and green foods

This is key to our nutrition philosophy and the basis of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. This means to focus on eating clean, unprocessed, whole foods like lean proteins, leafy greens and healthy fats. This also includes healthy treats like protein muffins, donuts and pancakes. We never want you to deprive yourself or give up your favorite foods. Our nutrition plan is a lifestyle that is designed to be sustainable and work for every woman. You can find more info, meal-by-meal guides and thousands of recipes in the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan.

  1. Fuel with protein

We suggest refueling with protein within 30 minutes of a workout. Protein helps your muscles recover, boosts your metabolism and helps you form lean muscle. We love making post-workout smoothies with our clean, plant-based, gluten-free Tone It Up Protein. Another pro tip: Swap flour in baked goods for protein. We make protein muffins, cookies, donuts and more treats!

  1. Eat with intention

Part of nourishing your body is slowing down and enjoying your meals. Take a few moments while you’re preparing your meals and eating to give thanks and enjoy each bite. This makes cooking and mealtimes more meditative.

  1. Meal prep with friends and family

Meal prepping in advance will set you up for success. We like to set aside some time on Sunday afternoons to prep our lean proteins, bake protein mini-muffins and chop our veggies for the week. Make it fun by inviting your girlfriends—blast some music, sip mimosas and meal-prep together. We’ve also heard from a lot of moms in our community that they include their kids in meal prep. The kids love helping with mixing and measuring, and it makes the process fun for them, too!

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

We can’t say this one enough! Make sure you’re drinking half your body weight in ounces of water per day. Most of the time when your brain is tired and you feel fatigued, you’re actually dehydrated, and you could be tempted to grab something high in sugar to help your energy levels. Instead, fill up your water bottle. Staying hydrated will boost your metabolism and make your skin glow!

Photo credit: Courtesy of Tone It Up

At this year’s POPSUGAR Play/Ground, we were lucky enough to start our mornings sweating it out with Tone It Up’s Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn. The two fitness powerhouses left us feeling grounded, strong, and capable of taking on the day. But, it was their thoughts on the fitness industry as a whole that had us nodding our heads and applauding in agreement. When asked why they work out, and what fitness means to them, Dawn said “Fitness is not a vanity thing for me, it’s what made me overcome so many struggles . . . It was fitness that made me fall in love with myself again in my early 20s, to pull me out of the darkness.” Scott echoed her sentiment, adding that “fitness is happiness” and that through working out, and finding a like-minded community, “I started to discover myself.”

Scott and Dawn use fitness as a way to bring themselves joy, mental clarity, and community. Scott, who gave birth to her daughter last Fall, touched on the annoying societal pressure of “bouncing back” after pregnancy, which is a question she gets frequently as a fitness professional. On the topic, she eloquently explained, “We’re not going back. Let’s only go forward. I don’t want to say I’m getting my body back. I’m going forward.” In life, we move forward, we hopefully don’t regress, and our process after having a child should be one of moving forward. Nothing will ever be the way it once was, but that opens the door for even more amazing things in the future.

When they started talking about fitness goals, this editor felt like standing up and cheering. Scott told the crowd of Tone It Up fans, “You’re allowed to feel better than you ever have before, and feel good where you are right now.” Meaning, give yourself permission to be proud of your fitness journey, and if you want to keep going, then keep going. Your fitness journey is just that, yours.

It’s May, which for many of us means it’s time to panic about all the time we’ve spent curled up on the couch instead of working out this winter. If you’re currently frantically searching through the sea of Instagram fitness plans to get the perfect “summer bod,” you might already be familiar with the Summer Bikini Program Challenge by Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn of lifestyle brand Tone It Up. The program is a series of short, low-intimidation daily workouts. “Every single day we have our workout of the day that anyone can access—it’s five moves you can do at your office, at the gym, or at home, and it usually takes about 20 minutes,” says Scott.

Since the duo are bona fide experts in getting fit, naturally we had to get a few tips on how to (try to) make our six-pack dreams a reality.

The first step to getting badass rippling abdominals is to make sure you’re not just wearing yourself out doing a million crunches. “This is one of the secrets to getting abs: You want to work your entire body,” says Scott. “That’s why all of our workouts are total-body workouts. Working the most amount of muscles is the best way to start revealing abs. You can’t just do crunches. If you do squats, not only will it burn more calories, it will rev your metabolism, which will help you expose your abs.”

Step two to a firmer tummy is to focus more on what you eat. “Nutrition is 80 percent or more of what’s important for getting abs. So if you work out and you don’t eat healthy, then you’re not going to see the result of your workout,” says Dawn. In case you couldn’t guess this on your own, Scott stresses, “The worst thing that you can do is go to In-n-Out after your workout.” Instead, she recommends sating those postworkout munchies with protein. “We have a plant-based protein that we developed called Perfect Fit Protein because we couldn’t find one that was non-GMO. Protein increases your metabolism by 30 percent, so you’ll burn more calories by eating it. Protein also helps promote lean muscle and glowing hair and strong nails.”

And as corny as it sounds, the biggest thing to remember when you’re on your quest to become more fit this summer is to make sure you’re having a good time. “A lot of women are intimidated, and they need to know that working out can actually be really fun,” says Dawn. “One of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re working out is to make sure you’re enjoying it. You should look forward to moving your body.” You also need to always remember that you deserve the investment in your health and self-image. “As women, we naturally take care of everyone else,” says Scott. “We put our jobs and everything else in front of us, and at the end of the day, we need to take care of ourselves before we can give love to others.”

Need a little extra motivation? How about a tropical vacation? Sticking with the duo’s Summer Bikini Program Challenge could get you one for free. “At the end of the challenge, we go through people’s success stories, and we take two friends to the tropical place where we shot all the videos for the Bikini Series. This year we’ll take the winners to Turks and Caicos,” says Scott. Including the prize in the challenge encourages people to work out with their best friends, which Scott and Dawn say is a crucial aspect of sticking to a workout routine. “It’s so important to have an accountability partner,” says Dawn. “If you’re checking in with your best friend, you kind of can’t say no to a workout because she’s depending on you and you’re depending on her. The whole challenge is just about girlfriends getting fit and confident for summer and feeling their best.”

How to get abs from planks:

In your personal travels, which destination has been your favorite and why?

Katrina: I loved traveling to Barbados! The island culture was vibrant and fun-loving and there’s a rich history.

Karena: Both of us want to travel a lot more in the future. There’s so much history and beauty we have not discovered and embraced yet. I would say the most unforgettable trip was when Katrina and I went to Turks & Caicos for 10 days to teach a daily boot camp. This trip was great because we were also active all day while exploring the island by stand-up paddle boarding, sailing, trapeze, beach volleyball and of course dancing the night away!

What are some go-to workouts and stretches that travelers can do when they are traveling long-distance or sitting on the airplane?

Katrina: Have you seen our Airport Workout :)? Once you are on the plane and getting a little stir crazy, you can do ankle, shoulder and neck rolls, knee lifts and overhead stretching. Just don’t hit your neighbor…unless it’s your travel buddy!

What’s one workout anyone can do when they are traveling abroad?

Karena: Any of our workouts on or from the Beach Babe DVD series can be done while traveling and with minimal space or equipment!

What are your must-have essential items that you carry with you when you travel?

Katrina: Must-haves for travel are healthy on the go snacks like bars and fruit, water, Perfect Fit Protein on the go packets, camera to capture moments and hand sanitizer!

Do you have any travel rituals?

Karena: For the past 10 years, I’ve always picked up a shirt for my dad from everywhere I’ve traveled. He gets a kick out of it. Whenever he visits California he only packs those shirts in his luggage.

Katrina: Oh don’t forget the unspoken ritual that just happens to occur every place we travel! Cats! Everywhere! In both Hawaii and Turks & Caicos there were cats in our hotel room when we checked in. We’re not the crazy cat ladies, they come to us.

What makes travel an important part of a healthy lifestyle?

Katrina: A healthy lifestyle is all about balance and enjoying every moment! A Tone It Up girl has a sense of adventure and freedom. Exploring new cultures is the perfect way to broaden horizons, make new like-minded friends and step out of your comfort zone.

Tell us your favorite travel memory or travel story?

Karena: Katrina and I have a really special friendship. Since we work together we have the pleasure of traveling together. For us, travel is a better experience when you get to share it with someone. That’s what makes Contiki so awesome too! You get to travel and make new friends at the same time! Each destination is another unforgettable memory; Surfing in Costa Rica, Climbing the Napali Coast in Hawaii, Zip Lining through Tulum, Mexico. We can’t wait to travel more with Contiki in the future!

If you could travel on any of Contiki’s tours right now, which one would it be and why?

Katrina: If I could go anywhere right now it would be the Italian Espresso adventure. My grandmother is a painter and she would paint the landscapes of Venice. I would love to see her paintings in real life. I’ve also never traveled anywhere where there’s so much rich history– Leaning Tower of Pisa, Venice canals, The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and more! Oh and I’m a huge fan of espresso :).

Karena: I’ve always wanted to go island hopping in Greece! I would love to relax on the beautiful white sandy beaches and explore historical monuments like the first Olympic stadium, the Acropolis and Parthenon. It’s the perfect mix of culture and adventure!

How old are the tone it up trainers?

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